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i actually dont have like. a fuck ton of hw this week and its massively fuckin me up 

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love playing the game of “does my head hurt because i havent eaten today? because ive been staring at a screen all day? because theres a storm brewing? because i havent had any caffeine?”

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He and Cat have temporarily moved! They had some Covid scares in their families and wanted to be closer to them, and they’re already working from home, so they’re gonna be living on the East coast (Mass I believe) until the work from home order is over, whenever that is. 

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you can tell whether im on my computer or my phone based on how many emojis i use in a post

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technoblade is so funny as a concept because heres an enlgish major college dropout, hes been making minecraft videos consistently since he was a literal child, hes know as being one of, if not the best, pvpers out there, he has a reputation as a bloodthirsty anarchist, and hes incredibly awkward and socially anxious

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I don’t need therapy, i just need to vent about my emotional struggles in the “Tell me anything you want :)” Portion of UQuizes. 

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I went thru and updated my mobile bios :) My actual bios are still a mess so pls only look at  my mobile ones thank u 

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oh fuckin god dammit, ive written 2-3 drabbles over a thousand words each for Magnus and his profile isnt even up on my select yet. I have my priorities straight, I promise. 

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