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#i'm glad the reason he's not gonna have a big presence this season is that
daily911 · 7 days ago
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Howie, maybe it's time you went back to work. I would help take care of Jee-Yun, and I know Anne and John would, too. They said so.
requested by anonymous (x2)
Image ID: gifset of a scene from 911: Season 5 Episode 4, Home and Away
gif 1: Chim is sitting on the couch in the living room talking to Albert via videocall while he opens his bills. As he opens his bills, Albert says, “It's been months. Uh-huh. All I do is roll hoses, I make coffee, I clean. This isn't being a firefighter. I-It's being a maid.” Chim responds without looking up, “I could use a maid.”
gif 2: Albert is using his phone for the call at work. He responds, slightly annoyed, “Okay, what is so interesting about your mail?“
gif 3: Chimney looks at the screen and says, “Seeing as how you've never actually lived in a place where your name is on the lease,” As he talks, he reaches to his side to grab another bill.
gif 4: On Albert’s screen, we see Chim hold up a bill as he says, “this is called a bill. You pay them.”
gif 5: Albert looks away, and says, “ha ha ha” in an unamused tone.
gif 6: Chim continues holding up bills, “This one keeps the lights on. And this one makes sure your niece doesn't freeze at night.“
gif 7: Albert responds, “I forgive you for being snappish. I know you're not irritated with me.“
gif 8: Chim makes a gesture that indicates “you sure about that?” as he opens another bill and says, “I don't know. I've got plenty of irritated to go around.“
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jackles-coded · a month ago
Sooo I've been thinking. Everyone's very secretive about ana being back or not.. I haven't seen any interviews or anything where anyone talked about it, I would've expected that if they were really taking the relationship seriously and after the shooting they'd be talking about its development and it getting more serious between eddie and ana after being confronted with him almost dying. But there's nothing, crickets... and the actress Gabrielle did q&a on ig yesterday and someone asked her if she was back in season 5 and she was very mysterious and said we'd have to tune in and find out. I mean I know it could very well be to promote and make ppl watch the show but you could also say yeah Im back tune in to see me and its gonna be so exciting to see where eddie and ana go from here. SOOOO after the long intro, here's what I'm thinking (it's more than likely just wishful thinking hahah) what if they broke up back in 4x14?! And we just dont know?! What if they talked in the hospital and eddie told her he realized he couldn't be with her (maaaaybe told her about buck, maybe she figured it out herself cause let's be real it pretty obvious) and so this is the reason for the little smile she have buck and moving away so he could get to eddie when he came running to the hospital, maybe that's the reason buck picked him up, maybe that's the reason they just kissed on the cheek when eddie came home. Plus she's not really on set, I think she went once. I hope it was to film a flashback of them breaking up haha, she's auditioning for other things, filming other things. I mean I know she's not a main character and won't be on set all the time but it's WEIRD no one's talking about her and eddieana. Sorry for the essay hehe
Hi, Nonnie! Oooo I have to admit, I did not know that about GW and her limited presence on set. Nor did I realize the cast is being cagey about it. Interesting, based on GW's IG posts last season. They had no problem promo'ing the hell out of it there so...very interesting indeed. I'm so glad you told me because that really gives such an intriguing feel to the upcoming season. And please never apologize for the length of an ask, have you seen my responses? LOL. Well, buckle up, Nonnie, you're about to. ;-)
I'm not sure if I read it in a mention on a post on this site or in an article but I thought I saw somewhere that Tim supposedly mentioned that yes, Ana will be be returning to season 5, in that Eddie absolutely needs to figure out completely what Carla meant in 4x13 and just what that entails, if he is choosing to keep Ana around then is he doing that for Christopher or also for himself, that kind of thing. But like you mentioned, we already have two very big clues that something is amiss after the shooting happened and I'm just going to include them for visual reference:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Her looking back at Buck after looking to Eddie, who is also looking at Buck and then of course the infamous Abuela-type kiss (which they literally showed right after he kisses his Abuela the same way):
Tumblr media
Ana always seems to be gauging Eddie's reaction to things, from 4x08 with Christopher (0:18) to 4x13 with Carla arriving (0:23) to 4x14 at the party (0:21). So it really does make you wonder just why when she's gauging Eddie's reaction to seeing Buck again, but that it's Buck's reaction that is what breaks her focus on Eddie and turns it onto himself.
Personally, I hope you're right, Nonnie. Not because I want her gone like so many others, like a magic wand has been waved, or because I can't stand to see him with her anymore, but because of this expression right here after seeing Christopher and Ana laughing together:
Tumblr media
That's a guy who is slowly starting to realize Carla is one smart lady and she's not buying the whole "perfect" family scenario he was trying to sell when she reunited with him and Christopher. He may not know right then just who he needs to follow his heart to, or even why Carla's words are hitting home, but it's the beginning of the doubt creeping in. Carla put voice to it and now the seed has been planted.
And the funny thing is, Carla has literally been there the whole time with Eddie and Ana:
Once Carla is out of the picture due to COVID, that's when they bring Ana in (funnily enough when a motherly figure is missing from Christopher's life). But once she's back, we almost see Eddie latching back onto Carla (and he is very worried about her opinion) and she slides back into the family unit.
And they purposely gave us this shot as Carla, Eddie, and Christopher are hugging when she comes back:
Tumblr media
Ana literally standing off by herself, alone, watching.
Plus, once Ana leaves the room with Christopher, Eddie makes sure to say to Carla: "It is so good to have you back. We missed you."
And they also made sure to pull Carla into the Sheila and Charlie reveal scene once Ana tells him because it was affecting him emotionally. (and while Ana rubs his shoulder in silent comfort, we don't see Eddie reacting to it and he only seems to reply to Carla really, not so much Ana) I'm not taking away from Buck and Eddie's relationship with him, how important Buck is to Eddie (and Christopher), but it's really Carla that's sounding the death knell for this relationship between Eddie and Ana turning into something more than just dating or having fun, even before she shows up in 4x13 to give voice to it. Once Carla came back, Ana really didn't stand a chance. Not to make it sound like Eddie is using Ana, I don't think that at all, but there was a void left by Shannon, and then by Carla in Christopher's life. Carla and Buck who both urged Eddie to let Shannon back into Christopher's life. Carla and Buck who both commented that Ana was "pretty" when discussing her with Eddie. For Christopher, it's pretty obvious who Eddie has Ana standing in for, and then of course who Eddie has Ana standing in for him as a partner. Subconsciously of course, but I think it's pretty clear and as we move forward, I think the show will only make that clearer and sharpen it, bringing it into focus.
And I don't think it's any coincidence that before Eddie gets shot, he's dealing with Sheila (Shannon), a single mother, who is raising her kid alone and doesn't have help and her kid is her son Charlie (Christopher), who calls Eddie for help and it's Charlie who Eddie is offered to ride along with in the ambulance which he accepts. I'm not trying to equate Shannon to Sheila but I don't think this was by chance. Nor do I think it's by chance that they threw El Paso and Phoenix in there (for the GoFundMe pages) nor the last names being "Burns", "Young", and "Watts". Nor do I think it's accidental that Carla came back in this episode, told Eddie to follow his heart, Eddie gets shot after helping Charlie, and this opens up the whole scenario for the audience of what happens to Christopher when Eddie is out of commission, or what will happen if Eddie is ever permanently out of the picture. (it hurt me to type that, the show better never ever go there, looking right at you Tim)
To get back to Ana though, I mean, obviously Eddie and Ana had scenes alone together before and after, but they never led anywhere close to what was led to from 4x06 in Carla's absence. But the funny part about these alone scenes, like the apology in 3x12, yes Carla is absent but then they turned around and had her in this scene instead, with Buck, after Eddie followed Buck's (and Carla's) advice (instead of Ana's). She's filming the three of them just like she's filming Eddie and Christopher in class in 3x15. And even when Ana asks to talk to Eddie alone in 4x13, he almost seems reluctant to leave Christopher's room in a way, lingering to make a joke with Carla, giving Christopher the 'I'm watching you' gesture, etc. He is in a good mood, even playful when Ana starts talking, but once she starts to mention what she's found, he begins to get defensive, in body language cues and even in dialogue. I would almost be willing to argue that in the beginning of that scene, we see Eddie at his most relaxed (despite the subconscious reluctance) with Ana until she starts her explanation. We never saw that kind of comfort and ease between them in 3x12, 4x06, 4x08, or even 4x10. And the reason for the change: Carla. Which makes sense when they chose to leave Carla and Christopher in the room while Ana talked to Eddie. When we see Carla reading a story over webcam to Eddie and Christopher who fall asleep. When Christopher mentions Carla as one of the people he's come to miss when talking to Buck. Carla is part of the fam (just like she was a part of Abby's by the end of season 1) and a very important figure in Christopher's life. And of course they also gave us this scene:
This time, Buck is in Eddie's shoes, taking care of Christopher, making sure he eats breakfast and gets ready for school. And the kicker is that Carla says almost the exact same thing to Buck that she said to Eddie in 4x13 "He seems to be doing okay" vs "Christopher seems good." Then on top of it, when Christopher first speaks to Eddie via the phone, Carla is right there and she tells him "Buck and I have it under control." And when Buck is talking to Eddie after waking up, Buck mentions that Carla offered to bring Christopher to her house but Buck made the decision to keep Christopher home and stay with him since Eddie getting shot was overwhelming enough. Literally, Buck made the decision and Carla was an option. No mention of Ana (Ana isn't even in this scene funnily enough), but Christopher's other two important parental-type figures in his life stepped up to the plate while Eddie was incapacitated.
So going back to what you mentioned about Season 5, I think a few things may happen: 1) If Carla is still around, there is no way Eddie's relationship with Ana (if it's still a thing) will last long. Christopher already has a maternal figure in his life and I think Carla's return made that very clear not only to the audience but to Eddie himself, even if he doesn't fully grasp it 100% yet. 2) If Ana is still around, it could very well be a flashback like you talked about, or it could be him coming to the realization that she's not who his heart wants and the breakup happens at the end of that episode (or episodes). 3) For Christopher's sake, I do kind of hope that they don't just make her disappear, unless with the time jump, they somehow make it clear that Ana's relationship with Eddie and Christopher has been waning for some time before that.
Personally, I do kind of agree with the idea that you mentioned, that Eddie may have already broken up with Ana before 4x14 ended and that's why Ana is looking between Eddie and Buck to see both of their reactions at seeing one another again & the Abuela-type kiss at the party. It would make so much sense, honestly, and would explain the shift behind the dynamic in their interactions in this episode (or lack thereof). But even if Eddie didn't break it off, he will. It's only a matter of time. The fact that they chose to do things in this succession:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(kiss with Ana up above)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And Buck being the one to bring him home, to have been implied to be the one to set up this party (the second time he's organized something for Eddie like this, the first being in 3x10) - they're showing us just what dynamics are at play here. Christopher is first, as always. Abuela is next obviously. Then Ana. Then Carla. Then Pepa. And Carla gets a hug vs a kiss on the cheek because it separates her apart from the rest. Not saying that Eddie doesn't love Abuela or Pepa but kissing your relatives hello and goodbye, for anyone, can feel like the thing you just do when arriving or leaving, almost obligatory and performative (in some cases). Christopher gets a forehead kiss because he is also separated for obvious reasons and Taylor doesn't get a greeting that we see. But they purposely sandwiched Ana in with the rest of the fam, nothing to separate her apart, getting the same type of kiss Abuela got. And notice how they had Abuela and Ana reach out for Eddie, but Eddie only reaches out to Pepa to pull her into a kiss. They're purposely showing the difference, in these little cues.
So yeah, no, Ana won't last long. If anything, she might last as a friend that encourages Eddie in the one (or two) episodes she's in to do what's right for him and Christopher both. Or the breakup will happen. Or it could be a flashback (though something tells me, it won't to be so much of a flashback as something current, just thinking about that mention by Tim, but it's not going to last long at all). But I don't see Ana sticking around too much this season. And Taylor, well, we'll see. It depends on whether Buck has a realization or if he gets told something by Eddie or someone else or how he and Taylor work in a relationship or not. But Ana definitely already has one foot out the door.
My whole long point, Nonnie, is I like the way you think and I'm hoping beyond hope that Eddie has already broken up with Ana but this just hasn't been revealed to the audience yet but will be at some point in season 5.
Thank you for the ask! I hope you have a lovely rest of your day!!!! <3
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tyridot · 12 days ago
hey there carlyle!
i'm sorry you seem to be struggling at the moment, and nothing I say may be able to alleviate your situation, but I just want to let you know that i always love seeing your posts here, especially your truly valid and very infectious love for shane. (ngl i feel like i ghostwrote a lot of your posts about him sometimes sdjdkdl i hate/love how gay i am for him)
that said, i hope you know how much your presence means to me and a lot of us here. your posts, your wonderful art, and just your entire existence makes this fandom better. i hope you receive in return all the love you so generously give to the things you love. i hope you're holding on and feeling better.
gahhh thank you so so much~ it means a lot to hear my dumb posts make somewhat of an impact, even if to only one person;; it really helps to hear some people think i'm a positive impact too, just bc at least recently i started feeling annoying with my yelling over shane and i'm always a lil paranoid to post anywhere bc ik a redacted amount of people dislike i favour him, but anyway!!! i'm glad i am a voice for people who are also So Very Gay for him..., he drives me insane bc he is perfect (figuratively speaking) and i love that some things i've made have impacted him positively in return bc he helps me so much.
it is a big relief there is gonna be a Lot of shane content throughout the next couple of months; AYS and of course the last season of BFU (rip) because this is when i really need it - seeing his cute face and hearing his jokes is seriously something i hold on for, as pathetic as that is to some people, he is one of the reasons i'm here. at least, here and sane. lucid. here with moments of clarity. it's nice to have somewhere to share that love and gratitude.
anyway; give me an opportunity to ramble about shane and i won't shut up (oops! sorry) weekends are p shit for me, that and everything else, things are still hard. but i'm thinking of opening up cheap commissions so i can start saving to see a psychiatrist and get med review and shit idkkk ik it's unrealistic i'll get the money i need for a hospital stay, ig only the rich get to feel the safety of being looked after when you can't and don't want to look after yourself.
whoops i rambled more. sorry. it's nice to have someone ask after how i am, and such. thank you. really
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goreneamesmcs · 7 months ago
Chapter 40
Notes: I hope this doesn't get confusing. The events leading up the stand against Goren to connect it back and her thoughts at the time. It's a bit choppy and I'm not the happiest with it so I may revisit and re-edit to smooth it out but I felt Eames deserved her own little chapter.
Tumblr media
One Police Plaza
Eames stared out in front of her. She had be doing this for more than she'd care to admit, eyeing the empty seat at the accompanied desk. The seat that her partner used to occupy. Now, it stared back as a glaring reminder of his absence. I miss you, Bobby.
"Morning, I hope you had your coffee." Captain Ross shook her of her reverie stepping in front of Goren's desk.
She huffed a big exhausted exhale before quickly shuffling some items into her bag. "I am just finishing up. I'm about to go see my family." I want to get out of here.
Everything reminded her of him and the lack of him. She had been hoping to put that aside and see her nephew and maybe she could if she could just escape before the captain began to speak again. Anything coming out of his mouth other than a holiday greeting could not be good news.
"There's been a shooting in Red Hook. Drug Dealer. Two English tourists.
And there it is. They had talked before her taking on a case with a new partner. She just didn't expect said case to come so fast.
"Anybody out of the picture?" I guess my plans are cancelled. Ugh I'm not feeling up to doing this right now, especially without Bobby.
"All three. You can call your family on the way."
Duty calls. The wonderful benefits package that comes with the being a cop.
Red Hook Crime Scene
The on scene NYPD pointed to the identified drug dealer, "ID on him is Wilson Crawford, 23. Anonymous call of shots fired came in at 11 pm." What a waste! So young and yet how many of these cases came in on the regular. Still, she never got used to it.
"No witnesses?" Eames took a quick glance around, mentally taking notes and considering the varying motives in her head trying each one as a puzzle piece. She thought of the tourists. What did you get yourselves into?
"You mean besides the tourists." She pointed to them identifying them, "A Jerry and Victoria Bennett."
She shook her head. Of course, they must have witnessed something they weren't supposed to and needed to be quieted. Wrong place. Wrong time. "The apple is not supposed to bite back."
"What was that?"
"These tourists probably thought they were going to have a nice time taking in the city but these guys got to them first. What a shame." She shook off her lamenting and directed her focus back to the officer and CSU on the scene. "Do a canvas of the block and the adjoining alleys. I want to know if any of these places were still open at the time of the shooting." She nodded to the officer.
There was a part of her that was secretly glad to get out from doing paperwork. It had been a stubborn protest for her but it had been boring her to tears. She had been itching to get back to part of the work that she loved but she also didn't want them to think she was giving in. Optics mattered especially as a female officer.
if this had happened earlier, she might have been able to enjoy it more. Of course it was never going to be ideal. There's a shorthand with partners and she wasn't going to have that. It made work go excruciatingly slow without it. And well today, she just wanted to be anywhere but here. She still had their fight in the back of her mind and not having Goren personally and professionally was a double blow that she just didn't want to deal with.
"Eames. I'm guessing you find yourself in Red Hook because of the tourists and not the drug dealer." Detective Daniels smiled and extended his hand. At least she was able to work with a familiar face.
"Happy Easter." She commiserated that at least someone else understood her frustration at a lack of attending to holiday plans.
"Where's your partner?"
"Still jumping through NYPD hoops." I guess no one is going to let me forget the lack of Goren's presence but maybe the case can help distract me.
She focused her attention on the third body bloodied and left sprawled out on the pavement, the body previously identified as Wilson Crawford. "Looks like a user."
"And a dealer. 10 grams of coke in his pocket."
That piece of information, she already had but even so that was only part of the puzzle. "Drug deal gone bad?"
He tilted his head slightly dismissing the claim. "Then, why leave the coke on him?"
It didn't fit. I should have came to that conclusion quickly but I can't seem to focus. This is not where I want to be. She hated that things were still so unsettled with Bobby. My attention is split and that isn't fair to the victims.
Goren's approach to beginning a case was a tender and respectful inquisition of the victims. He had been helpful in redirecting her attention to see the person and not just a case. She liked his approach. Often, when working a case, they reminded themselves of the victims and the reason they were investigating the case. She found it especially helpful when the hours were long and each case bled into the next. It was easy to get lost in the grind of it all.
"More likely fighting over territory."
Ah yes simple answer and she didn't need Goren to see that. Let me just get through the day.
"Tourist are collateral damage?"
"Looks that way."
"They never even made it to Manhattan." She huffed out a halfhearted, "Welcome to New York."
Later that day, Cafeteria
"Your partner has been on suspension for 5 months? I didn't think they could keep you out that long," Daniels Spoke with disbelief.
"They can't but they have." she stirred her coffee feeling a bit of anger gnaw at her jaw. On the outside, she just remained matter of fact.
"What the hell did he-" He stopped when he caught her look at him and then reworded his mind's question, "A couple guys upstairs told me he snapped."
"He didn't snap," She corrected. Ah the Rumor Mill alive and well. Why does everyone have to push the agenda that he's crazy?
Then she reminded herself, Goren pushed people. Cops and detectives didn't like being pushed so they found his weak point, his mother. Goren didn't bring her up much but people talked. Clique mentality didn't end at high school and neither did the gossip. It only took one person to bring it up when he felt slighted to ignite everyone's excuse to use it against him.
She took a sip of her coffee and then let it rest between her hands. "He was undercover in a prison psych ward." There. Hopefully, that would be enough to end the conversation. Although all her instincts told her there would be more. Goren was popular to gossip about.
Here we go. "No, Tates Corrections."
"Tates that's upstate, how did he jurisdiction for that?"
"He didn't." She smiled and pressed her lips together, "He went in on his own. He had his reasons." She didn't like that he did it that way but in the end she did respect his choice. Donnie was family and she would support her partner.
Content to not talk about her partner anymore, they ate the rest of their lunch with small talk about their plans for the holiday. Plans they would have carried through had they not been working this case.
The Captain required an update. Daniels and Eames brough up a map of the projects in Red Hook, where the three victims were found.
Daniels pointed to an industrial area that was once mob controlled. "Six months ago the Feds arrested several members of the mob"
"Since then, it's been open season. Murder rates way up. Four dealers shot in the past six weeks," Eames continued.
"Lock up the career criminals and you start a turf war," Ross remarked. "Crawford, how's his rap sheet?"
Eames began to fill him in, "Low level drug dealer. Pleads down every time but looks like the last three arrests were with the same partner, Keyshawn Powell who up until two weeks ago was in Rikers."
"Paroled," Ross states happily that they had a lead to work on.
"And we're in luck. He has to see Dr. Lane, his court appointed shrink, twice a week," Eames supplies.
Eames and Daniels set out to catch up with Keyshawn in hopes that he can illuminate what Crawford may have been up to at the time of the shooting. Eames approached the door. She placed her ear close and after hearing what she identified as screams, she nods to her new partner to proceed gun drawn in hand. Upon opening the door, and much to their bewilderment, find the counselor sitting straddling on top of her client gyrating and moving while screaming joyfully, that is until she noticed they were now being watched by two confused NYPD.
This has got to be a joke. One great cosmic joke.
"Did we catch you at a bad time?" She motioned to them to put on their clothes while escorting them to the precinct for questioning. She had no qualms about interrupting their unethical romp in the office.
One Police Plaza, Interrogation Room
"My life's good on parole, Now."
"Apparently," Eames quipped.
"Dr. Lane has been helping me."
Helping you? Yeah, I bet. He must have thought he hit the jackpot. "My guess is she's gonna be taken off your case."
"That's on her. I was seduced. Make sure that goes in the file."
"Your partner Wilson Crawford was executed last night," Eames attempted to steer the case back onto the task at hand. She had enough talk about his blossoming sex life.
Daniels slides over a picture of his corpse for Keyshawn to see to further illustrate the point. This wasn't a laughing matter, and he needed to see that.
"Don't do that. I heard what happened to him."
"What gang was working for?
"Gang? Wilson nah. You work for a gang, you have to work. Wilson just dealt enough to keep himself supplied.
"This is your friend who was murdered." Why was he being so cavalier about this, wouldn't he want his killer to be caught?
"Like you care about Wilson. This is about them tourists, right."
She was knocked back. He was right. If the tourists weren't killed, Crawford wouldn't be a blip on our radar. "Anything you can give us…"
"I don't know what he was doing in Red Hook. Wilson was a ghetto bird. That dude was never more than a shout from his apartment."
The therapist swore up and down that this was the first time she broke ethical guidelines and that Keyshawn was special. She swore that her assessment of Keyshawn was that he was improving and making great strides at rehabilitation. Eames read between the lines that she was embarrassed and trying to save face now that her husband was brought in.
"They make a swell couple." Eames remarked ready to tie up this case and just have a break for herself. She had been holding a lot together ever since Goren received his suspension and hadn't had time to process it all and carve out some time of her own which is partly why they had their recent fight.
Ross informs of a recent statement from Dr. Lane's husband. "Her husband's not too thrilled but she does alibi Keyshawn the night of the murder. It turns out they had a six hour emergency session that night."
She scoffs in disbelief. Great remind me of all the sex I'm not having. Six hours. Sheesh, I'm tired just thinking of it.
"Thank you." She turned to retrieve the ballistic report. "Ballistics. Turns out the nine mill that was used to kill Crawford is a match for a gun that's supposed to be in NYPD evidence."
Ross tightened his hands grasped on the 2 way mirror. Great, like I needed more to worry about.
Eames detected a bit of anxiety pass through his eyes for a second. Cops. We never want to be looking into our own. We got to be thorough yet walk on eggshells. It's a delicate balance. She loathed it but this job meant a lot to her and she did it with valor.
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