lockepiercingstattoos-art · 2 months ago
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Summer is here and it is the best time for belly button piercing 😌 So it is back soon in my blog soon the Belly Button Piercing Week where only belly button piercings are going to be posted in the blog 😝 If you want to take part you only have to submit to my blog a close up pic or vid of your belly button piercing 🥳 DONT STOP TO SHOW YOUR BELLY PIERCING THIS SUMMER 😉
El verano esta aqui y es la mejor epoca para los piercings del ombligo 😌 Así que esta de vuelta en mi blog la Semana del Piercing del Ombligo donde solo se publicarán piercings del ombligo en el blog 😝 Si quieres participar solo tienes que colaborar en mi blog con una foto o video de cerca de tu piercing del ombligo 🥳 NO DEJES DE LUCIR TU PIERCING DEL OMBLIGO ESTE VERANO 😉
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tengomilpalabrasparati · 4 months ago
Preguntas por chat.
Hola! 🤗Tienes algun piercing?
@tengomilpalabrasparati​ 💚
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caniwishforthis · a year ago
Hi! ☺️ What piercings do you have?
Hello! 😊👋
I pasted my answer from a previous ask, but we can add septum [back] to the list 🥰
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ricapapaya · 10 months ago
Tagguea tus blogs favoritos
@matedecoca @charcoiris @almejas-blog @tunanta @d4y4n4 @cherrybloossom @your-sug4r-sk1n @jennifer-charles @francyxx @violett-moon @lockepiercingstattoos-art @srsancheb @8pxl @gata-ladrona @scpphiclover @anaborjon @lupe-2m @honeyyyydip @vert1g0 @ifallinloveveryday @the-bosswitch @silviadelavida @balas-rasantes @subitv-mente @cafetibio @punto-y-apart @hotc0ffee @notsocleverboy @mandarinas-y-besitos @liberalfeeling @bigghomieee @pxxrworld @salchipapaas @good-c-vibes @unahistoriaciclica2 @otr-moonse @nebraska-blackhood @abysanli @astrololiss @lvvvn @s4turnin4 @mmalamente @amodemian @stephaniepriscillart @notititas @tomta @ira-y-ego @albafica-4 @ayushing @ay00ma
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ifellapartbutgotbackupagain · 4 months ago
2, 4, 10, 30, 43, 47, 50
2. Sagittarius
4. My man, my pets and the beach
10. One tattoo (more to come this year yay!) and 4 piercings currently
30. Oh gosh it’s a tie between swans, dogs, cats and anything aquatic!
43. Academic writing I suppose, but on the more fun side dance and art
47. You ofc, @sunkendoll @decaynymph @w0lvesxpaws @lockepiercingstattoos-art @nebulasunset @coquette-club @atsuimami @cherry-del-rey I’m sure I’m leaving some out but cannot remember urls off the top of my head but the people I speak to if I’ve left you out and anything with a vintage/coquette/alternate/cottagecore/academia/anime vibe 😂. I’ve had this blog for over 11 odd years so there’s a wide variety
50. Oh gosh I guess I’ll choose 6 which is last song listened to:
Thank you! I had to scroll soo far to find these hehe
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xkitfoxx · a month ago
hey! i saw that the user 13randomdesi was reblogging from you and I’m sick of seeing him still around when he’s a pedophile who has and probably still is liking and interacting with content of a 14 year old. I’ve made a post before > https://cisa4ka.tumblr.com/post/688298067571703808/suavenotion-lockepiercingstattoos-art & a Mutual made a new post: https://cisa4ka.tumblr.com/post/688753177480314880/xiaocrowned-is-at-mainxiao-now
Oh shit, thanks for letting me know!
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lockepiercingstattoos-art · 6 months ago
Piercing Game
Tumblr media
Reblog adding the first piercing you find 🔍
That will be the next piercing you have to get done 💉
Tag a friend who should get a piercing 🤩
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lockepiercingstattoos GOT TERMINATED
Im Locke, sadly my respectful blog about piercings and tattoos has got terminated because female nipples are considered porn, some piercings and tattoos are still considered explicit and nudes are still something rude. I've thought to give up and delete Tumblr but I feel I need to continue with this, I cant stop fighting to get to normalize piercings and tattoos. Ive known wonderful friends here in Tumblr and I can say with no doubts that they are the main reason of why I'm going to continue with this blog. I need to find all me old followers so please I would need you all reblog this!! 🙏🏻
Soy Locke, tristemente mi respetuoso blog de piercings y tatuajes fue eliminado porque los pezones femeninos son considerados porno, algunos piercings y tatuajes son aun considerados explicitos y desnudos son todavia guarradas. He pensado en rendirme y borrar Tumblr pero siento que necesito continuar con esto, no puedo parar de luchar por conseguir normalizar piercings y tatuajes. He conocido amigos maravillosos aqui en Tumblr y puedo decir sin lugar a dudas que son la principal razon por la que voy a continuar con este blog. Necesito encontrar de nuevo a todos mis viejos seguidores asi que por favor ¡rebloguear esto! 🙏🏻
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Life changes, and sometimes we need to spend our time in other things, other priorities. My life has changed, a good change actually, so Im going to have to take a rest of Tumblr, of my blog. Ive been more than 6 amazing years running this and my old deleted blog about my pasion: piercings&tattoos. When I started this blog with the idea of helping girl to share their body mods without being sexualized and judged, I never thought it would become that famous. Ive had a huge amount of submissions since I began the blog of a lot of lovely and amazing girls, who are now, my friends - amazing tumblr friends who I will never forget.
This isnt being easy, but I need to say good bye to my blog, I need a rest. Thank you so much to all my followers, to all my mutuals, to all the girls who have submitted to my blog, to all my tumblr friends, to all the creepy people who taught me how I hadnt to be, to all the girls who insults me for the only fact of being a guy, to all the people who call me rude for having a piercing blog...THANKS.
Im not going to delete this blog, maybe I will return to it in the future. And I dont want to delete all the amazing posts I have in it, gorgeous pics which deserve to continue to be shared.
Please, you all need to continue fighting to make Tumblr great again. A Tumblr where minors can be safe, where we can show female nipples, where people can share their body without being sexualized or judged, where all types of bodies were accepted: where people can be feel free. Dont give up.
Again THANK YOU, that isnt a forever bye, just a see you all soon...
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lockepiercingstattoos-art · 7 months ago
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From LockePiercingsTattoos-Art blog I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I want to thank to all my girls, my submitters, my mutuals, my followers and my friends for all the support to me a to my blog. It hasnt been an easy year, but I didnt want to give up, so thank you so much for continueing trusting in my blog. ❤️
Desde el blog LockePiercingsTattoos-Art quiero desearos a todos una Feliz Navidad. Quiero darles las gracias a todas mis chicas, mis colaboradoras, mis mutuas, mis seguidores y amigos por todo el apoyo a mi blog. No ha sido un año facil, pero no quise rendirme, asi que muchas gracias por continuar confiando en mi blog. ❤️
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lockepiercingstattoos-art · a month ago
Do you know where the owner of ( morningviewbabe) account went?
Or do you know if she have an account on social media ?
No! Im so sorry. I didnt chat with her since she submitted to my blog. 🙂
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lockepiercingstattoos-art · 6 months ago
I have a fan 🥳🤭
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ifellapartbutgotbackupagain · 10 months ago
@lockepiercingstattoos-art is back on tumblr guys go support 🖤🖤
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