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#omg i love this so much
escape-your-grape5 days ago
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Look what @saucymangos did for me!!! Aaaaaaa!! Had a lot of fun with this art trade, thank you so much! 馃槉馃挅
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amysili5 days ago
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innielovea month ago
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MY NEW ULT IS GONNA BE KINGDOM 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 OMG
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thunderbringer2 months ago
i associate safety when i think of thor; to be inside a warm, comforting house, watching the calamity that is a storm outside, knowing you cannot be touched or harmed... that's what i think of, when i think of thor.
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I made you a meme lol
Edit: you couldn鈥檛 read it as my profile pic but I did put it on my聽鈥渋t is I鈥 page. Thanks again Anon!
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kaiderforever3 months ago
Cinder, sighing: the world feels a little to heavy sometimes. Kai: taking her hand and kissing the tips of her fingers: it鈥檚 okay, I鈥檒l help you carry the weight馃挋
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Try to tell something sweeter than this,bet u cant鉁岋笍
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roonilwazlibimagines3 months ago
after the torture scene
- bellatrix eventually leaves, she gets bored and tells regulus to finish the job. the minute she leaves, regulus locks the door, silences it, and runs to mg (muggleborn girl), he cradles her in his lap, by far the most non-sexually intimate they've ever been, and runs his hands over her back as she coughs up blood on his trainers. her face is bloodied and bruised, her nose is broken and there's a hole in her tongue. bellatrix did a horrible number on her before she made regulus torture her and now regulus is desperate beyond human belief.
- at this point its evident she's going to die but regulus can't accept that, regulus won't accept that. he is pushing her hair back from her forehead and muttering apologies and trying to regulate her breathing but her chest is filling with blood.
- mg tries to grasp at his hand, she knows she's dying. it was mere moments ago that regulus was sneering at her cries of mercy, ignoring her pleas and she knows rationally she should use her last iota of energy to push him away, to salvage her dignity, to wandlessly apparate to st. mungo's but she doesn't want to spend her last living moments angry at the first love of her life, the only man she's ever loved. she knows deep down her death will cause him enough regret and more pain than his indifference caused her.
- on the other hand, regulus also knows that she's going to die, and its going to be painful. he doesn't want to think about that so he's quietly tending to her wounds, trying to calm her down. the blood she's coughing up making him more nervous by the second and he's hoping against hope there is something he can do.
- "tell me about the future you want, when we get out of here i'll give you anything and everything" regulus is trying to distract her but he is so serious, ask him two years ago if he would ever entertain marrying a muggleborn and having half-blood kids and he would've spat in your face, but now he can't think of anything he wants more than a future with the girl he's dragged through the depths of hellfire and back.
- "four kids, I don't want them to be a-alone like i was" even forming sentences exhausted the battered girl, but both regulus and mg essentially were only children, regulus by choice and mg by the fact that she was an actual only child. mg's eyes are trained on regulus' face the way his hands are trained on caressing hers. "regulus has never looked so nice" she thinks, his grey orbs are void of the malice and indifference they carried a mere ten minutes ago, his eyes are void of the cold glare they are accustomed to, they now contain so much love and tenderness that she feels like she's intruding into his deepest psyche. what she doesn't know is that regulus is struggling to hide his own fear.
- "four kids is perfect baby" regulus kisses her on the head, a gentle gesture he reserves for valuable pureblooded women like his mother walburga or his cousin narcissa, who's more of a sister than a cousin to him. what she notices is that usually regulus never calls her baby, it's always her name or 'sweetheart' when he chooses to be condescending or the occasional 'love' when he feels sentimental, but baby is uncharted waters, baby makes her feel like she means something to him, she just hates that it takes her dying for him to appreciate her. "beautiful home we'll have okay? and no one can tell us anything. we'll have the perfect life." regulus continues, he can't believe his mouth but he knows what he wants, and its for her to have the perfect life come hell or high water with him or without him. but regulus cannot afford to be picky, he doesn't deserve her beggars can never be choosers.
- "regulus my hand pl-ease it hurts" mg is now immense pain, immense pain he's trying to remedy. he wishes he could take the pain he always had a high pain tolerance and she never did. regulus has been on the receiving end of so much cruciatus curses without muttering a cry of pain but he knows that what she's feeling, coupled with the fear of impending death, is worlds worse.
- "i'm not going to hold your hand because you're not dying." regulus sharply insists, quickly apologizing when she flinches at his tone of voice, but it takes one look at her, her battered body and her twisted limbs, the blood trailing from her lips, for him to understand that. he just pulls her closer to him and for the first time in her extremely short life, she sees him cry and break down. he proceeds to take her hands and kiss her knuckles.
- "i'm so sorry" regulus has a lot to be sorry for, he's sorry he didn't treat her better, he's sorry he fell in love with her and pushed her into this world that is against her, he's so insanely sorry and she is staring at him, eyes glassed over, almost incoherent of speech, her body is slowly beginning to shut down. there's so much she wants to say, so much she needs to say, she needs him to tell her that he'll move on, leave the death eaters like they both know he wants to, he'll take care of himself, but she can barely breathe at this point let alone verbalize her deepest emotions.
- "i-i'm col-cold" were the last words she ever spoke, he's glad that it wasn't "i love you" because he didn't think he deserved to be her last words, or to be her last thought. the blood in her throat splattering on her chest as she tries to breath. regulus instantaneously takes off his coat, a plush russian winter coat that costs more than her childhood home, and he puts it on her. he doesn't care for anything at this point. he's holding her body close to his, noting how warm her cheeks are. his tears falling onto her as he sobs in her chest.
- "you're the one, you're all i've ever wanted, i don't care that you're muggleborn or whatever I love you, I love you, I love you. I can't live without you I won't live without you" His words are pointless, she's dead at this point but it still stands. he doesn't know what to do, he cannot even begin to rationalize what it is thag he's feeling. he doesn't hear the door open, he doesn't feel narcissa's hand on his shoulder, he doesn't feel himself falling into her embrace as she crouches down next to him.
- narcissa is a blood purist, her beliefs are amoral and bigoted but her heart is breaking over, and over, and over again as regulus' screams and sobs in her dress, tears running down her cheeks over her favorite cousin's devastation. for the first time in her twenty-four years of life, she questions if blood purity is worth this much heartbreak and sorrow. she partially understands what regulus' is feeling, a part of her died the night andromeda ran off because she knew she could never see her sister again, she wonders if maybe everything her parents ever inculcated into her was incorrect but narcissa will never matriculate that thought, she doesn't have the courage to.
- "reg darling s-she wouldn't want you to grieve like this you have to get up before bella or the dark lord sees" narcissa quietly whispers in her younger cousin's ear. the realization of what could occur if anyone sans narcissa sees regulus keening over a dead muggleborns sets in for regulus, and he detaches himself from narcissa's arms.
- "take her body and go, i'll tell bella you've went to dispose of t-" narcissa stops herself mid-speech, not wanting to describe the dead girl as a corpse and not wanting to remind a devastated regulus but she doesn't need to, regulus picks up his dead lover's body and looks at narcissa, uttering the last words he ever said to anyone.
- "i'll take care of her then take care of work." and regulus arcturus black apparated away, the last anyone ever saw of him.
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iamtheholyghost4 months ago
My girlfriend is the best! There's also sticky notes inside with her thoughts on literally my favourite movie ever. The cutest card, chocolate and photo prints of her. It was a good day today coming home to this. 馃グ
@halfthealphabet You're the best, thank you so much darling 鉂
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iconicharry6 months ago
How do you think would witchrry be? Would he be evil or a soft baby who鈥榮 energy is stored by the nature? Hate humans? Be cocky?
uhhhhhhh you don鈥檛 know how much i love witchrry 馃ズ i for sure think he would be a soft baby. wandering through the woods while the weather is not too hot to sweat and not too cold, collecting herbs and mushrooms and admiring all the flowers blossoming, the birds chirping. also he wouldn鈥檛 hate humans but is shy in front of them because most think he is weird, so he stays rather to himself and enjoys the things he likes. AND ALSO AT THE END OF A NICE WALK THROUGH MOTHER NATURE HE WOULD HAVE A CUTE LIL SUNBURN ON HIS NOSE! 馃槍
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kaiderforever7 months ago
I love the idea that Kai likes playing with cinders hair. I can just imagine him the first time being super shy about it and just whispering 鈥渃an I play with your hair鈥 and cinder just laughs and says yes. And then he gets really good at it and even learns how to put in a ponytail and braid, and he even put cinders hair up for her once when she was sick and to tired to do it herself and basically whenever they are together he is always playing with her hair and she lets him cause it feels good鈽猴笍
O H M Y G O D thats so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet,i love this!!!!
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fae-are-epic-bro7 months ago
Tumblr media
he seems very polite, id give him my name :)
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plaastic-magazine7 months ago
dkgfjndf dfnjgkfdj
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sunlightrry9 months ago
Update: I'm drifting off to many places with Harry Styles.
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winterzoldier9 months ago
bold the options that resonate with you
i was tagged by @mollyweasly, @lucypcvensie, @drunklili, and @wintersoeldiers
baby pink | iridescent | glitter is always a good option | no bra | minimalistic tattoos | cherry patterns | sweet scented perfumes | wearing generous amounts of blush | doodling hearts | getting excited to pet an animal | fun nails | rewatching old barbie movies | hair sticking to glossed lips | heart shaped sunglasses | taking pictures of the sunset or sunrise | stuffed animals | protecting nature | stickers everywhere | teen movies | the light rain that falls from a clear sky at the beginning of the night |
neutral tones | masculine outfits | studying languages聽| worn down copy of books | grey skies | turtleneck sweaters | loose fitting pants | hair tied with a silk ribbon | trying to remember a cool difficult word you read somewhere to use in a convo | thick belts | minimal makeup | windows fogged by rain | vintage jewelry | blouses with cuffed sleeves | reading a murder mystery and trying to solve it | oxford style shoes | sweater vests | subtitled old movies in a language you don鈥檛 speak | leaves crackling as you walk | annotating books to express your emotions about the story |
closet full of dark clothes | fishnet tights | makeup sweating off | neon signs | searching for unknown songs | chokers | band tees | doodling on old converses | finding smoking aesthetically pleasing but not doing it | weird humor | accidentally very dramatic | dim lights | layered outfits | chain belts | chipped nail polish | messy hair | low quality pics | piercings | combat boots | scribbling on desks |
colorful wardrobe | doodling flowers | wearing short shorts | using a bikini top or bra as a normal top | listening to ABBA | flowers in your hair | DIYing everything | jamming to songs alone in your room | drunkenly telling your friends you love them | patterned bandanas | mid heeled shoes | messy braids | flared sleeves | walking barefoot on grass or sand | bold sunglasses | the good kind of tired you get after doing something you enjoy for hours | feeding stray animals | fun patterned socks | room decorated with succulents and other plants | likes to go roller skating or skateboarding |
collared clothes | drinking juice out of a champagne glass | getting excited to see the met gala looks | thick headbands | small pastel cardigans | making your friends take your ootd pics | plaid mini skirts | tweed two pieces聽| watching reality tv to pass time | frilly tops | watching old hollywood movies | academically driven | long manicured nails | new year鈥檚 eve fireworks | colourful tights | layered golden jewelry | yearns for luxury brand items聽| decorating your room with fairylights | cursive and neat handwriting | lace details |
tagging!!聽@chloexmorningstar, @biancas-diangelos, @zoenightshadeee, @agentmmayy, @gcndalf, @rapanzel鈥, @catradorad鈥, @wespers, @highqueen鈥, and anyone who wants to do this
-> as usual, feel free to ignore :))
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