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boohwanj · a day ago
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Cafe Gosari
Canon EOS R3 + RF50mm f1.2L
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thegaycuzin · 3 months ago
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don’t worry darling trailer is out 👀😵
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jaegerdog2 · 4 months ago
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Making dinner special tonight …
Climb up on the table sunshine... I know exactly what I want to do with you. How I'll slide those straps off your shoulders slowly exposing those breasts. How I’d cup them in my hands pull each hardened nipple to my mouth. How I would suck them, squeeze them, nibble on them. I know how I would lie you on your back, spread those sexy legs, and kiss those inner thighs. When my hands reach up I’d pull those panties aside, my tongue and mouth are ready to devour you. You would feel those long licks that glide through your wet pink folds. Feel my teeth on your pussy as those hungry nibbles indulge on your swollen clit. Climb up on the table beautiful and feel my relentless hunger, feel that feeding frenzy that will not stop until you've been taken over the edge numerous times. Only once you’ve cum several times you can slide off table and expose that sexy ass to me. After I slide those wet lace panties down your silky smooth legs you’ll feel my swollen cock pressing against you. With one push you feel it slide in that wet dripping slit. Stretch out your arms across the table, expose that gorgeous ass and feel each thrust pound deeper. Feel my hands on your hips as we get our sexual rhythm working perfectly.. in .. out .. repeat.. A sensual fuck that has me filling you with my warm creamy seed while you tremble and quiver beneath me. Slowly I pull out and our sexual juices trickle down your legs. I slip two fingers in your soaked slit and bring them to your mouth. You moan as you taste us blended together, sucking my fingers clean you lick your lips . Now standing you slip your own fingers between your legs, dipping them in deep. Smiling you bring them to my mouth, sliding them in it’s my turn to share in the tastes of sex. As I suck your fingers clean my hands grasp your ass and pull you close for a long steamy kiss. Now what should we do next for dinner baby?
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coffeeshib · a year ago
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not to be Kara Danvers but I'm: whipped
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acurvywoman2 · 6 months ago
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yhwhyireh · a year ago
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22 november 2020
I turn 23 in a couple of days. a lot of thoughts and not quite enough words to go about how my 22nd year went. I think it was a year fortified - maybe guarded - by a deep, drawn out silence, and a lot of ways to try and edge voice out again. a lot of changes. but still a lot of gratitude for everything so knitted, weaved into the thread of grace (that holds me so delicately. a skein away from pitfall and a skein apart from glory), all the people who came and held my hands gently. 
I would have needed this year to get on with the next - this of the timeliness of God I only know. 
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zee-has-commitment-issues · 10 days ago
I'm sorry if this has been asked or discussed before but do you think August and Felice did the table thing after their hook up? Like we don't see it in the show and no one talks about it but people obviously know about them. And little related but do you think people get up on the table only when it's their first time or every time they hook up with different person?
I love your thoughts and hope you have a nice day/night <3
Hi, lovely! You're super sweet. I haven't discussed this before. In fact, I don't think I've ever even thought about it before. It's entirely possible someone else has, though.
I don't think they got on the table. For a couple of reasons. The day after they hook up might have been when they would have done the on the table thing, but everyone was going home that day. People were packing and saying their goodbyes to their friends and stuff for the weekend. When Wille was in the dining room for breakfast, it looked like people were mostly just doing their own thing. It wasn't the organized meals like we'd seen before.
So, if they weren't doing an organized breakfast that morning, they wouldn't have done the "on the table" thing, so there wouldn't be an opportunity for them to do It. And, let's be honest, August would have been the only one who owned up to it. Felice was embarrassed and she would not have gotten up on the table to talk about the shit show that was sleeping with August.
So, if it wasn't the morning after they hooked up, they probably would have been waiting to do the "on the table" thing until after the weekend home. But here's where the tricky part comes in: Erik died.
So now no one was in the mood to hear about hook ups or do the "on the table" traditions. Let alone August, who just lost his cousin (the closest thing he had to a brother).
So no, I don't think they got on the table for each other. I think August was too upset about Erik at first, and then they were openly dating, so he didn't need to gloat about it. He'd clearly gotten the girl and everyone knew it.
Felice wouldn't have wanted to do it at all. Because she'd have to explain herself, and she already knew it was a bad idea. She already knew she didn't like it. So she probably didn't want to get on the table to tell everyone of her deepest regret in life.
To answer your second question, I think it probably depends on the person. Because, surely, there is one character that really gets around. They probably get told to sit back down when they stand up. But I think they probably get on the table every time they hook up if they're hooking up a normal amount, and if they aren't in a relationship. Because they probably don't want to hear about the same two people hooking up over and over again.
I hope that was an adequate answer, anon.
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assdare · 7 months ago
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Anyway Slayers is good here’s some of my junk
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dna-d2 · 4 months ago
There was a big problem in Miraculous Ladybug Season 4
And it’s called those little charms that Ladybug was giving out and how they were literally never REALLY utilized
(Sorry btw, I know I said to prepare for the vent post, but I’m not giving you that chance lol)
Think about it, did those little charms ever stop an akumatization?? Really?? (Aside from the end of Queen Banana) Because I think that teens processing their emotions did more to stop akumatization than those goddamn charms
I mean it, remember Crocoduel? There was an ENTIRE scene about how Gabriel kept trying to akumatize the people on that boat and it didn’t work, NOT because of those charms, but because of people just…Processing their emotions. Happy thoughts!! And whatnot
And yet, we had an ENTIRE subplot about Gabriel trying to get AROUND these charms AND SUCCEEDING IN DOING SO, EVEN THOUGH THEY DIDN’T REALLY HELP ANYONE TO BEGIN WITH???? Which of course begs the question:
WAS THERE EVER REALLY A POINT TO THESE CHARMS???? Because I cannot for the life of me figure out the point, aside from Gabriel needing to force a power-up. And there really wasn’t much different from his powers at all.
And that’s really unfortunate that they mishandled this entire subplot because they could have EASILY justified it with a single episode.
Just replace the people getting over their negative feelings, with the Magical Charms, and POOF! That’s a whole episode’s worth of justification for this subplot. And if you wanna have people still being emotionally healthy, just leave Juleka’s scene alone. Because I’ll admit it was kinda cool to see people just-Not be upset at the drop of a hat.
And if I’m wrong, and I just don’t remember the Charms being used, please tell me!! Because I would LOVE for there to have been a point to the charms this season. Or hey, maybe they come in handy later, when Felix inevitably starts acting like a villain and probably gets the butterfly miraculous, then doesn’t know how to get past them. WHO KNOWS, REALLY??? GUESS WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR SEASON 5 ON THAT HAHAHAHAH
Either way, let’s all just--recuperate from the emotional turmoil that was Strike Back, and…I dunno, take a nap? I think I could use one, how bout you guys??
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boohwanj · 3 months ago
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Spring, Lady Banks' roses
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i-love-legs-in-tights · a month ago
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dollypartonswig · 4 months ago
Took missy the emergency vets cause she couldn’t walk and was crying every time she put pressure on her back leg, soon as we got there she was walking fine, purring and cuddling up to the vet
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triflingthing · a year ago
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aircraftsillustrated1976 · a year ago
i think when tome & takenaka talk and it’s a heated subject where they’re just going back n forth at one another it’s like halfway verbal halfway telepathic bc tome gets worked up & starts thinking at the speed of light n takenaka doenst wait for her to have to articulate her thoughts verbally he just answers so anyone watching hears like half the conversation and the rest is like a staring contest with lots of gasps and hand waving and head shaking & stuff
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jepretanjanet · 11 months ago
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/food in the dark/
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gregorycomix · a month ago
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yhwhyireh · 2 years ago
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