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#people’s choice awards

So, PCA clowns:

Who the fuck voted for Beyoncé over America Ferrera for Best Animated voice?! Who the fuck?!? Why the fuck!!

Y’all clearly don’t see talent 🤦🏻‍♀️ Beyoncé was TERRIBLE in The Lion King - flat, emotionless, completely wrong for Nala…how can you think she was better than America Ferrera, who’s voiced this iconic female character for over a decade in one of the greatest animated film series of all time?! Someone who actually loves the character and DIDNT just voice them for money/clout?!


Originally posted by absent-alexjay

Literally EVERY OTHER nominee was better than Beyoncé in this category. I shouldn’t be surprised that the Beyhive (🤢) took over to be honest, like you can’t say shit about Beyoncé without them losing their shit.

Don’t even get me started on *surprise* yet another terrible Disney remake winning best family film over HTTYD3. I really am not surprised that money wins over art.

I am so tired. I am so angry about HTTYD not getting the awards and hype it deserves. I’m already pissed because I just KNOW that Disney will win the Oscar for Best Animated Film - because the Oscar voters see “Disney” or “Pixar” and vote for it just because it’s Disney.

So yeah, I’m mad. I’m so annoyed. Good night.


Originally posted by madfanboyinablueblog

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