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#please enjoy your stay



I’m so happy! Look at her, she’s so sweet 🥺 welcome home angel, glad to have you here

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Ah welcome, you must be new here, have a cookie 🍪

I mean….its not not an about it does tell you an awful lot about me, in that it tells you I am obsessed with the heyes and i do not really shut up about them sooo….

But he is indeed a dork with beautiful eyes glad you like the madness that is antihonk

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Ahhh, thank you so much! I’ve been so thrilled at the response to Kinktober. And I’m always happy to accept new Shiggy fuckers to the cult.

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I’ve gotten a lot of followers lately (at least by my standards) so…

First of all, welcome!

Obv, trans and nb rights.

Second, “queer is a slur” is a TERF dogwhistle. Queer was reclaimed 40 years ago and is the largest umbrella term for “not cishet”, so you will occasionally see it on my blog. You can blacklist posts with that word, if it bothers you personally, but i wanted to warn in advance.

Third, i believe aro, ace, and aspec people are part of the lgbtq community. If you disagree with that, please unfollow.

Fourth, i write smut. Adults only, please.

Black lives matter, ACAB.

A writer has a responsibility to tag their work to the best of their ability and a reader has a responsibilty to curate their experience by reading said tags.

I… think that’s everything?

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*me watching new comments roll in on the BNHA Legacy Comic I did years ago*

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“I’ll profess I’m at a loss, Shinigami. On the one hand your previous insolence is deserving of a painful death. Yet, you achieved quite a feat in dethroning me, no matter how temporary it may have been. So, perhaps I shall keep you as a dancing monkey.” @equiltario

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First if All: tumblr what do you mean I don't follow Ollie's wife. Secondly: thank you for the tiney Joongs

tiny joong best joong, well… all joong best joong!


also hdhsjdshjdsh wife 😊😊🥺🥺 that is indeed the plan i love him very much, even more than i love joong, if you can believe

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Me: *isn't at all caught up on what's going on with the egos* *thirsts anyway* 🤡

welcome to thirst HHHEEEELLLLLLLLL

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me watching people discover the light that is widojest after ep77:

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Hot Take: Sedevacantist Traditionalist Catholics are just conservative High Church Anglicans without the BCP and the Solae.

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Hi welcome to the Six Fandom, or as we like to call it, the Queendom. Due to recent events such as Genesis Cleves and Toby Parr, we are currently in a state of chaos wherein the levels of madness are much higher than usual. So makes yourselves comfortable and sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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lol my name is briar! I’ve never met another male briar before, so it’s cool to see you named your oc that!


That’s an interesting coincidence! Thank you for telling me this.

I feel the need to apologize for any awkwardness you might experience when reading about him, though. XD He’s a very new character for me, but his story is actually managing to stick around and take shape in my head. In the past I’ve struggled with feeling like every idea I would have for a Dalish Inquisitor has been written already by much more talented people, and I now feel as if I have a Lavellan who is actually “mine.” He’s currently a mess, but he’s my mess. Like all of my other OCs, really.

I picked “Briar” because I wanted something nature-based, and it jumped out at me. It’s a break from how I usually name my characters, considering the roots of Ephraim’s, Solomon’s, and Benjamin’s (a Hawke I never talk about because I’ve yet to play DA2). “Briar” is definitely a unique name! It’s cool to know someone with it is out there being glad to see their name pop up like this.

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I had an idea. But I just didn’t say anything

Well, welcome to my main blog, please enjoy your stay in the clusterfuck of disorganised aesthetics that don’t fit my sideblogs but I still love

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I honest to god would commission someone to make a Mileven fanvid/fanedit to the song “Roses and Violets” by Alexander Jean. Like, actual money and everything.

I mean, just, god, look at these lyrics:

There’s something on my mind
There’s something on my mind
You’re miles away, but your heart feels close by
The sun is in my eyes
The sun is in my eyes
They say love is blind, but with you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I know I’m meant
To be with you

It makes me wanna cry you guys. If I had any ability to make fanvids/fanedits, I would absolutely make one inspired by this song.

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