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#so true tbh<3
bisexualnursey · 2 months ago
when carly rae jepsen said "i'm not even scared about it, all i want is real real love" and "you could hurt me, baby. and i could hurt you too...oh, but love isn't cruel" and "i want to cut to through the clouds break the ceiling! i wanna dance on the roof you and me alone! i wanna cut to the feeling" and "be careful if you're wanting this touch, 'cause if i love you then i love you too much" and "i'm not afraid to know my heart's desire" like so true bestie i WILL be unapologetic and earnest and fearless about loving!!!
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theyarebothgunshot · a day ago
your dream made me sit and think hard about what it is about misha that so many people find attractive and i've come to the conclusion that it's a little bit of everything: he's a Weird Girl (but not in a strange and off-putting way), he's talented (but still accessible and down to earth), he's compassionate and driven toward social change (and when he fucks up, you get the sense that he's genuinely remorseful and wants to understand what he did wrong so that he doesn't do it again), (1/2)
he's physically attractive but not generically handsome, he's flawed in a very human way (so, again, he doesn't come across as inaccessible), he's forthcoming enough to feel "real" but doesn't put everything out there so there's still some mystery (plus, privacy's important, anyway), and honestly i think him being [CAR SPEEDS PAST LOUDLY] and poly gives him a certain appeal that more, uh, "traditional" men lack. this is the basis of krushnic derangement syndrome, i'm sure of it. (2/2)
literally say that anon. you're so right.
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mattsharp · 3 months ago
can we talk about the simplicity behind the ‘biggus dickus’ gag that makes it one of the funniest bits in comedy history. i am not even kidding at this point. it’s such basic goddamn humour but it’s done so well and in a way that still manages to surprise you even though the punchline feels pretty obvious and it’s drawn out waaaaay longer than it needs to be. steering away from complexity and giving into absurdity by focusing on things that really don’t require much thinking can make for a brilliant joke. i cant believe this is a real post i am making. thank you and goodnight new york.
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wuntrum · a month ago
parents saw the new spiderman trailer on tv and my mom said "isn't he home yet for gawd's sake?!"
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carryingthebanner · a month ago
okay my unpopular opinion is that the 92 movie and the broadway version each have their charms and neither is inherently better or worse than the other and fansies that fight about it or bash one version are big meanie heads
I partially agree!
92sies tells the story better and it focuses a tad bit more on the background Newsies (like Spot, Race, Boots, etc.), which I love.
(Bway) Newsies is an overall better musical (the songs, music and choreography are absolutely amazing and much more organized than 92sies (if that makes sense)).
While I do agree that they both have their strengths and weaknesses, the stage adaptation will always win in my book.
However, I do agree about the people who constantly badmouth Newsies for the stage vs Newsies for the screen, it needs to stop.
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tennessoui · a month ago
hear me out - secret sith smuggler! Maybe he's undercover to 'interfere' with senator skywalker or maybe he placed out because he's in it for the petty con not full blown sith empire take over
ahhh secret sith haha
it reminds of this prompt fill i did, where obi-wan is a secret sith planted at the perfect location to get anakin to trust him and then they have sex and then anakin wakes up tied to a bed while obi-wan gives his fuck yous to his masters because actually anakin skywalker is pretty and he's decided he's going to be his now <3 what a boon <3
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earthgirl-sunshine · 4 months ago
honestly good for martha saying "yes you can show me all of time & space but it's not worth it if you treat me like shit.. see you around bestie :)" best companion exit tbh
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Arjuna would model for any kind of body care and hair product line then that line would easily sell hotcakes cause how attractive he is and/or people would want to be hot like him as a goal
Tumblr media
he shouldve gotten the axe collab instead of ozy smh
actually you know who shouldve gotten it?
Tumblr media
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nonbinarykaworunagisa · 5 months ago
ive heard "what if homura had scars from previous timelines" + raise you "what if homura had chronic pain from previous timelines"? unless im misremembering her time loops don't really restart the og timeline but like. branch off into new timelines? i don't remember in the main serious if homura ever loops while seriously injured but like iirc magical girls (sans sayaka) don't usually Instantly Heal but what if while the loops physically heal homura, but like...the rapid/instant healing of looping causes chronic pain issues due to her skin/muscles/bones instantaneously healing when even as a magical girl they aren't meant to
I HEAR U & RAISE U: given how Homura already was consistently hospitalized for a heart condition & potentially other conditions she already suffered chronic pain beforehand and the instantaneous healing caused by resetting the timeline only made it worse.
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