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#sorry for the rant lmao

it’s my grandma’s birthday pretty soon and as a gift, my mom asked me to shoot a small video of me speaking of a found memory I have of said grandma and the idea is cool and all but

this is hell because I HATE having photos and videos of me WHO the fuck let my have a physical body that was the worst decision of my LIFE

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I really need to stop going into the general bnha tag, without fail someone shits on my poor husband Hawks and it makes me mad. Some of y’all really be forgetting that trauma and backstory explain behavior but they don’t excuse behavior. Dabi and Shiggy don’t get a free pass for mass murder and destruction because they came from broken homes. Hawks is not a bad person for killing Twice after trying to offer him a chance at redemption, something most heroes don’t offer. The system failed them, for sure. But their trauma doesn’t grant them a free pass to hurt, traumatize, and murder others.

I saw someone pop off about how “Horikoshi is pro-cop and thinks everyone should die in a war!!!” and I?? Don’t know where they got that from???? This arc has been about how neither sides’ hands are clean. Like y’all remember that Shoto was also abused and yet has somehow managed to refrain from murdering 30+ people right? Hero society is DEEPLY flawed. This is clear to the audience and at the very least we know Hawks also knows this. If Horikoshi truly didn’t want us to see the flaws in hero society he wouldn’t have taken so much time to humanize the villains and also straight up have chapters from the villains’ perspective. But that doesnt change the fact that THE LEAGUE OF VILLAINS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATHS OF HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO PLAYED NO PART IN THEIR TRAUMAS.

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Hiii lucie 💕

Kim seokjin: Literally the most beautiful man i have ever seen in my whole entire life, insanely talented and owns my whole heart. As a wise man once said:


The mcu series: oh i am very excited for the series!! Esp fatws and ms marvel, but also hawkeye, loki, wandavision and all the others too!!! I love the new castings and the old ones are gonna be perfect ofc i cant wait for them!!!!! (The movies however, im excited for the others… spidey 3 however🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️ see i am a huge spidey fan and mcu peter parker is my favourite version of the character but i absolutely do not want to watch live action spiderverse in this timeline, every new announcement of whatever they are putting in this movie makes me so pissed bc i did not wait two years for this shitshow 😐😐)

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I have to get this off my chest lmao

I’ve no idea why, but I get extremely selfish at times about my hyperfixations (e.g. shows, characters, etc.) and I’m very self-conscious of that

I’m not able to explain it well, but I suspect it has to do with my OCD to some capacity

for example, if I see that someone else enjoys The Secret World of Arietty, I might become a little anxious and subconsciously think that this movie belongs to me and only I can enjoy it, despite this not being the case at all

I genuinely hate myself for it, it’s so annoying,, just let folks enjoy great content, Jesus

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ahhhh thank you so much anon!!! 💕💕💕

i’m so glad it makes you happy. truly the reblog issue hardly applies to me, i don’t upload that often - i just feel bad for the people who churn out multiple edits a week and who aren’t getting the appreciation they deserve!!

i was just looking down some recent posts and the likes : reblogs ratio was genuinely around 3 : 1. and i was certain it never used to be like this so i went and found posts from like 2-4 years ago, and lo and behold the ratio was about 1 : 2!!! we’re talking like 1000 likes and 2400 reblogs on a post, which you would never see happen today……

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cant get that one post out of my head that says ‘study STEM the humanities are worthless’ like. no they aren’t? every 'subject’ in learning is interconnected and worth something. yes more people should be encouraged to study STEM but don’t act like it makes you inherently better than people who like humanities classes more? also the post seemed to be very much imbued with the idea that school is the best way to learn things and that isn’t automatically true for everyone. outside and inside factors play a huge roll in whether or not a student absorbs information and one teacher can control how a student views a certain subject - e.g. i DESPERATELY wanted to take a chemistry class this year but i got a terrible teacher who told the class verbatim 'i can’t teach you chemistry’ so i had to drop the class. also people are capable of studying STEM on their own time, if they have that kind of time. a degree =/= intelligence, just education.

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Ok so this isn’t important but, I think my house is having a bat 🦇 problem, we’ve had three in such a short amount of time it’s unbelievable-

Literally right now the third one is in my mom’s room, so I’m sleeping on the couch, if you’re thinking “don’t you have a door to block it?” Well my room and my mom’s room are connected without a door, sooo no chance I’m going up there, anyways pray that it doesn’t end up down here like the first one… honestly wonder where the first bat went, I swear if it’s dead in here I’m gonna be pissed—

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i totally get what u mean. it sucks to see Reid becoming gideon but I also think in many ways he’s so much stronger. Gideon fell apart after Sarah’s death, but after Maeve’s Spencer didn’t. I think they showed Maeve in his dying dreamscape bc she was the ultimate test in seeing how much he really wanted to live, and in him choosing to stay alive i think that was him finally choosing Max and letting Maeve go. Prob just wishful thinking but I like to think he’s happy

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a level results/

most of the people i know who got their predicted/better than their predicted went to grammar schools … which is fine im v proud of them, its not their fault n not all of them r well off anyway some r just clever ….. but god damn it does sting to have a grade pulled down bc i fucked the 11+ test literally seven years ago, the only ppl from my primary school who got in were the ones who could afford private tutors.

the algorithm deciding our grades this year is so fucked. like yh boris thinks its great bc its serving his interests of keeping rich white kids the ones in the best position. i feel immensely lucky to be at a 6th form thats willing to ring up oxford and encourage them to pool my application.. bc god knows not everyone will have that opportunity with the way state schools and colleges r treated by our government.

well it looks like i wont be going to st hughs but theres a chance ill get in somewhere else.

so my message to anyone whos been treated unfairly by this algorithm: dont shut up about how unjust this is..keep making noise, let the government hear that they cannot disadvantage working class people like this . my heart goes out to anyone who didnt get the grades they needed.

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Emma is sooo good ughhhhhhh. I just loved her so much. Her love for Harriet making her selfish, her care for her father, she trying to please Frank Churchill and becoming someone she doesn’t like, the whole miss Bates thing was just such a good portrayal of growing up? Like she messes up, she regrets things, she apologizes and tries to mend things and it felt so real. Also I fucking loved Mr Knightley. By the end of the movie when he was so in love with Emma he kept pacing around and pulling at his hair I was just so happy I kept sighing into the pillow. I fucking loved this movie 10/10

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ok i’m very interested in kristoph and apollo’s relationship, since it wasn’t talked about at all during aa4. and i’m pretty picky about fan interpretations of it lmao. i hate it when people are like “oh apollo hated him lol that’s all” like come one dude i get you hate kristoph but you have to realize what happened with him must’ve been huge for apollo. no one wants to consider that apollo cared for and looked up to him the same way phoenix did for mia

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my maths teacher just sent me an email telling me that since i didn’t finish the maths homework i probably won’t pass the subject this trimester like lmao okay sorry for not being fast enough to finish everything in class, maths is h a r d

and sorry i didnt do it after class, i have other subjects to worry about as well!

but it’s fine cause i honestly don’t care at this point-

imma stop ranting now-

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Just finished watching the 3 episodes of “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken” and let me tell you that anime is SO GOOD!!!!!

The show is very inspiring for people who want to express themselves, but think it is to much of a hassle/can’t bring themselves to do those things. All three girls are so unique with their own seperate lifestyles and ‘art’ forms they take interest in. However they are all brought together under a singular goal of making anime.

Honestly I found myself in all three characters when ever they are on screen. It might be becoming one of my most favorite anime of all time and it only have 3 episode so far. :D

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God yes i do man, I get a lot of those “what’s the point” and “who cares” kinda thoughts, but I try my best to just bite the bullet and do the thing anyway. Sometimes u can make it fun! Even if it’s as simple as chucking your favourite tv show or song on when you cook dinner, not allowing yourself to watch it or listen to it unless you’re cooking.

Today though, I need to go feed my quail, and it’s like bruh… I can’t be fucking bothered you know. No reason why, I just can’t be arsed.

But we gotta kick these thoughts up the mfkin butt and do monotonous things anyway! Because if the past has told me anything it’s that you ALWAYS feel better after doing the thing you didn’t wanna do. Here for you bro :))

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i have this horrible teacher for my ap class

here are some things this bitch has done

  • he doesn’t teach, he throws packets at us, he picks them up by the end of class, we never see those packets again
  • has not taught us how to write the type of essays he wants, we have told him that several times, continues to assign us essays for homework
  • he doesn’t even know what he’s teaching
  • does not accept criticism, every time we suggest he could do something different, he plays victim and implies the reason we don’t get his class is because we’re lazy
  • does not shut up when we’re taking tests, making it harder to focus
  • knows everyone hates him and is unprofessional about it
  • has no grading system (i like this student? nice handwriting? 95!! i dont like this student? didn’t write the thesis i didn’t teach him to write? 50!!)
  • sexist comments
  • “girls shouldn’t be trusted with war stuff because they’re too sentimental”
  • “i met this girl in college and she was hot, but when i went back for a meeting thing she was fat, and that’s why you girls need to take care of your bodies, so that you can continue to be pretty”
  • yes he said those things
  • called my autistic classmate a word i am not going to say (still cannot believe he wasn’t fired for that)
  • ignorant ass
  • no empathy for students
  • no sense of boundaries

so many people have reported him and he STILL has a job

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Sjsksj that’s v sweet of you. Idk i just keep seeing people I’m talking to post shit like send me something I’m bored or hmu I’m bored like bitch I’m fucking trying to talk to you and you won’t respond for ages and you’re bored? Like just tell me you don’t want to talk to me n go bc I’m tired of this shit lmaooooooo

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No dude; it’s okay!! I like hearing people’s thoughts about this shit!

I’m suchhh a slut for platonic Bunny tho, like ??? It’s sooo good, it actually kinda takes the things that makes me not like the all that much ship, and makes it into something great???

Like the protective Kenny trope you mention, that’s SO GOOD in a friendship, esp if he’s a bit overprotective at times, which I think he could be, and I also see Butters getting a bit offended and pissed about it!!

and idk I just feel like it’s a very sibling like dynamic, and Kenny likes to care for people, and Butters needs someone to both care for him and get real with him when he’s being a little shit, ya know???

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let me just say this…living in a multilingual country can be cool and everything, but when you’re in the linguistic minority and there’s basically no studying options in your region so you have to move to a city where they speak to you in a language you’re still kinda learning when you’re in class, and then as if that’s not hard enough they speak in a totally different dialect that is actually really completely another language of its own anywhere outside of class is like… really fucking me up and making me hate everything lmao

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the internalized misogyny in some people is GROSS i was watching this video about a girl who dresses in vintage fashion (bc i luv vintage fashion) and like literally in the first 30 seconds she starts talking about how all girls should dress in vintage style because being modest would let them get treated better than wearing clothes that show off skin … bitch WHAT !!! no!!!!! i wear vintage fashion because i think it’s fun and cute! it’s just as cute on me as crop tops and short shorts are on another girl! and dressing modestly doesn’t get you treated better god do you know how many ~50s housewives~ were abused?? LIKE ALL OF THEM

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