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daily-dose-of-dopamine · 2 days ago
Winnie Ille Pu
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Who the hell translated Winnie the Pooh into Latin. Why would you ever do that.
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eyesoffthemaud · 9 hours ago
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The fandom right now
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moisesmyles · 2 days ago
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ashleysjohnson · 11 hours ago
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Listen, how about we talk about it after we murder these unholy fucks?
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ladymarlin · a day ago
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This is horrifying!!!
But honestly I kinda imagine show Christopher as like, fleshy bc of this
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donutdisturblivball · 11 hours ago
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rishi-sita · 16 hours ago
lahu muh lag gaya
ram x reader (nsfw)
summary- ram being a disgusting whore fingering y/n during her periods <3 (affectionate)
sita's note- Mujhe nahi pata maine kya kiya hai.
The whistle of pressure cooker gave you headache. The slight harsh brush of kitchen slab made you irritated. The air wasn't cool enough. The saree itched. You wanted to yank your hair. There was pain in your hips and back. Everything was ready to set your mood off and your husband, Ram could easily see that. The way your eyebrows furrowed, you slammed everything down, almost smacking things instead of touching them. But he couldn't figure out why.
You planned on having a good night's sex with your husband tonight- everything was set. It was a weekend tomorrow, and there was no festival of sort. You could easily fuck out your frustration. Except your periods extended their bloody stay and you wanted to do nothing but rip your clothes off.
Your patience finally snapped when your toe hit the cupboard. You slammed the knife on the board, untucked your pallu, and kicked the cupboard with a huge groan. You never reacted like this- everyone knew the calm and collected y/n. But you were just a mere human, surrendering to the lack of needs.
Ram entered the kitchen and saw the tears pricking at the corner of your eyes. He turned off the stove and grabbed your waist firmly, dragging you to the bedroom. He set you down on the bed with him, holding your hand. "What happened?" he asked, trying to look at you. Your husband was an educated men. You wondered if he knew or would understood the whole biological concept of having menstruation. "It's my month" you muttered and expected anything ranging to ignorance from disgust- that's just how men, or even women acted about it.
Instead he smiled and pulled you close. "I know" Ram said and you looked up at him. "But I thought they would be over by now?" he asked. You nodded "they should be but instead they extended and I-" you cut yourself, avoiding the part where you wanted to tell him how much you wanted him that night. Ram raised his eyebrows, urging you to go on. You sighed "I-i wanted you tonight" you didn't even speak the last word, and even ram would have missed it if it wasn't for him literally pressing his chin on your shoulder.
Ram smiled again, noticing how desperate and small you sounded. "We can still do it" ram said it as a matter of fact. Your head snapped in his direction at the speed of lightning. "What?" you asked confused. "Yeah. it's just some blood" he said with ease. You gawked at his words like he just opened a portal to multiverse.
"Are you insane?" you weren't sure that those words left your mouth. Ram giggled and pulled you flat on his chest. "Ram no-" you started, only for him to slide his left arm behind your waist and made you straddle his thighs, his legs extending on the bed. "Ram but it will be blood everyw-" "it won't be" he assured, adjusting his grip on your waist.
Ram didn't even bother taking off your pallu. He undid the plates in front and opened the knots of your skirt. "Ram" you let out a distressed sigh only for him to shush you. He slid his hand past the hem of skirt, under the bundles of clothes and into your pussy. "Ram there will be- ah" before you could even begin complaining, Ram was already rubbing your clit. "tell me, y/n" he pulled you further in his chest, your hands gripping his shoulders. "Do i look like someone who can't handle blood?"
For some reason, Ram's question turned you on. Of course he was often covered in blood- either his or someone else's- but not like this!
His circles got tighter and you were close to your breaking point. You moaned loudly and stood on your knees, the vibrations sending you to edge. You arched your back, you chest pushing on Ram's face and came hard. His left hand, stroked your back, as he pulled you down on his lap again.
You breathed, catching your consciousness when you felt his fingers on your pussy lips. "Ram" you muttered, "no" it was firm, "please no" a firm pleading, "your fingers will be cov- shit" but he wasn't ready to listen. Without any warning, he slid his two fingers up in your core and you loved every feeling of it. Ram stroked them in and out and you were lost in the bliss, feeling so filthy yet so full.
"You don't care about my fingers now since you are getting fucked so good, right?" Ram's remark sent goosebumps on your skin. You tried nodding your head, to look at him- but his fingers were sending you to heaven. Your head lulled back and a soft chant of his name remained on your lips.
Ram looked at you all fucked out, all the pent up frustration finding its breakdown in a euphoric way. But he wanted more. He wanted to make you cry. He knew his hand was all bloody already- what's wrong with a little more fun?
Ram slowed his strokes and you shivered, shaking at the high inching till your fingers- when he rubbed at the soft g spot harshly. You swore you saw stars in noon. Ram rubbed your spot so good you couldn't keep your eyes open. Your hands gripped around his neck and hid your face in his shoulder as you practically screamed his name, crying in his shirt. Ram chuckled, losing feelings at the edge of his fingertips. His hand was straining, but it was worth it. You bucked your hips and came, but ram didn't stop, pushing your limits. You tried to keep yourself stable but his fingers were going to make you lose sanity that noon.
You came again, hard, a numbing noise in your ears as you saw nothing but flashing lights. You couldn't feel anything after that, falling in your husband's arms. Ram patted your back as you shook on his lap, drifting off to sleep.
As soon as he heard your soft snores, he pulled his fingers out, all bloody and red. He laid you down on the bed as you whimpered, clutching his pillow. Ram washed his hands, a smile on his face. It was amusing to see the blood go down the drain with no harm on road.
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livetogether--diealone · 3 hours ago
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Just Lorenzo and Norman being so boyfriend and Charles, you know, being v shaped
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pastafossa · 10 hours ago
the fact that we, as a species, have evolved through so much, yet we still have sunburn and allergies and headaches for no apparent reason and bad eyesight has to be some sort of sick joke
Like our ancestors survived the fucking meteor that killed the dinosaurs, as well as multiple mass extinction events and being eaten by sabertooths and yet here we are with skin that goes 'AH OH MY GOD I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THE GIANT BALL OF FIRE I EVOLVED UNDER OH NO I MUST BURN' and then your nose is like 'You think YOU got it bad you fucker??? LOOK AT THESE PLANTS THAT I HAVE EVOLVED NEXT TO FOR THE ENTIRETY OF TIME, I HATE THEM SO MUCH I'LL BEGIN TO CRY WHEN THEY TOUCH ME' and all the while your eyes are going 'we don't really need to see that tree or that bush or the things that might eat us do we?? no, and how you doing, Head?'
Nose: 'He's screaming again, no one knows why, leave him alone'
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br4ck3tb0y · a day ago
also im currently trying to get an iep. it would b vry helpful in school and some of the things that it would entail are music breaks, repeating of directions, yknow other things that my neurodivergent ass needs. and the fucking psychologist at my school has the audacity to say (in the google meet chat, mind you) "after reviewing the criteria for autism that effects students educationally, the team"(which should involve me and my parents) "has determined that jay doesn't fit the criteria". i swear to god
and her reasoning ??? ''''''my grades are good so therefore im not struggling''''
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moonlightdancer26 · 2 days ago
If James and Lily regularly had sex in James's dorm in the 7th year, do you think Peter Pettigrew sometimes watched them while they were doing it? Maybe watching behind the door?
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chaosandstardust · 3 months ago
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Ah, memories
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tmanatural · 4 months ago
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littlepurplefangirl · a month ago
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Stranger Things writers after pride:
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rohypenol · 10 months ago
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here’s some cat memes i made bc i’m upsetti
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smokestarrules · 3 months ago
They’ve “all” betrayed him. Every last Golden Guard, every last Hunter, every Grimwalker. 
Every Wittebro. 
They all betrayed Philip at some point, because they’re fundamentally good people. And yet he keeps on going, he keeps making them, because he can’t be wrong, he can’t be, and one day he’ll get it right; one day his brother reanimated will understand. They’ll be together again, and they’ll be united. 
Philip just has to keep trying. 
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undertaleshitposts · 9 months ago
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