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So I used to hear the X-Files theme (usually at night) when I was a kid. If I stayed up late enough, I’d hear it again. I didn’t know about The X-Files, so the theme song to me was just the Illuminati music, because 7 year old me was a memer. Fast-forward years later, I realize that my parents were probably just watching The X-Files in the next room over, and the reason I would hear it again is because they were binging it. I’m pretty close with my mom, so I text her saying “Hey remember when we lived in (state) and you watched The X-Files? I thought of that as the Illuminati music because I didn’t know about the show” and my mom then informed me that she’d never seen the X-Files, though she has heard about it. I asked my dad if he’d watched it, and he’d never seen it either. This was all a bit weird for me to learn, so 

*X-Files theme plays*

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that’s… really freaking weird. im honestly scared. that’s sketchy asf. why me though? why the hell would they interact with me only to be rude? i’m so bewhildered. this is disgusting.

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guys not klaus related but today in class my english teacher said that anyone who uses anything other than ‘he said/she said’ is a bad writer and you shouldn’t use things like ‘he enunciated’ or whatever and okay yeah I get it when it’s cheesy and they’re just using the thesaurus and have no idea what the meaning of the word is and then the sentence is ruined but seriously bro do you realize how boring he said/she said would get in a 300 page book and also if they’re used in the right contexts synonyms are just as good and also HE JUST CALLED THE ENTIRETY OF WATTPAD/TUMBLR/YA AUTHORS/GEORGE RR MARTIN BAD AUTHORS AND I-

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