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#what the fuck
bastardbvby · a day ago
karl said the space episode of tales is more light hearted and he wanted to break everyone’s souls with the first episode of season 2 so he wrote a completely new one to premier in october . great .
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incorrect-hs-quotes · 20 hours ago
Calliope: jUst got paid, do any of yoU know how to wallpaper and are willing to break a few laws?
Jade: oh no
Roxy: wallpaper? you put that on with elmer's glue, right?
Calliope: it's wallpaper yoU jUst peel the back off and it's sticky
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thesapphiccrytid · a day ago
Tumblr media
"don't you think it's time to say goodbye to those childhood friends of yours"
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supamarb · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
did i just die
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poltergeiszt · 12 hours ago
rewatching the curse n HOOO BOY. emphasizing that derek was driving the van so it really hits you when they show you the empty seat at the end. “...we still have to get the van back to derek’s mom” in the silence of knowing they had to leave him behind. holy shit. they had to go return the van and tell her her son is dead. and he was out there, somewhere, figuring out how to (almost) live again. oh my god.
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alcal is a real life cat
legit watching a scene in 15x11 and he goes from this
Tumblr media
to this
Tumblr media
in LITERALLY one second.
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invalid-prongs · 2 days ago
“you killed him.”
it’s not a question, but regulus nods in reply anyway. “i did.”
james hesitates. “why?”
a beat. “because i love you.”
“well, don’t.”
“it’s... it’s a bit late to change it now.”
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rocketpog · a day ago
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rubbish78 · a day ago
me when you all star talking about mcr members like you personal know them
Tumblr media
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mirumiruyoko · 2 days ago
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dreamquackity · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
ok but im actually angry that??? this is happening???? montero is NUMBER ONE p much everywhere but it’s getting. fucking taken down. this isn’t fair i swear to god
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subwayslander · 10 months ago
whoever’s spinning the wheel on what’s gonna be revealed this week, keep spinning. this shits getting interesting
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8stepshigh · 4 months ago
sometimes the dream smp feels like a small fandom. sometimes it feels like a small, little cozy place for just us, the people that like it, and the streamer. sometimes, in the middle of a chill alt stream where alex and karl are talking about how they first met, it feels like our own little nook of the internet.
then i see cody ko get trending on twitter for quackityhq — the reddit and discord’s got talent guy — merely saying his name once, accidentally.
then i see fucking dwane johnson reply to tommyinnit — a kid that still lives with his parents and gained 3 million subscribers in one year — wishing him happy birthday.
then i see matpat & fuckin game theory make a video on wilbur soot — a man that wrote a little hamilton inspired story for him and his friends to have fun with — and talking about his writing in depth.
then i see the rolling stone make an article on the dream smp.
then i see pewdiepie, the biggest youtuber ever, defending karl jacobs — best friend of another one of the biggest and most successful youtubers ever — and saying not to send him hate.
then i see lovejoy, wilbur soot’s band, hit #1 on the uk and #2 on the us itunes charts, the day after their debut.
then i see lil nas x, the fucking horses in the back guy, the same guy that performed at the grammys with worldwide hit boyband bts, join the dream smp and play with ranboo — a kid that isn’t even allowed to order pizza to his house — karl jacobs and corpse husband.
then i see a woman on fucking fox news, on live national television, talk about her pet chicken she named after badboyhalo, a lighthearted minecraft streamer that pranks his friends and doesn’t ever swear.
then i realize, it’s The Dream SMP.
then it hits me.
then it all hits me.
everybody knows what the dream smp is.
everybody knows who these people are.
and any post of yours could end up on an article.
any comment you make could be their next ongoing joke in all their streams.
these people get trending across social media everyday.
these people are fucking celebrities.
and what do they do?
play Minecraft.
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