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megpeggs · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Dolores in the art style of Tangled The Series
because I would love a 2D animated series of Encanto and I wanted to see how the Tangled The Series art style could look like :3
Also just Dolores my beloved ❤❤
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king-maven-calore · 9 months ago
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⚔️Realm Breaker - Victoria Aveyard
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patheticlittleguy · 4 months ago
i am not going to start writing a new whump series before finishing my last one. i am not going to start writing a new whump series before finishing my last one. i am not going to start writing a new whump series before finishing my last one. i am n
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sasami-san · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
“Monster”, Episode 01 | Herr Dr. Tenma
“It wasn’t my fault. Isn’t that right?”
“Of course. After all, people’s lives aren’t created equal.”
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mushroom-winners-proof · a month ago
ngl even if repliku didn’t necessarily get a happy ending like everyone else did in KH3 its the fact that he got to fulfill his one organic goal- the one thing that helped define himself as someone separate from regular riku- that makes up for it for me tbh. like even if he didn’t get to live with everyone else he got to get a happy ending in his own right and that feels the most important
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haerimida · 10 months ago
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random gifs of elly 2/∞
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welcometogrouchland · a month ago
I might be stupid but. Rotating the weird connection made between psychiatric practice and the spiral + the Jon/Helen and Helen/Melanie dynamics in my mind...
#ramblings of a lunatic #the magnus archives #jonathan sims #melanie king #is this anything??? #this is less analytical and more speculative ig #just like. we never get Jon's thoughts on recieving professional help in the series proper but #there's some interesting evidence that points to him not wanting it or perhaps having had a negative experience with it? #martin says he apparently talked to jon about therapy in season 2 and jon brushed him off #and there's a lot of subtext to be read into various season 5 statements #where it could be argued that even the ones less explicitly meant to mirror jons situation could be applied to him in certain ways #and obviously. 177 and doctor david #and then obviously he has a very distinct dynamic with Helen #where they both project onto each other (Helen as a manipulation tool and jon as a manifestation of guilt) and hate each other #despite the tentative common ground they share (ppl who became monsters even though it's very different for both of them) #(re: jon was still like. a person in terms of his internal being if not his physical one whereas Helen was just sort of. subsumbed by the- #-distortion) #so that's like. a whole thing #then obviously Melanie found a friend of sorts in Helen between seasons 3 and 4 for reasons we're never really told? #beyond Helen helping with the meat attack #and then obviously melanie actively sought help because she knew it was what was best for her and would help her get her life back #i already did meta once on how Melanie is very susceptible to the spiral and how Helen likely zeroed in on this when gaining her trust #I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this other than #idk. i want a character study fic that involves jon and melanie giving their equally valid but contrasting views on getting outside help #all while helen plays on their emotions in a horrifying way embodying two elements of the spiral at the same time #though then again a lot of ppl are rightfully iffy about the way tma handled the subject matter in 177 #and thus something like this might not land well with a lot of ppl #which is fair and I'm not. idk asking it to be written? so much as thinking about connections that can be drawn and how #i probably didn't explain myself to the best of my abilities here. i am very tired after all ... #i also listened the fuckin. the will wood song. you know the one. Marsha
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gunatps · a year ago
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bi visibility day; underrated bicons
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nonbinary-androids · 7 months ago
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forestofmemories · 8 months ago
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ghostquartzswife · 5 months ago
i know ive talked abt the world eating snake god before but ive never shown it so heres a pincture of it since i was looking through my old sketchbook the other day
Tumblr media
still havent figured out entirely what role its gonna serve but i mean im sure as hell gonna find an excuse to incorporate this motherfucker into it
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cosmichoneyinmytea · a month ago
did they ever follow up on that one scene with Lourdes and her wants with trying for a baby? that sounds like a decent plot twist they probably shouldn't bury quite yet.
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teatitty · 7 months ago
CasCu got an update after appearing in Grand Carnival therefore ProtoCu will also be getting one I shall not be silenced on this matter
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homeofsapien-blog · 7 months ago
Do not mistake my inactivity of posting anything RATLD related; I still and forever will have them on my mind. I still and am a Raya worshipper🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
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starlitcrows · a year ago
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CASGIL: ...fine. I have gotten my rest. I need to attend to my work.
LANCEGIL: Do you now?
CASGIL: ...yes. I do. Must I ask myself for my own permission to leave--
LANCEGIL: Mm. It seems unwise... to lie to your older self, who has specific jurisdiction... as a being who can always see the truth. You truly should rest more.
CASGIL: ...Do you not also need to sleep? I would rather another version of myself not act as my servant. You should hold yourself with more dignity.
LANCEGIL: The dead, fundamentally, cannot sleep as the living do... and is it not a matter of dignity, to simply take care of yourself?
LANCEGIL: Do not give me that look. I am you... after your death. Do you desire to become me even as a familiar summoned from the Throne?
CASGIL: I am not answering that. You are me. This talk is meaningless.
LANCEGIL: Perhaps, it is.
CASGIL: ...Lancer.
LANCEGIL: ...yes?
CASGIL: ...come here.
LANCEGIL: Hmm... I was enjoying this coffee, but, as you say...
BOTH: ...
CASGIL: ...You as my future... you unnerve me more than anything, even though both our times have... already passed.
LANCEGIL: It is only natural... for existences, especially those of man and god, to change over time... and for all things to become meaningless... in time, as well.
CASGIL: ...be quiet. I am resting.
LANCEGIL: (chuckles)
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panchostokes · 6 months ago
ok i swear to god the video about silent hill 3 that i was just watching unpaused itself and even my drunk ass mind can’t rationalize that so i’m taking it as a sign. a sign for what, idk but. spooky.
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unproduciblesmackdown · a year ago
Tumblr media
billions sighing game where every time mase cap ppl are hanging out after market hours interacting it up and winston’s not there (he is never there) you heave a sigh and wonder what he might be up to in the meantime
#yes i'm always bitter. it's Billions Day and i hate the series and that's like....60% humor 40% completely earnest #i don't even have to actually properly watch it. and i don't. and i hate it lmao #winston billions #corned beef #i'm too bitter to even guaranteed produce upbeat quantent where it's like haha canon won't do it but We give him nice things...which we do #but it's hard enough to draw anything ever & there's like a 20 min window to catch that energy & the [things to be bitter about] is constant #it's FINE that every named character at mase cap got to spend s4 being a Person while winston was the character who's basically a prop #by ''it's fine'' i mean yes i'm mad abt this constantly @ me about it lmao. god. he doesn't need a ton of focus to still Also get to be a #person.....wrol roles will be like [i care and i'm suffering] like ig they had no reason to think up a Purpose for winston other than like #he's the physical manifestation of Math Things At Tmc and who cares about that! joke's on you guys. a group of randos care v much. unforch. #like it'd be one thing if everyone ever acts like winston can be written off if the show itself didn't then essentially agree with that..... #like oh nobody really thinks about winston or cares about his thoughts n feelings or idk...treats him normally cuz w/e? guess theyre right #at least in how the material supports it cuz so far nothing that happened to winston matters Except Maybe that taylor did seem to listen 2 #him in 4x11 in a way that then affected 4x12. like lmao Math is just so totally undramatic and unsexy that it's like oh no what to use the #quant for...not much i guess! a plot device!! whaaat are they intending to do w/ his 7 eps. my expectations are nothing. i refuse to #anticipate even ''winston will be less of a plot device.'' he SHOULD get to be legitimate friends with taylor but after a season of taylor p #much never interacting with him except v briefly in meetings i don't hold my breath for that to occur to anyone ever. and i don't know that #billions thinks you can have like more than 2 friends? who knows. the only relationship format it knows is Speed Dating & of course winston #is also a writeoff for kissing people i can only assume. but that's the only way to give someone depth or justify focus on them or indicate #to the audience that this is a serious character worth a moment's attention!!! im being further bitter on so many levels. just glad that #billions managed to give taylor a very solidly-foundationed friendship and i doubt they'll ever do that w/ any character again. no hope Ever #& i Know that sure maybe there's not always reason to have the Algorithm Guy around for the extracurricular Meetups and Hangouts & etc that #go on around mase cap ep to ep but it's like okay ppl Clearly aren't involved in these just cuz it's Strictly Related To Their Job Descrptn. #i'm so annoyed lmfao i hate billions. like can winston not be included Ever. not even the new years eve hangout which was at the office and #like nobody was even doing anything and it had no point!!! i'm gonna go ballistic lmfao what does he have to do. aughh like we GET IT....... #he isn't included ever b/c he Isn't Included Ever he's not Really in this group even though it'd just be 5 ppl to wrangle instead of 4...... #it's hard caring about the quant and taking him seriously and seeing him as a person b/c im sure we aren't supposed to lol Not Meant 2 Care #like we're paying attention & his experience must be so shitty lmao!! nobody likes him & for no good reason! he's trying to Be Included & #everyone is just like. get his ass lol. is his life outside work Better or Good...he probs has no friends and that's just fine. ugh! Hc of #having a cat is so he can have A Constant Source of love & companionship cuz otherwise.......good morning im mad at billions always lmao god
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kcnnarys · a year ago
Any chance you think PB have kept a OPH holiday book under wraps? My man E**** rocks a Santa suit in one of those lameass Choices ads
JEHDOJDDKHDKDBD PLEASE I YELLED ...... as much as i would like to say yes i think we're absolutely fucked
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officialheroesofolympus · a year ago
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One day,,, he’s gonna propose this same way but for real and we’re all gonna die happily
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marklikely · 2 years ago
ex special interests are really weird or maybe its just me idk
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