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#tlk art

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TLK AU fanart Chumvi and my oc Nywele.
This is my first artwork posting here so if you don’t know me from devianart you don’t know their backstory.. for now.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! Please don’t claim my artwork as yours!
If you repost it anywhere don’t remove the watermark, please give me credit for it.

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Broke: Mheetu must look like Nala because he is her brother

Woke: Mheetu looks like Nuka because fuck it, it looks cooler.


Mheetu design by me! I love my little gremlin cub. He grew up in the harsh, miserable place that was Scar’s Prideland, pretty much the same as Nuka, so they probably looked similar.

Please tell me what you think in the comments!

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Ok. If you ask me which Disney movie is my favorite ever, I’ll answer you: The Lion King (I mean, the old one. Not that peace of crappiness we saw in 2019…). 

Now, if you ask me which character from Disney movies is my favorite ever, I’ll answer you: Scar. Without any hesitation. 

If you want to please be, buy me anything or learn me anything about TLK. But, I think, the present I’ll like the most will be to met Andreas Deja. The way he has animated Scar is awesome (and Jafar, and Gaston, and… well, he’s the awesomess). I sew him in the bonus of Lilo and Stitch DVD and he seemed to be so nice, shy and modest at the same time that I wished to met him one day (even a minute or a second). XD I’ll probably won’t be able to pronounce a single word in front of him but I’ll be the most happiest in the world. :D

What a beautiful dream… ^^;

Speaking about Scar, I just love everything about him; his way of speaking, his way of moving, his eyes, his fur color, his song… everything. 

And I love the hyenas (OMG! Ed laugh cracks me up all the time). 

<3 <3 <3

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