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#until the end of forever
jonghyunar · 3 years ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“how heartbreaking and hard must it have been for you? only now do i think i can understand until the end of my life, until the end of this world we will be together forever”
jonghyun who loved music more than anyone else, who was the happiest on stage, who loved reaching and communicating with fans through music, is the best artist.  
we will remember him forever.
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itsprongs2-blog · 2 years ago
Remus: So tell me why exactly you three didn't do your homework?
James: Well, Evans distracted me.
Peter: Everything distracted me.
Sirius: You distracted me.
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anonamos701 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
“パッと光って咲いた 花火を見ていた きっとまだ 終わらない夏が 曖昧な心を 解かして繋いだ この夜が 続いて欲しかった “ “We watched fireworks blooming in a flash of light. Surely this summer is far from over, And has unraveled our uncertain hearts, tying them together. I wanted this night to go on forever. “ --- 3 more weeks until the end of my contract with Apple, and then afterwards, I can finally take a breather and relax for a bit before job searching again.  In the meantime, I did a doodle of Yang in celebration of RWBY Volume 6.
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pissvortex · 7 months ago
i’m just amazed that even elizabeth warren, who they convinced to throw a wrench into the gears of bernie’s campaign despite everything she had to sacrifice to do that, is getting absolutely nothing from joe biden. she very well may have been the most instrumental person to joe biden’s super tuesday upset and he decided to reward that rat fuck buttigieg while giving her absolutely nothing. fucking incredible. just a group of charlie browns lining up to kick the football on loop forever until the end of time
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yukinayee · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
His eyes are swimming again, and Krolia latches onto this memory to keep forever, until the end of space and time Based on this sheith fic, please read it!
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fakehelper · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
By clicking the page links below, you can access #1,212 gifs of the actress Victoria Justice as Lindy Sampson in the first four episodes of the show Eye Candy. Victoria is of Puerto Rican and white descent, please cast her accordingly. All gifs were made by me and are only intended for roleplaying purposes. Do not repost, remove my watermark, claim as your own, edit in any way, or include in gif hunts. Please like this post if using or saving any gifs and reblog only if you’re an rp resource blog.
- ̗̀  GIF PAGES: EP 1-2 | EP 3-4 | EP 5-6 ★ DOWNLOAD  ̖́-
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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themissyvonne · 2 months ago
Elriel Month | Day 31: You Are Cordially Invited
Tumblr media
NOTE: See Day 21: Dreamland if you’d like to see how Azriel saw his wedding to Elain before it happened.
Azriel pulled away, kissing her once and twice more before linking his pinky with hers. “Until the end of forever.”
Elain nodded, sealing it with another kiss. “Until the end of forever.”
“You ready for this?” Rhys asked, smiling from ear to ear as he straightened the collar of Azriel’s jacket.
“Of COURSE he’s ready, look at him! He looks like a fairytale prince!” Cass said, pinching Az’s cheek.
Azriel laughed. “Ready for the wedding? Yes, thanks to Nesta. Ready to spend the rest of my life with Elain? Absolutely.” He said his voice thick with emotion, looking down as tears filled his eyes. "Been waiting 500 years for her."
“Az…dammit…” Cassian said, wiping at his own eyes and hugging his brother, Rhysand hugging them both.
“This never has to leave this room.” Cassian said, sniffling.
Rhysand laughed. “Are you kidding? Crying wasn’t even a question, the bet was on which of us would cry first.” Rhysand said, wiping his own eyes.
Nesta straightened Elain’s sparkling veil with tears in her eyes. “You look so beautiful, El.”
“Oh Nesta, if you start, we all will.” Feyre warned, grabbing a handkerchief and handing it to her sister.
“You really do look beautiful, Elain.” Feyre agree, hugging her sister, and dabbing at her own eyes. “You’re so perfect together, perfect for one another.”
Elain hugged Feyre, beaming and holding her own tears in. “Thank you for helping me find him, for helping me find myself.” She said, taking both her sisters hands.
Nesta sniffled, pulling both of her sisters into her arms, letting her tears fall. The three sisters staying in each others arms until there was a soft knock at the door. “Is it time?” Elain asked.
“No, not yet, calm down.” Feyre laughed as she opened the door to reveal Lucien.
“I’m here to see the Bride if she has a moment.” Lucien said, looking every bit the heir of a High Lord.
Elain nodded. “Of course, come in.”
“We’ll see you again before its time.” Nesta assured Elain as she followed Feyre out.
Lucien walked in and Elain smiled up at him. Their relationship-their friendship had changed so much in such a short time. After avoiding each other for months over their own ill-fated bond, they bonded helping each other find and save the people they were truly meant to be with.
“Day suits you.” She said, smiling. Lucien nodded in appreciation.
“Thank you, Dusk suits you.” He said, adding. “It goes without saying, but, you deserve to be happy with someone of your choosing, Elain. I’m glad you found that happiness.”
“Thank you, Lucien. You deserve the same, and Vassa is very lucky to have you.” She said, not needing her Seer ability to notice how comfortable and happy Lucien and the mortal Queen were around one another.
“Thank you, Elain." He said, blushing slightly and not bothering to deny his coupling with Vassa. “Well, I’d better get to it, before Nesta comes back and drags me out of here. I didn't just come to pass on my congratulations, I came to give you something.” He said, pulling a small compass from his pocket and holding it out for her to take.
Elain felt the tears prick at her eyes almost immediately as she recognized it and took it into her shaking hand.
“Your father gave this to me when we started our journey back to Prythian, he asked me to give it to you today-on your wedding day, something old?” He added, slightly confused.
Elain smiled sadly, as she ran her thumb over the cracked glass. Today, the pain of his loss was especially strong, she'd been feeling his absence all day, had spent the last few weeks wishing that he could have met Azriel and the rest of their family. She hoped that wherever he was, that he knew that she was safe, happy and with someone who loved her. “It doesn’t work, hasn’t for ages, I tried to use it once and from then on it would only point North. Papa just kept it for good luck."
Lucien watched her. “Maybe it was never meant to work for him. Y’know you can’t get much farther North than the Night court, or the Illyrian Mountains.”
“That’s a lovely thought, Lucien.” She said softly, tears filling her eyes. “Thank you, for helping him be here in some way today.” She cried, pressing the compass to her heart as she threw her arm around him, hugging him tightly. Lucien hugged her back, not letting go until she did. Another knock at the door brought Rhysand sauntering in, shutting the door behind him.
“Making the bride cry, Luc?” he teased.
“Happy tears, only happy tears.” Elain said, dabbing her tears away. “Is it time?”
“Just about.” He nodded, clapping Lucien on the back in greeting.
“I’d better get back to Vassa.” Lucien said, hugging Elain one last time as she whispered her thanks again before he walked out and headed back to the hall.
Elain smiled up at Rhysand. “How is he?”
“Feeling like the luckiest man alive.” He said, grinning. “He’s not wrong. You’re absolutely stunning.”
Elain blushed, tears in her eyes. “Thank you, but I’m the lucky one.”
“You’re perfect for him, you know, perfect together.” he said, getting choked up.
Elain watched him, she rarely saw him this emotional and she couldn’t help but wrap her arms around him as he choked out. “Thank you for loving him, El, the way he deserves.”
“I promise to take care of him, Rhys, to love him and protect him like you have Feyre. He means everything to me.” She promised.
“I know you will, El, of that, I have no doubt. Now, if I take any longer, Az is gonna gonna come in here to get you himself, but I have one last task to complete before we go, per human tradition and Nesta’s orders. I’m told you require something old-“
Elain nodded, tapping the compass that now dangled from her bouquet.
“Something new?” He watched as she motioned to her dress. “Something borrowed?” Elain showed off the jeweled hairpins that Feyre had let her borrow, a solstice gift from Rhysand. “Something borrowed usually comes from family who are happily married, in hopes that their happiness will transfer over to the new couple.” Elain added.
“Well, I know you and Az will be every bit as happy as Feyre and I are, and that just leaves something blue.” Elain nodded and tapped the blue ribbon wrapped around her bouquet, it was the same ribbon Azriel had tied around the first bouquet of flowers he’d ever given her.
"Shall we then?” Rhysand smiled and offered his hand and she took it, laughing as he lifted his hand to twirl her before tucking her hand into the crook of his arm and giving her a nod. Elain returned it, a dazzling smile already on her face, she was ready and they both headed out.
Azriel took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves as he stood waiting.
“Keep breathing like that and you’ll faint before she gets out here.” Cassian teased, smiling over at him. Azriel chuckled and smiled, Cassian had never seen his brother so happy before and he wished more than anything that he and his brothers would enjoy this kind of happiness for the rest of their long, long lives.
Elain and Rhysand stood just on the other side of the closed doors, Feyre and Nesta adjusting Elain’s veil and flowers until it really was time and they both filed through the open doors as soft orchestral music filled the great hall. Cassian winked at Nesta as she made her way to stand at the opposite side of the altar.
“Our turn, El.” Rhysand said, patting her hand and waiting for her to nod before leading her down the aisle. His smile broadened as he felt Elain’s grip tighten slightly as Azriel came in to view, her smile bright enough to light up the entire room.
Elain couldn’t tear her eyes away from him, he was the most handsome male she had ever seen, a fairytale prince ready for their happily ever after.
Azriel’s breath caught and he stilled as Elain entered the hall, stunned by her ethereal beauty and grace. Rhysand walked arm in arm with her, bringing her closer to him, closer to their future together with each step, her eyes never leaving his.
In the first row of seats, his mother dabbed the tears from her eyes. Mor held back tears of her own, Emerie giving her hand a gentle squeeze. Nuala and Cerridwen held each other's hands, dabbing their tears and reveling in the union of their Spymaster and best friend. Amren watched, nodding to Azriel, her way of saying he’d done well for himself…and not to screw it up. Never before in his life had Azriel ever thought that this kind of happiness would ever be a part of his life, but here he was-again, he realized. He’d been here before, in a dream, a dream that was finally coming true. Every bad thing that had ever happened to him, every bad thing that he’d ever done, felt washed away by this newfound happiness, this blissful existence he had finally found with Elain.
Rhysand and Elain finally reached the end of the aisle, Rhys carefully lifting her veil and kissing her cheek before handing her off to Azriel and joining Cassian at his side, Feyre and Nesta at Elain’s side. The smile that Elain leveled up at Azriel was so full of love it made his heart feel as if it were bursting at the seams. It warmed his heart and made his soul sing, he lowered his head and Elain reached up to brush his tears away, her eyes glossy now too. Azriel turned, pressing a kiss to her palm before Gwyn cleared her throat and began, thrilling at the chance to officiate this unique ceremony for her mentor and her new friend.
“Honored and cherished guests, we are gathered here today on this joyous occasion to celebrate the marriage and union between Azriel and Elain Archeron. A union honoring not only the human traditions of Elain’s former mortal life, but celebrating the loving bond that the mother and cauldron have seen fit to bless them with in her new fae life.
This union is a promise, a vow to love, cherish and honor one another for the rest of their lives. It is a symbol of the love and bond that exists between them, a symbol of how far they have come and a vow to face any new challenges together as one. Now, as is tradition, the Bride and Groom will exchange vows.
Gwyn’s smile glowed as she watched, completely enthralled as Azriel turned to Elain, taking her shaking hand in his, his eyes of warm honey meeting her amber pools as he recited his vows.
“Elain, I pledge to you my everlasting devotion, loyalty and respect. I vow to honor you everyday, to protect you and cherish your dreams as if they were my own. My heart, my soul, my life, all of me is yours and has been from the moment I met you. Thank you for dreaming with me, building a future with me, for choosing me, for loving me.” Azriel’s voice was thick with emotion, Elain squeezed his hand gently, her eyes never leaving his, even as tears rolled down her cheeks.
“I can’t promise that things will always be perfect but I can promise that I will always be there to face any challenge with you, be your light in any darkness, I will always come for you. I will spend eternity loving you and showing you everyday that I hold you higher than the stars. I swear to love you in this life and every lifetime hereafter.
Azriel took a shuddering breath, relief washing over him that he hadn’t stumbled over his words, his charming smile returning as he looked down at Elain as she began to recite her vows.
Elain smiled up at him, love shining in her eyes like he had never seen before as she gently took his hand in her own and recited the vows she had written for him.
“Azriel, You are the most incredible person I have ever known. I am so lucky to be standing beside you today. I vow to protect, honor, respect and cherish you forever. To be your sunshine when darkness falls, your comfort when you feel pain and the kiss that wakes you every day. I promise to grow alongside you to become the people that we’re meant to be together. Thank you for showing me what true love really is, you are the love of my life, my best friend, my everything.” Azriel reached up to gently thumb her tears away before wiping his own. “You are my dream come true, the song in my soul and my light in the darkness. You will forever have my heart, my soul and my hand. If I lived a thousand lives, I would choose you every time. I swear to love you in this life and every lifetime hereafter.
Gwyn dabbed at her eyes, sniffling as she continued. “Azriel, do you take Elain to be your wedded wife, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, forsaking all others as long as you both shall live?”
Azriel nodded. “I do. Let this ring be a symbol of my vows to you, my best friend, my wife, of our unending love.” He slipped the ring onto Elain’s finger, a band of diamonds and sapphires, 7 sapphires to match his 7 siphons. Azriel’s heart felt whole and full as he placed a gentle kiss on her ring.
Gwyn beamed. “Elain, do you take Azriel to be your wedded husband, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, forsaking all others as long as you both shall live?”
Elain nodded, “I do. Let this ring be a symbol of my vows to you, my best friend, my husband, of our unending love.” Elain beamed as she slid the band onto Azriel’s finger, engraved with Illyrian runes for “love” and “eternity”. Elain placed her own kiss over his ring, lacing their fingers together as they turned to face Gwyn.
“May the mother and the cauldron continue to bless your bond, your love, your future and this marriage. May your bonded hearts and twin souls never be parted, and may there be no storm your love cannot weather. With all the power and authority that I possess, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Azriel, you may kiss your Bride.”
At last Azriel cradled Elain’s face in his hands and their lips met, a kiss of unyielding, undying and everlasting love, those golden threads of their bond dancing and winding around them, their souls more bound to one another than ever before. Elain’s heart soared, it was more wonderful than any wedding she could have imagined before, because she was surrounded by family and friends that she loved and she was standing beside her one true soulmate, the man she would happily spend the rest of her life with. Azriel pulled away, kissing her once and twice more before linking his pinky with hers. “Until the end of forever.”
Elain nodded, sealing it with another kiss. “Until the end of forever.”
Swirls of ink seemed curl and flourish under their wedding rings, peeking around the edges and complimenting them perfectly, symbols of their love and their promise to honor and cherish one another until the end of their days and beyond, honoring both their traditions in this unbreakable bargain and bond.
Azriel smiled and led Elain back down the aisle, picking her up and carrying her through their cheering friends and family as the music played again.
"That was lovely..." Gwyn said, watching as she dabbed the tears from her eyes. "but what happens next?" she whispered to Cassian.
Cassian smirked, offering his arm to Nesta. "Now, we revel! Drink and dance!"
"And singing? I heard there might be singing..." Gwyn said, following the pair where they would all dance, drink, sing and celebrate the happiness that they had all finally found.
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hvnlydmn · 2 months ago
hi ains!! can i please request a scenario of the boys’ s/o telling them “did u know you’re the love of my life right now” and the boys’ just go hUH??? w/ atsumu, iwa, kuroo please? thank you!!!
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsurō, bokuto kōtarō, suna rintarō
a/n — lmaoooo pls i love this, hope you enjoy <33
Tumblr media
☾ ATSUMU you sat on the couch smooshed into his side as his cheek rested on your head, watching some random show on the tv. “tsumu, you’re the love of my life right now.” you feel him whine cutely before he places a little kiss against your head, nuzzling into you “yer so cute angel, yer the love of ma— HOLD ON, WHAT THE HELL D’YA MEAN RIGHT NOW?” he shoots forward so you fall flat against the couch lmao “oh shit, sorry baby.” but crouches down to rest his head side ways on the couch next to yours so you can see him pout “a mean, ya deserved that though, am meant ta be the love of yer life forever!” he literally sits on the floor all pouty with a huff until you end up rolling off onto his lap, telling him he’s your forever ig, makes you give him kisses too because he’s a big baby.
☾ IWAIZUMI you were doing the dishes in the kitchen when you heard heavy footsteps behind you, followed by two arms wrapping around your waist and a few kisses against your shoulder. “hi haji.” he hums in reply, resting his chin on your shoulder “you’re the love of my life right now, you know.” you feel him place another kiss against your skin before he freezes, turning his head to frown at you while he pulls away, walking to lean against the counter instead “hey! what do you mean right now?” he looks so grumpy lmao “you’re the love of my life, right now.” you hear him grumble something under his breath about you being annoying before he speaks again “fine, i guess you won’t want cuddles then.” you just flick him with soap for being a baby resulting in him wrestling you until you say it’s forever.
☾ KUROO came home from work with dinner, shooting you a smirk as he walked into the living room to greet you “guess who got your favourite, kitten.” you sit up excitedly as he the couch dips under his weight, tapping his cheek for a kiss “this is why you’re the love of my life right now, tetsu.” his smirk drops so quick and he looks at you with such a disgusted face lmao, pulls the takeout bag into his lap so you can’t get any “right now? that doesn’t sound like forever kitten, you’re hurting my feelings right now.” he’s acting like he’s in physical pain, clutching his heart “unrequited love stings, i guess i’ll have to eat all this food alone to heal me.” hes a dork, you apologise but he’s insufferable and demands attention for the rest of the night.
☾ BOKUTO was nuzzling into your chest as he drifted in and out of sleep, mumbling out an i love you while his arms tightened around your waist “love you too kou, you’re the love of my life right now.” he whines a little, head rising so his chin rests against you, gold eyes a little hazy with sleep and his cheeks a little flushed even though they’re all puffy with the pout on his lips. “baby~ what do you mean right now? cant i be it forever?” you run your hands through his hair, grinning down at him because he looks so cute, your silence causing him to shuffle higher up your body so he’s level with your face “you’re gonna be mine forever, please.” tries to convince you with a few kisses to your cheeks but honestly it works and he lets out a little quiet “hey, hey, hey.” before immediately falling asleep in the crook of your neck.
☾ SUNA sat next to you as he handed you a jelly stick, both of you scrolling through your phones as your head lay on his shoulder. “rin, you’re the love of my life right now.” “thanks. i think you’re annoying.” lmao he doesn’t even hesitate, it’s so quick. you end up being the one looking at him like ??? while he’s just side eyeing you with a jelly stick hanging out his mouth and his hood up like ??? “what? you started it, brat.” you just pout at him, but he literally laughs at you before wrapping an arm around your shoulders, squishing you against his chest “fine rin you’re the love of my life always.” “thats better pretty baby, you’re still annoying.” but gives you a kiss when you huff and tells you that he loves you too “i guess.”
Tumblr media
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soft-pentagon · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2 years with Pentagon!  ☆
It has been 2 years full of happiness, dorkiness and lot’s of laughs… but unfortunately there were times of sadness and anger too. These are all part of the road our boys are taking, even though it’s not their fault. Nevertheless, our 10 warriors are super strong and they’re healing slowly and nothing makes me happier than see them slowly smilling and laughing again. I honestly hope our 10 frogs get reunited again and that only happy times come, because that’s what they deserve, only happiness and love. I’ll be here until the end because Universe is forever. ☆
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mysweetcreaturestories · 2 years ago
The Chambermaid
AN: So like a genius, I forgot to save the original story from my previous account anywhere on my laptop! But I also have incredible memory so I do remember what I originally wrote. It may not be word for word from my original story, I like to think of it as a retelling. So, back by popular demand! I do hope you guys like this! WARNING: Smut to the 10th degree and mentions of suicide, this is not for the faint of heart so I would read with caution.
Tumblr media
London, England 1797
“Linens please.”
A day of a chambermaid was pretty standard. Everyday Y/N would wake up, usually very early, to gather the sheets of the patents. Most people would find working at an insane asylum to be quite morbid, but she saw no trouble in it. She felt she was doing her part in making them well. Most of the patients there were always friendly, saying hello as she walked past.
“Y/N,” she heard another maid call for her causing her to stop her movements. “Are you going to see him today?”
“Well, of course, I always get his linens,” she replied. She knew who the other maid was referring to by her hushed manner of talking.
“You know you might need to be careful, there are already rumors about the two of you,” the other maid pointed out rather matter of fact. “A lady of virtue such as yourself with the likes of a blasphemous pervert...”
“What goes on between me and him is to collect his sheets and nothing more. Yes, sometimes he likes to talk but it goes as far as that,” Y/N cut her off in a rather heated tone. “So I would suggest holding your tongue, or I will inform the Priest what you and the gardener like to do behind his precious rose garden.” She smiled inwardly at the maid’s quick change in demeanor before walking to continue her chores. However, the closer she got to his door the more nervous she became. Maybe today he will spare you, do as he is told without trying to get her into his room.
She slid the opening up and began to call out, “linens please.”
“Linens please,” she called again a little louder this time but with no success. Wonderful, he wanted to play his game.
“I require your linens, Sir,” she spoke with more authority but was still greeted with silence. Frustrated, she knew she had no other choice. Taking the key from her waist she unlocked the door and went inside. His room was much more spacious than the others, it looked more like a grand master bedroom. The reason for this was quite simple, for this particular patient was not just your ordinary lunatic.
His name was Harold Styles, an aristocrat from Manchester with a reputation that was as dark as the soul of the devil himself. Much was not known about him, he grew up in a wealthy family where his mother cared less about him while his father was far too busy teasing the maids(sometimes the stable boy). He was sent to a monastery for being branded a troubled child. His uncle was a monk there, and it was told that was where he found books in erotica. From there he wrote some of his own, having them published to the public. People were simply appalled by them, anything you could think of he wrote about it.
Incest, orgies, anal sex, the use of restraints and whips for sexual pleasure, even blasphemous imagery which landed him in jail countless times for perversion. But being in his position he always got out scott free, that was until his mother in law Kristina laid down the law and demanded him to be sent to an asylum. He was declared a danger to society, and until the Priest saw he had, in fact, changed his perverse ways he was stuck there until the end of time. He didn’t go without, however, his forever devoted wife Kendallin made sure he was comfortable with his things moved to St. Mary’s Shelter of the Insane. Whatever he wanted she would go to get it without question. As for his writings, he still continued to do so. He even had connections from the outside in so his work was still getting out there and published on the streets.
Y/N’s interactions with Harold started small, her collecting his sheets while he just sort of...stared at her through the opening. Then he began talking to her, asking her simple questions as she took his sheets, but it never went further than that. This was the very first time she stepped inside his room, the sheep in the wolf’s den. Slowly, and carefully she walked around. Seeing no trace of him what’s so ever. His writing desk was covered in papers, quills scattered. He had a dining table, a couch, a bottle of wine...he was living here rather comfortably it seemed. Finally, she saw what she was looking for. Gathering the sheets and placed it into her basket...however, her curiosity was getting the better of her.
She looked over at his book collection, fingertips gently brushing the old leather binds. Her eyes stumbled upon a small glass figurine. It looked like two people joined together, but when she pulled them apart it was shown they were joined in a sex act. The male was even anatomically correct making Y/N blush and put them right back where she found them. In fact, she began to notice he had some statues and figurines that were just obscene in nature.
“I see you found my inspirations,” a deep voice jerked her in alarm. She turned right back around, seeing him standing there, leaning against the dresser with a devilish smirk on his face. In the beginning, she only saw his face, his sharp green eyes...full pink lips with a sharp jawline. Long brown hair that waved and curled at the ends. Now, she got to see him in all his glory. A flowy white shirt that he didn’t seem to care was opened, tucked inside his rather tight black trousers that left little to the imagination. She could see markings on him, prison tattoos she figured. He was...beautiful no doubt, but also dangerous, she had to remind herself of that.
“I didn’t mean to snoop Sir,” she stumbled. Feeling her face growing hot from embarrassment.
“Y/N please, I told you to call me Harry. Sir is far too formal in plain conversations.” She could see a glint in his eye, sensing he had a deeper meaning to what he was saying.
“Yes, Harry, well...I must be off,” she announced and started walking toward the door when he stepped right in front of her. Her heart began to panic, she was alone with a man...a man notorious for his sexual appetites. She had never been alone with a man before, let alone someone of a higher class.
“In such a rush petal? I’m wounded, and here I thought we reached the next level in our joining.” His tone was teasing but quickly turned soft, heavy with a secret want as he ever so gently touched her cheek. “Don’t be frightened of me, I could never harm something as delicate and pure as you. Not unless you wanted me to...”
She looked up at him, he was so tall. Strong build for an aristocrat, she just sort of became...lost in his gaze as he continued to speak.
“Since you are here, I actually wish something from you,” he went on. “Sadly one of my connections here, went a little haywire on me and almost blew the chances of my work getting out. I am in need of someone a bit more...discreet when handing my work to my man outside. Then I thought, who better than someone they never would have suspected plus a much better place to hide paper.”
His green eyes looked down at the basket she was holding, that was where she put the two together. He wanted her to sneak his work out.
“But, what if I get caught?” She asked.
“Well, you can simply tell them I seduced you to it and you had a lapse of judgment. The Priest will pity you, pray for you and your virtue will be intact while they do what they will to punish me. Rather simple really,” he had thought this through it seemed.
“So I just...hide the work then send it to your person outside?” She asked to confirm.
“Yes, of course, my man always walks past the gates every Thursday at noon. A quick send off no harm done, what do you say petal? Hm?”
It was wrong, she could have told him she will never get involved in his need to spread public perversions. She could have simply just walked away...but, she was curious. No harm was being done, he was safe in the walls so he couldn’t be that much of a danger to society could he? With a nod she watched his face light up, triumphant and almost childlike. He went to his desk to collect some paper before sitting down at his couch.
“Oh, how you’ve stolen my heart petal. Not to mention a more prominent organ of mine...” she caught on what he was saying, feeling the embarrassment as she felt his eyes scanning over her. “Please, sit.”
“Sir-Harry, I have got to continue my work!” She insisted.
“Just for a little while, it has been so long since I had the proper company of a beautiful woman,” he gently patted the spot next to him. Sighing she gave in, placing the basket down at her feet as she sat.
“Is that it?” She asked referring to the paper.
“Yes, it is, my latest masterpiece. Have you read my work before Y/N?” He asked, she shook her head no but that was a lie. She bought one while she was at the marketplace out of curiosity as to who he really was. “Pity, perhaps if your curious nature gets the best of you, you can read this.”
She reached for the paper but he quickly snatched it back. 
“Oh no,” his teasing tone had returned. “To gain this comes at a price my dear.”
He moved closer, his face nearly inches from her’s. She could feel her heart jumping to her throat at the sudden close encounter.
“A kiss, for each page,” she could practically feel the light brush of his lips against her’s causing her to lean back.
“How many pages are there?” She asked in shock.
“A good 10, 15 maybe,” he replied with a smirk. “One kiss for each page is all I ask petal.”
Y/N felt almost defeated, however, she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. Harold looked at her slightly annoyed but handed her a page. She took it with a smile on her face, another kiss on the cheek earned her another page. But just as she leaned to give a third kiss on the cheek he turned his head to capture her lips. Her eyes bugged out with a squeak of surprise. She never kissed anyone before, she had no experience in it. But it seemed Harold was all too eager to teach her, making her mouth open so his tongue can glide in her mouth. She could feel one of his ringed hands grab the back of her hair that was protected by a scarf. There was simply no getting out of this now.
That earned her three pages.
Allowing him to kiss along her neck granted her four more.
Before she knew it she was pulled to his lap, her back pressed against him. There was one more page left.
“The last page...time to give me what I want most,” he rasped against her neck.
“And what is that,” her breathing labored. One of his arms wrapped around her waist while the other reached to hike up her skirt.
“Your maidenhead,” he replied. His voice seemed to have gotten deeper, full of want. “I’ve have waited so long to take it these past few months. To ravish you as my own. How I spent countless nights, imagining how your skin felt against mine. How you taste on my tongue, so pure. Like the ripest peach in the garden, sticky...wet. The sounds you make, pain mixed with pure primal desire. Your warmth...God your warmth, capturing my cock in its vice. Fucking you so good. I gave my cock a poor beating at the have no idea how hard you make me just watching you walk past my door.”
She could feel something pressed against her bottom, gasping a bit with the realization to what it was. She felt the coldness of his rings as his hand slid up her legs while her skirt went higher.
“Will you give it to me petal? Will you finally take mercy on my suffering and let me have you? Just a touch...let me have just one little touch...” His arm went from her waist to snake up to her breasts, grabbing as much as he could. “You’re turned on, I can tell. I can feel the heat right at my fingertips.” He whispered more into her ear. “Let me just tease you just a little bit...tease that little clit throbbing for me.” Just then the door opened, causing to use all her strength to pull from his grasp while snatching the last page and stuffing it inside the basket.
“Y/N, what are you doing in here?” It was the Priest, of course. The Priest always visited the patients for private prayer. He looked at the expression on her face as she tried to control her breathing. Then back at Harold, sitting there with a smirk on his face. “Are you alright? He didn’t harm you did he?”
“Oh no, not at all!” she insisted. “I was just collecting his sheets.”
The Priest looked at the two of them once more, sighing a bit in frustration. “Off you go then, child.” Y/N nodded, quickly stepping out of the room and back to her chores. Her deal with him still intact, she was able to keep it safe in her chambers until tomorrow when she delivered it at the gate. She couldn’t get what happened off her mind. Feeling so helpless under his power and yet...she had no means to really fight him off. His words, how his lips felt against her. If he were the devil as they say...he was very tempting. She even secretly read the pages of his latest work while everyone went to bed.
Every day he would see her, and every day he would long for her. A man, lost in a desert, and she the oasis with the sweet nectar hidden between her soft legs. Oh, how she teased him, not knowing the beast that was stirring within his heart as well as the engorged organ below. Hearing his hag of a wife go on and on while he secretly watched her refill their glasses. He would see the full roundness of her breasts, just begging to be released. His mouth watering at the thought of wrapping his lips around the pink little nipple.
Y/N could feel the familiar throbbing between her legs, looking to make sure no one was wandering around. She then moved underneath her sheets to lift her nightgown, her hand moving down until she could feel her wet folds.
He finally cornered her, his wife gone on to bed. She did not expect him still awake but oh was he very much awake. Without even a warning he pounced, yanking her into a heated kiss. He wanted to taste every single inch of her, invading her mouth with his devilish tongue. He would claim her that night, he was going to make sure of it. She will finally know the desire he had been harboring for so long. An end to his suffering. He pulled her against the dining room table, ripping her dress apart from behind in a primal need. Her breasts, oh her sweet succulent breasts. They felt so soft in his hands, teasing the nipples with the flick of his fingernails.
She moved a finger between her folds, feeling wetness covering the digit before moving it up to rub her clit in lazy circles. She started to imagine it was Harold doing it to her, roughly pinning her over the table and the sound of tearing cloth filling her ears.
Her perfect, plump little ass displayed to him like a feast. Untouched, begging to be tainted. He gave her a good lashing, a swat of his hand on each little cheek until they burned bright red. Her cries of pain only made him continue more, he wanted to feed off her pain. To know what it felt like to want something so delicious and yet denied every. Single. Time. By now her little ass was as red as an apple, full and juicy enough to sink his teeth into. He spread her cheeks apart, greeted by the pink little rosebud. He didn’t just taste, he devoured her. Lapping his tongue at it, getting it good and wet before wiggling his tongue inside those tight little walls.
Her movements against her clit went faster, her breathing heavy but still trying to keep it quiet.
The moment he slid his hard thick cock inside her he finally felt the euphoria he craved for so long. The thick, sweet nectar from her dripping wet cunt. Her tight velvet walls just clinging to him in such a vice he was certain his cock was going to get ripped off of him. He showed no mercy, pounding into her like a mad man. Harsh grunts echoing the pristine walls. He didn’t even care how loud she was if his wife could hear. He was simply lost in his lust, watching his now slick length in and out of her glorious pussy. The wet gushing sounds of her arousal filling his senses. Reaching his climax he shot his thick load into her womb, filling her up with his seed as deep as he possibly could. Her cunt was his now, her tight little ass, her plump little tits. Every single inch of her was his and his alone to take as many times as he wanted. To fuck her pussy with no mercy until he could rip her in half by his cock.
Y/N turned her head to muffle her moan, feeling her climax rush over her. She never really touched herself like this before...a part of her wanted to rush to the chapel and confess to her sins. And yet...she didn’t want to. She liked what she was reading, imagined Harold actually doing this to her. The next day she woke up and went about her day, but as soon as noon was getting close she snuck the papers toward the gate where a man was lingering at the gates.
“You’re the new help?” The man asked. She could only nod, and rush back before anyone suspected anything.
Y/N continued helping Harold get his work out for a while, putting his work in the sheets to hand to her. Then she switched the baskets with the papers so it could be hidden in her room. Some of the other help caught on to what she was doing, but they were just as curious about his writings as everyone else. Rumors of him still publishing outside the walls caught the Priest’s interest, demanding Harold to give up names. When he didn’t they tried to punish him but failed...since he was rather enjoying the whippings.
One day Y/N was walking to give him a copy of his latest work when she stopped. Seeing a rather important looking woman walking with the Priest to Harold’s chamber.
“Who is that?” She asked the other maid.
“Oh that’s his wife,” the other replied and her heart sank. She had a feeling he had a wife...but did not realize she made house calls. Still, she felt sort of silly thinking Harold meant what he said about her. She watched as the Priest opened the door and the woman stepped in. Once the Priest walked away Y/N walked closer to the door and leaned her ear towards it.
“I went to town the other day, to do what you asked me to do,” she overheard the wife speak. “I could hear them...the whispers, the snickering. I had to watch people see me go to the woodsmith to request...those devices.”
“Dildos dear, they’re called dildos,” Harold’s bored voice came soon after.
“You did that on purpose to embarrass me. It is bad enough I have to endure the public’s view of me being married to you and what do you even do with them anyway?”
“Well, you can easily ask your hyena of a mother do it since she is the reason I am here in the first place.”
“You did that to yourself Harold, you have gotten out of control! My mother did what was right.”
“Your mother is nothing more than rotting cow feces, who loves nothing more then to see me waste away here,” Harold replied as if unphased. There was a silence, then Y/N heard the wife speak again.
“We used to be so happy, we would spend every waking moment together...just basking in each other. What happened to make you so cold towards me? Is it because you find me a prude? I can learn...I was learning before, wasn’t I? Please, my darling...I’ll learn to be better.”
Y/N didn’t hear his reply, she walked off with tears threatening to leave her eyes. She felt like such a fool, here she was doing his bidding and ended up having feelings towards him. He made her think he wanted her so much and yet...It was foolish to even think, he was in there for being a sexual deviant. Not to mention even if he was there, he was still of the higher class and married. She was nothing more than a means of sexual release. Something to taint. After that, she went to the chapel to pray, hoping that God would forgive her for straying away. As far as she was concerned she was done with him. If he wanted to spread his perversions he would have to find someone else.
“Y/N!” She heard someone calling her, turning to see a familiar face coming towards her. His name was Michael, he was at the asylum to help with some construction. They struck up some conversation and she liked him, he was handsome...kind. He had mentioned he wanted to court her sometime soon but had yet to give him an answer.
“Oh hello Michael,” she smiled at him.
“So sorry to bother you during your chores. But I wanted to give you this,” from behind his back he presented a flower. “I saw these in the garden, I had to ask to take it reminded me of you and I thought you could have it to remember me by.”
“Oh, Michael it’s beautiful! Thank you,” she smiled. Gently putting the flower in her hair. “I’ll wear it to add some color.”
“So I was hoping, maybe...if you are free of course...that I can take you to town later? I mean...if you want to, I don’t want to step on any boundaries,” Michael stumbled. Y/N just smiled and gave a nod.
“I’ll think on it okay?” She gently replied, getting a bright smile in reply.
“Well, I won’t keep you...I hope you have a lovely day Y/N,” Michael leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. She could feel her cheeks heating up, but she smiled at him shyly and walked off. Michael was more of a suitable match for her, he would provide and raise a good family. That was what was right. She had given her previous chore to another maid and avoided Harold all together. Unfortunately, that maid was pulled to do another chore, and she was stuck picking up the sheets once more.
“Linens please,” she called through the opening of Harold’s chamber. Only to be met in silence like before.
“Linens please,” her voice now louder and sharp. Again, there was no reply.
“Sir I need your linens now,” she began to sound frustrated. Suddenly Harold’s eyes came into view of the opening causing Y/N to jump. They were different then she remembered. They were much harsher...wild.
“Finally come to grace me in your presence?” He asked in a sharp tone, she could feel a lump forming in her throat to swallow. For the first time, she was truly frightened of him...and grateful for the door.
“I-I need your-”
“Yes, yes, I know you need my linens. But if you want them you are going to have to come in and get them,” with that he shut the opening. Now she was in a panic; if she went in there who knows what he had planned. He seemed...angry with her. Probably for not continuing to transfer his work to the outside. She could easily just inform a guard he was being difficult. But she didn’t, instead, she unlocked the door and went inside. He was at his dining table, pouring the wine into a goblet before downing it in one gulp.
“You have been avoiding me,” he began. He looked at the goblet as if thinking of refilling it. Instead, he threw it down making Y/N jump slightly. “I had to hear the shrieks of some hag demanding for my linens. Ugly to boot. It was as if you magically disappeared, and then! Then I happen to look out at the only window I have to watch that not only did you not disappear. But you are outside flirting with some common boy. I hoped that maybe, just maybe I was simply imagining it. That being in this hell hole finally started in me going mad but no. I see you only through a window, day after god damn day. Never at my door, never to retrieve my sheets. And shamelessly fawning over some peasant!” Y/N stood there in silence, she honestly had no idea what to say. 
“His name is Michael,” that was all she could muster out.
“Oh do forgive me, Michael. Yes, I saw him give you that pathetic little weed,” he went on, pointing at the flower in her hair. “Tell me, did you give it up to him? Did his stupid boyish charm and simpleton sensibilities charm you enough to open your legs to him?”
“How dare you!” She shrieked out, finally losing it. “I have you know unlike you Michael has never invaded my personal space or cause me to give up my virtue. He is a good man, with stability! He can make a good husband while you will still be here to rot!”
Harold stood in silence, Y/N took a deep breath to collect herself from her outburst.
“Is that what you want? Stability? Being married to a boring boy, having boring sex, and bare boring children? To live a boring life because it’s stability?” He laughed, running his fingers through his long hair. “You may have fooled him love, but you don’t fool me."
“I’d rather be a boring wife then be made a crazy aristocrat’s whore,” she replied with venom in her voice. She watched as his face dropped, the mask he carried cracking. She broke the spell he had on her, this was the final time. “I will no longer carry your work out for you. I will no longer come to your room. And if I come to collect sheets I expect you to give them to me. No more games, no more tricks. You hold nothing on me anymore. Accept it, turn your life to God and change your devious ways. You need to be with your wife living a rich life...not here. Goodbye Harold.” With that she turned and walked out the door, locking it and turned down the hall. 
"Y/N! Y/N get back here!” He called from the opening but she chose to ignore him. “Y/N you get back here right now!” She could hear him scream and call out her name and yet she continued to walk. This was the right thing to do, things were better this way. Lines had to be drawn here. Later that night she woke up to the sound of people running toward something. Mumbles of panic caused her to get up and follow what was going on. Everyone was rushing to Harold’s chamber, what the hell was going on?
“Out of the way, out of the way!” the Priest called, fighting through the crowd as he went in. “Oh no, we need a nurse! Now!”
Y/N’s heart began to race, what was happening. She watched in the crowd as the nursing nuns came rushing in the room. Pushing through the crowd she finally made it through...but what she saw almost made her sick. Harold was on the floor, his wrists cut with a broken piece of mirror laying beside him.
“Come on Harold, stay with us...stay with us! We need him in the hospital wing immediately,” she heard the Priest tell the nursing nuns. Everyone that was hovering over him lifted him up and carried him out. “Move out of the way!”
“Can you believe it, tried to kill himself,” Y/N heard the whispering.
“Will he make it?”
“I hope he bled out, monster.”
Y/N couldn’t sleep, she sat on the edge of her bed with tears streaming down her face. As sick as it was...a part of her was relieved and yet she felt so heartbroken.
“Y/N,” the voice of the Priest jolted her out of it. Looking up at him as he was still covered in Harold’s blood. “He is going to make it, thank the Lord he used the mirror in the wrong direction. He is currently resting.”
That was good news, she expected. But why was he telling her this? As if he read her mind she handed him a piece of paper, stained in blood and wet droplets that smudged some of the letters, but it was still eligible to read.
To Whom It May Concern, It seems that my rotten life on this earth has met its end.  I have lost the one pure thing that could heal my bastard soul, and now I find my existence to be useless.
"After we stitched his wounds he came to,” the Priest spoke. “He called out your you have any idea as to why?”
Y/N shook her head, but she saw the look on his face. He knew she was not fully telling him the truth.
“My must understand, I am put in a rather delicate situation. Before I left he called to me, making a request. He...he told me he wanted you to become his personal maid, or he will attempt again and this time correctly. I do not like it, not one bit. Putting a girl like you in the hands of the likes of him but...if he dies unnaturally in my care I will lose the asylum. I...I can’t allow that to happen, these people will be without guidance must understand.”
Y/N understood completely, she was being made as a sacrifice so Harold would live and not lose the asylum’s funding. Just when she thought she could escape, he found a way to pull her back in.
Under the new arrangements, to feed into his needs, Y/N was moved from the sleeping chambers with the other maids into Harold’s chamber. She had to share his bed, sit with him as he washed to make sure he didn’t do anything drastic. When the foods he requested from his wife came, she had to sit with him. Only eating either a piece of bread or some grapes. She still did his sheets, but it was his sheets alone. When Michael walked by to see her she told him she was busy. She became a prisoner, trapped in Harold’s gaze.
One particular evening Harold was sitting in the tub as she sat at the end reading a book. The silence was defining, to say the least, but that was what she had to do as she waited for him to be done.
“How long are you planning to ignore me petal?” Harold finally broke the silence. “My mother used to ignore my cries when I was a small boy so we can do this until the sun burns out.” She continued to ignore him, silence falling over them again.
“You’re angry with me, I know. I was never good with handling rejection,” with that she closed her book and placed it on her lap.
“You attempted suicide so I can be under your thumb,” she pointed out.
“No, to gain back your attention,” he argued.
“I’m curious as to why you seek my attention so much? You have a wife fulfilling your beck and call, you have had countless affairs. I just don’t understand the appeal of me. Is it because I am a virgin? Am I some sort of challenge that once you have me you will dispose of me?”
“You think that low of me petal?” She couldn’t describe it, he sounded hurt in his question. Actually hurt, not pretending to be hurt. She huffed, returning back to her book. “Marriages in my world are practicality rather than personally. Her family needed to merge with the wealthiest family and my family was in fact so. My family wanted to ensure I keep their reputation intact. She tried, I will give that to her, but she could never fully accept my appetites. Fridgit, boring...I despise boring. As for the mistresses I had they were perfectly fine taking my money until I showed them the true side of me. The dark, rotten to the core side that people shy away from or tread carefully with gloves on. I have seen how ugly the world is first hand and yet I am the monster. The devil, trapped in the walls of concrete and seeing the sun through bars or glass. Then you came to my door.”
She lowered her book, turning her head to look at him. “Sweet, innocent you. You reminded me not all things are ugly, you reminded me of freedom. You can be with anyone you want, good...proper. But you also have a darkness to you too. Anyone would have not talked to me the way you do, you are curious about it all. What it feels like to know true, primal, unrestrained pleasure beyond your wildest imagination. I smelt it on you, I could see it in your eyes. We’re the same you and I.”
“No, we’re not,” she whispered getting a laugh from him.
“No? You never thought what it would be like if I had you bent over and fucked you without a hint of mercy? You never touched yourself as you read my writings pretending it was me teasing your little pussy? You want to be fucked, and fucked properly. Not lay there while dear sweet Michael just gets his rocks off oh no. You want to be fucked, sucked, licked, whipped. You want to give yourself completely over and bask in what sex is really all about. To discover the truth that it is not about procreation, but the merging of souls. You want it so badly, but you’re afraid. Because of your god, what you were told needs to happen. So you try to shut me out and go what you were told but it’s not that simple my pet. You belong to me, just as I belong to you. No walls, no titles. They mean nothing when it comes to carnal pleasure.”
She wanted to believe him, deep down in her heart she wanted badly. But he would just say anything to get her to talk to him again. He wasn’t genuine, he never was. Y/N turned away, looking at the pages of her book but no longer read them. This time she was just avoiding his gaze. She could hear the splashing of water, feeling movement beside her of him getting out of the tub and walking in front of her.
“Look at me,” he demanded but she didn’t. Her eyes glued to the page, trying to look like she was calm...collected.
“I said, look. At. Me,” he spoke once more. A lump in her throat, she swallowed. Her eyes painfully moving from the pages to looking up his naked body. Skin scattered in tattoos, droplets of water running down his god-like body. Then her eyes deceived her, glancing down and caught sight of...oh God. Her eyes jerked back up, watching the determined look on his face. His green eyes sharp, bright, pinning her in place without even touching her.
“I was dammed the day I was born Y/N, I have never known to love for I was never shown, love. I do, however, know possession. The need to keep something as yours and destroy anything that would keep you away from it. That is what I feel for you, I want to own you...mind, body, and soul. I do not want to share you with anyone. But also know, that the same applies for you to me. I was serious about you stealing my heart petal. You have it in your hands, you have my cock in your clutches. I am your master and your slave...and I assure you that no one will take me away from you. Not even Satan himself.”
It was nowhere near romantic in any sense of the word. But she knew he was telling the truth. She couldn’t speak, all she could do was look at him. She watched as he moved closer to her.
“Touch me,” he gently commanded. Snapping out of it just a little she shook her head but he pressed. “Touch me petal, feel what I say is true.”
Her eyes moved down, looking at his length fully for the very first time. It scared her, seeing just how big he was. She could feel his hand touching her wrist. Guiding her towards where he wanted her to touch. On instinct, she wrapped her hand around it, feeling its heat as she heard a sigh escape his lips. It felt so soft, yet stirring into hardness. Just watching it come to life right in front of her, always feeling it against her but actually seeing it. She never felt more turned on in her life.
“Do you feel that?” His voice got deep, heavy with lust as she felt his hand trying to remove the scarf on her head. “Feel what you do to me? No one has ever made me this hard, not one soul. You truly idea the hold you have over me. How I spent days and nights longing to feel you, then I finally get a taste...only for it to be snatched away from’s torture.”
Her scarf was thrown to the floor, she could feel his fingers running through her hair ever so gently. She didn’t know what else to do, she just kept holding his cock and watching it stir awake. The tip poking just slightly out of the foreskin, pink...just like his lips.
“Move your hand darling,” he whispered. His hand moving back to her’s, guiding her just how he wanted it. She glided her hand from the tip, back down the shaft. Seeing the head fully out, clear liquid glossing over the slit. “Just like that darling.”
He released her hand, making her do it on her own. His breathing heavy, deep octive sounds escaping from his pouted lips. He continued his words of encouragement, massaging the back of her head. Her eyes looking up she watched him, she had never seen him like this. His eyes closed, brows frowning in from the pleasure. He looked so beautiful in that more, vulnerable... at that moment she was his and he was her’s. Looking back at his hard member, she starting feeling this need to...taste him.
“Put me in your mouth darling,” he spoke as if he read her mind. “I want to see your lips wrapped around me.”
Slowly, and carefully she moved him inside her mouth. When she felt him hit the back of her throat her reflex to gag kicked in. She pulled back, her eyes watered from the reflex...did she do it wrong? Harold just smiled, a warm...gentle smile. Both hands behind her head.
“Don’t worry love, just relax your throat,” he instructed. This time he slid himself in her mouth, trying to relax her throat like he told her to do. “That’s it...oh that’s it, my love. Relax for me...oh fuck.”
One of his hands gripped a handful of her hair, his hips bucking as he guided her to move her head. She tasted the liquid that was over the slit, a salty yet erotic taste. She was getting a hang to what he wanted to do, her hands resting on each side of his waist to keep balance. His pants and grunts only drove her on, she could feel herself throbbing with want. She wanted to touch herself so, so badly.
“That’s it...suck it. Uh...yeah, suck it, darling. Oh my God...your mouth feels so warm...” he spoke with a heavy voice. “I’m gonna you want that petal? Do you want me to cum in your pretty little mouth? Look at me.”
Her eyes lifted up, meeting wild green eyes. “I want to see your eyes when I cum in your mouth...” he smirked down at her, she could feel his cock twitch in her mouth...he must have been getting close.
“I’m almost...ah fuck...I’m almost there...” his grip on her hair getting tighter. She watched as he briefly closed his eyes. His face twisting with gritted teeth until he gasped out in a moan. Hot, thick ropes shot in her mouth. A sound of shock muffled from her. Still, she kept looking at him as she came to a stop. His eyes opened again to look at her. He looked spent, yet relieved, smiling down at her with deep dimples forming in his cheeks.
“Fantasy always pales in comparison to reality,” he sighed. Moving his now limp cock out of her mouth, glistening from her spit while she gently touched her lips. with her fingertips. And yet, he looked to not be done with her. Pulling her from the chair her lifted her into his arms and carried her toward the bed.
“I’m going to take my time with you,” he laid her on the warm velvet sheets. “You are going to feel, and know just how badly I’ve wanted you. And when I’m done? You will not have the ability to walk for days, that I promise you.”
She knew he meant it, he had that look in his a cat cornering a mouse. He even crawled over her body, his long hair brushing both sides of her face.
“You will know pain, but pain is not to be feared...but celebrated. Pleasure and pain...they go hand in hand. The ripping of your will be temporary to the hights you will know.”
He moved back, straddling her hips as he reached between her dress and ripped it open. She gasped, feeling the cool London air hit her naked chest. Her nipples pebbling into hard nubs. He smirked down, proud at what he had done.
“I’ll require you a new outfit,” he assured her. “I’m going to give you the finest dresses in all of England. Easier access to what is rightfully mine.” The ripping sound continued, finally exposing her fully in front of him. He stopped, looking to admire her. The pupils of his eyes darkening as they scanned over her.
“Far better then I could have ever imagined,” he breathed out. His tongue poking out to lick his lips as his lingering stare was at a particular part of her body. Y/N blushed, moving to try and cover herself when he pounced. Slamming her wrists on either side of her head with a hard look on his face.
“Never, hide your body away from me,” he spoke in a threatening tone. Her eyes grow wide but she nodded in reply. “I finally get to see you, after imaging what it would be. I am going to know your body, every...little inch of it.”
His lips brushed against her’s, gently brushing the tip of his tongue between them. “And you will know feel so good petal, so soft.” His hands brushed from her throat down to her breast. She gasps against his lips, feeling the pad of his thumb brushing over her nipple. She also could feel the familiar brushing of his hardening cock against her thigh.
“You’ve always been so responsive to me, you have no idea how that riles me up,” he whispered before moving her lips in a slow and sensual kiss. His tongue gliding in her mouth to touch her’s making him moan in response. “Did you like it? My cock in your mouth,” he talked in between heated slow kisses. Teasing her nipple more as he rolled it between his thumb and index finger.
“Yes...” she finally spoke. He smirked in reply, making the kiss grow deeper. She learned to move her tongue against his, which rewarded her with a deep moan from him a thrust of his hips. Not penetrating her just not yet.
“I am going to ruin you,” he breathed out, moving his head down to replace his fingers with his tongue. She arched against his hard body in response. Hearing him hum while his full lips wrapped around her nipple in a painfully slow suck. Every now and then he would let go, flicking it with the tip of his tongue while his hand rubbed on the other neglected breast. He soon gave the other the same treatment with his sinful lips, by this point Y/N felt close to climax...and he has yet to be inside her. She watched as the longed haired head moved lower, lips kissing every inch of her skin until he made it to where he was so desperately wanted to go.
“Open for me,” he placed his hands along her inner thighs. Grunting out at the sight of her. Her instinct was to shut her legs, but she knew he would make her regret it. He had a hungry look to him, his lips seemed much fuller this time. Pinker than before. He didn’t say a word, using his two fingers to open up her folds. A gasp escaped her, putting a finger between her teeth to muffle the sound. She could feel her clit twitch, the small wet sound of him teasing her opening. With a growl he dove right in, his warm tongue rubbing against the bundle of nerves making her speak out. He didn’t stop, he had no intentions to stop. Long, agonizing laps of his tongue from the folds to the clit. Humming against her in a satisfying noise while she was practically shaking from the sensation. She knew she wasn’t going to last long with the way he was teasing her. Just then she felt a thick digit sliding inside her causing her to almost jump in shock. 
“My God you’re tight,” he grunted. She felt him wiggle his finger inside her, making her cry out. “You’re so sensitive too...practically dripping for me. Do I do that to you petal?” He looked up at her as he kissed along her inner thigh, his finger move in and out of her. She didn’t even realize just how sensitive she was, cumming on his finger while she sobbed out a moan. That seemed to only fuel Harold up more, a huge smile creeping on his face as he pulls his finger out and gave it a suck while still looking at her.
“If you react that way just on my finger, I do believe my cock will cause you to squirt,” he chuckled. It was as if he was enjoying her frazzled state, getting some sort of sick pleasure out of it. He gave one of her thighs a small smack making her squeak. His smirk still remaining while he moved back up to face her while settling between her legs. Instantly the feeling changed, Y/N knew that the time had finally come. Even if Harold did everything almost imagable to her...she was still frightened of what was to come.
She looked up at him, feeling his arm moving her leg over his hip. He didn’t even warn her, feeling the much larger length slowly sliding its way inside. She felt like something was ripping inside her, tears streaming from her eyes with a cry of pain.
“Just breathe petal,” he gently spoke to her. “I know...oh darling I know,” he leaned to gently kiss her tears. He didn’t move any further than that, he stayed perfectly still watching her. Her breathing was harsh, with traces of pain in her voice.
“It’s only temporary my love,” he told her once more. A thrust and her hands clenched against his back. Each thrust made the pain less severe. Y/N felt her body began to relax again, taking a deep breath. “There you took it so well...” his praise made her feel better. He was right, the pain was while horrible very temporary. He was still slow and careful, closing his eyes with a grunt leaving his lips.
His movements began to pick up the pace, now an easy rhythm. Heavy breathing from both of them echoed in the room. Harold moved up, tucking her knees over his arms. She could see the sweat glistening on his muscular chest, his face lost in the feeling but still so concentrated on what he was doing. His long curls now unruly, pieces of it sticking to his face. The sounds of their bodies slapping together became much harsher as he went harder in his movements. Her body jerking from the impact but she held on by the beautifully crafted headboard. 
She noticed a slight skip into his rhythm, a noise of near defeat from him. Moving one of his hands to where they were connected he rubbed on her clit with such speed she almost saw stars. Her moans becoming more frantic as he was becoming more animalistic.
“Cum for me...fuck...cum for me,” he gritted his teeth. The frantic rubbing against her clit, the hard movements and his cock making her feel so full. She wasn’t going to last much longer. “Come on love...I want to feel you cum on me...” She could feel it, rising higher and higher. Building until finally, the floodgates opened. She cried out in ecstasy, quickly followed by his deep growl as he unloaded inside of her. His now sloppy movements came to a stop, hard labored breathing mixed with sounds of long-awaited buildup. Finally...after agonizing months...they both finally reached their release. She felt him slide his cock out of her, the warm gushing feeling of what she assumed was his seed leaking out of her.
She looked up at the ceiling, trying to control her breathing again while he laid right beside her burying his face into the crook of her neck.
“You, petal, are a god damn goddess,” he laughed. Sighing in relief and pure bliss while continuing to almost lay on top of her. “A pure goddess...”
She had to laugh about that herself, she never felt like such. She never felt like anything really, until this moment. Their sweaty bodies sticking together, making them seem almost like one entity. Their breathing slowly getting back to normal and yet neither one of them could move. She felt his lips gently kissing along her shoulder and neck, pulling her to him as much as his strength could make him.
“You’re finally mine,” she could hear him say. And this time she didn’t argue, she didn’t avoid it. It was true, she was his. She was his the moment they laid eyes on each other. They could easily burn in hell for this but at this point? As long as she could feel that level of pleasure...what would even be the point to go to Heaven?
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jeoncooky · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
As the year comes to an end I wanted to continue my little tradition of thanking my favorite bloggers and remembering the year through a follow forever, so here it comes 👀 Or at least it was supposed to be a simple follow forever, but it became a huge thank-you/appreciation post to Bangtan but. Oh well. It’s been about two months since I remade this blog and over the holidays I reached a significant milestone (well, at least for me), which I’m honestly still very surprised about, so I wanted to share my feelings a little bit.
2017 was in no way an easy year, though it was an important one. I finished at my first “real” job, started in a university, moved to another city - and was lucky enough to see Bangtan live in front of my very own eyes for the first time. So if I’ll remember something of this year in the future, it will be those. Or at least, I hope it will be those. 
I’ve struggled a lot during this year with my dog passing away, losing my friends and trying to cope with stress, sadness and anxiety. This blog (and the one preceding this) has been an escape, or at least it was supposed to be one. I’m not so happy to say that my struggles are quite visible in here still but.. it’s an escape of a sort. 
If nothing else, I’m glad to share this place with you all. I’m glad to share my love for Bangtan with you all. Because honestly? I’m not sure where I would be without them. In my darkest days they make me laugh, in my saddest hours they make me smile, in the most painful moments they make it hurt less. 
To my sweet loving Namjoon: thank you for being the thoughtful, wise, beautiful human being that you are. I really look up to you. I wish I could see the world the way you do: your mind is beautiful. You give me strength to go on. Thank you.
To my smiling big brother Seokjin: your dad jokes and heart events always make my day, even when I’m down. I can’t quite decide whether I love or hate them (mostly love... but some part of me looks at your puns and goes “dude. really”. but each time my heart grows fonder of you so, I guess it doesn’t matter). Thank you for blessing my days with your beautiful voice as well. 
To my soul buddy Yoongi: that’s what I’ve called you for a long time now, haven’t I? I feel like we get each other, you know? You’re like a long lost brother, someone who shares my soul and understands me. You’ll never know how much you mean to me and how much you have helped me, but one day I want to thank you properly. You deserve the world.
To my hardworking sunshine Hoseok: I’ve said for quite a long time that if I got to choose to get to know one of the guys as a friend, it would be you. I thought for a long time that you shine too brightly for my dark heart but your caring heart pulls me closer to you, makes me love you more each passing day. You have the energy that I don’t have. You have the bright smile that I don’t have. You dance, I trip because of my own limbs by just standing still. I thought we were the total opposites but, perhaps we just complement each other really well. I love the happy you, but I love the serious you even more.
To my sweet angel Jimin: how does someone as sweet as you even exist. I feel like my family would really like you: you’d get along well with my mom, I think. If we don’t count the language barrier but hey, let’s not. You’re free to visit anytime, ok? I’m sorry I call you small, I just can’t help it. Every time I see you I want to hug you. I hope one day you’ll love yourself as much as I love you. When I was a child I had this painting of a guardian angel on the wall above my bed. I don’t know if I have an actual guardian angel, but I’d like to think you do their job very well already. 
To my adorable friend Taehyung: It’s still your birthday in my country so, happy birthday! Let’s go play with Yeontan together and game until it’s early morning, shall we? I’d call you my little brother but you’re older than me so maybe I shouldn’t. I want to see your happy smile every day I’m alive. 
To my matured bunny Jungkook: ahh, we’re the same age but you’ve achieved so much already, I feel so young and useless when I think of you. I’ve got 6 months on you though so let’s establish that before anything else ok. My shy little bunny, sometimes I relate to you a lot. I’m glad to have another introverted role model, there can never be too many. I adore you so much it shouldn’t even be possible. You’re like one of my siblings tbh, you’re welcome to join our (very not social) gaming sessions anytime. You were my first bias and that love from years ago will never go away. My sister’s boyfriend says you’re the most handsome in Bangtan, I don’t know if I could ever make that decision but then again my fave tag is full of pictures of you... 
Oops, that part of the post became a bit too long. Anyway, I want to thank each and every one of you who made the decision to like my posts, reblog my gifs, send messages to me or just visit my blog. I want to thank all of my mutuals for being the lovely people that they are. Each and every time I got a notification of gaining a new mutual I could not believe my eyes, and quite honestly I still can’t. I’ve looked up to many of you for a long time already, so seeing you following me never fails to surprise me. I want to thank the bloggers that I follow for creating amazing content and keeping my dash active (you can’t believe how many boring uni lectures I’ve spent scrolling through my dash appreciating your posts). And lastly, to my sweet followers, whether we follow each other or not: thank you for being so sweet and loving. Each time one of you leaves a message in my inbox or adds cute tags to my gifs you add a smile to my face. So, thank you. 
And then we can finally move on to that part that this post was actually supposed to be about: listing lovely people. (Mutuals in bolded).
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