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I wish I grew up in a decent family, it would of made the world of difference πŸ˜“

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Well here it is. A fic I wrote when I was 13 years old while I was in school, pretending to learn. It’s Jak/Torn, cliche AF and has the Erol-did-things-to-me trope, extremely OOC. BTW I just turned 30 a few months ago so this fic is…*counts* 17 years old.

Fixed spelling issues. No change to grammar or anything else.


Feel free to poke fun at it in a comment if you’d like.

No title featuring showercurtain!Jak. Slight AU.

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I’m a naturally optimistic person. I tend to think things will work out for the better.

I want this lockdown restriction easing to work. I need it to work. I am cautiously, cautiously optimistic about it.

I’m also more than a little worried that it’s too early, it’s going to go wrong (again) and we’re going to end up locked up (again).

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I’m thinking about applying to a zine as a writer but I don’t think they would select me and just the thought of rejection is devastating

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Mo_onbyul 210222 Instagram Update


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Vandaag kuisdag 😫 Maar toch nog even gewandeld met men Mylotje. πŸ₯°

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Sorry, folks, pause in the schedule.

Like I said on main, I’m in hour twelve of computer repair. We’ll get back once things aren’t as nightmarish.

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i will not start a new story before updating my old fics. i WILL NOT start a new story before updating my old fics. I WILL NOT START A NEW STORY BEFORE UPDATING MY OLD FICS.


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i want to play detriot but my ps4 is at my bf’s :’(

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