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*rises from the grave with a groan* I am…alive??? for ilovetaigakun over on twitter

“Absolutely not!”

Kuroko, aside from the small wrinkle between his eyebrows, looked mostly unaffected by Kagami’s outburst. 

But since this was Kuroko it meant that he was strongly affected. Probably. 

“Kagami-kun is dodging responsibility. That is very disappointing.” 

“I am not?” Kagami protested. “That’s your dog not mine.” He pointed out. 

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Me: So, I ship those two, but also them with those characters, but them also with them, and there is also-

Random Person: Okay… Wait, so which one of those ships is your OTP then?

Me, a Multishipper: Yes.

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Here’s to feeding my obsession for my ships by purchasing doujinshi!


Starting off my collection, from left to right: Canon of Lies part 1 by Bubunhanten/ Rai Kazuki  (Tobio Kageyama x Shoyo Hinata), Love at Age 30 by Natsuki Kizu/ Gusari (Taiga Kagami x Tetsuya Kuroko/ slight Daiki Aomine x Tetsuya Kuroko), Seinen H Seinen K by mow/ Kaji (Hideyoshi Nagachika x Ken Kaneki) (rated 18+), and JK by Nekomachi-san/ Osasimi (Hideyoshi Nagachika x Ken Kaneki) (rated 18+).

This is my first time ever having a physical copy of doujinshi.  I can’t read any Japanese, but that’s OK!  I’ve read scanlations of the first three before and loved them.  They’re still nice to look at and make my own interpretations.  I’ll learn eventually…  Also, these are second-hand, but they look so pristine, that you can’t even tell!  I must do the same and take care of them. 

I bought them from a website called Otaku Republic.  It was a pretty pricey order (about $85 USD), but shipping is free if your orders are over $50 USD.  Even if it’s under $50 USD, it’s still free but an extra $10 USD if you choose priority shipping instead of standard.  They packed my order so nicely and even gave me a gift for being a first-time customer! 


I wonder how they know…

I may buy from them again because there are other doujinshi that I’d like to get.  They’re really hard to come by, so it’s nice to find a place that has quite a collection of them.  There is another site called Mandrake that also sells second-hand doujinshi (among other things), so I may look into them as well.

Hopefully my doujinshi collection won’t become as big as my manga collection. 

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Here it is!
The full version of my piece for the Kuroko no Basket 10th anniversary zine called “After Game Reunion of Light and Shadow”!
I feel like I’m late to the party by revealing it just now I was travelling abroad and the internet just wouldn’t let me post it haha

Anyway! I hope you like/d it! I surely am happy with it! (Also a fun and nice look into my art style from a few months ago, I hope at least that I’ve improved since then~)
I was excited after receiving the zine and seeing it inside (it sure was an amazing birthday present!) it was my first time participating in an event like that, of which I hope more will come along in the future!

Please check out the zine! It is really beautiful and well-made, and all contributors put in so much work in their pieces, as well as the team behind @knb10thannizine with the zine itself!

One can truly feel the meraki put inside it ♡

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A comic between Aomine Sora and kagami hikaru

these kids don’t really have a story or anything apologies;w;/

but big bro tooru is not as invisible as tetsu or hikaru, and he’s pretty popular with kids (how and why, that’s unknown) and he himself is weak to them

meanwhile sora is the baby of the group

and hikaru holds monopoly of her big brother gets annoyed whenhis attention is taken from her by some other kid

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this one has been sitting with me for a few years now: noir au with kagami as the detective and kuroko as his mysterious client? thank you!

Kagami knew the man was trouble as soon as he walked in. Or at least, once he realized the man had walked in.

“When did you come in?!” he demanded, once he noticed the mysterious stranger in his office. His hand twitched towards his gun, on principle, but he quickly realized this was most likely a prospective client and therefore should not be shot.

“About two minutes ago,” the mysterious stranger said, in overly polite tones. 

“How’d you get past Koganei?“ 

"Do you mean the man sleeping at the desk in front of your office?”

Kagami scowled. Koganei was a useless receptionist. Trying to recover from this, he switched tactics. “Who are you?”

“My name is Kuroko Testuya. And I am in dire need of assistance and have nowhere else to go.”

It was a fairly standard line– as a private detective, Kagami had heard it a lot, usually from some dame who suspected her man was cheating on her. The announcement typically came with tears and vapors, so the man’s flat, emotionless delivery, caught Kagami’s attention.

The man was good-looking, but unusual. In this city, people were either sharks or fish, and Kagami Taiga usually had a pretty good sense for whether people were one or the other. But he couldn’t get a read on this Kuroko Tetsuya, who didn’t really seem tough but for some reason didn’t register as weak either. That was when Kagami thought, he’s trouble, and he should have sent him packing at that point. 

But instead, he said, “What’s your trouble?”

“A family heirloom of mine has gone missing,” Kuroko replied easily. “It is priceless, and very important to me.”

“Call the police,” Kagami said, unsympathetic.

“The police cannot help me. I know who stole it. Or rather, there are five suspects, and it must have been one of those five, but I don’t know which one.”

Kagami was on edge, then. A vague premonition of disaster. “Yeah? Who are the five?”

“The Generation of Miracles.”

Definitely trouble, Kagami thought. Whatever this was about, it wasn’t just a stolen family heirloom. People don’t get their heirlooms stolen and know for a fact it had to be one of the five crime bosses in the city. Not ordinary people, anyway. 

“No wonder the police won’t help you,” Kagami said.

“As I said. I had nowhere else to go.”

Kuroko looked at him like a challenge. Like he was saying, You want to take them on. You could take them on.

Kagami’s old partner, Himuro, he would have said said, “Don’t be stupid.” But Himuro wasn’t around anymore, and Kagami had been itching to go after the Miracles.

“Alright,” Kagami said. “We’ll talk fees.”

A/N: Sorry for long this has taken, friend!!!! I LOVED this prompt, I just wanted to do right by it. Since getting this prompt, I have read all five Dashiell Hammett novels =P Hope you enjoyed!!

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Idk what Kagakuro is but that + noir AU

“I know, I know,” Kagami says into the phone. “But listen. This guy… He’s impossible to get a tail on. If ever I needed The Shadow, it’s now.” 

“I’m out of the game,” Kuroko says on the other line. “But for this…” 

“Come on, Kuroko.” Kagami grins, knowing he’s got him. “You and me, one more time.” 

send me a ship and au and i’ll write a three-sentence fic

thank you for feeding my special interest in basketball anime

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