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Starker + Extremis | SIM!Tony & Intern!Peter

❝ Glass shatters to the floor as Tony hits through it. His fist is free from the armor but the pain is dull compared to the ache in his heart. Peter had run while he gone from the penthouse, even after he had been generous enough to trust instead of locking him in the penthouse. Tony’s going to chain him now.

Peter is a smart boy, Tony knows, but he makes such dumb decisions, he decides. Going straight back to where Tony took him from before was stupid but he likes to think Peter wants Tony to find him. Tony walks through the house and his footsteps echo throughout, he’s already tried the kitchen, bathroom, and living room and the only room left was Peter’s.

The door’s open, an obvious attempt to make it seem like its empty but Tony knows better. He opens the closet door once he walks in and sure enough Peter bolts out and tries to run past him but Tony’s quick and the Extremis that was injectected into him makes him quicker.

“Let me go!” Peter hisses, Tony’s arm is firm around the boys wrist.

“You helped make Extremis, Peter- you helped make a new and better me and this me is going to have you and not hold back anymore so just give in

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Title: Kiss Me

Summary: Five times Peter and Tony almost kiss and one time they did.

First Time | Second Time | Third Time | Fourth Time | Fifth Time | Final

The next few weeks around the compound leaves Peter feeling strung out and exhausted.

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Part 1 | Part 2

Notes: Things get spicier! Maybe? That’s a lie. As a side-note, I normally write from Tony’s perspective so it’s weird not getting to see a lot of the “why or how” behind his actions or his comings-and-goings. Some of the things he has in his hotel room, for example, or why he went off in the middle of the night to…do things. I’m trying to limit explanations to what Peter knows because sometimes I tend to elaborate too much (like I’m probably doing right now in this blurb) so that’s that. Anyway, as always, thanks for the love and support and I hope you enjoy! I promise the next chapter will have less talking, more smutting. 

Also, because of tumblr’s stupid tag algorithm, I won’t be posting tw’s in the tags, they’ll be available up here!

Warning(s): Underage, Non-Consensual Touching & Bondage, Crying, Kidnapping, Dirty Talk, Anal Fingering, Bloodplay (Kind of?).

Taglist: @hoeforthegays

AO3 Link


The least the bastard could’ve done before he left Peter tied to the bed was turn on the heat. The teenager was freezing, nipples pebbled, goosebumps dotting his flesh. “This sucks.” Okay, it more than sucked. He’d been knocked out, taken to a dingy motel room, had some mass murderer finger him, and now he could feel the zip ties chafing his skin. Peter had tugged on them once too many times, it seemed. His wrists were aching, and his thighs were faring no better. He hated it, but Peter was grateful that Tony — Mr. Stark — had pulled his boxers up before he’d left. At least he didn’t have to feel the lube chilling, nor his hole exposed to the air. That would’ve been the last amount of degradation he figured he could’ve handled.

Maybe not, all things considered. It could’ve been worse. The man could’ve raped him while he was at it. Peter had spent the better part of what he assumed was all night (light was beginning to filter in through the thin curtains) thinking of ways to escape, but between the handcuffs and the zip ties, his best bet was to wait until he could convince Tony to get rid of them.

Why did he keep thinking about him as Tony?

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Hi. Von here. On my birthday, the 15th, I was an idiot and accidentally deleted my main, which made all my sides disappear. Including starkerstories.

There were almost 1500 of you following me. I hope you’ll join me at my new blog @starker-stories 

Also, if you were following my RDJ blog, that changed too. RDJ-thirst became @rdjthirst

Basically the hyphen packed its bags and moved from RDJ to Starker. :) 

I miss everyone. Hope you come back.

If you could reblog this, that would be amazing. So the word can get out amongst the most of us.

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* Marvel is developing alone side with Sony a new Spider-Man Movie which would give even more trauma to Peter Parker than any other Spider-Man movie. Also, the boy has been frame for murder and oh boi, he may be put into jail for it *

Peter Parker @ Sony & marvel

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Tony is trying to work, checking to see if the stocks have changed. It’s really important to keep an eye on it to make sure the economy is in alright standing. As he’s watching, a Snapchat notification pops up on his screen. He clicks it.


He threatens to punish Peter when he gets home, because that isn’t appropriate to be sending to him during his business hours. Tony has a damned job.


Okay, so Daddy’s not happy. And Peter is snarky.

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Everyone loves Peter Parker, not only because he is the smartest young adult at a university, but for his looks. Girls dream of being with him and guys resent the boy for taking girls away. They'd give him gifts on Valentines day, birthday, Christmas, you name it. Anything to get his attention but nothing would work since he himself was already distracted by someone else. His professor, Tony Stark. //Mild spice, college life, Student-Professor//

“Peter! Peter, wait!”

Peter turned around from where he was packing his stuff up and getting ready to leave the room as class had just finished, a shrill call of his name catching his attention. As he paused in his movements, he noticed it was a classmate he’s seen from time to time. In her hands was a pink heart-shaped box complete with a massive, gaudy bow.

“Oh, hey.”

She beamed at his acknowledgment, coming to stop only a couple inches away from where he was standing. “Hi, Peter. Happy Valentine’s Day.” She said bashfully, fair cheeks rosy with a soft blush.

She was beautiful, he had to admit, but there was someone else more beautiful than her in the very same room they were currently in. Someone Peter’s tortuously stroked his dick to late at night imagining it was a rough, calloused hand. And all Peter had to do was look over her shoulder to see him.

“Thank you.” He responded, grabbing the box of chocolates with an awkward smile plastered on his face.

This was the 4th present he’s gotten today, and it was barely just after 2. They came from everyone but the person he so desperately wished would even just look at him.

The girl before him smiled, still a little shy. “So…do you have any plans for today?”

Peter bit his lip and looked past her shoulder as longing pulled on his chest, heart stuttering in his chest as he saw Mr. Stark looking directly at him. Immediately he turned his gaze back to the person in front of him, sweat forming on the back of his neck and smile shaky.

“N-not really. I was just, uh, p-planning on working on the project. Inventing a new, environment-friendly adhesive is pretty work intensive, you know?” He then flashed his eyes at Tony, heart beating a mile a minute as their gazes made eye contact. “You can thank M-Mr. Stark for that, right Mr. Stark?”

Tony only stared, eyes intense but unreadable. It set every nerve in Peter’s body on fire with want and lust. And oh Mr. Stark, please fuck me. 

After a while the man finally spoke, eyes never leaving Peter.

“Sorry, Petey. Thought you can handle the assignment. Guess I was wrong.” At this he got up and straightened his clothes, walking over to approach Peter and his classmate. “Need some help? I’d be happy to be of some assistance.”

Peter swallowed thickly, mouth going dry and heart leaping into his throat. This could be his chance to seduce Mr. Stark. Certainly there was something there? But then he remembered the girl next to him, and his desire dampened. Turning to her, he noticed her face looking a little crestfallen.

“Guess that means you’re not going to be able to do anything today, huh?”

He bit his lip and shook his head. “I’m afraid not. Sorry.”

She nodded her head dejectedly before scurrying to leave the classroom, her ears pink with embarrassment at having been somewhat publicly rejected.

Now it was just him and Mr. Stark.

The latter of which went to go sit on his desk, legs splayed out in a tantalizing display. Peter’s mouth filled with saliva and he quickly went to take a seat in the front desks to hide his growing erection.

“So, Parker. What specifically is troubling you? Coming up with a formula? Or the substances you’re planning on using?”

Wh-what? His heart seized in worry. What if he was reading everything wrong? What if Mr. Stark actually did not want him?

Fuck it.

“Actually, I’m not having trouble with anything. I just didn’t know how to, uh, respond to her…proposition. She’s not really my type. I hope you don’t mind me using your project as an excuse.”

Tony hummed, making himself more comfortable on the desk, and Peter was tempted to nestle himself in between that space between his thighs.

“Not at all.” He cocked his head at Peter, smirk making its way on his face even as Peter started to question his plan. “Anyways, what is your type? Redheads? Blondes?”



“Uh, brunets.” Not brunettes.

“Oh? That really the only defining feature? She could’ve just dyed her hair brown. And then, well, you can fill in the rest.” There was a sort of odd twinkle to Tony’s eyes, a curious lit to his voice.

“Well, not exactly. There’s others of course, but that’s irrelevant.” 

“Irrelevant? Well, I guess.”

“Why the interest, Professor?” And if he couldn’t stop the coy tone of his voice, no one else had to know. Could Mr. Stark tell?

Tony pursed his lips, eyes thoughtful. “Call it curiosity.”

“Alright. I’ll bite.” At his Tony snorted, but Peter paid him no mind. “I like older people. With a sense of confidence and cocky attitude. Mature.”

“Older, confident, cocky, mature brunettes?”


“This sounds interesting. Never pegged you for liking cougars. What else? A great body with nice curves?”

Peter squirmed in his seat, arousal temporarily forgotten as nerves clutched his heart. How do you tell your professor you like guys? It was still a touchy subject, even in this time.

“No. I like them…built.”

“Built women?”

“Uh, not exactly?”

“Is that a question?”

“N-no. I just mean…well, they’re not exactly women.”


Peter felt cold with dread. “M-Mr. Stark?”

And as if snapped from some trance, Tony flinched and looked at Peter, gaze warm with some heated emotion.

“Sorry, got distracted. That’s ok, kid. No shame in that. So, built men?”

Peter breathed a breath of relief. “Yeah. Thin waist and built torso. Maybe-” Peter froze, breath hitching, hope blossoming in his chest. “Distracted? By what?”

At this Tony got up, leisurely striding towards Peter, and Peter got a distinct feeling of being prey. And when Tony stopped right in front of him, he had a nice view of his waist, and- 

Holy shit he’s big even when he’s soft!

“Who’s distracted now?”

When did Tony bend down to meet Peter’s gazes, their faces only inches apart?

“Wh-what?” Peter’s face was on fire. He couldn’t believe he got caught staring at his fucking teacher’s dick!

“You know, Pete,” he started conversationally, reaching over to bring Peter’s face impossibly closer, lips barely grazing each other, “I’ve noticed the way you look at me. Like I’m some delicious treat you can’t wait to eat. To devour.”

“Pr-Professor! This is inapp-prioprate.”

“You can drop the innocent act, Peter. I know you want me. Looking at my cock with drool pooling in your mouth, unconsciously describing me to myself.” Tony brought Peter’s head to connect with his, crushing their mouths harshly together as if trying to brand him with only his lips. “As if the looks you give me weren’t enough of an indicator.” He breathed after they broke apart for breath.

Within moments he grabbed Peter’s hand and placed it on his half-hard cock, expression wicked, complete with a devilish smirk. “Look at what you do to me. Imagine when I have you squirming underneath me, begging for me to pound you into next week. I bet I can fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow. You want that?”

At this point Peter was blushing furiously, floundering at this unexpected situation, eyes wide at Tony’s words even as his dick started aching from how hard he was. He’s never wanted anything more in his entire life.

“But not today.” Tony removed himself from Peter, ignoring the needy whine that slipped past Peter’s lips as he made his way back to his own desk at being denied pleasure. “I have grading to do, and you, a project to finish.”

Eyes full of burning heat and body twitching with white-hot need, Peter noted Tony readjusted himself in his slightly wrinkled slacks, and that tempered the desperation he felt at Tony removing himself from Peter’s vicinity. Dark pleasure coursed through him at knowing Tony was hard because of him.

“Tomorrow then?” Peter asked hopeful, voice still a little breathy.


Peter blinked, heart clenching painfully in fear, leaning forward in his chair as he sought an explanation. “Wh-wh…?”

“Come back at 8. I’ll have dinner ready. Don’t be late.”

Peter nearly creamed himself, Tony’s dark, dark eyes promising beautiful promises. And just as he prepared himself to leave, Tony called his name again, demanding his attention.

“And Peter?”


“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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This fic is for the Starker Valentine’s Event, hosted by @starker-valentines ! This is for @ironstrangle :) I hope I did your prompt justice & you like it!! 

Prompt: Tony and Peter’s first time. Peter is at least 21, but is also a virgin.

— — —

“Hey, baby?”

Peter’s eyes widened drastically, almost comically, and he slammed his laptop screen shut so hard that the desk shook. He turned around and smiled at Tony as if pretending nothing weird had happened. “Yeah?”

Tony raised an eyebrow. He took in the sight before him, before calmly asking, “You watching porn again?”

Peter spluttered indignantly. “I was not! And that other time was an accident!” His cheeks heated up when Tony smiled endearingly at him.

“Only you would watch porn by accident, babe,” he laughed. He approached Peter and leaned forward, giving him a kiss that Peter allowed himself to relax into, trying to ignore the fluttering butterflies in his stomach. He and Tony kissed often now, especially after Peter had admitted to Tony that he was still a virgin at the age of 22. (Tony had just smiled and responded, “Well, not everyone fucks around as I do. And it’s cute, darling. Don’t worry.”) But they still hadn’t done… it.

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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, @starkravingspiders!
Written for the Starker Valentine’s Exchange @starker-valentines: 5k words
Prompt: Married Starker trying to have a lovely Valentine’s night in and getting interrupted by all the Avengers and their dumb problems.
Read on AO3:

Can’t Help Falling For You (And All Your Madness, Too)

Three years of marriage and five Valentine’s Days down, and this is the one Tony is most nervous for, for whatever reason.

Well, not nervous per say, but excited.

He’s been planning this one for weeks now, going over potential menu items with the restaurant in charge of catering, ordering rose petals, and the finest wines and champagnes. He’s been wracking his brain trying to come up with a simple yet effective way to show Peter just how much he cares.

Peter already knows, of course. But Tony wants to be sure he knows for certain because he is worth every ounce of effort spent on Tony’s behalf and then some.

Tony has the meal reheated and ready to go just as Peter arrives home from his afternoon ritual of Spider-Man duties.

It is something they’ve grown accustomed to over the years – Peter is an Avenger, certainly, but he’s still a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man at heart. Tony would never forgive himself if he took that away from Peter. Nor would he want to.

Peter sniffs at the air appreciatively, allowing Tony to take his coat and hang it up in the closet. Tony gestures him forward, walking him towards the set dinner table with a hand upon his back.

Peter takes his seat and then so does Tony.

“Dinner smells and looks fantastic, Tony.” Peter’s stomach growls as he looks on at the meal before him. The spread is fantastic with a wide variety of foods that has his mouth watering, ready to taste.

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Written for the Starker Valentine’s Exchange @starker-valentines: 2k words
Prompt: Popular Peter asking shy Tony to be his date to the Valentine’s Day dance.
Read on AO3:

Meet Me At The Dance (Please, Won’t You?)

Peter Parker doesn’t get nervous – not during freshman year baseball tryouts, not during the SAT’s he took in eleventh grade, not even when he cut his hand open last semester in shop class.

No. He’s generally more relaxed and upbeat; keeping things positive with a cool demeanor.  

But this?

This is a totally different ball game.

Peter’s palms are sweaty, his brow creased, and his heartbeat thrums within his chest a mile a minute. He wants to do this, he really does. He wants to be brave and go for the thing that his heart desires most, but there are so many probable outcomes that turn his stomach into knots simply by the thought.

Peter has been popular for most of his life. He never strives towards it; it just always seems to fall into his lap. His popularity really cemented itself when he became the youngest freshman starting pitcher on the baseball team in the school’s history.

Things have been on the up and up ever since.

And it’s not like he hates the attention. In fact, he quite likes it. It makes him feel good to know that he’s well liked and well received.

Which is one of the reasons why he’s so damn scared right now.

If he does this, admits his feelings out loud for the first time, will everything change? Will he become the laughingstock of the school? Will his friends abandon him?

Or…will it all work out the way his heart so desperately hopes?

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Prompt 2: sugardaddy!tony spoiling sugarbaby!peter on valentine’s day! lots of kisses and expensive presents, ending with both of them going for a spa day. daddy kink and feminine peter would be lovely :)

My writing for @starker-valentines exchange, written for @prettyboy-parker!

Warnings: daddy kink, sugar daddy/baby relationship, Peter’s age is not mentioned


Peter’s day started with a gentle kiss to his lips and a still-warm stack of heart-shaped pancakes. 

As he was slowly roused to waking, the scent of the freshly made breakfast dish flooded his nose and caused him to open his eyes just that much faster. 

“Good morning,” he mumbled softly, voice rough and cracking from not using it all night. 

Tony smiled softly, setting the plate down in Peter’s lap once he sat up. “Happy Valentine’s day, baby.” He kissed the boy’s forehead, sitting back on the edge of the bed. 

The younger man beamed, watching him. “Thank you, daddy. Happy Valentine’s day!” He looked at the food in his lap, laughing softly as he looked. He watched the small butter pat melt in the center. It was also heart shaped, while still solid. After that it was just a puddle that no one would have known the previous shape for. “Tony, how did you manage this? It’s just so sweet…” he smiled. 

“The pancakes? You don’t want to see how many were burned before I got the perfect ones. The butter? Cookie cutter.“ 

“Well, it’s cute. I love it.”

Tony smiled, grabbing a small baby blue bag from beside the bed. “I’m sure you’ll love this more,” he said playfully.

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Lockers (pt. eight)

one || two || three || four || five || six || seven

WARNINGS: hospitals. that’s it, i think?

what to listen to while reading:


The trip to the hospital is…well, it’s hellish. Everyone is too loud, and Peter can’t process what’s happening anymore. How long have they been in this car? Feels like days. A hiccup softly escapes him and everyone goes silent. It’s the first verbal noise he’s made since the announcement of Tony being dead-

No, Peter thinks, determinedly, he isn’t dead. He’s gonna be just fine. 

MJ is hesitant at first, but eventually scoots closer to grasp Peter’s hand. He’s glad for the touch, he wants to be, but it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. It’s too cold, too smooth. Tony’s hand was rougher. He had calluses on his fingers, tough skin. It felt safe to Peter. 

Is anything really safe anymore? 

Peter doesn’t even notice when he falls asleep; it feels like the easiest thing to do.


The hushed whispers in the hallway feel like shouts. Everything is still too loud. His steps are too loud. This hospital is too eerie. Tony shouldn’t be here. It isn’t right. 

“To the right, Peter,” he hears his aunt call. When did she get here? 

Peter turns abruptly and his breath hitches pitifully at the cracked door. When he looks closely, he can see the edge of a hospital bed and a curtain. He hears the beep of a heart monitor and the low hum of the T.V. It’s showing the news. 

Tony hated the news. Why is that on?

The first thing Peter does is turn it off; he can’t bring himself to look at the bed quite yet. He’s preparing. The breaths he’s taking in burn his lungs like acid. 

Oh, Peter thinks, I can’t breathe. Why can’t I breathe?

The darkness is edging his vision and his aunt is gasping near him. The hardness of the floor hits him a little after. A doctor is rushing into the room. Then he’s helping Peter breathe. The darkness subsides. 

“Peter, we don’t have to stay. We can go home-”

“No. I won’t leave him like this. I won’t.” 

Peter turns around.


The first hour is awful. Tony in that hospital bed, unconscious and expressionless. It’s terrifying/ Peter wants nothing more than to be in that classroom, where he and Tony had sex for the first time. He wants to be wrapped up in his arms again. He wants to hear Tony tell him “I love you” all over again. 

He can’t stand the silence. It’s too final. 

Peter shuffles music on his phone. The song it picks is horrendously fitting.

They took you away on a table,

I pace back and forth as you lay still,

they pull you and feel your heartbeat,

can you hear me screaming please don’t leave me?

Peter sobs into an empty room, and he cracks. He spills every time he wanted to tell Tony he loved him for the first time. He cries and he laughs bitterly. He laughs at the time they snuck into a golf course and made out in the grass. Peter sobs at the memory, too. The song repeats. 

I can’t imagine a world with you gone.

“Did you hear that, Tones? What the song said? Who am I kidding,” Peter spits out, a tear rolling down his cheek again, hitting the floor with a small splat. “You can’t hear me. You can’t hear anything. It’s not fair. I am so, so sorry.”

Hold on, I still want you…

Come back, I still need you.

“I need you so much. I’ve become so fucking needy since I met you. You’re my everything. Did you know that? It’s almost- it’s almost Valentine’s Day. I was gonna do that stupid cliché and get you roses. You probably would’ve hated it. I was gonna wear that skirt you like so much.“

Let me take your hand, I’ll make it right,

I swear to love you all my life.

“I will always love you. I think I’ve always loved you, y’know? Since the band room. You let me see you, the real you, for the first time there. God, Tones, you make me so angry when you try to push me away. Why do you do that? It’s fucking stupid. You’re so beautiful, inside and out, no matter what fucking Flash or anyone else says. They don’t know you. I know you. I know you and I love you so goddamn much.”

I don’t wanna let go,

I know I’m not that strong…

I just wanna hear you, saying,

"Baby, let’s go home.”

Let’s go home.

Yeah, I just wanna take you home…

He goes quiet for a while, let’s everything really sink in. Tears are slipping again. Peter barely notices this time. 

Hold on, I still want you…

“I love you, Tony.”

Come back, I still need you.

“Please don’t leave me.”


TAGLIST: @plueschpop @problematic-sofatini @readysetstarker @haysend @ironspiidey @starkerhowlter @darkerstarker @areluctantsblog @red-eyes88 @thatmarvelstan @tony-is-my-daddy @sassy-starker @starrystarker @bbalienbae @heyimstarker @annoyingcatto @valiantthewriter @starkershitshow @mystarkershame @shipperofalltheships @book-reviews-by-titch @haylove5 @loki-helmet @starker-rays @silkystark @carttorchdeatth @bluedragonglitter

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Valentine's asks: 8 and 48

I already answer the questions 48 lol

So am continue with 8 anon soz

8. What’s your fav fanfic trope?

I will probably say any irondad & spiderson fanfic that doesn’t include end game or infinity war pretty much

Also, fuck far from home because my boy doesn’t deserve that

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None of ya’ll asked for it but it’s my first try

The Babysitter

Warnings: starker, techincally underage (Peter is 16 while tony is 18). HS!AU

This is my first fic, I’m sorry if it sucks. I got my inspiration from @readysetstarker let me know if you want a part 2


Peter was a 16 year old sophomore in midtown high, who lived with his aunt who was currently getting ready to go on a business trip for the weekend. May was always worried about peter being alone for more than a day so she began looking for a babysitter to stay for the weekend. This is where she found Tony Stark, a highschool senior who began babysitting for some money. Tony had gotten the message and started heading for the Parker’s apartment on the day May was leaving.

Meanwhile, Peter was complaining to his aunt for getting him a baby sitter, he was 16 and felt like he didnt need to be watched over the weekend. May thought otherwise, she countered every complaint Peter gave her, she was in the middle of packing when she heard knocking on the door. She turned towards Peter saying, “Peter, go open the door, I’m sure that’s your sitter.” Peter reluctantly left and opened the door and saw the leather jacket clad boy, with a perfectly trimmed goatee, combat boots, ripped and faded blue Jean’s and sunglasses perched atop his messy but styled hair. The boy exclaimed looking slightly out of breath, “is this the Parker’s residence? I swear I’m in the right place…”. Peter just looked the boy up and down and thought, maybe this won’t be too bad, it’s better than having one of the neighbors or an old person.

May came out just a few minutes later, “Peter this is your babysitter Tony, he’s going to be staying here while I’m gone until monday morning. Be good for him ok?” Peter just nodded, eye not leaving Tony. The boy walked in after peter moved to the side to let him in. Looking around Tony familiarized himself with the general surroundings before looking at May, “although peter is the oldest I babysat before, I’ll let you be happy to know that he’s in good hands.” With that reassurance May left kissing Peter on the crown of his head. Once the door was closed, Tony and Peter turned to face eachother, a smirk on both of their faces. They both knew that it was going to be a very fun weekend.

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