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#{  all i wanted was to look him up on the wiki guys not be kicked in the face  - -  }
esclapo · 6 months ago
tommy's character gets far too much shit.
hi tumblr. i'm gonna need a few bitches to spread this post everywhere, essentially because i want someone, or just tommy really, to see it. so if you really want, you can screenshot it and post it on twitter, reddit, link it everywhere - go absolutely buck wild. i know he reads the VODS comments a lot, but they're chock full of people just insulting him, his character, his writing and everything about his story in the dream smp simply because they don't understand it and because they refuse to acknowledge his character's perspective (mainly because they only care about the pig). reading that many critical comments on something you've created can only make you feel worse about it eventually, and in light of all the awful techno apologist takes on his character, i wanted to basically just word vomit about how wonderfully crafted c!tommy is, as well as compile some other tumblr posts about his character.
there is a massive fuckin community of people who enjoy the character of tommy, because the character is incredible. i myself have made post after post after post commenting on and analysing tommy's character because i find that there's so much to pick apart. but that enthusiasm for his character only seems to be found on tumblr. reddit and twitter seem to hate his character, the VODS seem to be filled with comments from people who only care about techno's perspective (and treat techno as a reliable narrator, which, is the furthest thing from the truth - that guy lies through his teeth all the time), and the smp wiki is a hellscape of godawful takes and mistruths, not even on just tommy's character.
c!tommy is brilliantly acted and brilliantly written, and almost everything he does is either justifiable or has been rectified or admitted as a mistake. you can clearly make connections as to where he got his conclusions from. you feel what his character experiences, as a member of the audience, vividly.
if you look in the more objective sense, c!tommy, and this is especially in the context of him being the youngest character, is a scapegoat. people claim he's awful and destructive when in reality he's a lot less destructive than most characters on the server. a moment that comes to mind is where he diverts schlatt and quackity's attention from pogtopia by breaking part of the flag in manberg, and then replacing it so as to buy tubbo some time - he literally monologues after it about how he doesn't want to destroy but instead rebuild, and how he feels as if nobody else seems to understand that.
his arc in season two was incredible. it was very character driven, and it gave a spotlight to his motivations. at the start we see him in new l'manberg, and he's enjoying his time there, he's skeptical of his friend's presidency, but his main goal is to get back the discs so that he can stop dream and eliminate that threat. he made one screw up that didn't even matter to george, and he paid for it tenfold, even after dream had spent a while with puffy griefing the server and framing it on tommy - what tommy and ranboo did was convinient. then, in exile, we see c!tommy straight up get abused. he's gaslit and conditioned into being c!dream's friend, and in his brain he teaches himself that those acts of abuse are moments of bonding, and it eventually brings him to the point of wanting to end his own life - he's been torn away from his friends and his support system, and nobody will visit him consistently anymore because they only showed him pity, and all he had left was dream, who had hurt him.
but he doesn't die there, because while he didn't understand the full gravity of it back then like he does now, he recognises that dying isn't an escape, and he can beat dream, even if he doesn't know how. so this is where he goes to techno's place, and here's where the fandom starts to misinterpret the situation wildly.
it's the problem similar to when your parents tell you that they're owed something back because you put a roof over their head, despite that being Not How It Works. techno took tommy in and severely mistreated him emotionally. sure, and i understand this, c!techno is a bad communicator who isn't really that empathetic to anyone who isn't phil or wilbur, but that doesn't excuse the blatant lying to c!tommy's face, the guilt tripping, the friendship buying and the degrading. the day before the festival, tommy finally does something violent in his interrogation of fundy, and only then does techno tell him,,,,
that tommy's not equal to him, that techno doesn't respect him all that much, and that they're not friends.
from techno's perspective, and at the time, this was viewed as a positive development in their relationship. oh, he's starting to warm up to tommy! this friendship could really blossom!
no. from a more objective standpoint, what techno has just said to tommy is : 'i respect you only a little bit more now, because while you're starting to act more like me, you're still annoying and a burden.'
and i haven't even touched on the whole 'erasing the words 'Destroy L'manberg' from techno's to-do list' thing, because that instantly refutes the point of 'techno was upfront with his intentions the whole time' - because he wasn't! he may have said it the first time, but you also know what else he did? he repeatedly told tommy that they'd 'air the details out later' whenever the discs were brought up, and from a tommy viewer's perspective at the time, it was framed as if techno was no longer going to do that.
and i also haven't dared touch the 'i would have fought them all for you', because that's major guilt tripping if ever i've seen it.
so, the day of the festival comes, and here's where c!techno and his apologists completely misread c!tommy's thought process, and why he makes the decision he does.
tommy instantly regrets valuing the discs over tubbo, and it's framed as the culmination of tommy having become all the people he said he would never want to be like. and what does he immediately do? he tells tubbo to give up the disc, and he sides with tubbo. he puts his value in his friends, and, by proxy, l'manberg. and when he betrays techno, he tells him 'i'm sorry'.
from a more objective standpoint, tommy's time with techno is him valuing the discs over almost anything else. so, in leaving techno to be with tubbo again, he is valuing people above the discs. so when, on doomsday, techno says his 'discs aren't people' line, what he doesn't realise is that he himself fueled tommy's valuing of discs above people when attempting to fuel tommy's vengeance against tubbo and l'manberg. techno doesn't realise that he was an unhealthy presence for tommy, and an even worse influence.
what techno also doesn't seem to understand is that tommy never hated tubbo or l'manberg - tommy recognises, now at least, that his exile wasn't a product of tubbo, but a product of dream's manipulation, likely in part because at the time, especially with dream lying about tommy blowing up the community house, tommy was the only one who could see it because he had experienced it firsthand. so when techno sides with dream, it's like kicking tommy in the teeth.
and i want to mention that betraying someone doesn't necessarily make the person who was betrayed good, or in the right, or even justified, because tommy was entirely justified to leave techno. you know who else was betrayed? schlatt. but i don't see many schlatt apologists around angry at quackity for joining the rebellion.
tommy stole the axe of peace? good. it was a moment of tommy defining his self-worth, instead of having it defined by others. gone is the age of c!techno belittling him and deciding how much c!tommy should be respected. NEXT!
here's a moment i wanted to talk about that will forever be funny to me.
'i am a person.'
techno's very famous line from doomsday. techno says to tommy that discs aren't people, and that tommy should value people, despite not understanding that by leaving techno, he did just that. and what does tommy say in return, which has been omitted from every c!tommy-critical analysis, and every animatic?
'yes you are, but so are we.'
an acknowledgement of techno's hurt, to which tommy has already apologised for. a statement that says 'your hurt does not excuse, nor justify, the hurt you have inflicted onto us.' an acknowledgement that tommy has already learnt the lesson techno seems to be trying to 'teach' him. but you can't teach him anything by destroying.
c!tommy has had almost everything he has ever owned or built either taken from him or destroyed. ranboo even points out that the only two things of tommy's left standing are his house and his hotel, and if i'm honest, his house is dissheveled. it's a labyrinth of terror due only to how many times it's been torn apart. l'manberg being blown up didn't teach anyone anything about anarchy, or about valuing people over possessions. logstedshire being blown up didn't teach tommy to be obedient.
i could honestly ramble for ages about how nuanced tommy's character is and how much depth and complexity there is to his character's process and his relationship with others, but more than that, c!tommy is forgiving. he invites almost everyone who hates him to the grand opening of his hotel - if that isn't an indicator that he just wants friends, and not to be treated like the embodiment of evil, then i don't know what is. he holds grudges, but he doesn't really actively hate anyone, other than c!dream. but, we'll let him. c!dream deserves nothing but to be pummeled into the floor.
tommy doesn't spoonfeed his character nuance, and he doesn't really spell it out for his audience. he'll mention things like trauma and triggers in passing, but a lot of analysis on his motivations has to be picked up from what is said in passing or from what can be seen in between the lines.
i'd be here for hours if i were to talk about everything i love about c!tommy, because honestly he's one of my favourite characters, and there are so many angles you can look at his character from in terms of his age, his relationships with others, his motivations, his personality, his character arcs etc etc. so instead of doing that, i'm going to compile some much more specific analysis posts below to skim through because they highlight so many good aspects of his character.
^^ A thread about the 'yes you are, but so are we' line.
^^ About how shit the VODS comments are.
^^ A comment on how c!Tommy is actually pretty peaceful, and is actually less destructive than most characters on the server.
^^ Possibly the best c!Tommy analysis thread I've ever seen in relation to his trauma, which gives multiple perspectives.
^^ About how c!Tommy is treated as a scapegoat, and how, from an objective standpoint, he is no more violent than any other character, it's just that the little violence that is committed is blown far out of proportion.
^^ Tumblr user flypaw being a bad bitch, as per usual.
^^ c!Tommy being incredibly intelligent, and talking about wanting to rebuild and not destroy. A very underrated monologue of his.
^^ Something short about c!Tommy and c!Wilbur's relationship in Pogtopia.
^^ Less about c!Tommy, more a meta on L'Manberg. Really interesting to think about.
^^ A take on Doomsday.
I'll add some more posts in a reblog in the notes, but if anyone's post(s) is on this and they want me to take it off, let me know and I'll do that for you! Feel free to add your own banger c!Tommy takes or ones that you've found.
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sleepy-dreamers-inc · 7 months ago
Being Exiled with Tommy Headcannons!|| 🥀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
irl/ in-game
Genre| angst + comfort
h e a d c a n n o n s||
Both you and Tommy ended up getting exiled together.
Artist| OliverSonder on twitter!!
Warnings] mentions of manipulation, character death, spoilers for Tommy’s Exile Arc and the Season 2 finale!!
[can be seen as both platonic or romantic!!]
||gender neutral reader!!||
(also this was not grammar checked and im to lazy to watch through hours of footage so if anything in here is wrong blame it on the DSMP Wiki OKAY LETS GO-)
Tumblr media
So i think its pretty established that if you end up getting exiled with Tommy your one of two things.
- Really sweet and loyal friend that will stick up for in-justice and be there when someone needs you the most
- A total fucking gremlin that will steal your kneecaps and toes and eat your shower curtains in the middle of the night.
There is no inbetween here you guys.
I did end up going for Reader A, though. But you guys tell me if you want headcannons for a gremlin!reader because i will gladly do that!!
But anyways just... enjoy exile!
Tumblr media
- It was about his third day in exile when Y/N appeared through the nether portal, bags, pouches, tools, armor, etc. on their person. Tommy thought they either were here to beat him up or got exiled themselves.
- Tommy was pleasantly surprised when he learned that Y/N was actually there on their own accord, helping him through exile and being his shoulder to lean on. The first few days we’re rough, fighting back mobs in the night and farming crops all day. His clothes we’re starting to get dirty and torn by the time Y/N got there.
- Y/N ended up making a little bunker about 30 blocks from where they’re tent was, where they hid all theirs and Tommy’s valuables, such as armor, diamonds & iron, and rations. Although Y/N never gave into Dream and gave him they’re stuff, Y/N simply refused, they wouldn’t be giving in that easily.
- Most of they’re days are spent in caves mining away, chatting and fighting off Creeper’s as they tried to keep the moral high, always keeping Tommy company. Y/N never let him go anywhere alone, they we’re always with him, like his own bodyguard of sorts.
- One time they both find a Mineshaft though and got lost, they ended up at the surface two dayd later with torn clothes, cuts and bruises and we’re in bad shape. Thankfully Y/N had a brewing stand at they’re camp though, so Healing Potions we’re semi-easy to make/get.
- After the duo end up going to the artic though... things got... weird.
- Techno was not expecting to open his door to find the heathen Tommy and sweetheart Y/N at his doorstep shivering and begging to come inside, bags thrown on they’re shoulders as they teeth chattered from the cold wind and snow.
- Whenever Dream comes to visit Y/N always has to hide with Tommy, reassuring him that its okay and they’ll always be there for him, and protect him at any cost, which he highly appreciates.
- The ‘gapple-eating’ thing Tommy did was a cute, yet depressing thing. Seeing him hasitly munching on golden-coated apples was funny and caused giggles, but the meaning behind it always left Y/N with a lump in their throat and a hole in their heart.
- Whenever Tommy is in danger and calls for Dream, Y/N always has to stop him and bring him back to reality, making Tommy realize Dream isnt his friend, and never was. Many nights have happened where the two talk about Tommy’s feelings with Dream, not only for Tommy to vent and let everything out, but also for Y/N to understand whats going on in his head.
- When going into the Nether Tommy always grips Y/N’s hand, as his fear of lava and heights consumes him whole in that firey dimension.
- When Tommy gets up close to Dream in the cabin? Y/N is scared spineless, if people could see them, they’d see the palest, most terrified and worried being on earth.
- Y/N having a heart attack when Ghostbur slips up
- Ghostbur is just a whole thing and just. Y/N needs a break, okay?
- Y/N begrudgingly helping Tommy build his cobblestone tower outside of Techno’s cabin.
- Y/N apologizing soon after to Techno only for him to laugh and ruffle Y/N’s hair, saying he knows how Tommy can get anyone to any situation.
- Very rarely does Y/N ever leave Tommy’s side, when they do its usually to get supplies or visit they’re friends. So when Y/N was walking back to the Nether portal to see Tommy, Techno and Dream all standing there, looking like they’re about to slit the others throat, well...
- Nobody has ever seen Y/N drop kick a person so fast.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Y/N yelled, they’re sword at Dream’s neck, as he laid on his back, his mask covering his shocked expression.
“Answer. Me.” Y/N gritted through their teeth, pushing their swordfurther against the masked mans throat. Techno soon chimed in, reassuring Y/N that nothing to terrible happened.
“It’s fine, Y/N. He didn’t do anything, why not we head back home? Wouldn’t want that homeless man to be to scared spineless, eh?” Techno said, hand on they’re shoulder as he looked Y/N in the eyes.
The 3 walked back to the Nether portal, purple mist engulfing Tommy and Techno as Y/N stood in front of the portal. Back turned towards Dream, Y/N shifted they’re head and glared at Dream with eyes that could kill.
“Don’t do anything you might regret, you megalomaniac.”
Tumblr media
- When Tommy and Tubbo decide to go fight Dream, Y/N is both excited and scared. They hope Dream will finally be taken down, but they dont want Tommy (& Tubbo) to be taken down as well.
- So like any amazing best friend, Y/N brews up a bunch of potions of Strength, Healing + Regen, Invisibility and more. Even if Tommy thought he was going to be walking out of there alone, he wasn’t going to be. Y/N would make sure.
- Y/N watched from afar as Tommy got his disc out of the jukebox, laughing in success. All Y/N did was clap quietly, making sure they’re Invisibility didn’t wear off. They we’re making sure Tommy stayed safe, even if he didn’t realize it. Y/N loved him with they’re whole heart, and everyone knew that.
- At Dreams secret base, Y/N was just getting there as Tommy took Dreams first canon life.
“Tommy. Stop. Dont do anything you might regret.” Dream snarled, looking at the teenage boy, his blue eyes dull, yet full of passion and vigor.
All Tommy did was pursue forward, as everyone waited for what was to come. Tommy took one step to close though, because Dream had decided that he had enough.
Dream brought his arm into the air, hand curled into a fist, he was about to hurl his hand into Tommy’s face when Dream suddenly fell to the ground, arrow in his forehead.
Dream was shot by Y/N
Y/N stood there, enchanted bow in hand, infront of the nether portal that swirled with an eerie purple mist. Y/N lowered their bow, staring at the man who tortured Tommy for weeks now. Y/N simply stepped forward and towered over Dreams corpse before it disappeared in thin air.
Lets just say Dream wouldn’t be hurting the blonde heathen anytime soon.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: howdy everyone how we doing? Decided to do Tommy x Reader for this post, although i am MAJORLY simping for Wilbur atm and i have brainrot so that’ll most likely be the next post (if i dont do a pt. 2 for this one but even so WILBUR).
Anyways i hope i did racooninnit justice, i have no idea how to do headcannons since half the time i ramble (its the adhd) so this was new for me. Definitely not my strong suit but like you live ya learn. Also, sorry if i left out quite a lot, i might make a fic about this and include more events, but this is really long for headcannons (because of my layout) so i didn’t include to much. I dont want people scrolling for like 20 seconds to go to another post (i write on mobile so undercut is not a thing for me RIP)
Anyways have a lovely day and dont let Tommy eat all your gapples!!
Tumblr media
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ravysu · 4 months ago
Sannin headcanons and thoughts
The last thing I would like to post for the sannin week. It is still 24.04 here! :D @sannin-central
This is long. Spoiler alert. Mostly Orochimaru, some Tsunade, a little of Jiraiya (because his story is pretty clear and spoken and idk what I can add). Also I recommend to read this meta about Orochimaru, it has influenced me a lot and has some good points. Sorry for any posible grammar mistakes. Also I really should put here a lot of references to the manga or anime but it was something that was piling up for a year and I'm soooooooo lazy. After all, those are just headcanons. Also: Im not excusing Oro's bad stuff here, Im trying to understand the reasons.
Ive already posted some hcs, here, here and here.
Tumblr media
1. First if all, the chronology pic of sannin lifetime based on the info i found on naruto wiki and also some statements about wars from this post. It was tough considering what a mess naruto’s chronology is.
2. Sannin story shows what it cost to be a legend. They're like Team 7 but more realistic. Tsunade literally carried the war but left with nothing and developed a ptsd and have problems to just live on. Also anger control issues. I think she can be pretty bossy and stubborn which is not always nice. Jiraiya is the hero of the day but also very idealistic and can ignore some important details in the real word whether its the fight (he always injured during flashbacks maybe because each time he took too much to handle and on the one hand it's heroistic but on the other is a mistake that can lead your team to situations like in that Iwa cave) or your friends issues (I bet he saw what's going on but thought it's fine until Oro actually got red handed and left). He lives in his world and may have problems to get out to see it through someone else's shoes. As for Orochimaru, it seems like he was a normal guy for 20+ years (I mean, he didn't do crazy criminal shit and had something good in him and it was stated somewhere that it was his teammates influence. It is obvious they considered him as a friend, I don't thinks it was for nothing) but we mostly know his darkest side. Despite being a moster he is a human that have empathy and some ordinary human traits (man just decorates every bit of an environment he is in lol).
3. Tsunade was the leader of team Hiruzen.
4. Tsunade sometimes hit Jiraiya for some stupid things he did or said but never touches Orochimaru even if he did something same. Jiraiya complained about it once and almost got another hit.
5. Jiraiya had problematic parents that didn't care about him much and a lot of time he was wandering in the streets.
6. Judging by the look of Oro bangs and hair, he sometimes cut it off. A stress relief huh? And the fact that he doesn't do it now in Boruto..
7. It was shown that Tsunade and Orochimaru was acknowledged before they become a team. Maybe they did just before, or maybe some longer time before. I prefer the second option and hc that they met because both had no real friends - Orochimaru seemed weird and scary for everyone and Tsunade was Senju so everyone wanted to hang out with her but didn't really care. They weren't seen as what they were - people put the labels on them. But they didn't care about each other's labels and actually saw each other in true lights.
8. Tsunade knew it was an accident and it's not right but still she blamed Orochimaru for Nawaki's death for some time. It was something that seriously damaged their friendship and the team. Orochimaru was mad but also guilty, after all, he was responsible at least as a shinobi since Nawaki was under his watch. So he started to act cold and emotionless and was trying to distance himself from his teammates.
9. Jiraiya was in Ame while Dan died.
10. The whole his orphans mission was a bit irresponsible tbh. They already fought Hanzo and as he stated the conflict between Konoha and Ame is going to an end with Konoha's win. It's weird to stay here for three years in the middle of the war while there were other lands to fight. He left his teammates for some idea. Maybe that caused another crack in their team friendship.
11. If Tsunade would have find a way to live on with her trauma and follow the will of fire and stuff it would affect Orochimaru as well just as her grief affected him. It's like he would get an example that you can live on with this pain. So death isn't above human capability and we are not just the slaves of mortality (sounds stupid but i dont know how else to describe sorry). But as we know what he actually saw is that it broke her crucially to the point she couldnt be herself again. And so the death is above everything.
12. Oro wasn’t just acting as a cold pragmatic bitch in that cave but also tried to save Tsunade. Jiraiya knew it and that’s why he showed this sign to him like "I see what youre doing here" and that stunned Oro because he would prefer to look rather like a cold pragmatic bitch hehe
13. Just a thought. People in the village probably treated Oro as a foreigner or just wouldnt accept him because he looked so differently and had a weird attitude. That's why he sometimes didn't feel that Konoha is his home. After the wars where people were treated as means and tools, even the children, he himself developed this view on people - he dehumanized them and used as the means to his goals, just as his village did. Funny thing some people were straightly dehumanizing him too like Ibiki thought that he was a demon (tho he was a child). And he probably weren't the only one. Anyways the point is that it's logical that Orochimaru don't care about anybody but some few people, he's the product of his era. He's like Naruto that would chose the hatred way. But naruto had some good and understanding people around him and.. Orochimaru had them too, but match how Iruka treated Naruto and this Hiruzen's "I sAw tHe mAliCe in This cHiLd fRoM tHe BegGinNinG". And oro didn't even have a big ass evil fox in him. sry i hate hiruzen
ANYWAYS the moral of the story is not "go criminal if they hurt you" but always treat people like people. Waving my hand to Kant.
14. The reason why Orochimaru didn't pick some good morals to stick with through the hard times no matter what (like, idk, Jiraiya or Naruto) is because 1) I think he is/was pretty depending on people around him 2) the war fucked him and his friends up too much (Nawaki incident + Tsunade) 3) twisted addictions (though I don't think he's that sadistic, we never saw him torturing randoms just for fun, it was always some science experimental shit. He tends to get fun out of cruelty only when it's personal) that maybe developed as a way to sublimate anger and sadness caused by his parents loss (that's what they share with sasuke - unlicke naruto, they knew their parents and it's other kind of pain. Sasuke developed a revenge issue and Orochimaru - cruelty pleasure which... is kinda the same but less epic and more occasional lol).
15. Speaking of that, Orochimaru cared for Sasuke because he saw himself in him.
16. Oro hold grudges against Hiruzen for not choosing him to be Hokage not only because he was ambitious and/or egoistic, but also because Hiruzen was some kind of a father figure for him and his approval was important tho i doubt he was aware of that. He also probably could tell that Hiruzen was suspicios about him when he was a child and that led to many conflicts and was hurting as well.
17. Tsunade knew things weren't pretty with Orochimaru after the wars but she never expected them to be this bad. During the week that she was given in her arc she thought not only about how much she wants to see Nawaki and Dan again despite how wrong would it be but also was trying to bury all the good memories she had left of Orochimaru so it would be easier to kill him.
18. She poisoned Jiraiya exactly because she knew he would not let her do it. Jiraiya was always hesitant to kill and inclined to forgiveness, while Tsunade, as mentioned by Orochimaru, could be merciless (so much so that he was not surprised when Kabuto suggested that she wanted to use Jira for Edo Tensei).
19. That was one of her traits that scared Jiraiya and fascinated Orochimaru.
20. Remember how Oro grabbed Jiraiya's neck when the latter was trying to cover with hair jutsu? On the snake, in Tsnade's arc. Orochimaru could have easily kill Jiraiya by pulling the sword out of the mouth (arteries are right there) but he didn't. As well as he could kill Tsunade when she was still shaking - just aim for the neck or the heart. Instead, he just injured her lung and kicked her which is not a big deal for the kind of shinoby like her at all.. Also he helped Anko not accidentally kill herself but it would be way much profitable to let her do it. "Orochimaru has no feelings".
21. The reason he suddenly wanted to kill Tsunade instead of forcing her to heal his arms as it was planned (which is weird since it will not going to get him heals and he kinda said that he wouldn't want to kill her just minutes ago) is that not only she refused to help him (he thought he could work it out) but she also prefered the village over him (from his point of view). Out if everyone she was the closest to being able to understand him since the village caused her painful losses too but nevertheless she agreed to be on it's side.
22. He wasn't fighting her back in the end partly because he thought he deserved that. Somewhere deep inside hahah.
23. Tsunade got a fear to develop deep bonds so they probably weren't very close with Shizune (also the way she knocked her down in this hotel.. oh).
24. Orochimaru will be here when she'll die.
25. Orochimaru's eng dub to Tsunade: "I often wondered what it would be like to ring that pretty neck yours". No comments.
26. Orochimaru is either bi/pan or ace. Anything or nothing lmao
27. Hiruzen knew about at least some of the Oro’s illegal experiments and was okay just as he was okay with the Foundation all the time. Because it’s useful. Then he has discovered he went too far OR he knew everything and oro just became too inconvenient because of his methods. The way Orochimaru tells Sasuke about reasons they are well treated as the criminals is based on in his experience with Hiruzen.
28. As you may know the lyrics in Orochimaru’s music theme goes “don’t talk with the silence of the heart”. It was taken from one Indian song that also had lines like “don’t question life too much”, ”pain arose somewhere in the chest”, “don’t speak to the wounds of the heart”. Though I’m not sure 100% because I was translating it with some hindi dictionary with like zero knowledge of hindi
29. I like to think that this “silence of the heart” theme and the fact that he called his village a hidden sound village are somehow connected. The hidden sound is the possible explanation of all things waiting to be listened to but the truth is silent and you know it deep in your heart and it bothers you. The world is silent just like the life is meaningless but people can only hear. *Sigh* anyways
30. Orochimaru’s journey is the one about accepting death. When he saw Karin released her chains while was trying to get to Sasuke he understood that the death is a part of human’s strength.
Can’t wait to feel that everything I wrote is wrong or not enough or stupid and obvious lol. Anyways, it’s something that I wanted to share until I move to some other fandom.
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canary3d-obsessed · 8 months ago
Restless Rewatch: The Untamed Episode 19, part two
(Masterpost) (Other Canary Stuff) (Previous Post)
Warning: Spoilers for All 50 Episodes!
Tumblr media
The Man Comes Around
Over at the Wen Indoctrination Tower, which seems to exist just to torture Lan Wangji with stair climbing, Lan Wangji is climbing the stairs. Too bad his cultivation level is too low to be able to just jump up. At least this time his leg isn't broken.
Tumblr media
This is the first vengeful stair-climb in the show, but not the last. (Parallel gifset here).
The Wen guards are stationed all the way at the pinnacle of this tower to guard...what? Why are they not at the bottom of the stairs? What is this location for, actually? This is further up the stairs than the scenes with the indoctrination lectures. Anyway, it's been three months since Wen Chao threw Wei Wuxian into the burial mounds, so naturally these guards are talking about that exact thing as Lan Wangji approaches.
Tumblr media
Lan Wangji knocks them all down with a blast from his guqin. Did you know his guqin is named Wangji, by the way? It is. A guy who is that lazy about naming his quqin maybe shouldn't feel so superior to a guy who named his sword "whatever." 
(I'm suddenly remembering a plush lamb I had as a child, whose eyes were orange, that I named "orange eyes.") (I, however, was three. And I had a lot of plush lambs. Little ones. Grown-ups found it hilarious to give them to me.) (Native speakers of English can probably guess what OP's real name is. Hint: it rhymes with Canary.) (Everybody else: there is a kid's rhyming song called Mary Had A Little Lamb. OP's name is Mary.)
Tumblr media
Anyhoo, after Lan Wangji is finally finished with his dramatic entrance, Jiang Cheng comes flying in from wherever he's been hovering for the past 20 minutes of stair time. A bunch of Lan sidekicks also flood into the frame from wherever they were hiding during the wide shots of LWJ on the staircase.
Tumblr media
In case you hope that CQL Lan Wangji is as much of a top (offscreen) as MZDS Lan Wangji is (on the page), here's a gif for you.
(more after the cut)
He uses the patented Lan string attack to choke this guard.  Lan Wangji doesn't have to hold a guqin string in his hands to choke someone with it. He doesn't even have to tighten it, judging by how absurdly not-tight this string is.
Tumblr media
Or maybe this guy is choking on the chin strap of his helmet. This is exactly how OP's son reacts when OP sticks a bike helmet on him. (Note: it's GOOD that they are following choking safety protocols on set. Very good. However, they could have just left the string out and pretended, and it would look better, in this instance)
The Wen guard tells Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng about the whole "thrown into the burial mounds" thing.  Team Let's Find Wei Wuxian is not happy to hear this.
Tumblr media
A Vengeful Ghost
Meanwhile, in some Wen office somewhere? Where the hell is this? Yiling, we get an ominous shot of the rooftops where Wei Wuxian is lurking and then we see Wang Lingjiao trying to sleep and having a nightmare.
Tumblr media
Wang Lingjiao has gone to sleep with a full face of makeup on instead of washing her face before bed. She has forgotten the important maxim, Go To Sleep Pretty, Wake Up Zitty.
She leaps out of bed to go cling to Wen Chao and freak out about Wei Wuxian's ghost. Wen Chao is trying to read the sports section and has clearly had enough of this crap. This has presumably been going on for a little while now.
Tumblr media
Wang Lingjiao is in a new outfit, which is...pajamas? It has the feel of a 1930's French peignoir set, and it's much more softly colored than her usual bright red-purple combo. If this is her pajamas is it weird that her day clothes are a lot more aggressively sexy-looking than her nightgown? A freak in the streets but a lady in the sheets.
Wen Chao rants about the Sunshot Campaign and talks some smack about Wen Qing, and then leaves to go to the bar and watch the game with Wen Zhuliu. After he leaves Wang Lingjiao freaks out for a bit and then looks at the notice he was reading.
The notice basically says that the Sunshot Campaign is kicking their ass. She should be proud for inspiring the name of the campaign with that kite-shooting bullshit she made up at Lotus Pier. Before slaughtering everyone.
Tumblr media
No Matter What You Do, I Only Want To Be With You
Back at the Indoctrination Tower, Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng are having feelings about Wei Wuxian. Jiang Chang does all the talking but Lan Wangji's thoughts are louder because a sad violin is playing Wangxian while they talk.
Jiang Cheng tells Lan Wangji about their meetup plan and says he thought WWX had dumped him to go find Lan Wangji in Lanling. Lan Wangji telepathically indicates that this didn’t happen. This means two things: 1. Lan Wangji has been hanging out in Lanling, where Jiang Yanli has been hanging out, so maybe they have bonded over the past 3 months and 2. This is the first time Jiang Cheng has talked to Lan Wangji since Wei Wuxian disappeared. 
Much as my fic-loving heart would like to believe these two spent three months on the road together looking for Wei Wuxian, in fact they are both important high-level fighters in an active military campaign, and Lan Wangji was busy taking back the Cloud Recesses while Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian were having elective surgery. They probably both were assigned to the "Indoctrination Bureau" mission and this is the first chance they've had to talk about Wei Wuxian.
Tumblr media
Is it heartbreaking that, while Wei Wuxian was helplessly getting his ass beat because he'd sacrificed his golden core for Jiang Cheng, Jiang Cheng believed Wei Wuxian had abandoned him for Lan Wangji? Yes. Yes it is.
For some reason Jiang Cheng is hesitant to believe that Wei Wuxian really was thrown into the Burial Mounds. I mean, I understand not wanting to believe Wei Wuxian is dead, but given that Wen Chao is the dude who oversaw the massacre of all of the people at Lotus Pier, including kids, why would Jiang Cheng think his guards are wrong? Maybe he just feels like Wei Wuxian is invincible, since so far he kinda has been. 
The Sword is Mightier Than Not Having a Sword
Tumblr media
While they've been chatting, the Lan disciples have found their swords. One disciple is holding Bichen (LWJ's sword), Sandu (JC's sword), and OP consults wiki Suihua (Jin Zixuan's sword). Another disciple is holding Subian (WWX's sword).  
Tumblr media
Jiang Cheng grabs Sandu while the Lan disciples, who apparently know their gongzi’s heart, offer Wei Wuxian's sword to Lan Wangji. 
Lan Wangji takes Subian (Bichen: What am I, chopped watercress?) and immediately tries to draw it. Like you don't do. It's sealed itself, which apparently means that it's upset. It's unclear if it's upset because Wei Wuxian is dead or if it just misses him, however.  
Lan Wangji definitely misses him, and wonders, out loud inside his own head, where Wei Wuxian is. Um, he's in the Burial Mounds, dude, they just told you. Well, I guess he's actually in Yiling proper at this point, haunting Wang Lingjiao as he promised her he would.
Tumblr media
Twa Corbies
The scene shifts to Qinghe, where there are about 12 dead bodies lying around, which in this show means that there are really a few hundred. In fact, per Jiang Yanli's statement "nothing can be seen but corpses covering the plains." The camera can't see most of them, is all.
Wen Xu's head is hanging in the doorway, and the Jins talk about how Nie Mingjue killed him, cutting his head off with just one swing. Is this foreshadowing anything, like perhaps someone else's head being cut off by Baxia in just one swing? Nope, definitely not.
A couple of crows are perched on a body, totally not eating it, but Jin Zixuan gallantly zaps them with a talisman to make them fly away anyway.  It might be noteworthy that nobody used to use talismans but gradually more and more people are using them - particularly people who have spent time with Wei Wuxian.
Tumblr media
With mony a lock of his golden hair-o, we’ll theek our nest when it grows bare-o
Asshole cousin Jin Zixun says “scavenger rights,” so Jin Zixuan puts him in charge of collecting all the bodies. 
Since OP just finished watching fur-collar-happy Nirvana in Fire, these crows look to me like they are wearing luxurious fur collars. Where OP lives, crows are not this fancy. 
A Romantic Corpse-Filled Interlude
Tumblr media
Disaster het Jin Zixuan goes to help Jiang Yanli get out of the carriage but she rejects his hand just like he rejected hers back in Gusu.
Tumblr media
Jiang Yanli is extremely shocked when she sees Wen Xu's severed head, and turns away in horror, preferring to calmly rest her eyes on dozens of crow-pecked corpses.
Jin Zixuan tries to comfort her and she tells him she'll be going now, thanks for the hospitality. He tries to say that he has to personally deliver her to a representative of the patriarchy one of her brothers, but then one of her brothers shows up.
Tumblr media
Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng arrive, having presumably flown there from Qishan. They show that they are flying by blowing a fan on the ground and then jumping off of a box, which is better than the effects we were subjected to earlier in the episode.
Tumblr media
Jiang Cheng rushes over to have an emotional reunion with Jiang Yanli, while Lan Wangji rushes over to have an emotional reunion with Wen Xu’s severed head. Jin Zixuan kind of spoils it for him by talking about Wei Wuxian's absence while Lan Wangji is trying to have a moment.
Tumblr media
The whole time Jin Zixuan is talking to him, Lan Wangji appears to be gazing into the middle distance but in fact he is staring at Wen Xu's severed head. This is the guy who led the burning of Cloud Recesses, killed a bunch of disciples, and personally broke Lan Wangji's leg. Lan Wangji stares at his head for more than a full minute before glancing away.
Tumblr media
Jiang Yanli hasn't seen Jiang Cheng since they were in Wen Qing's clinic, and she is happy he's recovered. When she asks about Wei Wuxian he gives her the bad news in the classic Jiang fashion, which is to say nothing, but look stricken until your interlocutor figures out that something is horribly wrong, but not precisely what.
Four Angry Men
Tumblr media
Inside the fortress, Nie Mingjue is slapping the table and saying, this bad boy can hold so much resentment and vengeance. They're having a mini war council and we're getting a better sense of Nie Mingjue's anger management problem. Note for those who don't get the gif reference: this is a The Godfather joke, not a sex joke, but it can be both, if you like.
Tumblr media
We're also getting a little more info about Baxia, who seems to be eager to go fight even without anyone wielding it. (Her? Him? Them? do swords have gender? I don't know). Well done, person below the camera frame whose job is to rattle Baxia in a menacing manner.
They've got a giant model of the battle targets, which looks like it was carved out of real rock (I mean, as much as any of the rocks on this show look like real rocks) and has its own table and everything, decorated in Nie colors. Where was this before they took Qinghe back? Has Nie Mingjue been traveling with it? 
Tumblr media
Anyway, I'm assuming Nie Huaisang made it, because it's pretty nice. Hopefully they will keep it around for tabletop gaming after the war is over.
Jiang Cheng is upset but is using his anger management mantra to help control his temper while Jin Zixuan and Lan Wangji talk with Nie Mingjue. 
Tumblr media
Lan Wangji talks by leaning forward meaningfully, mostly not by using any words, but he asks for a battle assignment and Jiang Cheng immediately joins in. They both want to go find Wei Wuxian. 
Tumblr media
Nie Mingjue says Yiling is too difficult of a target, but Lan Wangji puts on his determined face, which is apparently very persuasive.  
After Team Find Wei Wuxian leaves, Nie Mingjue asks Jin Zixuan to hang back so he can ask him how Meng Yao is doing. This is the first time he finds out that his ex didn't go to Lanling. Jin Zixuan tries to delicately remind him that Dad's got, like, SO many bastard children, they really don't have space for all of them. Nie Mingjue dismisses him immediately and abruptly. 
Tumblr media
Nie Mingjue might invite the straights to his party but he isn't interested in actually socializing with them.
Unconditional Soup is Only for A-Xian
Jiang Cheng can't sleep, and takes some time, now, to be sad about Wei Wuxian. Presumably he spent the prior 3 months being mad, not sad, because he really thought he just buggered off without saying anything for all that time. Which is sort of fair, but sort of not. One thing about these two bros is that for as close as they have been and as much as they love each other, their mutual understanding has some big, messy gaps.
Tumblr media
Fortunately while he is feeling sad, Jiang Cheng does not try to draw Subian from its sheath, because wouldn't THAT be awkward.
Tumblr media
Jiang Yanli can't sleep either, and comes to sit with him. Jiang Cheng feels bad that she's wearing herself out with worry and she says "As your sister, I have nothing to do but to worry about you." Jiang Yanli isn't one to complain but she doesn't like being inactive or helpless. In Lanling she was far from the war, but now that she's in Qinghe she'll make herself useful by tending the wounded, and later she'll help Jiang Cheng shoulder his responsibilities as he takes over the Jiang clan.
Tumblr media
At the moment, however, all she can do is fret and make soup. As she gives Jiang Cheng a bowlful she reminds him that he absolutely has to rescue their brother who has, according to his captors, been reduced to bone dust.
Tumblr media
With all the impossible shit that Jiang Cheng is expected to achieve - and in many instances, does achieve - he is absolutely the embodiment of the Jiang Clan's motto. Fuck his father for disrespecting him because he hadn't figured out how to do everything by the age of 16.
Definitely Not Chilling in Yiling
Back in Yiling, Wen Chao is hearing the news that the Qishan Indoctrination Bureau has fallen and that he's being called back to Nightless City. Wen Chao says he shouldn't need to go back because his dad has a new right-hand man. That new right-hand man, we will eventually learn, is Meng Yao. Wang Lingjiao, meanwhile, is hiding under the bed covers and deciding it's time to dump Wen Chao.
Tumblr media
She locks the door and goes to pull out her jewelry box, which is locked and hidden under the bed. Maybe this is Wen Chao's jewelry box, because she acts kind of squirrely about opening it. Upon opening the jewelry box, she doesn't find jewelry but a pair of bloody fake eyeballs staring at her.  She screams and freaks out and then the wind picks up and we hear the sound of a flute, playing the "I'm here to fuck your shit up" tune that Wei Wuxian likes.
Wang Lingjiao runs to the door and pulls down the protection talisman that's pasted above it, and pastes it directly to her chest instead, which is, we will learn in the next episode, the worst idea she could possibly have at this point.
Tumblr media
Then she uses a poking stick to go flip the jewelry box open and finds it's full of ugly-ass jewelry again, plus an improbable number of weird round paper-mache biscuits that have been painted gold. None of this jewelry looks anything like the exquisite accessories people wear in this show, which means this stash was put together by the practical effects department, not by the costume department.
Tumblr media
Anyway, Wang Lingjiao apparently thinks she can sell this fakeass stuff for a good price, so more power to her. But then we get a short glimpse of the menacing eyeballs again, this time on the floor, having moved out of the box and brought their little blood pool with them. Screeching ensues.
Next episode: Lady in Red!
Soundtrack: Twa Corbies, by Steeleye Span
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tickly-trashcan · 5 months ago
Workplace Shenanigans {Childe and Scaramouche}
Tumblr media
A/N: i’ve already joked about his name enough so I won’t do it again here lol. thank you so much for the request! It was a joy to write for Scaramouche (my beloved) especially with him as the lee! Now i mention his weapon and element in this but honestly? no clue what it’s going to end up being, so if it’s inaccurate later please don’t hate me lol. I also mentioned like,, one extra harbinger that was on the wiki but i have no idea who they are lol. Hope you enjoy!
Summary: During a meeting with the Eleven Harbingers, Childe begins to bug Scaramouche, and soon ends up discovering something new about him.
Word Count: 1.7k (under the cut)
The Harbingers. Some of the most feared people in all of Teyvat, they ruled the Fatui, an organization that frightened the land. They were under the guidance of the Tsaritsa, and it was very rare for all eleven to be in one room at the same time. This just happened to be one of those times.
These meetings were held every so often, and it was when every Harbinger would come to their headquarters in Snezhnaya to discuss their own country and those around it. It wasn’t necessarily a “top secret” meeting, but the Harbingers did like to keep it under wraps, only a few of the other top-ranking officers being aware of when it was held.
“...which is why we should make our move right now,” Signora finished, crossing her arms from where she stood in the room, and Dottore chuckled.
“I agree we should make our move but aren’t your ideas quite a bit… oh, I don’t know, brainless?”
This sparked an argument, and several of the Harbingers took sides and began to quarrel over the plan Signora had proposed. Scaramouche stood in the corner, taking in the sight of his fellow Harbingers arguing and fighting, and grinned. 
He never enjoyed his fellow Harbingers, especially the newest one, so seeing all of them bicker and argue with each other made him feel somewhat content.
That feeling was ruined, however, when a certain redhead started whispering for his attention.
“Psst, Mouchie,” Childe whispered as Scaramouche felt a vein pop in his forehead.
“Shut. Up.”
“Don’t be like that, Mouchie!” Childe whined, taking a few side steps closer to Scaramouche, who took the same amount of steps away from him.
“Don’t call me that,” Scaramouche hissed, and Childe only chuckled.
“What do you think of the plan? Think we should go with Signora’s idea?”
Scaramouche rolled his eyes, folding his arms across his chest as he avoided eye contact with Childe.
“It’s exactly as Dottore said, her idea is effective but it would be too costly to our members. We need to come up with something more strategic,” He said simply, not noticing Childe step closer to him again until he felt a bump at his hat.
He looked up at Childe angrily, who chuckled nervously.
Scaramouche grumbled. He really hated Childe, no one else in the Fatui organization pissed him off as much as he did. He was obnoxious, loud, and most of all, arrogant. Scaramouche couldn’t stand guys like him.
“I think the plan is just fine the way it is, but I don’t have the best strategic ideas.”
“Oh, we know,” Scaramouche said, venom dripping from his words as Childe looked at him.
“Why do you not like me? ...Is it because I’m taller than you?”
“Shut up!” Scaramouche yelled, kicking Childe’s shins angrily. Childe hissed in pain, those weird sandals he wore really hurt.
The other Harbingers were too busy arguing amongst themselves to notice Childe and Scaramouche’s own bickering as Childe nudged Scaramouche’s side to try and get his attention when he started ignoring him.
He definitely wasn’t expecting Scaramouche to suddenly squeak, immediately drawing Childe’s attention. Scaramouche felt his heart drop as he looked up at the taller Harbinger, who currently wore a look of mischief. Oh gods…
“I will fucking destroy you,” Scaramouche threatened, but Childe didn’t even listen. He had just discovered what Scaramouche had been hiding ever since he was young and he had that horrible look in his eyes that warned Scaramouche what was coming.
“Well, if we can’t come to an agreement, I suppose we just need to wait a bit longer. Meeting adjourned.”
The Harbingers grumbled and began to file out of the room, Scaramouche taking one more look at Childe before darting in front of the others.
Childe chased after him, the other Harbingers not really knowing what to do as they continued to walk out of the room, watching Childe run after Scaramouche.
“Stay away from me you stupid oaf!” He yelled back, looking over his shoulder. As he looked he noticed that Childe was closer than he was before, and his stomach did a flip of fear. There was no way this was happening…
He turned in the hallway, hoping he might be able to get out through a back entrance of sorts. He had never been down this hallway before, so if push came to shove he could just hide.
He definitely wasn’t expecting the hallway to be a complete dead end. He panicked, turning back around to see Childe standing right in front of him. Panting from the running, he grabbed out his catalyst and held a hand in front of him, glaring at Childe.
“If you touch me, you die,” He muttered, his voice dark as Childe cocked his head to the side in faux confusion.
“Why would I want to touch you? I just wanted to ask you something,” Childe said innocently. Scaramouche wasn’t falling for the Harbinger’s bullshit, he kept his guard up as electricity sparked from his catalyst. Childe held up his hands, waving them a bit and whoaing Scaramouche.
“Whoa, I’m serious! I just need to ask you something!”
Scaramouche narrowed his eyes, hesitantly tucking his catalyst behind him as he folded his arms across his chest. Childe lowered his hands and sighed, looking down at Scaramouche with a small smile on his face.
“What did you want to ask?”
Childe smirked. “Are you ticklish?”
Scaramouche’s eyes widened as he reached for his catalyst again.
“I’m not ticklish!” He shouted, but before he could grab his catalyst or run away, Childe was already on top of him, knocking the shorter man over as his oversized hat fell to the side.
He was about to protest again, opening his mouth to say something but all that came out was a surprised squeal as he quickly slapped a hand over his mouth, glaring at Childe who had just squeezed his ribcage.
Childe didn’t hesitate, digging his fingers into Scaramouche’s ribs as he gasped, quickly biting his lip and holding back his laugh. 
“What’s wrong, Mouchie? Does this tickle?” Childe teased, and Scaramouche had never wanted to punch him as bad as he did now.
“I-I already tohold you not to call me thahat!” Scaramouche said, a few stray giggles escaping his lips as he spoke. Childe grinned smugly and Scaramouche used one hand to try and slap him, Childe easily dodging.
Scaramouche continued to try and hit Childe, a few blows landing on either his chest or his face, but apparently Childe didn’t care because it definitely didn’t stop him from trying to draw out laughter from Scaramouche.
“GAHa!” Scaramouche suddenly gasped out after Childe dug his hands under Scaramouche’s exposed underarms. He clamped his arms down, halting his hitting and uncovering his mouth as he started to giggle, kicking his legs as Childe laughed.
“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you laugh, this is priceless!”
“Fuhuhuhuhuck off!”
“Aww, don’t be like that Mouchie!”
Scaramouche hated this. He hated Childe, he hated being tickled, he hated his laugh, he hated being teased, he hated everything. If one of the other Harbingers saw him like this he didn’t know if he’d be able to continue working there out of pure humiliation, and he wanted nothing more than to punt Childe into Celestia for the cocky grin he had on his face as he continued to draw laughter out of Scaramouche.
He finally pulled away from Scaramouche’s underarms, now scribbling his fingers over his tummy as Scaramouche screeched, banging his fists against Childe again as he continued to squirm and kick, wanting this horrible thing to just end. 
“Are you ticklish here too? How come I never knew about this, I thought we were comrades!”
“Comrade my ahahahAHAHASS!” Scaramouche yelled, kicking up his knee and nailing Childe hard in the gut.
“Ow! Okay, you asked for it!” Childe jeered, grabbing Scaramouche’s leg and squeezing his knee. Scaramouche spasmed, squeaking like a small child and pulling his leg away, punching Childe’s shoulder as he glared at him.
“Dohohohon’t you fucking dahahare!”
“Why not~?”
“You knohohohow why, asshohohole!”
Childe didn’t listen to Scaramouche, and instead reached down and grabbed both of his knees, Scaramouche looking up at him instantly in fear, a look Childe had never seen the short Harbinger express.
He squeezed his knees and Scaramouche practically screamed, kicking his legs around as frantic, loud cackles poured from his lips. Childe whistled as Scaramouche shook his head back and forth, arching his back as he tried to pull his legs away from Childe, but he managed to hold on and continue squeezing his knees. 
Childe readjusted himself, putting Scaramouche’s legs in a leglock so he couldn’t kick them as he wailed, still attempting to kick as Childe scratched below his knees, making Scaramouche howl.
“Man, you’re lucky I was the one who found out and not Signora,” Childe said randomly, chatting up Scaramouche like he wasn’t tickling him half to death. Scaramouche shuddered at the thought of Signora finding out he was ticklish. She had no idea of mercy, and she was almost, if not more, sadistic than Scaramouche.
“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. It’ll be our little secret!” Childe said brightly, which only pissed Scaramouche off more as he continued to laugh loudly, his face bright pink and tears starting to well up in his eyes as Childe kept up the work on one of his worst spots.
“I hahahahate you!”
“Yeah, I kinda knew that already,” Childe said simply, pinching the sides of Scaramouche’s knees as he threw his head back uselessly, cackling wildly as he tried to kick and flail.
Scaramouche’s laughter went silent, save for a few squeaks. Childe looked over at him and noticed how red his face was. He halted his hands and pulled away from Scaramouche, standing up as Scaramouche flopped against the floor, panting heavily as he greedily took in all of his lost air. 
Childe retrieved Scaramouche’s hat for him, handing it to him but Scaramouche didn’t even have the energy to grab it from him. Childe shrugged and put it on top of his face, whistling as he started to walk away.
“I-I’ll make you pahay for that,” Scaramouche threatened, still giggling and blushing from the whole ordeal. Childe grinned, turning back to see Scaramouche sitting up and adjusting his hat on his head.
“I’m sure you will.”
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Serious Business
{Ango x fem!Reader One-Shot}
Fluffy and SFW, but you need to know his ability (which hasn’t been revealed in the anime yet) ok, fine, I’ll copy paste his ability from the wiki because I love you 
Ango’s Ability: For those of you not in the know :) Discourse on Decadence (堕落論, Daraku-ron?) is an ability that allows the user to read the memories left in things, a memory extraction ability.
This was originally supposed to be part of the part two of the “BSD falling in love with reader” post that I did. That is still coming! I will post it tomorrow once I finish writing the ones for Mushitarou and Jouno! But until then, take this. I got super into this one, and it turned out much longer than the others in the post, so I just decided to post it separately. I know it says this is a one-shot, but it’s split up like a headcanon post; I’m sorry, that’s just how I space things out, but it’s more of a one-shot than a group of separate ideas like a headcanon would be. I hope you enjoy, and be looking out for my next post tomorrow if you’re interested! 
Tumblr media
+ Ango knew he was doomed. He knew as soon as he had known you for a week that he was going to fall desperately in love with you. He had an eye for these things, for the things that would cause him a lot of grief
+ He didn't know what he expected, though. He had always suspected he would fall in love with someone who was driven, understanding, and focused
+ You just had to be all of those things, and more. When Ango wasn't busy with his dramatic inner monologue, telling him to get far away from you if he ever wanted to finish this paperwork, or that form, he was occupied with the unconscious thoughts one often thinks about when one is in love
+ What sort of flowers you liked, your favorite scent, and how often you thought of him, if at all... But he also thought of things that he would be surprised to find out that only he thought of, things like how you separate your laundry before washing your clothes, if you had any points on your license, or what you did to fall asleep at night when you felt restless
+ He cared about all of these things, and more. He wasn't immune to the more intimate thoughts, either, but always felt guilty for them, as the two of you had worked together in the same department, after all
+ But all of this was the little leagues compared to what he would need to endure next: A diner party invitation. Addressed to him. Hosted by you. Given to him by you. 
+ His mind raced, question after question was raised in his head. How many people will be there? I'm too nosey to be at her house and not use my ability to snoop, is the guy from accounting gonna be there? Damn she looks good in that dress; What if she has a dog or a cat? Will I have to pretend not to be allergic?
+ Ango was very often disappointed in himself, but after these thoughts raced through his head, he found himself also upset with how weak he perceived himself to be. He really can't just get over this one little crush on you? Was he really that much of a slave to the idea of you that one pretty outfit or conversation with you could send him into a state of frenzied anxiety?
+ Re-dedicating himself to his idea of how he aught to think and behave, he took the invitation, thanked you for it and assured you that he would be there, and sat back at his desk where he sat at an awkward and somewhat painful angle the rest of the day as to not have to look at you sitting at your desk, that was (for better or for worse) positioned across from his own 
+ The night of the diner party came, and Ango tried his best not to put any extra effort into how he looked. He wasn't trying to impress you, after all. If he was trying to impress anyone, it would be his boss, but something told him that his boss wasn't more likely to pay attention to him if he wore nice cologne 
+ His feet slightly dragging as he walked up the steps to your door, the sounds of the other guests already audible, Ango obsessively told himself not to do what he wanted to do the most: use his ability to invade your privacy; to learn things about you that he didn't deserve to know unless he took the time. But he couldn't take the time. That's what he was telling himself
 + You answered the door and welcomed him in. Ango handed you the bottle of wine he had brought, grateful that you didn't have an ability that would allow you to see how long it took him to pick one out that sent a strictly platonic message
+ The evening went by, and it was less difficult than he had suspected. After all, you did have a way of distracting him from his worries, and even though he would be kicking himself a couple of hours from now for how much he let himself talk to you, he couldn't help but enjoy how bright your smile was; even brighter, it seemed, when you were smiling at something he said
+ After the meal was over, he and the other party guests moved into the sitting room
+ Ango got quite the scare when he saw how many decorative items and memorabilia were decorating this room, unsure how he would keep himself from getting a closer look at these items, most of which were most obviously antiques, which he was a sucker for 
+ Not knowing where to look, and feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff in here that he was eager to know everything about, he felt a pair of eyes on him 
+ Your smiling eyes took him out of his reverie, as you walked towards him. When you reached his side, you didn't speak right away. Instead, you looked up at the wall the two of you were facing
+ He looked too, and found almost immediately something that made his heart leap
+ A picture of you, him, and two others from your department that was taken at a company bowling night
 + He had had a really great time that night, and he didn't know anyone had taken a picture. Well, that much was obvious, as he would never let a picture be taken of him looking at you like that. Like you were the world to him. Like he was in love with you.
+ Hot embarrassment rushed to his ears; he was ashamed that he had been caught looking at you like that through a camera, and that it was now hanging on your wall in your living room. His lips slightly parted, he turned to you, his eyes apologizing to you for something he couldn't articulate
+ But you just giggled
+ "That was my first week at the Special Division. I had so much fun! It's a night I want to remember forever, so I hope you don't mind, but it's earned a spot on my wall!"
+ Ango, still unable to speak, looked back at the photo. What you said next hit him like a wave
+ "I know it's corny, but I'm ridiculously sentimental"
+ The wave was enough to wash him away; he was in love. He accepted it, and stopped trying to fight it. His reservations and fears gone, he spent the rest of the night as well as the next few days earnestly trying to court you, to make sure you were his
+ His ability proved not to be needed, as the very fact that the picture was hanging on your wall was proof enough of your affection for him
+ But if he had taken that picture down that night, if he had used his ability to see what secrets it held, he would find nothing but the tender memory of you gently placing the picture in the frame, as well as all of the time you spent looking at it, specifically at him, warmly smiling.
[Obligatory Mayoi Card For Making it This Far] -under the cut-
Tumblr media
This is my favorite Ango card! Look at how cute he looks omg. Wow, Have I made it this far without saying how much I love Ango!? Cause I do, I’m crazy for this man and I resonate so hard with his story, his ability, and his whole deal. I also just think he’s hot lol. Before I convinced all my friends to stan him like I do, I was afraid to say it, but now I don’t care. HE’S A SMOKIN HOT PIECE. Thank you, goodnight.
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dadzathechaosgod · 8 months ago
Favourite Stream Moments!
Streamed by Philza on Twitch on Sunday 10th of January 
Dream smp
Time to (attempt to) revive wilbur!
eret has a plan but phil does not know what that plan is exactly
tommy is messaging him lmao
he does not appear to be aware that phil is streaming lol
phil both hates and loves the different pogchamps
there’s another enderman and a bunny in a boat now
lmao ranboo got that god-sword from tftsmp but it’s actually exactly the same as his usual sword
Lmao ghostbur keeps falling down the hole of l’manberg
phil is suggesting that the friend that died during doomsday, which was actually gifted by dream, might’ve been a fake friend lmao
“are you saying that the dream smp is full of unreliable narrators?”
phil is still figuring out the perfect angle to trident pearl to l’manberg
“is this friend?” *is a literal polar bear*
“cows are just like sheep but bad”
“you cant dye a chicken blue, and i’ve tried”
“i’m pretty good at opening cans! i bite them with my teeth”
(i’m not mentioning who is saying these but i bet yall can figure it out)
“swiss multitool wilbur”
“you just ram my face into a bottle and eventually it’ll open”
“can i go inside the prison?” “i don’t think you want to go inside the prison”
“i’ve never been inside the prison” “i have, it’s terrifying” mood ranboo
rip wilbur never got a funeral, as opposed to schlatt
“not yet, phil, not yet” -after phil accidentally tridents wilbur
also there’s brewingstands and tnt
ghostbur remembers his death really clearly and is suggesting reciting the exact same words
tommy is here rip
ghostbur assigned ranboo the role of tubbo, and eret is eret
wilbur can’t concentrate because tommy is here
“there’s a part here and sad-ist animated it”
oof the lines
chat is just all o7
ghostbur went from reciting his lines to coldplay lyrics back to his lines
rub it in that eret was the traitor will ya wilbur
ghostbur did not actually like the sword and is delaying it lol
tommy is only now finding out they’re resurrecting wilbur today lmao
also ghostbur doesn’t want to go awww
now he’s asking tommy if he wants wilbur back
phil did it.
ghostbur is gone???
phil is only now mentioning the books that talk about totems
tommy is mad at phil now
ghostbur is back but he’s still ghostbur
tubbo is here now?
ranboo lost his role now aww
ghostbur is now gghostbur, aka double ghost, and is very mad at that
there were two people in  the dark where gghostbur went before he came back???
(alivebur and schlatt?)
option b: totem of undying pog?
none of them have one
gghostbur is willing to go back to the void bc the people there are lovely apparently
techno has a totem :eyes:
“i dont think i’ve ever seen a salmon and not eaten it” WILBUR NO
they’re looking for friend now before they’re gonna rob techno
ghostbur will just get another g at the front of his name every time he dies lol
phil is concerned about the people ghostbur saw
“when i see people it doesn’t go well, just in general” MOOD RANBOO
phil still really has no idea where anything is on the server lmao
wilbur just left the game???
they found friend!
ghostbur is still gone tho
phil complained about the ruins on the server and ranboo is just like “well one of those is your fault”
lets play the game called “is this pc-issues or actual roleplay” again
uh oh fundy is asking what they’re doing
“wilbur’s router is now canon, it’s got to have it’s own wiki page, it’s got two canon lives left”
fundy is here now uh oh
tubbo is pillaging l’manhole for granite???
gghostbur is back!
it is indeed friend!!
time to speedrun murdering gghostbur and resurrecting wilbur
gghostbur is now just butchering the “it was never meant to be” in all ways possible lmao
and now to not pull friend off a cliff
they don’t actually know if friend has infinite canon lives?
“but we’re all reliable narrators here”
fourth wall? what fourth wall
“im not even sure if the button works! strokey strokey~”
he does not want to go back lmao
ranboo doesn’t actually know schlatt lmao
ah it’s ggghostbur rip
ggghostbur is sick and tired of this not working
they’re going for the totem option
tubbo suggested the outpost but it doesn’t actually work on easy
glatt is still in vc lmaooo
ohhh glattbur is happening already lmao
ggghostbur blacks out when glatt speaks
they really need the totem
glatt is just occasionally popping in lmao
is it ggglattbur now?
now they’re theorising about who the third person is
as does chat the entire time already lol
“a voice from the heavens?” tubbo isn’t physically here lmao, apparently he’s skyping eret
fundy thinks it might be alivebur
chat is now spamming MEXICAN GLATTBUR which, imagine those three locked in a room together
they’re gonna research some more now?
fundy is gonna get started on full metal alchemist lmaooo
fundy and ranboo are telling eret to hang up on tubbo lmaooo
fundy threw away eret’s “phone” lmaooo
rip tubbo
ranboo and phil are heading back, eret is following them, fundy is not following them
“just gonna head to the gas station real quick” “i’ll see you tomorrow?” “yeahhhhh”
ranboo is gonna get a map because he’s already been to the one techno went to, so it should give him a different one
“i believe this is my first time here” “ do you feel about government, eret?”
“what do you think is the best way to run a country? “uhh, mild anarchy” “aren’t you a king?” “uh yes, that’s why it’s mild.” “L E A V E. N O K I N G”
eret took his crown off but his sunglasses are gone as well and it’s actually just more creepy
chat is spamming eretbrine
“at least i can look at him for a longer time” you go lore boy
heavy plot is over now, but they’re still gonna get a totem today, then reschedule for a new attempt at resurrection pog
phil tried to play it dumb when meeting schlatt bc he’s not supposed to know him but he kept (almost) losing it lmaoooo
he’s already lost 10k lol we havent even started yet
“yeah welcome to the stream guys”
he’s actually gonna email his partner manager again if it’s still allowed
only an additional 5k lost lmao
oh tubbo is in vc again
phil was like “my voices demanded something”and tubbo immediately went “IS IT BLEND W” lmao mood
rip tubbo is gone crab rave
oh there’s a new cowpen?
totem time??
he’s begging for someone to stream with him
phil is like just dm me dude
he logged off again but he’s in vc lol
“silence government”
“you guys found orphan’s parents” lmaooo
techno messaged dream “hey what's going on with the plot” and got left on read lmoa
he’s just gonna do his own arc and it’s not his problem if it doesn’t match with anyone else
phil is suggesting he join them today
techno is going “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and is not prepared to start streaming rn lol
the struggle of content vs not wanting to stream so last minute
“this is no peer pressure, chat is not manifesting a techno stream”
also it’d be like half a stream at this point
time to trade paper to unlock the map!
lol phil placed down water so he could trident and ranboo was so confused for a bit
three phones have canonically died so far
...why does phil have four buckets of water on him?
rip someone tried the 5,55 dono but alerts are muted bc talking to other people
chat is spamming technosupport because they don’t actually want to pressure him into streaming if he doesn’t want to awww
phil and ranboo talking about schlatt (glatt) and having to pretend they don’t actually know him
it’s a different mansion pog
time to take a portal on the netherroof and see where it pops them out again
lmaooo ranboo make a flint and steel with unbreaking and mending for the mr beast challenge
phil is losing his mind at that a lil bit
chat is spamming unus annus?
tubbo is blasting copyrighted music and making a “disaster basement”???
and is attempting to craft weakness potions
eret and tubbo have been attempting to get a map as well?
tubbo said to come to snowchester and phil and ranboo are like “bruh we’re gonna use nether travel”
tubbo thinks that’s very unfair, but ranboo has a good point in that he would probably died if they went over the overworld
ponk blew up a part of the nether before the mr beast challenge started and didn’t even stream while doing it lmao
tubbo is going on a villain arc this journey?
phil zooming in on his face lol
SUB ONLY POG there was too much spam lmao
tubbo is in a Mood lol
“the way this journey is going i might have my first canon kill” lmaooo ranboo is so done with tubbo already
jack manifold is online as well but they’re ignoring him because he’s too far away and they’re not going back again
tubbo asking if they could trident in the nether if their characters could pee
“this canon kill is just getting closer and closer”
phil is about to kick tubbo out the car
“chat are you seeing why tubbo got kicked out the car???”
first portal attempt
eret and tubbo went through first and ranboo immediately went “run phil run”
phil actually ran the wrong direction in an attempt to escape tubbo lmao
ranboo and tubbo need to save michael? who’s that
“he’s not a hostage, he’s an old friend” w h a t
how are they all faster than tubbo???
they’re making short jokes now lmao tubbo’s legs aren’t long enough
he’s falling even further behind
it’s far out, but still not as far as when tubbo and phil went to 69k
portal attempt number two
too far north, but that’s actually useful
eret gave tubbo some enderpearls aww
ad time because this is just running lmao
lol he actually got a bunch of primes out of that
oof apparently you can do sub only streams? which, did not go down well when twitch added it
lmao tubbo is dropping frames because he doesn’t have optifine lololol
attempt number 3
ranboo threatening tubbo with two swords meanwhile phil is trying to figure out where the location is
tubbo just now figuring out that riptide uses durability and that his trident has mending, which is why he didn’t notice
tubbo complaining about phil’s latest video but it’s a 1/10 so phil won’t change it
hardened clay
phil is putting everyone who thought that was funny up for adoption
lmao tubbo punched ranboo but he has thorns so now tubbo is further behind again
they spend a lot of money on phones bc they keep dumping them in water lmao
still far away rip
eret lost them for a bit oof
tubbo isn’t allowed to go get snacks and phil is threatening to turn the car around if ranboo doesn’t share his gummy worms
ohhh ranboo could see the dot because phil was holding his map in the overworld?
chat is spamming “are we there yet”
tubbo has started as well
“alright that’s it canon kill come over here tubbo” RANBOO LMAOOOO
phil cleared it up: no canon deaths happened during doomsday (aside from like, l’manberg itself) none were written into the script.
they’ve found TWO badlands but still haven’t found the mansion lmaoo
why does ranboo have two five pounds bags of gummy bears and they’re all the same flavour?
they’re at the different corner of the map again?
they’re walking the rest of the road, with a checkpoint for tubbo now because he doesn’t have feather falling f
tubbo checkpoints!
pog the maps are synced up so ranboo can see where phil is
server crash rip?
jack came to ask who he could blame for the server crash lmao
“hypixel time”
time to ping sam/dream (bad isn’t online)
or calalhan pog?
apparently unity saved tubbo’s stuff?
“i broke the car” lmaooo
it’s back!
tubbo found his things!
ranboo found a tol boi mushroom pog
“there might be a problem but i’m not gonna say it until there’s  an actual problem
tubbo is still finding his stuff lmao
the rest are taking the mansion!
tubbo’s stuff is like right outside the mansion at least
eret found his stuff!
phil yoinking the bookshelves now lmao
he’s got several totems, as do eret and ranboo?
sam came on to express his surprise that the server isn’t dead
jack manifold revived it just like he brought back himself
phil set the illager statue on fire lmaoo
chat is spamming ARSON
phil checking ceiling chests (which have a chance of spawning god apples)
lmao the rest have discovered the fire
phil is now just setting everything on fire
phil’s flint and steel ran out so now they’re just watching the mansion go up in flames
“we didn’t start the fire, except we did”
it’s actually kinda impressive how fast the mansion is just,,, gone
tubbo is wailing in despair now
eret loves how phil just laughs in the background sometimes
(same dude)
quick obs reset so the stream doesn’t lag anymore rip
dad is back pogchamp!
tubbo attempted to put him on fire in revenge
there’s a village just right next door lmao
they’re completely wiping out the mansion
lmaooo the god apple is going to dream because he still owes him one for the trident phil got from him
it’s still so funny bc fundy had to pay eleven netherite ingots that exact same moment meanwhile phil just had to give him a god apple if he ever came across one
the map just not shows all cobble lmaooo
“okay the village is gone, anyway…”
eret is just watching bunnies jumping to their death?
nobody noted down the coords form the portal lmaoooo
tubbo knows but won’t say bc he’s having a villain arc
“the forst nearby is just in flames” “yeah i wonder who that could’ve been, it can’t have been me” eret why lmao
it’s all tubbo’s fault now
ohh imagine if techno had set up the stasis chamber with phil lmao
he would’ve been home by now
tubbo claims to have broken the portal and outsmarted all of them
ranboo is really looking forward to the canon kill lmao
phil found the portal!
tubbo is lagging lmao, he’s standing in lava and not burning
tubbo broke the portal on the netherroof lmao
they made it out lmao
it’s kinda awkward now
the map is so cursed now, it’s just cobble and some lines from the village roads
it actually looks frustratingly GOOD
phil used to have hair this length and it’s visible in the way he side sweeps it lmaoo
“wigs or we riot”
tubbo’s chat is constantly in riot
bonezone is enabled in phil’s chat!
it’s up there with catJam
tubbo almost said how many youtooz he sold but he’s not allowed to do that so he’s dm-ing phil now
tubbo is threatening to buy a ferrari
phil is remembering why he cut his hair lmao
15k subs long haired phil pics?
they’re back at the nether hub and want to go home but tubbo refuses to let them until they know how much a ferrari costs
chat is suggested maid dress lmao
...tubbo just asked them how old he is
phil’s screen is glitching out rip
it won’t go out from his full facecam
okay it’s fixed pog
phil is gonna round up his stream, ranboo is gonna go for another woodland mansion pog?
okay he figured out why it was scuffed
“long hair, don’t care”
wilbur resurrection next stream pog?
he lost 30k poggg lets go raid ranboo!
“he says it’s gonna be easy and not take long at all, d o u  b t”
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samnook · 8 months ago
general shit
➵ the first thing meg did when the two groups met was bully tommy for being a child
➵ needless to say he was not happy™
➵ caligula: *grabs techno by the shoulders*
➵ caligula: *shakes him*
➵ caligula: you’re telling me you, a pig, managed to achieve godhood before I did??? THE AUDACITY
➵ speaking of that
➵ wilbur would fit right in with cabin seven idc idc idc
➵ that or dionysus actually, now that i think about it
➵ apollo and eret are the “strutting in dangerously tall heels and have smiles bright enough to blind you if you look directly at them” bis while piper and niki are the “quietly vibing to soft piano music in a flower field” kind of bis
➵ medea and techno bonding for two reasons
➵ first one is that he was the second worst thing to happen to those orphans
➵ second is simply bc he drop kicked that child in self defense
➵ leo would NOT stop playing “what does the fox say” every time he saw fundy
➵ they eventually became good friends after working together to win a game of capture the flag
➵ fundy still gets teased for being le furry though
➵ once crest comes back, i think they’d get along great
➵ i already told my friend glow this but !! calypso and niki vibing together over their similar fashion sense and going thrifting together every weekend
➵ the villains are from roman history and shit yeah but imagine how excited techno would be when he realizes he’s actually talking to the apollo himself and oh god the world of monsters and gods are real holy shit this feels like a dream come true whoa
➵ tommy challenging the ares kids to arm wrestling contests and tubbo cheering him on
➵ that’s such a funny image to me
➵ ok ok big brain time
➵ dream teaming up with the triumvirate?
➵ the amount of strings they’d pull would be downright mind-boggling
➵ ba dum tss
➵ ok i’ll stop now promise
➵ sleepy bois inc and the waystation gang…
➵ god i wish that were me
➵ techno accidentally walking in on lester practicing his ode to bacon
➵ well
➵ this is awkward
➵ can we get an f in the chat
➵ sapnap and skeppy teaming up with connor and sherman to prank bbh
➵ they probably *would’ve* gotten britomartis involved but lbr she’d just end up killing the poor guy
➵ ghostbur talking to jason in elysium and them comparing experiences as a member of the aliven’t people gang
➵ big q absolutely losing his goddamn mind after hearing that leo called calypso “mamacita”
➵ bro u know when the campers would be gathered around the campfire singing songs and other campy stuff?
➵ and doesn’t quackity have like, a voice changer or some shit?
➵ i think u already know where i’m going with this 👀
➵ none of the campers being phased when they find out wilbur canonically had seggs with a fish
➵ eye mean
➵ just look at their godly parents
➵ no scratch that
➵ just look at zeus 💀
➵ schlatt being on no one’s side at first but working with the triumvirate since they seemed to be the ones who can offer the most power
➵ died of alcohol poisoning during one of commodus’ spectacles r.i.p.
➵ drista + lavinia threatening dream and don with a fork LMAO
➵ their energy is ✨immaculate✨
➵ nico playing e-girls are ruining my life and sharing his headphones with niki
➵ she’s one of the nicest people he’s ever met
➵ her taking him under her wing and joining reyna and hazel in the nico protection squad (still living siblings edition)
➵ ik she’s not part of the smp but i’d like to put it out here that a thalia / minx friendship would be legendary
➵ i’ve been reading way too many fics where the sbi twins spar and shit but gimme a lit n wilbur n techno friendship where they discuss sword moves and the ancient world PLS
➵ if nero and dream decide to manipulate me next i’d simply die right then and there on the spot 🏃🏻‍♀️💨
➵ ranboo teaching meg memes/vines
➵ since y’know
➵ she hasn’t really had a proper childhood and he’s the one who radiates the most gen z energy to me
➵ just an interesting concept
➵ tubbo getting lester to tell him about his son aristaeus (bee dude and yes i had to search it up bc who the hell can remember that name at 4:56 in the morning after two days of little to no sleep)
➵ niki would fit right in at aeithales !!!
➵ phil and leto being good parents together is something that lives in my head rent free
godly parents
➵ bro sixty smth hcs in and i still haven’t talked about their potential godly parents smh
➵ pls keep in mind that even though i’ve been invested in the dream smp shit for a couple of weeks now ik the personalities of some characters better than others and that these are just personal headcanons/guesses so if u disagree that’s fine just pls don’t send slurs lol 🥲
➵ n e ways moving on
➵ dream has eris kid vibes
➵ very good at causing chaos and playing with people’s minds to create discord
➵ niki is demeter ofc
➵ flower shop and all that :]
➵ wilbur… hmm… dramatic + dark academia aesthetic but also the corruption arc
➵ wait hold up
➵ nemesis!wilbur
➵ no hang on hear me out
➵ nemesis is all about balance and revenge and all that good glory and gore go hand in hand jazz right?
➵ ok so
➵ what made me headcanon this was the fact that wilbur blew up l’manberg bc if he couldn’t have it, no one can
➵ and if that’s not the most sick form of balance i’ve seen yet idk what is
➵ bc we all know what kind of deity nemesis is
➵ it just makes sense to me ok
➵ damn i’ve put more thought into this than any of the assignments i’ve got this year combined
➵ that last point was a joke ofc but atp idek anymore
➵ moving on
➵ ares!techno bc *clears throat and attempts a deeper voice* BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD
➵ hang on
➵ ares!tommy works better
➵ hecate!techno rights bc i saw a really dope fanart of him brewing potions once
➵ that’s it that’s the tweet :P
➵ but on a more serious note, i’m gonna go tweak my og hc of his godly parent and switch it over to mars!techno instead
➵ the hecate one was mostly just for funsies and self indulgence
➵ that leaves tommy being the other one i put into a war god cabin and since i want some variety, we’re switching things up
➵ i’ve been reading some wonderful essays on tumblr breaking down tommy’s character and essentially, he’s loyal to a fault and kinda expects others to hold the same energy as he does for them
➵ so why not styx!tommy?
➵ bc the entire thing with the promises must be upheld otherwise dire consequences
➵ and tommy is a character who’s so used to betrayal atp because the promises people made to him all ended up being nothing but empty words
➵ styx might be the oath keeper but she is also the river of hate
➵ perfect for a VillainInnit arc innit?
➵ what cabin number was hypnos again bc i needa yeet a certain mr. not found in there
➵ i wasn’t really in the fandom then but i’ve heard he slept thru a very important election
➵ did a little bit of digging on wikipedia and the dream team wiki and now i’ve narrowed down who i think eret’s godly parent might be
➵ dike
➵ the passage from their wiki page that lead to me making this decision: “Eret has a strong sense of justice, and feels the need to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.”
➵ we need some romans in here
➵ :thonk:
➵ oo concordia!tubbo perhaps?
➵ since he’s like, the diplomat one isn’t he?
➵ hell why not do aristaeus!tubbo too! both can work + this would give tubbo a some soft of familial relation to apollo that i’m too tired and brain dead to try and figure out rn but shhhh let’s just go with it
➵ i just read about the roman goddess mellona (protector of bees) and now we have three options
➵ yknow what
➵ im taking all three concepts and running with them and u cant stop me
➵ idk much about her character or her in general but i was thinking
➵ how about we do Leucothea!Captain Puffy
➵ Leucothea is a sea goddess who helped sailors according to wikipedia in case anyone’s confused
➵ nyx!ranboo only bc of the enderman aesthetic and i'm a sucker for primordial deities
➵ laverna!schlatt aka goddess of trickery and unlawful gain
➵ again, i’m not very well versed in the way his character is like in this rp but i’ve read enough to have a general idea and wow he lowkey kinda reminds me of commodus in a way with all the paranoia and over the top festivities and power hungriness and whatnot
➵ sapnap, child of hermes
➵ my hc for fundy’s godly parent is based solely on a tiktok i saw please don’t stab me
➵ janus
➵ think about it
➵ according to the person who explained the lore that involved his character, he has always been in a position to make any choice of allies he wants, and the sides he chose are always the winners
➵ i dont remember much of the video tbh so im just going off of the tidbits i remember
➵ and janus is the god of doorways and choices and transitions iirc
➵ boom
➵ hopefully the dots are connected
➵ but if we’re going to follow canon he’d be a legacy of nemesis
➵ that leads me to another nemesis character
➵ c!jack himself
➵ he literally crawled out of hell, regained three canon lives, manipulating a child to kill his best friend, all out of spite and to get revenge
➵ if wilbur’s the ethan side of nemesis, than jack’s the damien
➵ one of the many things phil’s known as is the Angel of Death
➵ that got me thinking and i wanna assign him chthonic deity
➵ thanatos!!!! wings > makes you think of an Angel of sorts > both associated with death
➵ yes i am very big brained why do u ask /j (very heavy j lololol)
➵ oh jeez im talking too much so we’re gonna have to wrap this up
➵ sorry i couldn’t do everyone but if u have ur own ideas i’d love to hear them ok bi bi!
i apologize if there are any spelling mistakes 🥲 partly dedicated to my friends @alltheglowingeyess and @petramysticaclxv who have helped fueled my obsession and love for these two fandoms even more
most of this was honestly just me slamming the keys whenever my empty brain thought of something cool-ish but to be fair, when are any of my posts not me just thinking out loud as i go along. bolded and color coded stuff bc that makes long posts like this one easier to read. i really did not think this thru oh god the tags are gonna be hell BAHAHA christ pls don’t let this flop ok bi bi for real this time
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dalekofchaos · 4 months ago
As much as I love Mafia:Definitive Edition. I feel like there could’ve been more.
Focus on Tommy’s family life prior to joining Salieri’s family. If we could learn about Vito’s family life in Mafia II. I see no reason why we couldn’t for Tommy. Okay originally I came up with my own backstory for Tommy, but found out there was a backstory for Tommy. From Tommy’s wiki Tommy was born in Sicily on April 5, 1900, the third and youngest child of Marco Angelo, Sr., a plantation supervisor, and Maria Angelo. He had two older siblings: Marco Jr. and Isabella. The Angelos emigrated to America in 1904 when Tommy was four years old, after the plantation was foreclosed by a moneylender which sent the Angelos into poverty. Tommy and his family then arrived at Empire Bay on Christmas Day after a month at sea, eventually settling in Lost Heaven. Tommy's father found work at the Lost Heaven Harbor where he worked for fifteen years until his death. Aside from that, I really wish we got to see Tommy’s relationship with his mother and siblings. 
More on Tommy’s relationship with Sarah. Really wish we could’ve seen more Tommy and Sarah interactions. First date, their wedding and their first time and seeing Tommy spending time with Sarah and his children. Just Angelo domestic stuff before Tommy has to do time.
More on his friendship with Sam and Paulie. I know it’s the core theme of the game, but I feel like more could’ve been done. Just seeing them working rackets together without Morello putting the squeeze on them. Having fun in their Night Clubs. Seeing Tommy and Sam being elevated to Capo. and Paulie just being Paulie lol
Show more of the Salieri-Morello war. I feel like not enough was shown. Sure we killed Sergio and Ghillotti and eventually Morello himself. But we never got to see the full scale war. It felt small. So my proposal see the Morello family hitting the bar and eventually Tommy, Paulie and Sam hit them back. The mission would end with Tommy, Sam and Paulie wacking Lou and Dino and torching Morello’s bar to the ground. I think this is something that should have happened cause we never got to see Lou and Dino again after the second mission and I think it would be Tommy properly paying them back for trying to kill him. 
More of the life of seeing The Salieri Family on on top in Lost Haven. See how it affects Tommy, Sam, Paulie, Sarah, Ralphie, VInnie and Luigi. 
Show Tommy surviving prison. Evading and stopping every attempt on his life in prison.
Finally, show the trial of Don Ennio Salieri. Show us Tommy’s testimony. These quotes from Mafia II’s loading screen  could’ve been used “I became a criminal because I did not want to become a victim. Lost Heaven is rotten to its core. Even the police and politicians are in hock to Mr. Salieri or his associates. And a wider network most certainly exists between gangs in other American cities and even overseas. I am describing a way of life that was brought over from the lemon groves of Palermo fifty years ago and hasn't changed one bit - an honored society which operates above the law. I witnessed at least fifteen occasions where murders were sanctioned by Ennio Salieri himself. He orders the deaths of his employees and clients in the same way that a gardener pulls weeds from his flower bed. At all times we operated with layers of deniability. The boss passed orders down the ranks, and each rank distanced itself from the crime. Mugs like me and Paulie took the risks, while the top guys sat comfortably and safely in their homes. Bootlegged alcohol brought in a lot of money, but that wasn't it. I knew pimps, loan sharks, forgers, and smugglers who operated under license from Salieri and kicked money back to him. When you are a member of these gangs, your life is based on violence and will most likely end violently. Very few men who choose this line of work die a natural death. Ennio Salieri preys on people's fears of losing what they have, so they become obedient to the protection he promises them. If a regular guy like me could kill the most powerful man in the city, what good was all his power? It seemed to me that no matter how strong someone is, there'll always be somebody stronger to clip his wings. When you work for the mafia, you're respected by the people you meet. Everybody knows you can help them, but you can also destroy their lives. The choice is yours. Most guys get into this line of work because of a thirst for power. They don't care about anybody's rules other than their own. Look at what happened during Prohibition - a handful of poor, uneducated immigrants from Sicily became stronger than all the laws, courts, and police here in the States. That took some doing. You know, the world isn't run by laws written on paper. It's run by people - some according to laws, others not. It depends on each individual how his world will be, how he makes it. There is no such thing as honor among thieves. These men take oaths of loyalty, but to their bosses these pledges are simply means to sanction murder and justify reprisals. The guy who wants too much risks losing absolutely everything. Of course, the guy who wants too little from life might not get anything at all.“ Could’ve done more to word it better, but you get the picture.  Also Imagine if we got to see Tommy doing this at the end of the game, boy imagine the looks on Don Salieri’s face
Tumblr media
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jimmygibbsjrrr · 4 months ago
I have a lot of thoughts about the Slaters
namely, I've been wonderin why the Fairfield Survivors got thrown off the boat in Death Toll
in this panel of The Sacrifice comic, Francis confirms the fates of three of the rescue vehicles:
Tumblr media
Image ID:
A panel from The Sacrifice: Part 1. Francis is sat in the rescue vehicle from Blood Harvest, speaking to Louis. His dialogue is as follows:
"Louis, I hate to be the one to break this to ya, but we been heading to the safe zone four times now. Helicopter: crashed. Plane: crashed. Boat: kicked us out and left us to die."
/end ID
the chopper from No Mercy was confirmed crashed in Crash Course, and as for the plane from Dead Air, it was pretty easy to guess (and would have been confirmed in the cut campaign Dam It).
but the part about the boat? that's the Slaters' boat from Death Toll. this is the first time we learn this information.
so...why? what happened?
(more under the cut, ended up writing wayyyy more than I expected over these past few days and don't wanna clog people's dashes lol)
so. let's take a quick dive into the last chapter of Death Toll, to see what we can discern about the Slaters from their dialogue.
the rescue vehicle in Death Toll is a civilian boat, Saint Lidia II, owned by John and Amanda Slater, a married couple. Amanda is never heard in-game, but John's reactions to her can be heard over the radio.
the Slaters are explicitly looking for "anyone out there with firearms". John later adds that "once you get on this boat? Your job is keeping our asses alive". it appears that their motivation for saving the Survivors is selfish from the get-go.
this is undoubtedly true in Amanda's case, however, some of John's lines betray a more selfless attitude. he will berate Amanda for not "think[ing] about the little guy". he will ask, "So what, then? We leave 'em to die? I can't do that, Amanda." whilst Amanda is thinking purely of their own survival, John still feels compassionate towards his fellow survivors. despite this, he says that "I don't want our first act of kindness to be our last", acknowledging the conflict between his compassion and his self-preservation.
so. these are the Survivor's saviours in Death Toll. a conflicted married couple looking for bodyguards, offering to take the Survivors upriver to a military safe zone in exchange for protection.
as for why they get thrown off the boat...well, the easiest explanation would be Amanda.
but, stay with me here, because I think it's a little more complicated than that.
this boat? fulla tension. there's the obvious tension between the Slaters, who we've established seem to fight and disagree regularly. then there's the inevitable tension between them and the Survivors. I reckon Louis, with his generally positive and friendly attitude, wouldn't have much of a problem with them, might even attempt some friendly conversation or something. however, he's about the only one.
the comic fully establishes Bill as caring about nobody except the Fairfield Survivors - the most obvious evidence of this being the words he lives and dies by, "we look after our own". he isn't particularly interested in other people, unless they can help the group out. and he'd likely recognise the unstable and conditional nature of their rescue. while I'm sure he'd try and keep the peace, in any reasonable disagreement or fight Bill's likely to take his friends' side, and if anyone's getting thrown off the boat Bill is going with them. this goes for the whole group, to be honest; I don't think they'd want to split up at this point.
Francis hates boats, hates water, and can't swim, so (and I'm getting a little speculate-y here) would probably be in an even sourer mood than usual on the journey. being as abrasive as he is, plus this additional stress, it's fully possible he could piss off the Slaters enough to get himself (or all of them) thrown off the boat.
as for Zoey? well, I don't imagine a married couple who constantly argues is gonna sit well with her, considering her backstory. similarly to Francis, the situation they're in would make her far more stressed, making it more likely for her to lash out.
Amanda didn't want to save the Survivors in the first place, so while I think that John wouldn't throw them off the boat without reason, I reckon she could persuade him to throw them off if they 'caused trouble' - and they would get into an argument with her far easier than they would with John.
in short: yeah, I can see them getting thrown off the boat by the Slaters after some huge fight or disagreement. I think that's a reasonable interpretation of canon, and definitely an interesting concept.
...however, I do wonder if this tension would really be enough to destabilise their mutual need, after everything they went through to come together.
which is why I'm going to bring up The Last Stand!
I gotta quickly address something before this segment: yeah, I'm totally aware this campaign isn't canon. this evidence works with the fact that it exists in an 'alternate timeline'. also, I am missing a few citations for this section - if anyone can provide them I'd really appreciate it, but just a disclaimer that I currently can't prove some of the things the wiki claims members of the Last Stand Community Update Team have said. here and here are the wiki pages where I got this information. in short - the above explanation is simpler and more canon compliant, the conclusion I draw at the end of this post is backed by shakier evidence but I believe is more interesting, and you can make of all that what you will.
allegedly, members of the Last Stand Community Update Team confirmed a strongly-suspected fan theory about The Last Stand: that it branches off from Death Toll in some way, in a non-canon alternative timeline. as well as this, they allegedly confirmed that in this alternative timeline, the Survivors still end up in Newburg for Dead Air. even without the confirmation, this remains a solid fan theory, due to the constant references to Riverside and re-use of many of Death Toll's assets.
who rescues the Survivors in The Last Stand? John Slater. no Amanda - just John. despite her lack of voice actress, if she was still present John would give some indication of this at some point. it can be speculated that whatever happened to her contributed to the lack of rescue at the boathouse that forced the Survivors to take an alternative route. either way, he ends up at the lighthouse when the Survivors call for rescue, alone, and picks them up.
and then later...throws them off the boat. into Newburg.
what reason would John have to do that? without Amanda, surely he wouldn't have that push, as he wanted to rescue the Survivors for multiple reasons in the first place. without his constant arguments with Amanda, Zoey wouldn't be nearly as stressed. and between the three of them I'm sure the other Fairfield Survivors would stop Francis from pissing John off enough to get them thrown off the boat. in short, less Amanda = less tension, and no reason for the Survivors getting chucked off the boat.
I'd like to remind you that a symptom of the Infection is paranoia.
what if, in both The Last Stand and Death Toll, John and Amanda are infected by the Survivors on the way to the military safe zone? after all, the virus is confirmed to occasionally be airborne, and I doubt two civilians have completely effective, sustained protection against that. likely the only reason they hadn't already been Infected is because they got out on the water early on in the pandemic, and hadn't come into contact with anyone else since. it's unlikely that one of them is immune, and even more unlikely that they're both immune (especially considering those with XX chromosomes may be genetically less likely to be carriers). wouldn't Francis have mentioned it if their rescuers turned or were obviously Infected? yes, but it's possible that the airborne strain works slower as well, meaning that the Survivors are thrown off of the boat after the symptoms kick in but before the Slaters fully turn. even Church Guy had at least an hour from being Infected to turning, and he was bitten. Newburg isn't too far from where the Survivors are rescued in Death Toll anyway (the burning city in the background of the finale is Newburg), so the Survivors clearly didn't last long on the boat anyway. as a result, the Survivors wouldn't realise it was the Infection intensifying the Slaters' paranoia - they'd just think the Slaters were being dicks. Francis also explicitly mentions that they were "left to die", implying negativity or even hostility from the Slaters as the Survivors were being thrown off.
so yeah. that's why I think they got thrown off of the boat in Death Toll - a combination of the intense tension between the two parties, and the Slaters falling victim to Infection-induced paranoia. but an explanation minus the Infection is equally as plausible. it all depends on what you find most interesting, I suppose, and both feel like they fit pretty well into the world.
lord this is a long chunk o text. I know most fandoms prefer art and fanfic over this sorta thing, so please let me know in replies or something if you're interested in more stuff like this. also if any of this makes sense because I like to ramble.
oh and if you'd like to use any of my interpretations in fanworks like art or fic, I'd love to see it :)
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leedawut · 4 months ago
RE8′s ending
An idea for an RE8 fic that I won’t write, but wish someone else would
For a happier ending...
That’s it.
Just kidding.
Instead of it being just Ethan trying to save Rose, Mia breaks out of her cell around the time the Four Lords and Miranda have their meeting about Ethan. Mia, unaware of what is going on (death of fake ‘Mia,’ Chris’s involvement, Ethan and Rose getting kidnapped, the ceremony) wants to make it back home right away to save Ethan and Rose from fake Mia. This could be where Mia tries to figure out how/why she came to this place, and also try to figure out who the boss is (thinks it may have to do with her old job with The Connections, or maybe a rival company who wants info on the mold). The setting could be the dungeons and labs (old labs to more modern/technologically advanced stuff, but make it pretty labyrinthine), where she ends up discovering Miranda’s connections to Umbrella and The Connections. Realizing that this may be the reason for her kidnapping and that her family might be in danger, she takes it upon herself to destroy the origin of the mold once and for all before going to her home.
Of course, when she escapes the area, Mia goes into the village blind, and tries to survive encounters with wolf people, while trying to find the big mold. It’s here where Mia can pull an Ada from RE4, in which she helps Ethan out from afar, and therefore learns that BOTH Ethan and Rose are involved in the mess there. Mia will try to get to Ethan, but end up having to work separately until the end (like RE2, but Ethan wouldn’t know it’s Mia. Maybe split up bosses, or make new ones so Ethan doesn’t get too beat up that his regenerative abilities fail him at the end of the game). Mia could be fighting BSAA BOWs or agents from The Connections.
Chris will be the one to encounter Mia first, and learns of Ethan’s death, but rather than staying behind, Mia insists on going after Miranda and Rose. After revealing to Chris what Ethan really is, maybe she takes precautions to steal a sample of the special mold to inject into Ethan or something since whatever mold he has has started to exert itself, so a booster shot would help him not die but Mia wouldn’t know exactly because she wasn’t a scientist lol (think RE5 with Wesker’s shots that were supposed to keep Uroboros in check, but ended up pushing him over, or RE6′s C-virus that Piers took to save Chris :’( RIP). Insert classic RE-timed sequence where Mia has to get past a bunch of BOWs to get the shot and before Chris’s crew starts blowing the place up.
Mia shows up last minute (like Moira in Rev2) and saves the day, and Mia, Ethan, and Rose meet up with Chris. Ethan collapses, unable to go on and tells Chris to take care of Mia and Rose. Mia cries saying they’re supposed to stay together forever and live for Rose, but Ethan is losing consciousness and is crystallizing (or crumbling to ash), so Mia hands Rose to Chris, and takes the risk in injecting Ethan with the mold, saying she won’t leave him behind, and then lugs him to the plane (because why NOT! Chris is the nanny).
Ethan’s condition looks to be stabilized, and he rests his head against Mia’s shoulder unconscious while Mia holds Rose in her arms, one of her hand’s linked with Ethan’s left hand (maybe his fingers grew back). “Whatever time we have left, let’s spend it together. For better or worse.” (So that it’s not so clear cut if the mold worked on Ethan or not, but it’d be overall more hopeful).
Chris looks on at the destruction of the village and then to the little family, expression softening. (”More and more, I find myself wondering if it’s all worth fighting for. For a future without fear. Yeah, it’s worth it.”). But then this is cut short with his agent, who tells him of the BSAA BOW. Back to hard face Chris.
At this point, it can end as is with the lead up to a RE9 with a corrupt BSAA, or have Mia look up and talk to Chris, tell him EVERYTHING about her former employers and what she discovered in Miranda’s labs and how it might have something to do with the BSAA. Not say it ALL, but something along the lines of, “I think this might help,” and hand him a flash drive or journal or something.
Mia was super under utilized in RE8 especially with her background working with a shady company. WE SAW HER PUT HER HER SKILLS TO USE IN THE SHIP PORTION OF RE7. Capcom could have expanded on her character and The Connections by giving her a Separate Ways in Re8 like Ada’s in Re4. Too similar to Ada? Well, Mia would be more focused on ending the nightmare she got her family involved in (like god damn it mia! clean up after your mess!) and finding her family, while ALSO giving more background info on The Connections. I wasn’t a fan of the two documents in Chris’s portion that connected Miranda to The Connections. It was so... Meh?
After the RE8 trailers of Chris shooting ‘Mia,’ I’d already come to terms with the fact that she would be dead. If she did die, I would have been okay with it, but WHY DID ETHAN DIE AND SHE LIVE??? She was stuck in a cell the whole time??????? Just to be rescued by Chris????? NAHHHHHHHH!!!! She should have gone and saved her husband and child, like Ethan was her and Rose, but Capcom said no! Capcom refuses to do romance (CHRIS AND JILL! THOSE TWO WERE WILLING TO DIE FOR EACH OTHER! CHRIS WAS WILLING TO LET THE WORLD GET DESTROYED TO MAKE SURE JILL WAS ALRIGHT BUT NO, THEY”RE JUST PARTNERS! Leon and Ada. Sherry and Jake.), but WHY can’t they show a MARRIED couple willing to risk their lives for each other and their baby girl, and then kick ass and WIN?????
Part of the reason I like the RE franchise so much is that the good guys win! The ending is triumphant! They live another day and make it through the nightmare (to help others through it)!
The exception to this is Piers Nivans, and I still stand by my opinion that he shouldn’t have died >:(
If someone does pick up this idea and makes it into a fic, please link me because I wanna read it :’((((((
Edit: Just read up on Mia’s wiki, and she was a researcher for The Connections before becoming a handler to Eveline, so she TOTALLY could go the “develops a cure for Ethan” route in this fic idea
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greyias · 10 months ago
Time to go Full Gravedrog
Hey guys. You know what we haven’t done in a while? That’s right! Put on our tinfoil hats, get tangled up in an entire spool of red string, and do a ridiculous deep dive on lore and make up wild insane theories about the upcoming story drop!
That’s right we’ve got some--
Tumblr media
First up. If you haven’t watched it already, here’s the trailer for the 6.2 story drop, specifically for the storyline we’ll be doing our deep dive on, Echoes of Oblivion.
Are you pumped? I’M PUMPED. Let’s do this!
Tumblr media
Okay, so there’s a lot to unpack here, and I’m going to state outright, that the chances of this being on the money like Gravedrog is... well. I’ve got no lottery numbers for you this time around. I can’t believe no one took me up on that offer.  There’s always the possibility the storyline has absolutely nothing to do with any previously established lore, and they create something wholly new. And hey, if that’s the case, this is just free fanfic fodder for the masses.
But Charles did mention, I believe on the forums(?), that he’s seen one person guess what’s going on. The real question is... WHO GUESSED IT. HMM.
So I’ve been wanting to actually do a post on this a while, at least since Arcann’s voice actor accidentally made the slip up about Thexan being in this story drop. A large part of this theory/discovery goes to the lovely @confettininjabean​​, who found this piece of lore when we were getting tangled up in red string back in the Gravedrog days, pre-Nathema Conspiracy. Let’s just say, there was a... certain interaction on Twitter that had us thinking this had something to do with NC, and when it didn’t pan out we were like “Oh, weird, guess that wasn’t on the right track” and forgot about it.
Well, sort of. Because we were like, “that really seemed significant considering”, but hey, sometimes you hit upon a Gravedrog, sometimes you think Indo Zal is an evil mastermind playing 4D chess. In other words, when it comes to red string theories, you win some. You lose some.
Anyway. I forget why, but I went perusing on Wookieepedia a few months ago, looking back up this sort of obscure piece of lore for some reason. And something about it was.... FAMILIAR.
The article in question:
May I direct your attention, to this part:
Tumblr media
Hey. Where have I heard that before?
Tumblr media
Aw. Aw shit. Well I mean, that can’t be right though, right? Because it’s Satele and a bunch of Jedi/like-minded Force users that are being possessed right? And besides this is an an ancient Sith ritual thought to be created by... 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh wait.
But that’s a plague right? Not the same thing as a thought bomb. I mean it’s not like anyone in SWTOR has dealt with a Force plague--
Tumblr media
Oh. huh. But you might say, “But Grey, that plague was invented by Terrak Morrhage, not Vitiate.” And you would be right! What I can’t seem to find confirmation of, thus far, is exactly when Terrak Morrhage lived, but by me and Jayde’s current reckoning, it seems like he may have been around possibly during the Great Hyperspace War, the end of which Vitiate used in his mad grab for immortality and power, manipulating what was probably a majority of the remaining Sith Lords into his brand spanking new ritual that he just needed a little help with.
Okay, and this is where we leave lore land, and enter into speculation land. I, um, just got sidetracked on Jedipedia (I’ll get to that), trying to find a codex entry regarding Vitiate I know I’ve read but I lost at some point. So, we’re going off memory here, but I’m fairly certain it’s stated in canon somewhere that prior to his ascension, Vitiate was obsessed with Sith alchemy and ancient Sith rituals. So if Morrhage pre-dated him, or was a peer, it’s possible Vitiate was able to learn about his plague, and adapt it to some of his other experiments.
Okay, back to the thought bomb for a moment. Full disclosure, I haven’t read the Darth Bane novels, so I’m going off of Wookiepeedia here instead of the source material (which is always a dicey affair), it says Bane adapted the thought bomb from notes on the ritual Vitiate performed. So, it’s possible the thought bomb is not a 100% Vitiate original, just a bastardization of it. But it’s interesting that the ritual itself gathers up and shreds the Force essence/soul of everyone in its path. Well, I mean, horrifying. But in this theory’s perspective, interesting in that when Vitiate used Zildrog as part of his ritual--where did all of the Force go exactly?
Because as you wander around Nathema, you hear the tortured whispers of every soul obliterated during that ritual.
This is talked about a little in the Revan novel, and it’s been a few years since I read it so I’m kind of going off memory again, but he basically created a void in the Force there. And remember... in the KOTET chapter we went to Nathema, he was actually visibly afraid a few times. Hmm... now why would that be? Was it Vaylin he was afraid of? Was it something else?
If memory serves, there wasn’t an actual explosion like as described with the thought bomb--because he wasn’t using the ritual as a weapon. He was using it to gather power, to shuffle off this mortal coil and live eternal as an annoying spirit who you just can’t quite squash out no matter how many mind mazes you build to keep him locked up. So, and again, this is speculation land, but all of that swirling Force and dead energy had to go somewhere right? I mean, Zildrog had his snack and went omnomnom, but where did the Force power go? And why was there a Void that constantly pulled at him and sapped away his power on Nathema?
Is it because the Force didn’t explode? Is it because he bound it up in his old disgusting decaying old man flesh? And the only reason he was alive because he basically made himself a little flesh horcrux that was destroyed at the exact moment we sent him off to the Void that he feared so much?
Tumblr media
Hmm. Interesting.
Wait. Wait a second... I think there was something else he mentioned. Now, what was it?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You know, I had always assumed he was talking about Gravedrog being unleashed, since the whole reason he went to Zakuul was likely to find the Gravestone so he could pair it with Zildrog back on Nathema, and enact his galaxy-wide extinction event.
And maybe he was.
Or was he talking about his failsafe.
The one he knew would happen if someone destroyed his old, withered, icky body?
So... if the ritual/plague is some take on the thought bomb, and it infects any Force user like some prescient, who could have realized this is what 2020 held in store for us pandemic that spread rapidly and consumed everyone who touched it, until it made manifest what was once just thought...
Is the whole entire point of this to bring Valky back from the dead? Or is it just his last revenge? And what on earth would that last revenge be? Well... and just hear me out. Say there was this guy. Kind of an asshole. And he had this whole schtick about killing every single living thing in the galaxy and liked to consume whole planets in a single gulp just for funsies. Wouldn’t it be so funny if he, say, in the unlikely event he possessed some Outlander who happened to go “get out and get a job loser!” and booted him off to the beyond, and at the same time his old indentured servant and that chick he once possessed found his horcrux and destroyed that, wouldn’t it be a kick if that somehow kicked off a plague that consumed every single Force user in the entire galaxy until it had enough power and then exploded and completely wiped out all life in the galaxy, so that if the asshole who’s name totally isn’t Valkorion couldn’t live forever then neither could any. single. thing. in. the. galaxy.
I mean, that or it’s just a ploy to get him into one final boss fight.
But i dunno... I kind of just found the entire cast list of who’s in the Echoes of Oblivion storyline (warning, major spoilers and datamining on that link, and yes, that’s what distracted me on Jedipedia) and I’m kind of thinking. Having to keep the entire galaxy from being consumed by a sociopath’s final revenge kind of sounds like a pretty epic finale, don’t you?
And hey, if not. Free fanfic idea for anyone who wants it.
Oh yeah, also predicting the following:
We’re going on another mindscape adventure like in KOTET Chapter 9, but it’s Satele’s mind we’re in
It’s not actually Valkorion/Vitiate/Tenebrae, but a remnant/essence of him that’s made manifest by the ritual. Also he needs a combo nickname because I’m tired of having to pick one of three names. I shall call you Valkiatebrae. It’s a beautiful name. I know he’ll love it.
Vaylin and Thexan who we see in the trailer are probably also manifestations conjured by the quasi- Valkiatebrae
We’re going to Ossus? Or Ossus in Satele’s mind?
The Knight and crew missed a few of the death cult back in the storyline, and that’s who was either watching Tenebrae’s body, or who hijacked Satele’s ship OR they have some part in the ritual (perhaps the part to physically manifest  Valkiatebrae). We see them in the trailer above.
Regardless if any single one of these predictions is right I’m going to die of feels
Because I think Satele and Theron may have a scene together????? OMG
I’m screaming again
I’ll stop now
I’m sorry Charles I hope I didn’t do it to you again I couldn’t help myself, but hey at least I kept it in this long
EDITED TO ADD: Okay guys, I’ve been looking more at Jedipedia. I think I can safely hazard a guess that a LOT of fans of different characters are going to be super happy with this update. Just saying.
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tickly-trashcan · 5 months ago
The Crows and Their Captain {Karasuno}
Tumblr media
A/N: I’m glad you like my work, that means a lot to me! :D this one was really fun to write! the tickle spots requested were some of my faves, I hope I got enough of them in there for ya! I honestly don’t remember too much of the plot so i’m going off of the wiki with the end of season 1 thing, i hope it’s still accurate enough! I also don’t think I’ve written something with this many lers before oughh i hope it still turned out okay. thank you so so much for the request, I hope you enjoy it!
Summary: Daichi’s feeling down after his teams loss against Aoba Johsai, he feels as if he let his team down. When the rest of his friends pick up on his down demeanor, they decide to try and cheer him up.
Word Count: 2k (under the cut)
Daichi sighed, looking down at his hands. They were calloused and red from all of his practicing with his team, but it still wasn’t enough.
He clenched his hands into fist as frustration took over him. He felt useless, he felt weak. He was the captain of Karasuno and he couldn’t even keep his act together for one important game. He felt defeated, he had let his team down and there was no way he could make it up to them.
Maybe I should just quit.
Daichi shocked himself with that thought, but he slowly began to consider it. He wasn’t contributing much to the team, all he felt that he did was get them pumped up for games. He felt like he was a mediocre player compared to the star first years, he could never even begin to compare to them.
He grinded his teeth together in frustration, clenching his fists harder until his knuckles were white.
“Daichi! Earth to Daichi!”
Daichi finally snapped out of his trance, looking up to see Sugawara standing right in front of him. He had his hands on his hips, pouting his lip slightly as Daichi stood there, staring at him mindlessly.
“I’ve been trying to get your attention! Coach Ukai wants us to do some more practice sessions and - hey, are you okay?”
Daichi quickly straightened his back and nodded, Sugawara’s words going in one ear and out the other. Sugawara frowned, placing a hand on Daichi’s shoulder and leaning closer to him.
“Listen, I know that was a hard loss, but you can’t let it get to you, okay? None of us were at fault there,” Sugawara said softly, rubbing his hand back and forth on Daichi’s shoulder as he nodded slowly. Sugawara smiled softly, about to say something more before Nishinoya yelled from the middle of the gym at them.
“Oi! We’re staring now, hurry up!”
Sugawara gripped Daichi’s shoulder tightly and looked him in the eyes, determination shining in them.
“We’re gonna beat them next time, we’ve just got to get stronger! Come on, let’s go practice now,” Sugawara said confidently, letting go of Daichi’s shoulder and trotting over to the center of the gym, standing next to Asahi.
Daichi stood there, Sugawara’s words barely registering with him. They could beat them again, but definitely not with Daichi as captain. All he did was bring them down… 
He walked over to the center of the gym, taking his position next to Sugawara who nudged him. Daichi turned his attention to Sugawara, who winked. Daichi forced a small smile and turned his attention back to his teammates on the other side of the net.
They played a few rounds, serving, spiking, and saving. Everyone was working as hard as they could, all of them fueled by their loss with Aoba Johsai. They played and played, balls hitting the ground as their fingers stung from the sheer pressure they were hitting them with. By the end of their practice matches they were all exhausted, barely able to stand.
“Alright, I think that’s enough for today. Get cleaned up everyone!” Ukai yelled from the sidelines, Kiyoko taking a few more notes from what she observed and handing them to Ukai, who quickly reviewed them.
“Daichi, can you come here for a moment?”
Daichi handed the volleyball he was holding to Yamaguchi, walking over to Ukai who was staring down at the notes with a frown on his face.
“Do you need something, sir?”
Ukai looked at Daichi and sighed.
“Look, I know you’re upset about that last game, everyone is. But you can’t let it affect you too much… You’re the captain, everyone looks up to you and you need to set an example.”
Daichi frowned but nodded, about to walk away before Ukai stopped him, quickly placing a hand on his shoulder.
“Can you send Sugawara over? I need to talk to him as well.”
Daichi nodded again and walked over to Sugawara, informing him to go talk to the coach. He nodded and quickly trotted over, standing in front of Coach Ukai as Daichi watched from the gym.
He looked around. All his teammates looked… fine. He knew they were upset, but they seemed to still be acting as if nothing happened. Hinata and Kageyama bickered as they took down the net, Yamaguchi was talking with Tsukishima about this and that, Tanaka and Nishinoya were playing hot potato with a volleyball as Asahi tried to get them to stop… 
Daichi sighed. Why could he not get over it? 
“Daichi!” Sugawara called, throwing himself on Daichi’s shoulders, making him gasp.
“S-Suga!” He said, fully surprised. Sugawara chuckled.
“Finally, some emotion! Hey everyone!”
The team turned their attention to Sugawara and Daichi, Sugawara letting go of Daichi’s shoulders and hooking his arms underneath Daichi’s, holding him up.
“What are you-”
“It seems our lovely captain is feeling a little bit down, what do you guys say we cheer him up?”
Daichi’s stomach dropped. He remembered the last time Sugawara was in charge of cheering someone up, and he quickly started to squirm as he realized exactly what situation he was in.
“Hinata! You remember last time right~?”
Hinata put his hand on his chin and pondered, but quickly perked up as he realized what Sugawara had meant.
“I remember!”
“Would you care to do the honors?”
Hinata nodded eagerly and the rest of the team watched as he skipped over to Daichi, standing in front of him as Daichi looked at the orange-haired first year in fear.
“Hinata, don’t!”
Hinata didn’t listen, and he quickly dug his fingers into Daichi’s sides. Daichi gasped and bit his lip, the rest of the team catching on to what Sugawara was up to. Hinata continued to messily scribble his fingers up and down Daichi’s sides and waist as he huffed, giggles starting to pour from his lips.
“Oh, I get it!” Nishinoya said, running over and immediately poking Daichi’s tummy, making him squeak.
The rest of the team walked over as Hinata and Nishinoya continued to poke and prod at Daichi’s torso, making him giggle softly. Sugawara grinned, Daichi kicking his legs as Nishinoya latched onto his hips, giving them a firm squeeze as he laughed.
“Stahahap! Suga, let me gohoho!”
“Okay! Asahi, Tanaka, can you get his arms for me?” Sugawara asked, lowering Daichi down and letting go, Daichi immediately going to push Hinata and Nishinoya off of him as the followed him down, still tickling him.
Asahi hesitated for a moment, but Tanaka immediately grabbed one of Daichi’s arms and pinned it next to his head. Daichi tried to push Tanaka’s hands off of his own so he would stop pinning him down. 
“Been a while since we last tickled you, huh Cap’?”
“D-Dohohon’t - hehe - Don’t call me that!”
Asahi grabbed the hand that was currently hitting Tanaka’s and pinned it above Daichi’s head.
“Ahahasahi! Traitor!” 
“Sorry…” He said quietly, though there was an amused grin on his face as he watched Daichi flop around, Hinata and Nishinoya on either side of him as they scribbled up and down his sides and poked at his belly.
Daichi shook his head back and forth, already overwhelmed by the light sensations on his torso. He kicked his legs around, almost hitting Hinata as Tsukishima, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi and Kageyama watched from the side.
“This is stupid,” Tsukishima said, crossing his arms and looking away. Yamaguchi smiled, poking Tsukishima, who jumped.
“You only think that because I used to do it to you,” He teased, and Tsukishima flushed.
“Should we help?” Ennoshita asked, playing with his hands shyly as he watched Sugawara command Hinata and Nishinoya to get Daichi’s feet, despite him screaming “No!”.
“Help who?” Kageyama said, a small grin of amusement on his face as he watched the scene unfold. Ennoshita shrugged and just continued to watch, Kageyama walking over and sitting down next to Hinata, who was struggling to get Daichi’s shoe off.
Sugawara, meanwhile, straddled Daichi and cracked his knuckles, grinning evilly at him. Daichi laughed nervously now as Sugawara slowly lowered his hands, stroking gently up and down Daichi’s ribcage, making him squirm.
“Not thehehere!”
“Why not? It’s my favorite spot of yours, you know,” Sugawara teased, suddenly digging his fingers in, making Daichi practically scream before intense laughter poured from his lips. 
“GAhaha! Wahahait! Suga, nohoho!”
“Suga yes!”
Sugawara continued to poke between each rib, up and down, paying special attention to Daichi’s upper ribs as his face went red from laughing, eyes squeezed shut. He shook his head back and forth, cackling as Sugawara chuckled.
“Mind if I count your ribs?”
“Too bad, I’m doing it anyway,” Sugawara said with a grin. Sugawara lifted his hands and Daichi suddenly shrieked loudly, cackling harder than before. Sugawara glanced behind him and saw Nishinoya squeezing Daichi’s thigh, eyes lighting up.
“He’s ticklish everywhere!”
Sugawara laughed.
“He’s been ticklish like this since our first year, isn’t it cute?”
“I’m not cuteeee! GYAahahaha! Nishinoyahahaha, not there!”
Daichi kicked his legs around as Kageyama noticed what Nishinoya was doing. 
“Hinata, I’ll hold his legs, you get his thigh,” Kageyama commanded, and Hinata pouted.
“Don’t boss me around!” He said as he did it anyway, squeezing Daichi’s lower thigh like Nishinoya was doing.
“PLEHEHEehease! Hinahahata, Nishinoya, anywhere but thehehehere!”
“We’re just trying to cheer you up, Daichi!” Hinata said, smiling. Nishinoya nodded, looking over at Daichi who was now a laughing, red mess.
“We’ll keep going until you’re happy again!”
“Stahahahahap! Plehehease, AUGH!! Sugahahaha!”
While Daichi was focused on Nishinoya and Hinata, Sugawara had started counting his ribs.
 “One, two, stop squirming! Oh shoot, I lost count, time to start again!”
Daichi threw his head back and arched his back, hysterical laughter spilling out of his throat as he could do nothing except weakly squirm. He wriggled around as his worst spots were easily attacked by Sugawara, Hinata, and Nishinoya, making him laugh helplessly.
Though he had to admit, he was feeling a little bit better by this point. He had forgotten why he was upset in the first place, probably because the tickling was blocking out any thoughts he had in general. Sugawara always seemed to know what to do…
Daichi suddenly hollered, throwing his head back and cackling as Sugawara leaned down and gave him a big raspberry on his tummy. Everyone looked up after Daichi had yelled like that, it was a noise they had never really heard before and never expected to come from their captain. 
Nishinoya and Hinata paused, along with Asahi and Tanaka as they simply stared at Sugawara who continued to dig into Daichi’s ribs as he blew raspberries all over his tummy.
“GAHAHAhahahad! Kohohohoshi! Stahahahap, pleaseee!”
Sugawara paused at the use of his first name, looking up at Daichi with a sweet smile on his face.
“Are you feeling cheered up now?”
“Y-Yes! Stop!”
“Okay! The captain’s back everyone!” Sugawara called happily, standing up and stretching above Daichi. Hinata, Kageyama and Nishinoya got up as well, Tanaka and Asahi letting go of Daichi’s arms as he immediately curled up on himself, rubbing his tummy to try and get rid of the lingering ticklish sensations. The team laughed playfully at him, Sugawara reaching down and helping Daichi up.
“You sure you’re feeling better?” Sugawara asked, his tone now slightly concerned as Daichi nodded.
“Yeah, I’m fine… No, I’m not going for another round of that hell, don’t even think about it,” Daichi said threateningly as Sugawara creeped his hand back up Daichi’s side. He smiled and retracted his hand. Daichi turned to the rest of the team, rubbing the back of his head shyly as he looked down.
“Thank you guys that… that helped.”
Nishinoya ran at Daichi and hugged him, almost knocking him over. Hinata cheered and ran at him as well, Sugawara laughing as he joined in.
Soon, the whole team was laughing and hugging Daichi, all of them feeling cheered up from their previous match. They would be stronger for the next one, and they’d definitely win!
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Aqua’s Live Reactions: “Tommyinnit Breaks Into Prison and Tries to Kill Dream”
So... I was asleep during the livestream (I’d say I was recovering from my past 4 days of tests) and apparently this one’s a bombshell of a stream, so I’m reacting to this one as well! Since the vod isn’t even up as of the time I’m watching this, I’m watching an unofficial vod here (warning: thumbnail is a spoiler).
Once again, a few things before we start:
For once, I don’t know what happens during the stream. Like, not at all, I slept in until like 11:40am. I might have been spoiled a little by a meme on a community post that I got the moment I went on YouTube to look for the vod, or maybe some hints of spoilers in fanfics written by speedrunning authors on AO3. That’s all I know, I’m going in blind this time. Also, thumbnail of the vod seems to be a massive spoiler, that’s literally all I know.
I hate how I’m going in blind, because I can’t go on Tumblr because people liveblog, I can’t edit TV Tropes because they update fast (nor the DSMP Wiki, for that matter), I can’t go on Discord if I’m looking in the spoiler channels, I can’t even use YouTube to look the damn vod up without getting spoilered... ugh. Time zones, amirite?
Like always, if there are any ads, you’re probably going to see me raging over them.
This whole post is within the context of the SMP, so /rp and /dsmp applies to everything under the cut.
If you don’t know what happened, be warned, as spoilers go unmarked. I’m only adding the spoiler warning because it’s within the first 24 hours of the stream, but in all the other cases, it was later, so it was all fair game.
0:00 – GHOSTBUR??
0:19 – Ranboo and Tubbo and Ghostbur... it’s the boys! <3
0:42 – Are you guys seriously trying to wither the prison?!
1:58 – You do realize that this is a risky play, right? No wonder there are fics where Sam apparently kills Tommy that are tagged spoilers... also, doesn’t Ghostbur melt upon touching water and stuff? There’s a water path in the security measures, how are we supposed to do that? (Wait, sending Ghostbur in... is that the catalyst for the spoiler in the thumbnail?)
2:35 – Ooh, the Axe of Peace, huh? Perfect metaphor. Also, would Dream be under the impression that Quackity’s showing up for the daily torture session again? Hmmm... wonder how that plays out.
2:59 – “We only need to take one of his canon lives, right?” Arguably, yes, actually, considering he only has the one left. We take one of his canon lives, and he’s permadead! Exact words trope, my man!
3:57 – But don’t you need to die to get into the prison? Non-canonically, that is, but seriously... security measures and all, you need to reset your spawn at least twice... how are you going to bypass the very security measures of the prison? In theory, you can’t keep anything on you, and you need inside help to sneak anything into the jail, as Quackity demonstrated a month and a half ago.
4:11 – “...but... I like women!” Man, Sam’s so going to think that Tommy put you up to this, no one on this server talks about liking ladies as much as Mr. TommyInnit does. Dead giveaway, pal.
4:16 – “This is gonna work.” No, I doubt it, I know it has to work for the plot to work, but realistically... I don’t think it’s gonna work.
4:35 – “I’ve been thinking a lot about girls.” Please... don’t do that. Don’t talk about boobies when the only woman you’ve been with (as far as we know) is a literal fuckin’ fish, and fish definitely don’t have boobies, no matter what the content mocked in r/PointlesslyGendered may suggest. Also, choose a more inconspicuous topic... please? Changing the subject so abruptly is only going to raise suspicion.
4:46 – “You look very kickable. You’re gonna--” “Yay!” LMAOOOOOOOOOO why would anyone want to kick the cinnamon roll?
5:36 – “They’re not gonna try and revive me, right?” I don’t know for sure, but considering what Dream said and the spoilers that are insinuated... I’m sorry. 
5:56 – I’ll be honest with you, Tommy, this plan is far from sound.
6:17 – No, I don’t think you have a backup. This scares me. It’s too risky of a play.
6:37 – FRIEND!! My beloved!!!
6:48 – What the hell does ‘ruminating’ mean? Is this some fancy word for ‘eat’ or is it English as First Language exclusive learning term? *looks up on dictionary* “to bring up food from the stomach and chew it again”... specialized biology term... ew. I never learnt this word. Does the English education system cover this sort of stuff in their Bio curriculum? *sobs*
7:08 – Bringing friend for cute points? I doubt that’s gonna work, but sure. Just... try not to die, okay, dearie?
7:55 – Does Ghostbur seriously have a sword named lore?! And Tommy has a Manburg shield? What the... (Speaking of that, Quackity had a Manburg shield or banner in his ender chest as well, from when he tried to blow up the Egg? What’s up with that? I know this is super off-topic, but I want to know how they got their hands on enemy merchandise.)
8:04 – Ghostbur and friend... this is way too adorable
8:15 – I love them being happy, but hm... Dream and Sam are both online right now... I wonder why...
9:27 – Imagine this plan succeeds and Quackity comes in the next day and sike! Dream is officially deceased and he still doesn’t know how to bring people back to life yet! (I pray that his somewhat addled moral compass is still intact and he won’t go after the kids.)
10:29 – “shame I feel because of him” *screams*
10:57 – Are we gonna have to go around, because Ghostbur melts in water?
11:08 – This genuinely scares me, his feet are gonna be melted!
11:40 – Is that the shaky breath everyone has been talking about?
12:28 – How did a baby zombie get in? Please don’t get Philza’d.
12:55 – I’m noticing all these white particles in the nether waiting room section, is it built in a basalt delta biome?
13:16 – Bye, friend ;-;
13:33 – “he’s my comfort sheep” I CAN’T (also perfect way to change the subject, as planned)
13:55 – Did Sam ban all the visits on the prison after the whole death incident, or did he loosen up ever since the whole daily torture routine started?
14:21 – While he’s reading, Tommy’s making weird expressions and probably mentally prepping in silence in the background
15:13 – No, Ghostbur, you’ve never visited the prison before this, and most certainly not your living counterpart...
15:20 – “Where’s your place of residency?” “L’Manburg.” Excuse me while I cry over Doomsday again..
16:01 – “There’s not much of me physically.” Oh, is he gonna talk about being a barely corporeal (that word is so hard to spell, I had to look it up) ghost-- “I’m quite small.” Oh...
16:59 – Hey, why did he pull the lever?
17:16 – I honestly really love Sam for being relatively nice and patient here.
17:52 – “Hello, lights! How are you!” I CAN’T, HE’S A CINNAMON ROLL
18:09 – I wonder if the “ahhhh!” was... was it because of pain or a positive emotion? If it’s pain, “that was a lot of fun, can we do it again?”... did he forget?
18:39 – I really am into his acting here, he has to cough, and coughs into his shirt in real life, like to muffle the sound... very pogchamp!
18:52 – Fun definitely isn’t the word to describe this, Sam, I’m with you on this
19:25 – I’m glad that it took this long for there to be an ad, I’m guessing it’s because this channel is relatively small?
20:09 – “[These literal prison cells] are nicer than my house” oh, ghostbur.......
20:33 – Wait, there’s a courtyard?!!?
21:07 – I can definitely feel with you, Tommy, his face... yeah, this search requires literally having a sword stuck through you... like Wilbur’s final canon death...
21:22 – Oh no, it’s the waterworks... Sam, he melts in water... this is what I was scared for.
22:12 – WHEW! I thought this wasn’t gonna be brought up for a sec.
22:34 – I’m not sure if I should feel guilty for being more concerned for Ghostbur melting in the prison than Tommy’s potions running out.
23:35 – Tommy’s eyes be poppin’... yeah, you’re kind of being the security breach here, pal, and you got traumatized heavily the last time there was a security breach... in other words, BIG YIKES.
23:43 – Can ghosts even catch colds? You gotta catch a virus for that... can ghosts get affected by viruses again? Also, thanks for the cover-up.
23:57 – Really, really thanks for the timely cover-ups, Ghostbur.
24:11 – Yeah, this would be funny, Ghostbur’s already completely dead... *smile drops* unless...
26:24 – Here’s my question, is that once Dream is dead, would Tommy be trapped in there again, since he didn’t set his spawn? Or would he just die (losing a canon life, since all deaths involving the prison are canon unless it’s a security check thing) and leave his tools behind? I’m just very concerned for if all of this goes to plan.
29:54 – Seriously, man, let your reckless teen son go feral for once /hj
33:55 – coping mechanisms and getting out of panic attacks? I- *heart shatters*
34:58 – What has he done? What has he done, Sam? What have YOU done? If you let Tommy kill the fucker, he wouldn’t have killed Ghostbur in front of everyone just as the lava curtain started falling! I know it’s a terrible idea to mess with the prison in the first place but he was SO CLOSE!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!
37:51 – “the only reason you’re not dead is...” is because you want to protect him, I know, it breaks our hearts, but GHOSTBUR QUITE LITERALLY GOT MURDERED BACK THERE, THAT’S TWO PEOPLE THAT DIED IN THE JAIL ALREADY... THREE IF YOU COUNT PONK AND HIS ARM INCIDENT
38:37 – oh no... what is he going to tell friend? that his owner is dead? as he waits in the nether? TT-TT
38:58 – “you can blame me all you want, you did this.” SAM PLEASE STOP
40:41 – if I check the wiki and don’t see their relationship status as a smacking negative, I’m firing whoever’s in charge of the editing and I’ll change the status myself... also SAM WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU THINK HE WAS THERE TO BREAK DREAM OUT AND LET HIM ROAM FREE WHEN DREAM HURT HIM AND EVERYONE ELSE ON THE SERVER????????? WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF LOGIC IS THIS, DO YOU HAVE NO BRAIN CELLS????????? YOUR NEURONS ARE GODDAMN WHACK
41:19 – *sobs over friend* what is happening... what have they done? why? *cries even harder*
41:21 – “oh no...” i know, right............................. *cries even goddamn harder*
41:54 – “i think he’s dead.” “that’s not possible.” i don’t even know what to say ;-;
42:16 – oh shit....................................... dream brought the og wilbur back, I think... he couldn’t have revived ghostbur because he’s already dead..........
44:15 – at the brief glimpse of the tablist... wilbur’s face... it’s not grey... it’s in full colour... wilbur is back...
45:46 – take care of friend.... oh no.......... does wilbur get a redemption arc now? we kind of literally dragged a suicide victim out of the afterlife where he thought he belonged...........
46:08 – his distress................ i can see why the wham episode page on tv tropes is updated now............ because what the fuck happened
46:19 – guys, be careful of l’manhole.......
46:34 – there’s the shrine....... do we get to see quackity’s message?
47:36 – does he have a bandaged left arm? and a literal stab wound? is that from... the death?
47:44 – “who the fuck’s ‘friend’?” oh shit he doesn’t have ghostbur’s memories................
48:14 – “did i do that?” no, sir, it’s your dad, him and his cronies bombed the place to smithereens, even more than you did. he genuinely doesn’t have any memories from since he died, i think............
48:41 – he’s laughing at l’manhole................
49:10 – “I have spent... thirteen and a half years--” holy fuck this man isn’t dead, if he was right about dying at age 32, then now he would be... 45 and a half?? that’s almost as old as my parents, jesus christ almighty
50:07 – “this is my sunrise” the sun rises as he is brought back, what a dramatic bitch, i love him
50:48 – wilbur being back from the afterlife is oddly funny
51:27 – sir, you are kinda retrauming him
52:21 – “you got on a train and you left!” OAAHFASD;KFJALASSASDFJKL;S *SCREAMING INTENSIFIES*
52:50 – ghostbur................... *sobs*
53:00 – “it was dream” holy fucking shit.......... is that a metaphor for him being in control of life and death?
53:08 – he thinks of dream as his hero?! i understand why tommy is looking at him like that, what the legitimate fuckwit...
53:21 – while I’m happy he’s no longer suicidal, I am still genuinely concerned for this man.......... so concerned. so very fucking concerned. no wonder there were so many tv tropes updates. holy shit.
53:40 – whew, he knows what ghostbur knew.
54:50 – “oh fuck” is a fantastic way to put it... and what the fuck is the perfect summary for the stream, thanks
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keelywolfe · 5 months ago
FIC: Just Swimmingly ch.4 (BAON)
Tumblr media
Summary:  Jeff doesn't know where they are or where they're going, but he knows one thing. It's probably not good.
Tags:  Spicyhoney, Established Relationships,  Hurt/Comfort, Additional Tags To Come
Part of the ‘by any other name’ series.
Read it on AO3
Read it here!
By the time the van came to a stop, Stretch still hadn’t woken up. Not that it mattered very much, there wasn’t a thing Jeff could have done to change their situation. At the moment, they were very much outnumbered, overpowered, and even if he’d had a clue where they were, it wouldn’t have done them any good. Before they dragged him out of the van, one of the thugs yanked a bag over his head. Blinded, he struggled to stumble along as two guys pulled him out, trying not to cry out as they led him barefoot across crumbling asphalt into a building with rough carpet.
He kept as quiet as he could, trying to not only listen in case they said anything useful, but also for Stretch, praying to a God he hadn’t spoken to since he was fifteen and his father threw him out that they didn't hurt Stretch. Jeff could survive a few bumps and bruises, but he didn't know how much Stretch could withstand. Intent was key when it came to Monsters, he knew that much, and these guys seemed to have plenty.
At first, he tried to keep track of where he was being led. An impossible effort when the twists and turns of being dragged along left him too disoriented to know his way up or down. They seemed to walk forever until his captors suddenly stopped and Jeff was shoved down into a chair. Rough hands grabbed at him, rope suddenly binding his wrists and ankles. He didn’t struggle as he was tied, only tried to tense his muscles as much as possible, some shitty internet meme he vaguely remembered reading said that it could help slip free later.
Turned out memes weren’t the best source for escape plans. When they were done, Jeff subtly tried to move and the best he could manage was a painful rope burn. The ropes felt like they were wound through the slats in the chair and unless Houdini decided to make good on his possible return from the other side, Jeff was going nowhere fast.
He could hear their captors moving around, muttering too low to be understood and the other sounds might have been more rope. Tying up Stretch, maybe, he hoped that’s what it was; at least if they were together, that was something, hell, that was everything right now.
The bag suddenly getting ripped off his head made him gasp, flinching from the glaring light pointed directly into his face. Squinting, he could barely see the shadowy figures standing behind it, but he was sure he could see a cell phone pointed in his direction.
“Say your name,” a rough voice demanded.
“Andy—” he began automatically. “No, Jeff, I’m sorry, Jeff! My name is Jeff!” There was nothing else and Jeff shifted, grimacing as the ropes dug in. It was on the tip of his tongue to go on, to blurt that he worked in public relations, that he was nobody important and not worth ransoming. He bit the inside of his lip to keep those rambles from pouring out. Partly because it was probably stupid to tell kidnappers your value or lack thereof, and partly because of Edge. He’d always told them to never offer more information than was necessary and yeah, he’d been talking about board games at the time, but Jeff doubted that Clue was where Edge learned that particular rule. If these assholes wanted more info, they could damn well ask.
Either his name was all they wanted or they already had whatever other info they needed. Jeff didn’t even have a chance to try squinting through the too-bright light when one of them came towards him and yanked the bag back over his head. He sat there, sweat beading on his face and his own breath threatening to smother him as he listened to their captors moving around next to him.
“He can’t talk,” one of them said disgustedly. “He’s still wasted.”
Stretch. That meant he was right next to him, thank fucking god.
The rough sound of a slap made Jeff tense, protests bitten off when the same voice cursed and there came the sound of someone rubbing their head, “What the fuck, man!”
“That’s exactly how we want him, dumbass! He doesn’t need to talk, all they need is a good look at him. Come on, they’re waiting.”
Footsteps and then the sound of a door closing. Jeff strained to hear if anyone was still in there with them around his own breathing loud in his ears, his pulse thundering. There was nothing, no shuffle of feet against the floor or the creak of a chair. Jeff waited a little longer, curling his chilly toes against the rough carpet.
Nothing. Jeff took a long, slow breathing, trying to calm his racing pulse. He needed to be cool right now so he could try to think of something. Even if the Embassy was willing to give these assholes whatever they wanted, they sure as hell couldn’t count on that saving their lives. He was no strategist, his degree was in sociology, for fuck’s sake, but. Stretch always called him Handy Andy and it made him feel like someone different, someone braver who could stand up to a violent asshole on a bus and help Stretch with crazy experiments involving swinging bottles of Diet Coke rigged with automatic mentos dispensers. Jeff might not be the best for this situation, but Andy was sure as hell gonna try.
“Stretch,” Jeff said softly. He waited for someone to shout or a slap followed by a demand that he shut up. When none came, he went on, soft and urgent, “I know you can't hear me, but, just in case you can. It's gonna be okay. I know you're big on promises and I'm promising you right now we're getting out of this. I promise you." If he could glean anything of what Jeff was saying, he hoped he could hear that much. At least maybe he wouldn't be afraid.
"i sure hope so, i didn't get this far in life to get dusted by a low rent group of third rate scooby doo level villains. seriously, they tied us up with rope, were they out of packing tape at ‘kidnappers ‘r’ us’ or were they just eager to try the knots they learned in boy scouts before they got kicked out."
Okay, that wasn’t quite the last thing he’d expected, but it was close.
"Stretch?" Jeff gasped out. He couldn’t see a damn thing through the bag, but he could hear a muted popping sound. Suddenly, the bag was gone, far gentler than before and then he was blinking up into Stretch’s smirking face.
Jeff looked around a little wildly and next to him was another chair, the still-tied ropes hanging from the rungs in loose coils.
“yeah, sorry. i woke up back in the van, didn’t want to tip them off. wherever they buy their roofies must not have given them a dosage chart.” Stretch settled his hands on Jeff’s shoulders. “hold still, this is a lot easier than fighting with knots.”
It was the gentlest and shortest teleport he’d ever felt. Only a brief disorientation and when his vision cleared, he was sitting on top of the ropes that had just been binding him.
Jeff scrambled to his feet, swiping his sleeve across his sweaty forehead. Holy shit, maybe he should take up praying again more regularly, this was the fastest service he’d ever gotten. “Can you get us outside?”
His heart sank as Stretch shook his head. “that's gonna be a no. with the bags on our heads, i couldn't see where we are. shortcutting is tricky, it's dangerous to teleport blind. that's how you end up stuck in walls or halfway inside a table or some shit.” Stretch waved a slender hand at the chairs. “dangerous, not impossible. a few inches above where i was sitting was a pretty safe bet to get out of the ropes, but anything else is more likely to get us dead than on the street.” He frowned, glancing around the room thoughtfully. “plus, i'm not going anywhere without a little intel. they’re fucking idiots, but they knew enough to drug me and how to do it. that's not information you can just look up on a wiki-how.”
“Okay,” Jeff took a deep, steadying breath. "So, what do we do, then?” He glanced at the door. “Can you pick locks?"
"sure,” Stretch said absently. He was looking around the room. It was a storage room of some sort, there was more dusty furniture aside from the chairs, including a rickety desk, and metal cabinets lined the walls. “but i can't do much about the door being barred. i heard something get braced against it when they went out.
"Oh. Right."
“yeah,” Stretch agreed, “at least one of them has a brain cell or two rolling around up top, enough to get them this far. but the road trip is over and it’s time to pay the tolls.” Stretch shook his head disgustedly. "first rule of kidnapping is never leave the kidnappees alone. seriously, i'm getting my cues from netflix and even i know that.”
His eye lights paused in their survey of the room, brightening. Jeff followed his gaze and saw in one corner there was an honest to god old-fashioned rotary telephone pushed into the far corner of the desk, nearly buried under the clutter.
"can't be that easy, can it?” Stretch marveled. He picked it up the handset and held to his skull, then sighed unhappily. “nope. no dial tone, no surprise there, no one has a landline anymore. don’t you worry though, little phone.” Stretch gave it a soft pat. “you’re gonna be real useful in just a minute. seriously, this is just embarrassing. my first kidnapping attempt and they locked us in a room with an entire arsenal.”
“I must be missing the vendor in the corner willing to hand over gear if we do a mission for them,” Jeff joked weakly.
“everything is an arsenal if you’ve got the skills.” Stretch rummaged through the desk and came up triumphantly with…a paperclip? He set it on the desk, adding a pencil, some scotch tape, and what looked to Jeff like an old tube of superglue. “kidnapped by the ebott equivalent of the america’s dumbest criminals, fuck me. edge is going to be up my ass for a month.”
“I don’t think you’re giving him enough credit.” It was easier to be calm in the face of Stretch’s ease. “I think six months is the bare minimum.”
“i really wish you weren’t right.” Stretch glanced around the room again, this time directing his gaze upward. “hm, that’ll work.” Tall as he was, the ceiling was still out of reach even for him. Stretch pulled one of the chairs over, ropes trailing behind it like tentacles, and stood on it, reaching for the smoke detector. Jeff could only blink in confusion as he yanked it right off the ceiling.
"You're going to burn down the building?” Jeff asked. Not that he didn’t trust Stretch, but, uh, that seemed extreme for a first escape attempt. “That’d get us out, but I don't think we'll be any more alive."
"nah, just need some parts,” Stretch jerked his head towards the door. “keep an ear on the hallway, will ya, in case they remember that leaving us alone is probably stupid."
“Got it.” Jeff went to the door but before he could press his ear to it, Stretch called his name.
"hey, kiddo, i'm gonna get us out of this." Stretch offered him a familiar, lopsided smile. "i know i don't look like much, but i've been known to keep my head in a bad situation."
"You already saved me once,” Jeff said honestly, "why wouldn't I believe you now?"
Stretch’s pale eye lights flickered with memory, his expression briefly tightening. How did he remember that horrible night in that parking lot, Jeff wondered, what nightmares haunted Stretch’s sleep? He knew something happened after the ambulance took him away, but he’d never heard the entire story. After he’d been released from the hospital, he’d been wrapped up in healing enough to start his new job at the Embassy and as time passed, he hated to ask, didn’t want to dredge it all up again, not when everyone was slowly getting past it. Besides, the others had their own shit to deal with, what with the attack in California and everything happening in Ebott. His trauma was his to handle and that was the end of it.
At the desk, Stretch got to work, humming the ‘mission impossible’ theme under his breath as he dissected the phone and smoke detector with a makeshift screwdriver made from a bent paperclip taped to a pencil. His hands were as deft and easy as any demonstration he’d done for the local kids and Jeff could only marvel at his ease.
“How can you be so calm?” Jeff blurted, wincing even as the words escaped. He hadn’t meant to say it, didn’t want to distract him. Stretch only flicked a glance his way, both browbones raised.
“me?” Stretch snorted, “i am not calm. beneath this gorgeous cookie crust exterior is a honey pie of a person who would start shitting themselves if i could grow the prerequisite equipment. but we're gonna be okay.”
“How do you know?” Jeff hated the faint pleading in his own voice, he shouldn’t be distracting; Stretch was as stuck here as he was and with his HP, it was even worse. He was supposed to be the one helping Stretch, he’d promised, and the best he could do was lookout.
“you seriously think red isn't already on it?” Stretch asked and as terrifying as Red could be, thinking about him right now eased some of the aching fear that was settled in Jeff’s stomach. “all he needs is a clue and we’re gonna get him one. i only hope he can keep edge from razing the city and salting the earth beneath it until then. people might be a little tetchy about that and i’m not even sure you can come up with a press release that’d cover ‘sorry about starting city-wide armageddon, my bad.’”
Before Jeff could think of a reply to that, either an agreement, or a protest that a little chaos could be excused considering the circumstances, he heard footsteps coming from down the hallway. Panicked, he hissed out, “They're coming!”
“fuck, okay, okay.” Stretch scrambled over and set some kind of contraption on the floor near the door that was all waggling wires and circuit boards. He grabbed Jeff by the wrist and dragged him along. “over here, come on, this a harder trick, but you can do it. i need you to hold as still as you can. if you move, they might see you, you get me?"
Jeff managed a hasty nod as Stretch shoved him into a corner, cramming them both in tight, out of the way. "don't move, don't talk,” Stretch reminded him, a low murmur close to his ear. The slim, bony arms around him were comforting and even knowing that Stretch couldn’t physically protect him, having him towering overhead as he caged Jeff against the wall felt oddly safe.
Then something happened. He didn’t know how to describe it. It felt like a heavy curtain fell over the world, everything going distant and muffled, even his vision greying like he was about to faint, only he’d never felt so awake. There was a sudden popping explosion as the door swung open and collided with Stretch’s contraption, but it sounded miles away, the kidnappers’ curses as muffled as if they were speaking from another world.
He didn’t move, held perfectly still even as that curtain slowly grew claustrophobic, nausea starting to churn. Jeff closed his eyes, swallowing convulsively and just went he thought he couldn’t stand it a moment longer, that he either needed to move or he’d start screaming, it was suddenly gone and Stretch was stepping back.
When he opened his eyes, he saw Stretch was pale, sweat showing visibly on his skull. "are you okay?" Stretch asked.
“Me?” Jeff blurted. He caught hold of Stretch’s arms to brace him as he wobbled on his feet. “I’m fine, what about you!”
"i’ll be okay.” Stretch wiped his face on the sleeve of the crummy shirt he’d been forced into with a grimace. “i pulled us halfway into the void. it works, but it burns a lot of juice. the assholes booked it out of here, but more importantly, they left the door open."
The door was opened, they could leave, and yet, Jeff found himself blurting out, “They’ll get away!”
“no,” Stretch said grimly. “they’ll look for us first, thinking we couldn’t have gotten too far. these guys aren’t gonna ditch and run that fast, they know too much. think about it. drugs work on monsters but how do they know what kind and how much? lucky for me, skeleton monsters are different. our systems are finicky, we’re hard to drug. whoever tipped them off about how to roofie me didn’t know that.”
His sockets narrowed suddenly, Stretch turning away to look in the rusty cabinet next to them. “oh, honey,” he said gleefully, “jackpot.”
Jeff joined him, peering into the cabinet as Stretch cautiously wrenched it open. “What did you find?”
He held up a bottle of bleach and said, smugly, “just some nice, normal household chemicals. they can be lots of fun if you know how to mix 'em up and i'm a one hell of a bartender. but first.”
On the desk was another little contraption that was mostly wires and tape. Stretch picked it up and walked over to squat next to a wall outlet. Carefully, he pushed it into the socket. There was a sputtering spark and a tiny red light blinked to life.
“there we go.” Stretch stood, dusting off his hands. “i don’t even want to think about how pants-shittingly angry edge probably is right now, but we can’t let them get the ransom that asgore is probably going to pay and we sure as hell can’t let them get away.”
He grinned then, wickedly sharp for all that his teeth were blunt. “so, how’s about we have some fun, yeah?”
Jeff nodded determinedly. Fuck, yes. If he was going to add to his repertoire of nightmares, he was damn well going to make sure someone else paid for it, in spades.
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thedigitalpen · a year ago
My 10 favourite... beefcake animes!
Okay yes, I realise that this is a rather weird title. I had originally thought to call it something along the lines of my favourite martial arts or fighting animes, but because the animes don’t always fall into that category, I decided to call a spade, a spade (or a beefcake, a beefcake) and admit that, most times sometimes, I just enjoy animes with muscular guys in them. That’s not to forget the ladies though because some of these shows also feature some rather muscular ladies in the mix too. So there’s something for everyone!
Tumblr media
So, in no particular order (because the genres are sometimes different so making comparisons wouldn’t be fair):
1. Street Fighter series.
Hardly a surprise considering that this is a series that has a legacy firmly placed in the gaming world. Although you don’t really need to know who’s who in order to watch these shows, it doesn’t hurt to know a little about the characters before you jump in - mainly because the creators assume that those who watch it are fans of the show. Expect a fair amount of fighting (the name gives that one away), lots of bromance (Ryu and Ken 4eva!) and the eternal fight of good vs. evil (which is usually the plot of every show/movie)! Even if you aren’t familiar with Ryu & co., the show won’t lead you astray so you can watch without worry. Oh and let me just say - Chun Li is ma gurl! If you want to see a woman that’s not only beautiful but can also kick your ass, then watch these shows - especially Street Fight II the movie! 
Tumblr media
2. Hajime no Ippo.
One of my most favourite sports animes of all time which tells the tale of Makunouchi Ippo and his rise up the ranks of the boxing world. He starts off as a kid that just wants to get stronger so that he can fend off the bullies who harass him. Sick of his weak self (and after a couple of incidents here and there), Ippo joins a boxing gym, starting from scratch and going through basic training. His coach sees his potential and helps shape Ippo into a power boxer who fights head on and never backs down from the fight. Throughout the series, we get to know the other boxers in the gym as well as the competitors that they face, and we watch them battle it out in the ring. It’s a story with a great balance of sports, a sprinkling of slice of life (well, the life of a boxer) and comedy. And, of course, boxing boys come with boxing bodies... and I’m not complaining! And if you enjoy this and want more, try either “Ashita no Joe” (old school classic) or it’s more recent spin-off, “Megalo Box”. Oh and in terms of strong women - no one beats Ippo’s mom! She’s a powerhouse!
Tumblr media
3. Baki the Grappler.
More of an MMA vibe with this one - it’s about a kid (he’s like 13 when we first meet him) who has been raised to be a fighter since he was born - his mother gets him the best trainers and equipment money can buy. He eventually feels like he’s outgrown the traditional training method and starts to find other ways to become a better fighter, which includes following his fathers footsteps - training the same way he did and with the people he did - and taking on some of the other fighters he meets along the way. After an altercation with his father (using that term rather lightly), Baki’s path eventually leads to the underground fight scene where challengers can test their strength and face off against each other in an anything-goes type of fight, using whatever techniques, power and skills they have at their disposal. And Baki’s ultimate goal? To defeat his father! It’s got some family drama as the foundation, but when it comes to beefcakes, there’s no shortage here - even if it is a 17-year old kid looking like a grown-ass man. Oh, best to be aware that (excluding the OVAs) there 3 seasons of Baki - the anime series from 2001 and the 2018 Netflix version which covers the "Most Evil Death Row Convicts" arc. 
Tumblr media
4. Kengan Ashura.
When I first started watching this, the first thing I thought was - ahhh! this reminds me of Baki! And, indeed, there are quite a few elements that are similar. There isn’t any family drama here but there is an underground fight scene where anything goes in terms of fight style. However, the premise here is that the fighters don’t fight for themselves (well, not officially anyway) but that they fight for various companies who settle their business disputes via these types of organised “kengan” matches. It eventually reaches a situation where some of the other businessmen wish to get rid of the current Kengan chairman, and so this chairman organises a huge battle royale for any companies that wish to enter. The prize? The owner of the winning company gets to be the next chairman! This sets the stage for a number of one-on-one showdowns between the various fighter representatives. In terms of background stories, we have two main protagonists and their stories. The one is about a salaryman (turned “CEO”) and his life, as well his relationship with his son, and the other is about a fighter and the vendetta he holds against another fighter for a past incident. Personally, I love the way the fights are presented in this show - not only because of the eye-candy - but because it really does feel like you’re at a grand show! Oh, and unlike Baki, at least most of the fighers are adults.
Tumblr media
5. Golden Kamuy.
Bring on the boys! Honestly one of the most entertaining shows I’ve watched in a while (and one where I demand that there be another season at least!) and also culturally/historically interesting too. It’s set around the time of the Russo-Japanese war and follows the story of Immortal Sugimoto - a soldier who left active service and finds out that there may be Ainu gold hidden somewhere in Hokkaido. The only problem is that the map has been tattooed in pieces, onto the torsos of various prisoners, most of whom have dispersed to different areas. Nevertheless, thus begins the hunt for the map! Along the way, Sugimoto meets various people along the way - making allies with some and enemies with others - all of whom are associated with each other in interconnecting ways. And all of whom are working toward one goal - get the gold! It’s a brilliant show that’s got some fighting, some mystery, some espionage vibes, some comedy (some of which is could be considered dark and/or weird) and some feels. It balances it all out and makes for an interesting and entertaining watch. Oh, and let’s not forget - a very enjoyable watch too! Mm mm mmm...
Tumblr media
6. All Out!!
Another sport anime here, but this time it’s rugby! As someone from a country where rugby is a staple, national sport, this was totally up my ally! The premise is similar to most other school-based sports animes - a kid who’s self-conscious about his height joins the rugby team and learns to get along with the other boys as he trains and works together with them as part of the team. This is not only so that he can help the team improve, but to also prove his own worth. The team goes through training camps and they play against other schools, getting to know some of the opposing teams’ members and establishing some rivalries along the way. It’s pretty typical fare, but damn are these boys stacked! It’s pretty accurate though since rugby is a contact sport which requires some power (and apparently some short, tight shorts) to get the job done. It’s a light watch, but that eye candy is truly sweet!
Tumblr media
7. Tiger Mask W.
From rugby to wrestling! This actually a continuation of sorts to the original Tiger Mask and Tiger Mask II series, building on the legacy and keeping related in the same sphere, but not directly incorporating the older characters. Unfortunately, the original series is hella hard to get hold of but even without it, you can watch Tiger Mask W without much of an issue. So the story is about a guy who had decided to join a wrestling gym and was pretty happy there until the gym was destroyed by another rival gym. Vowing to take that other gym down, he strikes out on his own and eventually joins one of the national wrestling associations, working in their match roster. But it’s all so that he can reach his goal of taking down that other gym by defeating the players supported by them. Enter into the ring various wrestling friends and both friendly and unfriendly rivals (including an old friend - bromance anyone?) and you get plenty of matches, plenty of muscles and some satisfying action! They also don’t forget the female wrestlers, which is a nice touch! Another one that’s light enough to enjoy at face value - much like how you’d enjoy real wrestling too.
Tumblr media
8. Gifuu Doudou!! Kanetsugu to Keiji. 
A historical vibe with this one - it’s actually based on the spin-off of the original manga, “Keiji” which was created by Tetsuo Hara. And if that name doesn’t ring a bell, check number 10 on this list and you’ll know who I’m talking about - that’s right, it’s the guy who worked on Hokuto no Ken - and that should immediately give you an idea as to why this show is on the list. It’s a period piece about the friendship between Maeda Keiji and Naoe Kanetsugu - both of whom found their accomplishments on the battlefield. It’s told in hindsight, where they sit together, have a drink or three and reminisce about their younger days and what it took to get to where they are now. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it was pretty entertaining - especially when you see just how clever these guys were when it came to political maneuvering as well as in a fight. Of course, they’re pretty high in the beefcake stakes so if you like your men manly, then you’ve come to the right era. 
Tumblr media
9. Dragon Ball series.
I’m pretty sure that I don’t have to talk about this anime, but in the interest of completeness, let me give you the wiki breakdown about what this anime is about: “The series follows the adventures of the protagonist, Son Goku, from his childhood through adulthood as he trains in martial arts. He spents his life far from civilization, until he is found by Bloomer, a teen girl who encourages him to explore the world in search of the seven orbs known as the Dragon Balls, which summon a wish-granting dragon when gathered. Along his journey, Goku makes several friends and battles a wide variety of villains, many of whom also seek the Dragon Balls.” (source). Of course, this is continued throughout the various series that follow, where Goku has his own family etc. But when it comes to the muscle factor in this show, it’s got it where it counts - everywhere! It’s a classic for a reason so even if you aren’t into beefcake guys, you should still probably watch it if you haven’t already.
Tumblr media
10. Hokuto no Ken.
It just wouldn’t feel right if I had to leave this off the list because when someone says “manly anime”, I’m betting that 99.9% of the time most people think about Hokuto no Ken / Fist of the North Star. It’s the post-apocalyptic era and times are tough, with everyone fighting to survive with what little there is on the planet. Some guys want to be rulers, some guys want to be thugs, but one guy just wants to find his fiancee and do what he can to right the wrongs of the world and make a difference to the people he meets. That one man is, of course, Kenshiro. It’s full-tilt action, usually incorporating martial arts through the various fighting styles of the characters - whether it’s Hokuto Shinken, Nanto Seiken or sometimes just brute force and good old hand-to-hand combat. There’s a few female characters here and there who also kick ass so it isn’t completely one-sided, but they usually end up getting saved by the dudes so take that with a pinch of salt. Post-apocalyptic world or not, these guys sure can maintain their physiques. And when it comes time for a fight, you best believe they pull no punches! If you like pure fighting animes where you get to see people explode each episode, followed by the most epic line ever said in anime, then this is the one! 
Tumblr media
Honourable mentions.
...because, can we really do without more muscular men and women in our lives?
1. Terra Formars - if you’re looking specifically for that muscular vibe, then try season 1. While I enjoyed both, season 1 had better animation (for me) and they all looked badass when defeating those nasty roaches - both the men and the ladies! 2. Hinomaru Sumo - a sports anime that revolves around a newly formed high school sumo club and the career path of the main protagonist. Informative if you don’t know much about sumo and, as expected, loads of meaty guys aiming for victory and aiming for the position of yokozuna. 3. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure - another show that hardly requires an introduction and would probably take way too long to explain considering how many Jojo’s there are, but rest assured, the guys are packed, stacked and ready to attack! 4. One Punch Man - if only because there a few characters who fit the beefcake category perfectly, e.g. Suiryu (hello there!), Garou and Tanktop Master to name a few. An anime that’s some parts serious, some part hilarious but always flipping shounen tropes on its head. 5. Sengoku Basara - also, not completely beefed out, but there are a few characters who would make the grade, e.g. Maeda Keiji (dejavu from number 8?) and Oda Nobunaga. Another period anime, based on a Capcom game, that uses a lot of poetic licence to make it an exciting watch with very memorable characters. 6. Free! - “Make us free na Splash! Kasaneta... 👏 👏 !” Swimmers bodies - that is all. If you’ve ever seen a swimmer’s bodies in real life, you’ll know what I mean ‘cos they have muscles in all the right places. A slice-of-life sports anime that revolves around high school boys (who eventually become college boys) who engage in competitive swimming. 7. Air Master - The ladies take over in this one, which is a show that revolves around street fighting and the goal of those various street fighters and martial artists to become number 1 on the Fukamichi Rankings. It’s more of that underground fight scene vibe but the main protagonist is a gymnast-turned-street fighter who takes on anyone who’ll challenge her (man or woman) and usually kick their ass. It’s got a quirky/weird sense of humour to it, but that’s part of why I liked it.
Well, I’m pretty sure that there are other shows that I’ve missed, and mountains of characters who have that A-grade beef, but I tried to choose shows that specifically have that muscular aesthetic as a default setting in the show. Hopefully I hit the mark here, sharing my faves with you, but if there’s some show or character that I absolutely must see, feel free to let me know! Because just like Tanigaki’s shirt, I’m always open to suggestions.
Tumblr media
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everythingblreview · 11 months ago
Recommendation of BL games everyone should play Part 1
There are quite a lot of people who are into dmmd so it having probably the biggest BL game fandom in the West makes sense. However, many don’t know or don’t try to look for other bl games, so I wanted to make this recommendation list for everyone, who is into BL games but doesn’t know other games.
When I first started playing bl games in 2013 I, too, didn’t know any other games. Nitro+Chiral games are probably the most well known in the West, but there are so many games out there with such amazing stories and I want to encourage people to play them. So, let’s begin~
WARNING IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 DO NOT PLAY THIS (each game has or will have an English release and or an English translation)
Lamento ~Beyond The Void~
Tumblr media
Before we drift away from the N+C zone, I want to introduce this game to those people, who still don’t know about it. Lamento is one of the older N+C games. It came out in 2006, but it still has the best story out of the four N+C games.
The game takes place in a fictional world inhabited by Ribika (who look like humans but have cat ears and tails). Their world has fallen into dark times -- a mysterious void has made some places (and even animals) impossible to touch, causing major food shortages. A strange and deadly disease that has killed off a large percentage of the female Ribika population is also spreading. The hero, Konoe, exists in this miserable world, living alone in the starving village of Karou who have turned to cannibalism. The story begins with Konoe in Karou, where he suddenly begins to see horrible dreams and strange marks appear on his body. This is believed to be a curse so Konoe heads off to Ransen (the big city) in order to heal his body. (summary from Lamento wiki) You can only play 3 routes (aka 3 guys to date) and there is no true ending. Lamento is the longest game out of all N+C game, probably even one of the longest games ever. Actually, at first I wasn’t too much into this game, because I don’t really like fantasy and cat boys, but the story is so good, the world building is fantastic, the art is beautiful and the soundtrack is one of the best. Seriously if you do not know the OST of Lamento what are you doing with your life? The BL part is nice but not the main point. Lamento is more about story and when you finally get to the BL part, you probably forgot that you are playing a BL game. But worry not, the story is interesting enough to keep you playing. So, if you are into fantasy, cat boys and/or just an interesting story, beautiful art and music, then this is your game.
2. Lucky Dog 1
Tumblr media
Are you looking for a total sassy badass boss main character? Well then, this is your game. Summary: Life in jail is good for Giancarlo Bourbon del Monte. He doesn’t have to worry about responsibilities, life is slow, he’s friends with the guards… Best of all, he can get out whenever he wants since he’s the master at jailbreak. However, he’s also a member of Cosa Nostra CR: 5, and when 4 of the 5 caporegime are thrown into jail with him, he receives a letter from the Boss to break everyone out. If he succeeds, he’s the new Boss. If he doesn’t, well … he’s probably dead.  Hopefully, Gian will live up to his name as “Lucky Dog” and succeed! (summary by who is also doing the translation for this game) This game has everything: mafia, guns, cool characters, action, jailbreaks and of course boys love. You can play (date) the 4 captains, but let’s be honest - the best guy is Gian himself and his skill to destroy everyone with just words. The art may be off-putting for some (including me at the start), but you quickly get used to it in my opinion. I think the bright colors are a good contrast to the dark themes of the game. The music is top, I especially love the opening. The story is not that twisted like in other games, the goal is set from the beginning: Gian becoming the boss. If you’re into heavy themes and mafia this is a must. 3. Koshotengai no Hashihime/ Hashihime of the old book town
Tumblr media
Ok first of all this has an English release, so where are the fans? Why is no one talking about this game? IT’S SO GOOD!
The story takes place in the Taisho Era in Japan, following our main character Tamamori, who failed to get into the imperial university and is now working in an old bookstore, spending his day writing his fantasy novel and talking with his OCs. However, when one of his best friends supposedly commits suicide, Tamamori swears that he will proof that his friend was murdered and catch the criminal. This sounds not that spectacular at first probably but trust me this story is so wild and bizarre that at some point you won’t understand what’s happening. In addition, the story is full of Tamas hallucinations, where you get dragged in crazy fantasy scenes. “Imagine taking drugs, but halfway you get scared and almost regret it, but the drugs are already kicking in and so you let go and have the fucking best time of your life” - summary by a friend Tamamori is a really fun character, he’s really stupid but at the same time a genius writer. And a power bottom There are five routes you can play with the first being the longest of all of them. After the second route the game will become chaotic to the point, where at the end you will question everything that has happened. The music is good and fits the story perfectly. The art is a strong point of this game and beautiful and not censored. So, get yourself some snacks and dive in this bizarre game. Question? Ask me anything 
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heraldofzaun · 3 months ago
This is my “Viktor has never been a stereotypical evil villain, you guys are just mean” post.
Hi. Well. That says it all, really, but I guess I should elaborate. I think that Viktor has always been a victim of society [cue Joker meme], it’s just that what society has shifted over the course of his lore update.
With new lore, it’s very clearly Piltover casting him out for his (in my opinion, pretty unethical from the get-go) ideas on free will/worker safety/etc. and that subsequently making him worse. But with his previous lore - what I run off of on this blog - I’ve seen a lot of commentary about how he’s always just been “evil”, or that his motivations weren’t defined, etc. And while I can agree that his old lore certainly has less of a word count (5x less, actually) and doesn’t make his motives crystal-clear, it’s just not true that his original incarnation was just a villainous scientist. (Nor is it true that he was perceived as one by his old fans!) It takes a little bit of looking at Blitzcrank’s lore, and the Journal of Justice (hey, remember that?) to see, but it’s there... So, here goes. I’m sorry for how long this ended up being (2k words!) - it ended up touching on a lot more than just Viktor.
Viktor’s always been stolen from. (Except for Blitzcrank’s newest lores, which contradict Viktor’s new lore, which... That’s a topic for another time.) It’s always been Professor Stanwick Pididly (now Professor Stanwick) who’s done the stealing - originally, he was a professor at Zaun’s “prestigious College of Techmaturgy”. In new lore, he’s a professor at an unnamed academy in Piltover. I think the best way to track the new/old changes is bullet-points, rather than writing this all out. Tumblr doesn’t allow T-charts, sadly.
Professor Pididly in old lore:
Zaunite professor.
Stole Blitzcrank (well, the accolades for developing Blitz’s sentience) from Viktor and Viktor’s doctoral team. (While this is headcanon, I’ve always assumed that Stanwick was Viktor’s (and Viktor’s team’s) doctoral advisor. I can’t quite imagine how else he’d pull off stealing a group project like that.) Viktor subsequently withdrew from the college and “barricaded himself in his private laboratory”. (Which is his house in my personal take, because really - what sort of doctoral student can afford a lab?)
Blitzcrank’s case reached Zaun’s legal system, resulting in a “legal maelstrom” (Blitz’s original lore) that ended with Stanwick presumably being legally declared Blitzcrank’s creator.
Blitzcrank’s lore states that “most now know the truth” in regards to who his creator is. This is important for later, so stick that in your back pocket.
Pididly is referred to as “Professor Pididly” in JoJ issues 3, 18, and 23, which are given the dates of August of 20CLE, March of 21 CLE, and June of 21 CLE.
Side note: According to Orianna’s judgment, which is dated May of 21 CLE - stay with me here, it’ll make sense - Blitzcrank entered the League “years before”. As League at this time was mostly running in time with the real world, this makes sense - Blitzcrank was a 2009 champion and Orianna was released in 2011. Judgments seem to be dated to a few days before a champion’s release, in order to tie with the lore - one had to be “Judged” before made a champion... but I’m rambling. Anyways, years before, back pocket.
Is referred to as “Chairman Pididly” in JoJ issue 27, dated August of 21 CLE. “Chairman” seems to be a title given to those in political power in Zaun. Another example is Chairman Magnus Dunderson, Zaun’s “Chief Executive” (issue 5). (I could’ve sworn that there is canonically a “Board of Executives” in old lore Zaun, but scrubbing through the JoJ on the wiki hasn’t turned it up - just Blitzcrank’s lore mentioning the “Council of Zaun”. Maybe it was fanon? Anyways.) Back pocket!
Also stole some work from Viktor in order to revive Urgot. Urgot’s revival was reported on in issue 3 of the JoJ, and the confirmation that it was from Viktor’s work is in Viktor’s original lore.
Professor Stanwick (Pididly? I feel like they ditched his last name because it was “too silly”, also because Stanwick sounds British-adjacent anyways and that’s Piltover’s “thing” - but anyways) in new lore:
Piltovian professor.
Stole Blitzcrank from Viktor alone, who made the robot to help clean up a specific chemical spill. Viktor went to Zaun for a few weeks and came back to find that Stanwick had “held a symposium on Blitzcrank and presented Viktor's research as his own”. Viktor subsequently continued on his studies, culminating with him later being expelled for “violating basic human dignity”. Viktor returns to a laboratory that he had in Zaun.
Blitzcrank’s case is solely a university matter. Viktor petitions Jayce to help support his claim, but Jayce is Jayce and doesn’t help out. The “matter [is] decided in Professor Stanwick’s favor”.
Blitzcrank’s lore doesn’t really say anything about if people know that Viktor made him (them, technically, but Riot doesn’t get to make the robot non-binary), but I guess it’s implied in the 3rd iteration? (That would be the first new one, after the IoW retcon making most champions’ 2nd lores being the same lore with any reference to the titular League of Legends removed.) He works with Viktor in that one. It doesn’t fit with Viktor’s updated lore at all, actually, because it mentions Stanwick absolutely zero times. (A post for another day...)
Has nothing to do with Urgot, since Urgot’s different now.
So, the general plot of “professor rips off a student” is there, it’s just got an added layer of “professor rips off a foreign/out-group student” in new lore to tie into the overarching idea of Piltover exploiting Zaun. (Is Zaun considered foreign? Yes? No? It’s sort of textually implied sometimes to be another city, but can it actually be when it’s physically underneath Piltover? Is the metaphor in new lore a class thing, then? Is it both? Am I supposed to take Viktor’s Russian accent into account when reading this text? I don’t know.) Anyways, so far so... same, in the broad strokes. Unless Viktor’s villainy in old lore is specifically because someone from his city ripped him off, I don’t know how you can compare new/old lore and say that old painted him as a villain.
But what about the everything else I put there? We’re getting there - that’s part of Viktor’s in-universe stuff. I’m taking a quick detour out of universe, to Jayce’s very first lore...
Which had Viktor stealing a techmaturgical device from Jayce. While I can’t cite this, sadly - thank you, Riot deleting the old forums and me not having the patience to look through archives at the moment - there was a backlash around this on the forums. Why would Viktor, a character who’d been stolen from, steal in turn? So Jayce’s second lore, the one that most people were familiar with before the new lore update, was made. Now Viktor stole a crystal after trying to partner with Jayce, Jayce was less well-established as an inventor, he had a bit more character... All good things. (Also, this is probably where the new lore direction of them being former college colleagues come from.)
Also, as an aside: this is the first use I can see of crystals specifically being described as arcane power sources... The only other discussion of magical crystals was the Brackern... which was then merged into magical crystals having to be from the Brackern... Which means that...
Tumblr media
But anyways! Clearly Viktor fans didn’t see him as a villain in 2012, or at least not one that would victimize others in the same way that he’d been hurt. They made such a fuss about it that Jayce’s lore was changed to paint Viktor more sympathetically! (When’s the last time that there’s been that much backl- oh. It’s Seraphine again. Anyways.) So, again, Viktor’s perception as an evil scientist mostly seems to have come from people who weren’t really familiar with his lore. So... case closed?
Except that I also want to talk about in-universe things! Everything that I told you to put in your back pocket! Because this post is already over a thousand words and I have thrown myself firmly into this vortex.
Viktor’s victimization by society [Joker meme] is actually probably worse in old lore, which is a fact that I think has been pretty overlooked. While new lore Viktor gets kicked back down to Zaun and gets his work stolen in academia - with Stanwick presumably never being questioned on whether or not he made Blitzcrank, because there’s that whole “Zaunites are bad” thread that is both in and out of universe... Old lore Viktor sure does get it worse, although I admit that this requires some interpretation of canon. His thing with Blitzcrank was, again, a “legal maelstrom” - and with Blitzcrank being considered a Zaunite celebrity before this court case, it seems relatively easy/logical to infer that this maelstrom was a very public case.
So all of Zaun gets to see Viktor crash and burn in court. I’d say that’s a bit worse than just academia seeing it, as is the case in new lore.
And then there’s Blitzcrank’s lore flat-out saying that “most now know the truth” about who made him. (While this lore does predate Viktor’s existence - isn’t it odd to think about a Blitzcrank made by a faceless team of generic doctoral students, rather than Viktor... and a faceless team of generic doctoral students? - I see no reason not to take it as canonical for Viktor’s original lore. There’d been minor lore touchups before, so if Riot wanted Viktor’s creation of Blitzcrank to be an unknown... they could have edited Blitzcrank’s lore.) But Viktor’s still on the fringes, and nothing in his lore (which, again, was written years after Blitzcrank’s) seems to acknowledge that by the time he enters the League we have confirmation, date-wise, that it’s been years since the truth came out. (Orianna Judgment, etc.) That’s to say: people knowing that Viktor made Blitzcrank does nothing for him - he gets no apologies or anything like that.
Of course, if you take League lore as happening concurrently and nix the Judgments and the League, I guess that this is tenuous - but working within the framework of when he was released, it seems clear to me that the implication of all this lore is (whether it was intended by Riot to be read this way or not) that no one in Zaun cares that Viktor was stolen from. It’s an open secret. No one’s seeking justice for him. But it gets worse...!
So, it’s generally known that Stanwick didn’t make Blitzcrank by the time that the JoJ is running. And he’s just a professor for most of the run of that part of the lore, until... Issue 27. In which he becomes Chairman Pididly, someone who is now implied to have political power. (I have to assume he gets the position due to the political goodwill from Noxus that his revival of Urgot must have brought Zaun, but that’s just interpretation.) But! Even though most people know that Stanwick didn’t make Blitzcrank - that he stole Blitzcrank - he ends up not losing his university job (he’s still Professor Pididly for most of the JoJ, after all) but... gaining political office!
All of this is to say that Zaun is so crooked that you can have the fact that you stole from someone and ruined their life revealed... and get a promotion to government! You can shatter an idealistic man who had a “hope to better society” and make him into someone like the Machine Herald and face absolutely zero repercussions. I think that that is significantly worse than how new lore Viktor’s victimization by Piltover consisted of an academia-only dispute that left him with just some bitterness... New Viktor was, after all, kicked out of Piltovian academia for ethics violations, not for Blitzcrank.
Everything surrounding old lore Viktor is a bit harder to piece together, since you have to look through a few lores and make a few inferences, which is why I think that people don’t realize exactly how bad he had it... (That and time erasing memories, or people being new to the fandom, or people not being interested in Viktor, or...) But he had it bad, and I’m honestly disappointed that we never got to explore much of Zaun’s particular brand of corporate corruption in canon. Now they’re the perpetual underdogs, both victims and villians, and Riot isn’t quite sure how to write them beyond constant exploitation from Piltover. (Even the chem-barons have taken somewhat of a backseat lately in new lore, from what I’ve seen - Piltover seems to be the primary cause of Zaun’s ills, because the combined region is now an upper city/lower city metaphor about class. The chem-barons just seem to be written as a result of Piltover’s ignoring of Zaun - because Zaun seems to be more of an undercity than a sovereign city or state, but that varies depending on whatever piece of lore you’re reading and... Another post, another time.)
So. TL;DR: Viktor’s always been a character who was victimized by a city, be it Zaun or Piltover. Viktor’s always been a character more complex than just a maniacal villain, although it takes more work to see that in his old lore as compared to his new. (His new pretty much screams “we are trying to make him and Jayce morally grey”, after all.) This victimization is arguably worse in old lore, as it’s implied that he went through a very public legal case that ended with Stanwick taking credit for Blitzcrank. In addition to that, Stanwick’s subsequent shift to politics implies that Zaun is so corrupt that most everyone knowing that he’s a thief isn’t an issue at all. He’s untouchable.
Viktor’s always been the result of an idealistic man being crushed by a society that doesn’t care for him and his dreams. That’s nothing new.
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partyhcrdy · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
⌜  ⁰⁰¹ felicia hardy. camila mendes. she/her. cis-female. ⌟ looks like FELICIA HARDY has joined the search for the missing mutants. the TWENTY-SIX YEAR OLD is known as BLACK CAT and works alongside THE DEFENDERS. they were spotted recently in NYC, hopefully they’ll have some luck finding the missing mutants.  
well hello!! i’m brittany and this is 1/2 of my babies! i’ll start with miss felicia lydia hardy, the black cat herself. let’s take a little journey, shall we?
felicia essentially comes from a very wealthy family in queens, nyc and she went to midtown high but graduated early due to having like a billion credits bc she’s Extra and Too Smart for her own good.
her dad was a “traveling salesman” which means he was always on business trips and away from the family so felicia was raised by her mom and a nanny; she didn’t have much of a relationship with her dad but it didn’t necessarily affect her as much as people like to think it did.
her mom, however, was always pushing her to be the best of the best and enrolled felicia in a lot of different sports like cheerleading, gymnastics, swimming, figure skating, etc. you name it and she’s probably done it all and seemingly better than you at them all.
her dad had supposedly died in a plane crash during a trip to south america but it was all a cover-up for him actually going to jail bc he was a renowned burglar and tbh when felicia found out the truth (*j jonah jameson vc* THROUGH THE DAILY BUGLE!) she was a lil frazzled to say the least.
she ended up taking self defense classes and martial arts after she got mugged bc she’s a Badass and loves to *mantis vc* TAKE ASS AND KICK NAMES!!!!!!
also learned how to pick locks and crack safes, like what a woman!!!!
when she was a freshman in college, felicia got date-raped by her boyfriend at the time :((((( and after a period of time where she kind of emotionally shut down, she kinda made a pact to herself to not be vulnerable ever again and enrolled in more self defense classes and trained super duper hard in order to uhhh Murder The Guy.
HOWEVER, the guy died in a drunk driving accident and felicia was left not able to get her revenge on the guy and it’s lowkey something that still bothers her to this day.
channeling her anger elsewhere, felicia started to follow in her father’s footsteps and became a cat burglar and a real damn good one at that. she steals mostly from the rich and people who can afford to lose some money because she doesn’t think anyone should be THAT wealthy and not do anything good with it.
for a while, she became the self-proclaimed queen of crime in new york but after a while --- and a few run-in’s with spiderman *cue a swoon*---, miss hardy gave up on stealing and decided she wanted to fight crime.
she joined the defenders for a hot minute when they needed help taking down diamondback and while she kind of runs with her own agenda, she did take a liking to them and helps them out/eventually joins them.
she heard about the mutants/enhanced beings going missing and she’s like “nah fam” but at the same time, she kind of wants to feel like she’s doing something with her life?? like that she has a purpose and doesn’t want to fall back into her old ways of stealing and stuff.
also she’s probs got the hots for spiderman so she was like “wow spidey’s helping? sign me up” …. she’s ridiculous.
ANYWAYS THE POINT IS she’s here, queer and she’s ready to scrap at any given moment so someone fight her, thank you so much.
personality wise she’s really charismatic and manipulative so she knows how to get what she wants…. a bit obsessive and tends to fall for the wrong people…. super flirtatious, loves the sexy-time, loves attention, loves to be the person everyone wants….she’s a lil ugly…. selfish and doesn’t usually do something unless it helps her in some way but she’s learning to get better and fight for the greater good….very determined and passionate about her beliefs and standing up for the little guy tbh.
she’s not like super powerful but she does have a few different things which include feline abilities (superhuman reflexes, infrared eyesight, enhanced strength, retractable claws in her suit), probability field manipulation which marvel’s wiki says is “allowed her to affect probability fields, which caused improbable events of bad luck to happen to enemies that were within her sight” so that’s fucking RAD!!!!! also she’s like an expert thief, super athletic, a skilled acrobat and martial artist so again that’s fucking rad.
you know she’s a bit of a thot but her suit is practically instead of sexy (sorry to disappoint the comic fans) and she’s got her hair in the high ponytail. very much basing her “black cat” look from the ps5 spiderman game! also we love using our imaginations so let’s pretend camila is a blonde <3
please please plot with me!! i promise i don’t bite and i’m more than willing to come up with whatever to make plots work <3 dm on the tumblr messenger or add me on discord!!!! felicia’s pinterest board is here and her spotify playlist is here if anyone was curious :)
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