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#911 season 5 spoilers
wackybuddiemewbs · 2 days ago
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Anyone else thought this might be foreshadowing to what's about to go down with the hostage situation involving Buck and Eddie?
Just me?
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Buck is gonna realize that Taylor will ALWAYS prioritize her job over him, just how it was in season 2.
Eddie is gonna realize that Ana is not what he wants for himself or for Chris.
And who do you think they're gonna go to when they need to talk about it? Who have they always been the MOST vulnerable with?
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oneawkwardcookie · 8 days ago
There’s something about Eddie and Buck in the kitchen scene and then the balcony scene, where both times Eddie is dressed far more formally (BOTH times in a black shirt and green trousers) and Buck is in a hoodie.
Something about “I’m not really a guest” but Eddie maybe not feeling quite the same way about himself in Buck’s house, despite having a key, despite finding such comfort (3x09) and the ability to be emotionally vulnerable (3x12), and despite it being a safe place for Christopher (4x08).
Something about Eddie still holding back, being a little buttoned up, keeping a little figurative and literal distance (could you stand any further away in 5x04???)
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nhlfthallsy · a month ago
i know they did not just try to recreate the elf scene with eddieana….
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phoenixes-and-wizards · 16 days ago
no but imagine the entire firefam helping chimney out with jee-yun for as long as it takes maddie to heal and come home to them:
imagine bobby plucking jee from an overwhelmed chim’s arms and telling him to go find someplace to nap, he’s got this. imagine bobby spending time with the newest addition to his little family, burping her and not minding one bit when she throws up on his shoulder, changing her diapers, talking to her in that special voice he only ever used on brooke when she was seven months old and teething.
imagine hen teaching chimney a thing or two about how to get fussy toddlers to eat their veggies, or hen staying up all night with her best friend on facetime when jee’s in one of her moods and won’t stop crying for her mama. oh, and bobby totally turns a blind eye when they both roll into the station the following morning, bleary-eyed and half-awake.
imagine athena and michael taking over babysitting duties when either of them are free because lord knows chim could use a break, the two of them recounting old stories about may and harry’s early years as they take jee out for her pre-siesta stroll.
imagine buck and albert going into Supportive/Protective Uncle Overdrive Mode, driving themselves--and everyone around them--crazy with the way they try to provide for jee’s every need, not-so-subtly one-upping each other the entire time with who can bring the biggest teddy bear or the softest diapers or that nice milk brand jee seems to like.
imagine eddie meeting her for the first time, cuddling her close to his chest, calling her princesa and mija when she starts getting a little older. imagine eddie teaching chris how to hold his newest baby “cousin” and helping him pick out which of his old baby books they could probably lend jee.
imagine the firefam kids doting on her, more than happy to babysit because she’s just that adorable, teaching her how to read, how to identify red from blue from pink, chris breaking out his special markers so they can teach her shapes, may having to clean up after everybody when the colors just end up on faces and shirts instead.
imagine the look of pure betrayal on albert and buck’s faces when ravi turns out to be her favorite uncle, and chim laughing like he hasn’t done so in ages.
imagine all of them exploding with joy when jee-yun finally utters her first word, or when she finally manages to totter from one end of the grants’ living room to another on her chubby kid legs, straight into may’s waiting arms.
imagine chimney also getting the help and support he needs from the people who matter most to him, still missing maddie every day, but knowing fully well that both him and jee-yun are in safe and loving hands--their family’s hands.
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thebuddiesystem · 10 days ago
So much to go over but holy shit
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lemonzestywrites · a month ago
these bastards really didn’t drop anything for weeks only to drop two trailers in one day and i honestly think that’s very sexy of them
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wackybuddiemewbs · 2 days ago
Oh boy, oh boy. So much to think about with that episode.
What makes me hopeful for Buck and Chimney to finally have that overdue conversation is how they overstress Chim's distance. We have the obvious physical aspect - which is for his main directive to find Maddie and not to put distance between him and Buck, surely, though it is a side effect taking full effect on Buck. And we also have that level of emotional distance (see his texts calling Buck "Buckley" and the voicemail specifically telling him not to call).
Buck is taking it really hard, as we got to see. It's weighing on his head (and heart) the entire episode. Also the direct parallel to Buck noting Eddie's absence is a great way to highlight that Buck is greatly emotionally attached to Chimney. He considers him more than a colleague, his sister's partner, and friend. He's like a brother to him. And now he feels like he's losing his sister and his brother from another mother.
Like, it's great material for an emotional scene between the two that will hopefully give them both the space to talk about what happened and make their peace with it.
Since Buck seems to finally have a clue where Maddie is, that's going to put him and Chimney closer again, whether the latter is ready for it or not. So I am really interested to see how that plays out.
On that same matter, my heart is really aching for those two. Chim suffering so badly last episode, and now also Buck. Like, when he got home and talked to Taylor about Chim saying goodbye to everyone except him... that shit hurted. I get where Chim is coming from, and on a narrative level, it creates great drama, but damn. That poor boi. Like, first he thinks everyone is mad at him for Chimney leaving, sold on the idea that he won't ever come back and that it's his fault. And then he basically has it reaffirmed that things Chim is currently in a state where he can't be around him and doesn't want to talk.
Again, I don't blame Chimney by any means. He has other things to focus on - Maddie needs him and we got it reaffirmed that even when Buck wavered for a moment, his family, the 118, has got his back. And they will have a conversation about this wherein I think (hope) he'll let Buck know he's sorry, too, for what went down last time they talked in person. I just found it so heartbreaking for him.
Because not talking to Buck is the death of him. That's childhood trauma galore, and we saw him spiraling the moment he felt like he was being ignored. He'd rather have Chim punch him a hundred times than not have him talk to him - because to Buck, indifference and being invisible to others (or the feeling thereof) is the worst. He's had it with the parents.
I'm glad that the 118 put him back into the place where belongs, right with them. And I think that stopped his spiral to some degree, but the resolution to that conflict lies with Chim and Maddie. I think we saw a great evolution here because things didn't escalate like it did when too little talking was done and misunderstandings took root (lawsuit arc). In the course of an episode, Buck got it reaffirmed that he is where he belongs and that even if things are tough with Chim right now, it's not the end of the world - and no one is going to throw him out and look the other way.
So yeah, here's to me hoping that we get that conversation with Buck and Chim soon to finally put this to rest. My wee heart can't deal with all the angst (okay, it CAN because I'm a hoe for angst), but... I NEEDZ CHIM AND BUCK TALKING AND HUGGING IT OUT DAMMIT!
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faebydoll · 10 days ago
officially caught up on 911 🥳🥳 can’t wait to watch the new ep LIVE tonight
(meanwhile, eddie and ana breakup was quite literally the most awkward thing i’ve ever witnessed once again gifsets don’t rlly prepare you for the weird tension, props to their actors on that one)
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oneawkwardcookie · 4 days ago
Hen and Eddie similarities
Off the top of my head, there are a few similarities between Hen and Eddie:
They’ve both having been in helicopter accidents (crossover and 3x15) - and then they were both the ones in the helicopter in 5x02 
They’re both the tough love/’say it how it is’ type with their friends (every time Hen has called out Bobby or Chim (3x06 and 5x01, 3x13, etc.), or Eddie has called out Buck (3x05, 3x06, etc.))
They’ve both fought for their kids 🥺
They’ll now be working with someone other than their best friend
More relevant to the 5x06 synposis:
They’ve both faced the prospect of being buried alive, after they went to save a child and the world collapsed around them, with the people they were with out of radio reach and digging on the other side (2x02/2x03 and 3x15)
They’ve both been shot, in public, when they weren’t expecting it (mentioned in 2x06, and in 4x13)
This’ll be interesting to watch!
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rosstrytobe · 3 days ago
But seriously "Who replace me?" and Buck smile knowing that no one would ever replace Eddie is so important...
Even "You stuck with us" which can be parallel with "That would never happen to us"...
I see what are they doing 👀
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nhlfthallsy · 3 days ago
“we should’ve never split up” good bye
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phoenixes-and-wizards · 16 days ago
something about buck having that talk with eddie about his panic attacks and knowing exactly how to go about it.
something about buck practically ordering eddie to tell buck whenever his chest so much as tightens because buck just wants to help.
something about buck wanting to give him the support that eddie is so reluctant to ask for; wants to be there for him, even if he gains nothing in return.
something about eddie usually being so repressed and closed off with his feelings, but opening up to buck anyway because who else would he talk to if not for the man he trusts most with his kid in this world.
something about eddie emphasizing the word "woman" as if wanting to say something else, but knowing that buck will fill in the blanks and put the pieces together, just like he always does anyway.
something about eddie looking to buck for comfort, and vice versa, when uncomfortable situations play out in front of them, like ravi assuming ana was eddie's wife or eddie having to tell bobby that the man they're risking their lives for is buck's ex-girlfriend's fiance.
something about buck running towards and scooping up chris into his arms the minute he sees him, and chris contentedly burying his face in the crook of buck's shoulder--something he only does with his dad.
something about eddie being as open and honest as someone like him can be while talking to buck, yet having such a defensive posture while talking to ana.
something about ana never respecting eddie's wish to not be called by his full name, but buck immediately backing off when eddie said he doesn't do nicknames, waaaaay back in season 2.
something about ana using his panic attacks against him and not-so-subtly dropping a metaphor about cleaning up messes by himself.
something about eddie asking ana to go home, while buck doesn't even feel like a guest at their place. because buck is home; he is land and haven and safe place rolled into one.
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cm1031sr · 2 months ago
For any 911 fanfic writers.
I would love to read a story where Buck has appendicitis but thinks it is just a stomach bug or something along those lines. With the new blackout promo I thought maybe Buck and Eddie could end up in a broke down elevator when the blackout occurs. Have Buck get sicker the longer they are in there and realize that it is not just said stomach bug. And have them not have any way to communicate with anyone on the outside for a long time to the point were Eddie gets really worried.
Anyone is free to write this but please gift it to me on Archive Of Our Own(same name as on here) and tag me on here!
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thebuddiesystem · 10 days ago
They know each other so well
“Just wanted to see if you wanted a driving partner”
“Karen’s a lucky woman”
“So’s Maddie”
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