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baller season (mason mount)
you and mason reconcile. 
warnings: fluff, smut
part 11 | read the rest here | playlist
You stirred, slowly getting adjusted to your surroundings. A blanket was tangled between your legs and a large shirt covered your body. The pillow under your head was warm, and your feet were in Mason’s lap. He spotted you as you sat up, rubbing your eyes. 
“Hey, feeling okay?” His voice was soft while he rubbed your calves. 
“Mhm. Better.” You cracked a smile. 
It all came back to you as the sleep melted from your bones. When you calmed down a bit after crying, he wordlessly carried you to his room where he sat you down on the sofa. 
You explained what that whole thing was about. Mason was surprisingly sympathetic, listening without interrupting and stroking your arm in soothing circles. He also let you know that you were incredibly strong for standing up to your mom. 
Then came the elephant in the room, what was he even doing there? Mason offered you some clarity. He was on his way to talk to you, to try to get some answers to questions of his own. You nodded, knowing you owed him that much at least. 
But when he saw you, all he wanted to do was be there for you. Mason told you that he still cared deeply about you. Of course, you felt the same way. After that, you think you might even love him. 
With the whole ordeal being so much, he took a look at you and suggested you get some rest so you two can talk more calmly. You were beat from all the emotional stress as well as the volleyball tournament, so you agreed. 
“Look…” He bit his tongue. “I’m not proud of how I treated you the other night, and I’m sorry for that.”
“You did nothing wrong.” Your head shook.
“It was excessive. Anyways, I just need to know…how much truth was in those texts? Was this just a lie, was I anything more to you?” Mason’s brows knitted. 
You sat up, running your thumb across them. The text, you told him, weren’t the whole truth. Obviously, from what he’d seen and heard, you were in a pickle financially and super desperate. You didn’t think there would be any harm in coming here and letting a cute rich guy treat you. The robbing part wasn’t going to happen on your part, that’s something you were never comfortable with. 
“Mase, since that first night we had on the beach, I knew you were going to be special. Different.” You cupped his cheek. “You’re everything to me and this was realest thing I’ve had in my entire life.”
Mason placed his hand over yours, closing his eyes. He breathed deeply as if he were inhaling your words, ingesting them. His fingers curled around yours and brought your knuckles to his lips. 
“This is.” He whispered. 
“What?” You weren’t following. 
“This is the realest thing you’ve had.” Mason grinned. “You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”
You blinked, taken aback. Of all the scenarios that ran through your mind when you pictured this, him taking you back wasn’t one of them. You expected him to still be pissed, and to tell you he never wanted to see you again, which wouldn’t have been any fault of his. 
That, in hindsight, was contradictory to the Mason you’d grown to know. He was so understanding, patient, and considerate. There was never a moment that passed when you were with him that you didn’t feel safe, or any time where you felt judged by him. Even now, in your most vulnerable state, he offered a smile and looked at you in a way that made you feel accepted without restraint. 
You swore you whimpered into his mouth when he pressed a kiss to yours. It was if it was the first time all over again, and like it was the last. It felt like everything in between, glimpses of the life you’d have together peeking through the pressure of his tongue against yours. 
“I’m so fucking sorry, Mase.” You rested your forehead on his. 
“Wanna make it up to me?” He tucked your hair behind your ears. 
A nod came without second thought. Mason’s lips tilted upwards as he stood, nudging his head towards his bedroom. You rose from the sofa and walked over, taking a seat on the edge of the bed. 
Instead of joining you, Mason sat on the armchair opposite in the left corner. You leaned back on your hands and observed him. The light grey shirt he wore was stretched across his muscled torso, black short riding up to expose his gorgeous thighs. 
“Touch yourself.” His brown eyes locked in on yours. 
You let yourself relax onto the duvet, your hands trailing down your body and under his shirt. Your fingers hooked into the sides of your bikini bottoms, sliding them down your legs and kicking them onto the floor. 
Mason’s tongue darted out to wet his lips as his gaze dropped between your legs that were open and facing him. Two fingers trailing down your folds to open them up left you already breathing shakily. 
Your back arched into your touch, heat instantly flowing through your body from head to toe. Your hips followed the movement of your fingers, circling slowly as you collected your own wetness to rub over your swollen clit. 
He watched intently, eyes darkened at the sight of you pleasing yourself before him. His own pleasure becoming increasingly evident beneath the fabric of his shorts. In an effort to restrain himself, he gripped the arms of the chair, his knuckles going white under the pressure. 
The sight alone drove you wild. Knowing how you must look to him right now and how badly he wanted to come do this himself. Your toes curled against the sheets, breathing becoming more erratic the closer you got. 
“Fuck…” You sighed, slipping your index and middle finger into your core. 
When you curled them upwards, thumb taking over on your clit where they left off, your vision blurred. Instinct had fully taken over, leaving you writhing and panting as you chased impending release. 
Even without touching you, he knew your body. Mason knew all the signs that gave away when you were about to cum. The increase in pitch of your whines, the way your head would rise from the bed and drop, how your thighs began to close in on one another. 
“Stop.” He broke you out of your trance. 
You huffed, seizing all motion. Mason got up and walked over to you. Your eyes followed his movement, staying with him as he kneeled in front of you and removed your fingers to put in his mouth. 
His tongue ran along the bottom of your digits and then between them, collecting your slick. He hummed before he grabbed your thighs and pulled you flush against his face. 
“Couldn’t help myself.” Mason murmured. 
There weren’t any smart replies swimming around your head, just the pounding of your rapid heartbeat echoing. It surged when you felt his hot mouth against your pussy, tongue playing with your entrance. 
Your hands immediately fell to his head, fingers running through the thick, short strands. Mason flicked his tongue over your bud slowly, circled over and around and then sucked it. 
“M-mase…” You mewled. 
“Best pussy in the world,” He sucked at your entrance, taking in your juices. “So sweet and wet.”
Your jaw clenched, hands pushing him deeper between your legs. You rutted your hips against his face with increasing speed and force. That mouth of his driving you insane in more ways than one. 
Just as you felt yourself dangling at the edge of the cliff, Mason pulled away. His lips and beard glistened with your wetness as he peered down at you with a smirk. You groaned at another denial, getting frustrated in a way you’d never been. 
“You wanna cum?” He ran his thumb over your bottom lip before dipping it into your mouth. 
You held onto his wrist, sucking as you nodded. 
Mason pulled away and finally got to stripping away his layers of clothing. You removed the rest of yours as your eyes ran over him like they were your hands, caressing his tattooed arms and taut core. He got into the bed beside you and laid back, crossing his arms behind his head. 
“Ride me until you do, then.” Mason quirked a brow. 
You rolled over and crawled up to him, kissing your way up his thighs. His gaze held yours as you took his cock in one hand, lips hovering just above the tip. You opened your mouth wide, taking him in, but not sucking. A soft inhale let cool air rush over it, making him involuntarily thrust and hit the back of your throat.
With a smile, you pulled away. He lost a bit of cockiness in his expression at your little teasing, biting down on his bottom lip as you positioned yourself over him. A moan sounded from both of you when you sank down until your body was flush against his. 
Slowly, you began to move your ass up and down, stroking his length. Mason’s hands came to fall on your hips. His grip tightened on your flesh as you rolled your hips, his cock pressing into your lower stomach. 
“Just like that.” He panted. 
You felt yourself picking up where you left off. One of your hands rested on his abs, the other coming to rub your clit again. 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Your head fell back. 
All that pressure from before had compounded. That combined with everything else, his cock so deep in you, his muscles beneath your fingers, the sting of your ass meeting his thighs, it sent you flying. 
You were thrown into zero gravity, suspended. And then with loud cries you were coming back down to him. Mason sat up, clutching your body to his with a hand holding the back of your head and an arm around your waist. 
He thrusted powerfully into you, teeth sinking into the soft skin at the junction of your neck and shoulder. You held onto his head, fingers grasping at the short strands of hair as he drew ridiculously sensual noises from you. 
His hips stuttered and with a glorious groan of his own, Mason finished. His heartbeat hammered alongside your own like galloping horses. You pulled him in for a kiss, leaving you two even more breathless than before. 
“I love you, Y/N.” Mason chuckled. 
You pulled back, eyes surveying his own. 
“I’m not saying that because we just…wow by the way.” He cupped your cheek. “I mean it. I love you, I have for a while now.”
There were so many things going through your mind. Like what was actually happening right now? It felt like a dream, like none of this could really be true. But nothing was realer than this. You knew it from the moment you saw him, from the moment he made you laugh, and the moment he truly saw you. 
“I love you too, Mason.” You smiled. “And it’s definitely because of your massive cock.”
That made him laugh so hard that you had to get off of him because it infected you too. He pounced on you and tickled the sides of your body, leaving you writhing and apologizing. 
“Seriously though,” You ran your hands through his hair after he placed his head on your stomach. “I really do love you.”
Mason pressed a soft kiss above your navel, a hand running over the skin just beside it. He closed his eyes and you did too. Just enjoying the making of a new memory. One that would be the turning point in your relationship to more exciting, and laughter filled days. 
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Stefan Salvatore X Male Reader
Reader’s first time having sex, so stefan fully walks him through it and asks for his consent etc
Tumblr media
Pairing : Sefan Salvatore x Male Reader
Tags: established relationship, first time,consent is sexy
Words: 727
17+ ( if you're under 17 and still read this its on you and not me)
Y/N Might be a virgin but he definitely wasn’t a blushing one, he knew what he wanted and that was for his boyfriend to fuck him, every time he thought it would happen Stefan pulled away from their heated make out session and was the ever-doting boyfriend which don’t get him wrong, he loved it but there's only so many time he can cock blocked by his boyfriend and not lose his mind.  
“We should stop” Stefan pants after pulling away from his boyfriend that lay beneath him. 
“Why?” Y/N asks sounding almost like a plea. “Do you not want to?”  
“of course, I do” the vampire says leaning down to nip at the skin of his boyfriend neck “are you sure you want this?”  
“Stef I've wanted this for weeks, You’re a bit slow on the uptake” Y/N answers in-between moans 
Stefan pulls away to look at him then nods “but if you want to stop tell me straight away, okay?” 
“Okay, now C’mere”  
Stefan hesitates before he gives in, he leans back down and catches Y/N’s lips in a searing kiss its deep and consuming. His hands move up under the hem of Y/N's shirt, he drinks away every sound that Y/N's lets out, but it becomes too much and yet too little, he pulls away and begins to pull off his boyfriend shirt. He leans forward and begins to press kisses against Y/N's collarbones before moving up to mark the junction of his neck.  
They make quick work of removing the rest of their clothes,  
“Stefan, please” Y/N whispers lifting his hips to grind against Stefan, they grind against each other, Stefan moves down Y/N's body kissing his chest, his stomach then finally his thighs being spreading his boyfriend legs wider.  
He leans slightly to reach into the nightstand drawer never taking his attention off the beauty that was his boyfriend. He finds what he’s looking for then pulls away to uncap the bottle of lube. He squeezes out some of the liquid onto his fingers. 
“I'm going to stretch you first, okay?”  
Y/N nods “please.” 
The vampire takes his time before pressing a finger to his hole. He feels Y/N tense up most instantly “Deep breathes, okay?”  
When he feels Y/N’s body begins to relax, he moves his finger in small circles, pressing forward slightly. Y/N clenches around him so Stefan presses a kiss to his thigh as he speaks “don’t clench baby” 
Y/N does as he’s told, and Stefan's finger enters him easily. Once Y/N has adjusted, he adds a second one which enters easier than the first but causes Y/N to groan. The vampire moves aiming for the sweet spot. It's not long till he finds it and Y/N doesn’t stop moaning.  
He slides his fingers out then slides in again adding a third finger. 
“Please Stef, I want you”  
And who is Stefan to deny him he pumps his fingers a couple more times before pulling them out completely. He grabs a condom and rolls it onto his own cock. He spreads Y/N's legs a little further, so they’re wrapped around him.  
He lines himself up with Y/N's hole “ready?” 
Stefan pushes forward slowly sinking in, he pauses to let Y/N adjust to him, when he thinks Y/N has adjusted, he pushes the rest of the way” are you okay?” 
Y/N nods “move” 
Stefan takes the hints and moves pulling nearly all the way out then thrusting back causing them both to moan. Stefan repeats the motion getting quicker each time.  
Stefan Searches for one of Y/N's hands then intwines their fingers together. 
“C-Can you move faster?”   
Stefan bends pressing a kiss to Y/N's forehead before doing as he’s asked. The room fills with the sound of moans, it’s hard to tell who’s making what sounds. 
“Y/N I'm so close”  
Y/N groans at his reply “me too” 
It's not long after that Stefan spills over with Y/N following him not long after.  
“Stefan, I love you, but I need a shower” Y/N groans as Stefan presses a kiss to his temple 
Stefan huffs a laugh “nobodies stopping you” 
Y/N glares “What the point of being a strong vampire? if you’re not going to carry the love of your life to the shower after giving him a life changing orgasm” 
The vampire hums “you’re right, let go then” 
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What keeps me up at night
When I joined here I originally planned to pick up writing again - last time I wrote fanfiction was in like 2008?
I haven’t managed to ACTUALLY start, somehow a year has gone by and instead I’ve read a ton of Loki fics from incredible writers. So many, I don’t even have enough time to keep up, read all night anyway and am severely sleep deprived for weeks, but I love supporting those wonderful people so much.
Tumblr media
Graphic: @keiidakamya
Figured I’ll share who I’ve been adoring the last weeks, for anyone who might be interested 🥰 This is a more general list of my favorite writers and works I recommend of them. Maybe in the future, I could share the new stuff I discovered or started reading every few weeks? Guess we’ll have to see.
@wheredafandomat Been following her writing since I joined and will never let go. No idea how someone can write so much and so entertaining consistently, every crazy idea just WORKS and makes me laugh (and of course riled up:D) all the time. Everything is worth a read, for example the “Fear & Desire” Trilogy, “Dr. Laufeyson”, “Fiendish Pleasures” aaaaand “Chimera” (sorry love 😆❤️‍🔥)
@mochie85 The most beautifully written and touching Fics, incredible no matter if it’s fluff, smut or a bit angsty. I can’t count the times I was switching between sobbing over my broken heart or the cutest things I ever read. My emotional roller coaster 💚 The “Mayari” and “Creature Comforts” series are just a must, not to mention her oneshots of course.
@lokisgoodgirl All the good stuff, from smut to humor, wonderfully written. Wanna be super turned on? Read “Clandestined”. Also wanna die laughing at the same time? Read “Schooling Steve” (I still can’t get over desperate icebox 😂). Really every swing is a hit 👏
@chantsdemarins “Frost Secrets from the Other Son” touched me in so many ways I can’t even put into words. The writing just hits me every time and almost feels magical itself, can’t recommend it enough.
@asgardwinter Her Loki fic “Classified” and all the oneshots are amazing! Also gotta mention her Steve Harrington fic “The Divorce” I am reading at the moment and loving it 💕
@chickenfics “A Weekend Trip to Asgard” is one of the most lovely and best written Loki Fics I ever read, every chapter managed to bring me to tears as well as make me giggle to myself like a little kid. Just amazing and I still think of it all the time 🥺
@writings-of-my-own “Queen of my court/ King of my heart” was just a fucking beautiful piece and I feel like it didn’t get the amount of attention it deserved. Let’s change that ❤️
@the-lady-amphitrite I have all the feels for a young Loki, so if you do too, you have to read „A Fairytale Beginning“. It’s every bit as magical as it sounds with an original storyline I don’t come across every day 😌✨
@maple-seed Just discovered “Thrown”, which is an adorable and beautiful story taking place around New Asgard (I actually don’t know a lot of Fics taking place there, so I found it to be new and special 💕) and shows us Loki kind of adjusting in a domestic setting. 🥺
@darkficsyouneveraskedfor Made me realize I have a thing for Dark Fics (the more you know about yourself) and next to Dark Loki also a bit Dark Thor ⚡️ My first & still favorite fic is “Too much is never enough” but there isn’t a single of her fics that ever disappoints. Right now I'm obsessed with "Little Lies".
@grufflepuff-writes-stuff If you don’t know her series of oneshots “Loki’s Lullabies” by now, read them now. All of them. NOW. There are 250 and every single one of it is incredible.
@geminigirl0298 “The Course of True love” and “All the Kings Men” pulled me right in and never let me go. One is simply beautiful, angsty and fluffy, while the other also has darker themes I really enjoy, but also manages to be sweet at the same time.
@sarahscribbles Sweetest and hottest stories all around. I can’t even decide which ones to recommend, I love them all so much, but definitely read “Illicit Affairs” and “Dancing with the devil” for smutty, if you feel more emotional “Stay here one more time” 👌
@munsons-maiden Pure genius in all her writing. I started out with reading all her Loki Stuff, like "Beneath the bleeding Skies" and "Don't let me go". Recently she started writing about Eddie Munson and OHHH MY GOD, it is nothing but PERFECT. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. Read "Worlds apart" right now.
@britishserpent Exceptionally well-written and smutty fics all around, I recommend all of them, hands down. “The King of Jotunheim” got me especially, but you need to check out everything ❤️‍🔥
@gigglingtigger I am convinced you will fall in love with “The Finder of lost Things”, it’s got the kind of writing style that almost leaves me speechless. Her Loki switches between his moods and actions so fast but convincingly, the story will take you on a rollercoaster ride.
@ijuststareatstuffhereok89 Discovered this new and great writer not too long ago, “All the strange Creatures” immediately convinced me with it’s storyline and the way the main character is written, it felt different to a lot I’ve already read, in the best way of course. “Nights at the Circus” is also definitely worth to read!
@foruneyti Evaldrynn wrote one of the most incredible series ever, which you can find on AO3 with the same name as the blog here: „Foruneyti“. It’s super long and I read it in just a few nights instead of sleeping, because I couldn’t put it down. Gigantic recommendation!
@maiden-of-asgard Just one word: „Frostbite“. If the beautiful fic about Loki and In-Unga doesn’t get you, I don’t know what ever will. Go on to Jotunheim and explore this story right now ��️
@whirlybirbs Next big recommendation is the series „From the void, with love“ - I discovered it way too late for how much I fell in love with it when I finally did. ✨
@cake-writes Aside from oneshots, I fell in love with her in-progress fics that made me emotional right from the start: "Wildflower" and "Honey & Glass", even if that one is just starting. But seriously, the writing amazes me in all of her works.
@lokiprompts / @lokiprompts21 Well the name is the game - from fluffy, to angsty or smutty, you will definitely find a great oneshot or series for you here! My personal favorite right now is "Melodies for Wellness".
@theaudacitytowrite And another great writer, where I could recommend anything and who also writes fluff, angst as well as smut! I like especially the oneshots "Amends with the Past", "Sweet Dreams" and "Poison".
@mistress-ofmagic “Around the Realms in 80 Days” is her first series and I think she’s already crushing the slow burn theme 👏 I love a good slow burn. Definitely check it out of you do too ✨
@andsheloved Super emotional fics that made me almost cry, especially her oneshot „A worthy try“ and the series „Perfect Illusions“ 🥺
-Definitely forgot a lot of people-
When I’m following your fics but you don‘t show up here: It simply means I lack brain capacity and not AT ALL that I‘m not fangirling about you.
If there is something you feel like I should read, either of your own or writers you‘d recommend, feel free to tag me or comment✨💚
Also forgive me for any mistakes here, I still don’t really know how tumblr works 👀
Tumblr media
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fangirlshrewt97 · a day ago
Caught You
Ok, this one is to blame on the Discord group, specifically @rambheem-is-real and @burningsheepcrown
I had plans people. For other fic. But oh no these two could not help but give my brain an idea so good I had to write something for it so it would shut up. Anyways, here is genderbent RamBheem, based on this post and the lovely doodle attached by Lan. Also, this might be the closest I’ve come to a smut? Did it turn out ok???
Keerthi, I hope you don’t mind I decided to try my hand at the AU you proposed, and that you like this fic...
“Pass me the green book.” Radha gestured, holding a hand out.
Bhumi hummed as she extracted the requested book from the pile in her arms, adjusting her hold to not send them all toppling.
“So, why are you doing this?” Bhumi asked as Radha stretched to place the book on the bookshelf. Her eyes darted to the flash of skin where Radha’s shirt was coming untucked from her pants.
Bhumi had been surprised Radha’s village had permitted her to continue with the western clothing, but when Radha was able to get them the weapons she had promised, Bhumi supposed they could let her wear whatever she wanted. Not that Bhumi was complaining. The clothes were tight and highlighted Radha’s physique exquisitely.
Bhumi bit her lip. And then yelped when something thumped her loudly over the back of her head. “Hey!”
Radha was looking at her with poorly disguised amusement. “You ask me a question, and then get too distracted to hear the answer?”
Bhumi blushed, looking away. “Sorry. What did you say?”
Radha tilted her head, squinting at her. Bhumi kept her gaze steady, praying her cheeks were not getting any redder.
“I said, it was a miracle Babai managed to salvage all my books from Delhi. But since he did, the least I can do it is keep them organized.”
“I meant more why are you arranging them in the shelves when two days from now you will have taken them all down again in the name of research? Following which they will slowly accumulate into  precarious piles for innocent bystanders to walk into or trip over? Because what if you need them again?”
Radha scowled as she swiped at Bhumi, but the younger woman just let out one of her booming laughs as she dodged easily. “Are you calling me messy?”
“Radha, with the amount of books you have, even if things were neat, it would look messy.”
Bhumi held out another tome in apology, which Radha took even as she frowned.
“Hey you know I am just teasing right? It’s incredible that you have so many books and that you have actually read most of them!” Bhumi corrected when she was Radha was still looking pensive.
Radha glanced at her from the corner of her eye, lips turning up in a small smile. “No, I know. But you may have a point. I will need to find a better place to keep them all.”
Bhumi hummed. “If you want, I can help build a couple extra bookshelves.”
Radha turned to her, eyebrows raised. “Really?”
Bhumi shrugged as best as she could with her load. “Sure, they wouldn’t be anything too fancy, but they would be sturdy.”
Radha shot her a wide smile. “That would be incredible Bhumi!”
Bhumi swallowed hard as the smile hit her like a punch to the gut. Rama help her, Radha was far too beautiful.
Sharp cheekbones, short straight hair, a deep olive complexion, all serving to further highlight the darkest brown eyes that flashed with honey gold when the sun hit them. Delicate wrists and nimble fingers that danced with knives and arrows alike, she moved with the agility of the deer Bhumi chased back home, and attacked with as much ferocity as any mother tiger or bear who’s family was threatened.
“-mi! Bhumi!” jolted the Gond girl back to the present where Radha was waving her hand in front of her.
“There you are!” Radha said as Bhumi met her eye. “I swear, that is the fourth time you have spaced out today. Let’s take a break, I think you should lie down for some time.”
Bhumi shook her head though. “No, no, I’m fine. We are almost done anyways, we only have like 10 books left. Let’s finish it off.”
Radha pursed her lips as she looked her over before nodding. “Fine, but as soon as we are done, you promise to go lie down for some time?”
Bhumi nodded reluctantly, knowing Radha would not back down otherwise. The women got through the rest of the books quickly.
“Do you really think I will have to do this whole rearranging again in two days?” Radha said as she inspected the neatly stacked bookshelves. She took one step down from the three step ladder, but stayed off the ground, hooking an elbow to the edge of the bookshelf.
Bhumi looked at her quizzically.
“For when they become piles that inevitably end up on the floor in … what did you call them? Precarious piles that endanger innocent bystanders?” she finished with a smirk, as her eyes filled with mirth.
Bhumi bit the inside of her cheek as she grinned back. “Two days? No. I think you’ll manage for three days! Maybe even four!”
“Oh you think I could manage four days, do you?” Radha asked, toothy grin making Bhumi giggle in delight.
Bhumi winked at her, adding innocently, “I’m sure if you ask Babai for help Radha, you may even manage five days!”
“You little-” Radha growled playfully as she pretended to lunge at her. Only they both overestimated the stability of the stool, Bhumi only having a second to hear the splintering of the wood before Radha yelled, falling forwards. The younger woman shifted her stance wider, one arm wrapping around Radha’s waist, and the other around her thighs, but the momentum still sent them both crashing to the ground.
Both women exhaled with a gasp, wincing as the fall made itself known. When Bhumi opened her eyes, she felt as if she still hadn’t gotten her breath back. Radha’s face was a hair’s breath away, eyes squeezed close, plump lips open, and god Bhumi wanted to kiss her so badly. She felt the loose strands of Radha’s hair brushing her hairline.
And then Radha opened her eyes, and time seemed to freeze all over again. Bhumi became aware of just how closely they were pressed, shoulder to hip, chests heaving against one another, Radha’s knees straddling Bhumi’s thighs.
“Bhumi-” Radha said hoarsely, causing Bhumi to press her eyes shut tighter, forcing herself to release her iron grip on Radha, even as her heart and brain both begged her to hold her closer. “Bhumi, look at me. Please open your eyes.”
Bhumi gasped, eyes opening as a gentle hand wove into her hair. Radha was still hovering over her, sweat from the afternoon heat gathering at her forehead.
And her eyes. Those dark pools Bhumi loved so much seemed deeper than ever, as Radha’s pupils dilated, leaving only a thin ring of gold behind. Eyes that darted down to Bhumi’s lips.
Bhumi licked her lips on reflex. Radha’s eyes flashed with the briefest hint of hunger, causing her to tug at Bhumi’s hair.
Bhumi’s breath stuttered, then caught again when Radha’s other hand brushed against her bare waist, where her dhavani had shifted. One of the sweat drops made its way down Radha’s forehead till the tip of her nose before falling, hitting right at the base of Bhumi’s throat.
“Ra-Radha.” Bhumi whined, baring her throat.
Radha growled her name again as she properly cupped at Bhumi’s hip, the touch a firebrand that seemed to light Bhumi from the inside out. Radha leaned close, and Bhumi closed her eyes…
“Girls? Is everything ok?” Babai’s voice was like a bucket of ice cold water, sending them both springing apart just as the older man came into Radha’s house.
Neither woman could bear to look at the other, Bhumi pressing her fingernails as tightly as possible to bring herself under control.
On the other side of the room, Radha was frantically straightening out her clothing, even as her nerves danced under her skin. So close.
Radha took a deep breath before meeting her uncle’s eye.
“No, Babai, nothing to worry about. I’m afraid this stool was not as strong as I thought.” She explained as she gestured to the faulty furniture, now laying in two pieces where Radha had been standing.
“Oh devuda, I made sure to check the wood, but termites may have weakened some of the legs without leaving too much damage. Are you ok? Did you get hurt?” Babai said as he bent over the wood.
Radha shook her head. “No just a scrap.”
Babai smiled at her then, patting her shoulder. “Oh good, Bhumi should be able to take care of that with one of her pastes then!”
Except when they turned to ask the woman, she was no where to be found.
Radha closed her eyes, biting her lip. Fuck.
So....honestly I don’t have anything to say. You all are the ones who need to tell me what you think.
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