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#Mob Psycho 100

[Image ID: A traditional drawing of Shigeo and Teru from Mob Psycho 100. They are both wearing their school uniforms. Teru is wearing a black scarf. Shigeo has one hand on Teru’s shoulder, and the other hand holding Teru’s hand, with their fingers intertwined. Teru is using his other hand to cup Shigeo’s face. Shigeo is grimacing, and blood is dripping down the left side of his face from a wound on his forehead. Teru is looking at Shigeo fondly, and saying “Hey, hey, it’s ok, you’re ok.” to him. Both of them are crying. Teru is bleeding from several cuts on his face, as well as a wound caused by Shigeo holding onto his shoulder. Around them is circle, emphasizing both of their phases. The circle is filled with cracks coming from Shigeo. End ID]

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