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#Stay noble
frontrowfish · 2 days ago
the world is filled with gods and monsters. and the worst of them is the humans who use them for their own tools for selfish gain.
but we are not selfish. we do not ask for what isn’t right for us. we do not take what doesn’t belong to us. we take back what is stolen from those who never had a chance to fight. we stake our claim in the history books because we need to change the narrative.
this is what we owe to each other. we owe community, we owe collaboration, we owe friendship. i have never really had good friendships. but i need them. because doing everything on my own is so exhausting.
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harryplonker · 9 days ago
Black Family as Taylor Swift Songs
Walburga: right where you left me - "You left me no choice but to stay here forever"
Sirius: Look What You Made Me Do - "Maybe I got mine, but you'll all get yours"
Regulus: All You Had To Do Was Stay - "Hey, all you had to do was stay / had me in the palm of your hand / then why'd you have to go and lock me out when I let you in?" + this is me trying - "Pulled the car off the road to the lookout / could've followed my fears all the way down"
Bellatrix: I Did Something Bad - "They say I did something bad / then why's it feel so good?"
Andromeda: New Romantics - "'Cause baby, I could build a castle / out of all the bricks they threw at me" + Paper Rings - "I like shiny things, but I'd marry you with paper rings"
Narcissa: gold rush - "What must it be like to grow up that beautiful?"
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noblechaton · 10 days ago
Haru seems like a genuinely cool and interesting character but I just can’t really seem to care about her so late in the game and as such I just sort of don’t care about her confidant stuff as much as I wish I did
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skyriderwednesday · 15 days ago
More on the Marches:
Lord March keeps dragons, so Sybil is a fan, and also she and Lady March were at school together.
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loosesodamarble · 19 days ago
💛 funny/embarrassing headcanons for both morgen and nacht? what is the most embarrassing or awkward thing either of them have done in public?
Ask and ye shall receive, Rin. Plus, it's my favorite pair of twins so of course I'll answer this. Let's go!
💛 - Morgen Faust: In stark contrast to how he normally presented himself (tidy and well kempt), Morgen was an animal when he slept. He writhed and stirred so much. He fell out of bed so often his parents considered putting a railing around it. Snored terribly loud too. And his poor hair... It became so tangled and unruly overnight despite many attempts to prevent it from doing so. A servant once saw Morgen before his hair was brushed and thought he was being eaten while a wild animal. If anyone besides his family, house staff, or Yami saw Morgen's morning disarray, he would've crumpled into a ball and not gotten out of bed the rest of the day.
💛 - Nacht Faust: I imagine Nacht was not good at doing "punk things" when he first started. He pulled off the aesthetic (bleached white hair, black clothes, etc) great and took to the fashion like a fish to water. However, it took him a while to get used to smoking and drinking alcohol. The first time he drank, he ended up laughing so hard that it came out of his nose. The burning sensation was so painful and horrifying that he blacked out for the next twenty-four hours. He minimizes his consumption of alcohol to this very day in fear of that memory.
💛 - Both: As weird as it sounds, they have on occasion called each other their own names (Nacht calling Morgen "Nacht" and vice versa). One time, they did it the whole day without noticing. When Papa and Mama Faust pointed out that doing the "twin switch prank" didn't work when they looked different, the boys felt like a piece of their souls were lost to the ether.
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4kadhd · 25 days ago
Sorry to remind yall I love monsters but the four eyed angel demon looking night creature can get it
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earthgirl-sunshine · 29 days ago
“being with the doctor can be difficult. you see stuff, you experience stuff. but i’m not gonna wish it away because it’s hard sometimes. i’ll stay with him forever, if he’ll let me. it’s worth the pain.”
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mercysought · a month ago
Tumblr media
@womanlives​ how did loane react to orzammar and seeing the culture of non-surface dwarfs? how did THEY react to HER? does this affect her perception of herself as a dwarf in any way?
Tumblr media
Well, Loane never visited Orzammar! To clarify, Loane is not a hearo of ferelden or the orlesian warden that is sent to Ferelden. She is just a dwarf that actually heard of the Blight from a traveller that had stopped in Ghislain on their way North to Tevinter. And upon knowing that, and filled with stories about dwarven wardens, she came to the conclusion that this is what she wanted to do: She wanted to be a warden and she wanted to go fight in the fifth blight. Only to be told she couldn’t go.
Loane is a granddaughter or two sets of dusters from Orzammar who just left it in their younger years and moved from Ferelden well into Orlais. Both of her parents are surfacer dwarves, born in the surface that never visited Orzammar (or had a large contact with what you would consider typical non-surface culture). She has heard some stories of Orzammar, the few stories that her grandparents spoke about and not much. It is a topic that is actually known within the Shatterspine household to not touch with a tenfoot poll, especially as the years went on.
She knows they are massive dicks and that she would still be nothing but a duster (and worst, a surfacer duster) despite the massive success of her family business (they are smiths) and despite her being a Head Warden Scout. She has and will always have a lot of curiosity over dwarven culture, the stone (especially as she was raised Andrastian) and all stories that she only heard from other dwarven wardens that she met along the years and the brief stories she was able to piece together. However, a lot of thiings make her blood boil.
She would visit Orzammar if work took her there, and she would do it with no issues because she effectively loves what she does. However, much like Varric, she prefers the open space of swamps and forests. She absolutely hates having to go into the Deep Roads and does not want to hear her calling and follow through with the common tradition. If she was to visit, though, I’m sure that she would absolutely detest most of it. She would find it beautiful, but would want to dip the fuck out in three seconds.
Loane is the type of dwarf that, against her family’s wishes, tattooed two casteless brands on the back of her hands. I’m pretty sure that the dwarves of Orzammar would sway between: being unimpressed and letting her go about her warden business and just scowl in disgust.
Her visit would not influence her vision of a dwarf because she fucking knows who she is. She is unbelivably proud of her family and what they have managed to achieve and she will punch anyone in the face that says even a bad thing about her grandparents. She is a dwarf, she is Orlesian, she is a Warden and there is liteally no one in this world that could stop her from feeling proud from where she comes from.
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baronessvonfawn · a month ago
Just a reminder all jobs are worthwhile ! If you’ve got a job you’re doing good don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Also anyone without a job you’re doing well too I know you’re trying and doing your best and sometimes our best enough doesn’t pay the bills but that’s not your fault! I appreciate all of you !
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tturing · a month ago
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chaoticspacefam · a month ago
sibling rivalry at it’s finest ✨
Shakkai: Let’s call a truce.
Saarai (Sith heiress), raising eyebrows: I wasn’t aware we were at war. Shakkai, nodding: We are. And I’m winning.
Saarai, deadpan: I kicked your ass three times yesterday.
Shakkai: No. I let you win.
Saarai, sarcastically: Uh huh, sure.
Source: whyohgodwhy
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baeshijima · a month ago
same with Hu Tao tbh,,,i only wanted Xinqiu/Chongyun constellations (and got Xiangling),,,i got the funeral babie but not her weapon so she's just sitting there at level 40 😔✊
it’s fun in the moment when u get them bc wow limited character 🤩 until it settles in and u remember were either :
a) pulling for the 4 stars
or b) building pity
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lovelessbisexual · a month ago
i miss the summer where i read sharp objects for the first time while watching the series when it was airing. it was such a simpler time :(
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