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Ben and Callum were so sweet. Ben was so soft and humble and I’m glad he admitted he was a acting like a brat and apologized. I missed this side of him. Callum was perfect as always. He loves Ben unconditionally and he would do anything for him. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them communicate. This is the Ben and Callum that I fell in love with.

I hope this will be the end of the push and pull and “the self destruction” for the forseeable future. Callum has proven he’ll always be there for Ben. Now Ben needs to show his love more through his actions and give as much as Callum has been giving him.

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Per usual I’ll start with warning people that this will contain spoilers. I’ll try to start with some spoiler-free thoughts though.

Let’s begin with the usual question, did I enjoy this episode: Yes/No.

I did, so the answer is yes.

This was the final episode of this volume. Now, was the last episode a sign that they lost their momentum of this volume? Would an excellent volume have a weak end to it? 
Well… No. Luckily no. The last episode was the lowest point of this volume, and it’s as if this episode didn’t care much about it, as it just did its thing quality-wise and my lawd, was this glorious.
I don’t think there was a final to a volume quite like this. Usually, it’s action scenes and conclusion, although with the last volume it ended up on a cliffhanger. What about this finale? 
While there’s plenty of action, there’s also a lot of things that belong in a start or an end of a season/volume/show. It’s not a normal episode and it’s aware of it. It’s made on purpose with a certain message and a very clear undertone, as well as different pacing. This is really all I can say without spoiling anything.

From now on, expect spoilers.

We begin with team Jnr vs Neo.
It starts with Neo trashing Ren and Nora and then Oscar going at her (Neo). It doesn’t go too well for him and the lamp gets loose. Both of them reach out for it and Oscar is the one catching it. Neo goes for him, but Jaune steps in and force-pushes her back. Team Jnr+o regroup and attack again. With Nora and Ren getting ready to attack, and suddenly Oscar throwing himself to grab Neo’s legs. As the attack connects… it turns out it was all an illusion that shatters. Then they get approached by an Atlas soldier and they start to run.

Next we jump to Penny/Winter vs Cinder. Penny attacks but Cinder just grabs her fist with her Grimm-arm, I assume it’s a big thing considering Penny is like a super-strong cyborg thing right? Right. She then proceeds to throw Penny into a wall with it.
As Cinder starts to walk back into the room, Winter suddenly attacks with birbs followed up by a more direct attack. As they cross blades, Cinder comments on how all atlas elites are the same. She comments on how them (Atlas) keeping power means they will keep it forever, but it just makes “us” (the rest I guess?) hungrier for it (power). She then proceeds to kick the fuck out of Winter.
Just in time for a save, Penny throws one of her swords at Cinder only for her to follow up on all that hunger metaphor with how she refuses to starve. They fight for a bit and considering its 2 on 1, Cinder clearly outmatches them, although the numbers keep things fairly balanced. Apparently, Cinder knows that too so she just tackles the fuck out of them GOES THROUGH A WALL AND OUTSIDE THE BUILDING with them. Also, Cinder can fly now. Regardless Winter falls off and it’s an aerial battle between Cinder and Penny. OR IS IT, it’s not. Winter comes back on… I’m not sure. A bull griffin? Well something awesome, that’s for sure. They continue the fight for a bit and at one point Winter gets knocked off of her creature thing (I’m sure some people will know the name of it) and gets hit, losing her aura as she falls down. Penny flies to grab her, and Cinder understanding she has a free hand to go grab Winter maiden’s power and flies back into the building. Winter, of course, is pissed saying her life doesn’t matter and Penny simply states that she disagrees with that.

Back with Jaune’s group, they still run but it’s clear that Oscar isn’t keeping up. After going through the twisted maze that is the academy Oscar gets lost and as the atlas soldiers approach he gets saved by… Nora, pulling him into safety. OR IS IT, it’s not, it’s Neo. He then does a slow-mo dodge back as an umbrella tries to stab him (Oscar). As he flies back he notices that Neo has the lamp. After the attack, she starts to run off. She stumbles upon Jaune, who’s confused and Neo uses that to her advantage as she just jumps over him.
Next on her patch is Ren who has his weakness for Nora used against him, making him unable to attack Neo looking like her (Nora). Neo beats him to the ground and continues her run. As Ren gets up he has a “realization” face. Sadly the Neo pursuit is stopped as Atlas soldiers catch up to them. They start to run and as they do, we see Ren crying. We briefly cut to the Atlas soldiers as they run, and one of them is holding a lamp.

We cut to black where we hear some loud banging metallic sounds, only to see Cinder’s face. They talk and the Winter maiden is confused, saying she was waiting for something, but isn’t sure what she was waiting for. Cinder answers it was her she was waiting for and reaches out for her with the Grimm-arm. But before she could even touch her, the winter maiden grabs the arm, and Cinder is unable to get free. Cinder tries to stab her but is pushed back by the power of the winter Maiden, who turns into a fuckin tornado of ice and power and starts attacking Cinder. She then summons cold so… Well, cold, that it’s too dangerous to come near it. Winter and Penny land on the roof, seeing the fuck off tornado and Winter explains that this is the power of a fully realized Maiden. Sadly she can’t get close because the cold is too much for her. Penny realizing she’s more durable than humans jumps into the tornado.

Back with Jaune’s group once more, Oscar apologizes. Jaune says it’s fine. Ren starts losing his cool, as he says they weren’t ready to become huntsman. Nora says that’s not true, and he snaps back at her, saying that if that was true, they would still hold the lamp. Now Salem and Ironwood have the relics and they have NOTHING (Insert meme here). Jaune tries to get him back in line. The awkward situation is interrupted as their scrolls get a sudden voice message from Penny’s creator. Apparently, Him, Maria, and team RWBY have stolen a ship and will try to run away. Sadly, soldiers catch up with Jaune’s group and they have to get into a defensive position and wait. As they do, Jaune’s hit with a realization that Oscar isn’t with them. We cut to Oscar communicating with them and telling them that there’s something he has to do alone and they have to go on without him.

We’re back with Penny, as she’s in the eye of the storm, or something. Well, she’s in the tornado. She manages to get to the Winter maiden. She touches her and that gets her attention. Penny asks if she’s alright, and the Winter maiden explains how she was waiting till she was ready, how she lost track of time, how she had to protect the power of the winter maiden. But now she’s ready. Penny asks if she understands what it means. She says she remembers she will be gone. The tornado ends and the Winter maiden falls, Penny runs up to her and holds her. She asks her name and Penny answers. She then asks if Penny is the one. Penny looks behind, shocked at the question, and before she can answer we cut to Ironwood.

Ironwood hears the elevator and he assumes it’s Winter. He starts apologizing, but as he turns around he realizes it’s not. It’s Oscar. Ironwood asks who he has the pleasure to speak with, and Oscar says it’s just him. They talk about trust and how Oscar wants to get it back. As Ironwood asks if he came to fight, he answers that no, that’s exactly what Salem would want. He then explains how holding his staff calms him down, but he puts it back onto his belt. Ironwood asks if he still thinks if he’s afraid, Oscar answers that they are all afraid, but gets interrupted as Ironwood breaks his calm demeanor. They have what we heard for a few episodes, how abandoning Mantle is screwing up any hope of reuniting Remnant and how surviving of a few won’t mean much, which Ironwood counters that it all won’t matter if Salem wins. It all gets interesting once Oscar calls out and calls Ironwood by his name, James, and says he’s as dangerous as she (Salem) is. Ironwood goes silent for a moment. Only to tell him that James is what he is to friends. To him (Oscar) He’s the General… AND FUCKING SHOTS HIM, apparently the impact of the bullet pushes Oscar into an endless pit, as we see his aura twinkle.

Back with Penny, she still can’t give an answer, but it took too much time, and Cinder gets into the icy bubble that was created. As she yells how the Winter maiden is hers, she extends her arm, only to have it cut by Winter, who also comments “no” as she sees the Winter maiden and Penny. It has to be painful as fuck for Cinder as she starts screaming. It takes a bit for her to regrow the arm, after which she goes into a frenzy, attacking Winter. Winter lost her aura, as such after a short spar between the two, there’s blood.

The next part is very chaotic, on purpose of course, as we cut between various scenes with dramatic music playing in the background.

Winter Maiden closes her eyes and Penny takes her hand. We see some sort of energy flow between them.
We briefly cut to Oscar who’s just falling down an endless pit, as he’s about to give up and close his eyes, we hear Ozpin, as his eyes glow for a brief moment. That seems to empower the boy as he tries to reach out for the staff that’s floating next to him.
Back to the Winter maiden scene, Winter (Not the maiden) is trashed around and ends up on the ground. As Cinder approaches her with a knife, most likely to finish the job, we see snowflakes and ice in the air in front of Cinder, who turns around.
Oscar manages to grab his staff.
We see Penny open her eyes and there’s power in it, assuming she got the Winter’s maiden powers.
Oscar focuses and the staff starts rotating its clockwork inside of it.
Cinder is furious that someone else got the power, but the scene gets interrupted as Weiss yells out after her sister. The camera pans up and we see Ruby and Weiss.
Oscar’s staff starts to glow and the glow covers the boy’s body.
Back with Cinder, she goes furious and looks like she’s about to attack, but she glances at Ruby and her silver eyes and grows afraid. She then gets btfo’d by the silver glow.
Finally, Oscar with his newly found powers turns towards the ground and I assume tries to bounce off with the refreshed/newly gained power.
Finally, we cut to black.

As we have the black screen, we hear… Ozpin’s voice(?) I question this since it was so long since I heard him. He starts explaining how every creature on this planet feels fear.
We briefly cut to see Oscar just falling among some orange background.
We cut back to the Winter maiden scene, where we see that Cinder had to run away, as we see a burnt place in the frozen dome and her nowhere to be found. As Ruby falls to her knees from the exhaustion of the silver attack, Weiss runs up to Winter. Winter is pissed off and asks “What did you do.”
The voice continues by saying we underestimate fears power even though it’s so common.
Penny is sad over the death of the winter maiden and Ruby runs up to her asking if she’s alright, asking what happened. Penny answers that she’s gone. Winter says that’s not true, that she’s part of her (Penny) now.
We finally see what’s going on with Qrow and Robin. The Atlas soldiers arrived, with Qrow just calmly standing there and Robin waking up.
The voice continues by talking about the fear of getting close to someone, fear of losing someone, fear of failure.
We then cut to the airship as Jaune’s group runs in. As they do, the ship immediately flies off. Yang asks where’s Oscar and the relic.
The fear talk goes on, explaining how the more people depend on you, the more power those fear have.
We cut to arrested Qrow and Robin, Qrow holding onto the bloodied badge of Clover.
The voice says that the fear itself isn’t worthy of concern. That what we should be concerned about is who we become while the fear overcomes us.
We briefly cut to Oscar falling and growing confidence.
We then cut to the Winter maiden scene once more, where Winter is telling them to surrender, Weiss answers how they can’t and Winter suggests they run. Weiss doesn’t want to leave Winter because she’s hurt, but Winter answers that she’s not leaving her. That she’s just giving them a head start. After that, she uses the communicator and calls for medical back up as well as reinforcements. Weiss comments how they all have to carve their own way, at that point the airship they stole flies by. Apparently, Penny joined them in their run away.
The voice cuts in once more, asking if we’ll forgive them if we’ll understand why they did the things they did. If we’ll even recognize the person, or if the person will be what we will become to fear.
As the voice goes on we see a few scenes. We see a pretty warm scene of Ruby leaning against Penny and Weiss grabbing her (Penny’s) arm. We see Ironwood getting a text message from Winter how “It’s gone.” And how Neo delivered the artifact to Cinder, who seemed to be very much offhand about it, which upset Neo. We see that Watts isn’t dead, he’s in a cell and he smiles as he sees the black storm approach.

We see Oscar landing by using his powers, he starts talking about this power and these memories, saying how Ozpin is back and how he saved him. Ozpin retorts by saying that it’s Oscar who saved them. Ozpin seems to want to apologize or talk about something, but Oscar stops him and tells him that all he wants to know is how they can save Atlas next.

Back on the rwby airship, we hear radio communicates about reading about hostiles and how they can’t be right. We cut to see a dark cloud filled with red lightning. Among that, we see a big fucking whale, a Grimm whale that is, on top of which Salem stands, smirking.

This is how you make a final episode to a season/volume. I most likely said this before, but I really came from low expectations if I said it before. This was just beautiful to watch. It wasn’t just a bunch of action scenes or talky scenes that concluded certain things and started new ones. No, it was, in a way, more artistic. It felt special. It’s hard to explain it without sounding pretentious or like I’m trying to overblow this. It wasn’t the best thing since underwear, but it was impressive, well done and it did its job of concluding a certain part of the story and rolling straight into the next one. 

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Oh man

I really did not want Mary to go, but she went peacefully and in the most symbolically impactful way imaginable. Like holy fuck!

Her death isn’t just a possible signifier of regression in Dean, unconsciously taking him back to the moment in his childhood when his complete mistrust in happiness ever being meant to last for him was established, back to the moment when he began to think armour would be necessary to survive in the world, back to the time when he first learned about how feelings are weaknesses, but it’s serving to mirror that moment for Jack in how Mary’s death places him at the mercy of his Shadow, yeah?

His Shadow pushing mistrust on him.

Omg it’s the biggest thing TFW have to deal with!! *brain crackles*

And Jack is going to be confronted with all those sides to him that he has to face and integrate (accept) if he’s to begin to grow into a complete person. I’m blown away. Head is still reeling!

So will Billie appear to him in the finale with his book and give him a choice? Hmmmm.

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