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thebaddestofbatches · 21 hours ago
Echo: *gets a paper cut*
Rex, under his breath: Hasn't he suffered enough?
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kurrpip · 5 months ago
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Star Wars actor AU part 4!
My free student photoshop lisence expired so no more fancy brushes, rip
The Zillo beast is actually cat-sized and they unleashed him on a maquette of Coruscant. Everyone on set absolutely loves him
Thanks to @sifuprincesscarry for the idea of BD-1 rickrolling Cal!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 5
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revenge-of-the-shit · 5 months ago
God okay I'm just. So fucking tired. So here's a list of resources to educate yourself on issues within Star Wars. In light of the Bad Batch Finale and the announcement of the second season, it's vital that you educate yourself about the racism and other issues present.
Reminder that you cannot be in the middle. You are either racist or anti-racist. If you do not practice anti-racism and choose to stay "neutral", you are only supporting a system that constantly perpetuates racism and harms people.
And if for some reason, you think I'm overreacting; for some reason, you think I'm sensitive; for some reason, your first instinct is to get defensive and lash out; you really need to do some thinking as to why you want to scream at POC who just want the right to be recognized and seen. Who just want the right to not be erased.
And if you think this is "not good enough" because they're "just blog posts" or whatever - don't bullshit me. Even if I posted a shit ton of scholarly articles you wouldn't have read them anyway if you're coming at me with excuses for why you think the discrimination is okay. These posts are accessible, and well-written, and straight from the lived experiences of the many minorities and the allies that want to amplify their voices. I'm not asking you to take everything at face value. I'm asking you to do your own research and engage in some critical thinking instead of blindly accepting what you're given.
*Disclaimer: while I have read these sources, i read some a while ago and if there's an issue you have with some of them let me know!
(If your post is listed and you want me to take it off the list please dm me and let me know!)
The Bad Batch
#unwhitewashtbb carrd - with extensive resources here that speak about the Māori people, their culture, and the current issues they face. If you care about them, then read these resources and amplify their voices.
Petition to #unwhitewashtbb
Why you're actively supporting racism if you decide not to support anti-racist movements because you "have beef with someone" who's an anti-racist
The importance of speaking about #unwhitewashtbb, from a Polynesian fan (With another post by them!)
How Kanan is whitewashed
Clone Whitewashing #1 - how the SW crew most definitely knows how to animate dark-skinned clones with proper facial features yet chose not to
Clone Whitewashing #2 - with really clear pictures of the whitewashing
Clone Whitewashing #3 - with an extensive Temura Morrison reference sheet
Issues with Echo's design
Reasons why the take that "Omega is light-skinned because she's based on Temura Morrison's sister" and the take that "Polynesian people can be light-skinned too you're just being racist" are absolute shit takes (similar post, #2)
How Fennec Shand is whitewashed - the intricacies of her design
Fixed Fennec Shand design
How Temura Morrison has previously also been whitewashed in SW media
The Clone Wars
Islamophobia in Barriss Offee's portrayal, from a muslim woman.
How Barriss is muslim-coded, from a muslim woman.
The Mandalorian
"Bleaching" Temura Morrison
General Resources Around Star Wars
Orientalism in Star Wars
The Islamic Origins Of The Jedi
Ableism in Star Wars
Sinophobia in Star Wars, from me, a Chinese woman.
Resources about AO3 and racism
POC are not a monolith: why it's not ok to say "light-skinned minorities exist" in response to calls to stop whitewashing
How whitewashing has affected SW as a whole
John Boyega and Racism
Orientalism in SW Music
Feel free to add further resources in reblogs or just send them straight to me and I'll add them!
Oh, and by the way, if you think "it's just fiction you're just overreacting this doesn't hurt anyone": news flash: it sure does.
CBC News: Anti-Asian Racism in the media
Role of Media in anti-asian racism
NPR: Hollywood colorism
How the media fuels anti-black racism
Ways anti-indigenous racism is expressed in media and in other ways
NBC News: Rise in anti-asian racism
Resources on anti-black racism
What I've listed above is only a single drop in a massive ocean. There are so, so many other minority groups who are also suffering that I haven't listed. I haven't even touched on homophobia, on transphobia, and I've barely touched on ableism, not to mention that there's so many other issues out there. I haven't talked about the issues with how the Tuskens are portrayed, or how Watto is portrayed, or how Jar Jar Binks was portrayed, or how Kelly Marie Tran was treated, or how Trace and Rafa Martez were treated, or how the fandom hates Mace Windu, or how Poe's backstory was butchered, or much, much more. If you have more resources, please please please share them in the reblogs. It is impossible to encompass everything in a single post, but we sure as hell can try.
Alright. I've given you the resources. I've given you my time and energy. It's up to you now to educate yourself. It's ok to make mistakes - we're constantly learning and unlearning. It's ok to need to take breaks, and to save this for later because you're tired and the world is going to shit. We are human.
But it's not okay to stay willfully ignorant. It's not okay to constantly try and belittle the trauma and struggles of minorities just because you've been okay living in a system that's built on oppression. Educate yourself.
One more tip: when reblogging or sharing your own resources, flood your tags with everything to do with Star Wars. Flood the Crosshair tag. Flood the Hunter and Omega tag. Flood the tags, because this is relevant to their characters and to the entire saga, and fans need to know.
Including tags of the people I posted resources from under the cut!
@royalhandmaidens @queen-breha-organa @milfcaptainrex @milfchewbacca @bisexualmikisayaka @fixyourwritinghabits @starilicious @jester-mereel @milfbailorgana @cafffine @milfcommandercody @thecyndimistuff @shoulderpads-mcgee2
(If I'm missing a tag and you want to be tagged please let me know!)
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sorry-but-no-sorry · 8 months ago
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He’s expensive
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brittandbiscuits · 3 months ago
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Leave him be, he’s got a big headache.
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clxnewxrs · 8 months ago
User: notrealsiv
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dailyrex · a month ago
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CAW2021 Day 3: Favorite Clone Dynamic ➜ Fives and Echo
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biorust-art · 8 months ago
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Me: I’m only going to do one screenshot edit/redraw/whateva 
Bad Batch: *Comes Out*
Me: ... Alright
I’m excited to be back into the world but they’re gonna have to give these clones some melanin and some personality ASAP
Screenshot refs:
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bonus echo content:
Tumblr media
close up on my boi
i added his signature handprint on the chest plate and added ‘Domino’ on is armor aaand a bunch of new scars
Happy May 4th yall!
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gffa · 6 months ago
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yukipri · a month ago
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Echo & Fives
PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, TRANSLATE, OR OTHERWISE USE MY ART. To share, please reblog! Reblogs and comments greatly appreciated!!!
❀ You can see the rest of my art including the rest of this AU through the Masterpost pinned to the top of my blog!
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kurrpip · 6 months ago
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Here’s a Clone Wars actors AU, I guess. It’s still in the world of Star Wars, so the aliens are real, but the war and the Jedi and Sith are made up.
Palpatine is the producer and main writer/ director
I don’t have an explication for the clones, but I didn’t want them to be a CGI army so the boys are all here.
Part 2 here
Part 3 here
Part 4 here
Part 5 here
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nibeul · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
dunno what canon is
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thatfunkyopossum · 10 months ago
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I had to fix my son. What the fuck did they do to him. I’m really proud of this though! I think it’s my best one yet. Let me know what you think in the tags :)
Alt+RB to quick reblog on desktop, hold the little symbol for a few seconds to quick rb on mobile
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maiseey · 2 months ago
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ARC Twins
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roguestarr · 6 months ago
Tech: My name is Tech.
Echo: Short for "Technology" because you're the tech savvy one?
Hunter: No, it's short for Technically because that's how he starts all his sentences.
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kate-komics · 8 months ago
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Enjoy some lame Bad Batch art in my interlude between Mando comics!
If you don’t know the quote, it’s from Rambo😅 and ya know...because Hunter is just a Rambo knock off.
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paperback-rascal · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I have  all my fingers The knife goes chop chop chop If I miss the spaces in-between my fingers will come off (...)
The knife song by Rusty Cage
I think that "the regs were hostile towards clone force 99" is one of the biggest misinterpretation and disservice Filoni's LucasArts has ever done to CLONES as a whole.
I know WHY it was done - to make Clone Force 99 more edgier/broodier than it was necessary - but the way they went about it was from totally wrong angle!
What I believe Filoni's LucasArts was trying to say was: Clone Force 99 were suppose to be outliers, but not in outcast or outsider sense of that word. The only reason why Kix and Jesse could be wary of The Batch was their 100% success rate... and the last time they worked with someone with a high score... Umbara happened.
In TCWs7 arc, when Cody proposed to Rex to ask for CF99's help to save Echo, he wasn't disgusted to have to speak to Hunter. There was no resentment between Cody and Hunter when they shook hands or The Bad Batch, Rex, Jesse and Kix during missions (except altercation Crosshair instigated). Furthermore in unfinished reels Clone Force 99 got medals at the end of their mission. As they were decorated, "regs" cheered in recognition of their achievement. Not to mention it also nullifies 99's arc, a clone that many fans love and adore to this day, as he was the OG lesson about bravery, brotherhood and accepting differences.
The Bad Batch's relationship with "regs" should be a harmless (except possible few wounded egos) never-ending pissing contest with dash of heightened self-importance on Clone Force 99's side (as they are *NOT* like the other clones): claiming "the best score" at the shooting range, arm wrestling competitions even literal pissing contests... or whatever people at military do to prove they are better than others.
But what Filoni's LucasArts end up making is a hot-take on bunch of high-school cliques cosplaying as military... and I'm salty about it.
HEADCANON: Crosshair is the knife game champion not only in GAR but also Empire.
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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thememerman · 2 months ago
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Pt 2/3: Tech & Echo in The Bad Batch
gif 1 ~ Decommissioned (s1.e6)
gifs 2-3 ~ Battle Scars (s1.e7)
gif 4 - Reunion (s1.e8)
gifs 5-7 ~ Common Ground (s1.e10)
gifs 8-9 ~ Infested (s1.e13)
gif 10 ~ War Mantle (s1.e14)
please feel free to use and repost these for anything you like, no credit is necessary. The only reason I put a watermark is so that I can prove I made them and am not stealing from other creators, and also so I can see if they ever end up circulating!
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tiimothy-olyphant · 3 months ago
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Echo | The Bad Batch 1.01
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bookshopangel · 2 months ago
Clonetober Round-Up!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All my Clonetober2021 drawings together! Thank you @clonetober​ for organizing this event! I had a ton of fun and I’m so proud of myself for drawing so much despite being really busy for almost all of October. I even did a few things that were outside of my comfort zone (looking at you, Rex with the foreshortening and Kix with that particular angled profile xD). You can find the bigger versions of these on my clonetober2021 tag or my art tag.
I hope I can color some of my favorites soon! (I think I need the Order 66 Pizzas one as a sticker, ngl.) Which ones would you want to see colored?
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