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Role model acquired

This was prompted by a wonderful anon! Enjoy!

Fandom: Detroit become human | Ship: Reed900

Gavin jerked up on instinct, only then looking over to his partner, who just shrugged. Pressing his lips together, he stood up and walked over to Fowler’s office. He couldn’t remember doing anything this time and was pretty confused as he entered the cube and sat down on the left one of the two chairs.
‘Yes? What is it?’
‘Coming next week, we’ll have an intern with us.’
Gavin frowned, leaning back relieved he didn’t have to get defensive for once but also suspicious of why that should affect him. ‘And?’
‘And I want you to show him around and have an eye on him.’

Fowler just stared at him, unimpressed.
Gavin winced. ‘Phck, Fowler, why me? I’m like the least qualified person for that! Surely Hank or-‘
‘You are the only one on desk duty at the moment and I’ve still not forgotten the stunt you pulled with your last case. I want you at your best behaviour.’
‘So you are punishing me even more with some random brat?’
‘First of all, I’m giving you an order’, Fowler stressed. ‘Second, I’m proposing a deal. You keep your personality at bay for the week and in return I’ll get you off desk-duty afterwards if you do your job well enough.’
Gavin sighed. ‘Phck. Fine. What should I even show him?’
‘I don’t know. A tour through the station, a ride with a patrol, tell him some anecdotes… Get creative. The kid likely just wants to see pictures of a real crime-scene and afterwards decides that job is not for him.’


‘It was likely one of the closer calls I had. But what can I say, I have the perfect partner to look after my sorry ass.’ Gavin looked over at Nines, winking at him and being completely oblivious to how the seventeen-year-old looked at him lost in thoughts.
‘That must have been amazing.’
‘Nah, it was terrible, had to stay in hospital for a few weeks. But it makes an awesome story.’
‘Did you catch him in the end?’
‘Oh, yes. Took us a while getting back on his trail, but I found him eventually. Phcker should have run the second he had the chance to.’
Nines sighed, shaking his head, but Gavin ignored him, too caught in the story and the fact that someone actually wanted to hear him boasting.
‘Tailed him right to his hideout, the idiot was practically leasing us to the evidence we needed to pin him down.’
The intern grinned. ‘Maybe the guy just looked for someone to pin him.’
Gavin laughed and clapped him on the shoulder. ‘I like your humour.’

Nines – the exact opposite and actually realising what the newbie was aiming at – rolled his eyes and stood up jerkily. ‘I think I need a break.’
He walked over to the breakroom on autopilot, realising only when he stopped in front of the table that there was no reason for him to be there. He had just always accompanied Gavin here. Still, he remained there unwilling to admit his error.
‘Came here to sulk?’, Tina asked, elbowing his side and regretting it deeply as she hit solid metal. ‘Ah, fuck!’
‘I’m not sulking.’
‘Sure you’re not. That’s why you are standing in your trademark spot doing nothing while your partner…’ She grinned at him stressing the word. ‘gets the heart-eyes from our intern.’
‘What are you implying, Tina?’, Nines asked, his sharp eyes warning enough for most people. Not Tina though:
‘You’re jealous, aren’t you?’
‘That’s ridiculous, why should I be?’
Tina stepped around the table where she had a good view on Gavin. ‘Because the boy has a schoolboy crush on the man you have the hots for, and Gavin is all smiley face and flexes in front of him.’

Nines sighed, caving in. ‘Fine, I am jealous. And?’
‘Wait, seriously?’ Tina straightened her back and looked at him intently. ‘Dude, I was trying to joke. You are jealous of someone about ten years younger than Gavin?’
‘In that logic I am more than thirty years younger, Tina.’
‘Oh, come on that doesn’t count, you’re an android. Seriously, Gavin is just enjoying the attention. Oblivious idiot most likely hasn’t even thought about the boy admiring him. Really, I can’t decide if it’s adorable or hilarious: Our chaos human has a little duckling following him everywhere!’
‘It’s neither’, Nines moped. ‘It’s embarrassing at best. At the very least it’s unprofessional.’
‘Nines, it’s only for a week.’
‘If he lays a hand on Gavin, I will kill him.’
Tina raised her eyebrows on him. She thought he was joking, but his tone suggested otherwise.

‘Nines. Hell, if it’s so bad for you, tell Gavin. But I guess he’d just laugh at you and tell you the same I am now: It’s nothing and you are overreacting.’
Nines just chewed on his lip and looked over at the coffee machine. ‘I think I have a better idea. What was the saying? Actions speak louder than words?’
‘Jesus, don’t kill him!’, Tina immediately warned him.
‘That was a joke, I wouldn’t kill him. Not in the precinct where everyone can see it.’
The officer looked at him sceptically. ‘That was a joke too.’
Tina sighed and addressed him in all honesty: ‘You should stop with the humour.’

Nines had fetched Gavin’s mug and waited until the coffee machine was finished to pour Gavin’s favourite drink. With a winning grin towards Tina, he marched out of the breakroom and towards Gavin, who was still wildly gesturing at the intern. Nines walked up to his side and set down the cup on the table, his arm blocking Gavin’s line of sight. Then the android took a step back and pressed a kiss to his human’s temple. ‘You missed your morning coffee, dear.’
Gavin blinked up at him then at the mug. ‘Oh, thanks babe!’

Nines sighed. The sharpest Detective of the precinct and still so goddamn blind to social situations. He turned to look at the intern to check if at least he had gotten the hint. But the teen was just grinning like crazy now. ‘I knew you two were gay!’, he cheered instead.
Gavin froze, mug still on his lips. ‘What?’
‘Nah, was just a feeling I got. Oh, that’s amazing, can’t wait to tell my boyfriend another reason why I got the better internship!’

Gavin and Nines looked each other in the eyes, then Nines shrugged exasperated and walked over to his terminal to get back to work. Only a week, he thought to himself. The internship lasts only a week.

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Coffee Snobbery and Other Ways to Meet Cute Boys - OhNoMyBreadsticks - Detroit: Become Human (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Gavin: We already had sex, but I still want to spend time with you. Is that normal? Am I normal? What is happening to me?

Nines: Detective Reed—

Gavin: I want to do things with you. Fully clothed, sober, in daylight hours.

Nines: Gavin—

Gavin: I don’t understand these feelings! 

Nines: *Kisses him to shut him up* 

Nines: You know, when you’re not being a complete asshole to me, you’re pretty cute.

Gavin: *Melts*

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Gavin, texting : fuck u

Connor : blocked.

Gavin : Wait unblock me I need to tell you something

Connor : unblocked.

Gavin : fuck u

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Just trying to draw Detroit’s characters.

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DOING WHAT CHAT TELLS ME: Heavy Rain Chaos Stream

Tibs on YouTube

8PM EST on SATURDAY, 1/23 

Come chill and have some fun while we destroy these poor suckers’ lives. QTEs? Who needs those. 

 Drop a like if you think you’ll swing by!

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Gavin: *sweating, pacing* We have a problem.

Nines: *sighs* Incorrect. YOU have a problem.

Nines: I have an idiot who attracts problems.

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Here is 1 of my 3 pieces for Reed900RBB!!
Please go and read the amazing fic ‘Reset (Your Love for Me)’ made by @spacebiotics ❤️❤️❤️ 


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mm i call this “I draw my comfort to practice my style”

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get  to  know  the  mun!             repost,  don’t  reblog.


———  BASICS  !  ♡

  • (PEN)NAME  :  Desi
  • PRONOUNS  :  she  /  her
  • ZODIAC  SIGN  :  Libra
  • TAKEN  OR  SINGLE  :  *Cries in alone*

———  THREE  FACTS  ! ♡

  • I’m active on Tumblr since I was around 13 or 14 years old. Back then I was roleplaying as a somewhat self insert / persona OC of mine; A blonde angel! I don’t know what was with me and angels back then, plus my horrible, HORRIBLE English back then that people had to endure! And I had some RP partners back then so it’s a miracle they didn’t complain about my grammar xD Then everything got to a weird turn when I was into the Creepypasta fandom and my weird obsession about Jeff the Killer still makes me cringe so hard QwQ 2012 I got into Marvel / the Loki Fandom and still roleplay as him on my other account and I still love this mischiefmaker to death! 

  • I’m a metalhead and I annoy every new person I meet with his very fact and I have a weird preference of creating goth/dark supernatural OC’s for some fandoms, but I try to get away from this concept on Tumblr because I know not everyone likes dark looking characters or the overall goth aesthetic, so I try my best being as neutral as possible when it comes to faceclaims and choosing singers or actors I like or having a pretty face in general, hehe. Though I have two goth OC’s I might give them their own blog. Let’s see

  • And for a rather shorter fact: I love the concept of the future technology and I’m a lot into space! Like the space we’re floating in, with planets and stuff, it’s scary but fascinating at the same time! ;D

———  EXPERIENCE  !  ♡

The DBH fandom in general is a bit odd, but in my one and a half years I never really met an intense asshole. I don’t like the shipping atmosphere mostly but I just avoid that and stay focused to my own ideas. I met a lot of wonderful people in the fandom who I had really awesome RP’s with, It’s kinda sad to see that the fandom is getting a little quit, so I hope there might be a similar game in the future or DBH 2 so we can get lit again xD I revived my blog for my android boys and i’m happy I can write with them again (Even if my friend is the only one interacting with them right now xD LOOKING AT YOU THEA I LOVE YOU! ) I still try to look for similar muses or direct DBH muses.

As things for Marvel, I have seen worse days honestly. It’s mostly all about canceling people for their ships or not agreeing to the canon character in general, which kinda made it diificult for me / Loki to find someone for close interaction, as I have to mention I’m picky when it comes to writing style and portrayal. I had a share of bad experience myself, obsessive fans that forgot reality and believed my Loki being kinda real? But this was a long time ago but it kinda still is burned in my brain. There are still a handful of people I follow but I still need to talk to them more often ^^; 


I prefer writing male characters and mostly prefer interacting with male muses, mostly, not ALWAYS with males I sure do like writing with females too. I don’t know why but writing a female kinda is a hard thing for me to do, even if I’m a female???? It kinda is complicated being in a female mindset and it’s much easier to be a man and analyze his psyche and behavior and probably making a version of a man I’d like to REALLY talk with? Though the behavior of my muses vary, one is a very kind, caring and gentle person who never gets angry, the other is a cynical misunderstood little shit who just wants to try to be a better person but has a hard time doing so, I love creating characters with different basic emotions and characteristic so I don’t write the ever same thing. 

I add a lot of verses for this purpose too as I like to change the muse’s personality a little bit when they change into a new AU so I can experiment with alternative emotions and behavior too ;D 

I have no issue of what kind of species my RP partner muse is or what species I will do mine, it’s always a mix of supernatural/fantasy, Cyberpunk or basic human muses.

———  FLUFF  /  ANGST  /  SMUT  !  ♡    

  • FLUFF  :It’s basically the thing I prefer. I love building a mutual bond with my muse to my RP partner’s muse, to see what kind of path they will enter, platonic, romatic etc. I’m a hopeless romantic and find little gestures of attention to my muses absolutely adorable! But this doesn’t mean I will automatically ship with anyone, unless you’re a friend of mine. I like to keep things spontanous and if the chemistry feel right to me, I will approach you to ask if they want to have a potential ship as well or not ;D But Fluff and romance are topics I really ADORE to write, I kinda get into that emotionally as well when there is a romatic thread going on it’s incredible xD 
  • ANGST  :Angst needs to happen for me sometimes when things mix up with the romantic path, I don’t know why, I love writing or interacting with dramatical muses with a hard backstory and as soon as they find someone they trust and love, they will reveal any little detail of events they regret and can’t make right again, to finally be free of things they kept inside for so long, knowing they will expose everything to a person they love with tears in their eyes and hardly sobbing - while I might cry as well when I write or read angst xD 
  • SMUT  : It isn’t THAT necessary for me, but when Smut happens, I will always try my best not to make it sound nasty. I will avoid dirty words like Cock or Pussy because they don’t sound aesthecially pleasing to me when you write a scenario between two lovers. I sure get into details of the level of lust but that’s about it, I write a story between people that (might) love each other and MAKE LOVE with each other, not starring in some random porn video using naughty words xD But yeah, I like writing smut but it’s the least thing I care about during a ship honestly, but when it happens, I’m fully into it :D 
  • PLOT  /  MEMES  :Looking at things, I’m more a writer that prefers semi plotted things like, characters, setting etc. Mostly it’s enough for to get information and write a scenario, but sometimes Memes make it easier or harder when you can’t get an instant idea, but that’s a challenge I like being a hobby writer, to let your imagination grow ;D People I don’t interact with always have permission to send me an ask I happily answer or write small RP’s with, but I prefer multi paragraphs with a setting we both agreed with and the rest of the RP plotting is kept spontanous mostly, but I will always come to help when a partner struggles with a certain scene and decide to make a little skip perhaps :D So I don’t mind both honestly but my preference surely goes to Plots

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Nines blinked, his LED flickered to red. He hadn’t even noticed that Gavin was there, much less coming over to him. “… D-Detective.. I.. what are you doing..?” He was struggling to be coherent with the errors coming up in his HUD.

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