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#i stand with taylor

Folklore is a really great album. Every human being finds something of himself in it. I feel another feeling in every song. Every night before I go to bed, I listen to exile and cry, and then I listen to cardigan and cry again. Taylor, thank you because you didn’t leave me alone when I cried. Folklore is a great album. Because you wrote it. You felt the feelings of a lot of people in the world, you wrote and you said it. I love you, Taylor Swift. 💝

@taylorswift @officialtaylornation

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the fact that most songs on folklore are not even about taylor but she just manages to use her imagination like that and sing it from heart and like it has once happened to her amazes me everytime!🥺❤

@taylorswift @taylornation

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watching folklore on disney plus last night was one of the greatest experiences and i really appreciate taylor for this masterpiece and her powerful vocals!

and also hoax live saved my life!!!🥺❤

@taylorswift @taylornation 🍂

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Second Time today watching Folklore: the long pond studio sessions! I see the songs in a whole new perspective you guys really knocked it out of the park as always Jack, Aaron, Justin and of course the good William☺️ We knew it was you Joe.. Again Thank you @taylorswift Everyone getting watching!! ps can we appricate the cutest pic of Taylor with wine 🍷 @taylornation

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I finally finished! So good, her voice sounds perfect, like always. I guess I understand more the songs now 😂

Also, why is seven a song about kids who make a scandalous on the supermarket because their moms didn’t buy them a new doll or, in my case, a chocolate? I actually really liked that 😂😂 I miss being a scandalous kid.

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today was crazy omg!!!

first taylor’s nominations at the grammys which i’m endlessly proud of her,then the folklore studio sessions which i only slept 2 hours so that i can stay up and it was so wonderful and magical,definitely going to watch it another 13000 times,then taylor posted on her stories that the folklore studio sessions were screaming so we got to see her again,and now GMA which taylor looked amazing and we were matching clothes!also she said she’s re-recording love story which i can’t wait to listen to:)

I love you so much taylor and we are just just watching it begin again!🥰💙🥺

@taylorswift @taylornation @recordingacademy 👀

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