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#impeachment 2: electric boogaloo

I understand nothing about congress or the impeachment process so I texted my discord chat asking them to please fucking explain whatever is happening with 45

In under an hour I had the impeachment process and legal proceeding, all possible outcomes of 45’s second impeachment, and what makes this case unique perfectly explained and translated from legalese to normal words.

In a discord chat full of tumblr gays, by a person with “Twink” in their screenname, while someone else was sending nudes on a different channel.

30 notes

Has anyone made a dancing crab video for this impeachment yet??

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fucking christ not debbie again

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Republicans are so full of shit, their eyes turn brown.

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louie, my man, u good

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no please cite the democratic speeches that incited violence sir. i’m listening

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I cannot believe I just watched a congressman use his allotted time on the Senate floor to complain about cancel culture.

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how does this clerk read out the articles like fucking siri

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this can’t be the actual procedure. they cannOT be all calling in individually. jesus christ, use doodle like a normal fucking person

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