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#john pruitt
daincrediblegg · 19 hours ago
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Holly Holy eyes… dream of only me~
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midnxghtprixst · a day ago
Let me absolve you of your sins, Father. Let me help you see the true masterpiece of God, a taste of heaven on earth. Use that pretty little mouth of yours and try to pray while I get on my knees and purify you with my tongue. Keep going until you can't even remember what you're saying, sweating and panting from the pleasure I'm giving you.
I only want what's best for you, Father.
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agir1ukn0w · 9 hours ago
while y’all are obsessing over Father Paul shouting “HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL?!” at Riley (as well you should be), i’m obsessing over Father Paul walking out onto his front porch and screaming “WHERE ARE YOU?!!!” at the angel
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shallow-gravy · 16 hours ago
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'he will wipe every tear from their eyes. there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away'
– revelation 21:4
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uwusinthenight · 2 days ago
(NSFT) Reward - Chapter 1
A/N: First fanfic I’ve ever written, pls be gentle, I’ve never written a story in my life lmao. My excuse for this is that I wanted to see some more Sub!John getting pegged (coming in future chapters). Enjoy this meanwhile!
Sidenote: NSFT means NSFW, works against bots.
Content ahead: soft dom/sub, Dom!Reader, Sub!John, gender neutral reader, reader has a vagina but that’s it. No explicit things, yet, but just a heads up for the readers of what direction the fic is going to go.
Word count: 1,011 words.
Today was a special night.
You had been toying with the idea for weeks now, something you wanted to explore with him, to show him how much of a good boy he was.
A long, long night filled with his cries of passion. Experiencing an almost never-ending wave of pleasure.
Since the beginning of your relationship he had shown to be so devoted to you, a new goal, a mission in his life that consisted in making you happy in every way possible.
Recalling funny stories or jokes making your lips curl in such a way that without fail made his eyes shine with love… Or connecting on a more physical level with you; His religious vows now forgotten.
He might be a man of the lord but you were the owner of his heart; He showed you the key when you both shared a kiss and sealed the deal when he, after parting and locking those irises resembling two rivers of sweet, sweet honey on yours, John softly but with an unfaltering voice said “I love you, Y/N.”
It had been low enough to make sure nobody except you heard it.
The world didn’t need him to yell these words because they already heard him, it didn’t matter that he had kept his voice low. They had caught every single word that left John’s mouth, and they wouldn’t forget, not now, not ever.
He would never stop reminding them of it. He wouldn’t back down. The spoken words were divine.
You were his whole world.
There were two sides of the same coin. One, the public, where he was this powerful, charismatic, commanding priest. And the other, in the privacy of his house, where he was all but commanding; The second you two were alone, locked eyes and those plump, soft lips met yours, he gave himself to you, in body and soul, to use as you desired.
He allowed himself to be vulnerable, laying bare under your gaze. A new power in his life.
The Lord wasn't the only one being worshiped by John now.
The two of you were now in bed. Him with one arm wrapped around you, holding you close while with the other he read that one sacred book, the Bible. Your head rested on his chest and your palm on his stomach.
The perfect pillow, a silly thought crossing your mind.
You had fed him earlier and so decided to rest for a few hours to help the dizzy and fainting feelings… Well, it was mostly John’s idea, between him expressing his love and praise for you he had also helped you lay down and insisted on staying by your side in case you needed something. Who could say no to those worried puppy eyes that literally had just offered kisses and cuddles to help you feel better?
And so, the plan b-
A soft thud interrupted your train of thoughts, followed by a low groan coming from beside you.
A snort left you prompting the man whose chest you had been laying on, and who also had just been assaulted by a book, to turn to you with an offended look that soon broke into a smile followed by chuckling after you started snickering.
“Well, good morning, love.” Said John after both of you calmed down and gently laid a kiss on your forehead. “How are you feeling?”
“Way better, thank you.” You laid on your side and pulled him against you. “But I think I might need another dose of snuggles.” You planted a trail of kisses from his neck to cheek, feeling a smile begin to manifest on him on the way up. “Also kisses.”
John laughed softly. “Well…” He cupped your face with both hands, tenderly massaging the skin. “I do believe I can help with that.”
A kiss on your forehead, a kiss on your nose, and a kiss on your lips which you soon turned into something more intense with your hand on his head and fingers entangled in his raven locks of hair.
His hands moved to your hips. Then his arms encircled you once again. You two became one in an entanglement of limbs, now existing in another reality where the only thing that mattered was your union.
After what were probably minutes, yet, felt like hours, you planted a final, more gentle, kiss on his lips and not-so-gently bite his lip, causing a small moan to erupt from John’s lips.
In a swift movement you pushed him against the bed and straddled his hips. Now sitting on top of him you allowed your eyes to linger more on his face. Face slightly flushed, a sheepish smile playing on his lips and his eyes like two stars looking at you, full of love.
“Kitten.” You said lowly.
His cheeks turned a deep crimson shade, chocolate eyes blew wide open and you felt him shiver under you.
It was a title that you gave him. Secret. WIth a command behind it.
Submit to me.
“I want you.” You said with a smirk and lowered yourself to be mere inches from his face. “If that’s okay with you.” You petted his hair with one hand while with the other you took one of his and intertwined your fingers. His eyes followed your every move, mouth agape, the entire time. So adorable.
“It’s okay if you don’t feel like it, baby. There’s no pressure.” You reassured him with a smile and gently kissed his forehead before going back to a seated position.
He swallowed and his mouth struggled to form sentences for a few seconds. Stuttering. After a few tries he finally managed to get out what resembled a “yes” along with a nod.
“What was that, darling?” You heard him perfectly but seeing him get flustered like this wasn’t something you could just pass up.
“Yes.” Said John, louder than before. “I want you… Your eminence.”
A sudden heat engulfed your body.
“Good boy.” You replied and gave him one last kiss.
Now the fun begins.
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iskarieot · a month ago
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Remember we are dust and to dust we shall return.
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daincrediblegg · a day ago
I wish you'd write a fic of our sweet boy John dating a trans masculine reader 👉🏻👈🏻, and him defending them and having their back, especially against, like, Beverly (bitch) Keene. If you are up for writing this, do you mind making the reader atheist please?
Okay, thank you, have a good day!
(Also I saw your response to my ask!!! Thank you my dear you are so, so very nice and you and your blog make me feel very safe!!)
Tumblr media
a/n: dude I wish I'd write a fic with John x transmasc reader too 😂😂😂but I hope a few little headcanons of mine suffice for now
First thing's first: He's Trans Rights all the way. God no man that says of his own very gnc lesbian daughter "she was never a sin never a mistake" doesn't support trans rights and gay rights and everyone's rights, really (I mean also he lived through the 60's off island there's no way he doesn't still have a lot of those open-minded values).
I will say that sure- it's a bit of an adjustment for him personally when you start like dating bc he totally doesn't expect to fall in love with another man himself (having been born in the 40's and it having been a MUCH different time than the ones we live in now, it's natural he would feel a little confused by his feelings for you- even though he's definitely got the spirit) but my GOD does he adore you for all that you are, so when he's in he's ALL in with you. And, much like he approaches every topic under the sun- be it differing faiths or anything else- he comes at gender theory with curiosity, respect and understanding- and would love listening to you talk about your experience with gender and such.
Hell, he might even ask your permission to include some important points you make about it in his Sunday homilies (without ousting you in specific as his source for these thoughts- or clocking you if you've passed of course- he keeps his sources for the topic specifically tied to current events- and I mean say what you will but he is VERY good at playing these sorts of things off naturally and in a way that doesn't rouse suspicion from his parishioners- so you have absolutely NOTHING to fear on that front. And of course he won't do anything without your permission to either- but I'd like to think he'd like to talk about these sorts of things for the benefit of other islanders awareness and also for those who might feel as though the faith of the island wouldn't accept them for their gender identities or for being queer- he would want to assure absolutely everyone that they're welcome at St. Patrick's no matter the walk of life they come from).
And heaven help Bev Keane (or anyone else, really) if she says a goddamn word about it- because he can barely tolerate her base-line of xenophobia on a good day but transphobic shit in this house of God???? nuh uh. Absolutely not tolerated. And ESPECIALLY not in relation to you. He hardly ever gets angry about something to the point of raising his voice but if Bev said anything out of line in that regard the rumor mill would pick up on "The Father snapped at Bev the other day" for sure.
With all that in mind I think the atheism bit is the least of his worries. He does respect other's faith- or lack thereof- better than most, and definitely would respect yours just as much.
Also. If you tell him that his shirt and collar gives you gender envy. He won't get it. But he'll let you borrow his shirts anyway. And seeing you in them will MAKE him understand for sure. "Ooh here try the chasuble next."
ALSO also I've said before and I'll say again: in an "everyone lives" AU where he confronts his own repressed past and decides to run his church in a more progressive light he totally puts up a New Pride Flag outside St. Patrick's. Bev Keane dies mad.
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