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book-worm-llama · 3 months ago
What I saw in my German workbook today:
•Alina kommt nicht aus der Schweiz. Sie kommt aus Österreich.
▪︎Nein, sie kommt aus Ravka!
(•Alina isn't from Switzerland. She is from Austria.
▪︎No, she is from Ravka!)
Tumblr media
Sorry for the stupid joke, I'm reading the Shadow and Bone trilogy now.
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king-lopen · 3 days ago
Learning Ravkan pt 1
Wrote out a guide to the alphabet a few days ago and have been practicing since! Here are a few of my favourite examples:
Tumblr media
Corporalki (written as Korporalki)
Tumblr media
Na razrushaya. E'ya razrushost.
Mostly working on getting the alphabet memorised currently! Might open requests for Ravkan calligraphy like the first image if people are interested.
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polysorscha · a year ago
do you think elemental-based magic is overdone in ya?
My gut instinct is to just say yes, but it honestly just depends. I feel like elemental magic is overdone in general, not just in YA, but I still think it can be well done. Like, the Grisha magic system is glorified elemental magic, but Bardugo added a whole social hierarchy and extra powers to it (like the Korporalki, obviously Alina and the Darkling) so it doesn’t seem straight-shot elemental. Usually when I have an issue with a book that uses elemental magic, I have a problem with the worldbuilding as a whole rather than just the fact that elemental magic is in use (ie Truth/witch, T0G, AC0TAR).
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