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song-bee52 minutes ago
2:29 a.m. is gatekeeping Grishaverse hours rn I KNOW @flerkenkiddingme must be disappointed in me 馃槀馃槀
Also every time I go to tag you I start typing @nika- hey why isn鈥檛 your name popping up 馃 oh right that鈥檚 not her tumblr XD
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sonoroquiescisan hour ago
so...i finished shadow and bone last night.
time to get the books ig
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thedarklingsbitchan hour ago
So, I'm writing chapter 2 and its already twice as long as chapter 1
Something I wanna say in advance:
1- the queen is a bitch
2- genya deserves the world
3- the queen is a bitch
4- the darkling is hot
5-the queen is a bitch
6- I finally get to write Alina and Genya together
7- the queen is a bitch
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jazzybee1233 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3 random twitter headers聽(銉庘)銉 like if you use聽
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inkpetal5 hours ago
Hmmm I think I鈥檓 gonna make a demon slayer multimuse haha
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saltys-skatepark6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 a simp and I made fake manga panels of me and Genya 鉂わ笍
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oxymoronicsoul6 hours ago
Age of Transition.
A Darklina Office Romance, set in Modern Ravka
Art by the lovely and talented @wqemzz-blog
Written for Grishaverse Mini Bang @grishaversebigbang
She knew this transition was not about becoming someone better, it was about finally allowing herself to become who she'd always been.
Ao3 Link
Here's some naughty(?) Genya & David excerpt from the fic to whet your appetites!
The man tries again, 鈥淭he hardware is not functioning properly.鈥
鈥淭he last I checked, it was working spectacularly.鈥 The emphasis on the last word is somehow sultry.
鈥淟ieutenant, what I mean is, the up-time is not enough.鈥
鈥淥h, I assure you, sergeant, your uptime is more than enough for me.鈥
Guess who's the lieutenant and who's the sergeant? ;)
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kiwistrashcache8 hours ago
Hey kiwi can for the request s can I have a genya????? The little stanky nasty coochie dude you told me abt? Him! Can we see him?
Tumblr media
He鈥檚 crying cause you said he smells
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sonoroquiescis8 hours ago
shadow and bone update: i have never watched a show this fast before. 1 episode to go and i should sleep because i have school in 8 hours but I鈥檓 hooked
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greensaplinggrace8 hours ago
hey all! I need more Shadow and Bone blogs to follow, so please reblog or like this if you post about the show or the Grishaverse books in any form! I鈥檓 a multishipper so I don鈥檛 mind who you post about, but a few specific ones I鈥檓 looking for that I don鈥檛 get enough content for are:
- Ships: Malina/Darklina/Genyalina/Helnik/Zoyalina
-Characters: Malyen/Inej/Alina/Nina/Kaz/Zoya
But again, I love all of them. Please I just need more grishaverse content on my dash 馃槶
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somefirewhiskeyfortheway9 hours ago
My completely unrequested thoughts after finishing the Grisha trilogy
here we go
Mal had big Gale energy in Siege and Storm and I wanted to throttle him but he slightly redeemed himself in Ruin and Rising in my eyes. I say slightly bc he was waaaay too intense.
I don鈥檛 know if it鈥檚 because I haven鈥檛 read YA in a long time but I was desperately waiting for Mal and Alina (or Alina and anyone really) to just...fuck? Like at some point I was really convinced this bitch was gonna die a virgin聽
The constant infantilization of the Darkling is probably one of my biggest pet peeves? Like if I had to read a 500+ years or however how old the Darkling is being called 鈥渁 boy, just a boy鈥 one more time I would鈥檝e to gouge my eyes out
Misha = 馃懠馃徎
The crew (the fellowship of the sun? the Grisha + Mal? whatever, them)聽 had a great dynamic. Each character was great and entertaining so I鈥檓 really excited to read SoC
The beginning of Siege and Storm felt so rushed to me 馃槵
I haven't read the Tailor but I 100% believe that the Darkling could've help Genya but she was more useful to him in the Little palace and alienated from the other Grisha the bastard
Alina could be so dumb sometimes I swear I wanted to shake her. I guess it鈥檚 another common trait in YA and she鈥檚 young and in difficult situations but still.聽
Mal being the 3rd amplifier...what a plot twist. idk if I鈥檓 dumb but I did not see it coming AT ALL
I was actively rooting for Alina to die since the end of Shadow and Bone. I really don鈥檛 hate her but I just feel like she had to die and go full martyrdom so I was just pissed when Mal kept saving her lol.
When Nikolai got transformed into a gargoyle or whatever...what was the reason? I guess that鈥檚 the plot of King of Scars but still
I can see the chemistry between the Darkling and Alina but I couldn't get over the grooming vibes I'm sorry 馃拃
Wished we could have learned more about the twins聽
I was actually annoyed that the Darkling survived the second book. Like he wasn鈥檛 that great of a villain to me and I would like for a new challenge in Ruin and Rising聽
On that note, I couldn鈥檛 really empathize with the Darkling? like I get that he wanted a world where he would be accepted but the message didn鈥檛 really get across in my opinion. Leigh Bardugo could've done more to show the legitimacy of his goal if she wanted a grey character? Idk EDIT: I just finished Six of Crows and the Grisha discrimination is so much clearer she could've done that more in the Trilogy
I don鈥檛 really care for Nikolai on the throne tbh? I鈥檇 be far more interested in a book series about Sturmhond even though there鈥檚 probably flashbacks in King of Scars
the fact that Alina still cared/thirsted for the Darkling after everything he did despite the fact she honestly barely knew him even in Shadow and Bone is hilarious to me idk. I know they had this 鈥渂ond鈥 or whatever but sis he was constantly trying to kill you and your friends like go to therapy, please
When Mal just left after Alina confessed that she was seeing the Darkling in Siege and Storm...I was ready to hunt down this bitch
I really like how she wrote the Darkling鈥檚 death, his devastation was really vivid
How did no one recognize Alina after Sankta Alina died? She literally has white hair she's rebuilding her childhood home??
Genya supremacy period
Thinking back about it I don't think there is a single main character in the series who hasn't hurt Alina in some way? They all lied to her and manipulate her and hurt her in some way like it's wild
team Alina should be single but Mal is the less worst option? Or like Genya but davidgenya is everything
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dykegreed9 hours ago
a new era where my icon isnt greed fma what else will the future hold
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