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Ayo, what if we spend eternity together
(yes homo)
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In a different world, Demon Slayer is a comedy :’)
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⊹. as long as we're alive don't be afraid ‹𝟹
photos by- SUSTEN+_pixiv
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These are commission works, please do not use 🙏
Commission info; hazemaru.carrd.co
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Man goes out like a match
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Demon Slayer is back !
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drew some of my fav kny characters in my style <3
| please, do not repost |
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the demon slayer kiddos ⚔️
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redraw of the hottest akaza screencap fr <3
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Nooo. Don’t ask him, Tanjiro. He’ll actually tell you
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cherished friends
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My man 💛
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art creds: chocominto1990 insta | sa_mochi, uofang, DongGoureng2
★ Uzui Tengen ★
pinterest: reno
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bl00dalchemist · a year ago
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Get another blonde with thick eyebrows and that’s it, those are the requirements.
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Demon Time
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Summary: | You and Tengen go out on a flashy dinner date for your 2 year anniversary and he spoils + surprises you. You have to wear a vibrator the whole time
Pairing: Tengen x F!reader (monogamous relationship AU)/Reader is fashion-forward and flashy as well, an independent bad bitch but babygirl at the same time/ Modern AU
Word count: 7.1k
NSFT Warning: sex toys in public, exhibitionism / risk of getting caught, edging, teasing, fingering, oral (f receiving), overstimulation, mating press, size kink, slight daddy kink, belly bulge, cervix fucking, Tengen is a thigh man, pet names, praising and degradation
Author's Note: First of all there’s references to actual Japanese luxury cuisine in this, and some Japanese words for “welcome” and “wifey.” Tengen is a big sweetie and a romantic and I enjoyed this so much you'll see an illustration of mine partway in (signature is my real initials for my sketchbook reference). Do not repost my drawing without my permission. Thank you!
Tag list: @monaukah @meowzfordayz @sukunas-play-thing @putridsimp @knyplaymatemansion 🐰
On the bed was a gorgeous, jewel-toned, sparkly outfit he got you in a color that was sure to bring out your eyes and turn heads at dinner. A backless halter neck dress with a long leg slit that was sure to hug your curves beautifully and flash a gorgeous leg. The high heels definitely looked designer–and super sexy, with a fancy purse and accessories that all matched the dress. Ornate. Over the top and gaudy, but sure to look stunning and classy. He did an amazing job at picking an outfit for your anniversary dinner!
On the bed was a gorgeous, jewel-toned, sparkly outfit he got you in a color that was sure to bring out your eyes and turn heads at dinner. A backless halter neck dress with a long leg slit that was sure to hug your curves beautifully and flash a gorgeous leg. The high heels definitely looked designer–and super sexy, with a fancy purse and accessories that all matched the dress. Ornate. Over the top and gaudy, but sure to look stunning and classy. He did an amazing job at picking an outfit for your anniversary dinner!
“Wow, my star, you really outdid yourself,” Tengen gushed as he faced his outfit you picked out for him.
A jewel-toned, well-tailored suit with an ornate pattern, sparkly brooch, jewelry, fancy shoes, and a shirt he was definitely going to wear mostly unbuttoned.
You grinned at his heart-eyes at your fashion choice. “I can say the same, babe. I’m so excited for dinner with you, we’re going to look so hot for our second anniversary.”
“Hot enough to burn the whole place down.” His hands were on your hips, and he brought you up into a hot, wet kiss. Your lips met and danced with a buzz of electricity that you felt run all the way down your toes in excitement to go on this fancy date. The kiss became not so innocent and made you excited in multiple ways as big, rough, greedy hands reached under the globe of your ass, kneading it apart so you could feel your sensitive pussy lips spread, making you grind into his touch. You both groaned into the kiss as it grew deeper and he ducked forward, fingers rubbing around your throbbing, wet core momentarily under your loose shorts. Then he broke the kiss, stood straight again, and you both were standing there like nothing happened. You looked at him wide-eyed as he brought his two fingers to his mouth and *sucked* your juices off of them, finishing with a pop, making eye contact the whole time. And your little clit absolutely had a heartbeat of its own.
“What do you say, I go to the bathroom and we get dressed and have a flashy outfit reveal?” he winked down at you and you cocked an eyebrow and smirked up at him.
“Well, the world is our runway, Mr. Uzui.” you took off your sweatshirt, freeing your tits and you saw his mind go dumb for a second. You giggled and pushed him a little, “Go, your lady is changing!! I still have hair and makeup to do, time’s of the essence or whatever they say!”
His maroon eyes got so dark they looked like amethyst for a second. “Mmmm…Of course, how could I be so rude, my sparkling gem. I will take my…indecent leave.” He mock-bowed with his outfit hanging on his massive forearm and sauntered off to the bathroom, sneaking back a little look at you and snickering to himself about something.
What a dork. My big, naughty dork.
The second you lifted your dress to put it on, you immediately thought, Oh, and you felt your pussy squeeze around nothing at the sight. Underneath, laying on the bed, was something bright pink, and definitely a vibrator. Quite the, erm, accessory.
You didn’t wait and knew he’d want you to put it in. It was a sizable head with a thin shaft that went deeper, deeper, and deeper until the end of the vibrator cupped over your clit and you gasped when the head hit…your spongey, delicate spot. Fuck, it was going to be a long night of him teasing you for your 2-year anniversary, wasn’t it?
Well. Two can play that game, you thought. When you were done with your makeup, you were pleased. You felt like the baddest lady in the land, and ready to snatch his heart away. Hell, you just snatched your own heart just now, serving major sex FACE, sheesh. Glassy, glowy skin with glitter body oil over your chest and legs. Pink flushed blush verging on erotic on your nose and cheeks. A colorful eye look to match your dress with well-placed colorful glitter (the glitter was sure to give him a hard-on). Full lashes to make your eyes droop seductively. And last, but not least, a nude lip look with a gradient that turned to a reddish pink….the exact same recognizable shade as a certain engorged little bud Tengen was very acquainted with. And a gloss that made your lips look so, so wet. Almost as wet as the ones downstairs currently were. Hair wavy, a little tousled, with an effortless sex-hair look.
The door opened, and a large beautiful aura whooshed into the air.
“I’m out, baby, oh my. You look as ravishing as ever,” his voice dropped at the last sentence, he was breathless. His eyes almost teared up at how gorgeous his darling was. Sure he was the god of festivals, but how did he get so lucky with such a goddess? She was like the sun, blinding every single day and never changing in her intensity.
“Yeah, now that you gave me privacy to change, perv,” you teased, hand on your hip, eyes now wandering to his chest, rendering you just as guilty. “You look great too.” Your words hung in the air as you were just as breathless, and not able to play it cool at all.
He looked…well, stunning as Tengen always is. His hair lay in loose, wet-looking waves. That suit hugged his arms and legs so well, his broad shoulders looking extra wide and sharp. His big, round chest said a gorgeous, “hello world” through his half-opened shirt, and the chain necklaces graced the large neck space above it just as perfectly as you’d imagined.
You both shared a knowing look–and decided to go to the car, but not without him pecking your forehead with his plush lips. Of course he wore the “soft lips” lip balm. Always paying attention to the little details, and admiring every detail you put into presenting yourself, like an art historian admiring a symbolic Renaissance artwork.
He let you pick the music and had it on full blast, with the windows open so everyone on the street could see the lord and his lady.
By the time you got to the restaurant, you were both in a laughing fit about some ridiculous scenario that’d never happen, but was still so funny.
He opened the door on your side and helped you out of his tall, huge, glittery sedan with flames. “You ready to eat your heart out, my dear?” he asked, to which you retorted, “That’s what she said, and she as in me.”
He let out a boisterous laugh. “Hah! What a flamboyant response! Well, you know me, Y/n. I'm always ready to eat, and if you were being served, I’d eat you under or over the table. Just give me the word.”
You blushed. “You wouldn’t though!!”
“What, like they could stop me?” ok, that’s actually true. You both laughed as you arrived at the classiest Japanese restaurant you’ve seen in your whole life.
The restaurant was shaped like a pagoda on the outside, with big gem-encrusted dragons above the entrance, blowing fire as torches, gorgeous roofs with sparkly gold on the end of each pane. You walked in and there were levels of open air balconies forming a square surrounding a large wisteria tree with round white lanterns in the middle and a well-groomed sand garden.
Well-dressed people sat at tables on all sides of the square, and laughter and music filled the air, but not deafeningly loud. Shrubbery and gorgeous decorations were throughout the whole place and the walls were dark red and jade plus dark oak, perfectly matching you both.
You both looked like priceless jewels on a crown, like this place belonged to you. Well…you made every place look like it belonged to you, you both were that type of successful fashionista power couple that was never caught lacking, always working the room, making everyone who gazed upon the two of you accept that they could be your side characters for the night. And that was without even trying. Everyone had a crush on both of you, regardless of sexual orientation—oops! A host holding table settings and two ornamental boxes led you up a stairwell to a private level, closer to the top of the tree.
Everywhere you walked, you felt eyes looking at you and people whispering about how you both looked like royalty, and you both basked in the awe and admiration, hand in hand the whole way.
Just an angelic, flashy, young couple in love. Making the whole world fall in love with you both.
“The design of this place is breathtaking,” you remarked, and Tengen’s thumb stroked the back of your hand.
“Well, if you need spare oxygen, you know I got you,” Tengen spoke in a quiet baritone to you, making your cheeks flush for real directly under your rosy makeup application.
You both made it to the table, Tengen pulling back your chair so you could sit in it, before sitting down himself. A seductive-looking waiter with pink hair and dark tattoos that looked like black jewelry bands around his neck and forearms came up to the table, eyeing you hungrily despite the six-and-a-half-foot machine of sexiness sitting right across from you.
“Irasshaimase, welcome to The Wisteria,” the man bowed in flirty hospitality, then turned more towards you, making you glance to your man who sent you a comforting smile, “My name is Akaza, I will be serving you tonight. What drink would I have the pleasure to give such a dazzling lady?”
Tengen smirked, agreeing that you are in fact dazzling, and you didn’t notice his hand was under the table until it was rubbing your thigh, making your brain go a bit dumb.
“Hmmm, I, I would like the Lapsang Souchong tea- and -gin cocktail, please,” you said politely, voice cracking as you inhaled slightly while Tengen’s hand slid further up your thigh and squeezed. Damn those long arms!!!
“Ah, such a smokey, mysterious drink,” the server’s sharp teeth flashed when he grinned. “A refined palette.”
“So sultry, my lady,” Tengen spoke so lovingly, his hand making your eyes almost roll back as it snuck under the slit of your dress.
“Oh yes, and for the fabulously stylish gentleman?” He whipped to the white haired man, grin never faltering. The tone turned to more of a jealous undertone, disguised so, so well under layers of trained, suave manners.
Tengen winked at you, and his hand left your thigh, lending you some temporary relief from what will be a long night of incessant teasing. “I would like the dark sherry shochu.”
“The 12-year aged shochu, correct?”
“Yes, yes that one.”
Suddenly you gasped and you felt your walls flutter around the toy you almost forgot about. Pulsing pleasure was hitting your most sensitive places, making you want to whimper at feeling as if Tengen curled a digit in your spongy area. You could’ve sworn both men’s ears perked up like a dog’s and they turned towards you.
“Was there something you’d like to add, Y/n?” Yeah, babe, fuck you and your stupid vibrator app, that you’re hiding under the table.
“O-oh, yes, uhm,” your ears felt so red, “I was going to say that’s a great choice too!” you smiled, teeth digging into your tongue as your pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the second.
“Perfect, I will get you both some drinks, and please, feel free to open the boxes, they’re our gifts to you,” the server gave you a second glance of yearning, and with that, he left, Tengen nodding in thanks.
You panted lightly, and looked up to see Tengen’s eyes sparkle darkly at your frazzled state.
“Open your legs, sweetheart– I mean, the box,” his voice was smooth and controlled.
“Very funny, babe, did autocorrect get you on that?” you gritted out through your clenched jaw.
Thankfully your vibrator let up as you both opened the carved, gold-lined boxes to find the menu in a cute little scroll, some pastries in a little box, cute sake glasses with your names on them, a flower in each box, and…..
“Red string,” you whispered, “how romantic.”
“Yes, my dear, we were definitely destined to meet. Just like how I am destined to make you cum by the end of this meal,” you shot him an incredulous look and out of nowhere, just in time, the server reappeared with your drinks, a bowl of edamame beans, and some glasses of water. Akaza told you both to ask him anything about the menu when he comes back, and Tengen told him you’ll just need a few minutes.
“Thank you,” you smiled weakly before the server left, and took a sip of your drink which was served in a lovely whiskey glass with a sprig of thyme. It smelled…spicy, woodsy, piney, smokey, comforting, almost like a bonfire. Almost like burying your face into Tengen. The taste was earthy and sort of bitter, but enjoyable. Your lover took a sip of his drink, and watched you shift a bit in your seat as he moved the intensity up and down, and way up, and back down a little. Your pussy felt like it was doing backflips, clit twitching, shivers running up and down your spine, and your mind grew hazy with lust as you tried to focus on what you would want to eat. He noticed your shaky hands holding the menu.
“What’s the matter, babygirl? Is your drink okay?” his voice was above a whisper and laced with faux concern. He ate the garlic edamame as he enjoyed the show, sucking it from its peel and licking at it with his wet tongue, wine-dark eyes feigning innocence.
You didn’t know your hips were moving a bit, and his warm hand returned to your exposed thigh, rubbing circles, leg brushing against your other leg. “You might want to stop moving so much in your seat, someone might see~” he rumbled, making you smile dangerously at him and attempt to still yourself. Gosh, such an asshole.
“Mmmm, I’m alright dear, just looking at the menu, my drink is delicious, too bad it’s not you I’m drinking.” You tried to tease back to get some form of upper hand, take back some power. But Tengen had a funny way of getting his way, every time.
You swallowed as you felt more blood rush to your sex and bit your lip, the vibrating pleasure in your core intensifying. Your clothed, now swollen sex was definitely even more perked up against the vibrator with no way of escaping such dizzying pleasure, and you could tell you were absolutely dripping right now. Guaranteed, if you got up now, there would be a wet spot on your seat through the high quality fabric of your dress, and you were starting to undress your date with your eyes. Not like he wasn’t doing that this whole time.
“Yeah?” your boyfriend teased, adjusting the vibrator on his phone, making your hips buck involuntarily from the stimulation, wanting to beg for him to bend you over and fuck you senseless in the restroom. You keened and gripped the table, taking another sip of your drink to stifle an audible moan.
“Y-yes, I-I want to try a lot of, um, dishes.” Your wet spot got wetter and wetter as your weeping pussy’s throbbing was practically making your ears ring and your heart pound.
“Well you can have whatever you want, my dear. As much of anything your heart desires. Say, what do you think we should order, Y/n dearest? Hah. Akaza, man, be ready to bring out a bunch of dishes,” your date smirked, and you turned, horrified, to the server.
“Oh, yes, there’s going to be ah-a lot,” you finished with a chuckle, a foot kicking Tengen’s shin. “F-first, I’d like the gyoza, a-an order of calamari,” you swallowed thickly as Akaza quickly wrote, leaning in to hear you, smelling your pheromones in the air.
“And, one question, what’s takoyaki, again?”
Akaza smirked, “fried balls of octopus meat, madam.”
“Four orders of those balls, please, with extra cream sauce,” you and Tengen tried not to laugh at four octopus balls with your twelve-year-old sense of humor.
“Mhm, what else?” amusement flickered in his eyes.
“Two orders of Pufferfish sashimi,” Akaza’s eyes widened because that’s the most expensive dish on the menu, and Tengen’s eyes sparkled because that’s his favorite food, “Unagi nigiri with extra eel sauce, oysters, riverstone wagyu beef, cold soba, uni sashimi, salmon lemon carpaccio, lobster tail with butter, toro tartare, the baked salmon cheek roll, the spicy boyfriend roll, and seaweed salad,” you fought but just saying the order made you proud of yourself for not letting a single moan roll off your tongue.
Akaza picked up his jaw from the ground, and turned to Tengen. “Anything else you’d like to add, sir?”
Tengen smiled, knee rubbing against yours. “Some mixed tempura, chicken on a stick, crispy taro, kamatoro, and black watermelon sake please. You can bring any dishes that come out first, but preferably the sake bottle first. Thank you.” Your server bowed and was gone in a flash to put in the hefty, hefty order.
“Yeah, we eat enough for a family,” you chuckled, and his eyes glittered mischievously.
“And we can make a family after I eat you.” You almost spat out your drink, and he turned the vibration he lowered for you to finish ordering, up to the highest setting. You threw your head back for a second, pleading with your eyes, biting back all the whimpers you wanted to let out so, so bad.
This was torture. “Tengen! Y-you’re so mean,” you whispered in desperation, and he laughed heartily.
“Me???” He acted scandalized. “For wanting to start a family? I think I’m not too terrible–Oh! I dropped something.” He ducked under the tablecloth gracefully, so unlike a huge broad six and a half foot man. You almost believed him when all of a sudden you felt two hands moving your thighs apart and moving over the vibrator that was torturing your poor, puffy clit. You bit back a yelp when a warm tongue licked a long, wide stripe all the way up your pussy and swirled over your clit. Stars swam in your vision like a firework show, and his tongue lapped up everything your wet, delicious sex had to offer.
You took a shaky sip of your drink, keeping your hands from pulling on his silky hair, and subtly glanced around. Luckily no one was around at the moment. Fuck, did you even care? Desperate need forced your hips into his face, and you felt a smirk against your pussy as his hands kneaded your juicy legs. Your breathing was heavy and you whined under your breath when he left and went to get back up, setting the vibrator right back onto your clit when he finished. Fabulous.
“Found it,” he said, and wiped his lips with his napkin, setting it back down on his lap as if he had a tasty appetizer. You blinked back tears of pleasure, trying not to cry off any glitter until dinner was over. He could tell the waves of stimulation were doing a number on you, and was excited to watch you come undone by the end of dinner, trying so hard to keep it together in front of an entire restaurant. He found it so sexy how flamboyant you looked, and wished your mewls could be loud and clear right now.
“You tasted so good, my little yome, so generous to me. Such a good girl,” he purred, his words alone riling you up, “I got to taste a delicious drink just now, let’s see if this watermelon sake even comes close, hmm?”
You poured the hot sake to find it had a black color. The dull throb went down a bit lower so you could pour the drink steadily.
“Black watermelon is actually black, huh?” you asked. You both clinked the sake and took sips. A sweet, refreshing watermelon flavor complimented a warm, milky rice wine.
“The skin is black, making this watermelon super rare and valuable, but not as rare and valuable as you.” You’re not sure if it’s the gin finally kicking in or if it was the butterflies in your stomach, making heat rise to your cheeks.
“So fucking cheesy, I love you,” you were melting, pliant, trying to keep your sass, but watching yourself turning to mush instead. But it felt good to slowly slip away into that submissive, stupid headspace. Intoxicated in his scent, intoxicated by the sweet sake and bitter smoked cocktail, waves of lust drowning out any cares of looking proper. You knew Tengen loved seeing you that way, when you stopped giving a fuck, and you hated how easy it was for him to get you like this despite your stubborn efforts to keep your composure in public.
He enveloped your hands in his huge ones and gave them each a warm, mushy kiss. “And I love you.” He really was breathtaking, with his usual energetic smile softened, eyes the color of deep love, looking at you with more admiration than anyone has ever looked at you, long white hair looking so grabbable if he went under the table again. How did you get so lucky two years ago?
Before you knew it, a bunch of beautiful dishes eventually lay in front of you both, and you began to eat.
Tumblr media
( DRAWING ID: Tengen sitting in his seat across from you, food on the table, giving bedroom eyes, one hand under the table to touch your thigh.)
Tengen put the raw wagyu on the hot river stone, and it sizzled as he cooked some for the both of you.
“So, when did you realize you loved me?” you asked. He always told you what he loved about you and the first time you both confessed your love, he took you on a scenic hike in the misty mountains, and you kissed under the waterfall. He added to your life in so many ways, and made you the happiest you’ve ever been. But it was all a blur and he could never recall when he first realized he loved you.
He thought for some time, giving you the best-looking slice of beef, and took a little sip of sake.
“Y/n, I think I finally found the answer. I actually knew I loved you the first time I saw your flamboyant self walking in the city, in such a flashy colorful outfit, and not just because of your obviously gorgeous appearance and boldness in your self-expression. Your confidence and kind aura pulled me in. I knew I should give my heart to you, when you dropped that beautiful scarf of yours, and I gave it back, and we got coffee because you had some free time, and blessed me by letting me take it.”
“Why did that moment do it for you, love?” He savored the puffer fish sashimi, letting it melt on his tongue.
“You’re so radiant, and when I talked to you, and your eyes sparkled and your voice just sounded so confident, so powerful, I thought, ‘What a woman. I want to be hers.’”
You were satisfied with the answer, and put some green onions and spicy kimchi into your sauce bowl.
“And now you are mine. I didn’t even realize I dropped my scarf because I was just focused on trying not to stare at you and keep moving forward. But you forced me to look at your cute eyes when you said, ‘Ma’am you dropped your scarf!’ I wanted to be a strong independent woman, I didn’t want to find out if someone like you would re-break the heart I took so long to rebuild, I didn’t want to be tempted.”
“Thankfully, you know we are both strong, independent people, and that alpha female energy is what I love about you. I want you to know I will always look to shine your sparkle from the mountain tops, add more fuel to the fire if it dims. You can climb on me in the process, love, I’ll be that mountain.”
You shook your head, closed your eyes, and giggled. Ugh, he’s such husband material, you can’t even. Him talking like that made you blush and grow wetter, in addition to the low thrum of the vibrator hitting your g spot mercilessly. Men would pretend to be the full package, but it always came with a catch. They always thought you were weird and intimidating for being yourself. Meanwhile Tengen….he’d fuck you harder when you talked business to him. Get so pussy drunk and eat you so good when you’d talk about what you achieved. Being “too much,” taking the leash in your life, getting what you wanted…that was hot to him, and drove all the unworthy away.
“Babe, you’re literally perfect for me, you know that right?,” you smiled at him, “I will always cheer for you the same way.”
When you said that, he looked at you like you were the only thing in the world that mattered to him, and then he looked at you like you were a meal and he was so hungry he hadn’t eaten in days, though you both had a 12 dish meal that was almost done.
You took the hint.
“Babe, if you don’t mind, I just need to use the restroom for a moment, I’ll be right back, we should get dessert once we finish,” you winked and he told you, “absolutely love.”
His eyes were glued to your ass when you walked over to the restroom on this level. That dress really does it justice, he thought.
Too bad he can’t see what’s underneath.
Once you went to the restroom, you moved the vibrator to the side, and your head was ringing and your chest felt flushed from how the alcohol combined with your arousal, combined with the soft feelings Tengen brought in promising to support you and your dreams. You snapped a picture of your pussy and sent it to Tengen, your main reason to use the bathroom.
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Me: “Your second dessert 😉”
You used the restroom quickly and cleanly despite the alcohol level in your blood making time feel a bit stunted, and then went to wash your hands in hot water to ground yourself.
“You’re, like, so pretty babe!!!!” a pink-and-green haired woman said, washing her hands a couple feet away from you. You squealed, as the vibrator was POUNDING your sensitive cunt, but the lady thought you were enthusiastic.
“Thank you so much!! You too, your hair is so pretty! Enjoy the rest of your dinner!” You grinned, flushed, and dried your hands shakily.
“You too, that dress with that makeup is so pretty. Your date is lucky as fuck!!” her smile reached her bright green eyes.
“Girl, yours too, have a g-good night!“ gosh you were a mess. You grabbed your purse and checked your phone.
Daddy 😫💦💕 loved a message you sent.
Daddy 😫💦💕: fucking tease 😈
Daddy 😫💦💕: Get to the table.
Daddy 😫💦💕: NOW.
You obeyed, having a hard time walking because of the crazy stimulation your weeping cunt was getting, and smiled innocently at your date as you both resumed eating, his breathing looking as heavy as yours as he looked at you like you were his next course. He had a lot to say to you.
“You know what you’re doing, looking so delectable like that, no fucking panties. Wet drool on that chair. You know I could bend you over this table, right? Make all the plates go to the floor, and fuck you in that sparkly little dress and show everyone just how slutty you are and how good you taste before and after my dinner?”
His voice was thick with arousal, and you were thrilled to give him a taste of his own medicine.
“Oh I know you can, Daddy,” your attempt at annunciating the word flirtily became a mewl, but you tried to pawn it off confidently. You were squirming in your seat, playing footsie to locate his hardon. Found it. Oh he was hard. As a rock. And he was very amused at you teasing back, as his tongue darted across his upper lip, and he made the pulsing go up and down repeatedly, sending you into a hard-to-control frenzy. You were running out of the strength to resist, to give a fighting look. Fuck.
Your head was spinning.
“Mmm—I, I’m getting s’close, you know?”
He chuckled dangerously. “Well you know me, I never break my promise, my baby firework.” He was such a fan of stupidly cute nicknames that weren’t supposed to work. And as if he cast a spell, flashes of white light spotted your vision like fireworks in the night, and your breathing was shallow. You bit your lip to try and keep your impending orgasm at bay, but it was about to hit you like a freight train.
When you were able to focus for a little bit, you saw your boyfriend kneeling on the ground, and your eyes widened. Wait…..what…..
“Y/N,” oh fuck. Oh fuck. You were gasping for air and his words echoed in your mind like it was just you and him in this moment, like a spotlight was on the two of you and the world stopped turning. Was this real? With the overdrive in your pussy, oh it was definitely real.
“My lady, you have made every day of mine so much more flamboyant than I could have ever imagined. And I just want a chance to make you happy, safe, and full of my love for the rest of your life. I promise to be your number one fan and supporter, as you keep conquering what you set out to do. I never break my promise. I will always make your light known to the whole world, if that’s what you want. I will always be proud of you baby.” Words. So many words, this is too much, you felt a thread about to snap and the pleasure, the love, the praise, the promises, the heat, thoughts of the future, it just kept you flushed and wanting to be fucked full, so full,,,,
“Y/n, will you marry me?”
“Y-YES!!! OhmygodsYes!!” you screamed, toes curling in your heels, eyes tearing from ecstasy, and your fiance smiled warmly, slipping a gorgeous ring on your finger as you came, hard.
“YAY!!!!” he roared, just as loud, to save you from humiliation, and he wrapped your trembling form in a big bear hug, swooped you up, and kissed you, both of you moaning into the kiss.
Cheers hid your hungry moans, and people were touched, thinking, ‘Aw, they’re so excited to be together, look at all that passion! The lady is crying, how sweet!!’
When your climax died down, the server brought the check and an oozing lava cake with sprinklers and smiled a bit sadly, since you were definitely claimed with that giant rock on your finger, by that giant stud sitting across from you.
Your ears rang and you basked in the afterglow of your orgasm and the high of just getting engaged, vibrator brought so low you could barely feel it, but your pussy was definitely twitching and still engorged and puffy, needy for your man’s touch.
All of a sudden you heard something sound like a cannon blew off, and above you, in the sky, where everyone could see, was a bright pink firework shaped as a heart, that was HUGE and took up the whole sky, then fell into little white sparkles, making more people clap for you both. What a perfect depiction of how your entire body just felt two minutes ago.
Tengen winked at you and squeezed your hand.
“I love you,” you mouthed. He leaned forward and kissed you.
“I love you, and I’m going to eat you love,” he whispered in your ear. Chills.
The entire car ride was a blur, all you remembered was holding his hand in both of yours, admiring the sparkly ring he gave you. He carried you like a princess from his car to your home, but the second he put you down, you found yourself pinned against the door.
His huge, wide form enveloped your own as he continued that deep kiss from the beginning of the day, your hands reached for his strong neck under his open shirt, and his hands were once again grabbing your hips and holding a leg up so you were straddling his thigh. He ground into you, ravenous, moving down to kiss your jaw, and then your neck, biting and leaving an entire trail of love marks on your body. Your hands finally found their way buried into his hair, and his were now making quick work of removing your dress. It was all happening so quickly, but also not fast enough. You both moaned when your dress was off and his thigh was flush against your drooling pussy, lifting you off the ground against the front door.
“I’ve been waiting to have you all fucking day,” he growled, and you whimpered at his touch, trying to unbutton the last few buttons of his shirt, but his leg grinding on your core was distracting you.
“Focus, babe, or are you too dumb on the dick already?” he chuckled, and took his shirt off himself, to reveal huge, ripped muscles that gave you goosebumps every moment you were in a position like this.
“It’s hard to think when your most sensitive spots are being ravaged all night, and you haven’t even fucked me yet,” you protested weakly as you tried to undo his belt.
He laughed at your shaky hands moving too slowly to do anything, and he bent down, keeping your leg up, and slid out the toy, your juices absolutely soaking the bright pink and making the matte glossy and wet. A string of your glaze connected your pussy with the thing that was making you drenched all dinner. Well, one of them. The other sprung right out when he unzipped his pants, fuck he was so fucking big, always stretched you out and fucked you silly. He licked your arousal off the toy before putting it over your dress on the ground.
You whimpered. “Tengen, p-please.”
“Please what, my love, what do you need?” He was grinding his head against your clit, ruling you up more than at dinner.
“Please, fuck, I need your cock, right now!!!”
“Language, baby,” he bullied his thick head into your entrance and his fat cock pushed all the way inside you in one thrust, your pussy was practically sucking him in at this point with how wet and teased it was. He held you up with both hands and immediately started thrusting up into you at a bruising pace, stretching you out and molding your walls to fit him and only him.
You were a blabbering, inconsolable mess at this point, and wet slapping sounds filled the space, his head hitting your cervix over and over again, threatening to split you open. Your hands were holding his traps for stability, and he grinned, red eyes gazing into yours as he pounded into you.
“How does it feel to know you get to–use this cock for the rest of your life?” he asked, now thrusting at that perfect angle to hit the spot that’s been abused all night.
“S-so, so good, oh fuck, m’close,” you babbled, eyes tearing up as Tengen kept pounding your soft spot over and over, hips slapping your clit, balls hitting your ass, unforgivingly. He whined hearing you say you were getting close. “Is that so?” he mocked, and next thing you both know, your pussy was clamping so hard on him, it was milking his cock of his essence, and his hot, white seed spilled into your walls. Your back arched above the door, and he held you still while you both came.
But you knew him, and you knew he had plenty more in him, and he moved to hold you in one hand as he plugged his hot cum deep inside your womb, using his other to rub your poor little clit, which had some of your cream on it from his harsh thrusting.
You cried out, toes curling, “S’too much, I’m—ahh…” but he was not stopping, and it felt so good it almost hurt as he thick digits expertly worked your aching clit.
“Aww, is it too much for my little wife to handle?” he cooed, and your hips ground against his as you were still filled up, and you screamed while he prolonged your orgasm. His dick twitched inside of you, and your release splashed over both of your stomachs and some of his thighs.
“Oh, that’s a good girl, squirting all over my cock, hmm? Let’s go to our room cutie,” he carried you up the stairs, thinking, what if he bounced up each step and made you cry from even more overstimulation? That would be so funny.
But instead he took you to bed, pulled out, and lapped at your pussy, licking up your combined releases near your entrance. You tried to squirm but he lazily rested a big heavy arm across your hips, rendering you unable to move away from the pleasure he was giving you.
“Gonna marry you,” he went down on you again,
“fuck you full of babies,” he inserted his index,
“...make you a milf….” he said in between smooches to your pussy.
You were too far gone to even say anything back to that, he just had you begging and crying, drunk on his touch and desperate from a full night of teasing.
“Mmm, hubby, please? Fuck me now, please???” you finally managed to squeal.
“Fuck, baby,” he breathed, getting on top of you.
“Good girl, asking so nicely, you know I like when you’re direct like that,” he pushed your knees higher so they were in your chest, and teased himself into you again, making you mewl at finally feeling full, and so sensitive from everything.
“So good, please please please? I’m your wife, I’m all yours, breed this pussy, please?” you let your pussy do the talking, and being so vocal made him ram in, from halfway out to kissing your womb, then back out, over and over and over.
His deep, passionate thrusts rocked you back and forth like a tidal wave, he was so powerful, and he bent down to kiss you sloppily, both of you suffocating.
“You’re gonna take–ah–every last load, baby, gonna breed you, fuck…” Tengen loved how wet and reactive you were, all needy from his teasing during dinner. You whined and moaned in time with his thrusts, each time he hit your spot you’d make a breathy “ahh,” or “mmh”
He wanted to make your moans his ringtone so he could hear it all day long from his pocket, you sounded so fucking beautiful like this, he wanted it to last forever. You did too. You both ended up holding hands as he kept slamming into you in this mating press, and you maintained eye contact through half-lidded eyes.
You looked down to see the white dribbling out your pussy and around his cock, and he felt you tighten around him. Determined to pull yet another orgasm from you, he rubbed your clit with his thumb and whispered in your ear, “Come on, sweetheart, that’s it, cum for me,” and you obeyed, trying to scream but not making a sound as your mouth made an “O,” and he grabbed your chin to look into your glassy eyes, fucking you through another orgasm.
You swallowed back tears as his huge cock kept its pace as he chased his own release inside you again, his gasping and groaning getting louder as he felt himself nearing that same blissed-out state.
Then he pulled out momentarily, admired how your pussy winked for a second, and turned you around, pulling your ass up because you were putty in his hands.
He thrusted back in, barely holding back, and you screamed, “‘S’too much, toomuch, mmm, slow down please?”
And he laughed, ignoring your pout and pleas to stop for even a second, gripping your ass and thrusting over and over into your g-spot, heavy balls slapping your overstimulated clit.
“I told you, I’m going to fuck you ‘til my babies drip down your legs,” you had no choice but to be good and take his huge cock, your face was buried into the mattress, fucked dumb, nonverbal, just whining as he used you like his little fleshlight.
He pinched your clit and rubbed it just like that, and white-hot pleasure again started to take over as your sobs egged him on, and he stayed just like that, waiting to cum until you did.
You weakly arched your back higher so he could go in deeper, to which he grinned. “Such a good little slut, gonna knock you up, my perfect wifey, so fucking wet for me,” he was babbling, and with one particular rough thrust, you were cumming and crying, the perfect combo, squeezing him for a long time and getting every last bit of his cum deep inside you. He filled you up like a fucking donut, and you felt swollen with his cum.
You were spent and let him hold your ass up so it would all take, his cock still plugging you in.
When you felt the hot cum going into your womb he pulled out and gently turned you over to your side and he got in behind you, laying soft kisses on your neck.
“Are you excited for the wedding, sweetheart?” he asked, nuzzling into the side of your neck.
“Yes Tengen, we’re going to have such a flashy wedding…and invite all our friends and family…” your voice was sleepy.
“And you’re going to be pregnant…” Tengen rubbed your belly, breaking you out of your haze.
“N-not yet!!!” you turned to look at him.
He chuckled. “Fine, fine, but I’m not using a condom, so maybe you will be.”
“I guess I’ll be on top of the birth control, ‘til after the honeymoon.”
“I hope you forget it,” he winked. “If you’re sleepy now, the honeymoon’s going to be twice as bad, but we’ll work on preparing you.”
He wrapped an arm around you and you both drifted off to sleep, two flashy fiances, glowing and in love.
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