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tengensblackwifey · a day ago
Hashira NSFW links
Tengen uzui 
1. Manhandling you 
2. Taking his big cock deep
3. A video you send him while he’s on a mission 
Obanai iguro
1. Dripping all over his cock
2. Throwing that ass back on him while he catches it all. 
3. Letting him kitten lick your clit 
Kyojuro Rengoku 
1. Riding him in the backseat of his car while creaming on him so good.
2. Pounding you in a mating press
3. Squriting so much becasue he fucksyou soo good. 
Giyu Tomioka
1. Riding him so good you get to hear his cute moans 
2. Hitting it from the back for the first time 
3. Missionary is so good with him 
Sanemi Shinazugawa
1. Fucking you rough on a table 
2. Slutting you out
3. Trying to ride his big cock before he takes control 
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Tumblr media
I feel like my ability to draw fanart is slowly declining which sucks cos it’s a nice break from my personal works
anyways, here’s this man cause I’ll never recover 
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How well to each of the pillars cuddle?
I'm going to answer this the same way I answered this ask, so I'm sorry if you wanted to get proper headcanons </3!
If I were to put Pillars into a clear list where 1 is the best at cuddling and 9 is the worst, the list would go the following way:
1 - Mitsuri 2 - Uzui 3 - Rengoku 4 - Gyomei 5 - Giyuu 6 - Shinobu 7 - Muichiro 8 - Obanai 9 - Sanemi
» I believe that Mitsuri deserves the first place as the best cuddler because she's just so soft (plus, she's a Love Pillar)! And she loves to hold you in her arms! She doesn't squeeze you too hard, and her chest makes a perfect resting place for your head.
» It's surprisingly pleasant to cuddle with Uzui, thanks to his size. The only downside about him is the possible sweat you might smell if you get too close to his armpits, but otherwise, it's nice and warm!
» Rengoku falls into the third place because while it's nice to cuddle with him, he tends to get too excited about it, and he might squeeze you a bit too hard! He's one of those guys who love to pull you on top of him and rock you back and forth because he's so happy to be with you!
» I would say it's nice to cuddle with Gyomei, but he likes to hold you on his lap instead because he's kind of scared about his size. Of course, that doesn't mean that he's awful at cuddling with you! He happens to be really careful!
» I think Giyuu deserves the fifth place because while it takes a long time for him to feel comfortable enough to cuddle with you. The way he hugs you feels intimate, but also really safe.
» Shinobu isn't the worst at cuddling, as you can see from the list, but she's not the best either. I only have one reasoning behind this, and it's that I see Shinobu as a woman who'd instead pat your back while you hug her.
» Muchiro can be a nice guy to cuddle with, but only if you like stuffed animals! Muichiro has this same kind of problem that Shinobu has going on, but while he likes the feel of you cuddling with him, he likes it more when you spoon him.
» Obanai... I don't see him as a man who likes to cuddle. He's content to sit next to you, etc., but cuddling isn't something that he would love to do. That doesn't mean that you can't cuddle with him, though! You just shouldn't expect him to cuddle you back with the same amount of love.
» It's almost impossible to cuddle with Sanemi because of the way he acts. He's aggressive, and even when you manage to get to his somewhat soft side, he still doesn't like to touch other people, cuddling included.
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Tumblr media
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Paranoia in the Flesh | Two
Summary: The Demon Slayer Corp have been hunting and killing demons since the first generations of slayers. As demons still lurk around and feed on humans, Kagaya decides to bring someone to help him and the Hashira. She had been slaying demons for as long as she can remember but there is a problem. She has demon blood in her. Will she be able to help the Hashira defeat Muzen Kibutsuji once and for all? Or will things change for everyone?
Characters: Tsukiju [Y/N], Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira, Genya Shinazugawa, Kyojuro Rengoku, Giyu Tomioka, Obanai Iguro, Sanemi Shinazugawa, Tengen Uzui, Muzan Kibutsuji, Akaza, Douma,
Genre: Love, Drama, Angst, Blood, Action
Notes: I just wanna say that I really appreciate that you guys are loving this story. I’m just honored since my writing isn’t the best lol your comments always make me smile and makes my day even brighter. You guys encourage me to keep writing. If you wanna be tagged, just comment on here or send me a message.
“AHHH!!! A DEMON!!” 
[Y/N] couldn’t help but tried not to laugh as her and Tanjiro walked inside the room where he’d be recovering to suddenly hear such a loud voice that it almost made them both lose their hearing.
“Zenitsu, calm down! She’s a good demon!” Tanjiro tried to explain to him but he just kept yelling.
As he kept yelling, [Y/N] couldn’t resist and started to laugh at how ridiculous he sounded but she also understood at his uneasiness with her. 
“Zenitsu right?” She said which caused him to be silent for a moment before he hide behind Tanjiro whom gave her a weak smile. “I’m truly sorry for scaring you like this. I just came to drop off Tanjiro here so he can rest. I heard about your injuries. I hope they aren’t too severe.”
Zenitsu stared at her especially her eyes. He gulped and nodded. 
“I-I’m also s-sorry for yelling at you miss and t-thank y-you..” He mumbled as he still kept hiding.
[Y/N] gave him a sweet smile and patted his head which shocked him. 
“Call me [Y/N], Zenitsu.” 
“Well, I should be going. Have a lot of stuff to do.”
“Oh that’s right. We’ll see you later [Y/N].” Tanjiro said with a smile.
[Y/N] looked at him then at Zenitsu whom was giving her a small smile. Her eyes widen for a second before she gave them a smile and made her way towards them before pressing her lips against Tanjiro’s forehead then Zenitsu’s. 
“Time for you guys to rest up. I’ll come and visit later on okay.”
“Thank you [Y/N].” 
She giggled as she waved at them before heading out.
Tanjiro kept his gaze at the door as he couldn’t help but smiling which caught Zenitsu’s attention.
“Tanjiro..who exactly is [Y/N]? I’ve never heard of her before.”
“All I know is that she’s a good demon like Nezuko and the master really trusts her. From what I could tell, she has been with the Demon Corps.”
“Wow, in all the time I’ve learned about the Demon Corps from my master, I’ve never heard about that.”
“Yeah me neither.” Tanjiro turned to Zenitsu then he noticed someone else was in the room. “What?! Inosuke is here too?! I didn’t even notice him!” 
“Yeah, he hurt his vocal cords from yelling so loud. He’s been quiet ever since we got here.” 
Tanjiro sighed. 
“I’m just glad that he’s okay.”
[Y/N] walked into a room and placed the wooden box that Nezuko was in on the ground. She made her way towards the window and closed the curtain from any sunlight to come inside. She then heard a high squeal noise coming behind her as she turned around to see Nezuko slightly out as she was looking at her.
“You must be Nezuko?” 
Nezuko slowly nodded.
[Y/N] smiled at her as she made her way towards her and felt down on her knees.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is [Y/N]. You should be safe here. Tanjiro should come by a bit later to come and see you.”
Nezuko hummed in approval.
[Y/N] had the smile on her face as she slowly patted Nezuko’s head.
“You should get some rest. I’m sure you’ve had a rough day today.”
Nezuko hummed in satisfaction as she felt very comfortable and safe with [Y/N]. Her eyes slowly closed as she got herself comfortable and fell asleep. 
[Y/N] slowly picked her up and laid her on the bed, tucking her in as she looked at Nezuko sound asleep.
“You’re just a little girl. Just like how I was.” She whispered as she pecked her head and stroked her hair. “Neither you or your brother deserves this life. No one does.” 
She sighs as she was about to walk away until she felt a grip on her wrist. She slowly looked down to see Nezuko’s hand on her wrist. [Y/N] smiled softly and decided to sit beside her for a bit. The room felt at ease and calming. She decided to stay before she went to the Hashira meeting that Kagaya mentioned earlier. Clearly, not ready for the outbursts and looks she was gonna get but she unfortunately had to deal with it. 
“Glad to be back home..” She softly says as her eyes slowly closed as she placed her head on the bed, next to Nezuko and fell asleep.
In one of the rooms, the Hashiras sat infront of Kagaya whom had started the conversation about their opinions of what had occurred in the mountains. They all had some things to say about the current new recruits whos lives were lost which Sanemi had something to say.
“The count of lives we’ve loss had been more than we can handle. Their master must’ve gone blind or something. Tsk,”
“Well that kid did do a number on you. He’s got taste.” Uzui commented with a smirk heading to Sanemi.
Sanemi tsked and rolled his eyes.
“It’s surprising that this boy has met Muzan and encountered an Lower Rank Demon unlike us that haven’t at all. I have a feeling that he’ll draw them in. I am envious.” Rengoku said with his loud and proud voice.
“Fair point you all have but everytime we get closer to Muzan, he seems to be multiple steps away from us. It’s quite frustrating in the matter. I’ve also gotten some news of this new approach of his. Turns out that he is looking for [Y/N] as well.”
Gasps were heard and then silence.
“How does he even know that she’s here?”
“What does he wants with her?”
“For some reason, he knows that she is back here and he will do nothing to get her back.”
“What do you mean back?”
Kagaya’s expression didn’t change as he slightly looked down.
“There was time in her life where she was missing. For months. She was out on a mission and we’ve never heard anything back from her. After three years, she had come back with exhaustion and with so much pain. She had told me the story about why she was missing..” 
He stopped talking which had everyone on the edge of their seats.
“What did she say Master?”
Kagaya’s face slightly change to pain, sadness which everyone could feel in the room. Something had happened to [Y/N] that even Kagaya couldn’t handle but be sad. 
“Muzan had gotten her and kept her for that time she was missing.”
Everyone eyes’ widen in shock.
“You mean that [Y/N] was with Muzan that whole time and she couldn’t defeat him?”
“No. What she had told me was him and the upper moon demons grew fond of her and kept her as a pet. That’s all she told me.”
“Poor soul.” Gyomei said softly. “To be surrounded by demons is truly tragic.”
“So not even this she-demon could defeat him.” Sanemi growled under his breath.
“Poor [Y/N], she must of been so scared.” Mitsuri pouted as she felt nothing but sorry for her.
“How did she escape Master?” 
Before Kagaya could answer, another voice was heard which caught their attention.
“By fooling the great Muzan Kibutsuji.” [Y/N] slowly walked in and revealed herself to everyone. 
“[Y/N]..you finally made it.” Kagaya said with a smile.
[Y/N] bowed her head and sat down against the wall near Uzui. 
“My apologizes. I was spending some time with Nezuko.” 
“Cut the crap! How did you fool Kibutsuji?” 
[Y/N] turned to the voice that was from the silver haired man with scars on his body. 
His name is Sanemi Shinaguzawa, the Wind Hashira.
“Well, that’s not a nice way to talk Shinaguzawa.” She coldly replied back to him.
He scoffed and rolled his eyes.
She took a deep breath.
“Once Kibutsuji knew of me, he wanted me dead. He would send most of his demons to kill me. None obviously succeeded. He then decided to go after me himself and once he did, I was no match for him. He’s clever and manipulates.”
She paused for a moment as the memories came back to her which didn’t sit well with her. 
“As he took me, I met the Upper Moon Demons as well since they were also very curious about me and wanted to see when Kibutsuji finally killed me but that never happened. For a reason, he wanted me alive. He wanted me to stay with him. He became obsessive and very possessive of me. Even the demons started to.”
The room was quiet as she continued her story yet she didn’t want to.
“As days turned into months, I was always going from demon to demon mostly two of them got extremely close unlike the rest.”
“Who were they?” 
“Akaza and Douma. They are Upper Moon Two and Three. They are different from what Kibutsuji is like. It almost seemed human.It was rather not horrible to be with them but I knew what they do and what they are. So I escaped one day, knowing that they couldn’t do anything since they can’t be out in the sunlight which none of them knew until then.”
[Y/N] sighed as she slowly turned to the Hashiras. 
“I know you don’t trust me. I get that. I wouldn’t trust me either especially with this news about him trying to find me, but I do promise you this.” She paused as her eyes showed determination. “I will help you destroy all the demons in this world. Especially Kibutsuji and after he is gone, you can kill me too.”
Everyone looked at her in shock.
“Wait [Y/N], you can’t be serious?” Mitsuri said with sad eyes.
[Y/N] could tell that she was the most emotional one that lets her feelings out without hiding them. She gave her a smile.
“I am. I’ve lived so long and I think it’s time for me to end it. After I know for sure that no demon will hurt a human again.”
[Y/N] stood up on her feet and bowed her head to them all before leaving but stopped as she turned to the Hashiras. 
“And a word of advice if you ever meet up with an Upper Moon Demon, don’t you dare hold back.” She said before disappearing. 
Everyone stayed silent as her words echoed through their minds.
“..don’t you dare hold back.”
Enmu kept his head down as he summoned by Lord Muzan. He felt chills run down his body. It was a day before his mission on the Mugen Train.
“Eyes up.”
The cold voice echoed through the room as Enmu looked up to see Muzan glaring at him with those red eyes.
“Aside from what I’ve told you about your mission on Mugen Train, I do have another small mission for you to do for him.”
“Yes Master. Anything.”
Muzen glared at Enmu even more as the next words left his mouth echoed through Enmu’s head.
“There is gonna be a woman. Half demon and half human. If you encounter her, don’t kill her. Bring her to me immediately or call for Akaza to handle her. You will know immediately whom she is.”
“Yes Master.” 
Enmu bowed his head with respect as images of this so called half demon appeared in his mind as the cells of Muzan were running through his veins. Enmu thought she was so beautiful. More beautiful than anything he has ever seen.
Before Enmu could leave, Muzan sense something in Enmu. Something he didn’t like. He knew that Enmu could see the images of [Y/N] because of his cells but what he didn’t like was the expressions on his face. Muzan suddenly appeared in front of him and gripped his throat so tightly that Enmu didn’t understand why he was doing this.
“I can smell and hear your thoughts. I know the images of her are going through your body but let me make one thing clear..” He paused as he pulled Enmu’s body closer to him. “...she is mine. Only mine to fanatasize about. To love. To dream about. This might be the last time I ever hear or smell that off of you, insect.” 
Enmu couldn’t do anything but nod his head as Muzan immediately let him go and disappeared, leaving Enmu back in the Mugen Train. He was trying to catch his breath at how tight Muzan had on his throat. It terrified him at how Muzan was with this girl. He couldn’t help but laugh at what pleasure it gave him. 
“Just perfection. I have big plans for you...[Y/N]...”
to be continued..
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I wanna eat kyojuros hair so bad
I just wanna omnomnommonm bite bite bite
Tumblr media
I literally wanna take the little side tufts and nibble on them
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Tumblr media
My room smells like smoke after this
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I'm going to get EMOTIONAL WRECK when this get animated
Tumblr media
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here is random kny dump #1 featuring:
*loneli water boi trying his best*
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*rengoku aka rengocute effortlessly shining*
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
bonus this 🌸
Tumblr media
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Fandom: Demon Slayer Pairing: Kyojuro Rengoku x F!Reader Prompt: First Kiss
Tumblr media
Vibrant streaks of light illuminate the horizon. It's time for him to go and make his way to final selection and officially join the Demon Slayer Corp. Kyojuro says his goodbyes to his tearful brother, tries not to let the sullen silence of his father sting. Then he bows before his mother's likeness, promising to fulfill his destiny and protect the weak.
But there is a final farewell, perhaps the most difficult of all.
He stands on your porch, barely resisting the urge to pace as he waits. When the door slides open, those fiery eyes glow, soft as candlelight. Your hair falls around your cheeks, still rumpled from sleep, your robe nearly sliding off one shoulder from your rush to meet him. Absolutely enchanting.
There's a thousand words to say and no time to say them right. Instead he closes the distance, large hands slipping around your waist, pulling you against his chest as if tuck you into his heart. "Wish me luck," he says, a whisper against your hair.
"I would if you needed it."
His breath catches, eyes pricking. Years he has trained alone, no longer receiving any guidance from his father. Kyojuro has poured over the flame-breathing tomes, repeated and improved his sword stances to the point of exhaustion, practiced total concentration breathing until his lungs and diaphragm ached, and earned only baleful glances and harsh words from the one who might offer help instead.
But you... you were there beside him, lighting candles when the sun went down so he could continue his studies, reading the scrolls aloud during his training, pointing out minute details, applauding every successful form. Always your sweet voice echoed, offering assurances that wrote themselves across his soul, "You're so strong, keep going!", "I believe in you, Kyojuro!", "You can do anything you set your heart to!", "I'm so proud of you."
And now, you speak with such confidence, such certainty, offering all he longed to hear. All he needed to carry with him into the trial ahead. Fingers tighten in your robe, "Thank you." But the words are inadequate, pale in comparison to the warmth flooding his chest, the enormity of his affection that threatens to spill over every time you're near. He's held it close, kept it chained up tight for fear of scaring you away. And he tries to swallow it back now.
Except your own hands are tight around his neck, a soft, "Come back to me," mumbled into his shoulder.
And the cage on his heart shatters. Kyojuro's fingers lift, slide along your jaw, pulling your face to his. He cherishes your lips, kissing soft and slow. Every secret longing, every endless ache for you burns as he kisses you again and again. For just a moment, all the weight of duty and expectation crumble away like ash. All that exists is your mouth against his, the peace of holding you in his arms.
But, the moment must end. He breaks away, rests his temple against yours and vows, "I will."
{ masterlist }
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Tumblr media
Boy doodles are my favorite doodles
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story-kat · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Art by _a00me_
Posted with Permission (reprint/edit and/or commercial use prohibited)
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Tumblr media
afternoon doodles
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Tumblr media
Winter time, but your love always keeps you warm ❤️‍🔥
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Kimetsu Academy | Teachers Groupchat:
The “Elephant” in the Room II: Prison Break
Part I : here
The teachers ended up agreeing to letting Uzui keep his pet mice. Of course, animals aren’t encouraged at schools for a reason.
Tumblr media
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e-gyuu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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muzanswaifu · 6 hours ago
Hey!!! I love ur writing can you make a story about reader and RENGOKU in an argument? And can you make things end well ? Thank you!!
Oooooooo HAHAHAHAHA yes 🙂
I loooooove arguments in fics, it's like rough smut but with words 😻 me-ow
Many of my future rengoku fucs, oop i mean fics 😈, are going to have arguments but here's a lil one I wrote bc I just thought of it right now!
Tip for lovers out there: apologizing is so sexy omfg like it's so hot 🔥 🥵 getting apologized to is a secret form of foreplay that nobody talks about
Rengoku x Fem!Reader - Argument
Tags: Arguing, slight angst, mean things are said, kyo is so fucking dumb, mentions of sex but no actual smut, apologies, argument aftercare
Kyojuro is an idiot and can’t see that his coworker is flirting with him, reader tries to tell him and argument ensues
Tired. Upset. You're tired and upset but that's not going to stop you from getting your hurt words across.
"That's not the point, Kyojuro!"
"Then what is the point?!" He says back frustrated with eyes tense and arms thrown in the air.
"The point is that she shouldn't be touching you at all!"
Touch. Touch that you catch in the corner of your eye on your lover's arm at his office's party. Touch that was initiated by a flirty coworker who'd been eyeing the blond all night like a piece of meat. Touch that he didn’t pull away from.
"It meant nothing!" He defended. Why? Why was he defending her?
"It. Doesn't. Have. To." You hiss out through gritted teeth and clenched fists. He wasn't listening. He never does when you voice a concern over one's questionable intentions. Because God forbid somebody try to flirt with him knowing he's taken. Because everyone's a saint, right? That's what he believes.
His hands drag up his face as he pushes back his hairline, revealing several ticked veins.
"What do you want me to do then?" He shrugs his shoulders. It's supposed to be a question, but you can tell he meant it rhetorical. He didn't see a solution to this problem that didn't exist to him. You answered it as a question anyway.
"Tell her to fucking back off and stop touching you!" He doesn't even consider it for one moment.
No. No? No?! So he wanted that bitch to keep feeling him up when he went to work everyday knowing he had a goddamn woman to go home to? All he had to do was remind her he was taken. That's all. He didn't need to embarrass her or tell everyone she was a homewrecking slut. He just needed to say, "Hey, I'm uncomfortable with this. Please stop." But clearly that was too much for him.
You turned away from him and started giggling. That little chortle you did when you were met with an immovable force. Your coping mechanism when you stumbled upon something hopeless to overcome, it seemed.
He furrowed at your display of run sanity and continued.
"It was just my arm! Touch is her love language."
You spun back around with crossed arms and a manic smile. "Oh~ so you know her love language? Well, be sure to send me an invite to the goddamn wedding!" You screamed and his teeth snarled.
"Don't raise your voice with me." And you laughed again. It was getting on his nerves.
"Are you sure I'm raising my voice? With your logic this could just be the way I fucking sound." And your cursing was getting on his nerves too. Your language and your loudness.
"Why can't you trust me? You act like I'll betray you the moment I get the chance." That's not true. You did trust him. You didn't trust her. You trusted him, but you were also protective. Why would you openly allow another woman to flirt with him? How inadequate would that make you?
"Kyojuro," you calmed yourself by taking a deep breath and pinching your fingers together. "She is flirting with you. You don't see it for some reason, but she is."
He rolled his eyes and you wanted to scream again.
"You were right next to me the whole time! Why would she flirt right in front of you - she's not stupid!" Your eye twitched, but you decided to ignore that last bit for your own sanity. How the fuck did he know how smart she was? Did he like that about her?
"Yeah- and how many times did she ask who I was?" You got him good with that one, and he stood there for a moment, trying to find yet another excuse for this woman he seemed so fond of.
"She's forgetful." Forgetful. Not she forgot or couldn't remember. She's forgetful. Like that's some trait he termed for her after getting to know her for a while. She's forgetful. And he's clearly interacted with her enough to know that.
You rubbed at your eyes and turned around again, trying so desperately to stop the tears that were beginning to coat your eyes. No crying. If he saw you cry, he would try to console you, and you didn't want to be anywhere near him at the moment. "You know what? I'm done arguing with you. You just don't understand." And you headed toward your bedroom.
And he knew that meant he was to sleep on the couch tonight. Because you couldn't handle a serious conversation as much as you couldn't handle someone's hand on his arm. His fist clenched, and he viciously pointed at you.
"Maybe I would if you'd actually talk to me and stop being a fucking bitch." You stopped in your tracks, eyes wide. He never cursed. Or, well, he did, but that was only when he was really serious or during sex. And this wasn't for sex, so that meant he was serious. Deadly. And he called you a fucking bitch. A. Fucking. Bitch.
When you turned back to back to him, you didn't bother wiping the hot tears that coated your cheeks as you furiously snapped at him.
"Yeah?! Well why don't go to that other fucking bitch, huh?! I'm sure she'd love to fucking talk to you since you guys are so close," you yelled with searing tears leaking down your red-hot face. "In fact, why don't you spend the night with her! Sleep with her for all I care! I'm sure it'll mean nothing, right?!" You didn't bother waiting for an answer before you stormed into your room and slammed the door.
Kyojuro was at a loss for words. And emotions. He was angry, sad, frustrated, confused. His outburst had been completely warranted, he told himself as he sat on the couch to calm. You cursed and yelled at him first. Given, you hadn't called him any cruel names, but still... your language. Your foul language was something you often used, whether happy sad or angry. He'd previously mused to himself that it was because such a adorable woman like yourself couldn't properly explain your excitement without throwing the word fuck in front of it. He simply didn't like using the language in his own dialect, but he thought it suited you. Only in times of great distress and great pleasure had he allowed you to hear his bad tongue. It was to show passion and meaning. And he used it to call you a horrible name. No, no, that unforgivable deed wasn't warranted at all.
It's just... why didn't you trust him?! He wouldn't cheat on you for anything in the world, nor would he lust for such a woman so unlike yourself. Didn't you see how annoying he found her? His formal conversation was just that. Formal. Her high voice and need for attention were not something he looked forward to throughout the day. But who was he to judge? That was just her character.
"Oops, I forgot my pen Kyo, can I borrow one of yours? Thank you! I owe you one~"
"Ugh, working is so hard, I don't know how you do it so well! We should go hide in the storage closet, haha."
"Can you give me a ride home? My ride totally ditched on me, and I don't want to walk home all by myself..."
And he did give her a ride home - it was the nice thing to do. And she quickly invited him inside to "hangout for a bit." He denied innocently, explaining that you, his girlfriend, were expecting him home soon. And the girl pouted. What would have happened if he'd gone inside? He remembered the hint of sadness that edged at your expression when he told you the good deed he had done. He was hoping for praise, that you'd admire your generous lover. But you gave a fake smile a quick "great."
He'd had some semblance that you were jealous, but he'd never comforted you about it, so sure that you'd see how innocent her intentions were. Tonight wasn't a great example, but he was sure you'd made a lasting impression on her. She wouldn't forget something so vital when you were all he talked about.
As if on cue, his phone rang. He hesitantly picked it up and cringed at the messenger. Her. Another mistake he made that annoyed him through the day - he gave her his number.
Flirty bitch:
Hey Kyo~ where did u go??? m totally having an after party for drinks at my place and u neeeed to cummmm 💕💕💕
Oops, I mean come hehe 😹
He frowned at such an inappropriate mistake but replied.
I will not attend. I am spending time with my girlfriend.
Her reply came instantaneously
Flirty bitch:
U have a gf?? Omg I didnt evn kno, I have to meet her. Is she-
He didn't even finish reading the message before he threw his phone across the sofa and rubbed at his eyes. He was a fucking idiot. Here he was vouching for her good character when she couldn't even remember you existed. Much less your name. Fuck.
And here he was texting her when you were weeping alone because of his damned actions!
He got up and went to the bedroom door, turning the nob cautiously. His eyes were instantly met with the sight of your balled up form, and ears the sound of your sniffling whimpers. You quickly hushed up when he entered and pulled the covers over yourself. His heart shattered.
You didn't answer, and he walked closer to sit on the edge of the bed.
"Y/n-" He set a hand gently on your back, and you jerked away from his touch. He heard you take in a shaky breath.
"G-g-go aw-w-way," you stuttered with lips coated in your salty tears. Kyojuro laid behind you and wrapped his arms around your blanketed form.
"Y/n... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said such awful things to you. None of them were true." You sniffled again and squirmed away from his hold. Your throat was a bit cleared as you gathered your resolve.
"Y-you're h-horrible," you whimpered out with a cracked voice. He pulled you back into his arms and nuzzled into you, his own glaze of tears coating his eyes.
"I... I deserve that." His large hands kept your cold and hurt body warm. "You were right about everything... I should have listened." With his confession, you let go of your grip on the covers, and he took that as his cue to start unraveling them and turn you over. Your poor little face was so red and wet from all the tears you spilt. Your lips looked dry and swollen from the huge loss of liquid in your body. God, he was a fucking monster for making you look so broken.
He wiped at the drops that soaked your face and pressed tender kisses all over.
"I'm so damn stupid; I couldn't even see it. I'm sorry for making you worry, my love. For being so disloyal to you." He pressed a kiss to your nose. But he wasn't disloyal. You knew that. He was damn stupid, but he wasn't disloyal. You shouldn't have accused him of such. But sometimes... you just felt like you weren't enough for him.
Your shoulders shook as another sob was wretched from your body. "Yo-ou we-re s-so m-m-me-ean to m-me, a-and y-ou i-ignor-d me," you bawled. He nodded his head along with your words to show his understanding. "A-and y-you called me a-a-" He held your face in his hands and pulled your close to rest his forehead on yours.
"I-I know, I know. That was terrible of me, and I will never, ever do such a thing ever again. I don't deserve such a beautiful, kind woman like you," he pleaded as he kissed the inside of your palm.
"You're so smart and perfect. I thought you knew this and would never question my complete obsession with you. I'm yours, goddess. Always." Another kiss.
He thumbed away more tears from your soaked lashes, and you opened you eyes. His vermillion gaze caught yours, filled with pure love and regret.
"Can you ever forgive me, goddess?" Your lip quivered and you looked away, unsure.
"I-I don't know..." another tear feel down your cheek and he brushed it away.
He hushed your weeping. "I'll do whatever it takes and wait however long. I'm yours." He fluttered kisses on your cheeks, and you couldn't help but laugh. He relished your smile.
Kyojuro brushed your hair with his fingers as your fell asleep against his chest. The next morning you both slept in, but he awoke you with breakfast in bed. You ate what you could, stomach still soured from last night. But he coddled you all day, kissing on you, complimenting you, feeding you. The topic of sex wasn't even brought up as he massaged you in bed that night, palms rubbing your aching muscles and worshipping you, his "goddess." You saw him take pause for a moment, a ring tone coming from his phone. You saw him promptly reach for it in the corner of your eye, heart hurting when you saw her name on the screen. But just as quickly, you saw him deny the call, click the contact, and hit "block." You sighed and relaxed into his arms.
Maybe forgiveness would come easier than you thought.
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