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Tumblr media
— stepdad!Tengen Uzui x f!reader
» req. Mina can i request prompt 60. “No, I'm going to make you feel good ” for Uzui Tengen? Thank you 💕 — @cursedmoonchild
» req. So my request is for stepdad Tengen Uzui. He decides to marry y/n's mom. Out of spite, y/n doesn't do any chores that is assigned to her, sneaks out of their home and refuses to listen to anything any of the other wives tells her to do. Tengen decides to take matters into his own hand — @tojibreedingme
cw. mdni. age gap (Tengen is in his 40s — reader in her 20s), step-cest, daddy kink, deepthroating, gagging, mating press, degradation — use word slut just one, cervix kissing, belly bulge
an. thanks for your requests babies 🖤☁️ — m.list
Tumblr media
Maybe you should have listened when his wives asked you to do something around the house, whether it was laundry or dishes, sweeping the floor or working in the garden.
Maybe you should have listened when your mother told you that you were now a family and you had to abide by their rules too, even if their rules forced you to come home too early or not invite boys over.
You were no longer a kid, but maybe you should have asked to be allowed to go with them instead of staying home with your new stepfather.
Or maybe not.
Tears fill your eyes as you choke on his cock stuck in the back of your throat. You look up at him from under your lashes as Tengen slips his fingers through your hair, pulling you to him once more, "now, look, this wouldn't have happened if you'd just followed our rules, brat" he murmurs holding you still with your nose pressed against his crotch.
Drool drips down the sides of your lips and onto your chin as your gags echo through the room, and he can't help but smirk at your smutty appearance as you swallow his fat shaft, again and again.
When you pull off the drool keeps you glued to his head, and as sore as your throat is you can't stop your lips.
You're relentless as you suck on the tip of his cock, your hand sliding on his balls and caressing them as you bob your head back and forth in a slow, sloppy, lewd rhythm while little moans of pleasure escape you, because yes, it gives you pleasure to suck his cock, it gives you pleasure to choke on his long shaft, it gives you pleasure to hear how he moans low and rough.
And then his hips jerk forward slamming deep into your throat, his hand presses behind your head as your eyes snap open and tears wet your cheeks, "mmhp daddy" your voice almost not audible as you roll your tongue out to get more room for his throbbing cock.
Tengen quickly thrusts back and forth and when he pulls off you give him one last long tongue roll and smile at him lasciviously, "this wasn't a treat for you" he whispers pulling you to your feet and pressing you to the mattress.
Your gaze travels down his body and you stare unashamedly at his pecs as he climbs on top of you, his mouth is hot as he hums in your ear, biting your earlobe and moving down your neck leaving red wet marks, "you're just a whore aren't you?" he asks with a smirk.
You meow lewdly as you spread your thighs wide, "what now?" you tease him wrapping your thighs around his hips, "are you going to punish your naughty little girl?" and Tengen can't help but giggle pushing his shaft heads between your glistening folds, "no, I'm going to make you feel so good you'll want more and more, and to get more you'll have to follow everything daddy says."
You moan obscenely when Tengen hooks his arms under your legs and lifts them up, pushing your knees up to your shoulders, his cock working its way into your dripping hole and his swollen balls slamming into your ass.
Your warm walls wrap around his cock as his thick head repeatedly kisses your cervix, you're biting the back of your hand and your eyes glisten with tears as you stare as his white hair falls back over his face, "feels so good" you whimper taking in all that Uzui is giving you.
He thrusts his hips forward in short, sporadic jerks, watching you scream every time his cock comes out of you, and he can barely think straight as he pushes himself back in and fucks against your cervix, slamming his tip against it.
"Shit, like this" he growls through gritted teeth as your back arches under his thrusts and the knot in your stomach unties bringing you to orgasm.
Your mouth opens wide, your eyes grow hot as you stare at him and Tengen's thrusts slow as he empties himself inside you, your belly swelling with his sticky seed and his words echoing as he strokes your tired, trembling legs, "since you can be such a good girl for Daddy?"
Tumblr media
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Title: A String Pulled Taut.
Pairing: Yandere!Tengen (+Tengen's Wives) x Reader [Demon Slayer].
Word Count: 2.5k.
TW: Imprisonment, Intimidation, Unhealthy Relationships, Violence/Injury, Slight Manipulation.
Tumblr media
“You any good?”
It took you a long moment to realize he was talking to you, another to look at him, to take in a shock of white hair, an expression that idled somewhere between distracted and bored. He was dressed strangely, but extravagantly. His nagagi was simple, plain, but brightly colored, and clearly made of fine material - either silk or hemp, you couldn't tell. He wore his hair loose, unstyled, and yet, his fingers were adorned with rings of silver and gold, all encrusted with jewels so large and so clear, you could only imagine one would feed a family of ten for months. A nobleman, you figured, or a wealthy merchant, but if that was true, you couldn’t imagine what he’d be doing in this part of the city, at this time of night, on a back-street where only those who didn’t know any better and those who didn’t have any choice strayed. You couldn’t imagine why he would’ve stopped to talk to you.
Your hands fell to your shamisen, laid out over your lap. You’d been planning to tune it, to take some reprieve in the thoughtless act of plucking strings and turning pegs, but you must’ve gotten distracted. You took it up, now, tuned or otherwise, and crossed your legs underneath you, finding the bachi you’d left at your side without looking away from him.
“Oh, the best,” You replied, fingering absentmindedly at the neck, finding the well-worn notches easily. “That’s why I’m out here. They kicked me out of the concert hall. I’d play a single note, and all the other performers would begin to tear their instruments apart in shame. It was… inconvenient. For the patrons, I mean.”
That earned a smile, a flicker of interest. He nodded, expectantly, but you only shook your head. “I’m not a busker. You won’t find any charity here.”
A chuckle, this time, breathy and vaguely amused. “I can’t say I’ve ever paid for a song I haven’t heard yet.”
Fair enough. Most people who wore their wealth so blatantly weren’t so fickle with their yen, but you didn’t push any further. It wasn't like you'd ever sent away a willing audience.
You opted for a folksong, from your village. It wasn't complicated, or particularly impressive, but you liked how the cords blended together, the slow build of the introduction and the rush of the chorus, and you were familiar with it, knew each note and each rest like the back of your hands. You didn’t have to sacrifice the tempo to the stiffness in your fingers, didn’t have to worry about how many days it’d been since you last practiced, and when you finished, when you stuck the final note, you could let yourself enjoy the way it lingered, reverberating as it died a slow, melancholy death. You’d closed your eyes, sometime during the song, an inherited habit you had yet to shake, and you didn’t open them again until you heard something hit the payment beside you, the sound muffled but metallic, no doubt the payment he’d previously withheld. You didn’t check the amount, didn’t take the time to count out the coins, but you smiled as you snatched the satchel up, satisfied with its not-inconsiderable weight.
“There’s more, if you want it.” He was already turning away from you. “My wives would enjoy the entertainment.”
You strummed through a random cord, aiming more so to fill the silence than to further demonstrate your skill. “I don’t know, sir. It’s getting late, and I don’t make a habit of trusting strange men with deep pockets.”
“Make a habit of trusting me.” Confident, but not stern. An order given with no doubt that it’d be followed. “You'll spend the night. We’ve got a few guestrooms – you can have your pick, as long as Hinatsuru approves.” You were thankful he wasn’t looking at you, that he couldn’t see the way you stiffened at the mention of a guestroom, at the implication of a real bed. But, your playing faltered, cutting off completely, and that seemed to be all he needed to hear. “…just for tonight, of course. Unless you'd like to stay longer.”
You hesitated, but not for very long, your eyes falling to the road. You tried to straighten your back, to square your shoulders, but it was a half-hearted effort, one that cracked and gave way as soon as you opened your mouth.
“Just for tonight.”
That night, and the next, and the next. Until days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. You tried to leave, at first, as often as you could, making your excuses and offering your gratitude to your hosts, but Makio would insist on sharing a bottle of saké, for the road, and Suma would pull you into a parting hug, and you’d wake up in your room the next morning, desperately thirsty and too weak to stand on your own. Your attempts dwindled, from every few days to twice a week, from twice a week to once a month, and eventually, you stopped trying at all.
You found other ways to keep yourself occupied. Household chores, watching the four of them train, and sometimes, when you could get away with it, stowing yourself away in a rarely used corner of the courtyard, underneath a tree that blossomed like wildfire in spring. It was a lullaby, today, one you’d picked up from an innkeeper while you were passing through the mountains and hadn't had time to return to. The tempo was slow, the melody repetitive. It reminded you of something your sister would’ve sung as she tended to the garden, something she would’ve played when she was too sick to do much else. You didn’t like it, but you wanted to perfect it, get it down well enough to play in your sleep. You wanted to—
You stopped, abruptly, opening your eyes, snapping to your left. Her footsteps were soft, but you’d been here for weeks, months. You knew what to listen for.
Not that she cared. Hinatsuru only smiled, letting her head lull to the side and clasping her hands behind her back as she spoke. “Mind if I join you?”
Too stiff, too formal, but she only hummed, lowering herself to your side. She was closer than you would’ve liked, her knee brushing against yours whenever she shifted, but you didn’t complain. Makio liked to speak over you, not to listen when you said something she didn’t want to hear, and Suma clung to your secrets like treasures more precious than life itself, but anything you told to Hinatsuru would inevitably find its way back to Tengen. She was reliable, even if her dependability rarely swayed in your favor.
You were practicing, not performing. She must’ve known that before she sat down, and if she hadn’t, she must’ve been able to tell the third time your tempo dropped into an unbearable crawl, the fourth time you skipped over a note and doubled back to correct yourself, the fifth time you repeated the final bar because it just didn’t hold the weight it would’ve had you been more capable, had you been more focused. It was messy, awkward, more of a stumbling jog than a graceful dance, but Hinatsuru didn’t seem to care, resting her head on your shoulder and she applauded quietly. You only gave a shallow mock-bow, biting into your tongue as one of her hands dropped to the base of your shamisen, tracing a jagged scratch along the side. “He wants to get you a new one.”
You wanted to bat her hand away. You wanted to ask her (politely, so politely) to stop, to leave you alone. You wanted to dig your nails into her wrist and tell her never to touch anything of yours ever again. “What do you mean?”
“As a gift. To show you how much he enjoys having you here. How much we all enjoy having you here.” Her attention dropped lower, to the chipped paint that surrounded the bridge. Something in your chest tightened. You tasted blood. “It's all he ever talks about. Made of only the finest materials, by only the most talented craftsmen. It’s supposed to be a surprise, but it’s killing him not to tell you. I think he’ll pace himself to death before he actually gets to break the news.”
You tried to be subtle, to turn away without really turning away, to make it so she’d have to pull away, stop touching what she didn't respect. Her hand fell to your thigh, instead, infinitely better. Infinitely worse. “I wouldn’t—” You cut yourself off, took a deep breath, and tried again. “I’ve never played another. I’m not sure I’d be able to.”
“Always so humble.” You heard her laugh, distantly, and dropped your eyes to the ground. “I’m sure you’ll find a way. It might be refreshing, to play a shamisen that’s not falling apart.”
“I don’t—I mean, that’s not what I meant. This shamisen, my shamisen was given to me by someone very important and I…” She was drawing circles into your thigh, now, attempting to comfort you, like she might’ve with a frightened animal, or a timid child, attempting fruitlessly to express something they didn’t want her to know. “I’ve never played another,” You repeated, trying to force as much meaning into the words as you could. “I’m not sure if I’ve ever wanted to.”
Her smile faltered. You weren’t looking at her, but you could hear it in her voice, as she replied. “Lord Tengen will be disappointed.”
“And I apologize for that, but there’s nothing I can do to change my heart.” You started on the lullaby, again, slower, this time, quieter, this time. You wanted to get it right. You needed to get this right. “I’m sorry. You’ve all been so kind to me, and I am grateful for Lord Tengen’s generosity, but… I can’t.” Then, again, with a slight delay. “I’m sorry.”
She didn’t respond, not immediately. You felt her nails scrape over your skin, the gesture not forceful enough to hurt, but carried out with enough pressure to remind you that she was there, that she wasn't leaving. “I don’t think you understand. Lord Tengen will be very disappointed.”
“I don't mean any offense.” You shut your eyes – purposefully, this time. Just so would be able to pretend you couldn’t feel her stare boring into you, refusing to lessen or dull until she’d pieced through you and torn you apart completely. “Please, let him know I appreciate the thought. I only regret that I can’t fully embrace his kindness.”
She didn’t say anything else, only pushing herself to her feet, starting back towards the mansion. You waited until you couldn’t hear her footsteps, until you were sure you were alone, finally alone, then let out a deep exhale, your hold on your shamisen going lax as you leaned against the gnarled trunk.
You could only hope you’d be able to make it last a little longer, this time.
A mile. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less. It was hard to tell, in the dark, in the woods, when all you could do was follow the dirt road and hope it led you somewhere you wanted to be.
You made it a mile, give or take, before he caught you.
You hadn’t heard him, hadn’t seen him, hadn’t felt his eyes on you or the stifling nature of his presence or much of anything until his heel collided with the back of your knee, until you were on the ground, clinging to your throbbing leg, Tengen standing over you, unblinking.
It hurt more than it should’ve. You’d been kicked, before, punched, knocked to the ground and left bleed, but you’d never felt a pain so intense, a pain so sharp, as if he’d been able to shatter every bone in your calf with what should’ve been little more than a passing touch. You cried out, choked back a cracked sob, but if Tengen cared, he didn’t betray his concern. He only reached out, his fingers brushing over your sleeve, then your shoulder, exposed when your robes were by the fall. “I thought you were coming around.” Over your collarbone, then your chest. You grit your teeth, curled into yourself, but he didn’t pull away, didn’t give you the space you wanted, the space you needed. “I thought you liked it, with us. Or, understood that I liked it with you, at least.”
Another sob, a row of nails dug into the flesh of your calf, just to try and distract yourself from the unbearable ache. Tengen sighed, shaking his head. “It’s my fault. I should’ve been more honest. I don’t know why I thought you’d just,” He paused, gesturing vaguely with his free hand “get it.”
You opened your mouth, tried to tell him not to touch you, not to look at you, but as you shifted, you felt the weight on your back - or, the absence of it, rather. Desperately, you felt behind the ground behind you, but found nothing.
Your case. You must've dropped it.
Your shamisen.
Damn your leg. Damn Tengen. Feebly, frantically, you tried to push yourself up, to stand if you could, to crawl if you couldn’t, but it took little more than a hand on your shoulder to force you back down, to keep your chest pressed to the dirt, your leg bent in such a way that made every never in your body scream in agony. You shrieked, but you didn’t stop trying, scratching at his arm, thrashing against his hold. You could see it, lying farther down the path, the case split open and your shamisen in the dirt, visibly damaged. It’d take days to clean, weeks to properly repair, but you needed it, even it never sounded the same, even if it could never be played again. You needed it.
Tengen’s caught on quickly, albeit in his own time. His gaze flitted towards the aim of your desperation, and with an airy chuckle, he let you go, standing to his full height, walking to where your shamisen lay and picking it thoughtlessly, carelessly. You'd break his fingers. You'd hold his hand over an open fire until his skin separated from his muscle and he could never touch anything else so recklessly. “Hinatsuru said this belonged to someone you used to know. Someone important to you.” Another laugh, deeper, more sardonic. “Someone you loved, right?”
“Let it go, let it go, let it go.” You tried to get up, to tear it away from him yourself, but your strength faltered, and you fell back to your hands and knees before you could take a single step. “Don’t, I’ll—I’ll kill you, don’t touch that—”
He didn’t wait for you to finish. He took the neck in both hands, and without a hint of strain, he broke it into two splintered, separate pieces, barely connected by the mangled strings.
Then, he dropped it, and something in your chest broke beyond repair.
You didn’t cry, didn’t threaten him. You felt numb, weightless, barely aware of the arms wrapping around your waist, lifting you up and cradling you against a broad chest. You didn’t struggle, didn’t speak, just shrunk into yourself, buried your face in the fabric of his uniform, let him rest a hand on your back, keeping you close. Caging you against him. “We’ll get you a new one, a better one. Something more fitting of someone so close to me.”
You felt him kiss the top of your head, his grin wide, apparent. As if he didn’t realize he was smiling. As if he didn’t care.
“And you’ll never have to think about anyone else again.”
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Hashira NSFW links
Tengen uzui 
1. Manhandling you 
2. Taking his big cock deep
3. A video you send him while he’s on a mission 
Obanai iguro
1. Dripping all over his cock
2. Throwing that ass back on him while he catches it all. 
3. Letting him kitten lick your clit 
Kyojuro Rengoku 
1. Riding him in the backseat of his car while creaming on him so good.
2. Pounding you in a mating press
3. Squriting so much becasue he fucksyou soo good. 
Giyu Tomioka
1. Riding him so good you get to hear his cute moans 
2. Hitting it from the back for the first time 
3. Missionary is so good with him 
Sanemi Shinazugawa
1. Fucking you rough on a table 
2. Slutting you out
3. Trying to ride his big cock before he takes control 
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You could have told me you were a married man.
{Tengen & Wives x Fem! Reader}
Warnings: Contains Smut - never in my life did I think I’d write a 5some. Vaginal sex — cunnalingus (giving and receiving) and Face sitting
A/N: in honor of our beautiful sound Hashira and his beautiful wives finally being animated in all their glory I’d also like to add — if this is well received I’ll absolutely write more! I have plenty of ideas for them
Word Count: 7,540
Tumblr media
You never expected to catch the sound pillar’s eye. The extravagant man was attracted to anything he considered flamboyant and you figured you were anything but. However the man seemed to be fascinated by you as you tended to his wounds.
Bandaging led to touching, which led to kissing, which led to even more. The next morning you were mortified thinking the pillar must have been poisoned and not had his wits about him. After he assured you that wasn't the case, you began seeing him more often.
You thought he was sweet, maybe a little vulgar from time to time, but friendly overall. Some found him annoying, you found him rather charming…until…. “Tengen.” you crossed your arms, looking up at the large man as if you were intimidating. No one was intimidating if you had to look all the way down to see them.
The man in question was smiling down at you as if he found this cute. “Tengen.” you stated again, staring up at the man as if that would make him respond. “You know, I may be shorter than you, but I’m still the perfect height to knee you in the balls. Answer me.” that got the smile to falter, “what is it?” he tilted his head, arms crossing as he continued to look at you. “Why didn’t you tell me you were a married man?” you felt like a filthy cheater.
“I didn’t think it was necessary to tell you yet.” he spoke as if this were an everyday occurrence. “You were going to tell me?” you couldn't really wrap your head around the man in front of you. He was a married man, a man married to three wives. “Do they even know about each other?” you were infuriated. “They are well aware of each other, we all live together after all.” your eyes widened, what the hell was this man into?
“Let me explain before you get things all twisted in your mind.” you listened intently as he explained the whole situation. “I do apologize for not telling you sooner, I was afraid I’d scare you away.” he reached for your hand, one you let him take and lift to his lips. “Do they know about me?” you sunk your teeth into your lower lip, “they do, I’ve told them much about you.” you felt your cheeks heat, it seems you were the only one out of the loop.
“I had no intention of being with other women. Three are more than enough for me and I care for them dearly, but then I met you. I’ll be damned but you swept me off my feet.” he seemed a bit embarrassed to say such a thing. “Me? I wooed the great Uzui Tengen?” you laughed, feeling the mood lighten a bit. “You did, of course you did! You knocked the wind out of me, I never intended to have a fourth wife but you...took me by surprise.” your eyes widened at the use of “fourth wife.” whether he intended to or not, he made his intentions very clear.
“Do...they like me?” you found yourself aching for the approval of three women you hadn’t met yet.
“They can’t form an opinion till they meet you, my dear. But they are thinking highly of you since you managed to steal my heart.” he played with your fingers while he talked. “Makio is a bit rough around the edges, she is quick to anger but really a sweetheart. Then there is Hina, the level headed one of the three. She is very motherly and sweet but she is strong as steel. And then there is Suma, who is a little cry baby but she is adorable.” he laughed softly to himself as he thought of his three wives. “I think you will fit in perfectly, you have quite the mouth on you so you’ll get along well with Makio. You’re level headed like Hina, which also means you’ll get along with Suma.”
You felt light headed, “Well, I certainly feel the pressure.” you laughed softly, hoping Tengen didn’t notice your clammy palm. “There is nothing to worry about, y/n. You don’t have to meet them till you’re ready.” He kissed your knuckles again, hoping to ease your racing heart. “I would like to meet them.” You figured there was no better way than just ripping the bandaid off all at once.
“Then let’s go meet them.” He watched your eyes turn as wide as saucers and began to laugh. “See! You aren’t ready yet. If you are so eager to meet them, how about tomorrow afternoon for lunch?” You sighed, slightly relieved that you would have some time to prepare. “Okay…” you said after a moment, thinking of all the things you’d need to do to prepare yourself.
“I’ll see you tomorrow my dear.” He kissed your forehead before getting up and disappearing before you could even say a word. You mentally noted that you’d probably never be able to get used to his speed.
You woke up the next morning with your stomach in knots. You took a long soak in the hot springs the night before. You washed your hair, and even used some fancy creams that were saved for special occasions. You decided you didn’t want to overdo it, so you wore your hair as you usually did and put on your corps uniform.
You slipped your Haori on, adjusting yourself one more time before reaching for your favourite scented oil. “I feel like I’m about to be killed.” You muttered to yourself, there was no need to be so intimidated. You trusted Tengen but the pit in your stomach just wouldn’t go away.
“Good afternoon, my dear.” You jumped a little as Tengen’s voice appeared right behind you. “Good afternoon, you scared me.” You turned to face the man, slightly surprised to see his hair down. “Oh…” you took in his full appearance. Everything was the same, but his hair was down and there was no eye makeup.
“Handsome I know.” You laughed as he flexed his muscles, not noticing the smile on his face as you turned to put the scented oils down. “Do I look okay?” You chewed on the inside of your cheek as he gave you a dramatic once over. “Stunning as always.” He kissed your forehead like the day before, but he moved down to kiss your nose, then your cheeks, then finally your lips. “They are going to love you, promise.”
He extended his arm, allowing you to hook yours with his. “They are waiting for us outside.” You nodded, the butterflies in your stomach turning into a wild frenzy as you stepped outside and saw the three women waiting. “Oh my.” Was all you could muster, they were gorgeous. “This is y/n.” Tengen introduced you as you stepped into the sunlight.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you three.” You felt shaky, worried of what their first reactions would be. “It’s wonderful to finally meet you, y/n. Tengen has told us so much!” Hina moved forward, reaching for your free hand. “I’m Hinatsuru, but just call me Hina.” Tengen loosened his grip and allowed Hina to pull you forward towards the other two women.
“I’m Makio!” The girl smiled at you, Suma hiding behind her a bit. “It’s nice to meet you!” She called, she seemed to be as nervous as you. “Go say hi!” Makio pushed her forward. “This is Suma!” Suma squealed as she stumbled forward. “So mean!” She whirled to look at Makio before turning back to you. “Tengen is right! You are beautiful.” The compliment caught you by surprise.
“Suma!” Tengen looked shocked, a blush spreading up his face. “Oh! He gushes about you all the time y/n!” Suma continued, not even paying attention to the way Tengen was turning scarlet. “He really does.” Makio laughed, walking over to Tengen and poking his red cheeks. “Stop it you two!” Hina tried to scold them but ended up laughing instead.
“Let’s go to lunch!” Tengen rushed forward leaving the four of you to follow after him. You laughed as Suma hooked arms with Makio, chasing after the tall man. “I think you’ll like being with us y/n.” Hina smiled, extending her arm to you. “I think so too.” All worries you had faded from your kind, hooking arms with Hina you both chased after the other three.
“So how exactly…does your relationship work?” You felt comfortable enough around them the more you spoke at lunch. You knew the question wouldn’t offend them. “I’ll let you girls explain it, you’ll just bicker at me if I explain it poorly.” You laughed as Makio flicked his arm.
“Well it originally started as Suma and Tengen.” Hina began, sipping her tea quietly. “It’s common for shinobi to have multiple husbands or wives. Over time, Makio and I were accepted into their marriage. it’s the four of us…now we have you!” You felt your cheeks turn warm. They welcomed you in so easily it made your heart soar.
“It’s getting late, shall we order some drinks?” You had been there for at least three hours already. Makio looked out the window of the small restaurant, “May as well stay for dinner since we’ve been here so long.” Tengen shrugged, a large arm wrapping around you and Makio’s shoulder. You came to a startling realisation in that moment, you felt no jealousy seeing Tengen be fond of the other women.
“Sake please!” Suma waved excitedly as a girl brought the drinks over. “If you’re comfortable around us sober, you’ll enjoy our company while drunk” Tengen whispered in your ear, you raised an eyebrow at him. Before you could question him, a woman set down a jar of sake and five cups. “May we see your dinner menu?” Hina smiled as the woman walked away to grab the small menu.
“So what is it like being a demon slayer, y/n?” Makio rested her arm on the table to look around Tengen at you. “We’ve been shinobi our whole lives, Tengen isn’t exactly your average corps member.”
You raised an eyebrow “are you saying i’m average, Makio?” you began to laugh as the girl looked horrified. “I’m kidding! I understand what you meant.” you realised all eyes were on you, eager to hear your story. “It’s not as exciting as you’d think! I’ve had my share of tragedy and became who I am today. It’s boring really.” you downed a shot of sake after that, you didn’t mind talking about your past but it wasn’t really a topic you wanted to share during your first meeting.
“I can drink to that, don’t be afraid to open up to us whenever you need.” Tengen kissed the top of your head, grabbing his own cup and downing sake as well. By the time you ordered your dinner, you had three full jugs of sake gone between the five of you. “Ooh!” Suma was by far the most tipsy, “she’s a lightweight, we usually don’t let her drink this much.” Hina laughed as Suma’s head rested on her shoulder, smiling lazily as the food was placed on the table.
“I can tell.” you smiled at the girl, you felt it yourself but you certainly weren't that far gone. “Some food in her stomach should sober her up.” you portioned food onto her plate and watched her eyes light up. “You’re so kind y/n!” she wailed as tears came to her eyes. Hina tried to hush the girl. “Suma! Man up!” Makio slammed her cup onto the table, the action causing you to burst into a fit of giggles.
“Eat up before it gets cold!” Tengen began to eat, eyes shifting to observe the four of you as you all began to eat. By the time the meal was done, another jug of sake was gone. You finally had the courage to ask some things you were curious about. “Okay okay wait, I do have a question.” you had a lazy grin on your face, falling back a bit to lean against Tengen.
“Ask away.” Hina’s cheeks were a bit rosey, but that was the only telling sign that she was feeling the effects of the sake. “How does sex work between you four?” you couldn’t lie, it was a question that had been haunting you for the last twenty four hours. Tengen barked out a laugh, “I told you she was kinky!”
You gasped, slapping his arm “it’s a valid question!” Makio began laughing, “I’ll let Hina answer that one.” You turned your attention to Hina, who was currently glaring at Makio for passing the question to her. “Well, it depends on the day. Most of the time we share him, other times we all take a go at him.” She shrugged. You began to giggle at the thought.
“So some nights he’ll pick who he wants to spend it with. And other nights you’ll spend it together. Do you ever have like… threesomes if one of you doesn’t want to?” You sipped your water, having switched over after the last cup of sake made your head spin. “Of course, sometimes we even have fun without Tengen.” Makio laughed as Tengen seemed surprised by that answer.
“Do you even have the stamina to take 4 women on in one night ?” You looked at the man next to you, as if the question was a challenge. “You must be kidding, I could take all four of you easily.” He seemed cocky, as if he was hoping you’d ask him to prove it.
“What do you think, Makio? Could he?” Your eyes glanced at Hina and Suma who seemed to be sobering up a bit at the challenge. “I think he may be a little in over his head with that one y/n.” Hina nodded in agreement. “Suma, what do you think?” Suma seemed to be more coherent than she was ten minutes prior. “I think he should try and prove us wrong!”
She burst into another fit of giggles. “Check please!” Tengen waved over to one of the women, and she disappeared quickly to retrieve it. “You four will be the death of me.” He shook his head, your heart skipped a beat as his hand grabbed your thigh, squeezing tightly.
The five of you were a sight to behold as you walked through the streets to get to their estate. “They probably think you’re our pimp.” You laughed as Suma hooked arms with you for support. “Suma don’t say things like that out loud!” Makio yelled, Suma squealed and held onto you tighter.
“I think you made more of a scene than Suma did Makio.” Tengen laughed , Hina guiding him down another road as he looked back at you three. “Y/n, I think you’ll like our home!” Tengen smiled fondly, he couldn’t be happier with how the night was turning out. Though somewhere in the back of his slightly buzzed brain, he was questioning if he’d actually be able to satisfy all four of you.
The added addition of you wasn’t too crazy, but it was still another woman to satisfy.
“Here we are.” Hina announced with a smile, pushing open the gates to allow everyone in. “It may seem surprising but we don’t have any sort of help here. We aren’t really messy people after all.” Suma whispered to you, a dopey smile on her face as she leaned in closer. “Which also means we don’t have to worry about anyone overhearing.”
You must have looked surprised, the giggles she let out caught Makio’s attention. “What did you say to her?” She looked between the two of you, your warm cheeks must have given away that it was a suggestive comment. As you entered into the estate itself you began to realize what exactly was about to take place.
“Have you ever done anything with women before, y/n?” Hina joined your other side, smiling at the way Suma was fiddling with your Haori. “I haven’t…though I've never been opposed to the idea.” You began to feel a bit hot and bothered as they guided you towards their shared bedroom. You knew Tengen’s eyes were glued to you, taking in every little reaction.
“So you’re technically a virgin.” Makio cooed, making your cheeks burn up. “I’m not a virgin!” You wailed a little louder than you would have liked. “My my…you feel warm.” Hina placed a hand to your cheek, pressing her lips to it afterwards to confirm her conclusion. “She’s blushing silly!” Suma giggled as you finally reached their shared room.
“I dunno, Suma. She may not be feeling well. Maybe we will try this another time.” Makio was right behind you, all of a sudden you were all too aware of their bodies pressing to yours. “I-I’m fine! Please…I…” why were you saying please? You heard Tengen chuckle from behind you as well.
“Please what?” Makio was pushing the four of you along into the room, Tengen following a few steps behind. You felt hot, cheeks burning and your palms were slightly clammy. “Please…I-I don’t know…” why was it so hard for you to speak all of a sudden? As you glanced side to side you realized both Suma and Hina’s breasts were squished into you.
“You don’t know?” Hina cooed in your ear, kneeling on the bed and pulling you down with her. “Maybe we should take off some of these layers…” Makio crawled onto the bed as well. Pushing you down until she straddled you fully. “Suma, be a dear and help me.” Makio’s voice was smooth as honey, looking down at you with lidded eyes. Makio began undoing the buttons of your uniform while Suma tugged at your Haori. Hina on the other hand watched with a lazy grin on her face.
“Don’t overwhelm her, you three.” you jumped slightly, forgetting Tengen was even in the room. “We won’t” they all sang back in unison making you giggle. “Sit up a little.” Suma pouted as she struggled to take the haori off of you. “This would be a lot quicker if I did it.” you sunk your teeth into your bottom lip at Tengen’s add in. “Don’t rush us!” Makio whined as she finally finished undoing your top. “Dammit! Why are you wearing this y/n!” she was referring to the bindings you had on your chest.
“Can we just cut them off?” Suma shamelessly began fondling your breast though the cloth. “Y–yeah. Just cut it, rip it…ah…” your eyes fluttered shut when Suma squeezed particularly harshly. “Tengen, get over here.” Your eyes opened as the bed dipped under his weight, you felt heat pool in your abdomen as his much larger hand engulfed your other breast. “Pardon the roughness.” he chuckled to himself as he easily ripped the cloth, your breasts spilling out for the four of them to see.
You squealed as you realized four pairs of eyes were taking in your half naked form. “It’s only fair if you undress too.” You puffed your cheeks out, determined to not hide your breasts. “If you insist!” Suma was all too eager to shed her clothes, not an ounce of embarrassment in her. You came to a startling realization once again when you realized she oozes as much confidence as Tengen does.
“Well if you three are going to just gawk at us…” Suma’s lips crashed to yours with a soft hum. After the initial surprise passed, you kissed her back, arms wrapping around her neck to pull her closer. You were faintly aware of rustling clothes, behind closed eyes you were certain the others were undressing. Your thoughts were confirmed when you felt Tengen’s hands pull your uniform pants down along with your panties in one go.
“Suma, stop hogging her!” You gasped as Makio pushed Suma out of the way, her lips crashing down on you before you could even catch your breath. Makio’s hips rolled against yours, a gasp leaving your lips as your drunken mind processed you were touching skin to skin. You definitely weren’t as sober as you had thought, though becoming lust-drunk wasn’t really helping either.
“Makio!” You smiled against her lips as Suma wailed. “You’ll get another chance, Suma.” It was Hina speaking this time. “Though I'm not too sure with how Tengen is looking at her.” That alone sent your stomach into cartwheels. Makio parted from you, a string of saliva connecting your lips. “So this is what you were keeping from us Tengen? You sly bastard.” Makio slipped off of you, allowing someone else to move on you.
The look in Tengen’s eyes was nothing short of ravenous. “I’ll let you ladies work her up…” he winked down at you, getting himself comfortable while leaving you at the mercy of his three wives. “Well since you two had some fun…” Hina’s lips were on your neck rather than your lips, the sudden stimulation making your moan softly. “Sensitive there?” Makio’s fingers trailed up your legs to your thighs. The sudden close contact made your stomach flip, anticipating her hand to travel where you wanted it.
“Oh? You want me to touch you don’t you y/n.” Makio cooed at you yet again, her hand resting near the top of your thigh. It was hard to even think straight with Hina sucking on your neck. Your eyes trailed over Makio’s form, meanwhile Suma had wandered up the bed to give Tengen some attention. Big breasts, a small waist, thick thighs, Makio was drool worthy in your eyes. “I-I do. Please.”
Makio smiled, hand dancing ever so closer to your throbbing cunt. So this was Tengen’s plan, let the girls do all the foreplay and then let him get to work. “You want me to touch you here?” Her hand brushed over your abdomen, your hips bucking slightly “lower.” Your words were muffled as Hina pecked your lips before licking towards your breasts. You were enjoying the attention but part of you was aching to touch them back. “There is plenty of time for that, pretty girl” Tengen smiled as Suma kissed up his chest.
“Did I say that out loud?” You were positive your face was on fire. “
Before anyone could reply you let out a noise that made everyone freeze. “M-Makio!” You slapped a hand over your mouth as Makio’s fingers ghosted your clit. “Makio, I told you she’s sensitive.” Tengen was laughing as the noise you let out caused Suma to leave him. You didn’t expect Makio to be scarlet when you looked back up at her, her fingers still buried between your slick folds.
Hina on the other hand was kissing your sternum, not going near either breast yet. “Finally! Someone who is more sensitive than me!” Suma cheered, excited that they’d have someone else to tease rather than her. You covered your face with your hands to try and hide the embarrassment, only for Suma to pull them away seconds later. “Nuh uh that's not how we do things. You gotta own the noises you make.” She giggled as your face melted into pleasure, Makio had begun toying with you in earnest now.
“Makio…” you whimpered, her fingers toyed with your clit every few seconds. “Hina!” Your eyes shot down to the dark haired girl that had taken your nipple into her mouth. Suma and Tengen watched intently, you squirmed again, feeling awkward that you had done nothing to pleasure any of them yet.
“Let’s try something else… y/n sit up.” Makio pulled her fingers off of you completely, Suma has crawled away from Tengen to focus on you once more. The three of you looked at Hina, waiting for her next orders. “Suma…lay down.” Suma did as she was asked, out of the corner of your eye you spotted Tengen stroking himself lazily. Suma did as Hina asked, you watched as her breasts jiggled. “Y/N.” Your eyes snapped back to Hina who had a smile on her face from catching you gawking. Heat flooded your cunt in some sort of embarrassed satisfaction.
“Sit on her face please.” The request made Suma squeal in excitement, you nodded, cheeks burning up as you moved. Your thighs caged in her head, thick black hair soft against the plush of your thighs. “C’mon don’t keep me waiting!” Her hands came up to grasp your thighs, urging you to move forward and lower down. “Makio…keep her busy okay?” You tore your eyes from Suma to watch Hina climb over to Tengen, straddling his lap.
“Eyes on me, pretty girl.” Makio blocked your vision, lowering your hips for you so Suma could play with you. Her lips crashed against yours with so much force your thighs gave out, pressing down into Suma’s face. You moaned against Makio’s lips as Suma began greedily lapping at your cunt. “Feels good doesn’t it? Our little Suma is so good with her tongue.” You gasped into Makio’s lips as Suma began lapping at your clit. It was teasing, but enough to make that familiar build up begin in your gut.
You mumbled some sort of response, hands coming up to touch Makio as you gained a bit of confidence when she whined. Involuntarily you began grinding your hips against Suma, her nose bumping your clit at a steady rhythm. Your back arched into Makio as Suma’s moan sent vibrations straight through your core. “Shit…suma…” her grip became tighter on your thighs making you bite down on Makio’s lip. “Makio…can I?” Your fingers ghosted down her front and to her cunt, two fingers slipping between her folds so you could toy with her clit.
There was a moment of silence, you watched her eyes turn glossy as she nodded. Behind her you realized Hina was slowly bouncing, Tengen’s grip tight on her waist. Your fingers rubbed quick circles on her clit, the sudden and intense stimulation making her hips jerk away from you. A smirk creeped up your lips, “too rough?” You weren’t sure where this sudden confidence came from but you weren’t going to question it. “A-a little.” You slowed a bit, biting down on her earlobe as you pushed further, fingers coming in contact with her dripping entrance.
You gasped when suma sucked particularly harshly in your clit, giggling when she heard you. You felt the tension building, determined to bring Makio to her peak by the time Suma brought you to yours. “You three…seem to be having fun.” Tengen’s voice was gruff, watching you three intently while Hina bounced in perfect rhythm on his cock.
You couldn’t muster up a response, slightly hypnotized by the way Hina was moving. Her back was to you, but you could still see the way her breasts bounced. “Oi…Tengen.” Makio’s eyes fluttered shut as you pushed two fingers inside. “Hmm?” He kissed Hina’s shoulder, locking eyes with you while waiting for Makio to respond. “You better fuck her good…she’s a fucking brat.” You laughed against her neck, your fingers pumping in and out of her with ease.
“Don’t you need air, Suma?” Your hips lifted, expecting the girl to be gasping for air. “Did I say you could go anywhere?” She pulled your thighs back down, biting at your clit. “Fuck!” Your fingers buried deeper in Makio out of surprise. “Watch it, Suma!” The squeal she let out had you doubling forward, nails digging into Makio. Your orgasm was quickly approaching, the tension in your gut making you gasp for air.
“She’s close.” Makio stated the obvious with a proud smile, one that faded as soon as you began rubbing quick circles on her clit yet again. “You should come with me, Makio.” You whispered it against her ear for only her. Tengen groaned in approval, you forgot about his hearing. Suma’s tongue became more frantic, all focus maintained on your clit. “Shit Suma!” You underestimated her, your hand spasming between Makio’s folds as Suma pushed you over the edge.
You clenched around nothing, hips jerking as Suma’s tongue didn’t slow down until you were trying to pull your hips away, a pained cry leaving your lips from the overstimulation. You wanted to collapse already, your post orgasm haze making your eyes heavy. “Damn Suma…you already wore her out….” You blinked the stars out of your eyes, lifting your hips to allow her out. “ ‘m not worn out…” you lifted yourself higher, pushing your body weight on Makio until she fell backwards.
“Just gotta find a better angle.” You began lazily kissing down her chest, eyes locking with Tengen as you descended lower. You watched Hina sink down fully with a shaky gasp, hips rocking heavily as she rode out her orgasm. “Ooo gonna show Makio what you can do?” You laughed as Suma crawled up to Tengen, taking Hina’s place as she flopped down on the bed heaving. “One down, three to go.” Tengen winked as Suma slid down on his length.
Your lips sunk into the plush flesh of Makio’s thigh, smiling as she arched her back slightly. You moved up a bit, kissing everywhere but the place you knew she wanted it most. Hina was watching you lazily, eyes flickering from you and Makio to suma and Tengen. “Sorry…” you didn’t know why exactly Tengen was apologizing until the bed shook, Suma’s head fell next to Makio, Tengen lifting her up by her thighs to hook them over his shoulders.
“Always flashy huh” before you could hear his response you buried your face between Makio’s legs. You liked the way she squealed, her moans mixing with Suma’s as Tengen began rocking the whole bed. You focused your mouth on her clit, flicking it back and forth with your tongue until her hand buried in your hair holding you in place. You couldn’t think straight because of the moans and cries leaving Suma. All the while Makio was whining on your tongue. It was sensory overload for your post orgasm mind.
“Shit!” You smiled against her cunt as she came, her whole body twitched as your tongue didn’t slow. “Shit y/n!” You finally slowed, working her through the orgasm until she was whimpering in pain from the overstimulation. “Was that good?” You peppered kisses along her thighs and stomach, crawling up to hover over her and kiss her lips. “Yes…” she had a fucked out look in her eyes, one yoh were going to admire longer if it wasn’t for Suma grabbing you. “Ah…y/n…next time do that to me!” She let her head fall back again, Tengen’s hips rocking into her with perfect precision.
“She’s always talkative regardless of her position.” Tengen laughed, angling his hips a different way and causing her to yell in pleasure. You decided to admire the man before you, momentarily forgetting about the other three women in the room to admire his body. Over six feet of relentlessly trained muscles. His abs constricted with each thrust, leading down into a teasing V-line where his hips met Suma. His strong thighs flexed as he kept himself at a certain angle, as your eyes trailed upwards you noticed the veins bulging in his arms.
Both hands held Suma’s thighs, his arms wrapping around her legs to keep them over his broad shoulders. “Oh you’re close baby aren’t you?” His brows furrowed as he focused, hips moving at the same pace but determined to keep the rhythm. “Hina.” At the sound of her name she sat up, hand snaking down Suma’s front to begin toying with her clit. “Oh!” She whined, cheeks bright red as her eyes squeezed shut. “So cute.” You chuckled at the girl’s expression, anticipation of your own turn with Tengen making you clench around nothing,
You watched in awe as Suma finally reached her own release. The most melodic moan left her lips, one that made your eyebrows raise in surprise. “Woah.” Your simple comment made her burst into giggles despite Tengen rocking her through it. “You think you can take two more big boy?” You watched his soften cock slip
out of her, glistening in the moon light with their arousal. “Oh I absolutely can. Since you want to test me, Makio is first.” You gasped, straightening up to look him in the eye. “You’re really going to make me go last! All your stamina will be gone.” You faked a pout.
“That is precisely why my love. You seem to underestimate me.” You moved away from Makio, giving her space to turn on her back and allow Tengen access to her entrance. “Prove it.” You smiled, anticipation swirling around your gut when he smirked at you. “Oh I will.” Hina surprised you, pulling you against her chest and kissing your cheek as Tengen ran his head between Makio’s slit. “You’re keeping up well, y/n. Are you enjoying yourself?” You relaxed into her touch, “I am…this is certainly a fun way to bond.”
Regardless of just meeting these three women earlier in the day, you felt you had known them your whole life. That was part of the reason this whole thing was so fun for you. They accepted you into the relationship with open arms and respected you. “I’m glad. I must say. This may have to become an everyday occurance.” She giggled as Tengen shot her a surprised look, slipping into Makio in the process. “You know how to rile him up.” Her whisper was only meant for you, but Tengen heard it anyway. “Yeah she does.”
You watched with lidded eyes as Tengen found a steady rhythm, the sound of skin slapping skin echoed in the room once more. You began admiring him again, the way his shoulder muscles flexed as he held up his own weight for example. He was drool worthy handsome, his hair down only intensified it. Sweat beads dripped down his face, sliding along his jaw and landing somewhere on the sheets below him. You couldn’t wait to get your hands on that man, feel his muscles and his soft hair under your fingertips.
Your eyes trailed down Makio’s ass to her waist, Tengen’s hands shifted from holding him up while he leaned over her to holding her waist when changing his angle. Your eyes trailed further to her breasts, squished against the mattress like her face was. She was biting her lip, as if determined to not moan for him. “She’s stubborn when it comes to making noises, I was shocked she was so vocal for you.” You smiled as Hina laced your fingers with hers, playing with your hand while watching the sight before you.
Suma on the other hand was close to falling asleep. “Does she always get this sleepy after?” Your eyes trailed over her, laughing as she curled up in a ball and began to snore. “Sometimes, but not always.” You we’re about to cover her with a blanket when Tengen’s voice stopped you. “You seemed to enjoy watching me with Suma and Hina, keep your eyes trained on me.” He thrusted into Makio particularly hard after that, a mewl leaving her lips. “She’s pretty close, clenching around me tight as a vice.” She whimpered as he revealed her secret.
“So you aren't tired yet, Big boy?” You weren’t sure if you were making it worse for Makio or yourself by taunting him. “I can go all night baby. In fact, maybe I’ll let these three go to bed and I’ll teach you a lesson.” You squeezed your thighs together in anticipation. “My my, you really know how to get to him y/n.” Hina was laughing behind you, you couldn’t help but smile yourself, watching as Makio came around Tengen. “Atta-girl Makio!” Tengen cooed as he rocked her through her orgasm until pulling out completely. “Hina, if you don’t mind cleaning her up. I have a certain brat to attend to.”
You felt a shiver run down your spine, he had a determined glint in his eyes. “Just think baby, you’ll have three beautiful women to attend to you once I’m done.” You gulped at that, maybe teasing him wasn’t the greatest idea. You watched him move Makio to the side, placing her gently on the bed away from him. “Y/n.” You looked him dead in the eye, for some reason you were determined to be a brat to him. “Come here.” You stayed in place, Hina watching you from the corner of her eye with a smile.
“You’re really going down this route?” Tengen chuckled, something that sent your stomach into a frenzy of butterflies. He shook his head, running a hand through his sweaty hair and smirking as you admired him. “I was thinking of going a bit easy on you baby, but I don’t think you want that.” He made his way towards you now, hands coming to grab your legs and tug them towards him. You let out a surprised gasp as you fell flat to your back, staring up at him in surprise.
“You’re really going down this route?” Tengen chuckled, something that sent your stomach into a frenzy of butterflies. He shook his head, running a hand through his sweaty hair and smirking as you admired him. “I was thinking of going a bit easy on you baby, but I don’t think you want that.” He made his way towards you now, hands coming to grab your legs and tug them towards him. You let out a surprised gasp as you fell flat to your back, staring up at him in surprise.
“Cat got your tongue?” His hand came up to squish your cheeks together, a small smile breaking through his tough guy facade when he saw the way your lips pucker up. “Mmm…aah.” You tried to speak but only muffled nonsense slipped past your squished cheeks. “Bet you’ve been waiting all night for me to show you attention huh?” He wasn’t lying, you’d been waiting for his touch ever since he squeezed your thigh back at the restaurant. Finally he let go of your cheeks, and you nodded quickly “yes.” You weren’t afraid to admit that. Honestly you were a little more intimidated now that he was over you.
“Oh now you want to be good?” Before you could retaliate, his lips crashed to yours in a bruising kiss. You wasted no time, arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him closer. You smiled against his mouth as his white hair fell to tickle your face. He used one hand to keep himself above you while the other came down to hold your hip. You melted into his touch, mouth opening without hesitation to allow his tongue inside. He lowered himself further, using his elbow to keep his weight up while being able to press his body flush against yours.
Your own stomach tensed at the feeling of his abs against you, a stark contrast compared to your own soft skin. His kisses left your mouth and trailed down your neck, biting and sucking wherever he saw fit. You buried your hands in his hair, tugging softly at the strains and making him groan. “So sweet.” His lips descended to your chest. “Why am I even trying to work you up?” You gasped as his hand roughly slipped between your wet folds. Your previous orgasm and arousal made slick noises as he ran his fingers up and down your slit.
“I bet if I slipped in right now you’d suck me in and hold me tight huh? So filthy…” you felt his head press to your entrance, precum still oozing over his tip despite three previous orgasms. “Why don’t you test that theory, Tengen.” Despite coming once, you had pent up frustration over the fact that he saved you for last. You gasped, hands fisting his hair tighter as he pressed his head in just enough to stretch you. The feeling was a bit uncomfortable despite how wet you were, he didn’t pull back out until your hands relaxed their grip.
“Maybe I worked you up too much.” He sounded a bit apologetic as he peppered your face with kisses. You felt his head press into you again, you shivered as he smirked against your neck. “I’ll be gentle with you for a bit.” You felt your cheeks burn up, slightly embarrassed by his sweet talk. Somewhere in the back of your mind you were curious who was watching, but with Tengen fully enveloping your senses you couldn’t care less. The next kiss was sweet enough that it made your mind go blank.
“There we go.” He whispered praise against your lips, pushing his hips in slowly until you took him in fully. “That’s better.” He pulled away a bit, watching your face contort as you adjusted to his size. You’d only slept with him a few times, it was going to take a bit to get fully used to his size. “Now then…I’m going to put you in your place.” Your eyes went wide, almost forgetting the fact that you had antagonized him to get to this point.
“Oh…” you clenched around him involuntarily, trying to avoid his gaze when you realized just how submissive you became for him. You moaned as his hips pulled back and slammed into you again, after a few sloppy harsh thrusts he found a steady rhythm. “See baby, you take me so well.” The sound of skin against skin filled the room again, as well as the sloppy wet noises each time he buried himself in you. “See, so good for me baby. You probably love the fact that Hina, Makio and Suma’s cum is in you now too huh?” You moaned, the filthy thought making you clench around him.
“Yeah you do. Fuck you’re so beautiful.” He grabbed your hair, pulling your head up and forcing you to watch as he thrusted deep into you. He wasn’t going to last as long as he thought, as he thrusted into your sloppy cunt he realized how overstimulated he was becoming. Four women back to back were going to take some practice on his part. “Tengen…” you felt breathless, your second orgasm quickly crept up on you. He moaned shamelessly, eyes wandering down to your bouncing breasts. You clenched tightly, eyes locked on where his cock kept disappearing into your cunt.
You sunk your teeth into your lower lip, watching the way his cock glistened with your arousal with each and every thrust. “Close…” you felt that familiar build up in your gut, clenching tightly as you tried to force yourself over the edge. “Hina?” Tengen forced his eyes away from you to look for her. You couldn’t see her, but it seemed she was still on the bed. “Please.” You were confused about what he was asking her to do until she appeared beside you, laying down on her side. You watched her hand snake down your front disappearing when she found your clit. You connected the dots quickly and let your head fall back the second Tengen released his grip on you.
Hina’s fingers were beautifully skilled, knowing just how fast and how much pressure to apply to have your legs shaking as Tengen rammed into you over and over, perfectly hitting all your sensitive points. Your back arched, eyes squeezing shut as you panted. Your release was so close. “Fuck…” with a few more thrusts, Tengen thrusted so deep you could have sworn he hit your cervix. His release spilled inside of you, Hina’s fingers were relentless as Tengen’s hips rocked through his own orgasm as yours finally crashed down on you. You felt Hina’s fingers retreat as Tengen collapsed on top of you, body sweaty and chest heaving.
“Well I’ll be damned…” he rolled off of you a second later. Flopping down beside you on the bed. “Well you certainly made a mess.” Hina’s voice was right beside your ear, a cool cloth running across your abdomen and working down to your thighs. You blinked a few times, struggling to focus your eyes after the release you had. Suma was already curled up under the blankets further up the bed, Makio was slowly making her way over as well now that you and Tengen were done. Tengen broke the silence a few seconds later “You four really will be the death of me.”
You smiled lazily, thanking Hina for cleaning you up as you rolled over to face him. “I think there are plenty of people out there that would be willing to beg to die by our hands.” Tengen locked eyes with you and laughed “you mine die by your pu—“ a slap to his shoulder by Makio cut him off. “Stop being a perv and cuddle us.” Hina was already slipping under the covers, you crawled over Tengen to get to her, collapsing in her embrace. “Well if you insist.” Tengen slipped between the four of you, pulling you all as close as he could manage.
“You think I got any of you pregnant this time?” You let out a laugh, of course he’d be thinking of something like that. “I dunno, that’s a question for another day. I'm tired.” Makio’s voice was already far off, your eyes feeling as heavy as her voice sounded. “Good night.” You snuggled into Hina’s chest, feeling warm all over because of Tengen’s side being pressed to your back. “Good night.” Hina’s voice was soft and sweet, her cheek squishing against the top of your head. “Rest up, we’ll have round two in the morning.”
“Go to sleep, Tengen!”
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kittyrunrunx · a day ago
Paranoia in the Flesh | Two
Summary: The Demon Slayer Corp have been hunting and killing demons since the first generations of slayers. As demons still lurk around and feed on humans, Kagaya decides to bring someone to help him and the Hashira. She had been slaying demons for as long as she can remember but there is a problem. She has demon blood in her. Will she be able to help the Hashira defeat Muzen Kibutsuji once and for all? Or will things change for everyone?
Characters: Tsukiju [Y/N], Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira, Genya Shinazugawa, Kyojuro Rengoku, Giyu Tomioka, Obanai Iguro, Sanemi Shinazugawa, Tengen Uzui, Muzan Kibutsuji, Akaza, Douma,
Genre: Love, Drama, Angst, Blood, Action
Notes: I just wanna say that I really appreciate that you guys are loving this story. I’m just honored since my writing isn’t the best lol your comments always make me smile and makes my day even brighter. You guys encourage me to keep writing. If you wanna be tagged, just comment on here or send me a message.
“AHHH!!! A DEMON!!” 
[Y/N] couldn’t help but tried not to laugh as her and Tanjiro walked inside the room where he’d be recovering to suddenly hear such a loud voice that it almost made them both lose their hearing.
“Zenitsu, calm down! She’s a good demon!” Tanjiro tried to explain to him but he just kept yelling.
As he kept yelling, [Y/N] couldn’t resist and started to laugh at how ridiculous he sounded but she also understood at his uneasiness with her. 
“Zenitsu right?” She said which caused him to be silent for a moment before he hide behind Tanjiro whom gave her a weak smile. “I’m truly sorry for scaring you like this. I just came to drop off Tanjiro here so he can rest. I heard about your injuries. I hope they aren’t too severe.”
Zenitsu stared at her especially her eyes. He gulped and nodded. 
“I-I’m also s-sorry for yelling at you miss and t-thank y-you..” He mumbled as he still kept hiding.
[Y/N] gave him a sweet smile and patted his head which shocked him. 
“Call me [Y/N], Zenitsu.” 
“Well, I should be going. Have a lot of stuff to do.”
“Oh that’s right. We’ll see you later [Y/N].” Tanjiro said with a smile.
[Y/N] looked at him then at Zenitsu whom was giving her a small smile. Her eyes widen for a second before she gave them a smile and made her way towards them before pressing her lips against Tanjiro’s forehead then Zenitsu’s. 
“Time for you guys to rest up. I’ll come and visit later on okay.”
“Thank you [Y/N].” 
She giggled as she waved at them before heading out.
Tanjiro kept his gaze at the door as he couldn’t help but smiling which caught Zenitsu’s attention.
“Tanjiro..who exactly is [Y/N]? I’ve never heard of her before.”
“All I know is that she’s a good demon like Nezuko and the master really trusts her. From what I could tell, she has been with the Demon Corps.”
“Wow, in all the time I’ve learned about the Demon Corps from my master, I’ve never heard about that.”
“Yeah me neither.” Tanjiro turned to Zenitsu then he noticed someone else was in the room. “What?! Inosuke is here too?! I didn’t even notice him!” 
“Yeah, he hurt his vocal cords from yelling so loud. He’s been quiet ever since we got here.” 
Tanjiro sighed. 
“I’m just glad that he’s okay.”
[Y/N] walked into a room and placed the wooden box that Nezuko was in on the ground. She made her way towards the window and closed the curtain from any sunlight to come inside. She then heard a high squeal noise coming behind her as she turned around to see Nezuko slightly out as she was looking at her.
“You must be Nezuko?” 
Nezuko slowly nodded.
[Y/N] smiled at her as she made her way towards her and felt down on her knees.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is [Y/N]. You should be safe here. Tanjiro should come by a bit later to come and see you.”
Nezuko hummed in approval.
[Y/N] had the smile on her face as she slowly patted Nezuko’s head.
“You should get some rest. I’m sure you’ve had a rough day today.”
Nezuko hummed in satisfaction as she felt very comfortable and safe with [Y/N]. Her eyes slowly closed as she got herself comfortable and fell asleep. 
[Y/N] slowly picked her up and laid her on the bed, tucking her in as she looked at Nezuko sound asleep.
“You’re just a little girl. Just like how I was.” She whispered as she pecked her head and stroked her hair. “Neither you or your brother deserves this life. No one does.” 
She sighs as she was about to walk away until she felt a grip on her wrist. She slowly looked down to see Nezuko’s hand on her wrist. [Y/N] smiled softly and decided to sit beside her for a bit. The room felt at ease and calming. She decided to stay before she went to the Hashira meeting that Kagaya mentioned earlier. Clearly, not ready for the outbursts and looks she was gonna get but she unfortunately had to deal with it. 
“Glad to be back home..” She softly says as her eyes slowly closed as she placed her head on the bed, next to Nezuko and fell asleep.
In one of the rooms, the Hashiras sat infront of Kagaya whom had started the conversation about their opinions of what had occurred in the mountains. They all had some things to say about the current new recruits whos lives were lost which Sanemi had something to say.
“The count of lives we’ve loss had been more than we can handle. Their master must’ve gone blind or something. Tsk,”
“Well that kid did do a number on you. He’s got taste.” Uzui commented with a smirk heading to Sanemi.
Sanemi tsked and rolled his eyes.
“It’s surprising that this boy has met Muzan and encountered an Lower Rank Demon unlike us that haven’t at all. I have a feeling that he’ll draw them in. I am envious.” Rengoku said with his loud and proud voice.
“Fair point you all have but everytime we get closer to Muzan, he seems to be multiple steps away from us. It’s quite frustrating in the matter. I’ve also gotten some news of this new approach of his. Turns out that he is looking for [Y/N] as well.”
Gasps were heard and then silence.
“How does he even know that she’s here?”
“What does he wants with her?”
“For some reason, he knows that she is back here and he will do nothing to get her back.”
“What do you mean back?”
Kagaya’s expression didn’t change as he slightly looked down.
“There was time in her life where she was missing. For months. She was out on a mission and we’ve never heard anything back from her. After three years, she had come back with exhaustion and with so much pain. She had told me the story about why she was missing..” 
He stopped talking which had everyone on the edge of their seats.
“What did she say Master?”
Kagaya’s face slightly change to pain, sadness which everyone could feel in the room. Something had happened to [Y/N] that even Kagaya couldn’t handle but be sad. 
“Muzan had gotten her and kept her for that time she was missing.”
Everyone eyes’ widen in shock.
“You mean that [Y/N] was with Muzan that whole time and she couldn’t defeat him?”
“No. What she had told me was him and the upper moon demons grew fond of her and kept her as a pet. That’s all she told me.”
“Poor soul.” Gyomei said softly. “To be surrounded by demons is truly tragic.”
“So not even this she-demon could defeat him.” Sanemi growled under his breath.
“Poor [Y/N], she must of been so scared.” Mitsuri pouted as she felt nothing but sorry for her.
“How did she escape Master?” 
Before Kagaya could answer, another voice was heard which caught their attention.
“By fooling the great Muzan Kibutsuji.” [Y/N] slowly walked in and revealed herself to everyone. 
“[Y/N]..you finally made it.” Kagaya said with a smile.
[Y/N] bowed her head and sat down against the wall near Uzui. 
“My apologizes. I was spending some time with Nezuko.” 
“Cut the crap! How did you fool Kibutsuji?” 
[Y/N] turned to the voice that was from the silver haired man with scars on his body. 
His name is Sanemi Shinaguzawa, the Wind Hashira.
“Well, that’s not a nice way to talk Shinaguzawa.” She coldly replied back to him.
He scoffed and rolled his eyes.
She took a deep breath.
“Once Kibutsuji knew of me, he wanted me dead. He would send most of his demons to kill me. None obviously succeeded. He then decided to go after me himself and once he did, I was no match for him. He’s clever and manipulates.”
She paused for a moment as the memories came back to her which didn’t sit well with her. 
“As he took me, I met the Upper Moon Demons as well since they were also very curious about me and wanted to see when Kibutsuji finally killed me but that never happened. For a reason, he wanted me alive. He wanted me to stay with him. He became obsessive and very possessive of me. Even the demons started to.”
The room was quiet as she continued her story yet she didn’t want to.
“As days turned into months, I was always going from demon to demon mostly two of them got extremely close unlike the rest.”
“Who were they?” 
“Akaza and Douma. They are Upper Moon Two and Three. They are different from what Kibutsuji is like. It almost seemed human.It was rather not horrible to be with them but I knew what they do and what they are. So I escaped one day, knowing that they couldn’t do anything since they can’t be out in the sunlight which none of them knew until then.”
[Y/N] sighed as she slowly turned to the Hashiras. 
“I know you don’t trust me. I get that. I wouldn’t trust me either especially with this news about him trying to find me, but I do promise you this.” She paused as her eyes showed determination. “I will help you destroy all the demons in this world. Especially Kibutsuji and after he is gone, you can kill me too.”
Everyone looked at her in shock.
“Wait [Y/N], you can’t be serious?” Mitsuri said with sad eyes.
[Y/N] could tell that she was the most emotional one that lets her feelings out without hiding them. She gave her a smile.
“I am. I’ve lived so long and I think it’s time for me to end it. After I know for sure that no demon will hurt a human again.”
[Y/N] stood up on her feet and bowed her head to them all before leaving but stopped as she turned to the Hashiras. 
“And a word of advice if you ever meet up with an Upper Moon Demon, don’t you dare hold back.” She said before disappearing. 
Everyone stayed silent as her words echoed through their minds.
“..don’t you dare hold back.”
Enmu kept his head down as he summoned by Lord Muzan. He felt chills run down his body. It was a day before his mission on the Mugen Train.
“Eyes up.”
The cold voice echoed through the room as Enmu looked up to see Muzan glaring at him with those red eyes.
“Aside from what I’ve told you about your mission on Mugen Train, I do have another small mission for you to do for him.”
“Yes Master. Anything.”
Muzen glared at Enmu even more as the next words left his mouth echoed through Enmu’s head.
“There is gonna be a woman. Half demon and half human. If you encounter her, don’t kill her. Bring her to me immediately or call for Akaza to handle her. You will know immediately whom she is.”
“Yes Master.” 
Enmu bowed his head with respect as images of this so called half demon appeared in his mind as the cells of Muzan were running through his veins. Enmu thought she was so beautiful. More beautiful than anything he has ever seen.
Before Enmu could leave, Muzan sense something in Enmu. Something he didn’t like. He knew that Enmu could see the images of [Y/N] because of his cells but what he didn’t like was the expressions on his face. Muzan suddenly appeared in front of him and gripped his throat so tightly that Enmu didn’t understand why he was doing this.
“I can smell and hear your thoughts. I know the images of her are going through your body but let me make one thing clear..” He paused as he pulled Enmu’s body closer to him. “...she is mine. Only mine to fanatasize about. To love. To dream about. This might be the last time I ever hear or smell that off of you, insect.” 
Enmu couldn’t do anything but nod his head as Muzan immediately let him go and disappeared, leaving Enmu back in the Mugen Train. He was trying to catch his breath at how tight Muzan had on his throat. It terrified him at how Muzan was with this girl. He couldn’t help but laugh at what pleasure it gave him. 
“Just perfection. I have big plans for you...[Y/N]...”
to be continued..
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Demon Slayer Black Y/N Lightning Hashira Headcanons
Tumblr media
(This is what you look like, the picrew is Alohasushicore and you can use it for pfp if you’d like!!)
- He’s not the kind of guy to outwardly express his emotions - But damn  - You’re beautiful  - and powerful  - He didn’t think that he’d ever be impressed with someone’s power  - save for the kid (Tanjiro)  - He almost doesn’t shoot his shot frfr - But he pushed himself to ask you out bc - At the end of the day, closed mouths don’t get fed
- She’s literally in LOVE with you - fitting for the Love Hashira, imo - What’s not to love about you? - You’re hot - You’re powerful  - You’re funny  - You’re hot - She could literally talk to you for hours and not get bored - She loves being in your presence 24/7  - Historians will say you guys were best friends...
- He’s literally in love with you - You’re just the right amount of flambouyant - You’re flashy - You’re fierce  - you’re amazing  - and he’d trade all his women for just one woman. - You - He’d literally be the most perfect lover  - He’s always buying you expensive gifts - But he’s also lowkey so romantic  - Picnics? Dancing in the rain? Reading to you by the fireplace?  - Ughhhhh yes
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: ahhhhh we’re on part four! after this there’s one more part and then we’re done !! getting emotional just thinking about it, haha! i hope you all are able to stay until the end!
“Hello there. I will guide you two to the village since Oyakata-sama gave his permission.” A young woman kakushi spoke to you both, and behind her another young female appeared.
Very nice to meet you!” You and Tanjiro bowed your heads. “My name is Kamado Tanjiro! I hope we can get along!”
“And I am (y/n)! I hope we don’t disturb you!” You cheerfully spoke to the woman who bowed her head in response.
“We cannot say our names, since we are only your guides. But it is very nice to meet you both. Now, wear these.” The women handed over blindfolds and ear plugs.
“These are…?” You questioned, tilting your head.
“A blindfold and earplugs. We will be carrying you both on our backs as we go to the swordsmith village, as it’s hidden.” The woman spoke to you both and you nodded slowly, watching the woman hand you a large jacket.
“I-i’ve heard that you’ve got a good ability to sense things…so please wear this ja-jacket (y/n)-chan!” Taking the jacket into your hands, you smiled at the young woman, who only hid behind her companion.
“You idiot! This is no time to act all shy in front of her! (y/n)-san, please pardon her. She is highly amazed by you, and finds you admirab-agh!” The female yelped, and you blinked in surprise.
“Now you’re the idiot! Why would you tell her!? Are you insane!? Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!” The girl exclaimed, smacking her friend on the head repeatedly, but you caught her arm gently.
“No, there’s no need for that. We should get going, but I am very honored. I hope to meet your expectations of myself someday.” You intervened, giving her a smile as she trembled under your touch.
Tanjiro laughed at the exchange, carefully putting his blindfold on. You helped the male, tying your own with ease. The women placed you on their backs, wrapping your legs around their waists. You hugged the Kakushi gently, apologizing if there was any inconvenience during the trip. Tanjiro cheered himself, excited to go see Haganezuka-kun and finally get a new sword. He does feel bad for chipping and breaking it constantly. Hopefully he becomes a better swordsman. The wind hit your face as you both got traded, at certain points the tradeoff being rocky. Sometimes you’d feel the Kakushi fight over you, but you said nothing, for you couldn’t tell what actually was happening. After each tradeoff you did thank and greet the new Kakushi with a smile. Warm hands moved behind your head, gently taking off your blindfold. Opening your eyes, you smiled at the scene. Beautiful. It was a beautiful town.
The buildings were talls and composed of mainly tiled roofs and wooden homes. There were rocks that surrounded some of the homes and trees were visible from every corner. It really was a hidden town. It felt as if it resided in the mountains, and that was enough to shield itself from outside invaders. You looked beside you to see Tanjiro, who’s eyes were glimmering. He was amazed. A loud “Whoaaaa!” left his lips at the sight. Chuckling to yourself, you held onto the younger’s hand, walking forward. The Kakushi both bowed their heads to you, and you both returned the favor.
“Those are amazing buildings! And I know this smell…there’s a hot spring nearby!” Tanjiro cheered.
“Yes, there is one.” The Kakushi answered. “You’ll see a large house when you turn left there. Make sure to greet them first and foremost. Then, I will be taking my leave.” They bowed and you both followed in suit.
“Thank you for the instructions! Thank you for bringing us here! Thank you so much!” You exclaimed, your sibling repeating the phrase over and over again to the Kakushi who had already departed from you both.
Walking ahead, you remembered the orders you were given. When at the end of the block, turn left. Go straight ahead and you have to greet the village head first. Holding your hand the entire time, Tanjiro carefully knocked on the building’s door. You both waited for the door to open, or some sort of news. After a few moments, a masked man opened the door, greeting you both. Bowing your heads, you were welcomed into the building, before being guided to where the village head was. You both took a seat on the tatami mats, waiting for the elder to say anything.
“Hello there. I am the chief of this village, Tecchikawahara Tecchin. Very nice to meet you.” The old man spoke, and you both bowed your heads.
“Kamado Tanjiro! Very honored to meet you!” The maroon-haired male spoke.
“(y/n). It’s an honor to meet you.” You introduced yourself after, smiling at the elder, in which all three of the males in front of you watched you with a fuzzy aura around them.
“What a pretty young girl, it’s been so long since we’ve seen one around here. Come, come you two. Have some rice cakes.” You laughed softly, scooting forward alongside Tanjiro to eat the rice cakes.
You crunched on the crackers with a smile on your face, enjoying the tastes they had. The door slid open and the males presented you with ohagi, where you let out a soft squeal. Eating the sweet with ease, you chewed on the rice treat happily. The elders all laughed at your reaction, finding it too adorable for their eyes. The youth really were too beautiful for their eyes. Thanking the elders with a bright smile, the conversation continued after another short moment of admiring the happy looks on your faces.
“Hotaru has gone missing right now. We’re doing our best to look for him, so please be patient.” Tecchikawahara spoke, watching you both tilt your heads in the same direction, hitting heads with one another.
“Hotaru?” Tanjiro asked.
“Yes, Haganezuka Hotaru.” Tecchikawahara answered.
“Ah! What a cute name…” you mused, rubbing your head where it hit Tanjiro’s.
“I’m the one who gave it to him.” Tecchikawahara responded. “But he keeps badmouthing me since he says its too cute.”
“Oh, that's sad…” your sibling frowned, cheeks stuffed with crackers.
“He’s always been like this ever since he was a child. He always throws tantrums right away, then he goes somewhere to cool himself off.” The elder sighed, and you laughed.
“That’s a bit childish of him, don’t you think? But still, I guess it’s what makes him attractive in a sense…” you trailed off, thinking about the swordsmith’s current whereabouts.
“Oh, no, no!” Tanjiro intervened, “I’m the one who ends up either breaking the sword or chipping it.”
“No. You’re wrong.” The elder’s voice became icy, “it’s his fault for creating a sword that could actually break.” You both froze at the male’s words.
“Well as soon as we find him, we’ll seize him and bring him over. So don’t worry about anything.” Tecchikawahara reassured, and you both frowned slightly.
“Please don’t do anything violent…” the younger pleaded, but the older male only laughed.
“I heard that your body hasn’t fully recovered from the previous battle you were in, Kamado-san. So if Hotaru isn’t able to forge your sword by the time you go back on the field, we’ll have someone else do it.” The village’s chief explained, and you both bowed your heads, ready to take your leave.
As you stepped out of the building, the words settled in your minds. Hopefully he came back. It’d be unfair to Haganezuka if he was unable to have Tanjiro as his customer. The male’s hand gently released your own, and you felt the male look at you. Turning your head, worry filled his shining eyes. He was worried about the swordsmith, and you only gave a smile at the man. He’s going to be fine. Finally giving you a bright smile, you walked ahead of the younger, feeling a tinge of guilt. Of course there were no guarantees to Haganezuka’s safety, but you hoped he was going to be okay. Following the worker assigned to you both, he stopped at the entrance of stairs.
“The spring is at the top of this hill. I will be preparing your meal down here.” The other spoke, and you nodded your head.
“(y/n)-chaaaaaan! It’s (y/n)-chan, I’m so glad!” A familiar voice called your name, and you looked over to see Mitsuri coming your way.
Running up to the female, you closed her kimono, her strong arms wrapping around you tightly. Her tears wet your uniform, fists balling your clothes within them as she sobbed into your chest. More like she whined. Your hands stroked through the girl’s hair, and she peered up at you to snuggle deeper into your stomach. You let out an exasperated sigh, another smile creeping onto your face as you were delighted to see your best friend again.
“Mitsuri-chan, what’s the matter?” You asked with the tilt of your head.
“Listen! Listeeeeeen! I got ignored! I greeted him and he ignored me, (y/n)-chaaaan!” The girl whined.
“Who did?” Tanjiro asked, watching the girl’s green eyes stare over at him.
“I don’t know! I asked him his name and he ignored me! Isn’t that just cruel! I’m a pillar! Now that good mood I had coming out of the spring is gone now” Mitsuri tugged onto you, shaking your frame as she sobbed.
“Uhm…I heard they used matsutake mushrooms to make the dinner they’re preparing for us.” Tanjiro tried to cheer on the woman, who’s eyes just shone brightly.
“Waaaaaah! Really?!” The pink and green-haired girl exclaimed. And off she went down the mountain, singing to herself as you chuckled.
“I’ll see you later, (y/n)-chan!” The Love Hashira cheered.
“Mitsuri-chan! I’ll catch up with you later!” You cheered, smiling at the girl’s now distant figure.
Arriving at the springs, the aroma was nice. Its warmth spread in the air, and you couldn’t wait to jump in. Tanjiro yelped beside you, and you looked over, watching him hold something in his hand. Peering over, you both looked in horror. A tooth?! Who’d just lose a tooth suddenly?! And it’s still bloody too…grimacing, you looked around the springs for anyone. Your eyes landed on the back of a male who had a familiar look. Squinting your eyes, you saw the scars on the male’s back. Also the black hair in the style of a mohawk was a tell-tale sign. His name was…his name was…oh! Hia name was–
“Shinazugawa Genya!” You both exclaimed, the male turning around at that exact moment.
“Drop dead!” He looked at Tanjiro, feeling his annoyance grow. “And y–!” The male’s cheeks became a bright red once his eyes met your own.
Tanjiro moved beside you, throwing off his uniform. You caught his clothes, taking them before they entered the water. You sat onto the rocky ground, facing the other way as you placed Nezuko’s box beside you. The girl let out small scratches in response to the sudden noise, but you laughed quietly. The sound of Tanjiro splashing in the water caught your attention as you waited for Genya to make his exit. He swam towards the other, feeling happiness grow in his chest.
“It’s been so long! How’ve you been?! You have the same name as the Wind Hashira!” The Kamado child mused, swimming towards the other.
“Don’t talk to me!” Genya fumed, shoving the maroon-haired male’s head under the water.
“Boys,” your voice was cold, “play nice.”
“Y–yes ma’am!” The black-haired male immediately answered, rushing out of the water as you turned to look at Tanjiro.
Opening the box, you let Nezuko crawl out, you carefully stepped the younger female out of her clothing, placing her into the water. The girl swam around, enjoying the water’s feel on her. Joining the male after, you sat on the other side of the spring as you relaxed, feeling your muscles unwind. Tanjiro sat in silence, thinking of what had just happened. You let down your hair, allowing the locks to pool around you as you both watched Nezuko swim around.
“I thought I could be friends with him since we were both in the nude. Man, relationships are hard.” Tanjiro mused, and you laughed.
“If only life was truly that simple, Tanjiro.” You answered, helping Nezuko out of the bath.
“(y/n)-chan! Are you going to finish your tempura?” Mitsuri asked you and you shook your head in response, the girl happily taking the dish.
“That’s amazing!” Tanjiro complemented the girl.
“You really think so? I didn’t eat that much today though. I always feel bad for taking (y/n)-chan’s meals…” your friend trailed off, but you placed a piece of your meat onto her bowl.
“Don’t feel bad. Watching you eat makes me so happy. I could eat a thousand more meals for the rest of my life, but to eat with you might be limited!” You replied, placing your hand on top of the girl’s with a grin.
“Oh yeah. The boy you met in the spring was Shinazugawa Genya.” The Kamado child told the girl.
“Oh! Is that so…if that’s his last name, then doesn’t that mean he’s Shinazugawa-san’s little brother? But he told me he didn’t have one? Maybe they don’t get along, how sad. (y/n), did he ever tell you about him?” The Love Hashira turned her head to look at you, and you chewed on your eel quietly.
“Mmm…no. Why would he tell me if he never told you?” You answered, and Mitsuri’s cheeks became a slight pink.
“Oh! I was just thinking he might have…oh you know…because he just happens to talk to you a bit more! Haha! Yes, that’s right!” The girl replied to you, laughing at your question.
“Oh, are they…? Do you know why?” Tanjiro questioned.
“Well I have five siblings and we all get along! Plus you seem to have two sisters who love you very much. I guess it’s just a Shinazugawa brothers thing.” Your friend replied, tickling Nezuko’s feet as you helped the workers clean up their dishes.
“Well, not all siblings are the same. I’m the oldest but Sanemi-kun is too. I think his heart is in the right place, but not his mind.” You commented, placing the dishes in neat stacks, you walked in and out of the room, helping the servants. They urged you to sit down, but you insisted with a smile and cleaned off the table, letting Tanjiro and Mitsuro talk for a little longer.
“Genya-san still hasn’t come here. I’d love it if we could just chat for a bit.” The Kamado child pouted slightly, and you ruffled his hair before sitting down.
“Looks like he isn’t coming. And he told the villagers that he wouldn’t eat at all…maybe he brought something with him.” Mitsuri smiled, and you looked at your sibling.
“How about bringing him something to eat, Tanjiro? I’m sure he’d be pleased.” The younger one nodded at your suggestion, Mitsuro nodding with you.
Walking out of the dining room, Mitsuri held your hand as you both walked together. “Kanroji-san, why did you join the Demon Slayer Corps?” Tanjiro questioned.
“Huh? Me? It’s kinda embarrassing…” her hands reached up to touch her face, a blush growing on her cheeks, “oh noo, should I? You see…I joined so I could find a gentleman who would marry me for life!” Tanjiro stared dumbfoundedly as you nodded your head.
“Girls actually like men who are stronger than themselves. Girls want to be protected by them! You get it? Maybe this is hard for a man to withstand. I mean pillars are strong, right? But it’s hard to keep up with them. That’s why I became a pillar myself. I worked really hard at it too!” Mitsuri rambled, swaying as she explained herself, the male just in awe.
“And now you’re one of the strongest out there. A great accomplishment within itself.” You complimented the older, who squealed and hugged you tightly.
“Ehhh? Genya-kun isn’t here.” Mitsuri mused.
“Kanroji-sama. Your sword will be done very soon. We would like you to come to the workshop so we can make the final touches.” A Kakushi arrived, looking at you four.
“Aww…that means I have to go now. (y/n), will you see me off?” She looked at you with expectant eyes.
“We both will!” Tanjiro exclaimed, but the girl shook her head no.
“No no, you youngsters, get your sleep. I’ll be leaving in the dead of the night probably, so I’d like (y/n)-chan to see me go one last time.” The girl watched you nod in response, her eyes welling with tears.
“No, but, well…okay then.” The Kamado child answered hesitantly.
“You two, Tanjiro-kun and (y/n)-chan. I don’t really know if we’ll be able to see each other alive next time, but let’s just do what we can. You survived a battle against an upper moon, that’s already a great learning experience. Practically speaking, there’s nothing more valuable than experiencing something like that. That’s equal to five, maybe ten years of hard training.” The Hashira knelt down to ruffle Nezuko’s hair, before she stood once more and held onto your hand. “You’re definitely ten times stronger than the last time we met, Tanjiro-kun. And you too, my (y/n)-chan.”
“Kanroji Mitsuri fully supports the Kamado siblings!” She cheered, pulling you in for a tight hug.
“Thank you so much…but I still have a while to go. I only ‘won’ because Uzui-san helped me. I will work harder than ever so that I can defeat Kibutsuji Muzan!” Tanjiro exclaimed, and the girl watched the boy intently, a blush growing on her cheeks.
“Since you both are staying here longer…I will let you in on a little secret! I heard there’s a secret weapon in this village that makes you stronger. So go look for it. You too, (y/n)-chan!” Mitsuri pulled you in for another hug, swaying you both as you laughed, pulling away to press a long kiss against the female’s cheek.
“Stay safe!” You called for her, and you watched the female disappear from sight.
It was silent for a few moments. Your brother then raised his hands, holding the tray of food above his head. You looked over at the male watching blood fall from his nose in a rush. Grabbing Nezuko, you pulled her aside as you stepped away from the younger, sighing exasperatedly.
Time for the taisho secret!
(y/n)’s crow’s name is not actually Kara. His name is actually Heihachiro, which he hates. When (y/n) started calling him Kara, he adopted it as his name. He’s also the most intelligent crow, but when they tested him to speak he barely spoke so they gave him up! All of the crows go to Kara for battle techniques and states which makes him feel moved. Kara often gets bullied by Ginko and Nijimaru.
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brightymir · 2 days ago
Demon slayer Request ok could you write of gn headcanons and scenarioes like gn reader lose a limb like a arm to protect there lover from a Fatal attack from a demon and how would lover react to that seeing you lose your arm to protect them and the characters are tanjiro rengoku shinobu and uzui.
Tumblr media
cw: canon violence, gore, language, entertainment district arc spoilers, not proofread
word count: 2.4k
characters; tanjiro, kyojuro, shinobu x gn!reader, tengen x fem!reader
author's note: this is 1/5 kny req from my inbox, kny anons pls wait hhshdhshdhhsha i can't find time to write continuously T_T had to make tengen’s fem!reader to match his canon type still, i hope u enjoy this and have a wonderful day!! <33
Tumblr media
❄︎ tanjiro kamado
it was thanks to his younger sister that he was pulled from his daze, saving him from his demise and as he felt his entire lungs heat up, scorching hot, and he was unable to raise his sword
he saw a glint of the sword in the moonlight. and felt warm blood on his cheeks, trickling down slowly as it seeped through his uniform
huh? blood? is it his? but he doesn’t feel pain anywhere but his lungs.
his eyes widened as he saw a deep cut in your arm, blood oozing and splattering everywhere. he looked up to see you, forcing a smile as you stopped the bleeding with your sash “get your strength back, tanjiro, i can hold out until the sun rises, anyway.” he wanted to panic and stand up, but his body pulled him to a momentary slumber.
when he came to, he saw you struggling to contain nezuko from attacking a wounded human, a difficult feat to achieve with deep gash on your arm, but you did not relent, not allowing nezuko to harm an innocent civilian. tanjiro rushed to you, taking over nezuko as you sped off to inflict more damage to the upper moon before it turned its attention to the civilians.
you did not notice but the wound on your arm increased his battle spirit immensely, his eyes bleeding once again.
and as the battle progressed, uzui arrived and the other part of the upper rank six appeared, tanjiro couldn’t help but worry about you and your state, taking away the demons’ attention on you. this made you feel touched but you were reminded that you two were in a battle field, and any emotions or pain should be set aside. 
“eyes on the prize, tanjiro, don’t worry about me and just finish off those damned dem- TANJIRO!” you exclaimed and jumped in front of him, before gyuutaro’s sickle hit him in the neck. and the world seemed to slow down little by little as he saw your wounded lower arm sever completely from your upper arm, blood flying through the air as your arm landed heaven knows where. 
you let out a shaky sigh as you scrambled to stop the bleeding with your haori. “welp, there goes my arm” you said and shook tanjiro. “hey, i’m still alive, it’s just an arm” you said and scattered, finding an opening to add to the damage the others already did. “remember to breathe properly, tanjiro!”
the battle progressed and his eyes wandered to you often, as you took care of daki alongside zenitsu and inosuke. he could barely contain himself as he saw uzui lose his left arm, and the way daki’s obi threw you to a pile of building rubble. 
still, he fought, he fought until the demons’ head disintegrated to ashes in his palms. 
and when he awoke two months later, your right hand placed on top of his, his eyes quickly made their way to your left arm, heart breaking at the sight of bandages wrapped around your elbow.
he smiled as he saw your sleeping expression, peaceful and at ease. he knows right then and there that there was no need to worry, you’re strong. strong enough to surpass this hurdle. 
and if ever you decide that you’re tired, he’ll gladly be your arm, your feet, your eyes and everything you wish for in this world. 
Tumblr media
❄︎ kyojuro rengoku
you don't doubt kyojuro, not a single hint of it. you believe in him, his abilities, his prowess, his resolve and his courage, he won't be taken down so easily.
you were just a kinoe, you cannot do anything to help kyojuro.
so you looked away and opted to help move the people from the train to the open field, leaving kyojuro to his own resources. you could clearly hear the conversation between him and the demon, who was persistent on making kyojuro a demon, admiring your lover's strength and spirit. you sucked in a deep breath, wanting nothing more than just to shut those filthy mouth of his with your blade.
you see how battered and deeply wounded kyojuro was, making you grip your sword tight, contemplating your options. his strength and energy was nearing to cease, someone had to intervene and help him buy time, and no one is responsible for that but you.
you sped off stealthily to kyojuro and the demon, trying your best not to alert either of them of your presence. you were thankful for yout intuition, your foresight. because you were able to sense where the upper moon three's fist was about to collide with kyojuro's body.
you barely made it by a millisecond, doing a cartwheel in the air as a final effort to shield kyojuro, and you felt the rock hard fist of the demon meet your right knee, effectively severing your lower leg from your thighs, flying off somewhere. you can't focus on anything else but getting rid of the demon at that moment.
you didn't have time to pay attention to your lost right leg as you propped yourself and your weight on your other leg, standing behind the demon as you struck the side of his neck. "kyojuro! take the other side!!" you exclaimed and your lover was quick to react, slicing through the demon's neck as hard as you were.
when you saw the demon try to attack kyojuro again, you retracted your sword to cut off his arms, which proved to be difficult as his arms regenerate quickly as soon as you cut them off, keeping you occupied as you trust kyojuro to slice his head off. you sense tanjiro and inosuke approach the two of you, and it was at that moment that you lost your balance as the demon jumped away, afraid of the rising sun.
kyojuro was quick to catch you in his arms as the blood loss began to get to you, your vision getting hazy as you felt your consciousness slipping away. "don't worry about me, get the demon" and kyojuro should, he must, but at that moment, he was your lover before he was the flame hashira.
so he stayed beside you as your vision turned black, kyojuro's bloodied face and the sun rising the last thing you see.
you regained consciousness after three days, kyojuro by your bedside as he quietly replaced the bandages on your knee, bringing tears to your eyes but you brushed them away before kyojuro sees them.
"shouldn't you be resting?" you said hoarsely which drew his attention to you, making him smile brightly as he finished up tending to your severed leg. he sat beside you and pressed a kiss to your forehead, making you hum in return.
"kocho said the same, but i feel good as new" he said making you smile. your eyes faltered to your severed leg, making you tear up once again as your lips quivered, you were overtaken by sadness.
kyojuro's eyes did not escape your reaction, so he pulled you into a hug as you finally let your tears fall freely, dampening his uniform. only around kyojuro can you be vulnerable and meek like this, only around kyojuro can you show your weaknesses and shortcomings.
"you're strong, darling. you saved me, and i could never thank you enough for that. i promise to be with you, every step of the way, i love you."
Tumblr media
❄︎ tengen uzui
out of everyone, you are the most stubborn of tengen’s wives, so he was hardly surprised when you went in the battlefield with him, deaf to suma’s cries.
tengen could not even follow your movements, wondering how you manage to pull several kunais from your body all at once, seemingly never running out of the weapon no matter how much you hurl towards the demon who had two sickles as his weapon. he kept up with you, turning it into a silly competition as you two teased each other, not paying mind to the words of the demon. 
and thought there were three of you taking turns in inflicting damage, it didn't seem to weaken in the slightest. you grumbled to yourself as you were slowly running out of kunai, jumping around the rubble in hopes to recollect those you threw moments before.
after successfully recollecting seven of it, your eyes faltered to tengen who was taking a moment to adjust to one eye only, and the demon who did not plan on ceasing his attacks.
perhaps it was because of your kunoichi instinct, or your reflex, or simply because you needed to, your body moved without thinking as you hurried to put yourself in front of tengen, jumping high up to meet the sickle that was supposed to pierce his neck.
your right elbow felt numb as your lower arm flew off, into the pile of rubble around you. you recoiled and used your cloth to stop the bleeding, you noticed the shift in the air, growing more menacing as you felt heavy pressure. when you looked at tengen, you see him shrouded in a dark aura, his eyes trained at the demon a few feet away.
his eyes could've missed the way your arm got cut off, but the sound hashira's ears will never escape the whimper that fell from your lips the moment you lost your lower arm.
the next thing you felt was makio and hinatsuru carrying you away from the site of the battle. you let yourself get dragged away, knowing full well that once tengen is fired up, he will not back down until his goal is achieved. and you let yourself fall into slumber for a short while.
when you awoke, you were beside tengen as your wives gathered around the two of you, suma and makio bickering once again.
"stupid ass, i saved you from getting your neck sliced off and you die because of poisoning? this is not flamboyant, tengen" you muttered quickly, trying to lace mock in your voice but you couldn't as tears begin to escape your eyes.
"heh, at least i've got an arm" he teased and chuckles as your brows met each other.
it was at that moment that a little demon girl made its way to the four of you, placing her hand on tengen as you watched your husband light up in red flames, engulfing him quickly.
you were about to grab a kunai and deal with the little girl but suma's screaming beat you to it. you paused your movements when you sensed movements beside you, seeing the poison fade from tengen's body.
the kakushis and the serpent pillar arrived shortly, with your husband announcing his retirement. as the five of you walked away, a thought lingered in your head, to whom tengen responded.
"it's okay to retire like this, flamboyantly. i already told you, your lives are of the utmost importance" he reassured and gave all of you a smile. and somehow, you felt at ease, knowing you can live in peace with your loved ones.
Tumblr media
❄︎ shinobu kocho
you ran through the forest, keeping up with the demon as shinobu evacuated the small village at the foot of the mountain, trying to reduce any casualties your clash with the demon might cause. 
you did not doubt shinobu’s abilities nor her expertise in poisons that incapacitates demons. but she was distracted, her mind was floating in the where, you knew well that she was not focused on the mission at hand, her mind still lingering around the past month's events.
kanae's death took a toll on her. that was an undeniable fact. kanae was her sister, her only family left, and she was taken harshly away from her. however she's a demon hunter, the master of the butterfly estate, another undeniable fact.
and demon hunters, no matter the obstacle they face, will continue to move forward without relent.
with that in mind, you sped up as shinobu appeared behind you, eyes trained forward with a light smile on her face. you remained silent, knowing it was her facade ever since the day kanae passed.
after minutes of running, you felt yourself chill as the forest felt suddenly could, and you felt a heavy presence from... above! you quickly looked up in time to see the demon descend from a high tree, headed for shinobu who was frozen in place.
the demon's eyes said "lower moon two".
you pushed shinobu away as you fell face flat on the ground, not fast enough to stand up as the demon's feet crushed your knees, making you scream and writhe in pain. you tried to reach for your sword but the demon did not allow you. while stepping on your back, the demon reached for your left forearm, ripping it away from your elbow.
the pain took over your senses, but you were thankful that you were quick enough to push shinobu away, else, her body would be shredded to pieces now just from the demon's brute strength and force.
"SHINOBU! LOVE, I NEED YOU TO FOCUS PLEASE!" you screamed, effectively shaking her off from her daze. her purple eyes, which were originally hollow, turned shades deeper as her eyes traveled to your severed forearm, blood flowing freely from your elbow as she heard your whimpers and sniffles.
with her vision red, shinbu charged straight for the demon, twistinf her sword in the scabbard before unsheathing it. before the demon had a chance to launch an attack, shinobu already pierced its neck, administering wisteria poison to the demon.
the demon soon turned to ashes, and you lay on the ground, trying to regain composure as you bled out. black and white spots started to cloud your vision as you felt your head get rested on shinobu's lap. you gave her a small smile as you felt her tears fall on your cheeks.
"shh, don't cry. you did such a wonderful job, kocho shinobu, insect hashira" you said before succumbing to slumber.
you awoke to the scent of disinfectant and lavender, your waist down feeling numb. your eyes traveled to your left forearm, your dominant arm. the door opened, shinobu appearing and when she saw you awake, she rushed beside you.
she held your right hand, eyes focused on your left elbow as her other hand caressed your legs. you pressed a kiss to her cheek, turning her gaze to you.
"i'll be fine, darling. i just need to practice with my right arm from now on. something like this won't take me down, won't take us down" you reassured her as you pulled her into a tight hug.
she might never be able to express it properly, but she's grateful that you're so strong. so strong and tough enough to survive and not leave her alone. you were her last string of sanity and she might just go berserk if you slipped through her fingers.
Tumblr media
© 𝐁𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐘𝐌𝐈𝐑 2022 - all rights reserved. please do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or share my work on other platforms without permission. thank you.
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burntbuttermm · 2 days ago
Uzui Tengen x Pet Names Headcanons
Tumblr media
AKA one liners for cultured fics
Characters: Uzui Tengen, mostly gn!reader, a couple afab!reader Warnings: NSFW (MDNI), dirty talking, praise kink 🥴
-- Uzui Tengen would always call you by pet names, even before you start dating him. The man is a huge flirt can’t stop won’t stop.
“What’s your name little one?”
“Call me Tengen, pretty girl”
“Darling I’m home early~”
“You’re doing this purpose aren’t you gorgeous?”
“C’mere baby, I want you on my lap”
“Oh sweetheart... you’re drenched”
"Open wide~ Mhnm yeah that's it, such a good girl for me..."
“Oh baby, you taste divine”
“You want my cock? Beg for it bunny”
“Such a pretty little whore for me”
“That’s it, you’re taking me so well baby”
"Louder sweetheart, I want them to hear you"
Let me know if you have any others 💖
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jupitereleven · 20 hours ago
Demon Slayer Ep14 season 2
Tumblr media
skip if you don’t want spoilers
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thatfanficauthor · 2 days ago
icb i cried because i got jealous over uzui’s wife
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druighoney · a month ago
[6:29 PM] — Tengen Uzui + jealousy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ CW. AFAB reader, Size kink, dirty talk, dacryphilia, degradation, choking, doggy style (bc I refuse to write mating press in a quickie), possessiveness, voyeurism, brat taming(?), clothed sex (naked female, clothed male), daddy kink, MDNI
⤷ Synopsis: You get punished for being a brat and flirting with another Hashira before a Hashira meeting.
⤷ Note. Pfft, imagine whoever you want as the "other Hashira". I'm going with Sanemi. Not proofread lmao.
Part 2 (rengoku's route) :: Part 3
#tags. @festive (viv imagining giyuu ik it) @i4nanami @manjiken @r1nf4iry
Tumblr media
You could hear Mitsuri's chatter through the thin walls,"You're getting wetter," Soft silver strands caress your skin while his deep voice falls melodically on your ear,"Does it turn you on to know that they could hear you if you're not quiet?"
You whimper at his jab, nails digging into the carpet and a sweet plea falls from your lips. A breathy chuckle sends shivers tingling through your spine,"Not much of a brat now, are you?" Painted nails left tiny crescents on your skin as his hips pressed flush to your squirming ones,"Just needed a good dicking down." He muses, strumming his fingers around your waist till he reached in between your legs,"And you're back to being an obedient slut for daddy." Tengen presses the pads of his fingers on your aching clit, rubbing deft circle on the puffy nub.
Your hands trembled under the weight of his broad chest against your back, the material of his vest flush on your bare back. A loud moan breaks through your restraint as you tumble over with a sudden hard thrust from Tengen,"Careful there," Teeth pull your earlobe in a teasing bite when you bury your face behind your folded arms, chest pressed to the scratchy carpet now, "Wouldn't want them to find out what a slut their fellow hashira is for the God of flamboyance, hm?"
A scoff bubbled up in your throat but it died as soon as Uzui's cock knocked at your cervix with the new angle,"Daddy! T'deep, please!" Your mewl satiated the burns of jealousy in his chest that were alight ever since he saw you flirting with the other Hashira. It might be hypocritical of him to be envious if you want another man, because he's got three wives but the insecurities in his veins won't let him admit it, that he's scared you'd leave him. So, he's here taking out his green sparks of anger on you, thick cock abusing your cunt in an unrelenting pace. Your kneecaps ached from kneeling on the floor, skin scratching with each thrust from the man behind you.
"Shhh," A huge palm covered your mouth, thick fingers draped over your lips. Eyes saturating with salty drops as you cry out in his hand,"Oh-fuck- you want them to find out, don't ya'?" Tengen bites back a grunt, faltering to grasp at the tiny tendrils of restraint he had to not cum right away because your cunt is gripping his length tighter than ever before,"Or maybe you're hoping he'd come over and fuck you." His words made you moan, the coil in your belly ready to snap.
"What a fucking whore you are, y/n." The hand slides down your jaw, the metal of his rings burning cold on your skin as his fingers wrapped around your neck,"Then I guess I'll have to fuck you like one," You yelp when his cock head kisses your cervix again, bruising your walls with such powerful deep thrusts,"Let them hear you getting fucked like you deserve." His voice is almost drowned out by the filthy wet slaps and you're sure if the other Hashiras didn't hear you yet, they absolutely can hear you now,"Like the whore you are."
"Maybe he'll hear you too." Tengen is merciless with his taunts,"And he'll realise that he can never fuck you like I can." He growls, hunky body lurching over your tiny one. You press your cheek to the bulge of his bicep as you feel his veins pulse against your gummy walls. You won't deny that having him all possessive over you turned you on but will you let him know? "Maybe he can fuck me better than you," Your eyes meet his with a turn of your head,"Daddy." Fuchsia orbs haze into darkness upon your words,"We'll see about that." Thumb and index finger pinches your clit harshly, a smirk tugs at the corners of his lips as your face twists, the coil snapping with wet warmth drenching his throbbing cock.
Tengen's gaze locks on the intruder's eyes, his hand gripping your jaw to tilt your face up to display the expression of ecstasy,"Doesn't she look pretty when she cums?" Through the ringing in your ears from the blissful orgasm, you register your boyfriend's strained growl before your tear hazed eyes focus on the other man at the doorframe.
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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tenrichouku · a month ago
𝐫𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐞 𝐧𝐨𝐮𝐬
Tumblr media Tumblr media
your husband struggles with the consequences of his recent fight. the sudden change to his usually flamboyant demeanour drowned by insecurities. it caused him to withdrew from his loved ones until one night you let him know exactly how beautiful he still is to you
Tumblr media
— pairing: uzui tengen x female reader
genre: smut, comfort, mdni
wordcount: 3k
warnings: major manga spoilers, body insecurities (not reader), description of wounds and blood, lots of praise, pet names, size difference/kink
Tumblr media
Not a day goes by where you don’t feel appreciated by your husband. Not a single cycle from morning to night passes without him telling you how much he adores you. In the form of words, touches, and acts. You feel loved; loved and beautiful.
Yet over time, and especially after his last battle, you have sadly noticed a shift in his demeanour. Not much remains from his flamboyant persona amid your privacy. You often find him sitting at your small pond or out on the veranda, especially at night when he was supposed to share your bed.
Yes, it’s been long since you were last able to touch him. To feel his muscles shift beneath the tips of your fingers or drag beautiful red streaks over his broad back thanks to the pleasure he inflicted in your body. Even longer since you last moaned his name in bliss, felt him pressed against you with his lips exploring your body like a hidden treasure.
The ring of the wind play tears Tengen out of his thoughts and makes him aware of the small shadow watching over him. He takes a moment to smile to himself, before he inhaling deeply and finding his composure again. His broad figure turns to you, wide chest open for you to claim as he reaches out his right hand toward your reaction.
“If you think you’re sneaky, I must sadly inform you, that you’re doing a poor job, love.” The words are delivered with a wide grin of his, charming. You used to describe it. But by now you see the sadness behind his mask.
“I wasn’t aware I needed to hide in my home, love.” You shoot back as you take his hand and let the man help you sit down, beside him.
You yearn to sit in his lap. To feel his embrace around your frame and his lips on yours.
He leans towards you, looming a little above your smaller frame with a playfulness softening his features. “You do. Better to hide from the big old monster than letting it catch you.” He winks at you, acting off his insecurities with another smirk as he gives his best to seem unbothered in front of you.
Yet your soft sigh has his shoulders slouch, the love and tenderness in your eyes something Tengen wasn’t able to watch for weeks now. Turning away, he once more stares off into the night as silence falls over your bodies.
“What is keeping you up at night?” You finally dare to ask as your chin finds rest on top of his shoulder, seeking to comfort him even for the smallest amount.
“Nothing for you to worry about,” Tengen answers, lifting his left arm in search to cradle your cheek, if it wasn’t for his eyes to look at nothing but the sleeve of his kimono.
The touch he wanted to give to you is repaid by your own hand. Cold fingertips contrast the warmth of his body as you direct his face to meet your gaze, a small smile softening your features. “You’re so beautiful,” you quietly confess as you look at his features and carefully brush his silver strands out of his face.
“Lying should not become a habit of yours just to make your husband feel better.”
You fight back by placing a gentle kiss to his forehead and cradle his face in your hold. “Aren’t you an expert at that already?”
“I’m not lying to you, blossom.”
“No, but you’re also not speaking the truth. Always putting up an act of being unbothered until the sun settles and the moon rises. Every night we find you anywhere but inside. Strolling around in odd places, meditating for hours or staring into the night for what? Your hand to grow back? Your eye to suddenly be fine again?” Anger boils over inside your body as you stare Tengen down and you bite your tongue. You’re really not here to fight with him.
What you completely in this moment is the fact that he doesn’t even argue back. Opting to let you hold him as he melts in your care, touch-starved found a new representative after he withdrew himself for months.
“I didn’t mean to…” you sigh quietly while thumbing the apples of his cheeks. “We’re worried. I’m worried.”
His eye opens upon your confession, yet he stays quiet. There are too many thoughts running through his mind to find the correct one right now.
“I miss you,” you pressure while your soothing touch brushes through his hair and down his neck. “I miss you so much, Tengen.”
Truth be told, there is much he can endure. Pain, sorrow, losing his limbs. But not bringing pain to his loved ones. So it should barely come as a surprise to you that your body is now fully pressed against his chest. He’s all too eager to pull you in his lap right away if it wasn’t for your inconvenient seating position.
The pressure applied by his chin resting on your shoulder reassures you. It causes a smile to adorn your features as you lean into his touch while your arms snake around his neck.
“A pretty flower shouldn’t be forced to look at ruined art.”
You chuckle over his sentiment and shake your head, hold growing stronger around him to keep his body close. “You’re not ruined. You just have some newly added quirks, hm?”
Feeling him pinch your butt has you giggling in return. Faking a whine as you drawl his name and pull back, to once again look at his face. “You’re beautiful.”
“You may stop stealing my lines.” He shoots back upon holding your cheeks and squishing your lips into a pout. Upon the cute view Tengen blessed himself with, you witness his signature grin finally return as he adores you. “Silly girl.”
“Yours,” you add through the pout and bat your lashes at the man.
Tengen complies by loosening the hold to your face and closing the distance between your lips. Giving you a gentle kiss but breaking away far too early for your liking.
“Not yet,” you whine once more. Knowing just perfectly how to get anything you want from your husband. “Way too short, miss you so much…” you add as you lean in again.
Your hands hold on to his kimono, balled fists resting against his chest as you seek his lips once more for a deep kiss. It feels so sweet whenever you get the chance to be the dominant part with a man like him, as he simply lets you do whatever you please.
Soft lips move effortlessly, skilled and in perfect tandem with another and distracting Tengen enough to finally have his hand rest on your body. Thumbing over your hip bone before his touch travels north and grab onto your waist, to finally pull you into his lap and have your bodies touch.
You grow small beneath him, being dwarfed by his sheer size difference compared to you. That leaves you yearning for more.
There is no excuse to your squirming, to your curious hands dipping between the space of his kimono and run over his firm chest. You place a gentle kiss on his exposed neck and smile upon witnessing the effect you still have on his body.
You watch the shiver course through his veins, hear the shaky exhale next to your ear and feel his lips repaying your favours tenfold once Tengen cranes your neck. Allowing him to kiss you repeatedly, gently sucking and licking on your skin and grinning to himself as he watches you turn needy.
“I miss you as well, princess.”
You know he must feel ashamed to admit it, judging by how quietly he confessed his feelings against the crook of your neck. Tengen’s forehead rests against your shoulder, eye shut while rubbing your back in gentle patterns. “But showing you this…”
You cut in upon hearing his first few words. The frown on your face is evident while your shoulders slouch. “Showing me your body, not this.” you murmur, and bring the man out of his make-shift hiding spot.
You face another as you remain seated on top of his thighs, lips close enough to almost touch, yet your focus lies on something else as you search for his gaze. “Don’t hide from me. You told me the same thing when I felt too insecure about myself. You told me I’m perfect to your eyes, didn’t you?”
The repetitive poking of your fingertip against his chest makes Tengen smile, nodding along to your words and stealing a quick kiss from your lips before he speaks up. “Help me?”
The question has your heart swell in warmth and you hum along to his words, while your curious fingers already loosen his kimono. “Of course,” you giggle and meet his eye with a mischievous grin on your lips. Leaning in once more your kisses now reach Tengen’s neck and collarbone with the added pleasure of your fingertips dipping beneath the fabric of his kimono and brushing over his pecs to reach his shoulders; where you finally push the clothing item off.
The hesitation of your actions follows by Tengen pulling out his intact arm, palm coming up to cradle your cheek and redirect your gaze to look at his face. Kissing you once more as the other sleeve drops to reveal his upper body. His left arm is wrapped up in bandages, everything gore-y hidden beneath white linen. Regardless, the moment you part from the kiss, Tengen still feels the urge in his arm, wanting nothing more but to hold your face between his hands and admire your own beauty.
The frustration shows as he tries to bite back his anger, the fingers of his right hand now curling around the fabric of your kimono as he once more fails to meet your gaze.
“Tengen…” Upon your touch, in the teasing drag of your nails over his chest and upward his neck, he looks at you. Turning putty beneath your hands while goosebumps bloom over his skin. “Let me take care of you,” you whisper against his lips. Rendering the man defenceless the moment you adjust your seating for your hips to touch his. A soft groan escapes him over the newly found pleasure, hand tugging your hip even closer.
You can’t help but grin beneath the kiss. The grip he holds on your body so demanding and needy as your hips grind down on him.
Soon, Tengen tugs on the wrap around your waist. Loosening the band with expertise where he doesn’t even need more than one hand to undress your body. The warmth of his touch has you arch against him, pressing yourself further into his warmth as you whimper softly into his mouth.
It’s been so long since he touched you that every little gesture ignites little sparks under your skin. Your shared kiss turns deeper, seemingly never breaking if it wasn’t for the little pants for fresh air in between. Until his palm nestles around your breast, long fingers ghosting over the subtle flesh and teasing your nipple. Lips parting for Tengen’s kisses to ruin your neck and décolleté with gentle sucks and kisses.
“So pretty,” slips out of his mouth as you moan for him. Feeble fingers eager to untie his waistband and bare him. “And so greedy,” Tengen muses. Fingertips dragging along your heaving chest and stomach as he watches you, eye contact never breaking while his hand travels further south.
Your thighs flex and clench upon the familiar feeling of his fingers as they brush over your sensitive pussy. Spreading your lips to tease the swollen area and coat himself in arousal, easing the glide of his digits.
The moment two of his fingers push against your entrance and stretch your gummy walls has you moan for him, upper body leaning against Tengen with your arms around his neck.
“Feeling good?” he murmurs while kissing along your shoulder, pumping his finger inside your cunt while growing eager to feel you around his girth. “So, so good,” you sigh, before biting your lip and burying your face in the crook of his neck. Hips rolling against his palm, letting his fingers reach deeper, while you’re already so eager to finally welcome an orgasm again.
It actually brings Tengen to chuckle, humming into the crook of your neck and kissing your temple not before long his thumb pressures your clit. Circling the nub and swiping over it to watch your legs starting to give out and hear more of your moans.
Yet your voice has him stop. Angelic tones begging him to “want to cum with you, please. ‘s been so long, wanna feel you.” Of course, only a madman would deny you of your wishes.
So he complies by withdrawing his fingers, making you highly aware of just how wet you are as he smears your juices along your inner thigh and beams at you. Content clear as day, even in the depths of night. “Do you think you can handle an old, crippled man?” he asks, and tries to make it sound lighthearted. Yet you refuse to let him off the hook. Frowning at him before pushing his back against one of the many posts of the veranda, forcing him to be quiet with a kiss while your hand finally unravels his robe. Fingers wrapping around his cock to pump him for him to falter and have his head fall back against the wood as breathy moans leave his lips.
The tip of his cock drags along your folds, jerking over the pleasure you ignite throughout Tengen’s body while the man in question looks up at you. Mesmerised by your blown wide pupils illuminated in the moonlight as you meet his gaze and smile for him. That is, until his stretch makes you moan. Body crumbling and seeking his support as you lean against your husband, hips sinking down further on his cock.
How exactly could he go without your heavenly body for so long? Withdrawing himself from listening to your sweet moans of his name for weeks just because of his silly little injuries?
“Look at you,” he groans in utter bliss, grinning like a love-drunk fool over the delicious feeling of your gummy walls around him. Tengen offers you his hand and soon entwines your fingers, allowing you extra support to help ease your body’s movements. “My beautiful wife,” he rambles on, “looking so heavenly on top of me.”
It brings a smile to your lips and tears to adorn your lashes. You truly missed him and his praise. Him and the perfect stretch of his cock as you sink down on him again and again. “I love you,” you breathe while your nails dig into the back of his hand. Your fingers squeeze his and your moaning and whines in bliss are drowned by his kiss. Whispering his own reply of “I love you,” against your soft lips. Until you graze just the right spot inside your soft walls and your head falls back, praising his cock in the form of further moans while pressing your eyes shut.
You grind down on him, sighing over the sensations ignited by the stimulation his pelvis offers on your clit. Remembering to clench around his girth to steal further pants and groans from your husband to motivate you further.
And once your free hand drags over his neck and shoulder; nails painting his skin in red streaks as you worry about nothing but the perfect feeling he pleases you with, Tengen truly loses himself in you. Abandoning the hold he shared with you to grab your hips, guiding your body to arch further anytime your hips roll forward or sink down again.
His high isn’t far off, weeklong withdrawal as well combined with a pretty woman like you rendering him defenceless to his human needs.
“More, give me a little more,” he speaks into your neck, returning to suck on the fragile skin as he helps you to bounce in his lap. The feeling of your small hands on his broad shoulders, the familiarity of your weight on top of him and the and your silky soft skin beneath his rough palm all he needs to focus on as he feels himself twitch inside your cunt.
Timbre moans ripple along your skin when he presses your body down, holding you in place while he paints your walls white.
You use the moment for your own pleasure, returning to grind your clit against him while his cock throbs inside you. Making sure to tighten around his girth, tempting and teasing his sensitive cock until his nails dig into your skin and his teeth bare your shoulder. Yet he lets you move, lets you fuck yourself on his cock beyond overstimulation and helps you reach your high with the gentle stroke of his thumb over your clit.
You crumble ever so flawlessly. Brows knitted together while the cute little ‘o’ to your lips turns to moans of Tengen’s name and thank yous, although you did all the work this time.
The safest place to ride out your high is in his arms, pressed tightly against his flexed and sweat-covered chest, which is heaving against yours. You hide your face in the crook of his neck, nuzzling him and humming in content when you feel his embrace. Two arms holding you tightly against your husband accompanied by his lips lingering on the crown of your head. “My little blessing,” he murmurs to himself as his fingers run along your spine, lulling you in to let your heavy lids fall close as the thumping of Tengen’s heart echoes inside your ears.
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cielinde · a month ago
heathen chemistry
Tumblr media
tengen uzui x fem reader smut (pic creds to @/ringorenji88 on twt) synopsis: tengen's mission in the red light district solely consisted of slaying the upper moon demon and that alone. he totally won't get distracted and develop an attraction to the cute oiran he met. right? word count: 2.5k notes: no 3 wives in this; cheating doesn't sit right with me (minors dni, more under cut!)
* ‧ ⨯ . ⁺ ✦ * 𓂂 ꙳
in a district glazed with lust, love, and tears, the sound hashira uzui tengen had never thought of engaging himself into the services it provided. he found several aspects of it repulsive; not the act itself, but the amount of abuse and mistreatment of women that went overlooked by all its residents.
and if not for the alarming number of disappearances and death rates, he certainly would have never stepped foot into such a place. beautiful it was, with its stringed lanterns, flavourful foods, and alluring women, but ugly were the assaults, diseases, and… demons.
with a mission at hand to behead said demon, along with having the slight responsibility of overseeing the three boys (and one demon sister) he had brought along for assistance, tengen was sure that he was only there for the kill, and for nothing else.
not even for a certain oiran that had caught his eye.
he groaned against your clit as you arched your back, fingers running through his silver locks. you gasped sweetly as he flattened his tongue against your aching core, running it from top to bottom and top again with an agonisingly slow speed.
“please…” you whimpered.
ah, yes. totally not there for anything else.
he knew it was selfish of him to be indulging in his carnal desires while his companions were settled into their respective houses and gathering intel on the potential upper moon, but the moment he saw you right after securing a spot for zenitsu in the same house you worked in, he knew he just had to have you for the night.
“ah!” you moaned, biting down on your lip as his strong hands squeezed each of your thighs, which were wrapped around his head. he could hear your heavy breathing and rapidly beating heart, your hands trembling with every stroke of his tongue against your wet core.
flicking your sensitive clit with the tip of his tongue, tengen smirked at your cute squeal. he could feel your peak rising as his skillful tongue coaxed more of your sweet juices straight into his hungry mouth, your skin flushed with sweat and your hips involuntarily bucking into his face with the need to release.
“sir!” you gasped, squirming in his strong grasp held you in place, his lips wrapped around your bud as he sucked it, a low hum emitting from him which sent you closer and closer to the edge.
he removed a hand from your thighs and insert it inside your wet cunt, long fingers curling inside and stroking your sensitive walls as you cried out louder and louder, the fire in your lower regions close to snapping at any moment.
“please, please,” you closed your eyes, muscles tightening as tengen thrusted his fingers in and out of you faster, tongue lapping on your clit and juices as you finally reach your climax, your moans of pleasure filling the room as you tightened your grip on his hair, thrusting against his face as your thighs quiver on his shoulders, the burning tension unfurling and your cunt buzzing from the shockwaves of pleasure.
you moaned softly when he pulled away from your core after your orgasm subsided, a damned handsome smile on his face.
“i can tell you’ve never been with a proper man before,” he smirked, licking up the last of your juices from his fingers. you blushed furiously, and settled yourself on your elbows so you could see him better.
“y-you’re the first one who’s ever been…eager to please me,” you tried to keep your voice steady, but gods, it was hard when such a beautiful man was maintaining eye contact with you from between your legs.
“what a shame,” he hummed, pressing a kiss to your right thigh. you inhaled sharply, and he nipped on your flesh. “you’re too beautiful to belong in a place like this,” he ran his tongue against your skin, and gently bit down onto it.
you fisted the bedsheets, pussy throbbing once again as he harshly sucked on your thigh, sure to leave a bruise.
“well, you’re too handsome to be visiting a place like this, too,” you giggled breathlessly. it was true. while you had seen many handsome men come and go, you hadn’t ever seen one as majestic as the man before you, and you silently wished you could have known him under better circumstances.
“am i, now?” he purred, a low chuckle vibrating against your thigh. “that makes the two of us worthy of leaving this place, doesn’t it?”
your eyes widened. he couldn’t possibly mean..?
your thoughts were cut off with a surprised yelp coming from you as he pushed your upper half back down onto the sheets, lustful eyes staring down at you as he used another hand to knead and grope your breast.
you bit your lip, wrapping your legs around his waist to pull him closer to you, and you rolled your hips against his cock, feeling a drop of precum kiss your cunt. tengen groaned, and you ground yourself against him again.
“don’t you think it’s unfair that you’re holding back, sir?” you purred, trailing your hands on his muscular build. gods, why was he sculpted so perfectly? you felt his cock twitch against your wet core, and he licked his lips.
“don’t you think it’s unfair that you’re teasing me, miss?” he leaned closer to you, both your foreheads touching.
“please do elaborate,” you whispered, kissing the corners of his mouth, just ghosting over his lips.
“hm, for one…you make me want to fuck you senseless,” he kissed you with force, lips rough against yours as he slipped his tongue into your mouth, his hands pinching and pulling on your hardened nipples.
you moaned into the kiss, grinding onto his cock with even more need, and he smirked as he nibbled on your lower lip, the head of his cock already parting your lower lips, which were swollen with lust.
“sir…” you whimpered, wondering if you should beg. a lot of men liked that. and at this point, you would do anything to have him inside you already.
“tengen,” he grunted. “my name’s tengen.”
“tengen…” you looked into his eyes pleadingly, “please?”
“fuck, you’re irresistable,” he chuckled. “why don’t you fuck yourself on me, pretty girl?”
“don’t mind if i do,” you smiled, and once he rolled over beside you, you easily straddled him, a hand on his toned chest for support as your other guides yourself to his entrance, and once his tip is pressed against your cunt, you slowly sink down on him, a satisfying moan spilling from his lips as you whimper at the feeling of his thick girth stretching you out.
“you’re so tight,” he teased, and you roll your hips, earning another groan from him.
“and you’re so hard,” you teased back, gritting your teeth as you shakily lifted yourself up slightly and slammed yourself down on his cock. the feeling of him filling you up was so sinfully blissful, and you moan loudly as you continue to ride his cock, every tentative movement and the way your cunt clenched around him just barely teasing your sweet spot.
“holding back on me, now?” tengen slapped your ass, hands squeezing your rear as you mewled softly. your reaction most likely egged him on, as you could now feel the slight strain in your abdomen from the way a small bulge had formed.
“impatient, tengen?” you picked up your pace, advancing your hands on his chest where you could feel his breathing gradually get heavier.
“only for you, little temptress,” he moved a hand to rub at your clit, and you threw your head back, thighs shaking as you tried to continue your ministrations.
“getting weak in the knees?” he chuckled, pressing a finger harshly against your bud, and you let out a strangled moan, nails digging crescent moons into his skin.
“not yet,” you whispered, reaching further up to support yourself on his shoulders. the slight position change helped bring ease into riding him, but you still knew your dominance over him was withering. not that you minded.
“want me to fuck you?” he palmed your chest, and you slammed your hips especially hard on him. tengen let out a loud groan, and you pressed a kiss to his neck, hips rolling slower against his.
“why don’t you fuck me yourself?” you murmured against his skin, gently biting down as you lightly squeezed his nipple.
“your wish is my command,” he smirked, and effortlessly overpowered you, flipping you over and holding your hips as his length never left your pussy. you looked up at him, a fresh wave of lust rolling through you at the sight of his dishevelled white hair framing his face above you. your breath hitched as he pulled out to thrust against you, and you locked your ankles together around him, wanting more and more of him.
you could tell he wasn’t holding back anymore from his thrusts alone. with all his raw strength, tengen fucked you rough and hard, every deep thrust that kissed the entrance to your womb making your pussy clench deliciously around him, trying to pull him deeper into you.
“oh-oh gods!” you cried out at the feeling of his tongue teasing your earlobe.
“there are no gods but me,” he said, hot breath against you as you squirmed, helpless whimpers spilling from you akin to prayers as he continued to fuck you languidly, every long stroke of his cock making your pussy throb and ache for release. his length was so thick and long; you had never felt this pleasurable in all your years working in the district.
your walls continued to tighten around his twitching cock, a sign he was close. taking notice of this, tengen dipped a hand to mercilessly flick at your clit, the roughness of the pads of his fingers making it all the more pleasurable as you furrowed your brows and closed your eyes, holding onto him tighter as you felt an intense orgasm close to swallowing you whole.
“look at me,” he grunted, and you cracked your eyes open to look into his maroon ones.
“i want to see you cum,” he nibbled on your jaw, peppering it with kisses as well. your thighs trembled as your body involuntarily writhed under his, your back arched into his chest as you could feel his heart beat directly against your breast.
“i want everyone in this damn house to know you’re mine,” he kissed you again, and your moans were muffled against his lips as his tongue dominated yours, spitting into your mouth with a smirk as he grabbed your jaw, cock fucking deeper into you with every rock of his hips. you were sure you’d be bruised come morning, but it didn’t matter.
“tengen…” you moaned his name in bliss once he pulled away, every thought in your mind full of nothing but him. he drove you mad; you had never wanted to cum this badly.
“louder,” he groaned. his touch was bringing you to the brink of an orgasm, and you’re already a panting, trembling mess underneath him.
“t-tengen!” you whined loudly, feeling his cock twitch even more against your sweet spot. close, so close. he growled into your ear as he continued to rut into you, and you held him closer to you.
“cum for me,” he pinched your clit especially hard, cock abusing your most sensitive spot inside you until you finally reached your long-awaited climax.
his name left your lips in a cry from deep within your throat, your pussy clenching around him tighter than ever until you could very much feel the prominent veins along his length pulsate against your walls, your climax racking through your body as tengen held you down, his cock hardening within you as he finally shot ropes of thick, white seed into your pussy, your walls milking him of his essence as he let out a guttural groan, his cum filling your cunt to the very brim as he slowly fucked you through both of your dissipating orgasms.
he breathed heavily as he propped himself on his elbows just above you, not fully placing his entire weight on you. you twitched and whimpered softly, feeling his hot skin against yours as his face remained a mere few inches away from you.
“tengen…” you whispered, running your hands along his perfectly toned muscles. you felt slightly too tired to do more rounds, but you didn’t want the night to end just yet. no other man had ever treated you this way; none of them had ever given a moment’s thought about your pleasure. you had no idea the handsome man who dropped off an unsightly girl hours earlier would have you wishing for countless nights with him. hell, you could even do it with him for free.
and it was the same for him. tengen knew that he wasn’t supposed to feed into any distractions during his time in the district, especially not get entangled with an oiran, yet here he was, filling you up with his cum, still balls deep inside your cunt. he didn’t know the last time he had felt this good either, or if he had ever felt it in the first place.
with a huff, he peeled himself away from you, his cock slipping out and freeing the spew of hot cum that leaked out of your over-sensitive cunt.
you twitched, slowly closing your legs together. you’d need to take more contraceptives in the morning, just in case.
“will you be staying overnight or will you take your leave?” you turned to look at him, eyes plastered on the ceiling as he laid on his back beside you.
“unfortunately, i’ll have to take my leave for now,” he replied, and you had to resist the frown that threatened to betray your neutral expression.
“alright. payment is with the house mother downstairs; i’ll stay behind to clean the room once you’ve left,” you forced a smile, sitting up and stretching your now-bruised legs before standing up, but his voice stopped you.
“so, how much to take you home?”
you turned to him, eyes wide as you stared at him agape.
“you look like you’ve seen a demon,” tengen laughed, sliding himself to a sitting position as well.
“i-i’m sorry?” you stammered. you couldn’t be hearing him right. there was no way…
“forgiven. but will you tell me how much it’ll cost to have you as my wife?” he placed his hand on yours, and you couldn’t stop the flow of tears that formed in your eyes.
“sorry,” you laughed nervously. “i-it’s just, i never really thought i’d be…you know,” you wiped your tears quickly, your heart thumping in your chest as your thoughts raced in all directions.
“aw, don’t cry,” he smiled warmly, pulling you into a warm embrace. “once my job here is over, i’ll come back for you. better start packing,” he chuckled against your hair, and you hugged him just as tight, the first real smile in ages finally forming on your lips.
you would finally have a home.
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diaphanoso · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
mature content warnings:
meanie!tengen, thigh riding, degradation, teasing, orgasm control, humiliation, fingering, squirting
Tumblr media
tengen thinks he could stay this way forever.
with your sloppy, needy cunt dragging on his muscular thigh over and over, your hands fisting his hair with no end in sight.
"jesus, look at the mess you made," tengen sneers, his pants dark and damp from how long you've been grinding on his thigh. "you gettin' close? seems like it."
you nod mindlessly, digging your fingers into his shoulders as he watches your body shudder and fall apart spread over his thigh. "wanna- wanna cum so bad," you breathe out airily.
"too bad, not midnight yet," tengen shrugs carelessly, that cocky rasp painting his voice. "you did this to yourself, darlin'."
his brawny arms are resting behind his head, his expression riddled with arrogance at the power he holds over you - just a few words and a simple touch and you're already eagerly waiting at his disposal.
he knows the influence he has and he fucking loves it.
"you got 4 more minutes," tengen chuckles, eyeing the time on the television screen playing a countdown. "too hard for you? can't wait? that's too bad, isn't it?"
you groan out frustratingly, letting your hips stop their motion despite the erratic throbbing of your clit - your body so desperate for release.
"ah, ah," tengen utters out dissentingly, grasping your plush hips and forcing your hips to roll again. "i didn't say you could stop, did i?"
"fuck," you sighed out under your breath, irritating impatience wracking every limb as he kept your body in motion. "please, just let me cum, i can't wait."
"you can cum," tengen smirks out the words, pressing hot kisses into the crook of your neck as his fingers dig into your ass. "in 3 minutes, though."
the next two minutes were pure hell, your body shaking and spasming, your thighs squeezing and hands digging into his muscles with each moan, whine, and whimper. it was sheer torture for you, which tengen eagerly relished in.
"oh, c'mon now," tengen mocked, bouncing his thigh underneath you and driving pleasure up your spine. "another minute, just one more. you can do that for me, huh?"
"mmf-" you stifled a moan, your head resting on his shoulder from the fatigue of an excessively drawn-out buildup.
"i could make it harder, y'know," tengen cooed into your ear, nipping at your neck softly. "i think i'm bein' pretty nice, don't you?"
you gritted your teeth, your cunt starting to tighten around nothing as your hips dragged sloppily over his now wet pants.
"30 seconds," tengen eyed the time on the television screen, watching the numbers flash brightly before him. "better make it a good one."
tengen stopped your hips, slipping his thick fingers through the slick painting your folds, "fuck, you're a mess," he commented brashly, delving his fingers into your needy cunt. "guess i'll make the mess a little bigger."
he curled them again and again, fucking against your g spot and driving sears of buzzing pleasure through your body - fuck, did he know how to push all the right buttons.
"ah- s'too much," you whine, burying your face in the crook of his neck.
"nah, 15 more seconds," tengen groaned out, his free hand forcing your cunt to drag along his palm. "you can do it."
it was near impossible to hold back, your body tensing and jaw clenching as you choked down the pleasure. tengen wouldn't stop, bouncing his thigh and fucking your cunt so harshly, his mouth hot on your neck just to be an asshole.
"8, 7, 6, 5..." tengen sneered, his movements altogether getting more fervent and pushing your body over the edge. "4, 3, 2, 1."
"ah- fuck," you shuddered, your body stuttering on his as you felt your cunt tighten and release so harshly around his fingers.
"oh- big one," tengen grunted out, feeling your walls taut around his fingers and squeezing them as you panted whiningly in his ear. flicks of liquid doused his fingers and coated the fabric of his pants, which were already beyond ruin. "what a good girl."
tengen met your hazy, half-lidded eyes, pressing a soft kiss onto your lips.
"happy new year."
Tumblr media
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shawtuzi · a month ago
lights, camera, action!
literally hate the title for this but I'm unoriginal and couldn’t come up with anything else but anyways! this is dedicated to @tearality ily
minors dni obvi 18+ content warnings include: filmed sex, use of ‘good girl’, oral (male and female receiving), a lil bit of squirting ofc, creampie, full nelson, rough sex, mean!dom tengen kinda// word count: 2.6k+
pairing: camgirl!readerxcamboy!tengen
It was Monday night, your favorite night of the week. Why? Well because it was the night you and your boyfriend Tengen went live on your camshow and entertained thousands of people by letting your normally soft boyfriend humiliate you. You were a little a little iffy about streaming on Mondays for obvious reasons but Uzui insisted it was a good idea ‘we’d give people something to look forward to on a Monday’ he’d always say and turns out he was right. You had thousands of viewers tuning in every Monday night sending you tips and praising you for being such a good girl for your boyfriend.
You were sitting in front of the mirror applying your lipgloss humming softly. Tengen watched you from the bed taking in your figure, you looked so soft wearing your white lacy lingerie and pretty white tights with pink bows at the top.
“You almost ready my love?” Tengen asked, wrapping his arms around your small figure, pressing a kiss to the top of your head, careful not to mess up your hair. “Yep I’m all done, how do I look?” turning around to face him. “You look stunning baby as always, and you wore my favorite color, how sweet” he cooed, bringing a hand up to your face to caress your cheek. You nuzzled your face into his hand sighing dreamily, “mmm I knew you’d like it, so try not to rip it to pieces okay?” you giggled making him laugh. “I’ll try not to but you know I can’t help myself sometimes” he spoke, running his hands down your sides cupping your ass, “now let’s get started don’t wanna keep our little fans waiting now do we?” he asked and you shook your head following him to your shared bedroom.
You kneeled down in front of the laptop about to click the mouse the stream when Uzui perked up stopping you, “almost forgot” he muttered going into your guys’ closet and coming out with a white collar, a pink heart shaped tag that read ‘daddy’s girl’ in cursive. “Can’t forget the finishing touch baby” he smiled winking at you making you blush.
As the timer counted down you got into position sitting obediently in front of the camera, hands in your lap. As the live started people started joining by the second greeting you and giving you praise for how pretty you looked. “You guys are so sweet” you giggled leaning close to the screen putting your full breasts on display. “Doesn’t my baby look so beautiful tonight guys?” Tengen asked the audience, stepping into view. He wrapped his large hand around your throat forcing you to look at him making you smile, biting your glossy lips. He moved his hand from your neck to your lips pushing his thumb in your mouth smiling when you started sucking.
He heard the pings of people tipping money deciding to kick it up a notch. “Hmm should I fuck your face or eat your little pussy first…” he fake pondered cocking his head, “what do you guys think?” The chat went crazy for a minute, finally deciding they wanted to see Tengen ruin his pretty baby’s makeup.
“You heard the chat open up sugar” he smiled down at you patting your cheek softly. You happily complied, opening your mouth as wide as possible. Tengen was an average six and a half inches but made up for it in thickness, he always stretched you out in the best way possible leaving you a twitching weeping mess once he was done with you. Tengen slid his sweats halfway down his thighs, his half-hard cock slapping against his stomach. He tapped the tip against your tongue a few times making you giggle before slowly sliding it in, already giving you a mouthful.
Tengen glanced at the chat humming to himself before looking back down at you, “it seems the audience doesn’t want me to go easy on you tonight” he chuckled, bringing a hand down to tangle itself in your hair, “you okay with that baby?” he asked and you nodded as best as you could trying to take more of his cock in your mouth. “That’s my good girl” he praised before shoving his entire cock in your mouth, groaning when he felt your throat tighten around his dick. You attempted to use his thighs for balance but he only slapped your hands away making you whimper around his cock. “Hands behind your back love, take it like a good little girl I know you can do it baby” he grunted fucking your face harder.
The makeup you had put on shortly before was already getting ruined, streaks of mascara falling down your face and your glittery lipgloss smearing all on his cock and your chin. You placed your hands behind your back digging your manicured fingers into your calves to try and find some sort of balance but it was useless, Tengen was keeping his promise to the chat not showing you any kind of mercy. He removed his cock from your mouth, tapping it against your cheek roughly.
sanemilovesbigbootybitches left a $100 tip: make her beg for it i wanna see her cry
“Your wish is my command Mr. Sanemilovesbigbootybitches” Tengen chuckled. He turned his attention back to you, “he wants you to beg, so beg for it” he growled slowly stroking his cock making your mouth water. “Please let me suck you off” you mumbled leaning your head forward to take him back into your mouth but you were only met with a firm slap on the cheek. “C’mon I know you can do better than that baby, let ‘em hear you” Tengen cooed stroking your reddened cheek with his thumb. “Please let me suck your cock Tengen! Please! I swear I’ll make you cum really hard I promise!” you cried giving him your best pout. “What do you think guys, does my little slut deserve it?”
sanemilovesbigbootybitches left a $350 tip: yeah let her have it but don’t go easy
pussyslayer123 left a $125 tip: she’s so cute when she pouts :(
“Already baby open up” before Tengen could even finish his sentence your lips were wrapped around his cock once more taking all of him in your mouth. He grabbed both sides of your head roughly before fucking your face with everything he had, the sounds of your gags and and his groans echoing throughout the room. Drool was dripping down your chin onto your breasts and the sight alone was enough to make Tengen wanna cum, “fuck that’s it baby just like that. You were made for sucking dick huh?” he chuckled, and all you could do was pathetically moan in response.
Your panties were completely soaked through slick dripping down your thighs. You rubbed your thighs together to get some kind of relief and it was working like a charm at first, until Uzui saw and put a stop to it by shoving your knees apart with his foot. “One more stunt like that and you won't be cumming at all tonight” he growled, pushing your head all the way down until your nose was touching his pubic bone. You whimpered at his words looking up at him with apologetic eyes.
“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum” he moaned out before releasing into your mouth spurts of cum coating your tongue, “don’t swallow” he grunted still slowly moving your head to milk his orgasm. You did as you were told, holding all of it in your mouth until Tengen gripped your chin pointing you to the camera. “Go ahead show everyone love” he smiled and you compiled, sticking your tongue out to show the chat. “Swallow,” Uzui hummed, bringing his hand to your throat so he could feel you swallow. You swallowed happily sticking your tongue out to show your boyfriend and then to the chat.
thisisnotgiyuulol left a $500 tip: she is so pretty take her top off pls”
You read the comment and quickly took your bra off, tossing it aside putting your full tits on display for the chat. “You guys are so sweet” you giggled reading the comments praising your body and how much of a good girl you were for listening.
sanemilovesbigbootybitches left a comment: $1000 says you can’t make her squirt in under 5 mins
Tengen read the comment a mischievous smile coming onto his face, “is that so? Challenge accepted.” He sat on the floor behind you, roughly pulling you into his chest so your back was to him. “Spread ‘em” he whispered in your ear, tapping your thigh softly. You obeyed, spreading your legs as wide as possible giving the chat a mouth watering view of your soaked panties. “Chat says I can’t make you squirt in under 5 minutes, you think I can do it baby?” he whispered, bringing his hand down to rub at your clit roughly. You moaned softly arching your back against his hard chest, “I-I don’t know maybe?” you whimpered, grinding your pussy onto his hand. “Hmm well let’s find out.”
Tengen ripped your panties off with ease making you gasp. You turned around giving him the look but all he did was shrug forcing your head to look back at the camera, “I’ll buy you a new set I swear” he whispered in your ear kissing the side of your head. He brought his hand back to your cunt gliding his middle and ring finger through your wet slit. “She’s so fucking wet this’ll be easy” he chuckled darkly slipping those same fingers in your sopping wet pussy.
He didn’t even bother going slow, instead going as fast as he can, slightly curling fingers. “O-oh my god” you moaned, throwing your head back against his shoulder. “No no look at the camera baby I wanna everyone to see what a little fucking slut you are” he growled gripping your chin with his free hand and forcing you to look right at the screen. “Tengen y-you have to slow down I can’t!” you cried trying to close your legs but it was no use, Uzui’s strong legs were already holding your shaking ones down preventing you from moving at all.
“Hear that?” Tengen laughed, referring to the loud wet sounds coming from your cunt, “I think she’s close.” You grabbed onto Tengen’s wrist attempting but failing pathetically at trying to slow his movements, “I’m g-gonna cum” you whimpered letting the tears you were holding fall freely. It all happened too quick. Next thing you knew you were cumming all over his fingers soaking his hand and wrist. “Oh my-!” you screamed slamming your hands on the plush carpet digging your fingers into it.
Uzui had the biggest smile on his face as he watched you come undone. He removed his fingers from your pussy bringing them back to your clit, “n-no” you whined feeling overly sensitive and tired. “What was my time?” he said bringing his attention to the chat, he brought his hands to your chest taking your breasts in his hands  massaging them gently. “Read the time baby” he whispered in your ear leaving kisses up and down your neck. “T-three minutes and twenty-five seconds” you mumbled out squealing when you felt him pinch your nipples.
sanemilovesbigbootybitches tipped $1000: well i’ll be damned he did it
theyloveshinobu tipped $400: ur gf is so pretty when she cums
“G-guys can we please fuck now? I’m ready to go again” you whined the feeling of Tengen’s hard cock poking against making you needier by the second. “Look at my baby using her manners” Tengen smiled, pressing a kiss to your cheek, “what do you guys say?” After a few moments the chat granted your wishes making you smile, “oh t-thank you so much!” you squealed getting ready to turn around and ride Uzui but he stopped you holding your hips still. “Stay like that” was all he said before slightly lifting you up and bringing you down on his dick the stretch making you whimper.
thisisnotgiyuulol left a $200 tip: i like this new angle
theyloveshinobu left a $500 tip: i really like it too look how full she looks omg
Uzui brought his hands to your waist guiding your movements on his cock. “Shit she’s so wet- fuck,” he rasped digging his nails into your waist making you whine, “sorry baby pussy’s too good I almost came” he chuckled pressing a soft kiss to your back making your chest warm. “C-can we go faster p-please?” you moaned, grinding on him, your wetness dripping onto his balls.
Tengen didn’t even bother looking at the chat to hear what they had to say, he planted his feet on the floor and brought his hands under your arms, locking his fingers behind your head. He had you in a god damn full nelson and the chat was loving it tips coming in like crazy. “Oh-oh my god Ten-Tengen!” you screamed your eyes crossing at his harsh movements. “I think I’m gonna cum again I-!” before you could even finish your sentence you came hard, your thighs shaking violently. “That’s it baby cum all over my shit” he grunted, not stopping his movements wanting to milk your orgasm as much as possible.
His pace was fucking brutal and you were loving every second of it. The only sounds that could be heard were your high pitched moans and the slapping of Tengens muscly thighs against yours. Tengen removed his hands from your head bringing one to wrap around your throat, and the other on your stomach. He smiled feeling a small bulge hit his palm with each thrust, “feel that baby? So deep I’m in your fucking stomach” he rapsed in your ear making you shiver.
“M’gonna cum deep in this fucking pussy.”
It wasn’t long until Uzui felt his orgasm approaching and you could tell just by the way his thrusts were getting sloppier by the minute. “I’m cumming fuck-!” he grunted pushing all the way into you triggering your own orgasm as well. “Oh my-” you gasped, bringing your hands behind you to yank and tug on his hair. Tengen rested his forehead on your shoulder for a moment recovering from his post-orgasm daze. He looked up at the screen, smirking at the sight. You looked completely fucked out, chest heaving and your legs twitching every now and then.
“M’gonna pull out just a little bit longer” he mumbled into your shoulder before lifting your body off of his limp cock your releases dripping down your thighs and onto his lower abdomen. He set you down gently next to him giving your forehead a tender kiss. He ran a hand through his messy hair grabbing the laptop, “I hope you guys enjoyed this week's stream! Don’t forget to tune in next week! I’m going to be throat training Y/N because it seems like she’s forgotten how to suck a cock without gagging isn’t that right baby?” he asked, pointing the camera to you. All you could do was nod weakly nuzzling into his side, making him frown. “My poor baby’s so tired I better get going, we’ll see you guys next week!” Tengen gave his award winning smile before ending the stream.
Meanwhile at Sanemi’s apartment he was sitting in his desk chair breathing heavily and cum covering his stomach and a little of his chest. “Giyuu, wasn't the stream great tonight? I didn’t think he’d be able to make her squirt like that in under 5” he chuckled, grabbing tissues to clean his mess. “I don’t know what kind of stream you’re talking about but I wasn’t watching anything tonight!” Giyuu yelled back his voice cracking mid sentence. He was in the same situation as Sanemi, cum all over his stomach and hands thighs twitching, “see you guys next week” he mumbled to himself shutting his laptop.
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hanakages · 2 days ago
guess what?
the first chapter of “to cherish you.” comes out tomorrow (hopefully)! so keep your eyes out!!
and my inbox is currently empty, send in anything!
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bokuroskitten · 28 days ago
Pweaseeeee share you tengen thoughtsssss...i have the biggest brainrot about that beefy ass man and his 3 gorgeous wives 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
mhm mhm mhm, gotcha you nonnie <333
Thots about tengen and his pretty wives <33
Warnings: 5some, one clit spank, size kink, daddy said once, super fluffy praise <33
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So you’re tengen’s fourth, newest wife and you just can’t help but be a lil nervous :(( you’re the new one in the relationship and you’re so scared that you’ll be left out or not fit into the established relationship the four of them have already developed!!
But you couldnt have been more wrong, especially when the four of them have your pretty body surrounded. You were stripped down for them, a light layer of sweat making your soft skin glow as you whine for them, mewl for them. Hinatsuru and Suma are at your sides, bodies pressed right to against yours as they focus on your breasts. Hinatsuru is rolling your pretty nipple between her fingers, whispering praise and reminding you of just how pretty you are, while Suma’s lips are suckling away at your skin, leaving purplish marks in their wake.
Makio has her head resting on your thigh, fingers lazily rubbing circles into your clit. When you start to squirm too much she gives the pulsing bud a little spank, reminding you to be good for them so they can take of you. Occasionally she’ll leave kisses to your clit as well, looking up at you just to watch you flush all over again.
And tengen? well tengen is trying to bully his fat cock into your cute little pussy. The grip he has on your hips is bruising as he grunts, cheeks pink with the effort he makes in pushing past your velvety, tight walls. He coos at the sight of tears spilling from your eyes when he gets half way in, kissing a kiss under your puffy eye.
My sweet baby, doing so good, lookin so pretty takin daddy’s cock. Just a couple more inches, you can do it.
The girls all agree, the praise making you all the more dizzy as you float off into the pleasure they are able to provide you with.
Tumblr media
Reblogs and feedback are greatly appreciated ; property of bokuroskitten™️
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brightymir · a month ago
Tumblr media
cw: language
genre: fluff
characters: tengen, kyojuro, sanemi, yoriichi x fem!reader
author's note: school is draining me and i needed to let out my frustrations through writing but i do not have the time to write full headcanons or scenarios so have this poorly constructed smau for the meantime. have a wonderful day <3
Tumblr media
❄︎ tengen uzui
Tumblr media
he takes you on a date after this confession, ending the night with a lot of jewelries for you. his ego is a little bruised because he foolishly confessed first, and that was not flamboyant of him. but all that matters is you also like him back.
"will you marr-"
❄︎ kyojuro rengoku
Tumblr media
joins u for lunch, was pretty nervous because he wasn't sure if you'd like his bento box but he masked it well. conversed with you like nothing happened. after training though, he talked to you about what happens from here on and asks you how you'd like it to go.
"so, i'm yours now, aren't i?"
y/n.exe has stopped working
❄︎ sanemi shinazugawa
Tumblr media
it took you 10 minutes coaxing and talking to him through the door before he finally let you in. he was red in the face and refused to keep eye contact with you, and you were almost hit by a pillow in the face when you asked about whay the two of you were right now.
"does that make you my boyfri-"
"SHUT UP! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" don't, cuddle him actually
❄︎ yoriichi tsugikuni
Tumblr media
(he IS the hotter twin, i'm not accepting complaints)
he was very chill on your date while you were stuttering, tripping, and making a mess all over again. he found it cite and amusing but you were cursing deep inside. the finest gentleman and will make sure to know your wishes and understand your boundaries
"i wish you a pleasant rest, my love"
Tumblr media
additional a/n: i'm rereading the manga and why is yoriichi so hot and powerful and strong and gentle and perfect like ¥÷¥×¥$*#$,@(#(@(×**+#**@ i'll be vanishing again for a few days to finish some school works, pls wait for me!! stay safe nd happy, darlings <3
Tumblr media
© 𝐁𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐘𝐌𝐈𝐑 2021 - all rights reserved. please do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or share my work on other platforms. thank you.
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grimmsbaby · 3 months ago
if we’re on the topic of breeding kinks (in reference to the grimmjow ask that was sent by an anon), I raise you, breeding kink Sanemi (a personal fave) and Mr. flamboyant himself, Tengen>:)
hii ty for asking <3 i hope this is ok, it's my first time writing for them :) I don't know if you just wanted thirsts or little drabbles but yeah sjfkbsk
cw/tw: breeding kink, degradation like once sort of - if you really squint for Sanemi, praise/pussy drunk Tengen
Tumblr media
He doesn’t recognize at first the words that leave your mouth, too caught up in how your cunt’s sucking him back in with each thrust. His eyes zero in on the pretty sheen of your juices on his cock every time he pulls out, and the squelching sounds ring in his ears every time he slams back in. You can see the way his arm muscles flex with every movement, and that one muscle that ticks in his neck as he’s getting close. It takes you saying his name a few more times before he raises his head to meet your face, finally catching those sinful words that leave your lips. “Want you to cum in me, please ‘nemi.”
Those words alone nearly have him spilling inside you as he struggles to grasp what you said. Your legs that were previously hanging loose around his hips tighten up, your ankles locking. Your eyes are shining with unshed tears from the pleasure he brings you as you repeat those three little words that made his head spin with need. “Cum inside me.’”
Sanemi leans further into you, the snap of his hips urgent and frenzied as he wraps one hand around your neck. “So fucking needy aren’t you? Fine. Gonna fuck you so full.. Fuck.” A couple more hard thrusts before he breaks, painting your walls white with thick ropes of cum. He stays deep inside you, letting up on your neck as he rests his forehead against yours, the fucked out expression on your face making his dick twitch. “This pussy’s mine, ya got that?” All you can do is nod as he pulls back, starting up a heavy rhythm again, the only thing on his mind to fill you up.
Tengen’s positively pussy drunk as he has you on his lap, kissing and sucking on your breasts as they bounce in his face. Your nails dig into his thick arms as you use them as leverage to help fuck yourself on him. No matter how hard you tried to keep going though, your thighs were burning and it was making it increasingly difficult to keep moving. You sunk all the way down on him, grinding your hips lightly while wrapping your hands around his neck to bring his attention to you. “Need help baby, please,” you puff your lips into a pout.
His bright lust filled eyes meet yours as his hands slide under your plush thighs before lifting up and letting you slide back down. A strangled moan left your throat as he continued this, easily lifting you up and down his cock, meeting each thrust with a snap of his hips. “Such a pretty pussy baby,” he coos, eyes sliding down to watch as he disappears inside you over and over. “Think it’ll be even prettier though with my cum leaking out don’t you think?” You hate when he always asks you questions like this, knowing full well that he’s fucking you far too hard for you to be able to respond properly. “You take me so well. This pussy's made for me. Gonna make sure you don’t forget it.”
You grip onto his arm with one hand while bringing the other down to rub your clit. Tengen’s thrusts get sloppier and you know he’s waiting for you to finish first. “Go on, need you to cum on my cock.” His words make you light headed as your thighs shake, orgasm washing over you. He follows you soon after, big hands holding you down on him as you feel him twitch inside you. Heavy breathing emanates from the both of you as you feel the trickle of his seed slip out and down your thighs. “Well we can’t have that can we?” he says as he swipes his thumb down to wipe up his cum, sliding it into your mouth to suck. “Looks like you lost some. Guess I have to fuck you full again until it stays huh?” Your eyes widen as he pulls his thumb from your lips with a pop, knowing that a long night is ahead of you.
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