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#iguro obanai

Quarantine with s/o hcs vol. 2

Genre: fluff

Warning: spoilers for chapter 205

An iguro obanai, sanemi Shinazugawa, giyuu tomioka and gyomei himejima x reader

Modern AU!

A/n: don’t mind the title, i have no idea what to name this, especially since i already have another version hehe. Hopefully you guys are doing well during quarantine! I based all their jobs on chapter 205 so… This is my first time writing for gyomei so forgive me if this is a bit or mostly ooc. 5 slots are open so please request anything! Let’s get on with it!

Iguro obanai


(credits to the owner of this picture 😊)

  • You and iguro are stuck in the house on top of your snake themed restaurant.
  • He would still cook, he’s the best cook in your opinion.
  • He’s protective so he would be the one who would go out and get all the essentials outside.
  • You would take all the things from his hands so he could rush in and take a shower so the germs don’t get into the house.
  • Would clean everything he touched himself so you won’t get contaminated.
  • At this day and time, he becomes very strict with keeping safe.
  • It’s for his and your safety anyways, you can’t get mad at that.

Sanemi Shinazugawa


(credits to the owner of this picture 😊)

  • He’s gonna be “mad” about you getting stuck in his house.
  • But who are we kidding? You’re his girlfriend afterall.
  • Being a police officer, he was stationed to be a frontliner at checkpoints.
  • You were sad that he couldn’t stay home with you.
  • You were also worried. what if he got sick?
  • When he did got a break, you would fuss over him.
  • “do you want anything?”
  • “(y/n) for the last time, i just want to cuddle.”
  • Very grumpy that he couldn’t stay home.
  • But at least he’s helping the community by keeping everyone safe and he could relax knowing you were staying in his home, not risking your life.

Giyuu tomioka


Originally posted by mirugi

  • Since tomioka’s descendant was a grade schooler, we gotta think of something creative, he’s a business man-
  • Work work work, we all know tomioka would be a workaholic, even at home.
  • He would take up almost all his time just to finish all the paperwork and the online meetings.
  • That’s where you come in to drag him back to reality.
  • You would cook him meals and cuddle him when he’s stress.
  • You guys work well together, he works on getting the money for both of your essentials and you would go out to get them.
  • Even though he always insists that he would go out so you wouldn’t get sick.
  • You always tell him that it’s fine, he should just work.
  • After all, teamwork and understanding is important in a relationship.

Gyomei himejima


(credits to the owner of this picture 😊)

  • He isn’t blind in this fic-
  • He’s usually silent yet a caring guy.
  • He takes care of kindergarteners after all.
  • He has a lot patience so he would be the one going out.
  • Wouldn’t mind to cuddle you after cleaning himself off.
  • Misses the kids a bit so he talks about them.
  • You don’t really mind, you already knew he was sentimental.
  • When you freak out over something you forgot to do, he would immediately calm you down to it for you.
  • “(y/n) calm down… I’ll recook it.”
  • He’s just a softie so please protect him-

Hopefully i didn’t butcher gyomei that much. I kept it short, hopefully you guys don’t mind! 6 slots remain open so please request something! Thank you guys for reading, love you guys 😊😊😘

My rules | masterlist 1 | masterlist 2

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A/N: This was so cute!

This was a request sent to @ink-hashira, but she didn’t know how to write it so I did it instead! 


 “Mui? Mui, where are you- oh.”

It was a sunny day at the Butterfly Estate, and you were looking for your boyfriend, Muichiro, wondering if he wanted to eat lunch with you.

You found him sitting on the rocks in the garden, a curious look on his face. In his hands was Kaburamaru, Obanai’s snake friend. The white snake looked bored as Mui investigated it. 

“What the hell is he doing?” A rough voice came from behind you. Obanai joined you on the deck, glaring at the Mist Pillar playing with his snake. “I didn’t say he could touch Kaburamaru.”

You sigh. “Sorry, Obanai.”

The Serpent Pillar scoffed. “He could’ve hurt the snake.” As he started forward to take the white snake away from the boy, you grabbed his arm.

“Wait, Obanai. Can’t you let him? He won’t hurt Kaburamaru, and besides, we can just watch him. You know he’s been curious about the world since he regained his memories; he never got to experience this before.”

Obanai glared at you for a moment, then relaxed. In a way, he saw himself in Muichiro and Mitsuri in you, just two young people in love. “Fine, then. He’d better not do anything wrong, though.”

You shook your head. “He won’t, I promise.”

The two of you decided to just sit for a while and observe the boy as he interacted with the reptile. He looked happy. You smiled at his little grin. When the snake’s tongue flickered out, tickling his face, he giggled and sneezed. How could he be so cute?

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Spoiler for kny 200

Do y'all ever think about kaburamaru? Like, when Kanroji and Iguro were in their final moments, he was there–crying. He understood what they were talking about and he knew that they were gonna die soon. He was still there around them when they finally died. Did he cry for a long time after that? When someone found him, was he still around them crying? Did he let go easily?


Look at him hug the both of them π_π

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This only took like a month hhhh sorry ;-; !! Also Iguro needs more looovvveee! And of course thanks @fifteenskies15 for helping a bit with the idea ;P

A Shy Kiss || Iguro x Reader

The way your lover interlocked his pinky finger with your own always sent butterflies through your stomach.

It was a subtle gesture. A little less than holding hands but still more than no contact at all. It was really the only PDA Iguro could muster without getting unbelievably flustered. That, and the gesture was reminiscent to the boy of a pinky promise; a promise that you’ll never leave him.

Even now, doing nothing more than sitting on the engawa of his estate together, Iguro couldn’t bring himself to pull your entire hand in his.

Despite this, he let an even more embarrassing thought slip.

“I think… I really want to kiss you right now…”

The sudden words, mumbled or not, certainly caught you off guard. A flustered blush spread across your face. He sported a matching one after realizing his words.

“I mean— well—“ he stuttered, trying to save face

You smiled, seeing just how overwhelmed he was. That meant he actually wanted to, right?

“Do… do it then!” You countered, sounding a bit more aggressive than you hoped

The usually calm and collected man suddenly could barely function. He ran your words through his mind a few times to make sure he heard them right. He looked away, embarrassed, though occasionally stealing a glance or two.

The sight made you want to giggle, but you bit it back for his sake.

Still watching him intently, you noticed Kaburamaru’s slight movements. The man’s companion looked between the two of you curiously.

“Um…” he mumbled

Your eyes quickly turn from the snake back to him, “hm?”

You watched with baited breath as Iguro carefully placed a little kiss onto his snake’s face.

What was he..?

Kaburamaru then made quick work of slithering to you and kissing right on your lips.


Iguro still looked away, but you could tell from the red of his ears that he was blushing more profusely.

He was too shy to actually fulfill his wishes, settling for an indirect kiss instead. It was absolutely adorable.

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