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Can u do giyuu x reader where reader his wife who is a non demon slayer gets in a fist fight with sanemi and iguro and when others come along with him they see that both of them are heavily injured whereas reader doesn't even have a scratch . She got into a fight bcoz Sanemi and Iguro were talking bad about Giyuu
𝑰𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒆'𝒔 𝒂 𝒘𝒊𝒍𝒍, 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝒂 𝒘𝒂𝒚~
You wish is my command, my dear readers and requesters~
It was supposed to be a fine afteenoon during spring at the headquarters of the demonslayer corp. However, there seems to be a conflict between Giyuu's beloved wifey and a pair of rowdy hashiras.
It all started when the pair, Sanemi and Iguro, had made a unsavoury remark about your very loved hubby. They had commented about how Giyuu was a loner, had a depressing life and was a mood killer. This had of course infuriated you, after all you were his lover!
At first, you had just made slight remarks about how it was not very nice and they should not say such things. However, thing slowly started to escalate like how Sanemi had started to raise his voice, leading you to do so too. Then, it had started to get physical.
Sanemi and you were having a fist fight before you had insulted Iguro, saying how he was a coward after making such remarks and not maning up and fighting you. Which had resulted in a two verses one where they ganged up on you.
By now, the by-stander kakushis had started to fear for you safety and theirs. Leading to them scurrying off and calling for help from fellow hashiras, all of them rushing off to the location where you guys were having a fist fight.
Honestly speaking, almost all of them were expecting you to be badly injured and for the hashira duo to sustain no injuries. So, imagine their surprise as to the two guys on the ground with rough scratched all over their body while you were just standing over them without any form of injuries! Truly, deep inside Giyuu's pride dor picking such an amazing person as a life long partner swelled!
There you stood, smiling towards the crowd as you cheered," haha! If there's a will there's a way! ^w^ " Just as you finished that sentence, Giyuu rushed to your side and gave you a tight, warm and comforting hug.
(Hope u enjoy the oneshot idk if its how u imagine but i tried my best @weebotaku21 ! ^w^)
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Made these, feel free to use however!
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Kimetsu no Yaiba Tickling Oneshot 01 ( 귀멸 토미오카를 웃겨라 ㅂㅇ)
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I need to have them all in one post
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bustywaifu · 2 days ago
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Cr. PICS NOT MINE. I got them on pinterest lol
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kiyoomis · 4 months ago
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Iguro Obanai ☆ Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen ☆ Episode 11
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ravenliz · 9 months ago
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xxsabitoxx · 5 months ago
How the Pillars Orga$m
Warnings: this contains smut! No Muichiro cause he’s a baby lol
A/N: lord forgive me for this one. I’m having some writers block so I want to feel accomplished by writing some shorter things lol
Tumblr media
Initially you can’t tell when he’s come — he’s super stoic the first few times
It takes a lot of encouragement for him to be more relaxed about the noises and faces he makes during sex
Once he’s comfortable, you can tell when he’s close.
Definitely closes his eyes a lot when he’s about to come
A tighter grip on wherever he’s holding you
His pace will become erratic — he loses a bit of control with his hips
Even after he’s comfortable, he’s still not extremely vocal.
So when he close, it’s a lot of breathy grunts and gasps
His whole face goes red when he finally releases and his mouth goes slack
Tumblr media
She gets very breathless when she’s close
Her eyes get glassy and her pupils dilate
She will probably be cursing like crazy which is unusual for her normally
She actually gets embarrassed when she comes, she feels super vulnerable in that state
She only $quirts when she is overstimulated — even then it’s nothing crazy
You’ll know she’s close when her chest gets splotchy red marks
She always concentrates on her orgasm, she comes when she pleases
So her brows will definitely be furrowed right before she comes
She lets out very breathy moans, usually of your name when she finally comes
Tumblr media
He will literally announce to you when he’ll come
It’s a bit funny because he suddenly gets really formal about it
“I’m going to come.” — “okay…” — “where should I do it?”
He gets super quiet when he’s actually very close
He gets a really serious look on his face, like brows furrowed and jaw clenched
When he actually comes he is loud
Surprisingly it’s usually a string of curses that leaves his lips
By the time he’s come down from it he’s best red and struggling to breathe again
He usually gets really shy afterwards
Tumblr media
Oh. My. God. She’s a mess tbh
I think she would absolutely be a drooling, crying mess when she’s about to come
She lets out a lot of high pitched whiny moans
She’ll dig her fingernails into you where ever she’s holding onto
The first time she came you actually thought you hurt her.
Between her cries and sudden silence when she came you really thought she hadn’t enjoyed herself.
She gets supper reassuring after and also very shy
She’s a $quirter — she’s super sensitive
When she does, she gets extremely embarrassed
Tumblr media
Tough guy… no sir.
I think this man is a whiny mess when he’s about to come
He definitely starts spitting out a string of degrading words both at you and himself
He gets sloppy. His kisses are full of drool, his breathing is erratic
He’s going to keep mumbling he’s about to come until he actually does
You’ll absolutely know he has when his hips stutter and he goes silent
He is a wreck afterwards — like dead ass mortified
He’s a big boy, so he comes a lot. So honestly it’s easier for him to just come inside
Tumblr media
This man is CRUEL when he’s about to come
He is throwing insult after insult at you as if he isn’t the whiny fucking baby about to lose it
He groans a lot when he’s about to come
His pace turns brutal, his thrusts are bruising, that’s his goal really
His eyes are fluttering open and close, his cheeks are red
He’s tensing a lot, you’ll notice it in his abdomen and thighs
He practically yells when he does finally fall over the edge
His eyes squeeze shut, like they low key disappear
Mostly because he sees stars when he comes
Tumblr media
He gets super whiny when he’s about to come
His hips will lose all sense of rhythm and begins speaking nonsense
He usually takes his bandages off during sex so expect to see his tongue poking out of his mouth
His eyes cross ever so slightly, he’s too lost in his own pleasure
At this point it’s up to you to take the lead, he’s a bit far gone at that point
When he does come, he’s an absolute mess. Often times he’ll end up collapsing on you after
His orgasms take a lot out of him, honestly.
Even thought he’s exhausted, he’ll make sure you come too
Tumblr media
Tears will begin to fall when he’s close
He is pretty silent during sex as it is
So when he’s getting close he starts making more noise
Like grunts for example
He is still a gentle giant during all of this, so his hips only pick up in pace a little bit
When he does come, he moans — a noise that surprised you the first time
Tumblr media
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kinm0kusei · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⊹. as long as we're alive don't be afraid ‹𝟹
photos by- SUSTEN+_pixiv
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leoiguro · 2 months ago
Demon Slayer Characters as Textposts
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hikikomoriheadphonegirl · 4 months ago
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igumie · 4 months ago
When they want your attention - Giyuu, Iguro, Tanjiro, Sanemi and Uzui
Tumblr media
info: fluff, not proofread lol warning: n/a
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka :
• attention starved boy™️ • cannot go a single day without your touch and attention. He always needs to have at least one hug from you every day. Minimum • so you can imagine how excited he was to come back from his mission which lasted three days. Also meaning, three days without your attention and love. It was horrible for him he thought he’d die • he sprinted back home, not even caring about his injuries. He just wanted to feel your arms around his again and your hand through his hair :’) • you currently were reading a book on the couch when you heard the front door open loudly before seeing your out of breath husband staring at you • you smiled, happy to see him back home and greet him. “Welcome back Gi-” • you didn’t even had time to finish your sentence before you felt a sudden weight on you, along with arms around your neck. • you cooed at your husband and hugged him back, a relaxed sigh escaping your mouth. • Giyuu looked up from your chest, and silently started at you with eyes begging for you to pet his head. He was too embarrassed to say anything so hopefully, you’d know what he meant. • and thankfully for him, you did! Slowly, you started to pet his head and singing a lullaby, immediately putting him to sleep • “sweet dreams, Giyuu” • “mhm…. ‘ove you….” • “love you too”
Iguro Obanai :
• another attention starved boy • except that this one won’t even make it obvious that he wants attention. • bUT! you’ve been in a relationship with Obanai for 3 years now, which means you know what he wants and when • you noticed that he started ignoring you a bit whenever he craved attention. You dont know why, he doesn’t know why, Kaburamaru doesn’t know why, nobody knows why! • but he does. • so you proceed by clinging onto him so it feels like you’re the one who wants attention, all for his sake. • he’ll probably be shy about it since affection and love were not something he was used to in his life before you • okay but once he’s clinged (is that even a word) onto you, there’s no getting him off for at least 4 hours • he’ll nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck or in your chest because he’s too embarrassed to look at you • which is honestly adorable • will definitely grumble in annoyance if you have to get up and his grip on you will tighten but like sir, please, I need to go pee • overall, he’s just so cute when needy for your love and attention so please give it to him • “don’t leave…. you’re warm” • ”was never planning to do so Obi”
Kamado Tanjiro :
• he’ll hide it so well because baby doesn’t want to bother you :( • so he goes to his sister and stays with her. Probably tells her all about you and how cute you were in his haori yesterday. • yeah she definitely knows that he wants your attention. • she‘ll probably end up going to you and somehow managed to tell you that her bro craves your love. • And you’re gonna give him love 😤 • you approach him while he was helping cleaning the Shinobu mansion • and then you jumped on him • man was not prepared lemme tell you that • screams, falls onto the floor and looks up with a terrified face until he realizes it’s you. Then he just sighs and smiles lolol • “hey y/n! How hum- how come you jumped on me like that? Everyone okay?” • “oh yeah I just wanted to give you my affection because I felt like you could use it :D” • wants to cry at how cute you currently are • anywayssss • you drag him outside and make him sit against a tree and cuddle him. He falls asleep and he just looks overall so peaceful :’) • “Sleep well baby” • “Zzzzzz”
Sanemi Shinaguzawa :
• this bitch got me paying her rent paying the trips • he’ll show that he’s craving your affection by being even more protective over you • oh you’re having a conversation with one of the pillars? Well not anymore you’re now trapped in his arms while he glared daggers at his fellow Hashira god forbid if it’s Giyuu • oh your best friend just hugged you? How dare they touch what’s his • you made him sleep on the couch after he almost attacked you best friend • man needs to be put on a leash and a muzzle • anyways • as you can see, he becomes even more annoying. Which is somewhat fine because it’s kinda cute ngl • so you let it slide • anyways. This guy will for sure hide in face in your back. Like that he can smell your delicate parfume and at the same time, you can’t see nor feel his red and hot face • maybe, just maybe, will leave a kiss at the back of your neck. Only if he feels like a hoe though • “’Nemi, why is your face so hot- do you have a fever?!” • “Shut up and keep hugging me”
Uzui Tengen :
• listen, you have special privileges • which are that you get his undivided attention 24/7, you can kiss and hug him and more HFUJAJAKAIOKWS, he takes you on dates etc…. • basically Hinatsuru, Makio and Suma are hella jealous since you get to do all the fun stuff with him . • whatever it’s irrelevant anyways • now, this one doesnt have any shame. He’ll whine until you give him the attention he deserves after a long day of fighting non flamboyant demons 😤 • will rub his face on your shoulder and will pinch your cheeks while you’re trying to read your book • so at some point you do give him attention because of how annoying he’s becoming poor you • literally jumps on you and lays his head in your lap • you now cannot move. Have you seen how tall this man is?! The guy must be so freaking heavy geez • “Zui my legs feel numb get off“ • “I am a god y/n. How dare you push me away“ • “Get off or I’m cutting your hair” • “Geez no need to get aggressive… I had to go train anyways 🙄” pussy
Tumblr media
Reblogs are appreciated :)
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mantareidraws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Upper/lower moon and pillar switcheroo V2 🔄, based on this old sketch X
I've always wanted to render this concept digitally, and I finally did!! 💞 My wrist can chill for a whileee lel. On a side note, thinking about their swapped backstories and character parallels is hella fun 🤭
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suja-janee · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Have you taken the time to hold your tiny partner today??
Tumblr media
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shiruba-tsuki · 4 months ago
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akutagawalvvrs · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
┍━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┑
Feel free to repost/reblog !! <33
┕━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┙
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bobawhaleshark · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Haven’t posted here in a while, hello demon slayer community I’m here to say I love them
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cherymiematsuno · a month ago
Shinobu (´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `)
Tumblr media
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xxsabitoxx · 2 months ago
{Stalker!Obanai x Fem!Reader}
Warnings: creepy behavior, peeping, mutual masturbation, fingering, cunnilingus, toys, rough sex, multiple squirting, low key piss play vibes? , dubcon, praising, humiliation, breeding, cream pie — all the fun stuff
A/N: this one is a little…awkward lmfao. The idea came to mind when I was falling asleep one night and well. Also it’s a bit unrealistic compared to other fics (as if those are realistic lmao)
Word count: 6.2k
Tumblr media
You had a sneaking suspicion that you had a stalker.
The weirdest thing about your suspicions was the fact that you didn’t feel any sort of danger. Typical stalker stories always talked about feelings of anxiety, always being watched and overall paranoia in your day to day life. You felt quite the opposite — and maybe you were foolish for that.
You certainly had no clue who the culprit was, but they knew you well enough to leave your favorite snacks on your desk. They always left you encouraging messages and even went as far as leaving you small gifts. “Shouldn’t you like…tell someone about this?” Tengen watched as you held up a new hair clip, a small note attached to it.
“And what would I tell them? Some random stranger is leaving me nice notes and gifts? I don’t see any harm in this. And who would I even tell?” You smiled as you read the small note, each one was always signed with “your secret admirer”. How cliche.
“I just think this is all a little weird. How long has this been going on now?” Tengen was still leaning over your side of the cubicle, slowly blowing a bubble with the mint gum you had offered him. “First of all, you’re one to talk, mister ‘I have three wives’. And secondly it’s been about two months now.”
“Well excuse me! I’m jusy trying to save you from getting murdered or some shit.” You rolled your eyes as he sunk behind the wall separating your computers. “If you’re asking me…” you turned in your chair, on the other side of the teacher’s lounge sat Giyu. “I think it's the new teacher.”
The man in question was the new chemistry teacher, Iguro Obanai.
“The one always wearing a mask? I thought he was allergic to women or some stupid excuse.” Tengen’s head peaked around the small wall now. “Allergic to women?” You nearly got whiplash turning to look at Tengen so quickly. “Are you dense?” Giyu himself seemed a bit surprised that Tengen would believe such a thing.
“What?! That’s what he said!” He began blowing another bubble, arms folding as he leaned back in his chair. “Yeah and he probably told you the sun is normally purple too.” The bubble popped a second later “how’d you know!” Sarcasm dripped off of each word. “Anyways… I really think it’s him.”
Giyu was standing now, clipboard in hand. “I’ll see you two around. Good luck, y/n.” Any moment now the other teachers would be entering the lounge, Obanai included. “Don’t you have a class to teach?” You smiled as Tengen slowly peaked above the small divider. “No, I gave them a project to work on so I’m free for the rest of the day. I’m just waiting for Makio, Suma and Hinatsuru.”
“Oh, so you’ll be willing to stay with me for a bit and test out Giyu’s theory?” You figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and become friendly with the man, though you were certain he wouldn’t reveal his true intentions. If Giyu was correct that is. “Of course! I’m not missing you go and make a fool of yourself.”
“Oh come on! Giyu must have his reasons for thinking it’s him!” You tapped your foot, nerves sparking in you as the bell rang. “I’m sure he does, but I also think that chem teacher is quite the awkward choice.” Your mouth opened but closed nearly instantly as the man in question made his way through the doors.
“I really think a joint test would be interesting!” Sanemi followed after the shorter man. “Woah woah, are you trying to combine math and science into one test, Shinazugawa?” Tengen seemed utterly appalled at the thought. “Math is already a heavy part of science, you dip shit.” You tried to force down a snicker at Sanemi’s rebuttal.
“Oh calm down, Shinazugawa! You may pop a blood vessel in that big ass forehead.” Your head fell between your arms, laughter making your shoulder shake. If it weren’t for Kanae entering the lounge a moment later, you were positive a fist fight would have started. You wiped tears from your eyes, Tengen seemed amused by the whole thing while Sanemi was still fuming.
“Iguro! Could I ask you a question?” He was sitting a few computers down from you. “Hmm?” His eyes whipped over to you, as if shocked to hear your voice calling his name. Oh? That’s interesting. “Look at this hair clip! Someone left it on my desk with the sweetest note. Do you have any idea who could have done it?” Tengen caught on a second later, rolling over on his chair to join.
“We think she has a secret admirer.” He whispered, and for once it was actually discreet. “Is that so? I’ve never seen that hair clip before, but it’s very pretty.” He slowly returned to the computer before him, a pile of graded papers in front of him. “Any idea who her secret admirer could be?” Tengen wasn’t giving up, “no clue, I’ll let you know if I get any clues though.”
He’s playing it off well. Maybe it wasn't him…but Giyu seemed so certain…
“Thanks, Iguro! I’d love to get to know this mystery sweetheart.” You hoped that would gain a reaction. “Of course.” His attention was fully on the screen now, effectively ending the conversation. “Tengen?” You glanced up, the woman you came to know as Makio was standing in the doorway. “Ready to leave, pretty lady?”
Any interest Tengen had vanished at the sight of her. “Yep! Hinatsuru and Suma are waiting in the car.” You sighed, maybe it would be best to finish your work at home. It would also save you a bus fee if Tengen was willing to drop you off. “Could I be a pain in the ass and ask for a ride?” Tengen smiled at you as he slung his bag over his shoulder.
“Never a pain, my dear y/n! Of course I can drive you home.”
You quickly packed your things, pulling some of your hair up as well to put the clip in. “Better to wear it then to lose it!” You pushed your chair in and waved goodbye to the other’s, all the while Obanai’s eyes remained locked on his screen as he input grades. Maybe it really isn’t him. You couldn’t deny the slight disappointment you felt because of it.
Obanai on the other hand could finally breathe easy. He certainly wasn’t expecting you to still be in the teacher’s lounge since all your classes were typically in the morning. He was rather thankful in that moment for his mask, hiding the smile he had been attempting to suppress. “She’s so pretty, don’t you think Sanemi?”
Kanae’s voice peaked his interest, eyes remaining focused on the screen to not seem suspicious. “She’s okay.” Obanai nearly scoffed, but the rational side of his brain was telling him it was just because he didn’t want to offend Kanae. I mean really? You were beautiful, they’d have to be blind to not see that.
“I think Rengoku had a crush on Miss. L/N.” Kanae was giggling as the fiery haired man nearly fell off his chair. That made Obanai’s hands freeze mid-type. “What?!” Sanemi was trying to seem disinterested, but Rengoku’s reaction was more than telling. “I think you like her, Rengoku!” Kanae’s voice floated around the room, gentle and sweet.
“I-I think she's very pretty. B-but…” Obanai could feel his temper rising as Rengoku spoke. “She had an admirer, is it you Rengoku?” Obanai’s heart was winning over his brain’s logic. “An admirer! How sweet!” Kanae’s hands clapped together, immediately more invested in the conversation. Shit.
“It’s not me!” Rengoku seemed to calm down a bit, eyes focusing on Obanai. “Someone left her a gift with a sweet note, at least that’s what she told me.” He prayed the conversation would end. “Ohh! We should set up a camera or something!” Kanae’s enthusiasm was beginning to make Obanai’s stomach turn.
“There is a camera in here already.” Gyomei’s booming voice made everyone but Sanemi flinch as he entered the room. “Oh? We should check them!” Kanae stood, eyes searching for the device. Obanai would have been petrified in that moment if didn’t know to cover his tracks beforehand. He unplugged that camera a few weeks ago.
“We don’t have access to the room where the monitors are, though I’m sure y/n herself can request it if she really wanted to know.” He was starting to feel anxious listening to them, eyes trailing down to the time on the corner of his screen. It was nearly 4pm now. “I think I’ll be heading home for the night.” A small chorus of “okay” and “have a good night!” followed. His eyes trailed over to your desk, a glimmer of hope tugging at him when he realized what you left behind.
A whole folder full of midterm grades with a sticky note attached. “Don’t forget!!” With today’s date scribbled next to it. This is perfect…the perfect excuse to go to her house… he got giddy at the thought. He knew where you lived, that was one of the first things he did when he realized his infatuation with you. “See you all tomorrow!” He called as he walked through the doors, steps a little more bouncy than usual.
You waved goodbye as they pulled away from your house. As much as you teased the man about his wives, you adored their relationship. Somehow it just worked for them. Then there was you…slowly making your way into an empty home. “I know what I need…” Most people would probably think of dinner, maybe a bath, or a pair of pajamas and a blanket after a long day.
You on the other hand? You were thinking of a certain toy that resided in your closet. You dropped to your knees, rummaging for the old shoe box you used to store your toys and lubes and other fun goods. “at least I got you.” You giggled as you pulled out a teal colored internal vibrator. You grabbed the warming lube next and your normal trusty pink vibrator. If you failed again, you could always call for backup.
You spent nearly every evening in your bedroom, doing the same thing over and over. You’d think it was pretty lame if you didn’t get off as many times as you did. Your ongoing goal was to try and orgasm from just g-spot stimulation. Something that was possible but not really obtainable for some women. And well…you were determined to make yourself squirt at least once.
You closed the closet door and tossed the three items on your bed. The sun outside your window has already set, turning the evening sky into a deep blue that would eventually turn black. Your curtains were opened just enough for you to see out, but you didn’t live in a busy place and you were certain they’d cover mostly everything. You didn’t think twice about it.
Obanai on the other hand was sneaking through your yard. If his guess was correct your bedroom would be on the side of the house facing your neighbors home. He clutched the folder to him, feet making little to no sound as he moved. He held his breath as his eyes slowly peered through the window, hoping his guess was correct. What he wasn’t expecting however, was to be this correct.
You were topless now, reaching around to unhook your bra. His eyes immediately shifted to the toys laying on your bed, heart skipping a beat when he realized what he was about to witness. He held his breath again, watching as your bra unhooked and fell to the floor. Your bare back was facing him, hips wiggling as you began sliding off your skirt.
It was a little embarrassing that his dick was already rock hard, cheeks turning pink as his mask made him feel suffocated. “Oh fuck…” he nearly moaned as your pantie covered ass was exposed to him. “She really has no idea…” he pulled his mask down to his chin, hands lowering further to palm himself through his pants. “How gross…” he cringed at himself, even if this was his most desirable outcome it still felt wrong.
He backed away a bit, breath fogging the glass. You were bent over now, slipping the flimsy looking material off and tossing it to the side. He ached to be closer, get a better and proper look of your cunt. The distance would have to do for now, but he was also certain he wouldn’t be able to last long. I mean really, how was he supposed to look you in the eyes after this and not think about you naked.
You picked up the clothes you had just taken off, throwing them towards your hamper. Eager hands picked up the bottle of lube and the teal vibrator, crawling onto your bed with a giddy smile. You got yourself comfortable on your back, one pillow propping your head while the other rested under the small of your back. Your mouth hung open slightly as you reached for the remote on your nightstand.
The vibrator in question only had six different settings. The first one was a steady buzz, the one you always used to tease yourself. Once it began buzzing in your hand, you parted your legs slowly sliding the toy down to your clit. A shaky gasp left your lips, eyes closing as the tension in your body melted away. You relished in that feeling for only a minute, free hand reaching for the lube bottle and popping the cap open.
You pulled it away from your body, using the little remote to turn it off. Obanai watched from the other side of the window with bated breath, silently encouraging you to keep going. You smeared a generous amount of lube onto the toy, dropping the bottle off to the side. “I have a good feeling about tonight.” you hummed happily as you positioned the toy at your entrance. You pressed it in, pulling back out a second later, repeating the motion a few times before pushing it all the way in.
You sighed, nothing but a stretchy tail remained outside of you, just so you could pull the toy out after. You fumbled with the remote for only a second, pressing the button to turn it on. “Oh~” you relished in the steady buzz for only a second before clicking again. This time the buzz was much more intense, so much so your hand dropped the remote as you thrashed against the sheets.
“Fucking…” he was undoing his belt as he watched you. Eyes never left your quivering body as he pulled his dick out. “She can’t be serious…” his hand spread the already embarrassing amount of precum leaking out of his tip across his length. He could cum just watching your back arch, sweet noises tumbling from your lips. “All alone…looking like that…it’s such a waste.” He pumped slowly, mouth slightly ajar as he wished he could take you then and there.
A whine left your lips, body turning towards the window and unknowingly giving Obanai a full view. You shifted to your knees, back arching and pressing the toy further into the spot you wanted. Obanai on the other hand was holding his breath in order to not release yet. “How do I ever expect to make her feel like that in bed if I cum less than five minutes into it.” He scolded himself, hand leaving his aching cock to try and calm down.
A lazy grin spread across your face, walls clenching and fluttering rapidly around the buzzing toy. “Fuck~” you never really held back your voice, there was nothing to be embarrassed about since you were alone. He felt suffocated in that moment, something about your voice was doing something to him. “Fuck it…” his hand returned to his neglected cock, pumping it with a new intensity. Meanwhile your hand was reaching for the pink vibrator.
“C’mon…do it…” he huffed, dick already twitching with his impending release. His other hand moved down to shamelessly fondle his balls, a grin appearing on his face as he imagined it was your pretty hands touching him. You decided against the other vibrator, enjoying the edging the internal vibrator was doing for you. “Maybe tonight will…” you moaned as you arched your back further, trying to keep yourself from grinding against the pillow you originally had under your back.
“Fuck…do it…” he whined softly, aching to see you do anything. He wanted to see you struggle, beg for mercy while you came all over yourself. He gasped, eyes widening as an idea came to mind. He moved quicker now, no longer trying to make himself last. His fist slid up and down quickly, toying with the head of his cock every few pumps. “Shit…shit…” he was determined to make his new plan work now. You were flipping onto your back now, his eyes nearly rolling back at the sight of your thighs jiggling.
A thin sheen of sweat covered you, hands toying with your breasts. That was all he needed to see, a low groan tumbling from his lips as he spilled into his hands. If he was quick enough, he’d be able to pull himself together and ring your doorbell. Effectively ruining your impending orgasm. He could already feel himself getting hard again at the idea of you answering the door in your current state. That’s what set him over the edge, you were starting to absolutely lose yourself.
The doorbell ringing made your entire body tense, eyes flying wide. “What the fuck?!” You sat up, yelling slightly as the vibrator hit even deeper. You leapt out of bed, legs shaking slightly as you ran around your room looking for clothes to put on. You pulled on a pair of shorts and threw a t-shirt over your head, “coming!” You stumbled out of the room, eyes going wide as your hand landed on the front door. In your panicked haste, you forgot to turn the vibrator off.
You figured it would be a delivery, a quick thank you and never see the person again. So without hesitation you pulled your front door open. “How can I—“ you froze, eyes going wide as your hand gripped the doorknob so harshly your knuckles turned white. “I-iguro?” You prayed he couldn’t hear the steady buzz. “You left your midterm papers on your desk. Didn’t Kocho tell you I was coming by?” Your thighs were beginning to tremble, palms growing sweaty. “N-no I never got a text.”
“Are you okay? You’re looking a little…flustered.” Obanai was struggling to keep himself calm, you were a trembling mess and faintly smelled like sex. “I-I’m fine…” he heard the buzzing loud and clear but chose to ignore it…for now. “I’m fine.” You tried to compose yourself, straightening just to hunch forward again as you accidentally pressed the vibrator further into your g-spot. “Y/N!” The sound of your first name leaving his lips jarred you more than the jolt of pleasure.
“I’m-i’m fine…really…cramps that’s…”
“It’s cramps?” He stepped in slightly and you began to panic even more. “Y-yeah! It s-started shortly af-ah…” all words died on your lips, you couldn’t believe it. Your orgasm was building up in such a way that you were positive you’d actually reach it. “Y/n…?” Obanai’s hand reached forward and you flinched away, a strangled moan slipping past your lips. “Y/n are you okay?” How mortifying, somewhere in the back of your mind you figured you should be embarrassed.
“I-I…” you knees threatened to buckle, it was just in your reach now. You’d be damned if you lost the goal you had been working towards just because Obanai was standing before you. As you clenched tighter you were positive you’d never show your face at work ever again. You could certainly stop now, ask him to come back in a little bit. But your lust-drunk mind was too determined to cum. You didn’t even pay him any mind at this point, nearly falling to your knees as your orgasm hit you like a train.
The feeling was blinding, stars blurring your vision as your ears began to ring. You weren’t even aware of the wail that left your lips, warm liquid wetting your shorts and slipping down your thighs. “Oh?” Obanai’s voice pulled you from your daze, eyes blinking up at him from the floor. “How embarrassing.” He began to laugh as he crouched down to your level. Your cheeks flooded with embarrassment before it dawned on you that the vibrator was still going. “I…” what do you even say in this situation?
“Want me to help you clean up?” Your head nodded without you thinking, eyes staring at his shoes as you felt utterly humiliated. “C’mon…” as he helped you up you nearly crumbled again. “That vibrator isn’t your friend right now.” He chuckled as he hauled you up and over his shoulder, another yelp escaping you as the toy was pressed further into your already overstimulated walls. “I’ll take care of you, I’ll do even better than that little toy.” Your eyes widened a bit, had you misunderstood him?
You were placed at the foot of your bed a few seconds later, head still downcast as you looked at thr wet mark on your shorts. “I’m still surprised you left the remote and went and answered the door…that worked better than I hoped.” That made your head raise, eyes finally meeting him. You watched with slightly parted lips as he made his way over to the window, that’s when it clicked.
“Y-you mean you’ve been…watching me this whole time?” You were horrified…and a bit turned on. “Oh I wish, only tonight have I gotten the pleasure of watching you quiver and tremble over your own doing. Really though I would have done it sooner if I knew you fucked yourself like that every night.” You were even hotter now, hands coming up to cover your face as he pulled your curtains shut.
“No need to be embarrassed baby. It’s fucking hot.” You turned away from him, a yelp leaving you as the vibrator started pulsing instead of buzzing between your walls. “S-so does that mean…you’re the…admirer…” your head flew back, the shockwaves from your initial orgasm were still hitting you as the vibrator never stopped. It was enough to make your knees buckle, your mattress catching your fall. “Good job baby! You figured it out.”
The mattress dipped and he was hovering over your face. “Let’s get these soiled shorts off, yeah? How cute that you made such a mess with your cum.” His eyes zeroed in on the dark spot, thighs still glimmering slightly. “I-iguro I…” he tisked as he stood to walk around the bed. “Don’t call me that, I’d rather you called me Obanai.” You shivered as he made it to the other side, standing right before your bent legs.
“O-Obanai…” you didn’t even know what to say after, his name tumbling from your lips as he spread your legs with both hands. “My…you really did make a mess of yourself.” The buzzing only grew louder as he slipped your shorts off, bare cunt fully exposed to him. “Shit…” he was painfully hard, the little show you gave him at the front door had him twitching. But now? Looking at your puffy folds, glistening with arousal and the tail end of a vibrator sticking out between them…he was going to lose it.
“Look at you…” he used one hand to spread your lips apart, a groan rumbling his chest as he got a full view of where the vibrator disappeared inside of you. You squirmed, tears pricking your eyes as the vibrator continued to pulse. “You look so cute clenching around that, so fucking tight too…but I can do better than that little thing…” you gasped as he fell to his knees, eye level with your drooling cunt. “Obanai…” you could barely speak now.
“Do me a favor, click the vibrator off.” You did as you were told, hand shakily reaching for the device and holding the button down until the vibrations stopped. “Oh…” it was like a sigh of relief. “Good girl.” You couldn’t process the praise, only a second layer Obanai was tugging the toy straight out. “Even a little bit of resistance…I can’t wait to stuff you nice and full of my cock. That’s going to be so much better than any toy…”
You gasped loudly, hands fisting in your comfort as his fingers spread your folds again. “Can I?” You nearly rolled your eyes “oh now you ask for consent?” You whimpered as two fingers entered you slowly. “Would you rather I not ask?” you couldn't say anything for a moment, even after using a vibrator, his fingers alone were making your toes curl. “We started off on a rather interesting foot, y/n. Let’s start over? I think you screaming while I impale you on my cock is a rather good way to start again…” his breath was fanning across your cunt, eyes locked on your heaving chest.
“O-okay…” you’d listen to the logical side of your brain after he showed you a good time. That okay was all he needed, mouth eagerly suctioning to your neglected clit. You swore you saw stars as he began sucking, fingers moving in a steady rhythm. Whimpers tumbled from your lips without any hesitation, tears welling in your eyes as he overstimulated you perfectly. “O-Obanai… please…” he pulled away, chin and mouth shining with your arousal. “Please what?” His fingers never slowed, eyes trained on your dazed face.
“Please make…make me cum.” He thought he had some composure left in him until that. For a moment he questioned how to go about fulfilling your desire, he opted to finish you off with his mouth. He did say he’d treat you better than those toys after all. His tongue returned to your clit, fingers curling and uncurling in ways that had your fists yanking at the comforter below you. In that moment you felt hot, wishing you had taken off that shirt before he started doing anything. Had you realized it was him at the door, maybe you would have just answered it naked.
Then again, that was the lust speaking. Though Obanai certainly wouldn’t have minded if he could hear your thoughts. It hit you just as suddenly as your initial orgasm, walls clenching tightly around his fingers. You wailed as warm liquid gushed from between your legs for a second time, cheeks red hot. “Fucking…do you always do this?” He looked down, his work attire was covered in your fluids. His chin dripped with moisture as he admired your now empty fluttering hole.
“N-no!” You were absolutely humiliated, but at the same time rather impressed you managed to squirt twice. “You made a mess twice now. First all over yourself, and probably the floor by your front door. I mean really, you soiled the shorts you just put on. And now, you got me all wet. How mortifying is that?” Your hands covered your face again, unable to look him in the eye. “Well well, you’re lucky I’m considerate.” Your fingers parted to look at him as the sound of a camera clicking met your ears. “For the collection.” He smiled, shamelessly snapping photos of your bare pussy.
“You can trust me, not a single soul would ever see these besides me. They’d have to kill me first.” For some reason, you absolutely believed him. Your legs remained spread, patiently waiting for him to do more. “Take that top off, please.” He smiled at you, and for the first time since you met him at the front door…you realized his mask was off. Two thin scars stretch from either side of his lips, extending his smile in almost a snake like manor. “Did you just realize?” He pulled his tie off, tossing it to the side as he started working on the buttons.
“M-maybe…” you sat up a bit, reaching for the hem of your shirt and pulling it over your head. His fingers fumbled for a second at the sight of your bare chest up close. “I’ll explain anything you want when we are done…” he smiled again as you laid back, waiting for him. You still wanted more, lust drunk mind taking in everything the man before you had to offer. Inch by inch milky skin was exposed to you, and surprisingly he had a rather built frame. You were expecting him to be slimmer, not that much muscle mass. Instead it seemed he regularly trained his body.
You were too dazed to realize how easily he had you wrapped around his finger. You’d do anything that man asked of you if it meant you’d cum again. You watched with bated breath as he finally moved to his pants, undoing the belt that he haphazardly put on. As the material fell away you nearly moaned. His pants slid down his thighs and to the floor, the bulge straining against his underwear had you clenching around absolutely nothing. “I can’t wait to feel you…” his eyes were trained on your face, taking in every little reaction as he pushed the boxers off his body.
His cock stood proudly against his abdomen, your eyes taking in every single detail you could. His shaft was as pale as the rest of his body, but the tip was a deeper pink. Veins ran along its length, precum oozing from the irritated tip. Dry cum seemed to cling to a few spots, obviously he didn’t have all the time in the world to clean himself up so you could let that go. It seemed you were letting go of a lot of things tonight. “Maybe I should film this…” he glanced at his phone that now sat on your other bedside table.
“S-save that for another time… pictures will do…” What were you even saying at this point? You couldn’t care less, or bother to think about anything more than the man before you. “As you wish.” He finally moved, pushing your thighs up so he could press the back of them to his front. With his body hovering over your, faces just inches apart, you hoped he’d go in for a kiss. “You look so fucking pretty right now.” The sudden compliment had your fingers itching to pull his face against your own. “Kiss me…please…” your hands reached up, cupping his face and drawing him down to you.
His lips met yours, surprisingly soft and warm as he coaxed your mouth open for him. Your mind went blank, he leaned further down which forced your tights closer to your body. You shivered despite how warm you felt as his hands ran up and down your sides before one settled back on the bed for more balance. You wanted to press your hips upwards, anything but a verbal plea for him to do even more. “Getting frustrated?” His lips parted from yours just barely, you nodded. “What do you want me to do?” Damnit.
You’ve done so much already, what was there to be embarrassed of now? “Fuck me.” But that didn’t seem to suffice for Obanai, he pushed a little further. “And how would you like me to do that? Tell me.” You groaned out of frustration, eyes squeezing shut. “Use your…” you swallowed “use your cock.” You could have disappeared on the spot, a low chuckle meeting your ears. “Where would you like me to use it?” You tossed your head back in frustration, “oh c’mon! Just…” you froze, the head of his cock sliding between your folds and positioning at your entrance.
You blinked at him, mouth slightly ajar as he began pushing in. A look of pure ecstasy passed over his face as he went further. Thanks to the toy and his fingers, the stretch caused only a little discomfort that faded quickly. “W-warm…” he stilled completely when he bottomed out. Chest heaving in order to try and compose himself. “C-can I?” You nodded, nails scraping across his back. You had never felt so full, no toy could even compare to the way he felt. His hips started slow, thrusting in and out half way in order to not overwhelm you yet. “Oh…can’t forget….” His hand reached up by your pillows, grabbing his phone once more.
You whined as he pulled himself up, the lack of warmth making you shiver. Your eyes shut for a second time as he began snapping pictures of where he disappeared inside of you. “We can take more time with this later.” He tossed his phone to the side again, one knee coming up to rest on the bed while the other remained on the floor. He had both hands on your knees, pushing them as far as they could go. He started moving again a second later, low moans leaving with each thrust. His pace picked up gradually until the bed began to creak.
“So fucking…pretty…fucking perfect even. I couldn’t stop thinking about you from the moment I saw you. I started leaving you notes, observing your habits…fuck…” his hips stuttered slightly as you clenched around him. “After a few weeks I knew everything you liked and disliked. I knew your bus route and work routines…that’s when I took it further…” you whined as you listened to him, too far gone to even comprehend most of it. He carried on anyway.
“I started following you home…making sure you got in safe… then you played right into my hands. You forgot that damn folder and it was my golden fucking ticket.” He buried so deeply you swore you could see your stomach bulge. “I only planned on trying to get myself invited in for some tea…but then I went a little further than intended.” His face dropped down to your neck now, his lips pressed just under your earlobe. “And I got to watch you fuck your self with those toys…how was I not supposed to get off? Fucking though I could satisfy myself for now by jerking off like some horny teenager…”
One hand came up to pinch your nipple, earning a high pitched whine in response as he continued. “But then you kept making such pretty noises…I needed more. I needed to see that pretty cunt up close and personal. I needed to hear you screaming and whining my name. I needed to feel you clenching down on my dick, creaming all over it. Though I must say I didn’t think you’d be a squirter…” you wanted to hide your face again at the term, face growing impossibly hotter. “Say my name baby, scream it for me.”
“Obanai…” you wailed, your third orgasm just in your reach. “Good girl…such a good obedient girl…” he was aiming for thrusting deep rather than quick, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. “Gonna cum for me, aren’t you?” He used his free hand once again to grab your cheeks between his fingers. “Use your words, you’re going to cum aren’t you?” You wailed a yes, the hand squeezing your cheeks moved down to your clit, rubbing harsh circles. “Then cum for me.”
He buried deep, earning a yelp in response as his fingers pinched your clit.
Seconds later you came with a cry of his name, walls clenching so tightly around him that he could barely move. It was more than enough to push him over the edge, tears actually welling in his two toned eyes as he kept repeating your name. You were exhausted, eyelids feeling as if they weighed a thousand pounds. As Obanai nearly collapsed on top of you, you gasped “did you…cum inside?” You tensed fully when you realized he didn’t pull out. “Yeah.” He said it as if it were obvious.
“B-but you had no protection…I’m not actively on something I…” he shushed you, completely calm as if you weren’t beginning to panic. “Obanai…” you began to sit up as he pushed himself off you, reaching for his phone once again. “It’s fine y/n, trust me.” He pulled out of you slowly, snapping even more pictures as his cum leaked out of your abused hole. “I…you know if I weren’t so fucking tired right now I’d be beating your ass. You have a lot of explaining to do, pervert.”
He only laughed, turning away from you to grab his clothes. “Don’t tell me you are just going to up and leave after all that.” You were slightly hurt, how stupid was that? “I thought I was a pervert.” He was still acting aloof, as if this whole thing didn’t really matter to him. “There are a lot of outcomes that could have come out of this, and I’m pretty sure I gave you the best damn one. The least you could do is get under the covers with me.” You had a slight pout on your face, one that had Obanai absolutely melting. “If you insist…”
You still managed to fall right into his trap, even after he exposed himself to you. How naive.
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