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How the Pillars would react to you getting “stuck”
Warnings: contains smut, therefore no Muichiro
A/N: lol I’m trying a new “heading” format and idk how to feel. Anyways this is your classic p0rn trope of someone getting stuck in a very…awkward position and oops well…
Word count so y’all know what you’re getting into: 6.6k
This is a female reader!! I am more than welcome to the idea of making this again with a male reader if anyone would like me to!
Tumblr media
“Are you…stuck?” He certainly didn’t think he’d find you on your knees with your ass up wedged tightly under a bed. “Yes! This is so stupid I was trying to get something and I got stuck!” Heat flooded your cheeks, you knew for a fact your skirt had flipped up. “Do you want me to help?” Giyu wasn’t sure what came over him, but he too had gotten on his knees. His eyes were glued to the panties clinging to your sex. “Yes!” Your eyes widened as two hands glided up your thighs.
“G-giyu?” Two fingers hooked under the waistband of your panties, pulling them down to fully expose you. “What are you doing!?” You squirmed, trying to free yourself. “You don’t mind right?” His voice was hoarse, eyes trailing over your ass and thighs. “I…I…” did you mind? You couldn’t deny the slow but steady throb building up between your legs. “G-go ahead.” You were thankful he couldn’t see your face, a mix of embarrassment and shame flooding your cheeks.
Giyu himself wasn’t even sure what came over him, but the persistent twitch was getting annoying. Nimble fingers undid his belt buckle and the small button keeping his pants together. “I wish you could see this…” he mumbled more so to himself than you. You heard it anyways, struggling harder to get out from where you were stuck. “Help me out, so I can see it.” You whined, cheek pressing into the floor. “After…after…” he soothed as he ran his tip between your folds.
“Oh fuck…” you whimpered as his head neared your entrance, pressing a slightly before lowering back to your clit. “You aren’t nearly wet enough…” you were glistening at this point from him smearing your arousal. “Giyu…” he couldn’t hear you, but your ass wiggling slightly sent the message. “I don’t want to hurt you…” you wiggled your hips more, you weren’t sure if you wanted it to be over quickly because you wanted to be freed…or because you wanted to come.
Giyu pressed in slowly, you weren’t as wet as he wanted you to be. But you were sucking him in so greedily that he figured he could push past that for now. You yelped, head hitting the underside of the bed as he bottomed out. Even though you couldn’t see him…you could certainly imagine. Your walls were suffocating him, squeezing him so tightly you could make out every curve and vein. If you had to guess, he was at least seven or eight inches long.
Slowly he began moving his hips, the bed you were stuck under began to creep forward. The sound of flesh slapping flesh began to echo the small room. “Oh…oh…” you couldn’t help the whimpers and moans that left your lips, silently praying the small space would contain them. Giyu was covering them for you, his own groans easily drowning yours out. “You-you planned this…didn’t you?” His eyes were glued to where he kept disappearing inside of you.
“Fuck…ahh…” he whined as you grew wetter, clenching around him deliciously. “So fucking perfectly…and so fucking kinky…” he started laughing, the overwhelming pleasure making his eyes well with tears. “Giyu…” you mewled, the build up becoming too much to bear, yet you still weren’t falling over the edge. “I bet you aren’t…ha…even stuck.” He buried deep just to prove his point, long fingers reaching down to spread your folds apart.
“Oh!” You jumped as he began running quick circles on your clit. “Making such a mess too…” a creamy ring was forming around the base of his cock, the sight alone threatening to make him cum. “Giyu!!” It was as if that was the only word you could remember. You came with a loud cry, no doubt it echoed against the walls. Giyu nearly followed along with you, your walls tightened so harshly he could barely move. “Holy…” he groaned, leaning forward slightly to try and hold off until you finished.
You nearly collapsed, Giyu’s hands being the only thing keeping you on your knees. A few more thrusts and he was pulling out, jerking himself off the rest of the way. “F-fuck…” he spilled across your ass, pearly cum slowly sliding down to your thighs. The gentle creak of the bed moving signaled you were free. “Get stuck more often… please.”
Tumblr media
“No way…” you groaned as you realized you were stuck flat on your back. There was a particular patient bed where Shinobu hid some top secret medicine recipes. They were usually tucked under the wooden beams supporting the mattress. “Y/n?” You stilled your struggles at the sound of her voice. “Y-yeah…” you called a little louder than necessary. “You’re stuck?” You kicked your feet in embarrassment, that certainly answered her question.
“Well…” your eyes widened considerably when two delicate hands began rubbing your thighs. “S-Shinobu…” you shivered each time her hands neared your sex. “No one is around…surely we can have a little fun?” She pushed your skirt up, revealing a thin pair of her panties. “Oh? You stole my underwear…naughty girl.” Your cheeks were red hot, you were thankful at that moment for being stuck. “Nobu…” you let out a shaky gasp when one finger pressed into your covered slit. “Soiling my own panties with your arousal…what a little whore.” You nearly hit your head in shock.
“I’ll just have to teach you a lesson.” You stilled again, lifting your hips slightly to allow Shinobu the room to pull the panties off. Cool air hits your heated cunt, a shiver passing over you. “Already so wet…you were hoping I’d find you like this, huh?” The rustle of cloth signified Shinobu was undressing from the waist down as well. “So many options…do I finger you? Eat you out? Or do I just skip to the pussy grinding…” your clit began to throb, you weren’t used to Shinobu talking like that. “All of the above.” You croaked, praying she’d touch you sooner than later.
“I’d love to…but I’m feeling rather needy myself.” You squealed as her hips slotted with yours, the sensation of your sexes pressed together was dizzying. “N-nobu…” you mewled, attempting to move your hips against hers since she was staying still. With your sight and hearing cut off from the experience, you felt a lot more sensitive. While you could still hear, it was all quite muted. “Eager…you really must have planned this…” Shinobu finally began rocking her hips. “Or maybe I planned it.”
She giggled as she found her rhythm, pussy grinding against yours perfectly. Your breathing picked up as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over you. It all felt so hot…so wet…you could barely hear under the bed, but the squelching was loud and clear. “If only you could see how messy you are making me, naughty girl.” Shinobu’s hips began swiveling in quick circles. Breathy moans escaped the insect pillar as she rubbed into you. Her own orgasm began pulsing, her whole body tensing as she chased her high.
Your thighs trembled under her, your muffled cries telling her you were enjoying yourself. She prayed no one would stumble upon the two of you. Not only would it be awkward but it would look quite…damaging to Shinobu's reputation. That danger made her work faster, panting as sweat slowly dripped down her temple. Scissoring was always a workout, it always took a little extra effort to bring her over the edge. But the sounds…the sensations…the heat…it was all quite worth it in her eyes.
“C’mon y/n…I can feel you…you’re so close…” your clit was pulsing. Every few grinds, Shinobu managed to ghost her clit over yours. The sensation was beginning to make your ears ring, chest heaving with bated breaths as you prayed she’d do it again. “Nobu please…” she knew what you wanted, she felt the same every few lucky rubs. “Hang…on…” she swallowed thickly. Hand reaching down to spread your lips apart, she used her other hand to repeat the action on herself.
Now with both of you fully spread, each grind of her hips hit perfectly. Tears streamed down your face as your orgasm built up so fast it nearly took your breath away. Your nails scraped at the wooden floor beneath you, a high pitched cry signaled that you had came. Though Shinobu could already tell by the way you grew even wetter. “Fuck..naughty…” she couldn’t even finish her sentence, hips stuttering as she rode out her own high.
Her hips stilled a moment later, wiping sweat from her brow as she pulled away from you. “C’mon…” she giggled softly as she lifted the bed, it wasn’t all that heavy and it allowed you to free yourself with the recipes in hand. “Good girl, always staying on task.”
Tumblr media
He froze in place, eyes going wider than normal. “Y…y/n?” For once his voice was quiet, eyes trailing over you. “S-shit! Kyojuro?” You smacked your head under the bookcase. It was stupid of you to even try and reach under such a small space and now you were paying for it. “Quite the position…” he drew closer, holding back a groan at the way your body curved. Your skirt had slipped up in the process, leaving the thin cover of your panties to hide your sex.
“Kyojuro…help me. I-I need you to lift the bookcase.” He looked at the nearly full bookcase and then back at you. Eyes zeroing in on your thighs. “I think…I need to do something first.” He seemed so hesitant, his body moving on autopilot as he fell to his knees behind you. “K-Kyojuro?” You couldn’t imagine what he was doing, but it certainly didn’t sound like he was trying to move the bookcase. A sharp gasp left your mouth when a soft kiss was placed directly on your center.
“A-are you…don’t tell me you’re…” but your panties were already being dragged down your thighs. “I’ll make you feel good, then I’ll help you get out.” His breath was fanning over your cunt, you swallowed thickly. “O-oh.” A second kiss was placed on your cunt, this time no barrier separated you. Kyojuro moved with intent now, two fingers spreading you open while his tongue slithered between your folds. His other hand was massaging the flesh of your ass.
You let out shaky moans as Kyojuro found his rhythm, tongue toying with your clit before slowly inserting two fingers. Your arousal mixed with his saliva created a low squelch with each thrust. “So good…more…” you whimpered as a third finger was introduced. His licks turned into sucks as Kyojuro began shamelessly grinding his clothed erection against the wooden floor. It wasn’t the best feeling but at least it was some stimulation for his neglected cock.
“So pretty…” he interrupted his sucking every so often to sing you praises. “Kyojuro…your dick…please..” your orgasm was building but you still wanted more, even with three fingers buried deep. “Not until you come.” His fingers curled perfectly, massaging the spot that had you squeezing around him. “F-fuck…” you whined as you came, walls twitching around Kyojuro’s fingers and painting his chin with your release. “Now you can get what you want, baby.” The rustling of fabric was the only warning you received before he lined himself up.
He only gave you a few seconds to prepare before pushing forward, velvety walls suctioning to him. “So good…” he choked as he bottomed out, no matter how many times he had you, it never got old. You felt the same, his head pressing into your cervix before pulling out again. The steady rhythm made the bookcase you were stuck under begin to rock. Part of you worried the whole thing would come crashing down. Kyojuro didn’t seem to be worried about anything else, eyes trained on the way your body jiggled with each thrust.
“Fuck…” he groaned, each stroke bruising your cervix. The sound of flesh hitting flesh was the only thing keeping you grounded. Your cheek pressed into the wood of the floor, cooling your heated skin. “H-h- Ahh — harder.” You croaked, body tensing as you clamped down around him. A whine left Kyojuro’s lips, sending butterflies straight through you. You could never get over the noises he made when he was lost in his own pleasure. “Close…” he could barely keep his eyes focused, his hips burying deep over and over as he chased his high.
Only three more thrusts and Kyojuro was burying himself deep, spilling hot seed deep inside. “S-shit.” The book case tilted, threatening to fall. Even in his euphoric state, Kyojuro still reached out to steady it. “Kyo..help me.” You whined, the position was turning painful. His hips stuttered through his orgasm, earning you yours as well. “Oh-“ you choked as your second release washed over you. After a few minutes of silence, you both calmed down.
“Now can you help me…” Kyojuro pulled out slowly, laughing softly as he lifted the bookcase enough for you to pull yourself out. Sitting up on the wooden floor you began rubbing your sore knees. “Round two?” Kyojuro dropped down before you, an eager look in his eyes. “Only for you.”
Tumblr media
You stopped struggling the second his booming laugh met your ears. “No way!” More laughter followed, your face began heating up. “You really got stuck?” You whined as his footsteps got closer. You had dropped your ring and it rolled under the bed, with your luck you ended up getting stuck. “Stop laughing and help me!” Your hips wiggled as you yelled, catching Tengen’s attention. “Oh?” You nearly bumped your head as his foot rested on one ass cheek.“Tengen! So help me when I get out of here I’m beating your ass!”
“Oh lighten up! Let’s have some fun.” A low thump against the floor signaled he had dropped to his knees. Well that and the unmistakable grind of his hips against your own. “How typical.” You groaned, hoping it would mask the whine that nearly slipped. “This is too good to pass up and you know it.” You did know it, and the fact that it was completely by accident? You were done for. You sunk your teeth into the side of your cheek when one finger dragged your panties down. “You’re already wet.” Your own body was betraying you, now it really seemed like a set up.
You stilled completely as warm breath fanned across your cunt, he was close. You waited, hoping you’d feel his tongue. But this was Tengen we were talking about, so you shouldn’t have been surprised when he sunk his teeth into the flesh of your ass. “O-oh!” He lapped at the bite mark, chuckling softly as he undid the tie on his kimono. “Should I add another, for symmetry?” He was already hovering over the other cheek. “Tengen!” The bed was muffling your voice so he took it as a yes. This time it actually hurt, like he fully intended to leave a mark.
He pulled away a minute later to admire his work, spitting down on his dick to pump it slowly. “What if I just get myself off? And then free you.” You struggled for a moment, trying to force yourself out “don’t you dare!” His ever booming laugh reached you even under the bed, his tip slowly gliding between your folds. “You know I wouldn’t, it wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying.” His tip pressed into your entrance, stretching it but moving no further. He repeated this motion until you were wailing for him to move.
“Such a cry baby!” He pushed in half way, leaving you gasping and trying to adjust. “S-shit…” your forehead pressed into the wood beneath you, focusing on Tengen pushing further to bottom out. “Always so good to me…” his tongue darted out to wet his bottom lip. Eyes trained on where he disappeared inside of you. He always did this, stayed still for an indefinite amount of time to just feel you clench and flutter around him. “So full, right baby?” You mumbled out a yes, it didn’t matter if you were stuck, he could absolutely hear you.
“There is always another time for this though. For now…” he began moving slowly. Pulling half way out before pushing back in. He found a steady rhythm after a few thrusts, head tossing back to relish in your heat. You let out whimpers of his name as he angled himself just right. “You’re still quite loud..” he focused more on hitting deep rather than moving fast. Your face turned hot at Tengen’s revelation, a hand slapping over your mouth. Your clit was still pulsing in want and neglect. You ached to feel Tengen’s fingers.
“Tengen please…” your release was just out of your reach, all you needed were his fingers. “Please what?” He brushed your cervix with a particularly deep thrust. “Fingers!” You wailed, back arching harder as he held himself in place. “Oh? Do you want them? Where exactly?” You should have known better. “Touch me…my…” you hated when he made you do this. “Your…?” He was leaning down, trying to hear you better. “My…clit.” You smacked your head on the floor. Tengen didn’t push you further, hips picking up their rhythm as his fingers came around to rub harsh circles on your clit.
Your orgasm followed a second later, a warm gush of liquid coating Tengen’s cock. “Oh such a good girl…” his head fell forward to stare at his glistening cock. He worked you through your orgasm in an attempt to chase his own. Your velvety walls were clamping around him so tightly he could barely move. That alone nearly had you milking him of everything he was worth. A few struggling thrusts had him spilling inside you, a shameless moan leaving his lips. A few seconds of silence followed as you both came down from your highs.
“Now…help me.” You started to feel suffocated under the bed. Tengen pulled out, his release following. Before you could complain, the bed was being lifted allowing you out. “Oh!” You pushed yourself up, falling backwards so Tengen could set the bed back down. “Well, now that you are free. How about we make use of the top of the bed.” A shit setting grin appeared on his face. “Think of it as a reward for freeing you!” You rolled your eyes, taking his hand to help you up. “You’re lucky I love you.” He smiled as you began crawling onto the mattress. “So it’s a yes?”
“Of course it’s a yes.”
Tumblr media
“M-Mitsuri!” You squealed as you realized you were stuck flat on your back. Not only that but you were being squished by the bedframe you had been attempting to fix. The love pillar came running when you yelled, nearly tripling over her own two feet at the sight before her. “Y/N?!” She could only see from your abdomen down, both legs were bent upwards with feet planted firmly on the ground. This position had your skirt bunching at your thighs, fully exposing your sex. “Is this a setup?” You couldn’t see, but her cheeks were a rosy pink.
“Huh? No, I'm actually stuck!” You didn’t realize how exposed you were. “Well that’s a shame…” you froze as Mitsuri’s hands were running up and down your thighs. “I’d love to help you baby…but you look so good right now.” She was intoxicated just by the sight of your covered pussy. “Mitsuri…free me first!” It was no use, not when her hands were pushing up your uniform top so she could kiss your stomach. “After…after.” She repeated between kisses, making her way to the waistband of your skirt. “Lift!” You obeyed, hips raising so she could pull the item off.
Mitsuri began placing open mouth kisses on your thighs, working her way up and around where you wanted to feel her most. “This is such a fun surprise!” She squealed before she placed an open mouth kiss over your clothed sex. A shaky moan left your lips, Mitsuri’s soft hands slowly pulled the garment off you. “Mitsuri…I want to see you.” You were no longer embarrassed about getting stuck, now you were just frustrated. “You’ll get to see me after? Let me have my fun with you.” You always gave her what she wanted, but she liked the thrill of you being “trapped.”
You spread your legs wider without hesitation, praying she’d stop teasing. “Oh? Now we’re eager! What a smart girl.” She always sang you praises when she topped, now was no different. Plush lips kissed all around your lower half, purposely ignoring your aching cunt. It wasn’t until your thighs began to tremble that she finally showed you mercy. “All jittery and covered in your own arousal. All I did was kiss you.” You thumped the underside of the bed with your hands, whining loudly but not saying anymore. “Alright then, I’ll stop teasing.” Her melodic giggles were all you heard.
A shaky moan left your lips as Mitsuri’s tongue licked a fat stripe up your center. She teased you for a few seconds longer, your legs spread wider in hopes of her going where you wanted. Finally she seemed sick of teasing you, her tongue zeroing in on your pulsing clit. You always thought of Mitsuri as a pillow princess, but it was moments like these where she caught you by surprise. Your back arched as much as you could manage, shaky whines leaving your lips as she switched from licking to sucking.
Your breathing turned labored as you chased your release, walls clenching tightly around nothing. “Ah…ha…Mitsuri…” your muted whines only fueled her. Two delicate fingers slipped past your entrance, pumping slowly until they were coated in your juices. “Come for me, please.” The pink haired girl felt hot, her own clit pulsing in need as she ached to feel you on her. Her pleas paired with her fingers and mouth had you falling over the edge in record speed. “S-shit…” your orgasm made your eyes water, eyes going blurry as you rode it out.
“Can you handle me right now?” She was lifting up her skirt and pulling her panties off. You barely even registered that she had pulled her mouth and fingers away from you, pleasant shockwaves still wracking your body. “A-absolutely.” You're still muffled, hoping she’d help you get unstuck but it seems that wasn’t the case. The warmth from her plush thighs caging in your own sent a new wave of arousal through you. Though you really wished you could see her.
The pink haired girl wasted no time, her hips grinding perfectly into yours. Sinful noises began to sound around the small room, none of which spilled from either of your mouths. Your cheeks were on fire as you realized the squelching noises were pouring out from your pressed together cunts. High pitched whines accompanied them, Mitsuri was practically frantic with her movements. “So hot…so soft…gonna come…gonna come…” her hips swiveled perfectly, waves of pleasure bringing tears to her eyes and down her cheeks. She was always so damn sensitive.
Mitsuri was never one to hold back, naturally she didn’t care how quickly she came. So after only a few minutes at most of grinding against you, she was trembling with her release. The squelching only grew louder as she rode out her orgasm, wailing your name until she came down from her high. “Y-you…you left me hanging…” she stopped right as your second orgasm was about to hit you. “Cause I wanna see…you come again.” The bed was suddenly lifted just enough for you to push yourself out, a sweaty Mitsuri graced your eyes. “Now, let’s continue.
Tumblr media
You were trapped…literally. The bed you were so certain you’d be able to fit under now had you stuck. The only person around to help you was the last person you’d want to ask. Sanemi would absolutely never let you hear the end of it, especially with how vulnerable you were at the moment. In your futile attempts to get out, you had knocked your skirt straight up. Fully exposing you. “I guess I’ll just die here.” You whined using your arms to try and push yourself back out the way you came. “What the fuck are you doing?” You froze, the voice was the one you didn’t want to hear. What was worse? There was a hint of laughter in it.
“N-nothing!” You wished you could have at least gotten all of you stuck under the bed. “Sure doesn’t look like nothing.” His footsteps drew closer, eyes taking in the sight of your wiggling legs. “You’re stuck, aren’t you?” A loud squeal of dismay left you, Sanemi’s laughter filled the room. “How the fuck did you get stuck?” His laughter was still bubbling out of him, eyes slowly trailing down to your exposed ass. “I thought I could fit! I-I…” how were you supposed to tell him you were going to try and scare him? “I dropped my ring under here.” You slipped it off your finger and tossed it a little out of your reach.
“Of course you did. If you wanna be freed…I have a fee.” You stopped struggling, “A fee?” You couldn’t begin to imagine what he had in mind. Though he didn’t give you much time to think, a harsh slap hit your ass cheek. “S-Sanemi!” You squirmed, the stinging feeling not leaving fast enough. “I’m sure you could imagine the fee…” he plucked at the waistband of your panties, letting them slap back onto your already sensitive cheek. “Quit it!” You tried to kick him away. “C’mon…you wanna get out don't you?” His voice had dropped an octave, calloused hands massaging the tender flesh.
“I-I do…” that was all he needed, he didn’t even bother pulling your panties off. Instead he used two fingers to pull the garment aside. You shivered as his fingers slipped between your folds, slowly sliding down to your entrance. “Not nearly wet enough.” He pulled away, popping both fingers into his mouth to suck on them slowly before returning. Now slicked in his saliva, he pressed slowly, coaxing you up to your knees in the process. “S-Sanemi…” you let out a breathy moan as two fingers curled perfectly. He knew by now where to touch. He used his free hand to rub slow circles on your clit. He had no intention of making you come…not yet at least. Edging was his favorite game.
You grew wetter by the minute, after what felt like an eternity he deemed you wet enough. “There we go…” he pulled out, fingers shining with your arousal. He sucked them clean before moving to undo his uniform pants. You wished you could see him, hips wiggling slightly as you waited to feel something new. Sanemi groaned out of relief, pumping his aching cock slowly before lining himself up with your entrance. There was a moment of silence as he pushed forward, gummy walls enveloping him.
“S-shit.” He sighed as his hips met the flesh of your ass. You had never felt so damn suffocated. “I’m gonna move.” He always warned you, pulling back until only his tip was left inside before burying deep again. You could do nothing but endure his brutal pace, whimpers and moans spilling from your lips as he angled himself just right. Your walls were sputtering and clenching around him wildly, clit aching to be touched. “M-more…” you hoped he could hear you, tears welling in your eyes. “More?” He was grinning even though you couldn’t see it.
Rough fingers reached around you, pushing your panties over even further so he could slip to fingers between your wet folds. Pleasure burst through your whole body, his movements were different than the first time. This time he intended for you to come. Swift circles repeated over and over as he shifted positions. He was on one knee now, using the other for better support to move quicker. Your orgasm crashed over you with no warning, walls spasming around Sanemi.
He didn’t slow, chasing his own high. He was twitching, unbearably close but he wanted to hold off until you came down. He needed you to feel him. If he stilled he would lose it, but he could hear you audibly sobbing. “S-shit…almost there baby…just a few more seconds.” You were beyond overstimulated, a ring of creamy cum was forming around the base of his cock. The sight alone had his balls tightening. Two more thrusts and he was spilling inside of you, your walls suctioning to him. Your legs gave out, leaving Sanemi to hold on tightly or else he’d slip out.
“D-did that cover the fee?” You felt like jelly, you wished you could see what Sanemi looked like. “Y-yeah.” He was breathless, slowly pulling out of you with a wet pop. You looked absolutely spent. The urge to see what your face looked like had him pushing the bed enough for you to pull yourself out. “Look at you, dumb ass.” He collapsed on his back, looking at you as you were still laying on your stomach. “Don’t get stuck again, or else I may have to keep charging you.”
Tumblr media
“K-Kaburamaru?!” It was a very, very rare occasion for the snake to be seen without his human counterpart. That could only mean one thing… “Obanai! Are you in here just watching me struggle!” You had been stuck under the bed frame for at least five minutes now. “Maybe.” His voice sounded from behind you. “Help me!” You maneuvered to your knees, attempting to pull yourself out for a second time. “No, I rather like seeing you struggle.” Truly he just liked admiring your ass as you attempted to wiggle free.
“Oh come on!” You forced your knees down harder, back curving into a deeper arch. The last thing you expected was to feel his hands on either side of your thighs. You waited a moment, assuming he would help pull you. Instead your breathing hitched in your throat as something hard was pressed against your center. “O-Obanai…” you swallowed thickly, a shaky gasp leaving you as he began rubbing into you. “You’re stupid for getting stuck, this is your punishment.”
“D-dry humping is my punishment?” You were embarrassed at how quickly you were getting turned on. Obanai chose to ignore you, hips working into a steady rhythm. “M-more! C’mon Obanai!” You slammed your hands against the wooden floor, albeit muted, it still made a point. “Only because it will be more enjoyable for me.” The muffled sound of fabric hinted that Obanai was undressing. That assumption was only confirmed when your panties were ripped off of you. “D-did you just rip those!?”
“What does it matter? You don’t need them.” You shivered as his cock slipped between your folds, hips thrusting upwards to glide between. Low whiny moans tumbled from Obanai’s lips, he was embarrassed by how sensitive he was until he met you. Turns out his sensitivity was a huge turn on for you. So were his moans. You felt tears burning your eyes after what must have been a few minutes. “Fuck…fuck me…please…” tears began slipping down your cheeks. While every few thrusts brushed your clit, it wasn't nearly enough to make you cum.
“Why should I? You’re dumb enough to get youself stuck under the bed. The western style one you begged to get.” He was aligning himself with your entrance as he spoke. As tough as he liked to act, he’d always give you what you wanted. “B-because…because…” you had no reason to give. “Because?” He continued for you, pressing his tip into your entrance until it began to spread around him. “I don’t know! Just…please!” He thrusted half way into you, “not good enough. I guess I’ll just have to educate you.”
He thrusted in the rest of the way, hips pressing so deeply into the back of your thighs it made your breathing stop. “Let’s see, where do I start?” He pulled out all the way again, waiting a second before slamming deep. “You managed to get yourself stuck.” The motion repeated. “What the hell were you even trying to get? Why didn’t you just move the bed?” Again. “You don’t use that pretty little brain of yours sometimes.” Tears streamed down your face, loud moans left with every thrust. He was focusing on going deep rather then fast, over and over, building up the pressure in your gut.
“I mean c’mon. This is pathetic.” There was already a glistening coat of arousal building around the base of his dick. One hand came around to toy with your clit, the bed above you was creeping forward with each thrust. So much so that Obanai actually reached forward to pull it back, keeping you snuggle trapped underneath. “So fucking pathetic.” A cold laugh left him, his own orgasm building up. “I’m close to coming baby…you better come before me or you won’t come at all.” So that was the punishment.
Obanai’s hand stopped toying with you, leaving you to try and chase your own high with just his cock. How cruel. Your body was twitching, orgasm building and building until finally you fell over the edge. Your vision blurred, tears slipping down your cheeks as you convulsed on his dick. “What a good girl, you made me proud.” There was a smirk residing underneath the bandaged, you only grew warmer and wetter around him. “O-Obanai!” You wailed as he kept up the steady and harsh pace. His orgasm was just within reach.
Your wails stopped when he buried himself, causing you to feel impossibly full as he spurted his release into you. “You really don’t even deserve this.” His cum was something you needed to earn, but since you managed to come he may as well reward you. He pulled out completely a moment later, standing up and admiring the way none of his cum seeped out. “W-wait! Aren’t you going to help me! I’m still stuck!” Obanai walked around the other side of the bed, Kaburamaru slithering out to meet him. “That is a problem for you to solve on your own, y/n.”
Tumblr media
You began regretting the western style bed shortly after Gyomei broke it within the first month of having it. You regretted it fully when you managed to get yourself stuck after dropping prayer beads Gyomei had given you. They slid perfectly under the bed, which you were certain you could crawl under to get. Now you were absolutely stuck, only your lower back, ass and legs were free. And they were failing you while you tried to get yourself out. You’d have to swallow your pride and ask for his help. “G-gyomei?!” You called, hoping he’d hear you. After a few seconds you heard his hurried footsteps, “what’s wrong?!” You held your breath for a moment, embarrassed to announce what the issue was. “I’m stuck.”
“Under the bed.”
“You’re stuck under the bed?”
You squeezed your eyes shut, he couldn’t even see your face but you were embarrassed nonetheless. A loud squeal left you as two large hands rested on your exposed waist. “You…you need to lift the bed! Not me…” you felt heat flood your cheeks. “I know what I’m doing, y/n.” His deep voice sent a shiver straight down your spine and right to your clit. “G-gyomei?” There was a different tone to his voice, one you didn’t catch very often. “You’re actually stuck, right?” Large hands ran up and down your waist, slowly tugging your skirt up. “I-I am.”
“Mmm. You wanted me to be a little more adventurous with our sex life, didn’t you?” One finger hooked under the waistband of your panties, playing with the soft material. “And how…exactly do you plan on doing that.” You wanted nothing more than to see his face, but instead you were stuck between the bed frame and the slightly dusty floor. “Well…you’re in a rather compromising position, no?” He was tugging down your panties as he spoke. A twinge of need sparking in your gut.
“Oh…” you sunk your teeth into your cheek, cool air meeting your exposed cunt. “I think this…is a good start. Unless you are too uncomfortable in that position.” You took in a shaky breath, “n-no this is good.” Your voice was barely above a whisper, but he still heard it. “Alright, just let me know if you want to stop…” ever the gentleman, Gyomei lowered himself until his mouth was hovering over you. He started slowly, tongue darting out to kiss and suck the sensitive flesh. You whined after a bit, wanting to feel him deeper. “One finger…” he whispered, tongue digging between your folds to toy with your clit as a finger slipped in.
This is Gyomei after all, if you had to guess — one of his fingers was probably the equivalent to two of a normal sized man. You welcomed the stretch, mewling out his name as he began pumping slowly. For such a reserved and quiet man, he definitely knew how to make you shake. “Gyomei~” your hips jerked backwards, desperately wanting him to go deeper…suck harder… “you aren’t nearly prepared enough for me, love.” He didn’t wait for a response, his words were final. You had to sit there and let him do as he pleased, which in the end you’d be thankful for. He was rather…large after all.
His lips suctioned to your clit, slowly introducing a second finger when he deemed you wet enough. Your thighs began to tremble, arousal slowly leaking down your thighs. You were close to coming, knowing full and well Gyomei would never deny you. It washed over you easily, the delicious tremble wracked your body until tears blurred your vision. Gyomei delivered orgasm after orgasm, until it was leaking all over your thighs and threatening to spill to the floor. It wasn’t until then that he decided you could take him. He pumped himself slowly, costing himself in your oozing arousal before positioning himself.
He entered you slowly, the burning stretch was easier to endure when he already let you come as much as he did. He pressed in until he felt your cervix, he could never fit his entire length in. Especially not with his girth, he’d simply tear you apart if he did. You still felt suffocatingly full, hips rocking to meet his as each thrust bruised your cervix and made your abdomen bulge. As stoic and large as Gyomei was, he could come quick. Low grunts filled the room, meeting your ears even under the bed. He was already close to spilling his load. You were impossibly tight around him, how could he not?
He was twitching between your walls, threatening to let go at any moment. But he was always waiting for you okay, he would force himself to wait until you deemed him worthy enough to spill inside. “G-gyomei please! Fill me up…” you were thankful for the bed hiding your hot face. He did exactly as you told him too, pressing the head of his cock into your cervix before spilling deep. A low groan left him, body twitching as tears spilled from his eyes. “Thank you.” He mumbled, silently praying for the euphoria he felt.
“N..now I can free you.” He pushed the bed away easily, not even bothering to pull out. You glanced backwards, eyes trailing over his sweaty fucked out face. “Maybe I should get stuck more often.” You were only half joking, he looked heavenly like this. “Maybe you should…”
Tumblr media
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ms0milk · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
stealing the hashira's haori b/c it smells like them
| ft. rengoku, shinobu, giyuu, and sanemi
a/n: had to pick the characters who actually wear haori for this one, even though tengen whips the reins to my heart 24/7
i got a excited and made these kind of long, so i stopped after four characters for the sake of sleep, let me know if you'd like the others as well! thank you for the request & please enjoy some sweet sweet pining
Tumblr media
you cannot tell me this man isn’t organized
a 6ft marie kondo if you may
absolutely finds comfort in meaningful routine like practicing forms, skincare, organizing storage closets, a library organized by word count
“a well kept life is the sign of a dedicated mind”
so when his haori goes missing– one of the only things he doesn’t go a day without– the man is flummoxed
unfortunately there’s only one suspect
but who can blame you??
365 days a year this man smells like a warm fire and it’s just so comforting
and with him always called away to work
and almost dying on the regular
pls let me have this
you were fiercely protective of the things that reminded you of him
absolutely lay down your life precious.
so one day you’re doing laundry in the early morning and see his haori in the pile of clothes to be washed
not on your watch
rengoku wakes up alarmed at his empty arms
he jumps out of bed and reaches for his haori so that he can go look for you without wasting time putting on layers
but it’s not on the hook
did he put it in the laundry?
peers into the hallway
the hamper is gone
not even rengoku does laundry before dawn
“my love?” he bellows through the halls of his home
you’re the only thing that doesn’t wake him up at night; he trusts you. so when you wake up earlier than him and start your day he’s only ever a little extra clingy, never worried
he loves what a hard working morning person you are
even though no one could sleep in decently while living under his roof
he made you like this
laundry at dawn what the fuck
“My darling?” he calls again
he’s wandered into the kitchen where you’re squat on the porch next a basin of water and a pile of clothes.
but you’re not washing them
you’re wrapped up in his haori. over your head, around your shoulders, knees tucked inside of it
you turn to him
only your face peeking out
“it smells like you”
he wastes no time- literally zero seconds
rengoku efficiency kyojuro
scooping up his little ball of love in his arms, dirty haori and all
“i smell like me too! come back to bed
Tumblr media
the sentimental value of her haori is extremely high
it was her sister’s after all
so for her to misplace it is wildly out of character
she wakes up in the lab, head on her desk, blanket over her shoulders, in only her corps uniform
she’s in a panic
whatever a panic looks like for this passive aggressive butterfly
its crushing beakers with her bare hands
she dismisses the girls when they ask her why she’s tearing the mansion apart in the middle of the night
windows are broken
floorboards splinter
she smiles sweetly, wakes up all their patients, and holds an interrogation in the infirmary
kanao stops her before she starts breaking fingers
the last place she checks is your bedroom where you’re sound asleep
she’s careful in here, not to wake you up with her rampage but you’re holding something familiar
how did you get her haori? was it with you the whole time?
you snap her out of her spiral and she’s beside you in seconds
“it appears i’ve been robbed”
“i’m sorry,” you murmur sleepily, “you looked so uncomfortable at the desk i wanted to cover you up and..i just…i thought you wouldn’t need it”
she pulls your blanket up over your shoulders but you reach out for her hand
“i missed you ko, i’m sorry if i startled you by taking it. it just smells like you and you’re doing important work in the lab, so i…didn’t want to interrupt”
she cups your face at this and kisses you quiet
you have zero complaints about this development
she slips the haori out of your hands and drapes it over top of you
“keep it tonight”
“but ko–”
“i’ll stay up all night to get my work done if i have to, but no matter what you will wake up next to me in the morning. no more sleeping in the lab. this can keep you company until then”
Tumblr media
like shinobu, his haori is extremely sentimental to him
there isn’t a non-sentimental bone in this man’s body
he’s a rickety jenga game of sentimental bones
you knew this, but didn’t realize exactly what his haori meant to him
he wasn’t gonna leave without it
and he’s so aloof it’s hard to get his attention sometimes
it can drive you crazy
“i’m not giving it back Giyuu!”
“come down from there”
he’d cornered you in the study like a wild animal
flailing around in your pajamas and standing on the dresser
“you don’t need it!”
“please just–”
“you’re the one leaving in the middle of the night”
you hated, and I mean hated it when he said your name like that
so exasperated
trust me it’s infuriating
“just come down”
“you’re going to leave!”
the crow came tonight and woke both of you up with new mission details for the hashira
but leaving was proving harder than normal
“Y/n please”
“they keep sending you on these mission giyuu and, and, one day you might not come back”
he was tired and frustrated and he agreed with you, but he couldn’t just ignore the call
he’d been on hundreds of mission, you accompanied him on many, so you must understand
but when he looked back up at you all flushed and heaving and– teary eyed? he knew the mission wasn’t the problem
he was gonna have to start taking relationship advice from tengen wasn’t he
he quietly offered you his hand
“i’m not gonna take it from you”
you were tired. you gave in
“tomioka..” you whimpered when you realized there was no winning. trying to manage to keep your tears inside your eyes and not flooding the room
you did not manage very well
“you can’t want this stinky old thing”
your head shot up from where you were wiping away tears “i do!”
“you’re Kinoe. you have many of your own hao–”
“it’s the only thing that smells like you”
there wasn’t much he could think to do right then, other than pull you so, so close to him
he wrapped an arm around your waist and pressed the other behind your head
bad idea
the tears just kept coming now
you both wished there was something other than the shoulder of his uniform to blow your nose on
he didn’t bring it up
“you know” he murmured, “this mission’s in a swamp, so i promise ill give you a nose-full when i get back”
this made you laugh
he might be dense but he was always determined to get there eventually
Tumblr media
it’s almost impossible to get him sitting still long enough to really smell him
and he’s surprisingly strict about his hygiene especially when he’s been training and he knows he’s going to see you
but hear me out
this man naturally smells so good
like in a little musky way
trust me, you could bottle this shit
you’ve tried and succeeded
he sweats like a hog
but the stash is running out
today might have been a bad day to get cocky about your secret mission
and you underestimated how much sanemi would miss his simple white haori
you just wanted to breathe in the smell of him for a second
and left it in your bedroom by mistake
you kind of thought he had lots
how the fuck does he keep just the one so white??
slaying demons and getting fucking stabbed all the time
and how were you supposed to know how possessive he was about his silly little clothes
the man literally threatens to destroy everything he sees, it’s not your fault you can’t pinpoint his priorities
you have a lot of access to his personal items
technically you were sanemi’s housekeeper and head of the mansion while he was away
your’s and sanemi’s wildly inappropriate personal relationship notwithstanding
so he came to you immediately
“who the fuck went through my things?!”
at first you didn’t know exactly what this was in reference to
was he complaining about your work?
did you fuck up the laundry?
did you break something
“obanai stopped by today to deliver a message but no one else was home except for me”
why was he shirtless–
“fucking snake i’m gonna kill him”
sanemi no
“mr shinazugawa! wait wait”
you knew you were either gonna have to come clean or read the eulogy at iguro's funeral
“sanemi, sanemi, sanemi, wait”
he paused his rampage at the front door for a second when you called him by his first name
the man’s a whore
he’d forget to eat if you called him that all the time
“i–i took it, not mr obanai. i’m sorry sir” god this was embarrassing. “i didn’t realize how important it was to you”
weird little ego boost, but fine, he’d take it
“where is it y/n?”
“m-my room”
“and why is it in there?”
while usually professional and serious, this conversation was making you break a sweat
“it um..smells like you”
that was new. his brow twitched
he quite liked it
he dropped his sword on the table and pulled you close in by the belt of your robe
“wanna breathe me in so bad, why not just say something? i can think of a few different ways to fill you with me”
oh my god
Tumblr media
>>> part 2 - coming soon
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somelattes · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
crushing so hard they do/say something impulsive
ft: kyojuro, giyuu, shinobu, sanemi, obanai
They basically have it really bad for you
Tumblr media
this man isn't really familiar with the concept of impulsiveness
everything he says and does is genuine
more often than not also random af
so you've grown used to his style
when he realizes just how much he likes you
like, likes likes you
not just as one of his most cherished comrades
he starts to fuck up in the sweetest way
and is louder than usual
often sounds like a personal trainer
"your breathing technique was excellent but I'm sure you can do better!"
"wow, your running speed sure has improved!"
his levels of self-awareness rocket skyhigh whenever you're around
so when you approach him after a pillar meeting
all smiles and warm cheeks
he's internally freaking out
always so excited whenever you talk to him
"hey, I know you're about to travel north-east, I am too! Would you like–"
why is he screaming
nevertheless you smile, a little taken aback
"I'd love t–"
sorry what
Tumblr media
Giyuu doesn't really understand
you seem to always be around for some reason
even at his estate
you know he has people working for him
taking care of him
yet you keep showing up with soup
baked bread
fresh fruit from your garden
you always seem willing to interact with him
and he doesn't get why
but he likes how quickly you adapt
and just sit in silence, never pressuring him to speak
or have a conversation
but suddenly he wants to have a conversation
and he tries his hardest
bc he wants to know more about you
so he asks questions
not always the right ones
and sometimes he can sound like a recruiting manager
"do you enjoy being a slayer?"
"why did you want to become one?"
people often tell him he's too stoic
so he does his best not to make the conversation boring
or die off
but panics easily
and you can look particularly beautiful in the afternoon light
especially if you smile at him or lean closer, arm practically brushing his
so he just abruptly gets up and leaves the room without saying a word
cup of tea knocked over
while you just sit there with a giant question mark hovering above your head
Tumblr media
is it even possible not to develop a crush on her
beautiful poison queen
she's been on a few missions with you
also has seen you naked bc you know, injuries to check, wounds to stitch up
she's very professional always
but you're just so gorgeous
and you hug her so frequently
she starts feeling protective
and frustrated whenever she's not around you
irritated when she doesn't get to sit next to you during a meeting
annoyed a reasonable amount when you're assigned to a mission with Mitsuri
scared shitless when you get back heavily wounded and don't wake up for a good two weeks
more than enough time for her to fully grasp just how much she cares about you
to remember each time you softly nudged her with your shoulder when you thought she wasn't listening
each time your hand almost met hers, fingers barely brushing each other, aching to actually intertwine
of course the second you open your eyes she's there
fists clenched around the fabric of her uniform
"don't you dare do that again"
you furrow your brows
"do what again?"
shinobu pauses for a second, then her intense gaze suddenly meets yours
"almost leave me without you" , she mutters angrily, voice so low you can barely hear it
your features take 0,01 seconds to soften
your hand finds hers in even less time
"shinobu, i would never"
almost chokes on her spit bc it's the first time you call her by her name
Tumblr media
oh he is the master of pining
just completely clueless
has no idea he has a crush on you
everybody else does
obanai has been on the verge of telling him several times
then decided it'd be more amusing to watch the events unfold
sanemi finds himself gravitating towards you without even noticing
he insists on training with you
on accompanying you if your destination is too far away
"because your sense of orientation is shit"
subconsciously tries to be around you as much as he can
and gets worried at the smallest incidents
still keeps his confusingly rude attitude tho
so let's say if you trip his brain goes "fuck i hope they're okay"
but his mouth goes "watch it, idiot"
you find it amusing so you start to tease him bc he's cute when he's uncomfortable
and you like getting on his nerves
and having an excuse to be closer to him
so when you're on your way to the village you're supposed to patrol together
and you stop to eat something under the shade of a tree
you lean dangerously close a few times
"wow, your bento looks great!"
"look at that flower over there!"
"sorry, i thought i heard something"
you can sense him growing more tense by the minute
"oh i think i can see the vill–"
"Can you–", he snaps and you hardly suppress a laugh as he struggles to find the words, tips of ears red as ever, "fuck! how do you even smell that good all the fucking time?"
didn't see that coming
now it's your turn to blush
how the turntables
Tumblr media
took a ridiculous amount of time for you to get close to him
by getting close i mean having him say hello back
and not minding your company when he's on a tree
you were so excited you had that trait in common when you first met him
basically spent half your childhood climbing trees
and falling from them
he was the only pillar who spent more time in the air than on the ground
and you found it interesting
all his usual stay-away-from-me threatening smoke screens were crushed by your sweet smile
you are everything he's not, he reminds himself
warm, kind, affectionate
so he still tries to keep you away
after all he's rude, uninterested, harsh, unpleasant, ugly
yet you still long for his company for some reason
even kaburamaru likes you
so obanai eventually yet reluctantly agrees to share branches with you
he mostly listens, since you talk a lot
about your day, last mission, family, brothers, he's just constantly being filled up with information about your life
which he doesn't mind
he's actually kinda glad you still get to have a fairly normal one
becomes painfully aware of the crush he starts developing
doesn't like it one bit
doesn't help one bit that you seem so inexplicably fond of him as well
one day there you are again, sitting on the opposite side of his same branch, feet dangling as you take in the morning sun
then you look at him, who was already looking at you
your expression is suddenly very serious as you get closer, one hand extended and getting dangerously close to his face
he freaks tf out
next thing you know you're on the ground
what the fuck obanai
"did you just push me off a tree?", you're speechless
all you wanted was to take a leaf out of his hair
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tomiokasensei · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
HASHIRA + colour palette (insp.)
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suja-janee · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Have you taken the time to hold your tiny partner today??
Tumblr media
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pillowgraveyard · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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milkyybuns · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Characters: Uzui Tengen x gn!Reader Warnings: NSFW (MDNI), Tengen being a dumbass, tiny bit of crack, thirsty reader, no actual sex, oral (reader giving), facial, slight size kink + praise kink Synopsis: You return from a mission exhausted and Tengen offers you his massage services with innocent intentions, initially. Poor man gets excited too easily, but you are happy to give him a hand.
Word count: 930+
-- a/n: After the last couple demon slayer eps I realised how much of a himbo Tengen really is (hint: big one), so I made him more himbo-ish 💖 Oops the premise sound like a cheesy prno :v
“Darling you look sore, would you like some help?” Tengen asked from his place on your shared bed, maroon eyes lazily drifted down your body.
“Ohh that would be amazing, everything hurts after that last mission.” You pouted as you recalled the weeks you and Shinobu spent tracking down the elusive Upper Moon demon before finally disposing of the foul creature.
“C’mere then,” Tengen smiled softly and patted the spot on your shared bed. “Lie on your stomach, I’ll show you my super epic massage skills ~☆”He flashed his signature grin and did some sort of strange Jojo-esque pose.
You resisted the urge to roll your eyes at this and walked to the bed, before unceremoniously flopping down in the centre face down. Tengen paid you no mind and placed his knees on either side of your hips, taking care not to put his full body weight on you as he straddled your thighs.
He started from your shoulders, his large, warm hands gently squeezed your tense muscles.
“Tell me about the mission then, you had to go all the way to Hokkaido right?” Tengen asked. 
 “Mm yeah it was freezing! Plus that upper rank was so goddamn stubborn.” You sighed. “It was some sort of heavy snow leopard creature but it moved so swiftly, even in the blizzard.”
“...And even Shinobu lost her composure at one point, I’ve never seen- ahh! Mmmf, oh yes there-!” You moaned when he worked his elbow into one particularly tight knot in your back.
“Does that feel good?” Tengen asked, a small smirk on his face.
Polished fingers worked magic on your tired muscles, targeting every single point of tension. His thumbs pressed firmly into the area between your shoulder blades.
“Hnn hhaa ahh, ahh feels s'good!” You practically moaned.
"I didn't know you were this good at giving massages." You said.
"Mm well it shouldn't be surprising, you know how good I am with my hands."
You could hear the smugness in his voice. You would have hit him if it weren't for the fact you were a bowl of jelly right now.
"Mnnf harder! Yes right there Tengenn!" You were positively drunk with pleasure as his talented hands worked methodically down your body.
“Now you’re just teasing me on purpose.” Tengen breathed against the shell of your ear, making you shiver.
His hands continued to work their way down to your lower back, ignoring your plump rear and instead squeezing your thighs firmly.
Suddenly you felt the weight of the bed shift. Tengen had climbed off you and was now standing next to the bed.
“All done, you can call me the God of Massages because these hands are just that good!” Tengen boasted.
You sat up on the bed, stretching when you saw the slight bulge in your husband's pants. You bit your lip as a devious smile formed on your face.
“O great God of Massages, would you like some help with that?” You teased, pointing to his bulge.
“Mm darling you know how much I would love that. But you should rest. I can take care of myself.” He replied, slightly flustered.
You pouted at this.
“I know, but I want to. Your massage made me feel so good, I just want to return the favour.” You cooed. “Plus, it’s only natural I want to please my big, handsome husband.”
Tengen could feel his resolve weakening, especially when you looked at him like that.
“Mmn could you repeat that last bit?” Tengen grinned, moving closer to the edge of the mattress so you were kneeling at perfect eye level with his hips. You licked your lips and unzipped his pants. You began to lazily stroke his semi-erect cock, smearing the precum around the tip.
"Big. Handsome. Husband." You said between wet kisses on his smooth tip, hooded eyes staring into his own through thick lashes.
"Mm fuck. How can I say no to that?" Tengen groaned.
You sloppily kissed up the side before taking him into your mouth. You could only fit around half of him into your warm, wet cavern. Your hands wrapped around what you couldn't fit into your mouth, and began a steady rhythm.
“Ohh sweetheart” Tengen groaned loudly, one hand stroking your full cheeks while the other tangled in your hair. It took all his self-control to stop himself from fucking your throat.
You hollowed your cheeks around him and bobbed your head eagerly. You’ve missed the feeling of him, the heaviness on your tongue and the soreness in your jaw. You held in your gag reflex and took in a couple more inches. You wanted to try your best for your husband after all.
His hips jerked forward involuntarily and sloppily fucked into your mouth. His eyes were barely open now, head thrown back as groans spilling out of his mouth like a stream.
"Mmf, yes baby, you look so adorable like this, s'good for me, oh god..." The loud, smooth-talking man was reduced to incoherent rambles and slurred words as your skilled mouth enveloped him.
Just when he was so damn close, you pulled him out of your mouth. His eyes snapped open at the loss only to be met with a glorious sight: Your smaller hands stroking him as fast as you could, eyes glassy and half lidded. Your tongue sticking out to catch as much of his creamy white seed as possible, as he made a mess of your cute face.
Dazed, he collected some of the cum that landed your cheek with his polished fingers and brought it up to your mouth. He moaned as you eagerly lapped it up, giving him a final wink.
"Thank you for the meal~"
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kingkyoujurou · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
derp kny icons
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dandy-chickens · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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draeken · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
To the Douma stans, I’d say I’m sorry but, you know what he fkn did aha
Spoilers if you squint like, really hard??
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unfamiliarworld · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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xxsabitoxx · 3 months ago
{Sanemi x Reader x Tengen}
the crack ship I didn’t know I needed
Warnings: Threesome, rough sex, degrading, double penetrating, anal sex — how did we get here
A/N: this was supposed to be a quick little story and now it’s a threesome? It’s 99% smut with 1% plot and…a normal length fic :’)
Also I’ve never written a MXMXF 3sum so please be patient if it’s a teeny bit choppy — still practicing lmfao
Word count: 6.1k
Aʀᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴅɪᴛ: ʀɪɴɢᴏʀᴇɴᴊɪ88 ᴏɴ Tᴡᴛ
Tumblr media
Your back hit the wooden door in record time, leaving you breathless as prying fingers began to tear your uniform open. “I’ve had enough of you.” Sanemi’s gruff voice sent a jolt of pleasure straight between your legs. Clearly your attempts to get him worked up had been effective.
“I-I didn’t do anything to annoy y-you.” You couldn’t even keep a straight face as you lied. A scar covered hand grabbed a fistful of your hair, forcing your lips against his in a hungry open mouth kiss. You were being suffocated, his tongue practically down your throat as his free hand pulled you apart.
You flinched at the sound of uniform buttons clattering to the ground, the quiet but audible tearing of cloth and the unmistakable ripping of your fabric binding. “Come on!” You weren’t talking above a whisper yet you felt like you were screaming. A vacant room in the butterfly estate wasn’t exactly the most private place to do this.
“Shut the fuck up.” Rough fingers came up to squeeze both breasts, a low groan leaving him at the sight of the plush flesh molding to his touch. “Don’t speak to me like that.” You were trying to hold in your moans regardless, arms lazily wrapping around his neck. “I’ll speak to you how I want.” He pinched, earning a yelp in response.
“I don’t understand why you are so mad.” You did, of course you did. You just loved to see the man squirm, especially since he couldn’t be straight forward with you. “Cut the shit.” You choked out a laugh, “cut the shit? I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”
His hand slammed against the door, the other abandoned your breast to wrap around your neck. “What does he have that I don’t?” The pressure on your neck wasn’t tight, but it was certainly uncomfortable. “Who’s he?” You knew who he was referring to, you just wanted to hear him say it. With gritted teeth Sanemi uttered “Uzui”.
“Well. To start, he has three wives.”
“Oh fuck off.”
“You asked.” His grip tightened slightly, making you shift uncomfortably. Regardless you felt a throb beginning between your legs. “Be more specific than stating the obvious, idiot.” His fingers pressed against your pulse point, noting the way it was picking up in pace.
“I don’t quite get what you’re asking.” The hand against the door had returned to your breast, abusing your nipple. You chewed on your inner cheek in an effort to keep quiet. “I’m asking you what Uzui has that I don’t. Not for you to spout your bullshit.”
“He’s also taller than you.”
Perhaps that one was taking it too far, especially since Sanemi wasn’t over the fact that Genya was taller than him. His fingers pinched the sensitive skin so harshly you couldn’t help but cry out. Your hands come up to try and pull him away. “Come on now, you know better.”
His lips were on yours again, using your already open mouth to his advantage. His grip on your throat tightened now, so much so you couldn’t breathe. Then again he had his tongue down your throat as well, there was much room to breathe anyway.
“Miss y/n?” You both froze, eyes shooting wide open at the sound of the little voice. “Miss y/n are you okay?” It was little Naho, you were filled with horror at the idea of her seeing you in this state. Sanemi’s lips pulled away, his grip on your throat loosened. “I-i’m okay! Naho, don't worry about it. I just hit my hand!”
You silently prayed that she’d leave it at that and walk away. After a moment she spoke “are you sure? I can get someone to check—“ you squirmed as Sanemi’s mouth sucked on your neck. “I-I’m sure, Naho.” Sanemi was chuckling against your hot skin. “Okay miss!” She didn’t miss a beat, you listened to her quiet footsteps fade away before speaking.
“Aww how close.” Sanemi’s face was right in yours again, breath mingling as he squeezed your neck. “What if she h-heard.” You stumbled as his hand came down to cup your cunt through your uniform pants. “What would she have heard? You blubbering like a fool?”
“F-fuck off.” He began rubbing you through the material, smirking at how hot you felt in his hand. “I’m going to ask you for a third time. You better not disappoint me. What does he have that I don’t?” He wanted you to fail, you were convinced the second he zeroed in on your clit. Even through the material he could figure out where to focus his attention.
“He…he…” you tried to catch your breath, waves of pleasure washed over you. “C’mon…” his mouth was pressed into your ear, you wanted him closer. You opened your mouth and closed it a few times, desperately wanting to tease him some more. “He’s…he’s got…” he picked up his pace, a shit eating grin covering his face as your mouth fell open.
“Tell me~” there was a sultry tone to his voice now, eagerly waiting for you to piss him off again. His hand left you entirely, a desperate whine leaving your lips. “Speak.” He was undoing the belt of your pants with ease, throwing it off to the side and letting it clatter. His hand slipped under, this time he began rubbing you with a thinner barrier.
He used his own leg to keep yours parted, eyes trained on your open mouth. He could feel your panties begin to dampen, only fueling his ego and growing dick. “Y/n…come on baby. Tell me~” you wanted to scream, his hand had returned to your throat. “H-he…” you swallowed thickly, trying to pull yourself from your pleasured daze.
“He has bigger…muscles…” you were thinking of any obvious differences, just to get under his skin. “Oh? What else? I know you got more…” his hand didn’t slip under your underwear, instead continuing to tease you over the damp garment. “H-he…he’s hotter.” That was a lower blow than the height comment.
His fingers stopped, a cold laugh shaking his frame. “He’s hotter?” His fingers slipped under your panties now, two fingers parting your lips. “If he’s hotter than me, why are you so wet?” He rubbed back and forth, two fingers circling your entrance. “See, I know your little game. You’ll keep saying whatever you want, things you know will irk me. Just so I go a little harder on you. Right?”
His warm breath right against your ear wasn’t helping. Slowly you nodded, hands reaching down, holding him in place. You didn’t want him to pull away, not when you were so close to feeling him inside you. He finally let go of your neck, using his newly freed hand to play with your breasts again.
“So let me guess. You were hanging all over that tall oaf just to get a rise out of me.” He knew from the start that was the case, but he certainly didn’t expect you to name the things you did. So in the end, though he’d never admit it. You did get on his nerves in the way you hoped you would. You technically won this battle already.
“M-maybe…maybe I wanted to sleep with him.” You cried out as he plunged two fingers inside, one hand coming up to smack your mouth. You both fell silent for a moment, it certainly didn’t help that this was all happening right against the door. “Careful now, we might get caught.” He didn’t seem all that affected, if it was for the persistent twitch between his legs.
He nudged your legs further with his thigh, giving him more access to thrust his fingers inside. You wanted your pants off, it was beginning to feel far too hot. “S-Sanemi…” you mewled as his fingers curled, hands coming up to pull at his own uniform. “Hmm?” He was waiting for something, you knew him well enough to know what.
“M-more.” You tried to move your hips against him, clit already aching from the lack of attention. “No, not yet.” He was calm, which was more startling than anything. “W-why…” he began to laugh, fingers slowing. “You already forgot why we are here. To be honest with you, I shouldn’t even be entertaining you like this, sweetheart.” He curled and uncurled his fingers a few times, mouth watering at how you’d taste.
“If you want to sleep with Uzui so bad, then I should let you.” He moved to pull his hand out, forcing a smirk off his face when your hands tightened, holding him in place. “What’s this?” You took it further than necessary, therefore he would too. You yelped as he pulled his fingers out completely, stepping away all together, leaving you cold and empty.
“S-Sanemi!” Your thighs clamped shut, blinking at him in pure confusion. He smiled at the way his fingers glistened, shrugging his shoulders. “You want him so bad, go find him. I did half the work already.” He was still fully dressed, you on the other hand looked like you’d lost a battle with a blade sharpener.
You decided to pull together what dignity you had, if he wanted you to go fuck Uzui? Then so be it. You buttoned your pants, pulled your uniform top close and turned to leave. Sanemi assumed you were bluffing, watching and waiting for you to drop the act.
You didn’t.
You flung the door open, using one hand to keep your top shut. Without looking back you began storming down the hall, if you were lucky the bastard would still be somewhere on estate grounds. Sanemi was left stunned for a moment, he certainly didn’t expect you to actually walk out.
A vein in his forehead began to twitch, leave it to you to one up him even like this. Sanemi situated himself, grumbling under his breath as he took off after you. “Uzui!” You burst through the door of his room, he looked like he was getting ready to leave the estate. “Oh! Y/n…?” He took in your clearly disheveled form.
“Sorry for barging In…I’m glad I caught you before you left.
Are your injuries healed?” You couldn’t just straight up ask him, but with Sanemi’s quickly approaching steps…maybe you could. “I’m fine…you talked to me earlier, remember?” Tengen knew your mind was in another place, your ripped uniform was an obvious sign.
You made your way further in the room, Tengen noted that your belt was also missing. He also noted that the fast approaching footsteps were none other than the wind pillar. “What the hell did you get yourself into?” He began laughing, as you scurried into the room, Sanemi appearing shortly after. “You can ask him.” You wrapped a hand around his forearm, using it to protect yourself.
Tengen took the wind pillar in, a smirk creeping up his face as he noticed the half hearted attempt to hide his own hard-on. “So my guess is correct. Please explain, Shinazugawa.” You let go of your top, allowing it to fall open as you hugged Tengen’s arm. “You’re a fucking pain in the ass.” You tried not to giggle, very pleased at the way things were turning out.
“Is this because she was giving me attention earlier?” He felt your plush skin on his arm, trying to still his own breathing. “Oh so you knew? You fucking bastard…” Sanemi closed the door so no one would hear…sure, that’s why he closed it. “Knew what? She was giving me attention, and I was returning it. Something you don’t seem to do enough of.”
“Oh don’t look so shocked…” Tengen continued. “She told me you won’t even give her a straight answer on where you stand. Is she your girlfriend? Or are you just using her for her body? You see, I wouldn’t do that.” Tengen turned to you now, holding back a groan at the way your breasts were nearly exposed. Sanemi looked shocked, not expecting Tengen to even entertain the idea.
“He told me to sleep with you, that’s why I came looking.”
Both men froze, eyes turning to you. Tengen was the first to absolutely crumble. How could he not? You were looking up at him with such pretty eyes. “Is that so?” He turned his back to Sanemi, crouching down slightly to look at you better. “So, do you want to sleep with me, baby?” His voice took on a similar sultry tone. The pulsing ache between your legs returning.
“Yes please.” You could hear Sanemi mumble something oddly similar to “fuck off”. Tengen paid him no mind, picking you up to turn and drop you on the bed he had just made. You bounced slightly, breasts fully spilling out for both men to see. “There is no way you’re serious!” Sanemi was storming over to the bed as Tengen crawled over you.
“Does it not look like I’m serious?” Tengen blinked up at him for only a moment before focusing back on you, lips crashing in a bruising kiss. Tengen’s kiss was already far different than Sanemi’s, it was rough but it was sweet. Larger calloused hands came up to massage both breasts, nothing like the roughness Sanemi had bestowed on you earlier.
“If you weren’t a Hashira, I’d kill you. How dare you?” Sanemi pulled at Tengen’s ponytail, pulling his lips away from yours. “How dare I? Give me a break, you couldn’t treat her right. So I will.” He brushed his hand off, to your surprise, Sanemi let him. “Sanemi…you told me to do this.” You whined as Tengen’s lips trailed over your neck and collarbone.”
“I didn’t think you actually would!”
You whined as full teeth scrape your skin, looking at Sanemi with lidded eyes. His blood began to boil, hands reaching to pull at Tengen’s uniform. “C’mon big boy! Undress if you’re going to fuck her.” Tengen began chuckling against your skin, pulling away from you just to look at him. “Oh! Sudden change of heart?” Tengen leaned up, admiring your body while discarding his own uniform top.
Sanemi was taking off his top as well, glaring at an unbothered Tengen as he did. You on the other hand were left speechless, the tension in the air was so thick you could probably cut it with your blade. It seems the whole ordeal was quickly becoming a competition between the two men. What in the world did I get myself into?
Sanemi took it a step further and undid his pants, Tengen followed suit. You took the chance while they were distracted to finally get your top fully off. Before you even realized it, both men were completely bare before you. Your eyes shamelessly zeroed in on Tengen. He was huge.
You knew Sanemi was big too, but Tengen looked…painful.
“Don’t worry baby, I got three wives that love this. I’ll make sure you feel good.” You weren’t used to such sweet behavior, Tengen gave himself a few languid strokes while Sanemi observed. He too looked a little taken back by Tengen’s size.
“Are you just going to observe, Shinazugawa?” Tengen was slowly taking your uniform bottoms off with teasing touches. Each one sent goosebumps over your skin. “Don’t worry about me.” Sanemi seemed conflicted with each thing Tengen did. Part of him wanted to see the man fuck you, while the other part of him wanted to rip his head off.
Tengen did as he was told, not bothering to look at Sanemi as he pulled the rest of your undergarments off. “I see you at least know how to get a woman wet.” Broad shoulders shook as he laughed, large fingers coming to ghost over your sensitive flesh. You heard Sanemi grumble something yet again, but your mind was going blank as Tengen slowly slipped a finger inside.
He worked you open slowly, regardless of how wet you already were. He leaned down, lips meeting yours again as he slowly introduced a second finger. You whined against him, body arching upwards to meet his warm, toned torso. You wrapped your arms around his neck, spread your legs further for him and slowly undid the tie keeping his hair back.
For a moment you nearly forgot Sanemi was in the room, eyes opening slowly when the bed dipped. “You’ll take her from behind.” His voice was irritated as he settled by the top of your head.
“You told me to pay you no mind, Shinazugawa.”
“Well I changed my fucking mind.” He crossed his arms, sitting and waiting patiently for Tengen to do as he said. “For the sake of y/n, I’ll go along with it. But I’m taking my time with her, so get comfy.” You were looking up at Sanemi the whole time he spoke, it was hard not to when his dick was sitting right there.
“Eyes on me.” Tengen used his free hand to turn your face back to him. He was surprised to find himself a little irritated, you looked so entranced by a cock you’ve probably taken many times. Your pupils were blown wide, walls clenching around Tengen’s fingers. “You think you can handle me?” He kissed your cheek, waiting for your response before pulling his fingers out. “Not…not yet.” Your orgasm was building, the one Sanemi ruined for you earlier.
Tengen could tell you were close, having three wives certainly gave him more than enough experience. You watched him go lower, eyes widening and heart rate picking up as you realized what he was about to do. “You wouldn’t dare.” Sanemi’s own heart was picking up, eyes wide as Tengen positioned himself to eat you out.
“You don’t mind, right baby?” His breath was fanning across your clit, two fingers still plunged deep. “N-no…go ahead.” You glanced up at Sanemi, the throb in your clit only growing. He looked absolutely enraged yet fascinated at the same time, his eyes zeroing in on where Tengen’s mouth was about to meet you. A shaky gasp left you the moment his tongue made contact.
Naturally this wasn’t the first time you had someone do this…Sanemi usually spent most of his time down there. Tengen though? He was a totally different experience compared to Sanemi. “T-Tengen!” You whimpered out his name as he lapped hungrily at your sex. Paired with his fingers, you were already beginning to see stars.
“Help me.” Samemi’s gruff voice broke you out of your daze.
His fist was lazily wrapped around his cock, eyes trained on Tengen. “D-do you want my mouth?” You weren’t mad at him anymore, you got your way after all. And since he was being a ‘good boy’…why not reward him. “Yes.” Sanemi nearly flung himself off the small cot, allowing you to turn your head so he could use your mouth as he pleased.
You flinched slightly as he didn’t hold back, shoving nearly half his length down your throat. Tengen on the other hand didn’t seem phased by all the chaos occurring by your head. Instead he focused on the steady rhythm he built up with his fingers, the way your velvety walls clenched and sputtered around him, and the sweet taste of your arousal on his tongue. You were absolutely heavenly in his eyes.
Part of him had to wonder how you ended up in the hands of the cruel wind pillar.
You tried your hardest to relax your jaw and throat, each thrust of his hips was hitting the back of your throat. You were used to his throat fucking by now, but it was a lot harder when Tengen had his hands perfectly gripping your thighs. You swallowed to the best of your abilities, earning a loud groan from Sanemi. Despite his speed, he still felt hot and heavy on your tongue.
“Surely you aren’t going to cum yet, Shinazugawa.” Tengen didn’t want to pull away from you, but he couldn’t resist teasing the man by your head. Sanemi’s hips still, burying himself so deeply you gagged around him. “And what if I do?” Tengen slightly regretted the question when you gagged, that was until you clenched around his fingers. Of course you’d be turned on by that.
“Oh nothing…” Tengen’s lips returned to your clit, sucking and licking with new vigor. Sanemi wanted to say something but decided against it, instead picking up his own rhythm yet again. He couldn’t shake the sound pillar’s words, what in the hell did Tengen mean by that? Was it a jab at his stamina? Or just a way to get into his head? Sanemi didn’t even realize Tengen’s words had done exactly what he intended…distract him.
It wasn’t until you cried out around Sanemi’s length that he was pulled from his absent minded thrusts. You came all over Tengen’s fingers, a low squelching noise sounded throughout the room as he worked you through it. “Give her a chance to breathe you ass.” Sanemi pulled his cock out of your mouth completely, irritation bubbling up again. “I’m already sick of you bitching at me.” You sat up, blinking tears from your eyes as Tengen pulled both fingers out of you.
“Both of you, stop bitching.”
You were sitting now, waiting for both men to turn their attention to you. “I’ll tell you exactly how this is happening if you’d just shut up.” That worked quite well, Tengen was standing at the foot of the cot now, pants halfway down his thighs. Sanemi was still standing beside you, for once he was continuing the obedient act. “Tengen…you’re a little too big for what I’d like to happen. So I’ll play it safe to ease my nerves.” You smiled as his eyebrow raised.
“I’m taking both of you at the same time.”
This time both men seemed to tense. “Don’t tell me you want us…in the same hole.” Sanemi actually broke a sweat at the idea. “No! Oh wow. No, I'm not ready for that.” You started laughing, body aching at the thought. “One will be in front…the other in back.” Tengen’s eyes bulged a bit, his uniform pants slipping down to his ankles. “Where would you like me, baby?” He tried to regain his composure.
“I want Tengen in the back, Sanemi you get the front.” You swallowed nervously, you’d never done much with that area of your body…but you knew of the potential it had.
“If this was your plan from the start, I would have spent more time prepping the right hole.” Tengen was making his way around to the head of the cot, Sanemi moved to the foot. “Sanemi goes first…” you knew it would be painful to have Tengen go in with no preparation. Part of you was hoping if Sanemi went first, you’d be too distracted to notice. There was only one way to find out…
Tengen took a seat behind you, muscular legs straddling the bed in order to give you enough room. “You heard her, get going Shinazugawa.” Sanemi was still irritated by the sound pillar, grumbling under his breath as he climbed onto the cot as well. You leaned back into Tengen, spreading your legs wide for Sanemi. “After all this trouble you caused, I’m still getting your pussy in the end.” He gave himself a few slow pumps, still slick in your spit.
“You were getting it no matter what.” You smiled lazily, watching as he rolled his eyes. “This was some grand scheme to fulfil your lewd fantasies. Don’t even try to deny it.” Sanemi’s hand landed on Tengen’s thigh, using it for balance as he positioned his head at your entrance. He pushed in quickly, your slick walls sucking him in with ease. “Always so greedy…” he whined softly, no matter how many times this happened, he could never get over how perfect you felt.
Sanemi bottomed out, not realizing how close his face had gotten to Tengen’s in the process. “Are you going to kiss me?” Tengen’s body shook underneath you, when it stopped suddenly you glanced up. Sure enough, Sanemi had pressed his lips to Tengen’s. Pulling away just as quickly as they had connected. “Do something about it.” A new wave of confidence seemed to take over the wind pillar, eyes training back down on your body as his hips fell into rhythm.
Sanemi’s hips continuously pushed you into Tengen’s body, ass brushing against his erection over and over. “C-come on…Tengen please…” you whined, the desire to be filled again was only growing with each of Sanemi’s thrusts. “No prep?” He seemed hesitant still, surely it would hurt. “I don’t care! Please…” Sanemi’s cock was hitting every point perfectly, just like it always did.
“If you insist.”
“Hurt her and I’ll kill you.” Sanemi’s voice was pressed into your ear, Tengen of course still heard. “Give it a break, tough guy.” You and Sanemi both made noises of surprise when Tengen lifted you by your thighs. “Work with me here, Shinazugawa.” Your eyes widened when you felt the bulbous head of Tengen’s cock press into your hole. It was already a sensation you weren’t expecting.
“Do you want me to pull out? I think it’s going to be a painful squeeze if I’m already inside.” For the first time during this whole back and forth, Sanemi seemed concerned. “That would probably be best…” Tengen‘s brows were furrowed in concentration. You, on the other hand, were completely at the mercy of both men. Perfectly sandwiched between their muscular bodies.
Despite the heat, you shivered. The emptiness you felt from Sanemi pulling out was quickly being replaced as Tengen speared you on his cock. Your nails dug into Sanemi’s shoulders, brows mimicking Tengen as you tried to steady your breathing. It hurt, just like he said it would. It felt like you were being torn in two as his tip finally slipped past your stubborn entrance. Your whole body was tense and quivering as he stopped, letting you adjust to just his head.
“Are you sure you can take it?” Sanemi had never felt your body this tense. “Y-yes…just give me a second…” you will yourself to relax, a shaky sigh leaving you as you nodded for Tengen to move a little more. Sanemi’s hand snakes down your front, two fingers slipping between slick folds to toy with your clit. A loud moan left you as pain mixed with pleasure, making it just a bit more bearable as Tengen aimed to bottom out.
“Finally using your brain for once, Shinazugawa!” Tengen held in a laugh, not wanting to push into you too quickly. “Shut up already, man whore.” Sanemi glared at him over your shoulder. “Not too witty with the name calling.” Tengen was just three inches away from bottoming out at this point. With the help of Sanemi’s fingers, the whole process was becoming pleasurable.
“S-stop bitching! I said this already!” You moaned as Sanemi pinched your clit, cock head brushing your folds. “Sorry, baby.” Tengen placed a kiss to the back of your head as he finally bottomed out. You never felt so full in your life. You were proven wrong only a few seconds later. Sanemi began pushing himself back into you, apparently you had nodded for him to continue. You already felt too far gone to process much else.
Sanemi bottomed out a few seconds later, the room was so silent you could hear a pin drop. “H..how are we…gonna do this?” Tengen could barely breathe, he was never quite able to get over how suffocatingly tight the other option was. “J-just…” your head fell back against his broad shoulder, unable to think straight. Sanemi wasn’t doing much better. Not only were your walls clenching around him, but he could feel Tengen’s cock as well.
“Do we…take turns? Or do you want — holy fuck — us to go at the same time?” You swallowed, using most of your strength to just lift up your head. “I don’t care, just move.” Sanemi would have laughed if he didn’t feel so breathless. “You better hope no one walks in.” Sanemi began thrusting his hips without another thought. Tengen followed after, thrusting his hips slowly, barely moving but the sensation was more than enough.
“I-I think this one…is all you Shinazugawa.” Tengen could feel every thrust, not only were you squeezing him perfectly, but Sanemi was also rubbing him perfectly. Sanemi didn’t even respond, eyes nearly squeezing shut as he poured all his focus into keeping a steady rhythm. Moans and whimpers spilled from your lips, Tengen’s death grip on your thighs was the only thing keeping you grounded.
“You gonna…cum soon?” Your walls were clenching around both men with a suffocating tightness. You mumbled out some sort of yes, the build up was becoming almost too much to bear. Tengen was panting heavily against your ear, his cock twitching sporadically between your walls. Sanemi seemed to be moving on autopilot, a string of curses leaving his lips every time his hips met yours.
Your second orgasm caught you off guard. Sanemi’s hand came up to clap over your mouth as you practically screamed. “We’re going to get caught.” Tengen laughed now, hips moving enough to slip about half way in and out of you. With both men thrusting repeatedly, your eyes rolled back.
Wave after wave of pleasure crashed through you, overstimulating you.
“S-slow!” You whined, hands digging and scratching at Sanemi’s shoulders. “Not yet…” Sanemi choked out, hips moving erratically as he chased his own high. “Oh!” You jumped slightly as Tengen settled deep, hot seed spilling inside of you. “T-that might…just be the easiest orgasm I’ve ever had.” His grip finally loosened on your thighs, muscular arms hooking around your waist. “I barely did a thing…” he sounded exhausted.
“C’mon Shinazugawa. You beat me.” Every thrust was beginning to overstimulate Tengen as well. “Fuck off.” Tengen couldn’t even be bothered to comment on his hostility anymore. Instead he busied himself with trying to keep you steady so Sanemi could finish. A few more thrusts and Sanemi buried deep, bulbous head slamming into your cervix as he spilled. You felt hot all over, still stuffed full but now with an unmistakable gooey warmth.
You flinched as Sanemi began rubbing on your sensitive clit.
“W-what are you doing?!” You jerked harshest into Tengen, earning a low groan. “I never said I was done with you…either of you. It’s time to switch.” Tengen’s head knocked into yours as he shot forward. “You already want a round two?” Sanemi pulled out of you before speaking, a shiver passing through you as his release began oozing out.
“I’ve never seen anyone look so fucked out, so I’ll be damned if I don’t get to experience that.”
You gasped as Tengen finally pulled out, his release slowly leaking out as well. “If you think you are up for it, fine.” Tengen reached over, grabbing a tissue off the bedside table. “You’re just asking for an infection if I don’t clean myself first.” You were trying to turn around. The same position would probably work just fine, but you’d like to try something else.
After some shuffling, you settled on Tengen’s lap. Your arms wrapped around his neck and you buried your head into the crook of his neck. He smelt like sweat and fine perfumed oils. His size still felt like you would be torn in two, regardless of him being in your cunt this time. “Ready whenever.” You let your eyes close, waiting to feel Sanemi press into your other hole. “Try not to cum, Shinazugawa.”
A gentle slap to his bicep shut Tengen up.
This time it didn’t hurt nearly as bad. Tengen’s previous preparation and cum helped Sanemi slip in easily. “You both better make this quick…” you couldn’t even keep your head up if you tried. It wasn’t helping that Tengen was warm, despite his muscles; he was still velvety soft. “Fucking…how the fuck did you not come on the spot.” Sanemi bottomed out, each word coming out in a hiss.
“Practice my friend.” He sent a wink over your shoulder. “This may be easier if I lay down, don’t you think?” Tengen was already leaning back, Sanemi chasing after him in order to stay inside. “There we go! Now we can both move a little easier.” This new angle had you gasping for air, with more mobility for both men…you were in trouble. “Ready baby?” Tengen ran a hand through your hair, “yes…” hips thrusting upwards slowly as Sanemi began moving as well.
With both of them able to properly move, you were already seeing stars. Not only could both men feel each other, you could feel them. It was the most bizarre thing you had ever felt. You could feel every single inch, every curve and vein. Sanemi’s thrusts were in perfect time with Tengen’s. Each one pushes your sensitive spot even further into Tengen’s cock. “Oh~” you felt like you were going to burst.
The cot below you began to creak. Both men were far too lost to their own pleasure to even acknowledge it. You silently began to wonder how you’d explain a destroyed cot. “You’re so damn tight.” Sanemi’s grip on your waist was bruising, surely you’d have marks. “It doesn’t - ha - help that I’m being stuffed…by both of you…” you hadn’t even realized tears were leaking down your face and onto Tengen’s shoulder.
“Her pussy is just as sweet as her ass.” Tengen cooed, a wet squelch filled the room each time he bottomed out.
“You act like…I don’t know.” Sanemi’s voice nearly cracked. It was taking every ounce of strength he had left to not come.
He wanted to at least make this last a little longer. “Can't neglect this now, can we?” Sanemi tried to distract himself,
hand snaking lower to begin toying with your clit again. Spots began blurring your vision, the tension in your gut just seconds away from snapping. “S..Sanemi…T-Tengen!” Warmth squirted out from between your legs.
You had never experienced an orgasm like that, one that had you blinking away stars and made your ears ring. “Holy fuck…” Sanemi nearly pulled out all the way, his pubic bone, thighs and even his balls were coated in your release. He could have cum just looking at it. “Oh! Didn’t think you’d be able to do that.” Tengen laughed, hips still shooting into you. He was close — very close — but he’d be damned if Sanemi beat him again.
“Mercy—“ you croaked into Tengen’s skin. “Just a little longer baby, almost there.” Tengen was out of breath, your velvet walls were hugging him just as perfectly as your ass had.
“Hang on for us, we’ll be done in a minute.” All bets aside, Sanemi could tell you were about to be pushed past your limit. A quick glance at the sound pillar sent the message Sanemi hoped it would. Tengen’s hands began rubbing soothing circles on your back, his orgasm was nearly on top of him.
Only a few more thrusts and Tengen spilled inside of you, Sanemi had stilled completely in hopes of not pushing the line between pleasure and pain. “Shit.” You could feel him twitching, a whine leaving your lips as Sanemi picked up his pace again. “Sorry…almost there…you’re going so good.
So..so good…” he was babbling at this point, balls slapping against your pussy and Tengen’s cock with each thrust.
Finally with a low groan, Sanemi gave in for the second time. You felt impossibly full, neither men pulling out yet in order to
keep their cum inside. “Can I sleep now?” You slurred, eyes closing against your will. “Y-yeah…we’ll take care of everything.” Sanemi nearly collapsed on top of you, Tengen’s bones felt like jelly. After a few minutes of silence Tengen spoke up. “Are either of you interested in marriage…”
“You really are a fucking man whore.” Sanemi groaned, pulling out slowly and watching his release seep out. “I’m serious, Shinazugawa. I wouldn’t mind another wife…or a husband.” Your breathing had evened out at this point, sleep taking you into its warm embrace. Sanemi only blinked, searching for more tissues to try and clean himself up with. “Oh so you’re going to ignore me?” Tengen tried again, sitting up slowly with you still snug against him.
“I’m not marrying you. Neither is she.”
“We could do things like this all the time…”
That made him stop, slowly making eye contact with Tengen. “Oh? That got you?” Tengen seemed pleased, large hands holding you tightly. Sanemi groaned, “I truly can’t stand you.”
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seth-lael · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sayonara arigatou koe no kagiri Kanashimi yori motto daiji na koto Sariyuku senaka ni tsutaetakute Nukumori to itami ni maniau you ni
Homura - LiSA English version by AmaLee Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba, Mugen Train Arc
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one-cherry · 6 months ago
- The 9 Hashira -
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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anadia-chan · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Set your heart ablaze
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frostfires-blog · 6 months ago
What the kny hashira think of eachother:
*note some mild spoilers ahead*
Water Hashira
Tumblr media
Stone Hashira
Tumblr media
Flame Hashira
Tumblr media
Love Hashira
Tumblr media
Mist Hashira
Tumblr media
Serpent Hashira
Tumblr media
Wind Hashira
Tumblr media
Insect Hashira
Tumblr media
Sound Hashira
Tumblr media
#poor Giyū😭😭😭
The biggest irony is that he's the fan favorite hashira according to the character popularity polls...🤣
Also is Gyomei a secret shipper or wannabe love guru😅🤣???
Disclaimer: These quotes were taken from the official kny wiki page and are regarded as canon. I don't own them but I have created these edits myself.
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dailyanime · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kimetsu no Yaiba Hashira 💠 icons (255x 255) 
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renosakii · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
art creds: chocominto1990 insta | sa_mochi, uofang, DongGoureng2
★ Uzui Tengen ★
pinterest: reno
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kurtenshi · 2 months ago
Hi there! I‘m a big fan of your Giyu x Reader and I would love to request one. It’s my first time doing that so I’m kinda nervous.. but I’d love to see a Fem Reader who is a civilian and giyus wife (unknown to the other hashira) and they meet her and their little daughter for the first time during a meeting, because oyakata-sama requested for them to show up.
(I don’t have to do it if u don’t want to)
Much Love Kaori <3
a/n: kaori-san, I hope you like this, I loved the idea! I really wish my interpretation of this matches yours. I love Giyu so much, he does deserve a loving wife & daughter + a happy life with them :')
Disliked ? - Giyu x reader
Giyu Tomioka x fem!reader + their daughter (d/n= daughter name)
With the hashiras and oyakata-sama
Word count: 2582
Fluff <3 and Shinobu being mean
Tumblr media
Not a single soul would have thought that Tomioka Giyu, the cold and silent water hashira, had a wife, and a daughter. Everyone knew him as a powerful slayer who was a painfully quiet loner, and who would leave the hashira meetings as soon as oyakata-sama disappeared. Some of his fellow hashiras, such as Sanemi or Obanai, often showed their dislike towards him shamelessly, leaving Giyu perplexed each time. He never understood why those two seemed to loathe him so much, since he almost didn't even talk to them. However, he cared very little about what they thought of him.
The only two people he wanted to have a good impression on were you, and your daughter. The whole world could hate him, but as long as the two of you loved him, he wouldn't even seem to care about it.
During his time at the demon slayer corps though, Giyu kept his family a secret. It wasn't because he was ashamed, nor because he didn't love you or your daughter, he just wanted to keep you safe, even from humans. He always feared losing you first, and now he feared losing you and your daughter.
When he had first met you, he hadn't catched up on his feelings for you before a certain time. But the moment, the second he did, he told himself "Give up" thinking he possibly couldn't be good enough for you. To his eyes, you were perfection. You were excellence. You were flawless; you were divine. He loved you from the bottom of his heart, but was simply so unsure about himself he didn’t know what to do. He certainly wasn't the best with relationships, and had never even been in one. He only wanted the absolute best for you and only wished for your happiness. His guilty pleasure was thinking he could be the one bringing you that joy.
Little did he know that he actually ended up being that said person, bringing and offering you more elation than you could have ever asked for. You were his exception, you were the one he would do everything and anything for. Giyu was so head over heels for you he married you, with the sweetest of proposals. It wasn't to prove your commitment, it wasn't for the status; it was just to show you how far he would go for you, knowing he had never even thought about marriage before meeting you.
You did meet each other at a pretty young age, at 18. It started with stolen glances, and it evolved to little conversations whenever you got the chance to cross the other's path, going out on walks or at other places in the other's presence, smiles only for the other to see, a confession, an awkward beginning slowly turning into something sweet and passionate, moving to his estate because he wanted you to be safer from demons and be closer to him, deep and intimate talks when he choose to trust you enough, developing more physical affection for the other, days of worry when he would leave on missions, lighthearted dinners when you'd cook for him, a proposal full of emotions, a short but loving honeymoon, and finally, starting a family together, with a lovely daughter, who was as beautiful as her parents.
That is why, when you walked towards oyakata-sama's residence with your daughter's hand in yours, you got many glances from the slayers that were in your path, all wondering who you two may be, since you weren't wearing any sort of uniform. Also, whose child was she ?
Your daughter was very young, since you got her pretty early, compared to others. She just recently managed to make basic sentences, and as parents, you and Giyu just could not be prouder of her. You melted every time she would look at you and say "Mommy!" with a huge smile on her face, and Giyu felt the exact same way when she'd say "Daddy!" hugging him when he returned from missions.
You slowly made your way towards your destination, sometimes stopping for your daughter to admire the flowers. You were so excited and nervous to meet the eight strongest swordsmen of your era, although you already somehow knew them, since your husband would mention them here and there. You were glad to see Giyu again too, it had been a few days since he had been seriously busy, leaving you most of the time alone with your daughter, at his biggest regret. He would have given anything to spend eternity with you and your daughter if he could have, but his duties prohibited him from doing so.
You had just arrived at the Ubuyashiki mansion. Your daughter widened her eyes at the impressive vastness of the estate, as she reached out her hands in the air with hopes of touching the wisteria flowers. You were both fascinated by the beauty of the place, and advanced towards the entrance.
You knocked on the door, and you were greeted by oyakata-sama's oldest daughter, Hinaki Ubuyashiki.
"Tomioka-san, welcome to the Ubuyashiki residence. Our master has been waiting for your arrival. For now, as he is finishing his meeting with the other hashiras, I will ask you to be patient for a few minutes, and I will let you know when oyakata-sama requires your and your daughter's presences" she gently spoke, with a light smile.
You admired Hinaki's courtesy, especially since she was so young.
Meanwhile, you did exactly as you were told. You waited patiently on a bench under the wisteria trees with your daughter on your knees. She was quiet, like her father, but she also had your features, making her truly unpredictable. Yet, that was what mader her personality so charming. Everyone who knew your daughter loved her.
"I'm sure the hashiras will be surprised" you thought, undoubtedly knowing your husband hadn't mentioned you or your daughter, since he didn't talk much, and particularly not about his private life.
"Tomioka-san, oyakata-sama would now like to see you. Please follow me" Hinaki said.
A thing you knew Giyu ignored was your coming. He would have said something if he was aware of your visit, but since he didn't even mention the demon slayer corps recently, he could not know. That was why you were more than eager to see your husband's reaction.
You could tell you arrived when you heard a rough voice say "Who are we even waiting for here ?" You guessed it was the wind hashira, Shinazugawa Sanemi, matching your husband's description of him with his voice and choice of words. "Maybe we are waiting for people who like Tomioka-san. Oh my bad, we would be waiting forever" a feminine voice teased, and the wind hashira's laugh echoed in the air. You guessed this time it was Kocho Shinobu, the insect hashira. You had heard of her everlasting teasing by your husband, but never expected it to be this harsh.
So, when you arrived in the hashiras' line of vision, you were intimated by eight intense gazes on you, and by the looks of confusion that your daughter was given. Only one hashira wasn't looking at the both of you, and ironically, it was your husband, Tomioka Giyu. You wondered why, and later found out it was because he was thinking about Shinobu's words.
"Shinobu, Sanemi, my children, be nice to Giyu. He hasn't done anything wrong, so do not provoke him as you do. Plus, it would seem that you are wrong. Here are two people who really do like him" oyakata-sama said, earning an annoyed tch from Sanemi and a yes from Shinobu. By now, you were standing almost in front of all the hashiras, and with the master's words, Giyu had finally looked at you, lost for words. He was absolutely not expecting this, and was honestly scared about what was going to happen next. He almost let a smile show when your daughter hid herself behind you, slightly squeezing your hand. He just thought she was so cute.
"These two lovely women are y/n and d/n Tomioka. Y/n is Giyu's wife, and d/n is their daughter. I wanted to show you all today that you were wrong when saying he wasn't liked by anyone" oyakata-sama said, and honestly, no one believed him. How could Giyu Tomioka have a gorgeous wife as you and an adorable daughter as yours ?
The nine hashiras were all looking at the two of you, and there was such a silence it was starting to become awkward. "It's a pleasure meeting you all" you said, in hopes of lightening up the situation, smiling at your husband, for him to smile lightly, before coming back to his emotionless face in an instant. He did not want to be teased more today.
The sound hashira, Tengen Uzui, spoke first "Hm, absolutely flamboyant! Tomioka, you sure got yourself a splendid wife, just like me, except I have three of them!" he smirked at his own words, flattering you by the way. "I just don't understand how you got together, since you always are so gloomy" he said, holding his chin in his fingers, trying to understand.
The second person to talk was Kanroji Mitsuri, the love hashira. She blushed as she said "I think the both of them make an awesome couple! Their daughter is the cutest too!" She was holding back the urge to go and hug your daughter, just because of how adorable she was.
Then, Himejima Gyomei, the stone hashira, spoke up "Ah, as long as they are happy with each other, and as long as y/n can lighten Tomioka's life..." He then prayed for your happiness and luck, warming your heart at the attention.
And right before anyone else said anything, your attention was brought on a young boy with long dark-blue hair. It was Tokito Muichiro, the mist hashira, who wasn't even paying the slightest attention to the conversation. In fact, his eyes were glued to the sky.
"I agree with Himejima!" a loud voice then exclaimed. It was none other than Rengoku Kyojuro's, the flame hashira. "As long as they get to live a good life together, that's all that matters! The three of you deserve to be happy!" he nodded in satisfaction, smiling.
So far, it was going very well. Maybe a bit too well. The three remaining hashiras who hadn't spoken at all ever since you arrived were Sanemi, Obanai and Shinobu. And they were the ones who enjoyed teasing the water hashira most. "My my! You must be very unhappy with him, Tomioka-san" Shinobu stated, smiling at you.
"No, on the contrary, I am very happy with Giyu and my daughter. And with all my due respect, Kocho-san, for what you were saying earlier, he isn't disliked by people. We both adore him" you answered, smiling back at the insect hashira, and you could clearly tell you were both smiling at each other ironically.
Giyu's heart beat faster at your words, he felt like he just fell in love with you all over again.
"Oh yeah ?" the wind hashira added, before continuing "You really love him ? You really love a "I'm not like the rest of you" type of shithead ?" He had a sadistic smile on his scarred face, and you were taken back by such rudeness, considering Giyu didn't even say anything here.
"I do, and I will until the end of times" you replied, staring back at Sanemi. He looked almost amused, and was ready to make even more comments, but he restrained himself from doing so, since oyakata-sama had just laid his dull eyes on him.
Since Kagaya Ubuyashiki had all of Sanemi's respect, the hashira didn't add anything else.
However, the second you thought your husband wouldn't be targeted more, the snake decided to bite him. After all, he had been awfully quiet. The reason behind his silence was his imagination, thinking about how a life like yours and Giyu's would be with Mitsuri Kanroji and himself. He undeniably loved her with all his heart, and would dream endlessly about a life with her.
"How come we've never heard of you two then ? Why would you have the love of your life and a kid and not talk about them, Tomioka ? I refuse to believe this" Obanai said, making your blood boil.
Why were they like this ?
Seeing your husband remained voiceless at that, you decided to speak up for him, since you knew he wouldn't "Iguro-san, Giyu has the right not to say anything about what he doesn't want to talk about. Even if that may include me and our daughter, perhaps he doesn't want to say anything about us in your presence" you replied, as the serpent hashira raised an eyebrow. Under his bandages, he was smirking. He admired the nerve you had when talking back to him, Shinobu and Sanemi. "Hm..." was the only response you got.
Although you had been too busy dealing with the hashiras to notice, Giyu had been gazing at you. He couldn't be more thankful for having a wife that defended him, and who loved him for who he was.
Nevertheless, your daughter had finally looked around her, and ran towards her father the second she met his gaze. Giyu slightly opened his arms, so that he could embrace his daughter. Your daughter wrapped her little arms around her father, and as he picked her up, you observed the shocked faces of some hashiras, making you stifle a laugh. It hit all of the hashiras like a brutal wave.
Tomioka Giyu really did have a wife and daughter.
"Well, you have now all seen for yourselves that Giyu isn't disliked by people, and that he is loved. For the last time only, Shinobu, Sanemi and Obanai, be nicer. This is your last warning. Regarding the rest, all important matters regarding the demon slayer corps have been discussed, therefore this hashira meeting is officially dismissed. I hope to see all of you in our next gathering" oyakata-sama concluded. All the hashiras and you bowed at him, before leaving the Ubuyashiki estate.
On your way back to Giyu's estate, you asked him how he was feeling from all the comments that had been made on him. He replied he didn't feel much, since he was used to it. It was still worrying you, because no one should be used to those types of words. Luckily, he already seemed more joyful, with your daughter smiling at him.
After walking a bit more, you arrived at your home, and Giyu finally got to rest a bit, before eating one of your delicious meals. He was absolutely delighted when he saw you had cooked his favorite, simmered salmon with daikon. He could not have asked for a better evening than with you, your daughter and his favorite dish.
A peaceful night then followed the pleasant dinner. Your daughter was already serenely sleeping in her room, and you were readying your shared futon for Giyu and yourself. You then heard him enter the room after he had finished his shower, and you smiled at him, earning back a little smile of his, one that always made you soften. He laid down and hugged you from behind, nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck.
"Thank you for standing up for me today" Giyu whispered. You smiled to yourself, before replying.
"You're welcome, although I'd do it again anyday”
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