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Salty and Sweet
Giyuu Tomioka x Fem! Reader (Modern AU)
Tumblr media
Warnings: [18+] non-explicit smut, fluff, pregnancy, food/eating 
Word Count: 4.1 K
Summary: Giyuu will do anything to keep you and your developing baby happy — like go to the store in the middle of the night just to get you some ice cream ♡
Tumblr media
After letting each other know that you feel prepared to start a family, you and your husband Giyuu decide to try for a baby.
The revelation comes during a night of passionate sex, wherein the heat of the moment, he mutters something along the lines of wanting to put a baby in you. He says it rather quietly, and while you’re already on the verge — with your legs wrapped around his hips — those hopeful words are what finally push you on to reach your peak, your fingernails clawing into his back as he releases within you.
When he realizes what he has said in the midst of it all, his face blooms with color, flustered as he presses a warm cheek against the crook of your neck. Because this time, he wasn’t just talking dirty. No, the tone of his voice was different. He actually meant it.
Giyuu wants to have a baby with you, a little mixture of you and him crawling around the home the two of you have built together.
And although for some time he’s been unsure of when to bring up the idea, it seems as if tonight, the way you whimper out “I love you” as he holds your hand through every thrust stirs something within him — driving him to reveal his desires to you.
Silence fills the room, and he wonders if you were even paying attention to any words he said while he was on top of you.
It’ll be fine if you weren’t, but if you were, then he at least hopes he didn’t make you upset.
But you certainly did hear him, and after coming down from your orgasmic bliss, you ask if what he said during your act of love was true — secretly hoping that it was. Because as it turns out, upsetting you is the last thing he needs to be worried about.
In actuality, his admission of wanting to have a baby with you warms your heart. And while you know pregnancy will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, with Giyuu by your side, you’re confident that in the end, everything will turn out great.
After a night filled with unguarded pillow talk, whenever you have time, you and Giyuu get to it. Your hands and mouths on each other’s sex until you’re both well prepared for each other.
Some moments are quick, like early in the morning before work, while most other times are long and thorough, enjoying the pleasurable act to the fullest until the two of you are panting and slick with sweat.
Either way, the intentions are always the same.
Still, you and Giyuu make a promise not to put too much pressure on yourselves or each other when trying for a baby, knowing that as long as you keep practicing, sooner or later, your little wish will come true.
Then, one after the other, the symptoms start. At first, you try to keep quiet about them, not wanting to speak up too soon, just in case you’re wrong.
But as the days pass, you can no longer avoid them. And one Friday afternoon, after calling into work, you make your way to the local pharmacy and purchase several pregnancy tests before heading back home.
While you would like to have your husband by your side — someone to ease you of your anxieties — you’re far too eager to await his return. So, you decide to take the tests without him.
Not only are you too impatient to delay, but you’re also worried that if the results are negative, Giyuu will be disappointed. And you figure that if you’re alone, the letdown will be easier to handle.
It doesn’t take long until you’re awaiting the results, nervously scanning the small screen as you watch the test progress, pacing around your home for what seems like hours.
Thankfully, the results are positive. And with heavy tears welling in your eyes, you begin to cry, a flood of emotions washing through you as you take in the realization that what you and Giyuu have been dreaming for is actually happening.
But even with all of those feelings bursting inside of you. There’s one that outshines them all — the feeling of pure happiness.
And just in case the first one was wrong, you take two more tests, beaming when they too, read back as positive.
In celebration, you spend the next few hours of your day preparing Giyuu’s favorite dish. Hopefully, when he returns, he’ll not only be smiling because of the delicious food but also because of your exciting announcement.
There are plenty of ways to reveal the news, some more extravagant than others, but in the end, you settle on something simple.
“How was your day, love?” you ask from the seat across your husband.
“Good, and yours?” He bites a piece of salmon, raising a brow when you giggle.
“Mine was…exciting. Wanna know why?”
He hums as he continues to eat, his eyes falling to the small rectangular box you push towards him. There’s a small bow attached to it, and it’s safe to say that he has grown curious by the sudden gesture.
“For me?” he questions, setting down his chopsticks.
“Yeah,” you nod. “Go ahead and open it.”
He holds the gift in his hands and slowly removes the lid while suspiciously eyeing you. He hasn’t done anything noteworthy lately, at least nothing special enough to warrant a present from you. As he peeks inside, your heart begins to race, a nervous smile tugging at your lips as you toy with your fingers, waiting on his reaction with bated breath.
When he realizes what lay inside, he gasps, pulling the positive pregnancy test into full view. His deep sapphire eyes study it, and the thickening silence in the room causes you to grow anxious.
Lifting his widened gaze, he focuses on your expression. “Is this, is this real?” he questions you with a gentle glint in his eyes, lips parting in awe.
“Mmhm,” you joyously hum. “We’re having a baby.”
Overcome with emotions, Giyuu’s eyes begin to mist over as he swiftly stands from his seat and pulls you in for a hug, thrilled to know that in a few months, the two of you will be welcoming home a beautiful bundle of joy.
“That’s wonderful,” he breathes, fighting back the tears threatening to spill past his lower lash line.
However, the battle can’t be won, not when he pulls back and sees you beaming with tear-stained cheeks of your own, giggling as you cup his face in your hands.
“Are you happy?”
He can only nod, searching for the right thing to say as you wipe his tears away. But, you know Giyuu. He’s a man of few words, and none are needed when he instead grabs ahold of you and presses his lips against yours. For each unspoken word, he decides to kiss you and let his actions speak for him.
“I love you,” he whispers as he finally pulls away from you.
“I love you too.”
Thankful for what you have given him, he places a hand on your stomach and silently promises that no matter what, he’ll do anything he can to keep the three of you happy.
Tumblr media
After announcing your pregnancy, you and Giyuu do your best to prepare for what's to come.
Talking to your friends and family always helps. They’re always so excited to give you advice, and there’s never a lack of smiles as you babble on about how thrilled you are about becoming a mother. And the adoring look in your husband’s eyes as he listens to you doesn’t go unnoticed either.
Everyone likes sharing their experiences too, telling stories about what they or partners were like when they were pregnant. But one thing that always seems to be brought up is the cravings that often occur when one is expecting.
Your excitable friend Mitsuri tells you all about her unusual cravings for peanut butter and her desire to put it on “literally everything” she ate when she was pregnant with twins last year.
And Tengen — who has three wives — shares plenty of descriptive stories about what each of his partners went through when they were expecting, not forgetting to mention all of the strange food combinations they liked to indulge in as well.
It’s fun listening to all of their stories, they help ease your nerves, and it’s comforting to hear how every pregnancy is different.
While during your first trimester, you don’t experience as many food cravings as you were told you would. Your second trimester proves to be different. And as the weeks pass, the cravings grow more prevalent.
Tonight’s dinner was delicious, and as you and Giyuu sat together watching reruns of an always enjoyable game show, the two of you drifted off and fell asleep. But, as it nears an hour past midnight, you begin to wake, slowly shifting around until your eyes flutter open.
And while your appetite had been satisfied not too long ago, it seems like that's no longer the case, and now there’s only one thing you can think about — dessert. However, with your husband resting behind you, his arm wrapped around your center, escaping so you can search for something sweet may be difficult.
Trying not to disrupt his nap, you slowly begin to turn, angling your body until the arm around you tightens, a protective grip on what it holds most precious.
“Are you okay?” Giyuu’s still sleepy voice questions, blue eyes roaming over your form while his hand smoothes over your belly.
“Yeah, I’m okay,” you assure him, placing your hand over his.
“Good.” still holding onto you, his arm relaxes, about to shut his eyes once again until you shift around more, whispering his name to grab his attention.
“What is it?”
“I’m...kinda hungry again.” you turn to look at him, and he taps your hip, prompting you to sit up so he can do the same, removing himself from the space behind you.
“I could warm up the leftovers from earlier.” He suggests, prepared to reheat the food to your liking.
“Ugh, no.” You slump your shoulders, eyebrows pulling together while you try not to sound too whiny. “I don’t want chicken. I want something good.”
While it’s not a bad offer, chicken is the last thing you want right now, and it’s definitely not what you need to cure your cravings.
“Well, you don’t have much to choose from; we haven’t gone to the grocery store yet.”
He’s right about that, the two of you have been ordering out these last few days, and unfortunately, there’s probably nothing sweet enough around to satisfy you.
And right now, Giyuu doesn’t count.
“I know it’s late,” you begin. “But, could you maybe…go get us something?” you tilt your head and pout, rubbing at your rounded tummy.
Well, when you give him looks like that, how could he ever say no. Especially when you use words like us, referring to not only yourself but the baby as well.
He looks at the time and sighs. It’s nearly one in the morning, and while most stores are closed for the time being, if you and your developing little one wish for something good to eat, then he's set on doing whatever he can to grant that wish.
“I can, yeah.” he nods, watching a smile form on your lips as you lean into him, delighted in being one step closer to dessert.
“The convenience store up the street is open all the time. I’ll go there. What would you like?”
“Oh! I want that ice cream. The one with all the good stuff, with the cookie dough and fudge brownies in it!” you pause before continuing, eyes wide with enthusiasm. “And get some potato chips too.”
Something about the way you grow giddy when mentioning the snacks, with a hand resting on your curved belly, reminds Giyuu how he felt when he first started dating you. Back when your excitement of even the simplest of things would have him trying to hide the upwards curl of his lips. Later, wondering how someone could make him feel so warm. Like you were his first sip of freshly brewed tea on a cold winter’s day.
“Alright.” He dips forward, placing a kiss against your forehead.
“Be right back.”
While you wait for his return, you pass the time by doing some deep breathing exercises; Sitting up and focusing on the rise and fall of your stomach, inhaling through your nose, and exhaling out your mouth. You try to do this at least once a day, knowing how important it is to allow you and your growing baby time to relax together.
After you’ve finished, you tread into the kitchen, hoping that maybe, somewhere hidden away, there’s something sweet to satisfy your cravings.
But all you find in the cupboard is a box of pancake mix, some rice, and a few bags of dried fruit. And when you think you’ve found something worthwhile — a jar of peanut butter — you twist the lid off only to see that very little of it even remains.
You toss the nearly empty container into the trash, then move on to the fridge, searching the shelves for more potential snacks until you hear the front door opening, followed by the sound of your husband’s light footsteps.
He makes his way into the kitchen to greet you, stopping when your face appears from past the refrigerator door, your eyes falling to the snacks held in his grasp.
“Wow, that was quick!” you comment, placing a yogurt container you considered opening back on the shelf.
“There was no one else buying anything.”
“Well, good, now let’s go back to the couch! I need to be comfy while I eat.”
Giyuu follows behind while you lead the way towards the living room, snack filled bag still in hand as he waits for you to settle into a comfortable position. When he sits beside you, you place the other half of your blanket over his lap, sharing its plushness with him as he begins to unpack everything.
“Why did you get pretzels? I didn’t want those,” you say, brow pulled together in slight worry.
Did they not have what you wanted, and will Giyuu have to put up with you crying over a lack of potato chips now?
“No, but I did.” He calmly replies, placing the bag of pretzels off to the side. “Don’t worry. I got everything you asked for too.”
With his reassurance, you’re put back at ease, watching as the next thing he pulls out is your eagerly awaited pint-sized ice cream along with the bag of potato chips you asked for by name. You happily shimmy your shoulders as he passes the snacks over to you, thanking him with a quick kiss on the cheek. But you’re so caught up in your food you miss the way he softly smiles at the affection.
Pulling open the bag of chips, you pop a few into your mouth, trying to keep your crunching to a minimum as you begin to peel the plastic lining atop your container of ice cream. Meanwhile, Giyuu grabs his pretzels, barely getting the bag open before you turn to him, a hand once again placed on your belly.
“Can you go get us a spoon?” you feign a pout, aware that your husband can never deny a request when you include the baby.
Simply humming out an agreement, he nods.
“Thank you, love,” you giggle as he gets up to retrieve the utensil in mere seconds, grabbing it along with a paper towel.
“Do you need anything else?”
“Nope, that’s all.”
“Okay, but if you do, just let me know. I don’t mind running around for the two of you.” He assures you, eyes cast down as he readjusts the blanket over his lap.
He’s aware that you sometimes feel like you’re bothering him, asking him to do minuscule tasks like this for you on a daily. But, when you’re the one carrying a growing human in your body, he believes it’s the least he can do for you.
When your child is older, you’ll be sure to tell them stories of how wonderful their father was to you. Recounting all the small moments you shared during these months of pregnancy, like when you were craving ice cream at one in the morning, and Giyuu went out of his way to get it for you. And while he’ll be older, maybe with bits of gray in his hair, you hope that the one thing that won’t change is how he loves you.
But for now, while your baby is still developing, you’ll sit beside him and eat. Indulging in a combination of snacks you’ve been dreaming of — the perfect mixture of salty and sweet.
Dipping into your ice cream, you dig your spoon into the center and circle it around, gathering as much as you can before bringing it to your mouth. As expected, it’s delicious, but you’re not done yet. No, you’re only sampling the treat before adding the next ingredient — potato chips.
The bag that sits beside you crinkles as you reach a hand into it, grabbing a few salted chips and balancing them between your fingertips before crushing them — sprinkling the crispy snack right on top of your ice cream.
With a raised brow, Giyuu turns, observing the way you lightly mix everything together. Through all his years of knowing you, he has never seen you do such a peculiar thing with your food.
“Is it good…” he asks, nibbling on a pretzel.
“Mmhmm,” you hum, pulling the spoon from your mouth as the snacks sitting on his lap grab your attention, conjuring up another brilliant idea.
“Ooo! Can I have some of those too?” you ask, eyeing the bag of pretzels.
“Sure,” Giyuu nods and grabs a couple of pretzels for himself before handing you the rest of the bag, watching as you take what you need, crumbling the crunchy snack into pieces and topping off your dessert. Now it’s complete.
The saltiness of the chips and pretzels combined with the sweetness of the ice cream is pure decadence. And with childlike excitement, you eat spoonful after spoonful until the small pint-sized container is half empty.
As you take your last bite, you delightedly sigh, turning to your husband with a radiant smile.
“That was like the best thing I've eaten in the past month. I wonder why I didn’t think of that combination sooner..." you ponder to yourself.
“Must be those pregnancy cravings everyone told us about."
“I guess so,” you give a soft laugh, and Giyuu smiles along before continuing.
“So, are you done for now?” He points a finger towards your leftovers.
“Yeah, I think so,” you shake your head, gathering what you can and handing it over to him. “We’re pretty full now.”
With everything collected, Giyuu makes his way to the kitchen, where — not wanting the ice cream to melt — he takes the remnants of the frozen treat and places them into the freezer.
As for the bags of chips and pretzels, he leaves those on the countertop, an easy-to-grab area just in case another craving hits you later on in the night.
While he’s in the kitchen, you sit on the couch and rub at your tummy, gliding a hand over the bump until you begin to feel a series of wave-like flutters. You’ve felt tiny movements like this before, but this time they seem a lot more noticeable — one after the other.
It appears like the snack has not only satisfied you but apparently, it’s also provided your developing baby with lots of energy, prompting them to wiggle around. The sensation is thrilling, something you certainly can not let their father miss.
“Giyuu!” you frantically call out. “Come here, quick!”
With an expression filled with worry, he hurriedly runs over to you. “What happened?” His wide-eyed gaze immediately lands on your stomach, noticing the way your hand sits on the enlarged bump as he rushes to your side.
“Nothing, just hurry! Put your hand right here!”
Without another question, Giyuu places a large palm on your belly, the corners of his lips rising into a heartwarming smile when he feels a tiny nudge from beneath your skin.
“Did you feel that?” you ask excitedly.
With pure admiration shining through his eyes, he nods. “Yeah,” he pauses. “But you scared me…” he admits while awaiting another movement, "I thought something bad happened."
“No, no, sorry about that," you giggle. "I just didn't want you to miss this. Here, let’s roll my shirt up a bit so we can get a better feel."
He pulls his hand away while you lift the bottom half of your shirt, leaving it to rest above the mound of your belly. Once settled, the both of you each lay a hand back against your skin — yours rubbing gentle circles onto the curved surface while his stays caressed near your belly button.
“See, honey. The baby likes ice cream and potato chips too. Isn’t that right?” you coo.
Giyuu chuckles when your growing baby’s foot presses against your stomach, aiming a powerful little kick towards his hand.
“Does that mean yes?” He fondly asks, eyes fixated on your tummy.
Within seconds, another small punt seems to confirm his question, and you and your husband share a look of astonishment, laughing in unison at the swift response. He follows his question up with a kiss, tenderly pressing his lips against the stretch of your skin.
After a few minutes of bonding with your bump, your baby goes back to rest. Pulling your shirt back down, you decide to do the same, grabbing a blanket to cover yourself as you lie back down, laying your head on Giyuu's lap.
A smile lingers on his lips as he brings a hand down to caress you, stroking the side of your face. You tilt your gaze to admire him, tracing your eyes over his features, studying everything from the shape of his nose to the curve of his lips. He’s always been so handsome to you.
“I hope the baby looks like you. So they can be pretty.”
Gently thumbing over your cheek, Giyuu ponders for a second before responding. “But if they look like you, then they’ll be even prettier,”
Exhaling, you huff out a laugh, bringing a hand up to rest upon his.
“You think I’m pretty?” you ask.
“Of course," he begins. "I always have, always will.”
He’s sincere, you know it, and your heart swells in your chest as you crack a smile, filled with so much love for the man that holds you, comforted by his warmth.
His hand soon finds a place on your arm, the tips of his fingers gliding across your skin until he lulls you back to sleep.
While you nap in his lap, Giyuu realizes that earlier, while you were munching away on your snack, he had hardly eaten his own, leaving him rather hungry and in need of something for himself now. But like a kitten asleep on their owner, he’s hesitant to move, afraid he might wake you.
Quickly thinking of a way to get up without disturbing you, he grabs a plush pillow from beside him and slides it beneath your head, replacing the comfort of his lap as he slips away.
After he eats something, he’ll be sure to walk you to bed and carefully tuck you in with a kiss.
Once in the kitchen, he remembers that the two of you have yet to go to the grocery store. But when his eyes land on the bag of potato chips, he gets an idea. You seemed to really enjoy mixing them into your ice cream earlier, and now, he’d like to give it a try as well.
He heads to the freezer, grabbing what remains of the frozen dessert before setting it on the counter and copying the same thing you did not too long ago — crushing the crispy snacks right on top. Deciding that it's essential to get everything in one bite, Giyuu scoops around the container until his spoon sits decorated with every ingredient. Then, he brings the small mountain of flavors into his mouth, and when they hit his taste buds, he gets it.
The combination of chips, pretzels, cookie dough, and brownie bits all mixed into the creamy dessert is surprisingly delectable to him. And he ends up enjoying it more than he thought he would.
It seems like the desire for a snack, both salty and sweet, is not just reserved for his pregnant wife anymore.
Perhaps, even after the birth of your child, ice cream topped with pretzels and potato chips will stick around — a new trademark dessert for the Tomioka household.
Tumblr media
— please do not modify or repost my work.
Tumblr media
A/N: Giyuu is one hundred percent husband material! I think he's a total sweetheart and would care so much for his little family. Thank you for reading! This piece was very self-indulgent, but if you enjoyed it, please let me know and leave a comment if you’d like! I love reading them <3
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serenevenene · 3 months ago
Tomioka Giyuu x Fem!Reader | Minors DNI
Kinktober 2021 - Day 11
Giyuu doesn't have a titty kink. Not. At. All.
Lactation, established relationship, impregnation, fingering, mating press, cumshot, AU, Dad!Giyuu
Tumblr media
It was dark in the room. You heard the door slide open, footsteps approaching. You didn't get up to see who it was. You were certain it was Giyuu.
"Is she asleep?" you asked quietly.
"Yes," he answered as he slipped into your futon.
You were a month post-partum and your breasts were heavy with milk. He didn't push it with you, understanding that you had just given birth.
"Giyuu..." you said, pushing your ass against his crotch, "You're hard."
He didn't respond. You didn't expect him to.
You turned around, pressing your body against his. He ignored how the fabric of your kimono didn't cover the swell of your breasts. You pushed your leg between his and he wrapped his arms around you out of instinct.
"Can you...?" he asked.
"It's been long enough," you answered, pulling your kimono off your body.
Giyuu's eyes immediately locked onto your chest. You laughed inwardly. He was so predictable. He carefully pushed you back so that you laid flat on your back. He stripped before lifting your legs up to rest them on his shoulders, rubbing his hard-on against the length of your slit. The walls of your cunny relaxed at the feeling of his skin on yours.
Your knees reflexively pulled towards each other, but Giyuu pulled them apart again. He pushed his fingers into you, testing to see if you were ready to take him. You weren't. He rested himself on top of you. Your legs moved down to trap his waist. His hands gently gripped your breasts. You flinched. They more tender than you thought they were. He traced the veins that were visible under your skin. Beads of white were forming at your nipples.
Giyuu started salivating. Before you could stop him, he had already latched himself onto you.
You made a noise in protest. "Giyuu, stop. That's...not for you."
Giyuu suckled on your tit hard, enjoying the taste of your milk. You felt your pussy convulse - lactating or not, you had always liked the feeling of your mammaries being sucked. That pleasure, along with the feeling of relief that came with less milk in your breasts made you melt against him. He moved onto the next breast, relieving it of pressure too.
He felt you relax, so he stuck his fingers in you again. You were ready. He regretfully pulled away from your breast, needing to relieve his other needs. His erection was almost painful. He wanted to cum inside you so bad.
Of all of the things you could have said to him at this moment, you chose the words that would drive him crazy. "Make me pregnant again."
You didn't have any time to think. Giyuu was two steps ahead of you, already positioning your legs over his shoulders. He already guided his tip into your sopping hole. He already shoved himself balls-deep inside of you. He already had you in a mating press.
You started trembling beneath him as he repeatedly surged into you. Out of breath and gripping his shoulders tight, you wanted to scream his name. He quickly covered your mouth. "She's asleep."
He was right. You held your mouth down with both of your hands, your arms squeezing your breasts together. Giyuu watched a drop of milk escape from your nipple, running down the curve of your breast, only to disappear on the sheets. He couldn't hold back anymore. His movements became sloppy and after a few moments, he shot his seed inside of you, ramming his cock in all the way to the hilt.
You came when you felt the warmth of his cum pour into you.
Tumblr media
Tags: @mintyrae
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Little Blue Eyes
Tumblr media
Summary: It wasn't rare that a pillar would be absent from a meeting, be it because of a mission or because they're recovering from injuries. What is rare however is for a pillar to be late to a meeting. So the other pillars were rightfully upset that Giyuu came later than he usually does. But they definitely weren't expecting the reasoning of why he was late, especially not the two extra pairs of blue eyes staring at them curiously.
Words: 3,8K words
Warnings: Minor spoilers for some pillar's backstories. Mentions of punching and Inosuke wanting to start a war with a three year old.
Female reader!
a/n: I'll most likely make another version with a male or gender neutral cause i don't like singling out readers
−○❖○❧ •❁※❁• ☙○❖○−
The sun was high in the sky. It was a bright day, the birds were singing and the clouds look extra poofy. The night before was a good one, well not entirely good, there were still demons roaming about. But last night not a single slayer died! What joy, and plenty of demons were slain. So why one earth-
"Where's Tomioka??"
Tomioka Giyuu, the water pillar, was late.
Well he wasn't technically late, the meeting wasn't going to start in another 15 minutes.
"Do you think he's on a mission?"
Mitsuri suggested, but the others weren't buying it.
"Even if he was on a mission don't you think he'll be back by now?" quizzed a certain snake from the tree.
To be fair Mitsuri's reasoning would be pretty understandable, they were pillars after all. They're almost always busy on missions. But the last time they heard him being on a mission was two weeks ago and since he didn't show up at the butterfly estate either, they pretty much assumed that he was perfectly fine after said mission.
The love pillar pouted, "Still, it's not like him to be late," she had a point.
While he wasn't the earliest pillar, he certainly wasn't the latest one either. Normally he would be standing in waiting around the garden as the other pillars chatted amongst themselves, sometimes Mitsuri or Kyojuro tried including him in their conversations but after a while of short answers they learn to just leave him alone.
"Doesn't he know how rude it is to come late?" Shinobu grumbled. "He must be slacking off at this point,"
Some of the other pillars nodded in agreement, it's been a while since they've even seen the water pillar. He was going on missions like the rest of them sure, but he always seemed to get less somehow. Shinobu swore he had less missions than he did a few years back, she barely even saw him around the demon slayer corps and much less outside of it.
"Don't say things like that Shinobu-chan, at least give him the benefit of the doubt! Maybe he ran into a demon," the love pillar tried again "It's not like he's purposely trying to be late"
"Doubt it," Sanemi scoffed.
Mitsuri bowed her head dejectedly, so the others quickly tried changing the subject.
"Do you think he has a life outside the corps?"
Muichiro questioned from his spot on the ground, his gaze was still focused on the clouds but his body language implied that he was in fact listening. And Mitsuri's eye glistens at the prospect, maybe he had a nice family! Or maybe a relative who was ill, oR maybe he could even have a s/o! Yes that would make sense on why he was late-
"HA! Him? As if, he barely has life inside the demon slayer corps-"
He was cut off when a pebble hit his face, enraged Sanemi looked around to find the culprit. Another pebble hit the back side of his head so he whipped around to face the glaring snake pillar dangling from the tree.
"Pillars, Master Ubuyashiki has arrived"
Immediately the eight pillars kneeled before their master, and to Mitsuri's dismay, Giyuu still hadn't showed up yet.
"Good evening my children, what a wondrous day it is" He smiled softly as he gazed over all of the pillars. "It appears that one of the pillar isn't present yet,"
"Yes, I'm afraid Tomioka won't be joining todays meeting so it seems" It was almost baffling to see how Sanemi switched personalities in the presence of Ubuyashiki.
Oyakata-sama hummed in acknowledgement, the knowing look on his face made the pillars think there might a legitimate reason on why Giyuu was later then normal. "It is quite alright, he will be joining us nearing the end of our meeting,"
Low and behold he was right. Just as everyone finished giving their reports they heard footsteps approaching, but something sounded off. They were much too light to be Giyuu's, and they were quick ones as well. As if they person making them was trying to keep up with someone,,,
"Master Ubuyashiki, I apologies for arriving late to the meeting." Giyuu bowed, Sanemi and Obanai glared at the water pillar. How dare he come late to the meeting and expect to be forgiven so easily-
"Nonsense, there are no need for apologies my child. It was my request for you too bring Kiyoshi and Kimiko after all,"
The pillars tried looking around for the two people Oyakata-sama mentioned but they spotted not one person in the garden besides Giyuu. It wasn't until they heard Mitsuri gasp did they finally see a small portion of bushy black hair hiding behind Giyuu's legs.
"Go on, it's okay" they heard Giyuu softly coaxed the person standing behind him.
Their jaws all drop open involuntarily when a small boy shuffled out meekly. His bushy raven locks were tied back into a small pony tail —his hair was too short so it just looks like a small ball of fluff —and his big blue eyes that nearly popped off his face made him look even smaller.
He looked nervous as he fiddled with his small hands. Giyuu placed his hand on the boy's shoulder trying to calm him down, with a few more glances to Oyakata-sama to the pillars then back at Giyuu the boy finally spoke up.
"H-hello Master Ubuyashiki," his voice was so smol they could barely hear it. And it took Mitsuri every fibre in her being to stop herself from squealing, she had no idea who this child was but bOI WAS HE CUTE.
"Hello to you as well my child," the pillars all pried their eyes off of the small child when they heard their master laugh, "Kiyoshi, if i'm not mistaken, you've grown well it seems."
He looked around as if expecting another person, "Where is your sister?"
"She spotted Tanjiro and his friends on our way here, I believe they're still playing chase" Oyakata-sama laughed once again and nodded in understanding.
"Of course, she will be joining us in a few minutes I presume?"
Giyuu opened his mouth to speak again, but he was cut of by a-
It was then a small girl, who looks frighteningly similar to the boy and Giyuu, ran full speed into the garden. Her bright blue eyes met Sanemi's first, and he had to do a double take cause he swore she looked just like Giyuu, just smaller.
She immediately burst into a fit of giggles the moment she entered the garden, the sleeves on her water-lily patterned yukata was much too big so they envelope her arms as she swings them in the air happily. Seconds behind her, three boys — whom the pillars instantly recognise— crashed at the entrance falling in a heap.
Giyuu quickly picked up the giggling toddler and as he held her securely in his arms his lips curved gently into a smile, as if the pillars weren't shocked enough. The look on his face was so soft Shinobu thought she was hallucinating.
"How can you guys call yourself slayers when you let a girl out run you!" She said cheekily as she wiggled in Giyuu's arms to face the three boys laying on the ground.
"That's enough," before things could escalate further Giyuu placed his hand firmly on top of Inosuke's head, stopping him from declaring war on his daughter. "Go home, the three of you. You can continue playing later"
As Tanjiro profusely apologised for interrupting the meeting and forced Inosuke into a bow by holding him by the back of his head, Muichiro met the small girl's blue eyes. They were wide with curiosity, he however wasn't in the mood so he stuck his tongue out at her. To which she responded by doing the same.
"Hey, none of that," Giyuu lightly scolded, pinching the girl's nose as a gentle punishment.
She whined in protest, and at this point all the pillars who's mouths weren't open since the beginning definitely were now. Questions were running through the pillar's heads at the speed of light, never had they been this clueless about something happening right in front of them.
Their confusion was only broken when Oyakata-sama laughed again, the twins at his side had been narrating all that was happening since the little girl ran into the garden. "Ah, here is Kimiko I presume?"
"Yesh! I'm Kimiko," the girl, Kimiko apparently, chirped as she wiggled out of Giyuu's arms. The moment her feet touched the ground, she skipped over and grabbed the boy's hand. "It's nice to meet you!"
"It's nice to see you again my child," Oyakata-sama said softly. "How joyous it is to see that you and brother grown so well,"
It wasn't hard to tell that the two children were twins, they were practically identical. The only key difference was their personality it seems, Kimiko was bouncing on the heels of her feet while Kiyoshi — or at least Misturi thinks his name was Kiyoshi— glanced around the garden nervously, and when he met the stern gaze of the wind pillar he immediately shrunk back into Giyuu.
Noticing his timid boy grabbing onto the sleeve of his haori, Giyuu knelt down to ruffle their hair. "You and Miko can go play, don't leave the garden okay? Papa will be done in a minute,"
Obanai and Sanemi had to shake their heads, hearing Giyuu refer himself to "papa" felt like someone slapped them across the face. Mitsuri on the other hand couldn't keep quiet, she was doing the small internal screaming thing, the children were so cute. She couldn't help but flush.
As Kimiko ran off with her brother in tow, Giyuu took his place besides Himejima. It felt uncomfortable to have so many eyes following him so instead he switched his focus on his two children.
"Now, with all the pillars present, let's continue the meeting shall we?"
−○❖○❧ •❁※❁• ☙○❖○−
All the pillar bowed as Oyakata-sama exited, the meeting was over. Good. Now they could finally yell at the water pillar. Sanemi whipped his head to face the man at the end of the line, only to see that the two children had tackled him and are currently attacking him. With kisses.
"We missed youuu"
Both children chorused. Kimiko was on his back while Kiyoshi was snuggled comfortably in Giyuu's arms. Even when kneeling down Kimiko's legs were off the ground as she clung to him, she didn't seem to mind though, she had a blast hanging off his shoulders.
And what that a chuckle the pillar heard???
Low and behold it was, Shinobu could barely see it because his hair was covering a portion of his face, but it was there's a smile alright.
Maybe if he looked at the clouds they would be cubes instead, Mui thought. Not like that would be any weirder than the Tomioka Giyuu smiling and having children, twins no less.
Some how in a single motion, Giyuu manage to scoop up both children and set them in front of him. Kiyoshi, however, met with Sanemi's eyes again and he would've ran to hide behind Giyuu again if it weren't for Kimiko's hand holding his.
"Kimiko, Kiyoshi. Introduce yourselves to the pillars, they haven't met you before," Giyuu gave them a little nudge foward, Kimiko didn't need the encouragement however.
"Hello!!" The sleeve of her yukata flapped wildly as her waved to them "My name's Tomioka Kimiko! And this is my brother"
She tugged on her brother's hand motioning him to continue for her, "Uhm...Hi" The young boy said softly, his eyes flickering from the ground to the pillars and back again. "My name's Tomioka Kimi- nono w-wait,"
His face flushed red from embarrassment so he resolved to hiding it behind his tiny hands, they didn't do much considering that his hands were...well tiny.
Mitsuri couldn't help but coo at the small boy, he was soo cute. Kyojuro and Uzui were laughing their heads off, but quietly—since they felt somewhat bad, in their defence it was pretty funny. Even Kimiko thought so, currently giggling at her bother's misery. Oh she's never going to let him live this down.
Meanwhile, Giyuu was the only one not finding amusement in the mistake — well maybe a little, but his baby was upset and that's more important at the moment. He squeezed the young boy's shoulders, trying to reassure him.
After a few minutes of Giyuu whispering encouragement Kiyoshi tried again, "H-hi My name's Tomioka Kiyoshi. not kimiko" he said the last part quietly but the pillars heard him just fine.
"Yayyy" Kimiko cheered and clapped for her brother. It was more teasing then actual praise, and he knew it too. So he reached out to pinch her cheek in revenge, luckily for Kimiko she was quick enough to catch his hand and held it instead.
"We're three!" Kimiko proudly announced, holding up a two fingers instead. Noticing her mistake, Kiyoshi nudged her then pointed at her fingers before lifting up three fingers of his own. She puffed her cheeks and her eyebrows furrowed, she swore that was right, looking at her fingers again.
"We're two!" She decided, still holding up her two fingers. Her brother sighed and shook his head, "We're three Kimiko"
Mitsuri and Kyojuro had matching puffed up cheeks, they really wanted to laugh but they didn't want to upset the twins.
Don't laugh don't laugh
Mitsuri reminded herself.
Kimiko took it upon herself to find out every pillar's names and say hi to them, and poor Kiyoshi — who just wanted to take a nap in his papa's arms— was dragged along with her.
One by one, she and Kiyoshi walked up to a pillar and asked for their names. The first was Obanai, because he was at the end of the line, immediately they took notice to Kabukamaru. Who was just as curious as the twins, the snake slid off of Iguro's shoulders slightly and hissed at them softly. Delighted Kimiko hissed back while sticking her tongue out, which surprised Obanai but thankfully for him, his bandages covered the small smile he had on.
Moving to the next pillar-
oh oh
Kiyoshi was terrified, because next to the snake pillar was the wind pillar. Sanemi glared down at the two young children in front of him.
He didn't mean to be glaring
It was just how he reacted, the two reminded him of his younger siblings. For a split second he thought he saw a young Genya standing in place where Kiyoshi was.
Shaking his head, the vision of Genya disappeared and it was just the twins standing in front of him again. He scoffed but bent down slightly — Giyuu was watching closely incase something were to happen.
"Cute kid Tomioka," he said offhandedly while pinching Kiyoshi's cheek. Who was startled at how gentle it was, even Kimiko pinched him harder then this.
They quickly moved to the next pillars which were the butterfly, sound and mist pillar. Who all gave the twins head pats or ruffled their bushy locks of raven hair, save Muichiro who just stuck his tongue out at Kimiko again. She would have done it right back but she knew her dad would pinch her nose again, so she changed her mind she did it anyways.
"Nice ribbon you're wearing, very flamboyant!"
Uzui remarked. It was true, Kimiko was indeed wearing a red ribbon in her hair. Her mommy had tied it in for her this morning, she didn't have much hair just yet so it was just tied into a small ponytail like her brother. Both however look more like fluff from a rabbit's tail.
Last were the flame, love and stone pillar. Mitsuri immediately scooped them into her arms, she was waiting all this time to squish their chubby cheeks.
"oooo look at youuu, you're so cute and you are tooo" she cooed as the twin took turns getting their cheeks smushed by the love pillar.
As it was Kiyoshi's turn, Kimiko took interest in her bright pink and green hair. "You have very pretty hair miss love pillar,"
"Oh? Thank you very much~" she chirped while putting her hands together. "Who did your hair? It look very pretty too,"
Without skipping a beat she proudly said, "My mommy did it! She did Kiyoshi's hair too!" pointing her her brother's and her own hair with vigour.
Immediately everyone's heads turn to Giyuu, it completely went over their heads that he must have a wife as well. What they were expecting was him just standing there deadpan look and all, but just like everything else that was happening today — they were proven wrong.
Between the twins excitement by the mere mention of their mother to Giyuu's obviously fond look and relaxed shoulders, it was easy for the pillars to guess that who ever married Giyuu was loved beyond belief. And who ever this women is, Mitsuri wanted to meet her.
'Finally someone said it,' Shinobu thought.
Sanemi's screaming, no matter how much it voiced the pillar's thoughts, scared the two children. Whom immediately ran to hide behind their dad.
Kneeling down, he gladly welcomed them into his waiting arms. "Please don't shout, Kimiko and Kiyoshi get startled easily" he said patting their small heads.
To that, Uzui smacked Sanemi upside his head which only angered the wind pillar further.
"Tomioka~ Did you not bother telling us you have children? Or are you just that forgetful," Giyuu resisted the urge to roll his eyes at Shinobu's prodding.
"No one asked,"
It was her turn to resist the urge to smack him as the water pillar shrugged, but the twins were snugly tucking into his side so she'll save that for another day.
"So sorry for Shinzugawa's outburst little ones, he won't scare you again,"
Kyojuro tried to reason with them, but Kiyoshi could see the wind pillar trying to throw punches at Tengen — which Kyojuro was actively trying to hide from their field of view — and it didn't really give him high hopes that he wasn't going to yell again.
Kimiko on the other hand was already skipping over to Mitsuri and Shonibu, she wanted to see if they could teach her how to braid hair. To braid mommy's hair of course, but maybe she'll try some hairstyles on her dad if he would let her (He would).
"Kiyoshi," said toddler met his father's eyes, which were a mirror image of his own. "Are you sure you don't want to play with Kimiko?"
He thought about it for a minute, on one hand they were teaching her how to braid hair and he really wanted to braid his mommy's hair and make her happy, but on the other hand,,, he could sleep soundly in his papa's arms. Safe and sound.
After about a minute he made his decision and shook his head, choosing to latch on to his fathers haori for a nice nap and cuddles. He could ask Kimiko how to braid hair later anyways, now was nap time.
−○❖○❧ •❁※❁• ☙○❖○−
"Sooo, how was the meeting?"
(Y/N) asked her husband, who was getting a new hair style — curtesy of their little girl.
"It went fine," he said eating another piece of salmon, Giyuu wouldn't mind just staying in this moment for the rest of his life.
His beloved (Y/N) was sitting a few paces away with their son in her arms, they were singing a nursery rhyme she had made up on the fly. Her hair was in a bit of a mess considering the fact that Kimiko had just learned how to braid hair — speaking of their little princess.
She was happily using the techniques Mitsuri showed her that morning to braid Giyuu's hair, all the while singing with her brother and mother. He could already feel the tangles forming in his hair but it was fine, as long as little Kimiko was happy. Besides it gave him even more excuse to let (Y/N) brush them out later.
"Tada! All done, you look so pretty papa!" Kimiko beamed, proud of her work. "Doesn't he mommy?"
She looked up from Kiyoshi to see what kind of mess Kimiko manage to tie Giyuu's hair into, oh dear —
"It looks lovely dear,"
Giyuu knew, from the moment she started giggling, that his hair was indeed a mess. There were probably ribbons of all sorts of colours thrown in randomly, and with the amount of lose hair he could feel there was bound to be fly aways.
"Come on sit down Kimiko you haven't finished your daikon yet, little miss" (Y/N) chirped and she pinched Kimiko's nose softly.
Setting down Kiyoshi as well she stood up to sit next to Giyuu.
"Don't you look pretty yuu~" She teased running her fingers through his messy locks.
"Is it that bad," Giyuu whispered as to not alert their little stylist.
"Uhmm," (Y/N) grinned sheepishly, her head tilting as her eyes searched his hair and face.
Only to furrow her eyebrows when she noticed all the rice grains sticking to his handsome face, scoffing, she rolled eyes without malice as she picked up the napkin on the table.
"You're so messy Giyuu," she said smiling. "I swear I have to clean your face more then our twins,"
The water pillar pouted and tried to move away from her but to that she responded by plopping down on his lap. It's been years since he first met her but she still managed to make his heart race just as fast.
His blue eyes followed her face, committing every detail he could to memory. It was easy to assume that the twins were an exact replica of him but he would say otherwise. The bushy raven locks and blue eyes might overpower their other features but their cheeks, their nose, their faces, just everything about them was all (Y/N).
Every time he looked at his precious twins all he saw in them was his beloved wife, (Y/N). He won't ever say it out loud but one of the reasons why he loved making them so happy was because they got their mother's smile, the one he fell in love with in the first place.
He was brought back to earth when he felt a kiss on the corner of his mouth.
"There all done," she sang happily with her hand on his cheeks. Unsatisfied he leaned in to steal an actual kiss on the lips.
(Y/N) felt him smile into the kiss, causing her to giggle and pull away. He watch with gleaming eyes as she continued to laugh with a pretty blush spreading across her face, in the corner of his eye he could see Kiyoshi cheering his sister on as she shoves all the vegetables in her mouth to get it over with quicker.
God he loved them all so much.
−○❖○❧ •❁※❁• ☙○❖○−
Author's note: I was really inspired to write this fic after reading works by @lovely-angst and fluffy-mayari. Their works are amazing and i look up to them a lot, so please give them some love.
This is one of lovely-angst's works that's the main inspiration for this fic⇒ secret family Reblogs are always appreciated! I'll see you next week lovelies!
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missorcas · 6 days ago
Demon Slayer NSFW headcanons - part II
♡  Tengen Uzui
God of festivals? Maybe. Deity between the sheets? For sure. Tengen doesn’t let anyone leave his bed without having given them at least two orgasms
Despite the obvious worship kink, in bed he actually focuses more on the other person, treating them like royalty and making them feel extra confident
Not really into degradation or quickies - Tengen loves spoiling himself and his partner, so he’s more the kind of person that will start the night with wine and a nice dinner, maybe a bubble bath... anything sumptuous, and then get into business
He still loves being begged - being called daddy gets him lust drunk, but truth be told it’s the physical cues that he finds most flattering. Verbal praise is nice to hear, but it’s his partner’s facial expressions and moans that really make his head spin
Has a navel piercing; the jewellery matches the diamonds dangling from his headband
Has definitely thought about getting his dick pierced too, but rejected the idea immediately after learning that he should have practiced abstinence for minimum two months
Massive length and girth, to the point of being intimidating. Cleanly trimmed
Infinite stamina thanks to his Hashira training - loves tantric sex when he has the time
When he’s out of his Sound Pillar uniform he looks even prettier, but he just feels stronger and more confident when he’s dolled up with makeup, nail polish, and hair all done
Willing to try everything at least once, definitely a switch if the situation calls for it
Loves being tied up! Rope marks remind him of what you’ve done to him the night before and arouse him at the most inappropriate times. Does not hide them – in fact he loves receiving awkward looks and questions, even more telling the whole story and seeing the horrified expression plastered on the face of the person who dared to ask
Unsurprisingly, he’s very vocal in bed. His moans have been object of complaint from his neighbors, other Hashiras, literally anyone who wasn’t involved in sexual activity with him but had the ill luck of being in a 100 metres radius while he was enjoying himself
This man literally studies the kamasutra in his spare time. Butter churner? Piece of cake. Mating press? A cinch. Upside down sex? Hell yeah.
PET NAMES! Kitten is probably his favourite, but he’ll also go with Dollface, Angel, and many more ;)
3 wives, many girlfriends, countless lovers. Tengen’s marriage is very open – who is he to deny his wives some harmless fun while he’s away for months during missions?
Boob guy, as you might have guessed. One of the perks of his polyamorous relationship is that more often than not he gets to wake up with at least one pair of tits smashed in his face, and definitely doesn’t mind having more than three pairs within hand reach
Will spank enthusiastically prior consent except with Aoi apparently, loves the thought of his partners going around with his handprints on their asscheeks hidden underneath their clothes like a signature
LOVES receiving oral, especially by more than one people at once.
♡ Giyuu Tomioka
Boy looks cold and aloof from the outside, but underneath the thick façade he’s just incredibly fragile
He acts rather avoidant, and seems absolutely incapable of showing affection or any emotion
Did not get the slightest hint of you taking an interest in him in the beginning - literally just saw you as a valuable ally with whom he’d really enjoy training, but nothing else
Unsurprisingly, you initiated your first kiss – he was obviously in shock at first, but quickly relaxed and grabbed your waist gently to pull you closer
PDA? No way in hell. It took him a while to warm up to physical forms of affection, but after the first time you slid into his bed at night, cuddling came pretty natural to him as long as no one is around
Your first nights in the same futon were spent just kissing and falling asleep one next to the other, with you clinging to his back like a baby monkey – it was cute at first, but after a while you realized your body craved more
When you agreed on having sex for the first time, his breath was shaking, but as soon as your fingers brushed his erection from over his clothes he literally melted in your hands
You could feel him silently begging for you to touch him more deeply, skin to skin, and even muttered a soft “please” in your ear in the hope your hand would actually plunge in his underwear and grab him
His hips bucked against you, his hardness grinding against your palm, and you just knew what to do
His eyes literally roll to the back of his head when he penetrates you - he usually lets out a few groans and buries his face in your neck, only to pound you mercilessly until he’s out of breath
He’s not super vocal, but will show his appreciation by emitting muffled grunts, biting your neck and just huffing against your skin, clearly holding himself back from moaning loudly
Very protective – the boy has had his fair share of trauma, will never allow anything to happen to you. He doesn’t sleep well when you’re far away from him, he can only relax when he’s feeling you snuggled up against him.
♡  Sanemi Shinazugawa
Unsurprisingly, Sanemi is a sadistic fuck, although he’d never hurt their partner without consent
Really easy to rile up, he’s basically a brat tamer with a very bad temper
Sex is, like fighting, just another way to get some relief from anger. He’ll chill out for a whopping 0.3 seconds after being finished
Very much into edging, will take you painfully close and then just deny your orgasm a few times until you’re basically begging him with tears in your eyes. Can’t stand being teased in return
Needless to say, most of the time you piss him off on purpose so he will fuck you senseless :) he knows you’re doing it on purpose, and equally enjoys it
Has a thing for choking, very much into breath play
Too focused on chasing his own release sometimes, but will go multiple rounds without batting an eye until you’re satisfied
Swearwords, curses, degradation – you name it, he’s into it, sometimes even too much
Adores the sight of you kneeling in front of him, begging to let you suck him off
Definitely an ass guy - loves fucking you from behind while he’s standing and you’re bent in front of him so he can have a good view of your ass bouncing against his pelvis. Will grab and spank to his pleasure
The fucking showoff will get instantly naked the moment he sniffs the most remote possibility of intercourse. Used to tear off your clothes with zero fucks given for your garments as well, but after an accident involving very expensive lingerie that resulted in his left shoulder being almost dislocated he’s a little more careful
Loves fucking in front of a mirror, finds his own muscular reflection very entertaining
Likes the thrill of sex in public spaces, but to be fair getting caught wouldn’t even bother him. Doesn’t mind an audience
Wearing a skirt with nothing underneath really does numbers on him, and when you make him aware you’re just basically just plainly asking for it
He’ll let you mark him with scratches and bites, doesn’t mind adding more scars to the collection. As for your body, he will leave visible marks on you with 0% remorse.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second part of my Demon Slayer headcanons – reposted because I was dumb enough to use the wrong tags that resulted in my post being shadowbanned. Enjoy – and remember that my requests are open! ♡
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biznichwrites · 3 months ago
Kinktober 3: Praise, Fluff & Comfort, Dry Humping
"Are you sure I'm… not too big?" 
It was a question Giyuu was used to hearing from his wife. Usually it was asked innocently, usually looking over the engawa while nervously avoiding his gaze. This time she asked it as he rolled her on top of his lap. 
Timidly she held her kimono closed, biting her quivering lip and glancing away. She'd never admit it directly but she felt a wave of shame wash over her any time she was reminded of their different physiques. 
"I'm sure."
He was a simple man, only using simple words for simple answers. Somewhere inside he knew it didn't quell the lingering thoughts that plagued her. He was always one for action over words. 
He grasped her trembling hands that held the edges of her kimono, gently rubbing his thumb over her knuckles. Even though he didn't have the nerve to admit it out loud, he liked her curves and how soft she was. He liked how he could comfortably rest against her, how he could hold her tightly to him - especially in pleasure. 
"You can tell me if I am, I won't be mad."
He frowned at that. Maybe she actually did need words of affirmation? Sadly, he knew he wasn't skilled, talking never came easy to him. Deep inside he knew he needed to try as he saw the tears glazing over her eyes. 
"I like you the way you are."
She felt her stomach twist, as if she had guilted him into his compliment. How genuine could it be if she had asked for it? 
"You don't need to say anything." 
With tentative movements she tried to shoo his hands from hers, trying to back off of his lap before his hands landed on her thighs. 
"I like it." He struggled to find the words, tongue twisted trying to find the right thing to say. "It's… attractive."
He knew he had her confused, especially with the uncertainty covering her face. 
"It's nice to touch you. You're soft." Before she could find a rebuttal he spoke again. "To look at, too…" 
He watched as she bit her lower lip, her legs twitched on either side of his hips. From his time married he knew it was her little tell she liked something. 
It was a simple compliment, a single word - but he adored how her cheeks tinged red. Something about her caring so deeply over his opinion stirred something within him. 
With hands on her hips he guided her, letting her grind against him clothed. It wasn't the most lewd thing ever, but knowing he made her happy with just his praise was exciting enough. 
Soon he was pleased to feel she had found her own rhythm. Little shifts in her hips gave her away as she adjusted to feel the bulge of his cock grazed her clothed core. He recognized the haze that covered her eyes, how she bit back a little moan. 
He was well aware of how nervous she usually was on his lap, but he couldn't risk her losing her momentum this far. He'd stumble his way through praises to make sure she enjoyed herself. 
"Let go."
No sooner did he say that her hips bucked into his, her head lulled as he felt his clothing twist in her grasp. 
Despite not cumming yet he felt a sense of relief as her pleasure washed over her, leaving her relaxed as she crumbled into his arms. Wordlessly he let her rest as she cuddled into him. 
"You did well."
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hanakages · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: here’s some more character i have the one-liners for! i think this will be the last of the series! + gender neutral reader
previous post for reference
“who would’ve thought falling in love with you would become such a hassle for me?”
“oh i can’t even close my eyes without seeing you trying to hold me in your arms.”
“…you continue to love me, even though you know i’m nothing but a burden to the world.”
“thank you for being born, as you’re the reason why i was born as well, under that same star.”
“when i tell you ‘i love you,’ i hope you hear it a million times…because that’s how many times i want to say it every time.”
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sassysaxsolo · 2 months ago
We fell in love on Halloween night. (Yandere Giyuu x Reader)One-shot!
Tumblr media
Warning! Non-con, stalking, disorders. somnophilia, sexual activity!
The content in this story does not reflect the morals of the writer. This is for entertainment purposes only.
You never truly felt fear, like. ever.
Even when you were a child, on a day trip with your class. You were picking flowers at the edge of the playground when a mysterious grown man took your hand and began to drag you away. Now instead of crying or screaming out like any normal child should, you instead asked him in your cute baby voice. “Where are we going, mister?”
Luckily, your teacher was there just in time to scream her head off as you were being taken away by the child predator and he was quickly tackled to the ground by a heroic bystander. Because of this, your parents knew for certain that something was wrong with you. Even when you stuck forks into sockets to get electrocuted or fought off the bullies when they took your popcorn, you never once felt terror.
You were brought to a specialist and it turns out you had a rare genetic disorder called Urbach-Wiethe disease. Looking through your family records, your great grandmother also had this disorder but it skipped to generations and landed on you. At first, you thought it was cool.
But your parents were filled with dread, this meant that you could no longer be trusted to be by yourself, even as you grew up and matured. If you ever wanted to go out, you would have to be with your friends and your parents exchanged phone numbers with them so they could check.
Whenever you don’t answer your phone, that means you’re up to something and your friends are being dialed. That also meant no curricular activities after school, your school had been informed about your condition and they always had a special needs assistant following you around the place.
Granted you didn’t care, you actually enjoyed having a chat with her, she was a lovely woman but that didn’t mean you weren’t annoyed from time to time. You were always being dropped and collected from school. There were never any surprises, the days were always a straight line, a schedule on what you must do on a day to day basis.
And quite frankly, you hated it.
The only thing that brought you any excitement was scary movies and horror novels. No fear but excitement. It got your heart racing, in a way that made you feel joyful, you would sit in your room all day and watch scary movies.
Alibeit, it was an unhealthy way to live so you and your friends would go out every weekend and do something for a couple of hours. Sleepovers were always at your house and on school trips, you always had to be supervised or else you couldn’t go.
It sucked, truly, although you would consider having no fear and disadvantage, others thought otherwise. Like that one incident you had as a kid, when you were nearly kidnapped, you were only a child! How were you supposed to know you were getting kidnapped! For all you knew, he was taking you to get ice cream in his white van
…. Okay, that sounds bad.
But now you know it's bad, next time you’ll scream. Maybe bite his ear off.
But that's beside the point. The truth was, you didn’t enjoy life. How could you when you were being coddled every second of everyday? So thats why-
You were sneaking out!
By yourself!
Such a great idea!
Twas the night before Halloween, well, actually, it had turned twelve when you snuck out so technically it was Halloween. You wanted to go out for a stroll in the forest to feel that rush of excitement!
You put on a pair of boot cut jeans, a henley top, a rain coat and converse. Matching mittens, scarf and hat cause you like being warm! You hopped out your window and made your way to the local forest. To be fair, this wasn’t your first time sneaking out the house and whenever you did was to go to the local forest which you knew like the back of your hand.
But some may wonder, why would you go to a forest at this time at night? There are weirdos out there!
You were the weirdo, so by that logic, you had nothing to worry about!
As you entered the forest, you stuck a pair of air pods into your ears and played some music. The first song that came up was ‘The perfect girl’ by Mareux. There you held your phone, using it as a flashlight as you listened to your song.
‘Your such a strange girl.’
‘I think you come from another world.’
‘You're such a strange girl.’
‘I really don’t understand a word.’
‘You’re such a strange girl.’
‘You’re such a strange girl.’
‘I’d like to shake you around and round.’
‘You’re such a strange girl.’
‘ I’d like to turn you all upside down.’
You’re such a strange girl.’
‘The way you look like you do.’
You began to dance around as you walked like an absolute dope, with pep in your step and a big stupid grin on your face but you couldn’t care. You were having the time of your life. Sometimes you wished there was another person there with you, someone you could dance along with while you walked through the autumn trees.
“Shit!” You exclaimed as you trip on the wet soggy leaves, managing to catch yourself but one of your air pods fell out of your ears. You quickly pick it up, hoping the water didn’t damage it. “Damn it! These were new! Dad’s gonna hate me!” I giggle.
You turn your head around to the sound of leaves crunching and a twig snapping. You scan the dark area with your phone’s light and wonder, ‘what made that noise?’ you thought.
Was it an animal?
Was it your imagination?
‘Was it a psycho killer on the loose?
You really hoped it was the third option, because the thought of getting chased was thrilling. You shone your torch at the end of the forest path, it didn’t shine far but you could make out a figure standing by the tree at the end. Now the most logical thing to do was get the fuck out of there and run for you life.
But no, not you.
“Excuse me sir! Are you following me?!” you called out. The figure to respond or move from his is her position. Hold on, now that you think about… “Did I misgender you?! If I did, I’m sorry!” you call out again. But the figure doesn’t respond.
At this point, you were starting to get annoyed. “Answer when I’m talking to you mister!” You didn’t like it when he ignored you so you started walking towards the figure.
Why were you doing this?
Cause you ain’t no bitch.
“Mister!” You call out again. But this time they do something. They run. Not towards you though, but away from you! You tried to catch up with the mysterious figure but he had the steam power of a stallion and bolted away.
You just stopped, holding your phone in your hand as the figure disappeared. You were left confused and befuddled.
Why did he leave?
A man enters his home as quietly as possible, his sister and her fiance were upstairs asleep. He takes deep breaths as he slips his shoes off and silently makes his way upstairs. After locking his bedroom he allows himself to shiver at the glorious feeling of being within his loves’ presence.
He grabbed his face as his smile stretched, his pupils dilated and a fiery red blush spread across his face! (Y/n)! Oh (Y/n)! His perfect precious (Y/n)! How she was so beautiful and amazing! Although he did hate it when she goes out by herself like this, especially at this time at night!
Luckily, He’s always there to protect his Cutie pie! His lovely little love bug. 
He really wished she hadn’t noticed him! Now she might be more careful! He couldn’t afford to get caught again, or else he might not be able to take any more photos of you. Speaking of photos, he looks upon the millions of photos he has of you on his wall.
The faces of your family and friends were all scribbled out with black permanent marker and he drew little hearts around your face. He leaned into the wall so his face was right next to yours.
“Oh my love, How do you make me crave for you so badly!”
How he so desperately wished that your assigned SNA, your friends and your parents would disappear! He wanted to snatch you up and take you away from this horrible world! He would take such good care of you he would!
He ran to his laptop where he connected his camera to. He uploaded all his photos he took of you today, more additions of you to add to his wall. Thinking of you always riled him up. He began to feel himself through his baggy pants where his dick was beginning to fill with blood and became sensitive to the touch.
He shoved his pants down and collapsed onto his bed where he began to stroke himself, he didn’t know how much longer he could take. Sneaking into your house and humping you in your sleep isn't enough anymore! He had to have you!
He kept stroking and stroking his cock until he ejaculated all over his wall and onto the pictures with you face on it. That just turned him on even more, he'd start again soon, the thought of your cute little face covered in his seed was enough to send him over the edge.
He heard a beep and his pictures were done. He took them from the printer and there you were! He couldn’t wait to see you again! It was Halloween and he couldn’t wait to see what little costume you were going to wear.
When I woke up that morning, all I could think about was what happened last night. It was still bizarre to think about. A man was watching me. Then he ran away. I was sad.
“(Y/n)! Wake up! It’s time for school!” My mother called from downstairs. I groaned as I ripped the covers off myself and dragged myself downstairs where my mother was making breakfast and dad was reading his newspaper. “Happy Halloween..” I groaned as I trudged past mom and sat myself down at the table. “Good morning to you too honey.” Man day said.
Mom put my breakfast in front of me and I ate it slowly. “I’m going out today…. remember?”  My mother looks at me confused. “What are you doing today..?” She asked. “Me, Shinobu, Kanae and Mitsuri are going to Nightmare Wonderland, remember?” I repeat. She snaps her fingers. “Oh yeah! Now I remember!”
My father puts his newspaper down. “Now (Y/n). Remember what we talked about. We have no problem with you going out with your friends. But remember, you must stick with them at all times and we want you back home before twelve, capche?”
I dropped a sugar cube into my coffee and sighed. “capche sir..”
He got up from his seat and went upstairs, I swirled my coffee around before swallowing it. “(Y/n), what's with the face?” My mother noted sternly. She had put down the dishes to look at me. “You know what’s wrong mom! I just wished that you and dad would have more faith in me! Like, I’m eighteen! I shouldn’t need to wait or go with people when I can just do it myself!”
“(Y/n)! We are not having this conversation! We don’t care how old you are, you are a danger to others and yourself! Now drop it or you’re not going out tonight!” I down my whole coffee in anger and storm upstairs, leaving my plate behind. 
I was so angry! They never let me do anything! I could be careful! I could be safe! I literally bought a can of pepper spray that I keep with me when I go out! It just breaks my heart that they don’t trust me. So much so, I’ve never had a job, not even a part time one.
They don’t intend to let me make my own money, without money I won’t be able to buy a house or a car for that matter! Worse case scenario, they put me under a conservatorship when they no longer want to look after me.
I don’t see how my life can get any worse. The only thing I can do is make the most of my time with friends when permitted.
“(Y/n)! Wait for the car, I’ll be down in a minute!” My father called. I head outside, dressed in my uniform and coat, I walk over to the car and wait for my dad to come. I used to wait inside the car for him, but in one incident, I was playing around on the inside of the car and pulled the break down on purpose. Lets just say my dad’s car insurance covered most of the damage costs..
I put in my air pods when I notice a head duck from around the hedges. I took them out and went over to the front of the garden. It was none other than Tomioka Giyuu walking down the street. “Hi Tomioka!” I smile and wave!
He freezes and slowly turns around. But don't make any attempt to speak to me. Tomioka was quite a weird guy! He doesn’t talk much in school and I don't think I’ve ever had a conversation with him. Shinobu often says no one likes him, and since he sits alone at lunch, I can;t help but think her words are true.
But still, he is quite handsome though! His long unruly hair tied in a low ponytail, his broad shoulders and his tight chest when he buttons it down on a hot day. It was a great image to masturbate too. oops, did I think that? Yes I did.
I walk over to him and greet him. “I didn’t know you lived in the area! How are you?” He just nodded his head. “I’m fine, thank you.”
I smile. “Did you peek your head around my hedge?”
“No, why would I do that?”
“To spy on a cute girl like me?” I giggle.
He looked flabbergasted but laughed. “Oh my goodness Tomioka san! I was only pulling your leg!” He had a small blush on his face. That was new.
“(Y/n)! Where are you!?” my dad called. I take Tomioka’s hand and drag him along. “W-what are you doing?!” He asked in a panicky voice. “Well, You’re are going to school, I thought we could head down together! My dad will drop us, what do you say?”
Tomioka looked to the side, as he contemplated his life, he finally answered. “Ok, I’ll go with you..”
The car trip was fun! Tomioka and I sat in the back seat of the car while my dad drove. He was staring out the window, avoiding all eye contact with me. But I didn’t mind, it's a nice change from driving alone with my dad.
We finally pulled up outside school, Tomioka looked over at my dad. “Thank you for the ride sir..” He opened the car door and left. My dad stared  at the silent boy as he walked through the school gates. “Well, he certainly isn’t strange at all.” I think he’s being sarcastic.
“Oh, Tomioka is always like that! He’s not a man of many words.” I commented as I opened the car door. “(Y/n)!” My dad called, I stopped in my tracks as he continued to speak. “You have a half day today, right? What time does it end?”
“Twelve ..” I answer..
“Your mother will collect you from school. Don’t leave school until she gets there, alright?” I sigh and nod my head. We bid each other farewell before I get out of the car and he drives off. I get inside school and I make my way towards the home room. There I see Shinobu and Mitsuri sitting by their desks. “Hi guys!” 
I sit next to them and they greet me. “Are you excited for Nightmare wonderland?” Mitsuri asked and I nodded my head. “I’m buzzing!” I chirped. Nightmare Wonderland was a theme park dedicated to the spirit of Halloween! Roller coasters, food stalls, carnival games and best of all, a three part walk in horror house! With actors in costume that scare you!
There was the doll house, the witch's castle and the butcher’s hovel.
“This will be fun.” Shinobu noted. We were all going to wear costumes there too. I already had mine in my closet at home waiting for me. “Thank god we have a half day today!” I laugh, taking out my notebook for today’s class.
“Oh, look it is.” Mitsuri poked my shoulder and aimed my eyes in the direction of the door. In walked Inadama Kaigaku. I thought it was strange, although he was in the same year as us, he was from a different class. “What’s he doing here?” I ask.
He spots the three of us and strolls down the aisle casually. Inadama stops in front of my desk and looks me up and down with a smirk on his face. “Hey the (L/n) san.” He purred seductively. “Good morning, Inadama san.” I responded.
He sits on my desk and looks down on me. I look over at my friends who look confused. Well, Mitsuri looked confused, Shinobu just looked pissed, I mean he did have the audacity to just sit on my desk and act so familiar with me.
“I heard you were going to Nightmare Wonderland tonight. Mind if you accompany me tonight as my date?”
No thank you.” I said bluntly.
He was taken aback by response and got up from my desk. “Sorry, I must have misheard you. I thought you said no.” I scoff. “You didn’t misheard me, I said no.” He started getting angry. “Why not?” His eye twitched funnyly and his teeth were clenched. “Because you're a terrible person with a bad personality.” I stated.
Sometimes I end up pissing people off. Since I don’t fear how people will react, I don’t bother with any filters, I mean why should I? Inadama may be cool and a classic bad boy archetype but at the end of the day, he was still a scumbag who enjoyed picking on the younger kids.
“Listen here you stupid bitch-”
“I think it's time you leave, Inadama.” Shinobu got out of her seat and walked in front of Inadama, getting in between us. “Oh really?” Inadama bent down to poke her chest harshly. “And please, Do tell me what you will do, Kocho?”
“He will deal with you.”
Inadama scoffed before chuckling. “And who’s He?”
A big hand was placed on Inadama’s shoulder. As he turned around, there was Himejima sensei. Looking big and scary as usual.  He grabbed Inadama by the back of his collar and dropped him outside the class.
Well, that's that then.
Kaigaku never went to class, instead he went behind the school where he would smoke. As he lit a cigarette between his lips, a familiar figure approached him. “The hell do you want, T-” He couldn’t finish his sentence as the figure and aimed a rock at his head and hit it hit his target dead center. He fell to the ground and held the side of his head that had been split open by the rock.
The school day was over and you were relaxing in your room. You had just gotten out of the shower and were at your vanity, scrolling through your phone. Many couples were dressing up together and were arranging different Halloween parties where everyone would drink, dance and get laid.
The figure approached him and crushed his cigarette. “If you EVER go near her again, I will kill you.” The figure retreated, clenching his teeth.
Going to a party has always sounded fun but hey, At Least you were doing something for Halloween.  You know what, you wouldn’t be leaving for a few hours, and mom was downstairs preparing for trick or treaters. Now is the time to sit back, relax and watch some porn.
That's right! You were a frequent masturbator, you had a tv, a laptop, a pad and a phone and the internet was the only thing your parents hadn’t bothered to monitor. They weren’t really well versed in the internet, you on the other hand were and loved to watch porn when you were stressed.
You learned how masturbate and all about the different kinks that come with sex. One of your kinks was obsessive men. Some of your favourite horror movies involved men who were obsessed with the main lead. Like Fear. The girl thought she loved the boy, but it turns out he had a violent streak and would have done anything to have her.
Stuff like that was always such a turn on. You already knew why. You popped open your laptop and put your air pods in. You started the video,  a girl getting taken in her sleep. You knew it was a scripted video cause the girl suddenly wakes up and begins to suck his cock.
You preferred amateur porn instead but it was always filled with vanilla shit. But, you could work with this. You had laid down and unwrapped the towel around your body, where you stuck two fingers in your mouth to gather saliva. You removed them and stuck them on your clit, getting it nice and moist as you began to massage it. There were times you wished you had access to something like a vibrator, it always does the trick for women in the videos, prepping them before their partners filled them with their big fleshy cocks.
It felt euphoric, you’ve always wondered what it was like to suck a dick, to taste it, to feel it. You were so incredibly horny but there was not much you could do about it but to use your fingers. During times like this, you wish you had a boyfriend. By god, you would be the horniest slut for them.
You wanted to do everything in the porno videos with them, even watch porn with them. That would be fantastic.  You could be the little sub while your boyfriend was your big strong dom. You would have the best sex EVER and when you were done, you would order food and enjoy each others company while either watching a movie or having- more sex!
You were positive about how relationships were.
As you continued to play with your bundle of nerves, the man in the video was giving the girl multiple creampies, like MULTIPLE. Her eyes were crossed and and face was flushed as she was being fucked stupid. He degraded her, calling her a dumb slut and you desperatly wished that was you right now.
The sun was starting to set as the days were getting shorter. The trees were loosing their leaves, the sky had turned orange and the man was watching you from the branch-
Wait, what!?
You stopped for a minute as you had noticed that a dark figure was watching you from the tree. He was clothed in dark clothing and his face was hidden, he held a camera in his hand and judging from the red light, he was filming you.
You knew you should have done something. You should have sprung from your bed and called the police and told them you had a stalker watching you from the tree. But then it occurred to you.
You had a stalker.
A stalker!
How exciting!
This was the most thrilling revelation that was bestowed upon you. You felt a shiver go up your spine as your pussy became more and more wet.  You angled yourself so your stalker had a god view of your pussy and you began to rub it more slowly. You couldn’t see his face but you knew he was holding eye contact with you.
You went faster, faster and faster and faster before you finally cum. You feel it gush from your lady garden. The only thing that made this better than usual was the man sitting in the tree, watching you. You gave a wink, hoping he enjoyed the show.
It was only then, he jumped from the tree. You jumped from my bed and over the window where he bolted down the street. You couldn’t help but feel sad. But also mad at yourself. He could have been one of those creeps that film girls and post their lewd videos online.
“OH MY GOD! THAT RIDE WAS SO MUCH FUN!” I screamed out as we got off the ride. Shinobu was dressed as a witch, Mitsuri was dressed as a fox spirit and Kanae was dressed as a fairy. I was dressed as a spirit of a woman. I had a flowing white gown, a white shawl, and shackles around my wrists. My hair was straightened, my massacre was running purposefully and I had put makeup on my neck to look like I was bitten by a vampire.
But you really didn’t care. you  just wanted to believe he was doing it because he wanted to see you. That sounds big headed when you think about it. Anyways, it’s time to get ready.
“My my! You’re having a good time (Y/n) and we only just got here.” Kanae noted. To be fair we had gotten here a half hour ago. But When we did, I spotted the biggest ride in the fair and I just HAD to go on it. I dragged the girls over and although the line was long, I was determined to get on the ride.
“I have to pee! Does anyone else have to pee?” I ask.
We went over to the bathrooms. They agreed to wait for me to do my business. Once I was done I opened the door and went around the corner where they said they would wait for me. “Are you sure we can’t just invite her?” I heard Kanae’s voice. I stopped to listen to their conversation.
“No sis. We’ve tried to invite her to parties before, but her parents always have the final say and they always say no.” Shinobu groans. Wait, a party? What party? I didn’t know they were going to a party. “Yeah, well. What do we do when we take pictures. There’s no way she’s not gonna see them in the morning, we should just tell her.” Mitsuri commented.
“No, cause she ‘s just gonna sulk. It’s better if we just don’t say a word to her.  What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her. When this is over, we’ll just drop her home and we can go to the party. Pictures are another story we can sort later.” Shinobu voiced.
I didn’t know what to do. This was a night where I could just forget about my scheduled and boring life and have fun with my friends. It was heart shattering, in the end they were all just gonna head to a party and I would have been left out.
I  mean, I guess they could see where they were coming from. My parents would have never allowed it. But that doesn’t mean I was okay with them lying to my face. I would have rather they told the truth. I didn’t want to hang with them tonight, they could go to their stupid party! And my parents, screw them! I won’t come home tonight, they’ll survive not knowing where I am for a couple of hours!
I waited in line, the line for the horror house. This was the main place I wanted to come to tonight, I didn’t need my friends to have fun anyway, I could always have fun by myself. I felt my phone vibrate through my purse, I reached in and saw I had a few miss calls and text messages from the girls. Mitsuri had left a ‘WHERE R U!?!?!?’ in the chat. 
I stormed off in the opposite direction.
I decided to leave a response. ‘Having fun, enjoy your party..” I turned off my phone, after that I went inside.
I was currently inside the butcher’s hovel, having  the time of my life and running away from the guys with the chainsaws! I was giggling the whole way, I got grabbed around the waist. “Woah!” I squeak in excitement! I pulled off into a dark corner. I knew the actors would grab you if they wanted but I didn’t think they would hoist you into the air!  They put me down and began to kiss my neck.
Wait what..?
“Hey man! Stop!” I growled! I elbowed him in the stomach and pushed him away. “Ugh!” I spun around to see a vampire, not just any vampire. “Inadama!?” I scowl as he regains his posture after I winded him. “Sup, (L/n) san..” 
“What are you doing here?” I demand, still pissed that he had the audacity to kiss me on the neck. “Well, I came here to show you a good time, remember?” He smirked.
“No, I told you I didn’t want to go with you. Remember?”
He just grinned as he strutted towards me. “I know you didn’t mean it, You’re just playing hard to get, I understand.”
“No! When I said no, I meant no!” I yelled before power walking towards the exit. Although, it seemed he was adamant about getting with me. So I began to run but he chased after me. However I found no thrill about him chasing me.
Logically speaking, He probably wants to have sex with me. But I have no desire to have sex with. I’m not on any form of birth control, so if he does get his way with me, I might get pregnant. I don’t want to have a baby while I’m in school and I certainly don’t won’t Inadama Kaigaku to be the father of my kids. An awful scumbag like him.
I get outside and continue to run away from him but he catches up to me and pushes me to the ground, I fall flat on my face and I feel him push my long skirt up. “Don’t fight it babe! The harder you fight, the worse this is gonna get!”
“Get off me Inadama! I don’t want to have sex with you!” I cried out, trying to crawl away but he held onto my thighs.  I had to do anything to get away, but what could I do? I know!
“No one’s coming to help you-” 
Inadama was suddenly tackled off me by someone in a grim reaper costume. They had dropped something and pulled out something shiny. A butcher knife. Their mask fell off and began to slice up Inadama.. 
There was blood everywhere. All over me, soaking my dress red. The figure roared out in fury as he chomped up Inadama into tiny bits while he screamed in pain and terror. I didn’t know what to feel. Definitely not fear. I looked over at what the grim reaper dropped and picked it up, a camera. The same model my stalker was using.
I rewinded the footage and there it was. Whoever this guy is, he’s my stalker. He has footage of me from last night, walking in the forest. Me, standing by my dad’s car. Me, masturbating and finally. Me walking through the horror house, having fun. Now that I think about it, I only had one inkling to who he was.
The grim reaper finally calmed down after his fit of rage. He told him to not go near her again. He told him to stay away! But he didn’t listen, didn’t heed his warning. Now he’s dead. That's on him.
“Tomioka..?” His princess whispered softly. He froze, slowly turning around and there she was, holding the camera in her hand. She had all the evidence of his trespassing and invading her privacy. What's worse, he literally killed a man in front of her.
“Y-(Y/n)..! W-wait, hold on! It's not what it looks like! I swear!”
“Tomioka!” She squealed. She jumped on top of him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “Oh my goodness, Tomioka! That was so cool of you to do!” He felt confused. Shouldn’t she be running and screaming for her life? Shouldn’t she be afraid?
She pulled away from him and smiled. “You're a stalker, aren’t you Tomioka?” She stated. He felt his voice get caught in his throat as he was rendered speechless. Early on when he was outside her house, in the tree, he got lucky when she decided to play with herself but the fact that she caught him and winked at him… He couldn;t believe it.
Maybe she enjoyed it when people watched her when she was doing intimate things, he could live with that but the fact that she praised him for killing Inadama. He was blown away. “Yes but please! Don’t tell anyone! I promise I won’t do it again!” 
He felt stuck, trapped. He knew she could go right to the police and he would be arrested. He needed to knock her out and bring her home! He would lock her in the basement and there he could convince her to love him, it would be long but he’s sure he can get her to fall for him.
“You won’t? But I thought you like watching me?” She pouted. “Huh..?” He stopped. “Tomioka san? Why do you stalk me …?” She asked slowly. He could name a million reasons why he loved you! You were sweet, brave and beautiful! You probably don’t remember but when you guys were younger, he lost his dear friend Sabito, he was grieving and some of the neighborhood bullies were picking on him. You came to his rescue and beat them up no matter how much they punched and kicked you.
You were like a savage beast, desperate to win the battle which you did. You lost a baby tooth but you didn’t care, you smiled victoriously and they ran home crying. Since then, he’s always wanted to be the one to protect you.
He’s been watching you for years and wanted to give you the world. “B-because … I. I love-” She leaned in to kiss him. He was startled. But I didn't waste the opportunity. He made out with you over Inadama’s dead body.
It was surprisingly easy to get you out of there. People thought the blood was part of your costume so it was quite easy to get away. He put you in his car and you both drove home. You asked him why he didn’t just drive to school. He just said that the drive wasn’t that long and student parking was a nightmare.
You pulled away and smiled. “Well then, Mister stalker. How about you kidnap me and bring me home to your lair?”
You finally got to his house and he unlocked the door. He let me in and you looked around the place. “Who else lives here with you?” You ask. “My sister and her fiance.. They’re out right now?” Giyuu responded nervously. “Will they be back tonight?” You ask.
“What do you want to do with me, mister stalker? You ask again slowly.
He didn’t say anything at first. But he stepped over to you and blushed. “I… I want to fuck you dumb princess! I want to send you to the moon and back!” He pulled her in for a hug. She hugged him back. “Then do it..”
“AGH!” I screamed as Tomioka stuck his large fat cock inside me. Despite his size, I was so wet from today's events, he was able to slip in. He did struggle though, I had never had cock inside my pussy before so he had to stretch me. “Uuuugh! Oh Tomioka! You’re so big!” I moaned out in ecstasy.
“Please! Call me Giyuu, (Y/n) san. Oh god! I’ve wanted to do this with you for so long!” He cried out before shoving his entire length inside me.
We didn’t bother with foreplay, as soon as we got to his room, he ripped my clothes off me and himself and got to the sex. “Oh Giyuu! Oh Giyuu! Tell me what you like to do when you watch me?” I moaned out while observing his wall. There were millions of pictures of me , some pornographic, some safe for work.
“I love watching you get off! I- I also like watching you s-sleep! Some- Sometimes, I get in beside you and hump you…!” He groaned out. He felt ashamed of his actions, even admitting them but he couldn’t help himself. You on the other just got so much more turned on by it.
“Somnophilia? God Giyuu, you're such a creep! I love it.” You moan out as he hits you in the best spot. “He flips you around so you're on your hands and knees and fucks you more deeply, his hand grabbing your hair and holding it tightly.
“You're mine now! You understand!? From now on, you're my cumdumpster! I’ll fuck you whenever I want! You understand!?” he roared.
“YES GIYUU! Oh fuck yes! Just keep hitting me there! Right there!” His balls were hitting my clit and teasing me just right! He pulled me up so I was in his lap, facing his mirror. He held my thighs while one of my arms wrapped around his neck while I reached the other one down to play with my clit.
“Giyuu! Kiss me!” I begged. He molded his lips against mine as I bounced on his wonderful cock. It didn’t take long for me to cum. He still pumped his cock inside me. I felt myself going stupid and he was reachin his orgasm, bring me to my second orgasm. He came inside me while I squirted all over his dick.
He let go of me and I fell onto his pillow, face first. Feeling so tired after that session. He kissed my shoulder and whispered.
That's how me and Giyuu spent our last hour on Halloween night. We ordered food and it came to our doorstep. I had cheesy fries with bacon and he ate a hotdog. “Hey, Giyuu…” I ask nervously.
“Wanna get food?”
“What is it dear?” He said, his mouth full of food. I stopped eating mine. “What does this mean for us? I will need to get a plan b pill but after that, will we go back to being strangers?” he swallowed and dropped his hot dog. He grabbed my hands and held me close. “Of course not! You are my love, I wanna be with you forever! Please be my girlfriend (Y/n)!” He said panicky. 
I felt tears of joy and I embraced him in a hug and he did the same with me.
“I love you Giyuu.”
“I love you too, (Y/n).”
The next day, Your parents were freaking out! Your friends had called them last night and told them that you disappeared and couldn’t find you anywhere. What made matters worse, Your classmate had been killed! They had no idea where you were and the worst case scenario, you were also killed by the murderer. 
They did not get any sleep that night. Your mother clung to her phone, hoping you would call her and your father was on the phone to the police all morning.
“I know she’s eighteen but thats not the problem! She can’t tell what’s dangerous, even if it sat on her face! She has special needs! She shouldn’t be by herself! She could be dead by now and you’re no even searching-”
“Darling! Look!” You mother called as she was looking out the window. There you were getting out a car and slamming the door. You were wearing a oversized and you held your pumps in one hand while you carried a starbucks frappe in the other. Your hair was up in a bun and and you had what looked like hickies!
They ran out the door and you father shouted at you. “JUST WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU LAST NIGHT!? YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO COME BACK BEFORE TWELVE!
“(Y/n)! There’s a murderer on the loose, you could have been killed!” Your mother cried. You sipped on your Starbucks and grinned. “I know, but I wasn’t.”
You walked past them but your father called out to you. “Wait! So where were you last night!?”
You smile as you walk inside. “At my boyfriends house, where we had the best sex ever~”
Both your parents' jaws dropped.
Giyuu smiled triumphantly before driving away. 
Sorry its late, Happy Halloween
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crimsonkenjii-writes · 7 months ago
I’m not sure if you have ever written smut, but all of your sfw giyuu pieces make me think that he would be such a softie during his first time with his s/o. If you feel comfortable, could I request some nsfw hcs about that 🥺💙 thank you!
Tumblr media
I actually haven’t written smut before lolol but I think I’ve read enough to write a decent one lmao
I usually make my fics gender neutral unless otherwise stated but I would prefer knowing the gender specification for smut so I know how to write it lol. But don’t worry too much about it, it’s all good :) and thank you for wishing me a good day! I actually did have a good day :D
Giyuu Tomioka x Fem!Reader
⚠️ nsfw headcannons below cut! ⚠️
♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ 
Tumblr media
♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡
image by: @/zenitsu-dandelion 
Giyuu would be so so so nervous his first time with you! What really helped his nerves calm down was that this was also your first time so he didn’t feel much pressure of having to be an “expert”
He constantly keeps asking if you’re doing alright, if he needs to slow down or stop and if you’re feeling good. He always makes sure to ask for permission and consent to continue on further
“Are you okay with this, Y/N?” He’d mumble out gently between soft pants, “Are you alright with me going on further?”
He wanted to get intimate with you, but he was just so nervous to ask. He didn’t want to initiate incase you didn’t want him to. He also couldn’t figure out how to even ask such a question without it being awkward. Luckily, you were able to ask him in such a way you both felt comfortable
Now here you were, in a dim lit room, slowly roaming your hands across each other and holding on to one another as if you’d fall if you dared to let go.
When you guys started, his cheeks were a burning, bright red and his eyes kept darting away, trying to look anywhere but you. He couldn’t get his words out without a nervous stutter. But the way you stroked his cheeks and ran your fingers through his long hair soothes him enough to make nothing but eye contact
Giyuu’s eyes kept scanning all over your body, taking everything in. He stared as if he was trying to remember it all in the case he’d never see such a beautiful sight ever again. His hands grazing over every part of your body, leaving a chilling trail of goosebumps.
“Y/N.. you’re so beautiful... how does someone like me deserve someone as spectacular as you...?” He whispers almost inaudibly as his lips lingered over your. His eyes never leaving your lips until he finally made contact and held your face to deepen the kiss.
He was super nervous at first grabbing any intimate part of your body but you helped guide him telling him it was alright and that you wanted him to. It was Giyuu’s first time feeling breast so he was really shocked by how soft and squishy they were.
But he loves playing with them now. He likes to massage them with his larger, calloused hands while his other grabs every other part of your body and he kisses and sucks at your neck and collarbone. Giyuu also likes to squeeze them when he’s railing you from behind ;)
His hand hesitantly slid down to your clit asking for permission to proceed. You give him the okay and he starts to circle his finger around it, massaging it in the perfect way. You mewl out in relief from the sensation which makes his heart skip a beat. Seeing you so worked up just turned him on even more
He would proceed to finger you, watching your reaction to make sure it was okay to add more fingers. All of this was helping you get aroused enough to get ready for penetration
He also found out that he freaking loves when he’s teasing your entrance and you buck your hips up to feel more of the friction while you cry out, “Giyuu... please... more...” between moans and heavy breathes. This got him super hard in seconds.
Giyuu’s foreplay during your first time was pretty timid. He would bring his hands around you slowly to make sure you were okay with what he was doing. His foreplay consisted with a lot of pillow talk, touching and kissing every part of your body and just staring in amazement he kept whispering everything in your ears which made it even more of a turn on
“Y/N you look so good... God you’re so beautiful.” “You feel really good.” “Your body feels so soft” “Your lips taste so sweet, I can’t get enough of them...”
He would have added in oral for your first time because he really wanted to devour every part of you and taste you but he felt too nervous of messing up since he was a virgin. So you both kept away from oral this time around and decided to try it out another time
After a lot of foreplay because this man grew a liking to teasing you Giyuu lays you down gently and lines himself up to your entrance. He was already hard from just seeing the way you squirmed beneath his touch, breathlessly calling out his name and begging for him to let you orgasm
“Y/N, can I put it in...?” He asks nervously, his full and soft blue eyes not daring to part from yours. Your cheeks were burning up as his cool breath fanned over your face. You could hear him whimpering, waiting for your response so he could finally release himself and feel you warm walls around him
Once you gave him the okay, one of his hands intertwines with yours, sinking deep into the bed as his other guides himself in then proceeds to kneed at your waist once he got the tip in. He lets out a shuddering breath, feeling you around him for the first time. He had to bite his lip to hold back from moaning so loudly and keep himself from ravishing you right then and there.
He feels around your entire body a lot. Giyuu wanted to feel every part of your body when you were losing your virginities together. There were so many loving parts of your body he’d never explored before and this was the perfect time of course. Giyuu could not keep his hands off you!
He goes in slowly to make sure he wasn’t hurting you too much, but thanks to all the foreplay, there wasn’t as much pain due to all the arousal. It still felt tight and weird but him going slowly also was a huge help. Once Giyuu finally was all the way in and you had told him to continue on, he gently pushed his hips back and forth, hand still wrapped around yours. He kept his eyes on your face to make sure he wasn’t hurting you after stretching you out
You guys did missionary for your first time because it wasn’t anything fancy and was a good starter position. When you started to feel really aroused, you wrapped your legs around Giyuu’s waist and pulled him in close. This really made his heart pound and made him moan right next to your ear.
Giyuu also kissed you a lot during your first time and kept his body really close. It just made him feel more intimate and secure with you so close to him. Each time Giyuu would start to shiver from the static feeling of your walls clenching around him, he had to remove his lips off of you to just take in sharp, shaky breathes. He kept nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck, panting and moaning right next to your ear, making you feel even more ecstatic.
The more aroused you both became, the rougher it got. You raked your fingers across Giyuu’s back, pulling him in even tighter. His hands gripped your waist as his hips snapped against yours and his forehead laying against yours. His thrust became faster and harder the more he heard you moaning and gasping
His eyes half lidded filled with lust hooked onto yours as he breathed out, “Y/N, I’m... I’m about come...” this sent sparks through your body as you purred back, “I’m gonna come too...”
The rhythm in Giyuu’s thrusts became uneven along with his quickened breath as his eyes shut tight. He was digging deeper into your core at a faster pace. You could feel yourself melting as the shaky feeling of an orgasm began to overtake you.
You felt your whole body clench and hold on to him tight as you succumbed to your orgasm, moaning out his name and he continued to pump into until he came as well.
After you both catch your breaths from your orgasms, he pulls you in for a tight hug, kissing you affectionately and cupping your cheek. He tells you how much he loves you, how much you matter to him and how beautiful you are. Giyuu’s after care is very sensual and cute. This is when he’s most vulnerable with you and does a lot hugging, holding, cuddling, kissing and pillow talk. Giyuu also of course helps you clean up any mess that was made
Overall, Giyuu is a complete softie during your guy’s first time. His cheeks, nose and ears get super duper red and it’s really cute. Giyuu always made sure you were okay, comfortable and excited through the whole experience and made sure you orgasmed first.
The next morning, he got super shy because of how embarrassed he was that he actually had sex with you and said all that sappy stuff. You teased him a little which earned you another blush that spread from ear to ear. Giyuu eventually got braver to start initiating sex and would usually start it off with touch instead of words since he’s not very good at forming his sentences at times.
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muu-muu-milk · 9 months ago
Can I request headcanons for Giyuu and Zenitsu with a genderneutral reader who is always daydreaming and mostly just sits there and is zooming out with their mind?.. *^*
Giyuu & Zenitsu x Daydreamer! Reader Headcanons
Tumblr media
He always scolds you for spacing out
"It's dangerous."
Everything is dangerous at this point Giyuu, even breathing
You always get whatever needs done completed though so he can't really complain
Down the road he does admit to you how terrified he is if one day you space out and you lose your life because of it
You never fail to assure him that you're always still connected to reality enough to be aware of your surroundings
Although you disconnect a bit more when you know you're in a safe environment, sheepishly admitting that you gained these bruises from bumping into things
The only time where he's genuinely okay with your spacing out is when you're just sitting down somewhere, maybe enjoying some tea
If you're just relaxing, hell, he may consider joining you
Tumblr media
Are you dead???
When he first learned of your habit of going into the twilight zone, he genuinely thought you had died
He eventually got used to it and now enjoys relaxing with you
You're quiet enough to allow the natural sounds of the birds and trees surround you
Not something he really gets to sit down and enjoy much
He appreciates how your zoning out allows him to stare at you without getting caught
You just look so peaceful and it doesn't help that you're attractive
Late at night though he gets a bit spooked
The moonlight seems to give you a dead eyed stare and gives him the creeps
You soon learned of this and now like fuel his nightmares by pretending to be a ghost
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namodawrites · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
𝕡𝕣𝕠𝕞𝕡𝕥: looking at someone to see if they laugh 𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕕 𝕔𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕥: 1,040 > 𝕞𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕥
Tumblr media
Giyu has been looking at you a lot recently. 
Maybe you turned into the world’s messiest eater overnight? Maybe you have a spot spot of dirt on your face—and no one’s told you for three hours?—why else would his eyes keep drifting back to you? 
Though you could not pinpoint the exact reason, it seemed whenever you turned in his direction, he was looking—quiet and diligent as he was in most things. 
“Never have I ever cried at the movies,” Tengen declares proudly, sending a pointed, triumphant grin at Sanemi, who flips him off with the other finger, taking a swig of his drink. 
You stifle a chuckle into your fist. Out of the group, Shinobu seems to be winning, having the smallest number of fingers down within the few rounds that people have gone. 
A flicker of blue, and you can feel Giyu’s eyes on your face once again. When Obanai speaks up, however, they’re gone, lost in the dim lighting of the living room. 
“Never have I ever forgotten to wash my hands,” he says, sending a contemptuous glower in Tengen’s direction. 
“It was one time!” He exclaims, exasperated. 
Shinobu sends him a smile thinly veiled in disgust as he downs the rest of whatever concoction he’d mixed up. Your laugh echoes a bit in your cup as you take a sip of drink. 
“Um… Never have I ever gotten detention?” Mitsuri smiles, a look of uncertain excitement on her face. 
“Mm! A good record to have!” Kyojurou beams, picking up a chip from his plate. 
“Wish I could say the same for me,” Tengen sighs. Sanemi scoffs, putting down one of his fingers, picking up his drink to chug. 
“You and Sanemi, in the same boat,” you tease. “But I think for wildly different reasons.” 
“If I’d known Shizuka-sensei was engaged I never would have flirted with her,” Tengen argues. 
“Cut the crap, you little freak,” Sanemi glares. 
You let out a cackle, smiling as Sanemi flips you off. 
“What, like you’re any better?” Tengen challenges, “I mean, who makes their homeroom teacher cry on the first day?” 
“Fuck off, it’s not my fucking fault,” Sanemi grumbles through clenched teeth, his fingers pressing shallow indents in his cup. 
“Yeah, well, both of your dignities have long since been lost,” you smile, reaching for your plate of snacks. 
By chance, you look over at Giyu, startled to meet his eyes and realize he’s still looking at you. He’d given up playing long before, having been bullied out of the game for not completely understanding the rules. Befuddled, you smile at him, not quite sure what to say. 
“What the fuck are you looking at?” Sanemi speaks up in place of you, having turned his glare at his fellow swim team member. Blinking, you can only stare back at Giyu gaze has still not left you. 
“Is something on my face?” You ask, reaching up to touch your cheek. 
Giyu’s eyes flicker away. Since the mood light had come on, you think, they’ve become much bluer despite the different colors dancing in his irises, reflecting the occasional car headlights that pass by the darkened window.
“Your eyes are really blue, you know that?” The words are out of your mouth before your brain can give your body a chance to stop them. Giyu’s gaze is back on you once again, widened a fraction as he stares. 
Sanemi barks out a laugh. “What the fuck are you babbling about?” 
“Never mind,” you shoo him away, frowning. 
“His damn eyes are always blue, there’s nothing special about that,” he snarks, sneering at Giyu over your shoulder.
You roll your eyes. “Don’t you have some dignity to reclaim?” Sanemi flips you off again, rising to his feet with a mumble of “bathroom” and shuffling down the hall. “Is something actually on my face?” You ask Giyu, feeling around for any remnants of dinner that you might have missed with a napkin. 
“No, there’s not,” He says. Your hand lowers, relieved. “You laugh a lot.”
By reflex, you smile. “I guess I do, no one’s ever said that to me before. I mean, everyone’s pretty funny, aren’t they?” 
Again, his eyes flit away. “I guess. It’s just something I’ve noticed.” 
Feeling oddly touched, you grin at him. “Well, thank you for noticing, I suppose.” That can’t be the reason why he keeps looking at you, right? You wrack your brain for any other possibility. Maybe he just happened to space out every five seconds—staring in your direction every time. Without fail. 
It’s only when there’s a lull in the party that you approach Giyu. There are people scattered in the kitchen and living area, leaning against furniture, carrying half-empty plates of snacks and plastic cups as they chat. You think Tengen mentioned something about a competitive video game some minutes ago. 
“You would let me know if there’s something on my face, right?” You ask, half-joking. 
He blinks at you. “Yes. Why?”
You shrug. “I guess I’m not used to people noticing me laugh. I’m a bit self-conscious of it now.” 
“I think you have a nice laugh,” he says, unbothered, as if the two of you had been discussing the weather. 
You’ve never felt your face flush with heat so fast. Mouth opening and closing, you gape at him a moment. 
“Uh, well, thank you,” you say, bringing your eyes down to look at the floor. “I didn’t realize.” 
“I thought it was obvious,” he says, a note of confusion feathering his voice. 
You choke back a laugh. “I appreciate your faith in me to notice something like that.” Still, you grin at him, abashed. “That means a lot, Giyu. Thank you.” 
For the first time, his gaze falters. “No problem.” 
“I don’t think I’ve ever really heard you laugh,” you say, shrugging, “but I bet I would like it, too.” With that, you duck away, face twisting with embarrassment as you recount those words. 
What the fuck.
He doesn’t reappear until several moments later, when Tengen is setting up the TV for video games and everyone is settling back into their spots. 
This time, when you meet his eyes, he looks away first, mouth tilted up in the tiniest smile. 
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tsukasalvr · a month ago
hi!! can i ask for some poly sabigiyuu headcanons? if u want to u can add the same prompt of reader rejecting/leaving them. thanks in advance!
AN: ahh yes finally poly hcs that don’t involve Obanai and mitsuri (I’m jk I love them) and I’ll just do normal hcs for this! Also I’m back from my small break yayayay
Tumblr media
; 𝙥𝙤𝙡𝙮 𝙬/ 𝙨𝙖𝙗𝙞𝙩𝙤 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙜𝙞𝙮𝙪𝙪
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗔𝗻𝗶𝗺𝗲/𝗳𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗼𝗺: 𝗗𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗻 𝗦𝗹𝗮𝘆𝗲𝗿
𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀: 𝗣𝗢𝗟𝗬- 𝗦𝗮𝗯𝗶𝘁𝗼 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗚𝗶𝘆𝘂𝘂
𝗔𝗡: 𝗶 𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝘀𝗮𝗯𝗶𝘁𝗼
𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: 𝗶 𝗱𝗼𝗻𝘁 𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗼𝗳𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱
Tumblr media
; sᴀʙɪᴛᴏ & ɢɪʏᴜᴜ
The relationship most likely started because they both liked you
Sabito was planning to confess to you soon and went to go tell Giyuu on how he was planning to tell you later
When Sabito told Giyuu, he was stunned
They both liked you and Giyuu decided to keep quiet and not say anything
But Giyuu couldn’t keep quiet for long, and he knew it was selfish of him to do this but he too decided to confess to you
So when they both confessed to you, Sabito was obviously mad so it took a while for this relationship to begin
Even when the relationship started, it was a rocky start because of Giyuu and Sabito but with you being there to help them, they were able to be close again
After that, the relationship quickly blossomed and its a pretty fun and calming type of relationship
Sabito loves to tease the both of you! Whether it be in a making fun of kind of way or in a flirting/loving type of way! As long he gets to see both you and Giyuu’s embarrassed flustered face, then he’s more than happy!
His favorite thing to do with you is to prank Giyuu, seeing him mad always makes him laugh
But sometimes he might stab you in the back and prank you too when you’re least expecting it. Nobody is safe from him.
Giyuu loves to spend alone time with you both. It doesn’t matter if it’s loud or quiet, as long as he’s with you both then he feels loved
Any quality time is good time for him
Cuddles is a must!
Sabito loves to tease Giyuu and push him away and pull you closer to him
This would usually end up with either Giyuu just sighing or him pushing Sabito back and bringing you closer to him instead
It’s like a tug of war game
Just sleep in another room tbh or else you’re going to get no sleep because they will not stop fighting
Tumblr media
People who like, reblog or follow= hot asf💕😍
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bakugoyelling · 8 months ago
Something Out of A Dream 
Giyuu Tomioka x Reader 
Tumblr media
Warnings: None! just some sweet, sweet fluff ♡
Word Count: 4.0 K 
Summary: You’ve always been drawn to the stoic Water Hashira, but even after the two of you become friends, you still yearn for your relationship to blossom into something more. 
Tumblr media
  It took some time for your relationship with Giyuu to grow into what it was today.
The blue-eyed male was known to be aloof, often distancing himself from others and leaving some of his fellow Hashira with a distaste for him and his reserved personality.
And while, yes, he was quiet most of the time, with an expression that could only be described as emotionless, you never deemed that a reason to dislike him, in fact, his stoic nature had fascinated you.
But you would be lying if you said you weren’t at least a bit intimidated by the Water Hashira. On many occasions, you would even catch the sapphire blue eyes of your fellow demon slayer stealing a glance at you, and in the beginning, you did anything you could to avoid his stare. Unsure of why he would even be looking your way.
Yet, despite that habit, you were drawn to the skilled swordsman, keen on getting to know him and discovering things beyond his cold exterior. If only you could get him to talk to you.
Day after day, you hoped Giyuu would speak to you, but it never happened, which was not all that surprising. After all, he wasn’t known for being very talkative.
But one day, your avoidance of one another became simply impossible when the two of you were paired together for a mission.
On the way to your designated location, the first few minutes spent walking together were filled with silence, and only the sound of gravel crunching underneath your feet could be heard as you pondered on to yourself.
It seemed like Giyuu was fine not speaking to you at all, and if you didn't say anything then, the mission could have very well continued to go on like that.  
Peering over at your partner, you thought about what to say, but you grew timid as soon as his stare shifted to the ground, scared that he had caught you looking at him. You wanted to kick yourself at how nervous you were. 
For so long, you had admired him from afar, telling yourself that if ever given a proper opportunity to chat with the male, you would.
And yet, now that he was walking right beside you, you felt apprehensive, and couldn’t think of a single word to say to him. But if you didn't speak up that instant, then your chance to converse with Giyuu could be gone forever. After all, as a demon slayer, your life was always put on the line. And what if the fate of this mission left one of you lifeless on the ground? Survival was never guaranteed, not even for the Hashira.
You would hate to take your last breath feeling disappointed in yourself. Or even worse, you would hate for the comrade you admired to not return to headquarters with you, forever regretting this moment in time when you had an opportunity to speak with him but decided not to. 
And while this situation might have been trivial, you had learned from the mistakes of your past, remembering how you told yourself you would never let an opportunity to do what your heart desires pass you by again.
Gripping onto the sleeves of your haori in an attempt to ease your nerves, you continued to walk as you turned to face Giyuu. 
“Well, at least the weather is nice, right?” you commented on the delightful conditions of that day, then mentally sighed to yourself. What kind of question was that? Could I have not come up with something better to ask?
But, as much as you wanted to look away, slightly embarrassed after asking such a dull question, you decided against it and awaited a response.
Then, as a gentle gust of wind blew past the two of you, Giyuu's eyes met yours before he spoke.
“Yes, you're right. It is nice out today.” 
And with that, he turned to stare back at the path in front of him.
It was the first time the two of you had ever made eye contact for more than a few seconds, and looking into the deep sapphire hue of his eyes pulled you in and left you breathless. It was also the first time he had ever directly spoken to you. And while the way he said those words were plain as ever, you couldn’t stop the warm fluttering feeling that seemed to spread around the pit of your stomach. 
Not much talk went on between the two of you after that. 
Every once in a while, you would ask Giyuu a question, and even though his answers were usually straightforward and simple, you worked with what he gave you and tried your best to keep the conversation going. 
But as the sun began to set, the casual chit-chat had to die down because, for the time being, you had to focus on slaying the monstrous demons you and the man beside you were assigned to hunt down.
Although, even during battle, your attention would shift to Giyuu. You knew he must have been incredibly skilled, given his rank as a Hashira, but fighting beside him was something else. And observing the way he quickly struck his nichirin blade with such smooth precision, slicing the head off of his enemy with ease — and not a single wasted motion — left you completely mesmerized.
With the demons successfully defeated by the two of you, the sun began to rise, welcoming you to another day. And while you and Giyuu made your way to a nearby wisteria manor to rest, you once again took the opportunity to speak with him. This time, he put a little more effort into the conversation. He even asked you a few questions about yourself, and by the end of the mission, you found that you had grown entirely smitten with the male. 
Eventually, you became fond of each other. And contrary to the cold persona Giyuu showed to the rest of the world, when you were around him, you felt nothing but warmth. You found him to be kind and caring, and the more time you spent with each other, the closer the two of you became. 
You were no longer intimidated by his longing stares either, and now instead of avoiding them, you would turn to face Giyuu when you felt his eyes on you, offering him a friendly smile and sometimes even a little wave. Which, in turn, would often end up making him glance away from you.
He didn't want to, but it was the only way he could hide the bashful expression caused by your gestures that he found to be considerably…cute.  
There were even times when the things you said made him chuckle, the corners of his lips uplifting into a small smile as you laughed along with him.
For the first time in a while, Giyuu found himself actually wanting to be around someone; just being in your presence was comforting to him. Whether that be sitting in a comfortable silence or listening to you talk about anything and everything. He appreciated that when you were able to, you always took time to hang out with him. Even if sometimes, he didn’t have much to say.
And occasionally, when you weren’t around, and it was time for him to rest, Giyuu would lay in bed and catch himself thinking about you. 
He would replay the earlier events of the day in his mind, recalling the way your eyes lit up when you rambled on about something you liked or how your expression would soften whenever you spoke his name. He wasn't sure why the image of you brought him so much joy, but it made him feel nice and seeing you gave him something to look forward to every day.
Meanwhile, when you were also preparing to sleep, you too would lay in bed thinking about Giyuu, remembering how his touch would sometimes linger on you when he helped you during training. And even though his hands were calloused, when his skin brushed against yours, he was always so gentle. 
Then, your tired eyes would begin to shut as you drifted off into a peaceful slumber, resting until you got to see each other again.
As the weeks passed, the relationship between the two of you only continued to grow. In fact, it wasn't uncommon for you and Giyuu to often be together, sitting side by side during breaks.
Some of the other Hashira were baffled by your actions, questioning why you would want to hang out with him of all people, but you appeared to be happy, so there was no need to pry. 
And although you had felt fortunate to call Giyuu your friend, you had longingly hoped to one day call him something more than that, perhaps even a lover if you were lucky enough. 
Of course, there were times where the two of you couldn’t be together. And while you would always wish each other good luck before departing. There was a time during one of your assignments where you had been unfortunate and encountered a demon that proved to be more powerful than you anticipated, resulting in you being injured and in need of medical attention. 
Giyuu had heard about your condition, but there wasn't enough time to visit you. Because by the time you arrived at the Butterfly Mansion, he had already gone off on his own mission. 
Fortunately, the girls at the estate treated you with great care, and after some days spent recuperating, you were back in good condition. But even though you weren’t able to fully swing your sword for a while, you still did whatever you could to help out. Using the little cooking skills you had, you spent the morning preparing food for your fellow corps members.
The younger demon slayers had quite the appetite, and as you used your hand to mold the last of the rice you had prepared into small triangles, one of those young demon slayers, Tanjiro, came over to thank you. 
“Thank you for preparing all of this food for us (y/n),” Tanjiro smiled, lightly bowing his head. 
“Oh, well, you're very welcome Tanjiro, anything to help out,” you cheerfully nodded, filling the inside of your final onigiri before wrapping it in a strip of nori. 
“You know, I heard that Tomioka is back from his mission.” Tanjiro noticed the attentive look on your face as he spoke of the Water Hashira's recent return. You were delighted to learn that Giyuu had arrived back safely; hearing that he made it back with nothing more than a scratch only added to the good news. 
As you looked down at the table in front of you, you smiled at the fact that you had managed to leave the onigiri packed with his favorite fillings for last, just in case he decided to show up. 
“He's probably headed to his estate. Maybe you could visit him. He was pretty worried about you before he left,” Tanjiro mentioned, voice softening as he thought back to the way Giyuu disappointedly walked off the day you had gotten hurt. 
“Really?” you questioned Tanjiro in slight disbelief. Not only was Giyuu worried about you but, he was worried enough that others could notice. 
You quickly regained your composure as your younger friend only nodded.
“Well then, I'll definitely pay him a visit! And I'll pack up the rest of this onigiri and bring it to him,” you began to arrange the food into a container for Giyuu. 
“He must be hungry, don't you think?”
“Yeah!” Tanjiro nodded again. “That’s a great idea! I'm sure he’d like that a lot. I can even clean up this mess for you if you’d like. So you can get that onigiri to Tomioka while it's nice and fresh!” the young man happily offered, his appearance growing even more delighted when you avidly accepted.
Because while you and Giyuu may have been unaware of the romantic feelings the two of you harbored for each other, to Tanjiro, they were a bit more obvious. The reason being that the young man had a keen sense of smell, and the scent of affection that drifted off of you and Giyuu when you were around each other was a clear hint that the bond the two of you shared was becoming something special.  
And in times like these, a fragrance so pure was refreshing to Tanjiro, something he felt the two of you shouldn’t let slip on by. 
Appreciative of his help, you thanked your junior as you filled a bamboo vessel with water and finished wrapping up Giyuu's meal. 
“Thanks again for helping out Tanjiro,” with a bright look, you quickly ruffled his dark hair before setting off.
“Have fun!” Tanjiro called out your name as he waved goodbye, and with a gentle gaze in his eyes and a smile on his face, he watched as you made your way down the path towards the Water Hashira's estate.  
With the containers of food and water in hand, you admired the scenery around you as you walked, enjoying the calming sounds of nature that surrounded you until you arrived at the house within the bamboo forest, spotting a handsomely familiar man in the distance. 
“Giyuu!” with a wave of your hand, you shouted your friend’s name as you headed towards him. And while your arrival was unexpected, he was more than happy to see you, especially after he was unable to visit you after your little mishap. 
Hearing your voice call out his name was the reassurance he didn't even know he needed because as soon as he heard it, his spirits had lifted.
“I heard you were back so-”, you began to explain yourself, but Giyuu, with an expression laced with concern, accidentally interrupted.
“Are you feeling okay?” his eyes scanned your body, searching for any signs of damage, “I apologize for not seeing you after you got hurt.”
“Oh, no, no, it's fine. I understand,” you offered him a warm smile, hoping to ease his mind of any worries.  
“But, I am feeling a lot better now. I think I can even get back to training within the next few days. How are you? I heard your mission was a success.” 
“It was, yes.” He gave a curt nod of his head, “And I'm doing well, especially now that I know you're okay.”  
For a brief second, while Giyuu's eyes focused on yours, you felt the pace of your heart quicken, noting the look of genuine care he gave towards you. Clearly, the crush you had on the man continued to soar.
If only you had the nerve to tell him how you felt, then maybe you would have been able to reach your hand out to his, interlacing your fingers in a loving hold to express how thankful you were for his concern. But for now, that thought could only remain a daydream. 
Sometimes you wondered if Giyuu felt the same way about you as you did about him. 
It was hard to tell with a man like him at times. 
But you took his acceptance of wanting to be around you as a way to ease your mind. Even if it were only as friends, you still enjoyed spending time with him. Besides, Giyuu wouldn’t hang around someone he didn’t like, would he? 
“Should we find a place to sit?” His melodious voice caught your attention, bringing you out of your daze as he nodded his head towards the objects in your hands, unaware that they were for him.  
“Oh, yeah but, this is for you, by the way. I figured you might be hungry so I brought you something to eat.” 
The truth was, Giyuu thought you were lovely, he had for a while, in fact, but he wasn't very good with words.  
Thanking you as you held out the food you had prepared for him, he took it into his hands, eyes shifting to the ground before he went on, “I brought something for you too, I'll go get it once we're closer to the house.”
Perhaps, showing you how he felt through other actions would be better instead. 
Once you settled on a place to rest, Giyuu stepped into his home to retrieve your gift before taking a seat beside you. You eyed the charmingly wrapped object in his hands as he got comfortable, wondering what could be inside. He had never given you a gift before, so you had to admit, you were a bit taken aback when he first mentioned it, but that only made things more exciting — because Giyuu had a gift for you.
And just the idea of him picking out something just for you had you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.   
“I hope you like it.” There was a sense of nervousness in Giyuu's voice as he handed the gift to you, prompting you to open it before him. 
He watched with an eager gaze as you began to pull at the wrappings of the present, smiling as you got closer to revealing what lay inside. Then, as you peeked past the sheet of decorative paper, you gasped, glancing up at your companion's blue eyes as the smile on your face grew.
“Thank you, Giyuu! How did you know I loved these?” you asked with a slight chuckle, sliding the delicious-looking daifuku into full view.
“You mentioned it once. On our first mission together...”
He remembered how happy you looked that day, smiling as you walked through town after the two of you had completed your mission, pointing out all of the nice things the nearby shops were selling on your way to the wisteria manor. And when you came across a store display filled with a variety of wagashi, your steps slowed as you admired the confections and told him about your love of sweets. 
“I like all of these but daifuku is my favorite. I haven't had it in a while though.”
You turned to ask Giyuu what he preferred, and he wanted to ask you if you would like to stop and get something, but at the last second, he decided not to. 
What better way to make up for that than by coming back with a few daifuku just for you? Maybe it would even help you realize that he felt a certain way towards you.
“And earlier today, while I was on my way back here, I passed by the same shop we did that day and decided to pick you up a little something.” He ended his sentence with a slight smile, the sight making your heart soar with happiness.
Having someone memorize such a small thing about you shouldn't have made you feel as if you were about to cry, but it was such a sweet sentiment, you couldn't help it. Giyuu always made you feel so cared for.
“You actually remembered…” your gaze shifted around the sweets you held in your lap. “You know, at times, I thought you weren't even listening to me during that mission,” you told him, breathing out a laugh.
His brows furrowed at your admission, feeling dejected that you would even think that of him.  
“Well, of course, I was listening. You had a lot to say.”  
You were sure it wasn't his intent, but when Giyuu further confirmed that he had indeed been paying attention to you that day, your lips broke into another smile, and your stomach felt as if there were butterflies within it — dainty wings preparing for their first flight.
Reaching down to pick up one of the sweet treats, you held it in between your fingers as you peered up at the dark-haired male, “Do you want to try one?” you offered. 
“You go ahead, they’re for you,” he politely declined, watching as you gave a slight shrug and took one of the rounded treats into your mouth, humming as you tasted the sweet filling.
“Are you sure,” you asked in between a bite, “They’re really good…” you sang with a chuckle, hand raised in front of your mouth as you swallowed up the last remaining bits. 
There you were, being cute again, even when eating Giyuu thought your mannerisms were charming. 
“Next time I'm out, I'll bring you something too. To repay you,” you said as you set the remaining daifuku off to the side, dusting off your fingers.
It seemed like Giyuu would have to do more than bring you a gift for you to realize he had feelings for you, and maybe the only way to do that would be to incorporate a few words, no matter how much he felt like he was unable to. 
“That won't be necessary. You already brought me something before you even knew I had a gift for you. The onigiri looks delicious, by the way.”
You would never tire from hearing compliments from Giyuu — you could always tell they were sincere. Everything this man did, made you fall for him even more.  
“Besides, I enjoy giving gifts to those I like, and I... well, I like you a lot,” he paused, and your eyes locked onto his, deep blue irises pulling you in as you wondered if the moment you had dreamed of was finally happening.   
“I also think you’re very...beautiful.” Giyuu’s eyes searched yours as he continued to mutter out his confession, catching the way your lips separated as you drew in a breath. 
A wave of warmth spread across your features as your eyes slightly widened, and you straightened your posture as you inadvertently moved your body, leaning closer to his.
“I like you a lot too, Giyuu,” you breathed, nodding your head as you sat before him, a nervous smile pulling at the corners of your lips.
For a second, there was silence as he thought about what he had prepared to do next; kissing was an appropriate way to tell someone you liked them, right? Still, it didn't feel right to go on if he failed to ask for your approval first.
“Can I…” Giyuu brought a hand up to caress your cheek.
“Can I kiss you?” he quietly asked, feeling himself blush as his eyes scanned your features for any signs of reluctance. But when your gaze matched, and you promptly nodded your head as you further leaned into his touch, there was no longer a need to hesitate.
At first, the two of you remained stiff, and time seemed to slow as you moved towards each other, but Giyuu's touch was gentle as he tilted his head and pressed his lips to yours. They were soft, like the petals of a flower, and with your eyes clenched shut, you began to melt against him. 
Your entire body grew relaxed as you kissed Giyuu back, placing a hand on the side of his neck to pull him in closer, the tips of your fingers grazing the ends of his dark hair. 
The kiss only lasted a few seconds, but during that short timeframe, you tried to savor every feeling that soared through your body as the man you had adored for so long sealed his confession with a kiss. Everything just felt so right, and Giyuu could even feel your lips break into a smile against his, practically tasting your happiness before he pulled away.
“So...” you began as you awkwardly smiled at each other, “Does this mean I get to call you my boyfriend now?” 
Giyuu couldn’t help but chuckle at your question, a radiant blush dusting across his features as he nodded. “I think so,” he quietly muttered, cherishing the look of pure adoration on your face as you peered up at him.
During this lifetime, he had never thought he would find a person like you. Someone who made him thankful to live in a world where even demons existed, someone who made the simplest acts of living seem like something out of a dream.
But he knew that without a doubt, the feelings he held towards you were honest, authentic, and pure. And it was at that moment, Giyuu Tomioka realized that for the very first time, he was in love. 
He was sure of it.
Tumblr media
— please do not modify or repost my work.
Tumblr media
A/N: Omg I adore Giyuu! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ And I’m positive he would be a really sweet boyfriend too!  Thanks for reading! If you liked this piece, please let me know. I would love to write some more Giyuu fics in the future! :) 
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serenevenene · 3 months ago
Tomioka Giyuu x Fem!Reader | Minors DNI | KNY Ending and Giyuu Gaiden Spoilers
Kinktober 2021 - Day 10
Giyuu left something behind on the snowy mountains where he slayed a "man-eating bear". After Muzan's defeat, he planned to retrieve what he abandoned.
Aquaphilia (water kink), chionophilia (snow kink), mentions of attempted suicide, outdoor sex, con, finger sucking, creampie, pretty long
Tumblr media
Giyuu feigned indifference towards Yae, and even convinced Kocho that he didn't regret killing the girl's demon father. Truthfully, he didn't regret killing a demon. He was, however, concerned with Yae's mental state. Yae had attempted to take her own life after the incident, and Giyuu felt that it was his duty to make sure that she pulled through.
Giyuu kept his distance, of course. He was around, but made an effort to not be directly involved in Yae's life. It was during that time that he met you.
Giyuu frequented a local restaurant for their Salmon Daikon dish. One day, there was only one seat left at the bar, and it happened to be next to you.
"You must really like that," you said, poking at his plate. You had noticed him eating the same dish earlier this week.
Giyuu didn't respond, opting to stuff his face with his food instead. He found it strange that a stranger would touch someone else's plate though.
You chuckled, "It's my recipe, so I'm glad you like it."
His blue eyes flickered towards you for half a second, before going back to his food. "Do the employees here often sit with the customers?"
"No, I don't work here," you responded, trying to get him to meet your gaze again to confirm that his eyes really were blue, "But they got this recipe from me."
"I see."
'A man of few words', you assumed. A grain of rice had fallen on his haori as he ate. You couldn't help but pick it off.
It looked like he was about to question you when there was a scuffle behind you both, sounds of men yelling at each other and something crashing onto the ground. Before you could turn around to see what was going on, the quiet man beside you hoisted you up into his arms and dashed to the other side of the bar before putting you back down. You felt something wet on his clothes. Porridge? It must have been.
"GET OUT OF MY RESTAURANT!" the owner yelled at a drunken customer. There was a large stone pot of porridge on the ground where you were sitting, and an employee who looked like she was about to cry.
'Ah, he must have moved me away from the pot's trajectory,' you thought. You felt the blue eyed man tense slightly, as though he was getting ready to resolve the situation himself. Thankfully, the drunkard stumbled out of the restaurant on his own. Giyuu relaxed. You both realized that you were still holding onto him.
You quickly pulled your hands back to your sides. "Let's get you some fresh clothes."
Looking back, Giyuu didn't know why he tagged along. He had spare clothes at the inn where he was situated in. Maybe he was curious about you and how strangely familial you were being towards him. During your short interaction, perhaps he gleaned enough about you that he was already comfortable being around you.
You both trekked into the woods. The village started to slowly disappear from sight. The cold seeped through Giyuu shoes. You turned to look back at him. "Don't worry, we're here."
You stopped in front of a small cabin-like place. There were no other homes in sight. Before he could react, you kissed his cheek. "Thanks for saving me, by the way."
Giyuu's eyes widened; you confirmed that his eyes were blue this time. His cheeks turned a little red. It was cute against the snow. You looked at him inquisitively. "Has no one kissed you before?"
He didn't answer.
You smiled gently at him and leaned forward, presenting your lips. "Did you want another one?"
Before Giyuu could even comprehend it himself, he was leaning down to kiss you. Soon, he was pushing you back against the wall of your house, hands gliding up and down your sides as if to memorize your body's contours.
You pulled off his soiled Haori. He stopped you when you moved to throw it on the ground. Quickly realizing that the haori held sentimental value, you gently rested it in the entryway of your home.
Giyuu pressed his chest against your back, his hands pulling your obi off. You knew it was strange to be letting a man undress you when you didn't even know his name, but something about being by his side felt right. The cold wind pricked at your skin when he opened up your kimono, the falling snow melting on your flesh. You felt your pussy tighten. Good thing you didn't have any neighbors.
You turned to face him, resting your back on the wall again. You unbuckled his belt while he unbuttoned his uniform. As your hands slid into his pants, he became still. Was he really going through with this?
As if you knew what he was thinking, you pulled away from his waist. Your hands guided his onto your naked body. Without breaking eye contact, you said, "It's alright. Please, touch me more."
You finished unbuttoning his uniform, exposing his pecs and abs to the cold. His nipples hardened at the sudden temperature change. You kissed his clavicle, hands sliding under his uniform to feel the toned muscles of his back.
Giyuu deepened into your embrace, enjoying the warmth of your skin on his. He found the hollow of your neck and started kissing the delicate skin there. You liked being kissed there, and you let out cute little moans as blood rushed to your face.
Your hand reached down into his pants again. This time, he didn't resist. You pulled out his dick and started pumping. You watched him close his eyes as he breathed through his mouth, his breath visible in the freezing temperature.
Your kimono had fallen to the angles of your elbows, exposing your shoulders. He kissed them as he pushed one finger into your gummy walls, curling into you, searching for the rough spot where he knew you would be the weakest. He knew he found it when you gasped. He inserted another finger and started rubbing that same spot, noticing that you were getting wetter and wetter.
You had stopped working at his dick. Your head was leaned against the wall with your eyes closed, panting heavily. You were beautiful
"I need more..." you said, tapping your fingers over his hand.
Giyuu nodded in response. His guided his dick to your entrance, holding himself stead as he inserted his tip in. You lifted one leg and tried wrapping it around his waist. You couldn't hold that position for very long, so he used his other hand to help prop your leg up.
He pushed himself in. Your pussy put up a lot of resistance; he was unable to completely fit his dick inside of you. You were really tight. That only sparked his lust.
"Give me...a second," you said, breathing heavily between your words. You clamped down on his dick, the stretch sending shivers up your spine. Slowly, you started relaxing, letting him enter you a little deeper with every passing second.
His instincts took over before you were fully ready to take all of him. He started swaying his hips against you -- the first one hard enough to force you to take his entire length all at once. It left you gasping for air.
Your uneven breathing drove him crazy. He pushed you up onto the wall, both of his hands grabbing your ass as your legs wrapped around his waist. He pounded into you, the sound of slapping skin only fueling both of your libidos. He hardly noticed the cold anymore.
"Ahn!" you moaned, eyes rolling to the back of your head. "I...I...mmmhhhnnn!"
Giyuu licked your nipple, then took your breast into his mouth. He could feel you coil harder around him. His mouth let go of you, making a lip-smacking sound as he did.
Even though it felt really good being fucked against the wall, you felt back that Giyuu was straining to support your weight.
"Put...me...down..." you managed to say between his long thrusts.
"Let's go inside."
You grabbed the back of his head, pulling him into a deep, warm kiss. When you finally released him, you whispered, "Fuck me into the snow."
Giyuu had never met a woman like you before.
He hurriedly laid you down on the snow. You threw your kimono to the side, excited to experience the snow on your skin. You spread your legs for him again, and he reinserted himself. You took him in easily this time, already primed for the assault that he promised.
The snow on your back numbed your body, and this man's dick numbed your mind. You were close.
Giyuu's knees were buried in the snow, and he knew he had to quicken his pace. He didn't want to risk frostbite, but he had to agree that there was something different about having sex in the snow. Your body juxtaposed against a white background made it easier to focus on only you. Giyuu didn't show much expression on his face, but he loved yours. The way your eyes had rolled back, the way your brows were furrowed, the way you were biting your lower lip to stop yourself from screaming in pleasure. He noticed how the snowfall melted against your body heat, making you glisten. He was reaching his limit.
You clamped down on his dick for the last time, savoring the feeling of his smooth technique. Your hips bucked, an intense feeling imploding inside of you, only to die down with your release. Your legs locked around his waist again, as if to tell him that you wanted him to cum inside.
He gave you a look, asking for confirmation. You nodded, unable to give your permission verbally. He grabbed your waist, pulling your body up towards him while he came into you. His hot cum warmed you right up.
You stretched out your arms, asking him to embrace you. He ducked down to appease you.
"Your name. What is it?" you asked.
Tumblr media
It was years since then.
Unable to sleep well, Giyuu was up before the sun rose. Not that it mattered much since the sky was overcast and the snow was thick in the snowy mountains. Yae did not hesitate to open her home to her him when she learned of his return.
Giyuu, already feeling indebted to Yae, did not wish to burden her with his presence, opted to have breakfast and tea at his favorite establishment. It might have been too early for Salmon Daikon, but it always tasted good on the snowy mountains.
The hairs on the back of his neck stood on-end. He recognized that voice. He quickly jumped out of his seat and spun around.
There you were, standing before him with an incredulous expression -- the person he had left behind on this cold, lonely mountain. Although his face didn't show it, Giyuu had lost his composure. He didn't think he'd find you so soon. "Y/N."
You were walking warily towards him, uncertain of what was to become of this interaction.
"If I remember correctly, you didn't exactly enjoy the snow the last time you were here," you said, taking the seat next to his. You placed your order with the server as Giyuu took his seat.
"It's not as though I dislike the cold," Giyuu responded.
"What is it then?"
Giyuu looked uneasy. What was he to say? That he found it difficult to properly slay demons while knee deep in frozen water? That he had to eradicate the world of all the demons?
Most people would have moved the conversation along themselves. You weren't going to be one of those people this time. You waited for your order, and Giyuu's response.
Eventually, he said, "Those matters are behind me now."
"Oh? And what's in front of you?" you asked, sarcastically.
Giyuu wasn't so naive to not pick up the implications of your tone. He sighed inwardly, trying to come up with the courage to speak the words he had come here to say. He took a sip of his hot tea. By the time he placed the cup down, he had said: "You are."
He watched as your eyes bolted to meet his, every part of your face laced with skepticism.
"Did you come here to use me? Again?"
Giyuu felt his heart tear open at those words. "It wasn't anyone's fault that I couldn't stay."
You scoffed at him, and rose from your seat. He grabbed your wrist and you glared at him in a way that he had never been glared at before. The phrase "shooting daggers" wasn't explicit enough to describe the way you had looked at him.
Giyuu sighed -- audibly this time -- knowing that you weren't going to be convinced with words alone. He let go of your wrist, and paid for your meal and his. He regretted leaving behind an untouched bowl of salmon daikon, but you were much more important.
He grabbed you by the hand and led you outside. You tried to pull away from him when you walked behind a different establishment, away from prying eyes.
"Y/N," he said, his breath turning visible in the freezing temperatures. He was so close to your face, eyes locked into yours.
You waited for him to continue.
"I...shouldn't have left you behind."
"You used me for my body, then left me here."
He looked at you with a pained expression. You couldn't deny that it didn't give you some sort of satisfaction. He pulled your hand up to his face and cupped his cheek with it, not breaking eye contact.
"What we did...wasn't an interaction that can be compared to a person using a tool. What we did was something that happens naturally when two people are overcome with the same feelings for each other."
"...You've changed," you asked, knowing Giyuu was never good with words.
Before you could contest it, he ducked down to kiss you. You tried pushing him away, but his arms ensnared you. You felt his tongue slip in, his mouth pressing yours open.
Earlier, you had the resolve to not be fooled by him again. You told yourself not to trust him when you saw him sitting in that restaurant. So why? Why did everything about his kiss, everything about his touch, feel so right.
His eyes were steady. His voice was unwavering. His hands were firm against your body.
And warm.
When you stopped resisting, he broke the kiss.
You didn't look him in the eye, but you whispered, "I don't want to do this here."
Tumblr media
Your home didn't change much. He helped you carry some wood to burn under the suefuro. When the water was hot enough, you extinguished the flames. You hadn't spoken to him for what felt like hours.
Giyuu was shocked at what you did next. You stripped down in front of him, and climbed into the tall tub, telling him to join you. He was having a hard time reading your face. Was this what Kocho meant when she said everyone hated him?
Giyuu took his clothes off and joined you in the cramped tub. The water was nice and warm. You moved closer to him, leaning your head on his shoulder. You looked tired.
"What are we doing here?" you asked quietly, still not meeting his gaze. The steam dampened your face even though you hadn't dipped your head into the water.
"If you tell me to leave, I will," Giyuu said. He continued talking when he realized you were getting upset again, "I can only speak for myself. My feelings for you haven't changed since that first day."
You pursed your lips. You didn't know what to think anymore. When he left all those years ago, he didn't give you an explanation. You didn't have any reason to hold onto this relationship...and yet...why? Why was his presence so soothing? Why did you feel so complete standing beside him?
You started sobbing, your hands covering your face, trying to hide your feelings away. Giyuu pulled your hands away. You never felt so weak in your life.
He leaned down to kiss you. It was a soft kiss. Even his hands were gentle against your skin. You felt warm, and it wasn't because of the water.
You felt him harden up. His kiss deepened, leaving you as a panting mess when he let go.
"Yeah, I know," you cooed back. You couldn't deny your feelings for him, and he couldn't deny his feeling for you.
Giyuu turned you around, your hands gripping at the edge of the suefuro. You felt his dick slide into you, the water helping him delve right into your core. You felt yourself relax, the warmth of the water easing the tension in your muscles.
"I'm going to start."
"Mhm," you confirmed.
Giyuu pulled his length nearly all the way out and pushed himself in again. The tub water splashed rhythmically with his tempo. Fuck, taking him from behind felt so good. You felt him grab your breasts in both of his hands.
The water made it feel like you were having sex in zero gravity. Giyuu pulled your hips up higher, your feet not even touching the bottom of the tub anymore, and trusted into you. Your grip on the edge of the tub tightened, your head bobbing down in absolute pleasure.
How Giyuu knew your mouth was gaping open was beyond you. He positioned his hand in front of your face, and you reflexively took his fingers in your mouth. He must have liked that, because his technique became sloppy. He increased his pace, now less concerned about his stride length and more concerned about cumming inside of you.
You spat out his fingers, wanting to chase your own high. Those same fingers found your clit and rubbed down firmly against it. Your pussy tightened against his hard dick.
"Yes, yes, yes!" you said in increasing volume. "Giyuu...p-please...I...I'm...c-cu--!!"
Giyuu pulled your hips against his own with all of his strength, making sure you felt the pressure you needed to feel despite feeling weightless in the water. There it was again, that mind-numbing lull you knew only Giyuu was able to give you.
Tumblr media
Reblogging is fine, but don't repost to Tumblr or any other platform without permission.
Tags: @mintyrae
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writing-shroom · 2 months ago
Fantastical Ficlets || Sabigiyuu x reader [Pt.1]
Tumblr media
Pairing: T.Giyuu x reader x Sabito
Summary: A new mini series of random headcannons and drabbles to go with them. This time we'll be focusing on some Sabigiyuu. Because they are my comfort characters and we all need a bit of fluff in these trying times.
Words: 3,8K words
Warnings: TW! Minor violence described, food mentions. Swearing but not much. Mostly fluff don't worry. Not proof read!
Gender neutral reader!
a/n: dedicated to my beloved friend @mintugiyuu miss you peps, they always said it should be a post of their own and so im finally doing it 👌😌
Tumblr media
🍄 sabito will and has picked both you and giyuu up bridal style, whether you were ready for it or not.
"Yeah I'm free on friday, I was thinking of going to that new sweets shops I saw during my last mission. What do you thINK-"
The world was a blur all of a sudden, one second you were having a pleasant conversation with Misturi and then in the next you were flung in the air. Not necessarily 'flung' per say, but you did spend a good two seconds suspended before landing in a very familiar set of arms.
"Pardon us, but we'll be on our way now Kanroji-san," It was a no brainer to whom that voice belonged to, you didn't even need to see that lock of peach hair peaking out of the corner of your eye.
Yelping when Sabito took a sharp left turn, you held on to the back of his haori as he walked away from where you were previously taking to your friend. Cupping your hands together you called over to her.
"We're still meeting on friday right?!"
Between her gleeful giggling, Misturi nodded her head and gave you a thumbs up. With that settled you slumped down against his shoulder, looking back as far as you could to try and look him in the eyes. Succeeding only after he decides to turn back to see you as well.
"To what do I owe this abduction, dear husband of mine?" You ribbed, poking his cheek before crossing your arms. Waiting for his inevitably lame excuse as to why he had to, literally, carry you away from the very pleasent conversation you were having.
Feigning innocence, he clicked his tongue and pretended to rack his brain for a reason. If this was how he did undercover work to gather intel on demons, then you wondered just how dumb the demons were.
Getting tired of Sabito's lack of response, you playfully roll your eyes and bump your forehead against his temple.
"I want answers 'bito, or I am not staying in bed longer than ten minutes."
He gasped in fake offence, clearly not believing a single word in your threat. The number of times you said it and actually following through with it were zero to none, you could never resist when him and Giyuu cuddle up to you. Especially not during the rainy seasons, which coincidentally, is now.
Easily fixing his hold on you, he now carried you in a much more comfortable bridal style. "Can you fault a man who just wants to spend time with his partners during their shared days off?"
Sabito leaned in quick and pecked your forehead, staying there pressed against you for a few beats until you guided his face down and brush you lips against his scar, a habit both you and Giyuu had picked up in the years of being together. Days off in your profession were few and far between, but Master Oyakata was always generous in giving the three of you some time together.
"I assume you're going to pick up Giyuu then?" You asked as he set you down on your shared estate's engawa.
"Mhm, he's training with Tanjiro and his friends right now, we'll be back in a few minutes,"
Humming in acknowledgement, you waved goodbye — which he returned— and made your way inside your home. On the way to the bedroom you picked up multiple things that you three would surely need; extra blankets for when it gets cold, water boiling for tea to drink, snacks if anyone gets hungry, and all the pillows you could find laying around the house.
Keeping true to his word, Sabito arrived with Giyuu bundled up in his arms around fifteen minutes later.
"My legs work just fine?" "And so do my arms," "I can walk Sabito, you can put me down,," "Yes I know, but I can carry you and I'm not putting you down just yet,"
From the open window you could hear your boys' conversation, chuckling softly as you heard Giyuu sigh in defeat and just turning into putty in Sabito's arms. Smiling at the sight you left the window to get the tea ready, by the time you were done setting the cups on a tray two pair of arms wrap around your midsection.
"Hello my boys," You cooed softly, smile widening as said boys both kissed your cheek.
Each replying in their own way; Sabito chirping with his own "hello~" and a longer, more lingering kiss. While Giyuu mumbled a softer one under his breath, with just a simple peck but nuzzled against your temple.
"I'll take this for you (Y/N)," Giyuu insisted, swooping in and stealing the tray from underneath you.
It wasn't like you didn't try and stop him, but by the time you hurriedly set the pot down, he had already slid the tray away from you. Yelling out in objection you chased after him — Giyuu had already ran out of the kitchen, knowing this game all too well already — leaving Sabito all by his lonesome.
But not being one to be left out, he shook his head laughing and ran after the two of you. Most likely to the bedroom to cuddle up for the rest o the day.
🍄 sabito has definitely started fights with people who pick on giyuu, which leads to both you and giyuu having to holding him back in order to keep both him and the other person unharmed
Shinobu walked in with medicine and bandages in hand, to a much too familiar sight.
Taking a sharp intake of air her eyebrows twitched as she kept smiling, she had made the mistake of thinking that maybe, maybe because Tomioka was healing. His husband would be too busy tending to him then picking another fight with Shinazugawa who happened to be placed in the same room.
In the defence of the butterfly girls, there really was no other room to put the two hashiras in. If there was, then they would've put them far apart.
That mistake has been made all too many times.
She scanned the chaos, surprisingly everything was still intact. Beds weren't flipped over like the times before, meaning she had arrived just early enough to stop more disarray. Odd, usually it didn't take that long. Looking towards where Giyuu was supposed to be laying, she understood why.
"Sabito please calm down, I'm sure he really didn't mean it,"
In the midst of the shouting match between Sanemi and Sabito, your voice would cut through every now and then. You and Giyuu — who was now no longer sitting in bed and instead standing in front of Sabito — were trying desperately to stop your husband from giving more reasons as to why the wind hashira was in the butterfly estate in the first place.
It didn't seem to be working all too well.
"Love, I need you to step aside please, I want to hurt Shinazugawa not you," Sabito said to Giyuu in the same soft voice he normally uses with him and you, but immediately did a 180 degree turn and went back to the venomous tone he was spitting at Sanemi.
"As if you could do any damage to me, you cant bruise me even if i was bed bound!" Came hurling another insult from the other side of the room, and things were about to get ugly if someone didn't step in soon.
And Shinobu thanked her lucky stars that it didn't need to be her this time, as Giyuu — who looked more flush then he did a few seconds before Sabito used the term of endearment — shook his head vigorously, you side stepped away while pulling on your peach haired husband.
"I think we should get home and treat Giyuu there huh? Then we can make sure he's feeling alright, how does that sound?"
You nervously tired to convince, looking behind you with a sorry look at Shinobu, trying to tell her that no you really didn't mean her health care is inadequate.
It took a mixture of calming him down and little bit of pleading to just, let it go, you guys really don't have the time for this. But eventually you got Sabito leave, reluctantly but he left without him nor Sanemi being harmed.
On your way out, while Sabito and Giyuu were walking down the hall; with the former providing support so his husband could walk without much issue. You stopped by Shinobu's office to pick up the needed medication and extra bandages.
"Is it so hard to get your husband from attacking anything he deems a threat?" She teased, knowing full well that it was much more of a task then it should be.
"Oh trust me, if I didn't know that he listens to me as much as he does, you would have a lot more patients to take care off,"
🍄 giyuu doesn't get sick often but when he does he gets really clingy, however he hides himself so he doesn't make you two worry. You can tell when he's ill when he transforms into a blanket burrito in the corner of your shared room
"Sabito, have you seen Giyuu anywhere?"
You've been looking all over for him. And so far you've found absolutely nothing, so when times get tough you'll just have to ask the second half to the water pillar duo.
"No I haven't actually, I was going to ask you the same thing," He answered hesitantly, the both of you slowly coming to same realisation at once.
Meeting with his lavender eyes, you nodded and already made the silent agreement; he gets the blankets and change of clothes if needed and you get the medicine and wet towel for a compress. Looks like it was a sick day for Giyuu, and you both knew exactly where he was hiding.
"You have everything?" "Yep, you?" "Just enough to hopefully keep him comfortable for a few days,"
In the hallway to the bedroom you met again with Sabito, who from afar looked like a pile of various soft things he found laying around the house, a very non-threatening look for a demon slayer of his calibre.
"Is he in there?" He asked, unable to open the door with all the things in his arms, so instead you slid the doors open.
"Yeah, he's in the corner again," Knowing exactly what you meant, Sabito sighed and peaked his head around the door frame. There in the farthest corner of the room was your husband, or at least a lump in the shape of him. He didn't even roll out the futon to lay on.
"Giyuu? Could you come out please?" You cooed, laying down the medicine and bowl of water to the side for now.
Receiving a muffed 'no', Sabito inhaled deeply and finished arranging the pillows and blankets quickly before getting up to walk over to the corner Giyuu was hiding in. Bending down then easily picking up the ball that was his husband, there was no moves made to struggle, he was already too worn out from his fever.
"To bed you go," Sabito insisted, laying him down on the neatly arranged border of covers. "Have you eaten something at least?"
Giyuu weakly nodded, he had eaten some left over bread earlier, it wasn't much but it was something he could swallow without wanting to throw it all back up.
Taking that as a good enough response, Sabito took the medicine and cup of water you offered. Helping him sit up, he slowly gave Giyuu the medicine and water, making sure to hold his hands if they ever get too shaky to drink from.
After finally downing the rest of the bitter stuff, he slumped over to lean against Sabito, exhausted from just sitting up.
"Do you wanna lay back down? You can stay like this if not," Running his fingers through Giyuu's hair, he asked the question softly to the other male. Who shook his head and cuddled deeper into his warmth instead, partially clinging to his clothing.
"You need anything else 'yuu?" You chimed in, placing a damp towel to his fore head and holding it still.
"No, just need sum rest,"
Breathing out an 'okay' under your breath, you continued to wipe away beads of sweat falling down his neck and face while Sabito played with his raven locks of hair. Slowly making his drift off into a better sleep than he could've gotten when he was alone.
🍄 peach boy on the other hand gets minor sniffles now and then, when it gets bad he gets really flushed and pretends he's fine because he's stubborn and wants to keep being productive. So now you and giyuu have to be on look out when you notice him looking ill, just incase he collapses after pushing himself too much
From across the training yard you met eyes with Giyuu, who looked just as skeptical as you did.
"I'm fine! I'm fine! Stop going easy on me (Y/N),"
Sabito was in fact, not as fine as he made it out to be. The entire day, and the day before, he was feverish and lethargic which was very unlike him. It was clear as day for both of his lover, he was sick.
"You should really take a breather Sabito, maybe we could eat dinner early as well?" Giyuu tired to convince from the side lines, you've been training for a good 10 minutes. If what you were doing was even considered training even.
There were no storage of Sabito nearly collapsing or stumbling on his feet, making you or Giyuu — depending on who was closer — rush over to catch him.
But the man kept brushing either of you off, claiming that it was fine and he could keep going. As if you were gonna believe that.
"No no, I'm fine, 's okay," "It's really not,,,"
Choosing to pretend to not be able to hear your last comment, he reassumed his stance. With the wooden training blade shaking in his hands, he put on the best serious face he could. But even a demon could tell that, this was a very ill demon slayer.
Sharing a look with Giyuu you both agreed that this would be the last round, either he would lay down by will or by force.
And it looks like it's going to be the latter, not by you or Giyuu though. As he sides steps a very weak attempt of an attack by you, his knees buckled underneath him and unlike the other times where he could catch himself, Sabito didn't have enough energy left to correct his footing. Then down he went, luckily you moved quick enough to stop him hitting the ground.
Soft 'thunks' of both your wooden swords tumbling to the ground sounded the end of today's training session.
"You're fine huh?" Tired and annoyed groans were his response, face a lot more flushed then was a few minutes ago. His cold must be getting worse, and Giyuu came rushing over to confirm your suspicions.
Kneeling down next to you and Sabito — who's head was in your lap — he felt over his forehead, wiping away some of the built up sweat in the process. "His fever's gotten higher,"
Clicking your tongue you looked down at your husband dejectedly, "You should've stayed in bed today 'bito, we don't even have missions this week,"
He groaned again, he knew that but Sabito just wanted to be productive and keep training, better to be prepared for anything than letting his guard down and maybe losing one of you in the process. "Wanted to make sure I could protect you,"
Through his blurred speech you could tell what he was trying to say, "Yeah, but you can do that after you get better,"
Bending down and brushing the hairs stuck to his face, you kissed the corner of his mouth. "Let us protect you for now,"
From Sabito's other side, he could hear Giyuu making a sound of agreement, him doing the same just on the other side of his face instead. In a different circumstance, Sabito would whine and ask for proper kisses but he knew it was best to keep his cold away from either of you.
Allowing you and Giyuu to wrap his arms around your shoulders, he stood up on shaky legs, but you two kept him steady as you guided him back to your shared bedroom.
🍄 taking turns washing or brushing each others hair, if you like to keep your hair up or maybe have short hair, sabito loves sneaking cheek kisses on the back of your and giyuu's neck while he's tying them up
Giyuu blinked slowly, his eye lids heavy with sleep. His fatigue was made even worse as your fingers and comb untangled his hair. It was around 1 am and after spending the entire day training — plus a few demons slain quickly so he could get home to his partners — the ravenette was all too ready to get to bed.
"I think if you keep combing his hair, Giyuu's gonna fall asleep,"
Sabito's chuckle sounded distant, which Giyuu found odd because he knew the man was sitting behind him, flushed up against you. He also knew that it was his hand cupping his cheek, bringing up to look vaguely somewhere he assumes the peached haired man was.
As you were busy combing and parting his hair so it doesn't waterfall across his shoulders, his drowsy state did not last long.
Suddenly he felt someone laying their head against his right shoulder, which he assumed to be Sabito, and press their lips against his exposed skin. Startled by the unexpected act of intimacy, Giyuu straighten up and pulled his loose hair to cover his neck.
Now wide awake, he whipped around to see the both of you giggling with matching grins.
Glaring at his partners he kept his hair covering any skin either of you could possibly reach, which mostly meant that his normally messy hair was fanning out around his neck. It probably looked more cute then threatening, but in his half asleep mind, Giyuu simply didn't care as long as Sabito couldn't do anymore surprise kisses.
He was already very flustered with the kisses he knew were coming, let alone the ones that he didn't.
"Don't do that," He half heartedly chided while pouting. You and Sabito laughed, you softly pulling his hands away from his neck as Sabito patted Giyuu's hair neat again. Both of you muttering apologies, pressing kisses on either side of his cheek, knowing far too well that it would make him melt into a puddle.
And as always it did, your blue eyed lover simultaneously turning a shade redder and snapping his head around so you and Sabito wouldn't be able to see the blood rushing to his cheeks.
Like neither of you could see how red the tips of his ears were, but ignoring that slight detail, Sabito shuffled forward to sit in front of you and tug Giyuu by his shoulders to lay down on his lap. He leaned into your touch as you combed through his hair.
Carefully untangling pesky strands so it didn't hurt your dear husband too much, you did the same thing for Giyuu just a few minutes ago and it was a repeating cycle between everyone. It was just a simple routine that interchangeably switched on different days, but it was so unbelievably good to feel like a regular family.
An uncomplicated life without fearing whether one of you wouldn't make it home from a mission one day, just a domestic life with the three of you.
But even with the threat of demons lurking in every dark corner, you wouldn't trade the current life you had with the two for anything in the world.
"What you thinking bout hm?" Snapping out of your thoughts, you were brought back to earth as Sabito pecked your forehead.
Raking your eyes over him you realise you must've dozed off right after you finished combing. You also realise the sleeping Giyuu in his lap, peacefully dreaming away to Sabito's hand running through his hair.
Stifling a yawn behind your hand, you leaned your weight against Sabito and held Giyuu's free hand that was laying next to his face. "Nothin much,"
Tracing random shapes against his hand, you began to get sleepier yourself. "Just really tired,"
Sabito smiled softly as your words started to slur together, both of his partners were falling asleep on him and he was very tempted to just stay up all night to avoid waking either of you up. But knowing that you and Giyuu would nag him in the morning, he shifted his free arm to guide you slowly down on to your pillow.
"Sleep first, I'll join you both in a second," He assured, sweetening the deal with a goodnight kiss to your temple.
Removing the comb from your hand, he put it to the side for now and focused on how to move his husband without waking him. Giyuu was a light sleeper, and it was difficult to even make the slightest of movements that wouldn't wake him up. Taking his chances, Sabito slowly removed his hand from his hair, which immediately woke him up.
Cursing at himself under his breath, he quickly stopped Giyuu from sitting up fully. "Go back to sleep 'yuu, (Y/N)'s already gone to bed,"
Half conscious mumbles were all that he got as a response, but seeing his eyes drooping down again he guided Giyuu down to the pillow the same way he did you. And the moment you felt Giyuu's presence next to yours, you instinctively wrapped you limbs around the ravenette, leaving a hand open for Sabito to take once he got to his side.
Feeling no hand in yours, you started to whine in your sleep. Making both Sabito and Giyuu move to comfort you, the latter brushing his right hand up and down your arm while his cheek pressed against the crown of your head.
Not wanting to keep you or Giyuu waiting any longer, Sabito quickly put away the brush in its proper place and hurried back to his side of the futon.
Pulling up the covers, he got comfortable and held the hand you were offering. With the other he wrapped under Giyuu's waist, Sabito made sure his two lovers were already asleep before finally letting his own eyelids fall close. Another night to enjoy sleeping next to the ones he loved, and then another morning to enjoy waking up next to them.
Tumblr media
I know i should be making some giyuu centric fics soon but i- i just love my boys together and happy okay. but that doesn't mean a giyuu fic isn't in the works, a part two to a certain dad giyuu fic perhaps 👀👀
as always lovelies take care, stay hydrated and safe! please continue to stay healthy physically and mentally, but ill see you in the next fic!
Do not repost, but reblogs will always be appreciated
☼ Masterlist ☼
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cyberbark · 4 months ago
Sweet Cravings - t. giyuu
Anime/manga: Demon Slayer Requested: no
Giyuu x top!male reader [amab reader but no specified pronouns]
word count: 1.3k
cw: soft!dom reader, mentions of overstimulation, edging, praise kink, nipple play, nicknames, slight dumbification
Giyuu writhing beneath you looked exquisite. You hadn't even done much! His delicate whines were suppressed by the back of his hand as you caressed his thighs.
Today was the day you wanted to show Giyuu how much smitten you were for him. Although you wanted to take things slow, your patience was running out.
Your hands started to toy with his pink nipples and you absolutely loved the reaction you received from your lover. "Y/n, p-please." His broken pleading voice was such a turn on so you couldn't help but tease him, "Please what, love? Be more specific."
You didn't give him a chance to speak because you latched your mouth onto his neck, leaving sloppy and wet kisses trailing down till his collarbone. "Y-Y/n!" His shyness was slipping away and you saw his need for you surfacing his blue eyes when you peered through your lashes to stare at him.
The flush on his face had never decreased, it rather spread down to his neck. His body was warm and inviting.
Knowing your lover well, he wouldn't dare say out loud his wants. You could feel your erection poking in your pants and you groaned. Lifting yourself up from Giyuu's chest, you started grinding his clothed erection at a slow pace.
Giyuu's eyes couldn't focus on yours, too lost in the little pleasure you were giving him. You fastened your grinding speed and grunted. The man under you moaned louder. "You like that, pretty boy?" You asked breathlessly. He shamelessly nodded, being too out of mind to answer.
As his orgasm approached, his sounds got louder. "I-I'm close Y/n! So close!" He whined, trying to buck his hips for more friction but you halted. Your lover's glossy eyes widened in panic so you leaned down once again to press a kiss to his nose, whispering near his ear, "Not yet, okay? Just a little longer, love."
He was utterly helpless, not having any other choice but to obey your reassuring words. You brought him out of his trance when you tugged at his pants. You discarded your pants along with his to the other side of the room. You two had had sex before yet Giyuu squirmed under the softest touches in embarrassment. He never got used to you seeing him so vulnerable!
You brought two of your fingers near his mouth and he did not need to be told about the next thing. He sucked on your fingers and you affectionately smiled at the male. Your other free hand reached down to pleasure your lover's cock. Giyuu was caught off guard with your actions, moaning around your fingers but nonetheless loved it.
"Good boy." Your praising voice only added more fuel to the fire. The male's body was heating up, too engrossed in what you were giving him.
He sucked your fingers a bit roughly, signalling he was getting close to another orgasm. Hoping you don't deny it. You pressed the pads of your two fingers on his wet tongue, enjoying the whines that left his mouth. You stopped palming his erect dick and took out the fingers from his mouth too. His blue eyes stung with the tears threatening to fall, he can't take it anymore!
"I'll let you cum soon, love. Hold it, 'kay?" He once again nodded. You sprawled out his thighs and Giyuu's face burned with shyness. Guiding your fingers over to his hole, you circled the rim.
"Y/n!" A surprised squeak left your lover's mouth. He was honestly too cute.
"Trust me, baby. You'll feel good." You assured him and continued the previous action. You inserted one finger inside of him, trying to get him loosened up. He bit his lip to suppress a loud whimper.
His mind was turning mushy and foggy, soon loosing control over his voice. You smirked at the effect you had on him, ruining him was extremely tempting. The desire to make him a mess was high so you put another finger in his tight yet hot hole.
His velvety walls greedily sucked in your fingers. Making scissoring finger movements inside of him to stretch him, you looked at his dripping cock. It was all precum. Giyuu was so needy for you.
Your fingers weren't too deep in him but the ravenette did not mind, instead he made cute faces as you finger-fucked him. His chest was rising and falling quickly as he was, for the third time this night, close to another orgasm just for it to be denied.
He gave out a frustrated whine, tears welling up in his pretty blue eyes. You chuckled lightly, aligning your lubed up dick to his hole. "You ready?" You asked, searching for any discomfort and consent. "Yes, please, Y/n!" He cried out, his arms locking behind your back, making you lean in. You pushed your dick inside of your lover, wanting to give him the release he craved. He scratched your back at the pain so you captured his lips in a comforting kiss.
As the pain subsided, he wiggled his hips. "You can move." He says in a quiet but hoarse voice which you almost missed. "Relax, pretty boy. You're doing really well." You instructed and started thrusting your hips in his warm and wet hole. Giyuu moaned, being fucked out when you haven't properly fucked him yet.
He looked at you with hazy, lust filled gaze and reached out to hook his arms around your neck to pull you closer. He needed you close to him.
You picked up your pace and one rather loud moan like yell was heard from Giyuu near your ear. "Does it feel that good?" You teased but he couldn't find any words! All he could do was blabber your name, begging you to make him cum. He was in a state of bliss.
You repeatedly abused Giyuu's prostate while muttering praises at the same time. His mind was fuzzy and he couldn't think because of the overwhelming pleasure. The previous denied releases were finally getting to him, he wasn't going to last like this.
"I-I'm close Y-Y/n! C-Cumming, ah, fuck!" He cried out, his face flushing to a brighter shade. "Go ahead, love." You said and that was all the confirmation he needed. He came with a loud yell. His body jerked forward, trying to maintain the intense feeling of your cock pressing down on his prostate. His walls clamped down on your cock while his body twitched. He swore he saw stars at that moment. What he didn't was that he was saying something incomprehensible all this time.
"Tomioka, f-fuck—" You stuttered as you reached close to your high by watching his far too gone state. Shit, he looked so good underneath you. Fucking him dumb wasn't too bad after all.
"Fill me up, please Y/n." Giyuu said without any shame after catching his breath, which caused the final straw for your climax. Not that you minded as you were close to reaching your own high as well. Gripping his hips roughly, knowing it'd leave a bruise, you finished inside of him with a groan feeling his insides squeezing your cock. Your vision had whitened for a few seconds before you regained your composure.
Panting, you stabled yourself caressing Giyuu's body. "Doing so amazing. Such a good boy."
"We're not done yet. You said you wanted to cum and I cannot deny such a request from my pretty boy." You said, smiling cheekily at the dumbstruck expression your lover gave you. Yeah, you'd ruin him to overstimulation sweetly tonight.
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biznichwrites · 3 months ago
Kinktober 1, 2021: Praise, Gentle FemDom
"So cute." 
The praise brought a blush to Giyuu's cheek. 
"Don't say those things…" 
"But you're absolutely adorable."
A kiss pressed to his forehead cemented the opinion. He would have formed a word to deny the statement had her hand on his cock not began stroking him again. He couldn't bring himself to stop her, not when he wanted her touch and affection. Simply he was too shy to outwardly accept either. 
"You feel so good in my hand, so thick."
He felt his face burning. With his head laid in her lap and her hands free to touch him, he thought she intended to simply card her fingers through his hair, not pleasure him. Regardless he enjoyed it, maybe more than he'd like to admit. 
A smile graced her face as he let out a quiet noise as she adjusted her hand. The slick sound of her hand moving across his cock filled the room along with his heavy breaths. 
She could tell he was having trouble focusing on words as pleasure filled him. Rather she leaned down to kiss his forehead gently. 
"You can cum whenever you want, sweetheart."
He wished he could have held on longer, but the adoration combined with need sent him over the edge. Warm cum filled her hand, dripping down as she stroked every last drop out of him until his hips twitched lightly. 
"You did so well for me, Giyuu."
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hanakages · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: insecure giyuu makes me so sad 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 giyuu deserves all the love in the world i jus wanna eat his face nom nom nom + gender neutral reader
insecure giyuu makes me sad.
it’s mainly because i’d like to hand him the world all at once then shower him with my love. but you’re here to do that for me.
when he’s upset it’s able to be seen slightly. his actions seem more distant and he’s out of focus. even when you’re training with him he seems more out of it and it makes you worry greatly. you immediately go to his aid.
first, give him love. gentle pats on the head to soft kisses against his face. giyuu would slightly snap out of it. he’d look at you in confusion. maybe the you had ulterior motives. but you also had honesty eyes when it came to him so that couldn’t ever be it. you loved him and you wanted to show him that. so give him long hugs and let him lean against you. you’re his rock. he’d slowly come undone like that. his head would get comfortable against your shoulder, and you could feel his body relax greatly.
giyuu would know you loved him. the affection really nails it in for him.
talk to him. even if it is one sided. giyuu is a man of few words. he barely speaks, and only in short phrases and words. so you understood that you had to give him your utmost love and affections verbally. you’d tell him to take his time and be honest with himself. there’s no use in rushing the process.
you were his for forever anyways.
“giyuu-kun,” your hand gently rested on top of the male’s who jolted slightly, “take your time. i’m here for you..”
“…no. i’m fine.” was all he said and you were suddenly holding his hand.
“n…no. i don’t think so. you’re never like this my love.” you replied quietly and giyuu shifted in his position.
you were right. how could you tell? his heart ached. his mind aches. he wanted to rest. possibly even retire. but your words burned through the darkness. a white light. of hope. of reassurance. of love. the male closed his dark blue eyes. you were the best. a god-given miracle which he never wanted to lose. turning to face you, the male fell into your embrace.
comfort him. take care of him.
promise him that you won’t leave.
and you did, which you never broke.
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httptamaki · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
a very and i repeat very late collab piece for @myrulia and my “afterlife” collab :’) I had so much fun doing this and hosting the collab, I hope you guys enjoy this too<3
where giyuu and you didn’t get to confess to each other before dying so you do in the afterlife.
collab masterlist
WARNINGS: gn!reader - angst to fluff - manga spoilers (read at your own risk) - mentions of death/blood - character death - 1,1k+ words
Tumblr media
You screamed out in pain as you felt a sting on your chest, falling down on your knees and looking in front of you. Muzan landed a hit on you when you were fighting him, it wasn’t the first hit you took and you didn’t know how much more you could take.
Everyone was fighting hard, several hashiras had passed away already and you were ready to die fighting, ready to sacrifice it all because you didn’t have too much to lose anyways or another choice, this was your job as a hashira.
“It’s okay, I can still stand.” You whispered, giving yourself courage as you held onto your sword, slowly getting up and groaning when your sight got more and more bully with the second because of the blood loss.
“Watch out-“ You heard a familiar voice yell, catching you before you fell down again. “Giyuu-“ You whispered, looking at him with a weak smile.
“You’ll be fine, I know you will be.” He mumbled, getting away from the fight and applying pressure to the wound. “Giyuu it’s okay, go fight.” You told him as he shook his head.
“I don’t wanna lose you too-“ He mumbled and realization hit your face, you would probably die and leave Giyuu behind. “Giyuu Muzan took a good hit on me-“ You continued, grabbing his hand weakly.
“But-“ He mumbled and you shook your head. “Leave me, go fight.” You smiled, closing your eyes. “We didn’t get to do everything on our bucket list.” Giyuu continued and realization hit you.
Everything the two of you promised together, everything you said you would and all the memories that you made since your childhood, all of them would end here. You would never be able to be together with him, he didn’t even know how you felt about him.
“Giyuu I don’t wanna die.” You cried out, your sight becoming more blurry from both crying and the blood loss. “I know- Stay with me, please-“ He begged, squeezing your hand slightly.
“Giyuu I can’t-“ You whispered, leaning against his chest. “Please-“ He continued begging, applying more pressure to your wounds to stop the bleeding as black dots took over your sight.
“Wait- Giyuu I- I can’t go yet- I still have to tell you something-“ You whispered, squeezing his hand. “Tell me what?” Giyuu asked, letting his own tears fall down on your face.
“Giyuu I think-“ You mumbled, coughing up a bit, the black dots taking over your sight while you felt the little bit of life left in you disappear.
“You think what? Please answer me-“ Giyuu cried out, freezing when he felt your grip on his hand loosen. Shaking you slightly, trying to wake you up.
“Anything please- Don’t die on me too-“ He sobbed, slowly letting go of your lifeless body and closing your eyes, realizing he lost you too, he lost his crush before he could even confess.
“Muzan Kibutsuji, I will kill you.” Giyuu spoke, pressing a gentle kiss on your head, handing you over to one of Shinobu’s people who arrived way too late, making his way over to the battlefield angrily and overwhelmed by emotions.
He would do whatever it took to avenge you and not let your death be a waste, even if it cost him his life too.
Tumblr media
Giyuu walked around, looking at the place confusingly. It was an empty space, almost like it had no end and he didn’t know how or why he was there.
The last thing he remembered was going to sleep and now he suddenly got here. “Where am I?” He mumbled, turning around at hearing a familiar voice.
“Who’s there?” He asked and looked around quickly, noticing a familiar silhouette. “Is that you?” Giyuu mumbled, running over and reaching out to you, only for you to turn around.
“Giyuu?” You asked in shock, grabbing his hand gently. “Is this a dream?” He answered and you shook your head, looking down a bit.
“This is the afterlife Giyuu, it means you have died-“ You told him quietly. “Oh-“ He mumbled, squeezing your hand a bit and realizing that he was lucky enough to die peacefully.
“That means I can be with you now?” Giyuu questioned and you nodded. “I’ve been waiting on you-“ You started, looking him in the eyes and noticing he hasn’t changed much.
“Giyuu, why are you here this early? You guys won didn’t you?” You asked in a soft tone, not expecting him to die this early.
“I’ve manifested the mark during the fight against Akaza.” He answered with a weak smile and you nodded, knowing what fate it awaited when people manifested their mark.
“You did so well-“ You complimented him and Giyuu shook his head a bit. “But I lost you in the process.” He answered. “Well I’m here now, aren’t I?” You smiled, being happy to be with him again, even if it meant that he died that young.
“You’re right- About that day-“ Giyuu started and you knew what he was talking about. “Yeah- I wanna tell you something but please don’t hate me-“ You answered him, sitting down and taking a deep breath.
You planned on telling Giyuu how you felt about him that day but didn’t even get the chance since you died before you started speaking.
“I’m gonna go straight to the point.” You started and Giyuu nodded. “Okay.” He mumbled quietly and you took another breath before starting. “Giyuu I’ve always liked you, I’ve been in love with you since we were teens.” You spoke quickly and refused to look at him.
Giyuu froze in his movements and took it all in, blinking a few times. You liked him? Or well better said, you were in love with him?
The feelings had been mutual all along? You and Giyuu could’ve been together back then? He couldn’t believe it yet he felt this warm feeling building up inside of him.
“Giyuu?” You asked quietly, thinking you messed it up since he didn’t answer. “You love me?” Giyuu answered, wanting to hear it again from you. “Yes- It’s okay if you don’t feel the same way, just ignore this then.” You answered.
“No it’s okay-“ He mumbled, grabbing your hand again. “I feel the same way-“ Giyuu continued and you slowly turned around to face him, only to notice him being extremely close to you.
Before you could say anything else, you felt his lips press against yours and you kissed back, melting into his touch. It might have been in the afterlife but you both got what you had been longing for.
Even if the two of you confessed later, it was time for you to move on from your earlier life and start a new chapter with the man you loved in the afterlife, finally being at peace together.
“I love you-“ Giyuu whispered as he pulled back, pressing his forehead against yours. “I love you too.” You answered with a smile, getting up and holding your hand out to him.
He grabbed your hand and intertwined your fingers gently, being ready for the next step in the afterlife with you, being the happiest he had ever been.
Tumblr media
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Secrets are never Safe.
Tumblr media
Yandere Giyuu x Reader x Yandere Sabito
AU: Modern
Warnings: Non-con, Dub-con, bullying, Strippers, kidnapping, mentions of drugs trafficking, illegal sex work, hacking, use of drugs, stalking, masturbation, voyeurism, cunnilingus, misogyny.
Summary: Posting a dirty secret online attracts the wrong attention, or is it the right attention?
Tumblr media
‘I’m a virgin, but I fantasize about being chased down by an obsessive stalker and kidnapped. I picture myself in the woods and he’s running after me. I'd be out of breath but the adrenaline would be enough to keep me going, but he has a lot more stamina than me and catches me in his strong grasp. I fantasize about said stalker tying me down on a bed and ravishing me while whispering in my ear how much he loves me and how he would kill for me. I wouldn’t care what he did as long as he was devoted to me. I could imagine him covered head to toe covered in blood with a big grin and a crazed grin and that alone would be enough to make me shiver. Either in excitement or intimidation. I don’t know if it's from wanting a dominant male presence to take care of me or if I might be crazy. It could be both but either way, I crave for it happening to me.’
I tap the send button and my secret is uploaded to the website. I lean back in my chair and watch it pop up on the screen. The website I was on allows you to tell your secret while remaining anonymous. A friend from work told me all about this website, it helps get many things off your chest.
Soon enough, comments pop up.
‘Grl (0r boi), I don’t blame you. It sounds really hot.’
‘U sure ur a virgin?’
‘that's really kinky  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’ 
“(Y/N)! Would you put the kettle on?” I heard my mom call from the kitchen. “Yes mom!” 
I close my laptop and head to the kitchen. For some backstory, I’m nineteen and I live with my mom in this apartment in the city. My mom got pregnant with me around nineteen too. My dad however, wanted nothing to do with me. He paid for child support and moved across the country.
It was heartbreaking that my own father wanted no part of my life, my mom assured me he was just a weak man who couldn’t handle the hardships of fatherhood. That he wouldn’t have been a good dad anyway. As soon as I became of age, I immediately started working. I wanted to go to college but we don’t have the money.
The kettle steamed and I poured a cup of tea for both me and my mother.  “Thank you sweetie.” We sat down on the sofa and watched our programmes. “Do you have work today mom?” I asked. She shook her head. She works as a cashier in the shop. I work as a waitress…...at a strip club.
We barely got by her job and the child support my dad sent us. Some days we’d go without eating. I promised we’d never go hungry again. It wasn’t a hard job, I just had to look pretty while serving drinks to old lecherous men who keep trying to pinch my bottom...yeah. I told my mom that I was a waitress. Just not where.
Anyways, she got up from the couch and headed to the bathroom to get ready. I headed back over to the table where the laptop was. When I opened it, there were a few more comments. Many were others who related to how I felt, others were questioning if I was ok. There was one comment that stood out to me though. It read.
‘If that's the case, for your sake, We hope you're not lying.’
Now...that creeped me out. Because this was a website where you could post your secret anonymously, the commenters were also anonymous. So I couldn’t block or report them. But I stopped to think for a minute. Whoever posted this can’t see me either. They were probably just shit talking to scare me, what an asshole!
Later that day, I met up with Ume. She worked as a stripper under the Alias, Daki. She was a popular dancer. She talks to me only because I make no attempt to step up to her narcissistic behaviour. I just deal with it. I guess you could say she’s my friend? I didn’t have many friends in school. Hardly any if I’m being honest. I just stopped talking to them when I graduated school.
We have a routine of attending gym together. I count her reps and she bullies me into shape. “Come on Fatty! If you want any attention, you're gonna have to squat better than that!” She cackles. I don’t care what she says, as long as I’m in shape, that's all that matters to the club. “Hey, (Y/N). I know that I don’t usually ask this of you, but me and my big bro are having a few drinks with some friends tonight. I’m generous enough to ask you to attend.” She said while checking her manicure. That would be impossible for me to accomplish
I’d have to find a way to not outshine her or be too ‘eh’. Something I’m not in the mood to do. So the best thing for me to do is flatter her. “I couldn’t Ume, I’d look too much like a dirt stain next to you.” She laughs snidely. “I guess you are right! Anyways, it was just an offer.” She struts over to the treadmill, I follow after her.
Not long after, I left the gym. Ume left a while ago to meet up with her brother. As soon as I got to the building where my apartment was at, I noticed a fancy car with tinted windows. I thought it was strange, You don’t see nice cars like that in this part of the city. Either way, I just enter the building but I can’t help but feel burning gazes upon my back. 
A week has passed and I’m still feeling like I’m being watched whenever I leave my house. I don’t know why I feel so paranoid. That car hasn’t left its position. It stays there all day. I don’t know if someone owns the car or if it's abandoned! I’ve been so stressed I reluctantly asked Ume to give me a lift home from the club since I no longer trust the safety of the buses.
I get home and I’m exhausted. My shift usually ends earlier than Ume’s so I had to wait on her. Her brother Gyutaro, the boss of the establishment won’t have me standing around doing nothing so my shift has been extended. Not complaining about the money though. But now, I’m extremely tired and stressed. I feel sweaty from the humid air in the club.
But there was one thing I had to take care of first. The painful ache between my legs. I locked my door. It had been so long since I’ve masturbated and all this stress had taken its toll on me. I grabbed my vibrator from my drawer and went through the playlist on my phone. I look out my open window to see a storm. Hopefully it isn’t too bad for Daki.
I strip myself of all my clothes and lay myself on my bed. I choose my all time favourite audios. It's about a yandere chasing you down in the woods. He eventually catches up to you and does unspeakable things to you. I closed my eyes and turned my vibrator up and pressed it up against my clit.
It felt amazing, currently, the yandere was eating me out.
“Your pussy is fucking amazing. Best cunt I’ve ever tasted and it's all for me.” 
The vibrator was low and then it would buzz very high. Now the yandere fucking me.
“My cock fits perfectly into your pussy Darling, Like it was made for me. God made me the perfect cocksleeve. My perfect little princess!”
I was so close to cumming! I turned the vibrator up to its highest setting. The nameless yandere was close too!
“Cum for me Princess! Cum for me!”
Despite the volume of the sound, I could still hear the storm, the sound of thunder boomed! I opened my eyes and the crack of lighting brightened my dark room.
And there stood two figures. Both hiding their faces behind fox masks.
The yandere male screamed once again but the only scream I would recognize was my own. I screamed in terror. I fell off my bed on the opposite side, away from their prying gazes.
I peek over my bed and as another flash of lightning occurs. They’re not there. I quickly turn my bedside lamp and there isn’t a trace of them. “(Y/N)!?” I hear my mom attempt to open my locked door and proceeds to bang on it. “(Y/N)!? What's wrong!?”
I quickly hide my vibrator, turn the audio off and pull on a bathrobe before unlocking the door. “Dear! Why were you screaming like that?!” I was so shocked by what happened that I almost forgot what happened. “Mom! There were two people in my room! They were watching me Mom!”
My mother let out a sigh. “(Y/N), How could there be two people in our house?” I looked over at the window that was left open, my mom looked over and grunted. “Really (Y/N)? We live on the fifth floor! It must have been your imagination. Go back to sleep!” She slams my door and I can’t help but feel distraught. I know what I saw!
I go over to the window to see it pouring. I also see the same fancy car with tinted windows pull out of the driveway.
Could it be….
Another week had passed. I could still feel the gaze of the unknown watching me. I never left my window open again after that incident and I bought myself a can of pepper spray. I wanted to report what was going on to the police but I had no evidence and the car never showed up again.
So I continued with life and tried to act normal but couldn’t help but look over my shoulder every 5 minutes whenever I left my house. It was so bad that I actually started looking for a new place to live. I  might be overreacting but what if those guys were really and came back for me.
As I entered work, I made up my mind. I would apply to become a stripper. I don’t care what anyone else says. It's a dirty job that will get me harassed by clients but it's better money. I’d be able to get me and mom a better apartment and I might be able to afford a car. Either way, we’d be safer.
I walk into the changing room and I find Daki on the phone. She’s already changed into one of her outfits for the evening, ready to entertain the men. I changed into my skin tight leather boots, bodice and shorts. Yes, this is what the waitresses wear. “Yeah Yeah, Whatever Douma, I’ll talk to you later!” She turned around to face me. “Were you eavesdropping (Y/N)?” She asked curiously. “What no! I just need to ask something ....” God, I'm really gonna have to say it. “What is it?” she responds.
“Do you have any openings as a stripper ….?”
A few hours later into work, I’m serving some whiskey to guests in the V.I.P  lounge. Daki was surprised by my request so I told her about my situation. She agreed to it. She just needed to consult her brother about the career change and that some schedules would need to be changed but all in all, it would work out.
I’m working the late shift again since Daki was my safest ride home. I’m pretty sure that all the buses were done running for the day too.
I turned around at the roar, soon enough, armed men came bursting in through the door. Many hit the floor so as to not show any resistance. I just dropped the tray in my hands and held my hands in the air.
“GYUTARO KIZUKI! WHERE IS HE!” I looked over to one of the officers. He was a fair-skinned young man with a large scar running from the right corner of his mouth to his right ear, and kind, cat-like eyes of a grayish lavender color, a horizontal bar of much paler purple visible across them near the bottom. He had thick, spiked, peach-colored hair of varying lengths, the longest reaching his shoulders, that he wore messily down with side micro bangs over the left of his forehead. His body was muscular  with broad shoulders and large biceps.
“He’s in here!” Screamed another man. He burst into Gyutaro’s office and came back out slamming Gyutaro onto the ground. He is a tall young man of a muscular stature and pale complexion, who is almost always seen wearing an unimpressed or emotionless expression. He has unruly black hair of uneven lengths that sticks up in tufts around his head, which he wears tied back in a low messy ponytail at the base of his neck. His bangs fall over his eyes in an uneven fringe. His eyes are sharp and moderately large, their irises a deep sapphire that fades to a lighter blue and their pupils a bluish-black, and are framed by thin eyebrows.
He forces him into handcuffs “Gyutaro Kizuki, you have the right to remain silent. We have a warrant for your arrest.” He spoke in a commanding tone, the man with the peach coloured hair joined him. “On what evidence!?” He screeched.
The man with peach colored hair then read the charges. “The dealing of drugs, forced prostitution and illegal sex work.” Jesus Christ! Gyutaro was guilty of so much. Daki forces her way up. “You can't! We see no evidence! You can’t take him!” She may be a narcissist but it was no secret that she loved her brother. The scar-faced man blocked her from getting any closer. “Ma’am, we have a warrant for his arrest! Get back!”
I ran over to stop her from attacking him. “UME STOP! Or you’ll be arrested too!” I yell.
The man with the monotonous expression looked up at her. “Listen to your friend, If you know what's good for you!” Gyutaro was pulled up by both men, they looked at me before stopping out of the establishment. Soon enough, A man with silver hair and Fuchsia eyes. “This place is under inspection! Everyone clear out!”
“Don’t have to tell me twice.” One of the clients got up quickly and left, others took his example and cleared out. Ume was clearly stressed out by the look in her eyes, her fingers running and grabbing the roots of her hair. “Ume, I’m so sorry.” She turned to look at me. “I need to make some calls…. Mr. Kibutsuji…(Y/N).” She stands straight to look at me. Her usually pompous stance is no longer present. “I can no longer give you a ride home.”
My jaw dropped, this is ridiculous! It’s 1:00am and all the buses have stopped running! “Ume! It's too dangerous for me to walk home! Like it’s only a 15 minute drive to my flat! Please reconsider!” She shook her head. “I’m sorry (Y/N) but my brother is in the hands of those pigs. The longer I prolong the necessary phone calls, it’ll be too late!”
With that, she stomped over to the office and locked herself in.
So that's how I found my way leaving out the back door of the club and crossing the street. There were no cars in sight. The night air was freezing cold, exhaling made condensation flow out of my nose and mouth. I regret wearing leggings and the oversized hoodie I have on does nothing against the chill of the night. My earphones are shoved into the very depths of my bag. I didn’t want anything to distract me from alarming sounds.
I didn’t know why Ume was so desperate to help her brother though. The FBI had evidence of him forcing women to perform prostitution against their will. It couldn’t be because he’s her brother. I guess that's what love does to people. They are willing to ignore all the fatal flaws about their loved ones. Soon, as I turn the corner I can see the park.
My mom always used to take me to the park when I was younger but as I grew older, criminal activity went up in statistics and the park was no longer a safe place for children to play. I continued walking with these thoughts in my head, I saw a figure come out from an alleyway from the opposite side of the path. I stopped to see who it was. When I did, my heart dropped.
There stood a figure dressed in all black. There was one thing I recognized though. They were wearing a fox mask. They started walking towards me, I quickly turned around to run in the opposite direction but I stopped in my tracks when I saw another figure coming my way. He too wore a fox mask, I knew my mind wasn’t playing tricks with me that night!
Without thinking, I bolt across the street, dropping my bag. As I cross the entrance to the park, I look back to see the both of them sprinting after me! I feel tears rush to my eyes as fear wells up in my throat. I dash past the pavement and make a run for the forest line. I know this probably wasn’t smart but I was hoping I could lose them within the cover of the trees.
“Why are you running (Y/N)!? Isn’t this what you wanted?!” I heard one voice scream out. I had no idea what they were talking about! I continued pushing the low hanging branches out of my way, I could feel the scraps of the twigs scratching against my face. This time another voice called out. “Please don’t run from us (Y/N)! If you stop now, we’ll be gentle with you!”
I wouldn’t stop, no matter how much they pleaded or threatened. I never imagined something like this ever happening to me! I guess you never suspect it will happen to you until the last second. “Hahahaha! Run all you want, little rabbit! The foxes are gonna get you!” That just made me run faster, which caused me to slip on the slope of the hill. I went tumbling down and smacked my head on a rock.
As soon as I reached the bottom, I cradled my bleeding head in one hand as I used the other to gain my balance. “She went down the hill!” I heard one of the voices call. I gained my bearings and sprinted off. I knew I couldn’t keep running, But lady luck was on my side when I found a hollowed out tree, just big enough to my body inside.
I slid inside and held my breath as I heard footsteps nearby. They were soft against the dirt. “Now..I wonder where our bunny went..? Are you behind this bush?” I heard the rustling of leaves and branches. “Are you….behind this tree..?” I heard the scrapping of bark. “Nope...I guess you’re not around here..I’ll look somewhere else.”
I heard those soft footsteps walk away. And with that, I released the air I was holding in and let out a huge sigh of relief-
“Found you.”
He was there, peering in on me from outside the tree. I didn’t see it at first but this man was covered head to toe in blood, I only started screaming when he used his fist to smash away at the edges of the hole. It was like he had superhuman strength! He grabbed me by my arm and dragged me out!
It was long before the other one showed up and snatched me away from his friend and threw me on to the ground. I tried to crawl away but they both pounced on me. They each grabbed me by the wrist of my arm and held me down while they settled their weight in my waist. I felt like I was suffocating, I was trapped underneath them.
At that point, I no longer had the strength to hold back and started bawling in front of them. Ugly tears ran down my face. “Please stop! Why. Why are you doing this.” The blood from their clothes was transferred onto me. They both stop to look at each other before looking back at me. “Why?” One of them asked. He almost sounded confused by my question. Like what's there to be confused about when you’ve chased me down in the forest in the middle of the night!? “Have you forgotten already? You know why this is happening.” This one sounded a lot more confident then his partner.
They immediately took off their bloodied face masks to reveal none other than the FBI agents who arrested Gyutaro! The man with the long black hair tied up in a ponytail and the man with the long peach coloured hair. “What…” I muttered out before the man with the lavender eyes spoke. “Because this is what you wanted, ain’t that right silly girl? I told you earlier, remember?” He leaned down to brush the hair out of my eyes but I flinched in fear. The raven haired man turned to look at him.
“Sabito..this won’t do..she’s bleeding from her head.” Said the man with dead blue eyes. “You’re right Giyuu, this won’t do at all.” He turned back to me, and Giyuu did the same. “You don’t know who we are, so allow us to introduce ourselves, Special Agent Sabito Urokodaki.” He turns over to his partner.
“Special agent...Giyuu Tomioka..” He responded in a quiet tone. This was crazy! “B-but...you’re FBI….Why would you do this? Aren’t you meant to help people?” Sabito gave me an unconcerned look. “That's of no concern to you at the moment, but you're wondering why would we both go all out like this for someone we’ve only known for two weeks?” Giyuu spoke up. “We too have been looking for someone like you (Y/N). It was completely by accident that we stumbled upon your secret on that website. It just sounded so...wrong that it just felt so right.” A light blush covered his face.
I gulped as Sabito finished his sentence. “So, we used our privileges as FBI to track you down and what do we find. A young girl, living with her mom working at a strip club of all places.” He sounded disgusted at the notion of me working there, so naturally I got pissed. “My mom could barely make ends meet! That job put more food on our table than my mom ever could-”
Giyuu shushed me. “It's alright, We already know all about your financial situation. It's not a nice job, we know. But It's one of the reasons that drew us to you. You're selfless and willing to help your mom any way you can.” Sabito grunted then. “But you’re also friends with that whore who calls herself Daki, We heard how she speaks to you. If I could get my hands on her…” He growls but Giyuu continues petting my face like a puppy. He has a visible smile on his face.
“You’re a very sweet and kind girl. Exactly the kind of girl we want. But..unfortunately, there is one thing we need to confirm though..” His smile dropped. Sabito then grabbed my chin to look me dead in the eyes. “We need to see if you were telling the truth about the whole virgin thing. We don’t want a girl who’s been used by other men.”
What!? What the fuck were they gonna do?! I didn’t have to wait long before both men got off me, I tried to get up but I felt a strong hand grab my leg and pull me back down. “Oh please stop! Please don’t!” I cried, I had no idea what they were planning but I wanted nothing to do with it! Giyuu grabbed me around my shoulders and pulled me against his chest so I was facing Sabito.
“Shush..It’s alright. It’ll only just take a second.” Sabito had just pulled my shoes off and reached for the waistline of my leggings. “Please...stop..” I begged through tears as He pulled off my leggings, along with my panties. “Aw..There white with blue lace and a little bow! How adorable!” I heard the man facing me cackle. He forced my legs open so he had a clear view of my vagina.
“Hey Giyuu, The curtains don’t match the drapes. There is barely any hair down here.” He laughs for a bit before looking straight at me. “Who were you shaving for, princess? Was it for us? We hope it is or else.” I carry on with my tears as he puts his face up to my cunt and inspects it. “Lovely rose petals...and the smell ain’t too bad.”  I tried to hide my face but Giyuu kept my head in place. “Now, for the moment we’ve been waiting for. If you ain’t a virgin like you said you were…” 
He brought his face up to mine, he had an awful scowl on his face with the pupils of his eyes dilated. “We’ll fucking kill you now for wasting our time and resources and leave you for the wildlife.” I gasp and freeze. Oh God..he means it. I turn to face Giyuu but he has a cold expression on his face.
Sabito leans back down and inserts his cold fingers inside my blazing hot twat. This was horrible, I had never let someone this close to my private parts and I felt I could die from the shame and shock of it all. I felt his fingers slide inside and spread them apart so he could look inside. I had to force myself to look away, Just the mere sight of it all was making me sick.
But, It was what Giyuu said, It only took a second. Sabito retracted his fingers and I opened my eyes to find him smiling. “It's there, Perfectly intact. She’s got the classic Annular, small too!” He leans in again to let out a hot breath against my clit. I shiver. Giyuu lets out a sigh of relief, His hot breath against my ear. “We’re sorry Darling, When we saw you with that vibrator that night, we had our doubts...but now..” 
He let go of my shoulders and wrapped his arms around my waist, when I turned to face him again. He had this delusional look on his face. A light blush against his face again and a big smile that didn’t suit him. “Now we know..that you are the one for us Darling!” I turned to look at Sabito, His eyes held malicious intent while a sly grin sat on his face. “I think It's only right that we reward her for being so patient. Right Giyuu?”
He didn’t wait to hear his reply as he began to feast upon my pussy. He gasped while he ran his tongue up from my slit and to the clit and began to suck on it fiercely while looking me in the eyes the whole time. My face turned bright red as I turned to look at my other assailant. I didn’t know what to do or what to say, so I decided to plead with him.
“Please Giyuu, make him stop!” I begged. It was a bad idea. He stared at me with awe and I could feel Sabito remove himself from me to look at me. Giyuu started laughing while Sabito started chuckling. I had no idea what was so funny. He stopped and stared at me with a fierce blush.
“That's the first time you’ve ever called me by my name! I’m so blessed to hear it leave your lips! Did you get that Sabito?” Sabito then takes out a phone that was hidden in plain sight and looked to be on a recording app, They were recording this the entire time! “A true blessing indeed.” Sabito smiled as he put it back in its spot.
“Please say it again!” He begged but my lips were sealed. That pissed him off. “I SAID SAY IT!” He screamed as he reached under my hoodie, pushed my bra up and squeezed my nipples. I gasp and start crying out his name. “GIYUU! Giyuu! Giyuu!” I cry out. He moans erotically, his eyes looking hazy with lust as he removed one of his arms and grabbed me by the back of the neck and kissed me passionately.
 He had already pushed his tongue inside my mouth, making his dance with mine. His fingers rolled one of my nipples with precise movement as his tongue clashed with mine. I couldn’t help but submit to his will. I could also feel those same cold fingers reach inside my dripping cunt. “She’s all wet now!” He smirked as he began to eat me out.
Giyuu pulled away from the kiss and made me look down at Sabito going down on me. “Go on Darling, call him by his name. You can do that, can you?” I moaned in pleasure as he reached back under to give attention to my neglected nipple. Sabito worked diligently on clit, it was a luxury that not even my vibrator could give me. “Sabito! Sabito please more! Give me more Sabito!” I cried out.
He stopped what he was doing and gave up to me and Giyuu’s level. “You want some? She taste’s divine.” I feel Giyuu nod as Sabito reaches over and kisses him. Giyuu holds me tight as Sabito holds him by his face as I watch them exchange spit. I knew they had some sick partnership but it's clear that it extends beyond that! They’re obsessed with each other!
“Sorry to leave you out like that dear. Now we'll get back to making you cum.” Sabito goes back to feasting on clit as Giyuu plays with my teats while leaving hickies on my neck. “Finally! *Bite* Soon you’ll have your first official orgasm with us! *Suck* It’ll be one of our first treasured memories with you darling.”
I felt the familiar knot tighten in my stomach. “I’m gonna cum!” I exclaim. Sabito hastens in his ministries and Giyuu roughly manhandles my teats. He has his mouth against my ear. “Cum for us Darling! Cum for us! Cum! CUM!”
The knot snaps and I squirt all over Sabito’s face. He has a look of surprise and Giyuu has a look of glee. I myself am shocked. I had never come like that myself. Sabito wiped the juices from his hand and licked them up with a satisfied look as I could only breath in and out from exhaustion. I was covered in an unknown person’s blood, my hair disheveled and my legs shaking from the mind blowing orgasm.
“Baby, You did so well for us! I’m so proud of you.” Giyuu praised, kissing me on the top of my head and I couldn’t help but feel my heart flutter as Sabito rubbed my inner thighs. “You were such a good girl for us, There will be more than that to come, but for now, It's time we all go home.”
I suddenly yelped in pain as I felt a pinch at the back of my neck. I’m released from the tight hold and I turn around to find Giyuu with a syringe in his hand. I couldn’t believe I forgot who these guys were! They’re psychopaths who looked like they killed someone. I crawl away but I don’t make it very far.
I fall to the dirt floor and hear footsteps walk over to me. I hear Sabito whisper “Sweet dreams dear.” Before I eventually lose consciousness. 
I wish I had never posted that secret online...
That is it for part one, I might make a part two to this! Thanks for all the love!
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your-average-weeb-dealer · 10 months ago
What’s Ryne thinking about? Pt. 2 
Sickeningly sweet comfort addition! 
fandom: demon slayer
next up is My hero Academia Thoughts!!
Tumblr media
𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭- Tanjiro and you siting at his favorite udon place while he rambles about literally anything an everything, but then he looks at you and says,
"how did I get so lucky, y/n?"
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭- Zenitsu hugging you and starting to cry when you ask why he wants to be with you. He’ll scream into your chest about how he’s dreamed about being in a relationship with someone like you ever since he was a kid. And how he’s fantasized about having someone love him as much as he loves them
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭- Inosuke and you sitting in a field of flowers while you braid flowers into his hair and he makes you a flower crown, actually multiple flower crowns. The Great Inosukes partner needs at least four crowns. He’ll hand pick every flower and carefully weave it through the others, and he’ll yell if it falls apart. 
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭- Nezuko laying in your lap while looking up at the stars, pointing out constellations along with humming happily. Her feet will twirl around if you point out a constellations you see. 
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭- Giyuu sitting at a lake with his feet half suberged in water while he talks to you about how he wants more friends but he doesn't think he needs them, because now he has you
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭- Baking with Mitsuri, she’s an amazing baker and we all know it. You’ll wrap your arms around her waist while watching her stir something, taking a deep whiff of whatever delicious treat she’s making
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭- Shinobu tickling you while you’re both having a lazy morning in. You’ll still still be in bed at around 1:20 PM and some of the kakushi had to check on you (Shinobu quickly shooed them away). But eventually you got hungry so she got up and personally made you food
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭- Rengoku giving you a piggy back ride like you’re a two year old, he’ll carry you on his back for hours not giving a shit if it hurts his back. He’ll pick you up basically anywhere, with little or no reason
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭- Laying in bed with Sanemi and tracing scars, running your fingers up and down his toned body, him allowing you to be this close to him, letting his guard down so he can cuddle with the one person he loves more than life
Tumblr media
I might just make a separate fic for that Inosuke headcannon 
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