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#natty takes a quiz
For the song lyric for drabble thing: Bean/Jason - "Got me feelin' like it's real for sure. This is gettin' kinda out of my head."
got me feeling like it’s real for sure. this is getting kinda out of my head
It starts like this: she’s his math tutor. 
Jason Alvarado is absolute shit at math. Bean has spent the last two weeks trying to explain what a unit circle is to him, and he is no closer to understanding it than he was at the start. And maybe she should take that as some sort of personal failure, but--
It’s Jason.
And that’s not meant to sound rude. Really. Here’s what she means:
She’s spent two weeks hanging out with this guy, three weeks trying to teach him what exactly Trig is so he can get his grade up from a low D to a low C (or maybe even a low B? God, that’d be a miracle) and continue to play football. three weeks. And they’ll sit with knees brushing in the library until he gets too antsy to stay, and then they’ll walk over to her house, and he’ll play catch with her brothers while she tries to quiz him on trig identities until he starts to laugh and forces her to join in. And it’s that look on his face when she can throw a perfect spiral-- the shock and surprise and the laugh he spits out when the ball flies right into his arms.
What she means is that she’s having fun with him.
She likes it when he texts her math memes, even when he doesn’t get them, just because she’d laughed at one once, and he’d noticed. She likes it when he brings her those chocolate chip cookies his mom makes, hands her a tupperware full of them with this half shrug like we had extra, and how he watches for her reaction like it’s something he waits for. She likes the idea of them being almost friends-- more than just acquaintances, less than real friends. It’s sort of comforting. Weirdly, a lot about Jason is sort of comforting.
So she goes to the Homecoming game even though she hasn’t been to a single game since her brother graduated last year, and she sits up in the stands, and she cheers so fucking loud when he scores the game winning touchdown. And he’d invited her to his post-Homecoming party last week with some sort of earnestness that felt so incredibly genuine, and she hadn’t planned on going but now…
She bumps into him in the kitchen, the music leaving everything around her feeling a bit like it’s shaking. He’s holding a bowl of chips and a Natty Light, and it makes her roll her eyes how stereotypical it is. He grins at her.
“You made it.”
“Yeah. Congrats on that touchdown, by the way. It was a really good catch.”
He shrugs. “Mostly Luke. I was just in the right place.”
“Well you were still there,” she says. “That has to count for something.”
He shrugs again, his gaze shifting over slightly, just past her, out towards the deck, a frown edging it’s way onto his features. 
“You okay?” she asks, taking a half step closer to him. His grip on the beer is leaving his knuckles white, and she almost wants to take it from him before it bursts open.
“Yeah it’s just…” he pauses, exhales slowly. She wonders if he trusts her. She wonders if she trusts him. God, she’s only really known him for three weeks. “Erika is here with some guy.”
“Oh.” Erika, his ex girlfriend. Bean thinks she remembers her glaring over as she sat shotgun in his Jeep. Bean couldn’t figure out why then. She can’t now either.
She takes a deep breath, feels a little bold as she blinks up at him. “This is gonna sound stupid, but how do you feel about fake dating?”
send me a song lyric and a pairing and i’ll write you a drabble
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sydneykristin-j · 2 years ago
If I could go back
two years and talk to the girl that just graduated, who was sitting at her mom’s kitchen table thinking about what was going to be next I would tell her:
I wish I could tell you that those were the best four years of your life, but they’re not. They’re just different but in the best possible form of the word.. There’s responsibility but it’s not the same ones you’ll have to come. You wake up and you go to class, you sit with your friends as you scarf down a dining hall omelet, you remember you have a pop quiz and the boy you like isn't texting you back, your friends tell you about how they failed their bio test and they need to get a job. You all don’t know that you’re on your paths, you’ll be just fine. You take shots of straight vodka at night, barely flinching, wake up the next day chug Gatorade and take an Advil, do it all over again day after day. It sounds like fun but it’s not sustainable, you learn to live off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, you make a lot of temporary friends. After you graduate you realize the ones that you’ll want to keep for the rest of your life and which ones you’ll silently root for from the comfort of double tapping their Instagram posts. Graduating is really fucking stressful, in fact, it sucks. You’re going to panic about getting a job. You’ll probably get a job that you’re not passionate about. You might even panic about doing something you’re not passionate about for the rest of your life. Don’t worry, you're going to work a ton of jobs, and then maybe you’ll find something. You’re not going to be passionate about it probably, but it’s something it pays the bills. That’s okay, but never stop dreaming of your passions. Keep learning; this is not the end of wanting to know everything. There’s a whole world to learn. The world is yours to travel, even if it’s just to a new town nearby, keep exploring. There’s so much at your fingertips if you look around. Read anything you can get your hands on, eat the weird piece of sushi that you might not like, sign up for that half marathon that you keep telling yourself you’re going to do one day. Make a list of the things you want to improve about yourself and actually work on them. Keep your passion alive for things you enjoy: keep making friends and complimenting strangers on the streets. Have conversations in coffee shops, don’t let go of the little bit of light that was alive inside of you in college. People around you are going to change, some of your friends are going to isolate themselves inside of work or relationships, maybe you find yourself doing that too. But never forget the people that pushed you through school; the ones who ended their tequila-filled nights crying with you about graduating over slices of buffalo chicken pizza. Don’t forget to sing on the top of your lungs and that a quick dance session to something ridiculous can fix almost anything. Never forget how uncomfortable you were when you started but how satisfying it was when you stood up and shook your Dean's hand at graduation. There’s going to be a ton of moments that make you uncomfortable but they’re so so worth it. I want you to know that some days are good, and some days are terrible: looking back you’ll never remember the days the sky opened up on your way to class but you’ll never forget the laughs with your friends sitting on your porch drinking a lukewarm Natty Light. You’ll never remember a crappy day of work but you’re going to remember the days you make the most out of, even if it's sitting on a porch with a slightly more expensive glass of wine in a green solo cup.  Life doesn’t end here so stop thinking it does.
It’s only just begun.
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bellakitse · 3 months ago
17 questions
tagged by @reyesstrand thanks love! 💗
Nicknames: Stef, which just about everyone calls me, tefito by most of my family, and chaparri by my mom.
Zodiac: Proud Cancer, my b-day is July 16th
Height: 5’2
Hogwarts house: Every quiz I have ever taken says Gryffindor, but I consider myself a Hufflepuff.
Last thing I googled: Heart attack symptoms for a story and a restaurant in Austin for the same story.
Song stuck in my head: La major version de mi -remix by Natti Natasha y Romeo Santos
Number of followers: 3,138
Amount of sleep: If I take a sleeping aid 6/7 hours, if not, I’m lucky to get 4.
Lucky number: I don’t have one.
Dream job: Something that makes me happy? Still not sure what that is.
Wearing: lightweight sleep shirt (it’s currently close to 90 degrees here)
Favorite song: Not sure I have just one. My dad’s Spanish oldies like Leo Dan hold a special place in my heart, though.
Favorite instrument: I play nothing, but if I did, it would be the piano
Aesthetic: Jeans, heeled boots, and a girly top? Red lipstick and mascara always. I’m pretty simple.
Favorite author: If I had to pick just one, then it would be Lori Foster. She’s a big reason I write the way I write. Her stories are sweet romances with witty one-liners and awesome friends and family. They’re feel-good books which is what I want my stories to be.
Favorite animal noises: My birdies chirping for attention. (though I currently don’t have any 😔)
Random: Umm. I’m going to Greece next year, so I’m trying to learn Greek with Duolingo.
Tagging @reyescarlos, @reyeslonestar @morganaspendragonss @howtosingit
@paramedicstrand @lire-casander @iboatedhere
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skqq-net · a year ago
The 5 Best Free Email Hosting Solutions For Everyone
By rising your trade presence on-line, considered considered one of many best stuff it’s in all probability going you may per likelihood nicely per likelihood moreover possess is an electronic mail handle hosted at your space.
Having a space electronic mail provider lends a pleasurable look to your trade, which with out lengthen goes to take into accounta long way with doable prospects. On memoir of of this, many web hosts encompass free electronic mail web roar internet hosting with the acquisition of a space and web roar internet hosting bundle deal.
On the alternative hand, while you happen to signed up for a web roar web roar internet hosting supplier that doesn’t encompass electronic mail provider with a space, there are a necessity of high-quality free electronic mail web roar internet hosting suppliers obtainable to collect your pleasurable electronic mail residing up.
To your comfort, I’ll spotlight 5 of the one free electronic mail web roar internet hosting alternate solutions with a customized space to your trade:
Zoho Mail (Versatile electronic mail provider with person-suited cell app)
GMX Mail (Toughen for extra-high-quality electronic mail attachments)
Yandex Mail (Includes limitless mailbox state of affairs and built-in cloud storage)
Migadu (Provides limitless electronic mail addresses at your customized space)
Gmail with ImprovMX  (Gmail-basically primarily based answer for specific individual dwelling homeowners)
1. Zoho Mail
Urged for: Tiny firms with as much as 25 staff.
Zoho Mail is considered considered one of many most conventional free electronic mail web roar internet hosting suppliers as a result of it provides a wide range of companies and is extraordinarily person-suited.
Zoho Mail is supreme for dinky firms significantly as a result of it means that you can present as much as 25 assorted electronic mail addresses at a single space freed from fee. In addition to to, each individual will get as much as 5 GB of storage state of affairs, absolutely free.
The Zoho Mail electronic mail consumer is extremely straightforward to make make use of of and resembles the interface of predominant electronic mail clients esteem Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Importantly, there’s moreover a cell app and browser-basically primarily based consumer so it’s in all probability going you may per likelihood nicely per likelihood moreover gather admission to your trade electronic mail from anyplace. All variations of the patron allow you to residing up your mail into folders and categorize messages with tags for straightforward buying later.
One way or the other, Zoho Mail makes it straightforward to manage your trade electronic mail. The government. dashboard means that you can with out nervousness produce new customers and to residing solutions for handing over assorted sorts of mail to assorted sub-sections of your inbox. In convey for you, it’s in all probability going you may per likelihood nicely per likelihood moreover moreover make use of POP or IMAP to ahead your mail to at least one extra handle or electronic mail provider.
It moreover has Out Of Quandary of job message characteristic, it’s in all probability going you may per likelihood nicely per likelihood moreover residing up automatic-answer for a selected memoir, interval, or contact guidelines. Clean, there are only a few downsides to utilizing Zoho’s free electronic mail provider.
The predominant is that there might be no map to import your contacts from social media, so it’s in all probability going you may per likelihood nicely should enter them manually. Secondly, there often are not any saved searches or natty filters that routinely categorize emails into folders.
As much as 25 electronic mail addresses
Cell app obtainable
Every individual will get 5 GB of storage state of affairs
Very good administrative interface
No contact importing from social media
2. GMX Mail
Urged for: Further-high-quality attachments.
GMX Mail is an especially highly effective free customized space electronic mail web roar internet hosting answer. This provider provides limitless inbox state of affairs and attachments as much as 50 MB, which beats out nearly each different free electronic mail web roar internet hosting supplier.
On the alternative hand, the associated fee for all of this recordsdata state of affairs is that the rep-basically primarily based electronic mail consumer is closely clogged with advertisements.
The interface is cut up into further than one bins, lots of which might per likelihood nicely be merely advertisements, so it is a long way additionally traumatic to collect mature to sifting by the use of the patron to collect admission to your emails inside the muse.
In distinction, the cell app shows fewer adverts and is worthy easier to make make use of of. For that motive, GMX Mail is just for firms which are okay with working largely on cell devices or with forwarding to at least one extra electronic mail supplier.
GMX Mail does present a necessity of enough elements for conserving organized, together with a calendar that routinely reminds you of upcoming occasions. It’s in all probability going you may per likelihood nicely per likelihood per likelihood moreover residing auto-responses which are precipitated when a buyer sends an electronic mail, akin to to your enhance electronic mail handle. Whereas the patron doesn’t routinely produce contacts while you happen to ship and collect emails, it’s in all probability going you may per likelihood nicely per likelihood moreover routinely import contacts from Fb.
50 MB electronic mail attachments
Cell app has few advertisements
Auto-responses obtainable
In a state of affairs to import contacts from Fb
Net consumer has many advertisements
3. Yandex Mail
Urged for: Constructed-in electronic mail and cloud storage.
Yandex Mail provides a necessity of incentives to make make use of of it to your trade electronic mail, together with the flexibleness to produce as much as 1,000 specific individual accounts at your space. Higher however, all of these accounts gather limitless mailbox storage and 10 GB of free cloud storage state of affairs. Attachments are restricted to 25 GB, though worthy as for Gmail, attachments larger than this dimension are routinely uploaded to the cloud and despatched as obtain hyperlinks.
The Yandex Mail consumer is tidy and customizable with a necessity of various themes, which makes it straightforward to tailor your inbox to what’s most tickled as a way to form by the use of. Should you don’t esteem the Yandex consumer, it’s in all probability going you may per likelihood nicely per likelihood moreover make use of IMAP or POP to ahead your trade mail to each different predominant electronic mail platform.
Yet one more very enough characteristic of Yandex Mail is the flexibleness to ship messages later, utilizing a built-in timer. It’s in all probability going you may per likelihood nicely per likelihood per likelihood moreover mix further than one Yandex Mail accounts right into a single inbox, which is enough in case your trade has further than one enhance electronic mail addresses.
Probably the most attention-grabbing plot again to Yandex Mail is that the alternate solutions for filtering are significantly venerable. That makes it subtle to routinely categorize incoming mail into assorted sections of your inbox or routinely construct labels.
As much as 1,000 accounts
Limitless mailbox storage
10 GB free cloud storage state of affairs
Few alternate solutions for filtering mail
4. Migadu
Urged for: Limitless electronic mail addresses at your space.
Migadu’s undeniable-textual snort web roar doesn’t encourage self perception, nonetheless don’t let that waste you from taking good factor about this extraordinarily adaptive free electronic mail space web roar internet hosting provider. Migadu provides an infinite want of electronic mail addresses at your customized space, so that you don’t should terror about switching companies as your crew grows.
In addition to to, given that web consumer in all fairness naked-bones, it tons of worthy further shortly than many competing companies’ web clients. Migadu moreover provides a responsive buyer assist crew and is continuous to roll out new companies.
Establishing your electronic mail is simple ensuing from Migadu’s built-in space nameserver. And, not like with different free customized space electronic mail web roar internet hosting alternate solutions, you don’t should terror about your recordsdata being shared with third-parties or in-client advertisements. Migadu moreover provides superior direct mail filters that plan it straightforward to be distinct your inbox simply is not cluttered with junk.
The predominant drawback of utilizing Migadu is that all inboxes are restricted to acceptable 1 GB of storage state of affairs. That’s not a practice while you happen to’re principally sending textual snort-only emails, nonetheless if attachments are normal that state of affairs can recede shortly. Whereas emails forwarded to at least one extra memoir acquired’t rely in opposition to your quota, Migadu warns that the company will quiz you to pork up while you happen to abuse this workaround.
Additionally stAMP that Migadu doesn’t present accent elements esteem duties and calendars, and there might be not any cell or desktop utility to collect admission to your electronic mail. Which methodology it’s in all probability going you may per likelihood nicely should make make use of of the stripped-down web consumer model or determine to ahead your electronic mail to at least one extra memoir.
Limitless electronic mail addresses
Knowledge stays private
Developed direct mail filters
No cell or desktop functions
Mailboxes restricted to 1 GB of storage each
5. Gmail & ImprovMX
Urged for: Sole proprietors who should make make use of of Gmail.
Should you’re in trade to your self and would fairly possess trade emails despatched to your private Gmail memoir in should enroll in a free electronic mail web roar internet hosting provider, it’s in all probability going you may per likelihood nicely per likelihood moreover make use of ImprovMX.
This provider makes make use of of aliases to routinely ahead electronic mail despatched to an handle at your space identify to your current Gmail memoir.
Getting setup is simple by the use of ImprovMX, which walks you by the use of the path of of together with the precious space nameserver addresses to your space identify memoir. As quickly as that’s performed, all you can complete is add your new alias electronic mail handle in Gmail beneath ‘Settings > Accounts and Imports > Ship mail as:’. Edifying take observe to moreover replace your electronic mail signatures and ‘Ship from’ settings in Gmail in order that it’s in all probability going you may per likelihood nicely per likelihood moreover very nicely be not responding to trade mail alongside together with your private memoir unintentionally.
Degree to that whereas your mail is exhibiting up in Gmail, sending and receiving is tranquil counting on ImprovMX’s servers. Thankfully, ImprovMX boasts a 99.99% uptime and provides 24/7 free enhance by technique of dwell chat.
Integrates with Gmail
Straightforward setup
Free 24/7 enhance dwell chat
Shrimp effectivity for further than one customers
Incomplete RoR set up e-book
Discovering the Right Free Piece of email Net web roar internet hosting Risk
Having a pleasurable electronic mail hosted at your space identify is an especially essential ingredient of performing pleasurable to doable prospects. Whereas it’s in all probability going you may per likelihood nicely per likelihood moreover sometimes gather free electronic mail web roar internet hosting by the use of your web roar host, there are a necessity of companies obtainable that present free customized space electronic mail web roar internet hosting.
Here is how the 5 free electronic mail web roar internet hosting alternate solutions I reviewed stack up:
Zoho Mail is a flexible trade electronic mail with a cell app obtainable
GMX Mail helps huge 50 MB electronic mail attachments
Yandex Mail accommodates limitless mailbox state of affairs 10 MB of cloud storage state of affairs
Migadu provides an infinite want of electronic mail accounts at your space
Gmail with ImprovMX means that you can make make use of of Gmail with an electronic mail handle at your space
Did this e-book permit you to insist the one free electronic mail web roar internet hosting supplier to your trade? Let me know inside the suggestions beneath!
The submit The 5 Handiest Free Piece of email Net web roar internet hosting Alternate solutions For Every individual appeared first on Net Net web roar internet hosting Critiques by Correct Clients and Net Net web roar internet hosting Consultants.
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shadowy-dumbo-octopus · 4 years ago
List of things I have called the Bartimaeus trilogy characters
Nathaniel: Nat, Natty, Natty boy, Jonny, my trash child, my trash son, my precious fashion disaster, peacock*.
Kitty: Kitty cat, my gf, the queen of my heart, squad mom*, queen of conspiracy theories*.
Bartimaeus: Bart, Barti, Barti boy, my other trash son, dork, nerd, loser, that little shit, that sarcastic piece of shit, my beloved trash-talking son, asshole cat*.
Ptolemy: Ptol, my child, my actual son, nerd, science nerd*, sarcastic little shit, my precious son, ray of sunshine, mister "sorry I haven't slept for a week bc science"*, my precious cinnamon roll who takes no shit, meme supreme*.
Jakob: Jakeeeeeyyy, my beautiful son, baby, Wine Mom*.
Faquarl: Faq, Lord Farquaad, Gordon Ramsay wannabe, walking trashcan, piece of hentai garbage, that idiot, evil birb.
Jabor: THAT LOSER, J-boy, J-dog, helldoge, trash doge, trash helldoge, Moon Moon but angry.
Queezle: Quiz, Quizzy, my daughter, light of my life.
Lovelace: That slimy little fuck, Lovelacey.
Makepeace: Makepiss, Qwerty Makepeas, that ginger asshole, closeted Hamilton garbage, Bartverse equivalent of Benedick Cucumberpatch.
Asmira: Assy McFrassy, my wife, badass, the sassassin*, murder smol*, the actual queen of my heart, Acemira*.
Solomon: the token heterosexual, Sol, party king, fabulous party king, nerdlord supreme*, Lord of the Rings, One Nerd To Rule Them All*.
Khaba: SHADOWFUCKER, trash king*, trash overlord*, THAT FUCKING PIECE OF GARBAGE, The Worst(TM) , that fucker, shady gay fuck , evil gay trashbag, wannabe Disney villain, actual embodiment of the song "For Your Entertainment" by Adam Lambert but more evil and somehow even more kinky* (although "To Be Loved" by Papa Roach works nicely too.), the worst thing to ever crawl out of Egypt, that delightful gay fuckup.
Ammet: TRASH MARID, gay disaster, shadowy fuck, trash loser, the little shit, shadowy gay Illuminati, THIS FUCKING NERD, thirsty little fuck, this absolute goddamn disaster, shadowy garbage, this shadowy fucker, the second worst thing to ever crawl out of Egypt, loooser, that delightful gay fuckup no.2 .
Nouda: Asshole, the bane of my existence, Noodle, the entirety of 4chan condensed into one horrible abomination.
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