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#seriously i'm so happy
leneyyo · 9 hours ago
Hello! So about that adorable Dianxia you sent me yesterday... :D
Tumblr media
and thank you dianxia!! <3
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lost-in-interpreting · 3 days ago
Thank you for your additions to the career post! I am not really into law, but i know that i also don't want to stay in the translation industry as it is now. I worked two jobs where it was regarded as something disposable, and i am done. I am very close to saying fuck it and getting another degree in education 🙃
Oh, thank you as well for your message! And also thanks @ebilait for your addition and for tagging me and to everyone who added something in their tags! I was on the fence for the last few days whether I should actually go for the re-training as a paralegal because all of that “Think-About-Your-Career!” - stuff that the OP of the original post talked about was always somewhere in the back of my mind. So when I saw that post this morning I wrote that addition, mainly to encourage myself to go for it, but I never expected that I’d get so many -well can I say “positive” in this context?- reactions! (If anything, this being Tumblr, I expected depressing tags or one or two guilt-tripping anons).
Not wanting to stay in the translation industry as it is now sums up my dilemma perfectly, thank you! I still love translation and I love the purpose and philosophy behind it, and I’m sure that that’s the case for many other young language professionals, but there’s such a disconnect currently between why people choose this job and where the industry is heading. Which is why I’m very curious to see how the translation industry will develop in the near future. Because I believe that it’s completely possible that the translation industry as it is will crash and burn in the next 10 to 20 years, because
a) their increasing reliance on machine translation -that is NOT as good as they claim- can definitely come back to bite them in the ass at some point
b) clients might at some point realize that the lower costs come at a prize - lower quality or maybe even lost business contracts because of lack of localization etc.
and c) young professionals are leaving the industry in droves.
These young professionals chose the profession out of a love for languages, communication and culture and when they then find an industry that basically shits on all that in favour of short-term profit and treats them like disposable, one-use tissues, they all go “big yikes” and leave. Which allows other industries to scoop up that talent. Which industries do that is probably different in different markets, but where I live it’s the legal sector, particularly law firms that have a lot of international business, like M&A and patent law firms. That’s also one thing I’d like to emphasise for any young translation students who read my addition to that last post and thought “Oh well, shit, that’s some really crappy job prospects”: There definitely is a demand for language and communication skills on the job market. Because our world IS a globalized, connected world and language skills and knowledge about intercultural communication ARE important to many companies.
So yeah, I’m curious whether or not it’ll all crash and burn, maybe enabling a better version of this industry to rise from the ashes, but for now I think I’d much rather watch all that from a safe distance.
Also, of course I wish you the best of luck for your future career, whether you stay in some corner of the language sector or go for another degree! 🍀
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hyunubear · 3 days ago
to lift your mood, one day I randomly decided to walk to my best friend's house (we like like.. 10kms away) and he called me and came by bicycle to meet me halfway because it was too long and was scared I'd get lost or meet weird people so to keep me safe he rushed to me even tho I decided to do that super wtf thing dhdjdhd :(((( I love him
TEN KILOMETERS?????? TEN????????? Su....
OMG PLEASE😭😭😭😭 GOD BLESS HIS SOUL!!! Thats so sweet🥺🥺🥺 @ AITA ANON SEE????? NOT ALL OF THEM SUCK!!!!! U dont have to settle!!!!
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dinky-demure · 5 days ago
mmmm sorry I hate venting on these platforms but I'm upset so you're getting it !!!!I'm REALLY struggling to keep in touch with my pals rn, when our only form of contact is ONLINE! and I spend so much time online it's very difficult to compartmentalise WORK and like SOCIAL LIFE when it's all on the same platform, and has been for over a fucking year 🥴🥴🥴 but I feel like my friends are all drifting AWAY from me because I haven't been very good at keeping in touch with them and my anxiety recently has been THROUGH THE ROOOOF about it. like I literally can't stop thinking about it 😔 does anyone else relate to this weird like ONLINE LIFE struggle? because I feel so stuck and upset and I don't know what to do 😔
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ratld-sideblog · 5 days ago
I saw how much you’ve been posting and just wanted to let you know how good your work is! Be sure to take breaks and take care of yourself!
I'm just...sitting in my school's cafeteria. Waiting for class. Replying to discord messages...I didn't expect- 🥺🥺🥺
This is so thoughtful. I've been trying to post a request every day (or two depending on the length) and some incorrect quotes whenever I think of one. I'm literally a blog that has nothing but RATLD content and so that's my job, but. Thank you. I'm. I needed this. I'll take a break in about 2 weeks, so don't you worry! It'll be an entire week to reboot my system and then I'll be back to making content for y'all, I promise 🤧
Seriously, though. I desperately needed a message like this. Thank you so much because it makes me feel a lot better about taking time to myself. I hope you have a lovely day 👉👈
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soapiewalten · 5 days ago
the fnaf fandom saw scott cawthon make scary robot series and went “scott can we have some lgbt representation” and scott said “ok here’s an agender rabbit with no screen time and uhh a fox with an ambiguous gender?” and we were like “ok scott now can we have some lesbians please?” and he was like “(john mulaney voice) NO”
and martin walls really made his own scary robot series and said “SHES a lesbian and SHES a lesbian and you know what fuck it this rabbits a lesbian too” and i just slurp it right up
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pianomanblaine · 6 days ago
Listening to Riverdance makes me realize once again how much I miss playing music. 
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librarikay · 6 days ago
just found out i got an A- on one of the most challenging classes i’ve ever had and so i’m just here,,,, trying not to cry because i really didn’t think i would make it.
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