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Fifteen steps.


Nine steps.




“It hasn’t changed in the past hour, Jim.” Spock doesn’t open his eyes, just speaks wearily into the echoey, empty space.

He wants to glare back at the Vulcan, but he’d probably see it even with his eyes closed. Of course it hasn’t changed in the past hour. It hasn’t changed in the past sixty eight hours and–he glances at the screen on the wall–thirteen minutes. And fifty-four seconds.

But what else is he supposed to do?

He goes back to pacing the perimeter of their isolation chamber.

Spock sighs. “Jim…”

“Yes, Spock?”

But Spock doesn’t seem to have an answer. Good. Kirk doesn’t need a lecture right now. Especially when he can’t escape.


“Bones, there’s got to be another way.” Kirk is frantic, practically pleading. “Don’t tell me there are no other isolation cells on this ship–I know every inch, she’s my ship. Hell, I’ve even been held in several of the other cells before, as I know you can recall, since you’re the one who gave the orders. So what’s this about?”

McCoy is not cowed by his captain’s protests. “Look, Jim, I can’t let you out, not when there’s a chance you could infect the crew. And none of the other cells are available, so I can’t beam you to one of them, even if I thought that was advisable.” At that Kirk smiles, sure he can convince Bones to beam him somewhere, anywhere–his quarters, back to the planet that got him into this mess, the vacuum of space–but the level gaze from the doctor knocks that idea flat. Bones crosses his arms over his chest and repeats, “If I thought that was advisable. Which I don’t.”

Kirk lowers his voice, makes it almost too low to hear, and this time he is pleading. “Bones. You know why I can’t stay here. You know what this’ll do to me.” He closes his eyes, then says one more time, “Please.” He can’t look when he says it. He already knows the answer.

“Sorry, Jim. It’s only three days. If it’s any consolation I don’t think you were actually exposed, but we have to be sure.” He looks at Kirk, then at Spock, then shrugs. He knows what he’s putting Kirk through. He reaches out like he wants to put his hand on Kirk’s shoulder, but of course he can’t. The wall may be invisible, but it still exists. Nothing can get through it, in either direction. There’s a small airlock in the corner for delivering food, and a bathroom in the other corner; the walls to that are invisible too, for the moment, but when someone wants to use it they become opaque, and the door appears. Quite clever, these isolation cells. Keep all the germs on one side or the other.

“Are you alright, Captain?”

Kirk turns to see Spock’s concerned look.

Yes, they do an excellent job of keeping the germs where they belong. And sometimes they also trap a man inside with another man.

“Fine, Mr. Spock. Just fine,” Kirk says, his voice infused with false cheerfulness.

The man he’s been in love with for months now.

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inspired by this post

Leonard still thought Jim’s decision to put him as the second officer was dumb as shit, especially considering he only had very basic and standard command training, but given that the admiralty was stupid enough to sign off on the assignment he was stuck in the position. He didn’t begrudge the larger, mostly private quarters though, especially after three years and some change of bunking with the adult-infant that was James T. Kirk and four years before that of Joanna and Jocelyn. It’d been awhile since he’d truly been on his own, and as he unpacked his meager possessions in a room that felt too large, he wondered whether it was going to be truly good for him. 

Anything was better than Jim waking up naked in his bed with a hangover though, he supposed. 

He did share a jack-and-jill bathroom with another high ranking officer, but that would most likely not be an issue. It wasn’t the communal bathrooms of the Academy dorms, at least, and he could guarantee some level of sanitization if he had any say in it, so there was that. He had complaints about how far the room was from Medbay, but Jim had already approved (unofficially, but who cared about the bureaucracy) his desire to put a cot in his office down there. Jim had conveniently forgotten to tell him who he would be sharing with, but his bets were on Scotty, and if that was the case at least he would have some decent alcohol and a decent person to share it with. He grabbed his bath kit to find someplace to store it, and pondered over rooming alone for the first time in years, although “alone” was a mislabel on a starship. He would never be alone; he’d probably be damn pleased he had this room to himself, at least the bathroom door locked. 

He reconsidered this conclusion when he saw Spock blinking at him placidly from the other bathroom doorway. 

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!”

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spirk w fond looks and/or knuckle kisses

In honor of the treaty and new membership to the Federation, the Enterprise’s hosts have thrown a party. It’s outside, under a pavilion. Balls of light float near the roof of the structure and outside, the night sky is a dark pink. Their hosts are playing music that reminds Kirk of a ballroom waltz on instruments he’s never seen before; members of his crew dance with their hosts or each other, carefully avoiding the alien drinks but cheerfully eating the pastries left out for the party to eat. Kirk spots crewmembers drinking from water bottles they’ve brought with them and ignores the glint of Bones’s flask from across the room. 

It wouldn’t do for him to stand in the corner nursing his own water bottle all night, no matter that he’s already danced with one of the ambassadors. Kirk knows another person who hasn’t danced all night either, and he can find Mr. Spock quite easily, as, of course, the man is standing right beside him. 

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I just watched final frontier. How come no one told me about the part with sybok and bones! Sybok tells bones that he has the worst pain! Leonard McCoy is just out there, being afraid of space, carrying his pain around, and trying to keep Jim safe! His pain is the worst! Come on!

Also, when spock put his katra into McCoy was he able to feel McCoy’s pain? Idk how katra works. Spock forgot everything after, but will he eventually remember what it felt like to share Leonard’s body? Will he remember his pain?

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To be honest, being in isolation with Spock would be easier for me than being stuck with Jim. I’m an introvert by nature and Jim is a lot more tactile than I like

Pros of being in quarantine with Spock: Actual silence for as long as you want, good at “parallel play,” occasional philosophical discussions

Cons: Not so great if you have any emotions about your situation

Pros of being in quarantine with Jim: Actual hugs when you’re down, so much talking you can’t even think about being sad, very sweet and conversant in a range of subjects, will physically fight a virus so it doesn’t hurt you

Cons: WILL YOU SHUT UP FOR 30 SECONDS and you can’t punch a virus. No, not even with both fists clasped together.

Pros of being in quarantine with Bones: Actual booze, takes care of you, cured the virus 30 minutes ago 

Cons: Tests vaccine on himself suddenly and without warning

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[Image: a screenshot of John Mulaney during a stage performance, with text that says “Spock is a bitch and I like him so much.” End.]

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