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#tdp ezran
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castle kids (soren, claudia, ezran, callum) headcanons

  • soren being ezran’s co-partner in crime (besides bait) when it came to stealing jelly tarts after callum retired and before soren was made captain of the crownguard
  • claudia came up with the nickname sor-bear for ezran to use at first because he couldn’t pronounce soren very well
  • all have played so, so many games of hide and seek at ezran’s request - him and bait know exactly how to use those big puppy dog eyes
  • with a grieving father and a kingdom to aid taking up most of harrow’s time, callum quickly learned how to change ezran’s diapers
  • after his mom died, claudia and soren became big pillars of support for him. he’d go to claudia after nightmares and they’d stay up late whispering about magic
  • callum used to help soren with some of his maths and readings and stuff. it wasn’t that he was dumb, but it wasn’t his forte and callum just wanted to learn everything. it was there that soren was able to appreciate poetry for the first time
  • claudia’s always been very fond of bait and she’s the only one bait will ride on top of (on their heads) other than ezran
  • one of the first days it hit callum, as a young child, that his mother was gone, he broke down crying in a deserted hallway. soren stumbled upon him and stayed by his side. “my mom’s gone too,” he whispered, even if they both know it’s different, and held him while he cried. it’s that day and that memory, more than anything, that makes callum accept soren’s less than stellar of treatment of him whenever it used to rear its head.
  • soren was there when ezran took his first steps
  • ezran, claudia, and callum would have baking days growing up and soren would get to reap most of the benefits
  • callum painting claudia’s nails and ezran braiding her hair
  • soren is the one who teaches callum how to shave in his later years, since harrow no longer can
  • whenever callum or ezran got dragged to formal events, claudia and soren would want all the details when they got back. gossip and who they met and everything. she and soren were never jealous though - callum and ezran had to pose for way more fancy ceremonial portraits than they did and it looked so boring.
  • (soren, ezran, and callum all miss in her their own way - as she does with them, even if none of them are quite sure how to say it.)
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Rayla: I’m legit having an existential crisis over frisbee.


Soren: I’m dying I guess. Wait nope my hair was in my eyes never mInD.

Claudia: There are no more muffins I am sad.

Viren: At least there aren’t any derogatory…demoting…dragons I don’t kNoW oKaY?!

Aaravos: If I take my hood off and get my hair out of my eyes I could maybe see but that would be sensible and stuff


Runaan: Hello. Hi. Look at me, I’m sTrUgGLiNg!

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Amaya ,signs: Let’s play a game. Tell me two truths and a lie.

Ezran :Ok ,I’ll go first.

Ezran: I am the King of Katolys ,my eyes are brown and one time I jumped in a frozen lake and almost drowned.

Amaya : Ez you have to make it harder than than that. The last one is a lie-

Gren : his eyes are blue.

Amaya :



Amaya: you did wHAT?!

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I just realised Zym’s flight at the end of S2 was foreshadowed

I just realised that while they’re on the boat with Captain Villads (who happens to be named after one of the people working on the show, fun fact) Ezran and Zym mimic each other in their sleep and my mind, of course, started trying to find a logical solution.

And I found it in the form of Ezran helping Zym fly to block out the sun at the end of the season. They have that psychic connection which made them mimic each other and it was set up earlier on in the season and then the payoff was that moment!

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