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Bones in the Ocean would be such a good post-war Alabaster song. Imagine him walking around, loaded down with survivors guilt so he goes off to find the souls of his former soldiers fully intending to give up his life. When he gets there and he’s moments before death he realizes that he doesn’t want to die as much as he thought he did especially when he sees his dead friends and they don’t hold him accountable for their deaths so they help him survive and he goes back to the land of the living with a massive weight lifted off his shoulders. He goes home knowing that his dead friends still love him as much as they used to and as much as he loves them; so he lives for them because they can’t but also for him because he deserves to live.

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these two ideas for writing pieces reverberating around the inside of my skull ‼️ WHEN I TELL U I PHYSICALLY NEED TO WRITE THESE EVEN IF IT K!LLS ME 🧍🏽‍♀️

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Dnd: here’s twelve unique and fun classes for you to play with!

Me, making my eleventh paladin: uhuh yup cool gotcha

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i’ve been playing around with the Dressing Room because i kept seeing people’s dragons with apparel and going WOW WHAT IS THAT since it had been released during my hiatus

so far i’ve mostly learned that i’ll put those armet sets, ravenwood pieces, and random banners on everything

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I think the amount of love I have for Major Character Death fics is concerning…

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catch me forever simping for fenix and penta ✌️😌

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im just ur average fool, i see a corgi and i burst into tears

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Caleb walks out of his first meeting with Yussa, a little shaken, and everyone is immediately clamoring for him to explain what happened, what he learned, what they talked about. 

After a few moments of this Fjord leans back and says “Hey Caleb”

Caleb turned

“What the hell happened in there?”

Then Caleb explained

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I have so many Big Finish stories that I need to catch up on, but instead I decided to listen to the Sarah Jane audios for the third time.

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MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, ANON. I would honestly LOVE something like that. THAT. IS. MY. JAM. That’s the kind of content that I just adore seeing. Completely unexpected too!! Like, I just want it to be so subtle, if you blink you’ll miss it in the background, but once you catch it you’re just like:



Now I’m sitting here like…… =u= I NEED IT, ANON.

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god i miss thin mints :/ who wants to send me a girl scout cookies care package

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Y'all know i go through a samsteve mood like once a week right

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