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#thanks for asking
  • without you by parachute (peak s1; verse 1 is callum pov, 2nd verse is rayla’s)
  • surrender by natalie taylor (s1 and s3 in particular, encompasses all the vibes)
  • sucker by the jonas brothers (mostly pining rayla song, nice 1x03 references aka “say the word and i’ll go anywhere blindly”)
  • where do you run by the score (pining callum song, particularly for s2 and s3 but first verse is very s1)
  • i was an island by john allision-weiss (perfect pining rayla song particularly for s1)
  • i will always be yours by ben rector (was made for pining callum pov like honestly; “i’ve been the prince, i’ve been the pauper”)
  • cruel summer by taylor swift (s2 pining rayla pov)
  • don’t take the money by the bleachers (s1+s2, callum pov)
  • still falling for you by ellie goulding (s1-s3 mutual perfection with nice lyrical references, let’s go)
  • lightning by alex goot (pining callum song for s2 and s3 with special shout out to 2x04)
  • i think i’m in love by kat dahlia (perfect pining rayla song particularly for the chorus and some of the verses)
  • protector by city wolf (mutual, s1-s3)
  • let me down slowly by alec benjamin (for s1 and early s2 in particular, mostly callum pov; possible post ttm revival?)
  • ghost by jacob lee (sadder song for 3x03 callum pov, nice spades of love and compassion for rayla)
  • emerald eyes by anson seabra (pining rayla song for obvious reasons)
  • high above the ground by daughtry (s3 in particular, super sweet song with perhaps a tiny bit more of a callum pov slant but honestly really works for both)
  • kiss you by one direction (s3 pining callum song, it’s a bop, leave me alone)
  • don’t deserve you by plumb (screams rayla pov for every season perfectly honestly, definitely post ttm vibes)
  • long live by taylor swift (mutual s1-s3 vibes, the bridge gets surprisingly emotional with show context)
  • save me by noah kahan (for that sweet mix of supreme self loathing rayla and compassionate callum, rayla pov esp in s3 and 3x04 & 3x08)
  • can’t fight this feeling anymore by bastille (a cover, one of the ultimate pining callum songs, makes me cry, reigns s3 supreme)
  • ordinary day by vanessa carlton (an old bop for pining rayla pov)
  • when i’m with you by ben rector (s1-s3 feel good song with a really sweet message, verse 1 for rayla pov and verse 2 for callum pov)
  • take on the world by you me at six (again with the 1x03 references, mutual pov, perfect for them)
  • peace by taylor swift (the rayla ttm pov vibes this has?? truly indescribable) 
  • risk it all by the vamps (an incredibly sweet and fun pining callum song)
  • i swear i’ll never leave again by keshi (another rayla song, shout out to s3 and post ttm) 
  • rewrite the stars from the greatest showman (self explanatory masterpiece) 
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i binge watched it all from 3am - 7am on zero sleep but here’s what i remember

  • 3x01 didn’t break me because i’d read all the spoilers that got released for the episode like a month (and a half ish??) beforehand but i still internally screamed when rayla called him her best friend and envied gren because i too want a spinny hug from amaya
  • 3x02 did break me because not only was ezran’s arc too good and exactly what i’d wanted for me that my brain was starting to be unable to process it, my brain actually did break upon finishing the episode and realizing that the ep’s b-plot was genuinely just rayllum having a fun date together in xadia. my brain remained broken for the rest of the season. also the first blush scene for rayllum also being mutual?? legendary, 10/10
  • the 3x03 dancing scene was life changing but i was mostly consumed by janaya feels and thinking about soren-rayla parallels. ezran in the cape and crown combo was a Look. “rayla doesn’t deserve this” lives on repeat in my head to this day
  • 0.3 seconds into 3x04’s first rayllum scene was i Screaming because it was exactly the sort of conflict i’d been waiting for since 1x06 and i was just so fucking Hype and along for the ride. i still can’t believe the two blankets or just one tease is a Real Canon Thing that Happened. “rayla, it’s okay” and callum running after her added ten years to my life. him taking off her hood and calling her beautiful was already so much to process and then the Kiss happened and i had to pause and rewind
  • seeing rayllum still be such good friends and partners to each other in 3x05 in spite of the awkwardness was such a soothing balm to my heart. i don’t think words can adequately express the joy and softness of watching the look in callum’s eyes as he turned around to give another speech about how amazing rayla is or her lil smile when he kisses her first or the scarf grab or the final soft kiss. past me felt super vindicated that the soft callum look i’d spied in 1x07 was just a smaller version of his big 3x05 one. icons only
  • 3x06 had soft snuggles that was an unexpected blessing. the moment when he places his hand over hers on his shoulder is the most #married things i’ve ever seen. rayla having grown enough to not only share callum’s viewpoint regarding the cycle but able to cheer him up with it?? sweeties. also a nice lil full circle because i’d also thought since 1x07 that callum opening up to rayla about his mother would be a nice lil end to that sort of arc
  • 3x07 gave us so much in so little time. soft casual smooches and smiles. the flirting!! parallels to 1x03 lip touch as well as vindication because i’d always thought callum had flirted with her in 1x06 and then the exact same tone was used and i lost my mind. also they passed out holding hands!! it was so much for my heart it was almost a relief to go back to the a-plot that wasn’t rayllum centred
  • rayla giving callum the pendant in 3x08 when they’d both heard what it mean for runaan and ethari - “my love will be with you when the moon is not” - was so much i was screaming (again). him taking her hand and just silently being there for her and rayla opening up easily is still one of my fave scenes for them in the series. the final handhold resolution up on the pinnacle and callum proving that he does know her and just watching her process with the Softest smile on his face. two rayllum hugs in one ep is always a good time. and her taking his hand to comfort him in the end?? so sweet my heart
  • i cannot remember my exact reaction to seeing that callum wanted to tell her he loved her in 3x09 which is a crime but i think i let out a muffled scream within the confines of my mind. as soon as the wings came back i was like oh my god this is gonna be rayllum related isn’t it and then it was and it was beautiful and perfect and what my babies deserve. i wrote rayla putting her hands in callum’s hair on a series wishlist but never thought i’d ever get it. legendary, truly. perfect end to a fantastic season. also another handhold with interlaced fingers and these two losers looking at each other when zubeia says “my love”?? sign me tf up

tldr; season three was a beautiful fever dream and i regularly forget portions of it actually happened / are Canon

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yess!! honestly with only one atla piece under my belt, each of the two i have planned for the future are probably going to take some time! i do have a sokka&aang brotp fic but i still only have the summary

The Reason: “Aang is the Avatar. He’s the world only chance. You both found him for a reason. Now your destinies are intertwined with his.” Nearly a decade after meeting Aang, Sokka reflects.

i’m hoping to have a lot more time to write in mid december to mid january tho <3

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  • he’s covered in freckles. just absolutely loaded with freckles. I know this isn’t shown in the comic but I feel it in my heart. he’s also hairier than he looks.
  • his eyes are brown [which is actually seen later on, but I’m putting them here anyway because it’s important to note considering 616 matt has blue eyes in the comics] and he’s right-handed but taught himself to be ambidextrous mostly to drive the nuns crazy when he used his “improper” left hand. [and 616 matt is left-handed] when I draw him based on NMCU matt, I part his hair the opposite way and also he’s 2 inches taller than regular!matt putting him at 6 ft — this may or may not be because he was nurtured more under the Hand than regular!matt ever was.
  • he likes to go by matthew. not matt, or matty. full names are kind of his thing, though he dishes out nicknames for everyone else.
  • he grew up in the orphanage and lived in a dorm at Catholic school, but unlike regular!matt he was seen as a perfect angel who could do no wrong. everyone pitied him and his hard life. everyone let him get out of trouble scot-free. he brown-nosed everyone he could to get what he wanted. of course, he was actually a chaotic little demon coming up with elaborate pranks and skipping class to get high under the stairs but he never took the blame for anything he did. he’s been a manipulative mastermind since DAY ONE.
  • he was 10000% a theatre kid. like, always getting the lead part in the musical, stuck-up, holier-than-thou kind of theatre kid. he can sing, he can dance, he can act his heart out and put tears in your eyes — and everyone ate it up because he’s the poor little orphan blind boy! and look how talented he is! [big headcanon he played Valjean in Les Mis] he was also big into speech & debate for obvious reasons. he loves going to Broadway performances and is also partial to drag shows. he thinks drag queens [and kings] are the funniest people on the planet.
  • because he was fully trained by the Hand, I think his senses are actually better honed and more controllable than regular!matt’s. this is why he can wear strongly-scented cologne and occasionally smoke without making himself ill, and go to clubs without blowing his eardrums out.
  • like any poisonous animal, he wears bright colors and garish patterns, though he prefers shades of red and only wears gold metal. he has his suits tailored, and almost always wears silk shirts underneath them; the only other thing he ever wears are [red and gold] silk robes when he’s at home. Tom Ford quivers before him.
  • he’s shamelessly bisexual but prefers men, and he’ll run a blade through anyone who dares to judge him for it. [and despite how controlling he is, he actually is a bottom most of the time]
  • he likes to be barefoot because he can feel minute vibrations and get a “clearer” picture around him in a larger radius. also it lets him move quieter, which he enjoys so he can sneak up on people like some terrible phantom. And it’s just a plain power move in front of people during board meetings, especially when he sits on the table itself. feral bastard energy. no one can say boo to him about it.
  • after he became kingpin and got all the riches and power along with it, he converted a church into a luxury loft so that he could live and work out of this very imposing stone fortress with gorgeous stained glass windows and also be as blasphemous as possible. when he calls people in for one-on-one meetings he sits at his desk in the dark with nothing but the light through the stained glass to illuminate him. it’s about the ~theatrics.~
  • he’s a food snob, let’s be real. he wines and dines at the nicest spots in the city, or makes them do his dishes to-go so that he can sit and eat them on top of a roof or a bridge, overseeing his kingdom in peace. also bc he’s just weird like that. his favorite food is szechuan.
  • I could make…… an entire post….. just about sexual headcanons for him but I’m gonna spare you those for now unless someone wants them fhdjfjdkss
  • also a personal headcanon unrelated to the comics but…. he’s married to e-65 eddie brock in my heart and soul, twin to elsa brock. they grew up as high school sweethearts but parted ways to protect him after the Hand imposed a rule that he must kill his first love to prove himself, and spent college apart when eddie moved across the country. eddie moved back to NYC in adulthood and essentially became the wesley to his kingpin; who better to accompany him than a personal symbiote bodyguard? he can kill AND he can clean up the scene. [and this is all in a fic that I can link in another post!]


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25 - in your eyes - the weeknd

67 - hawái by maluma (this is me practicing spanish lol)

89 - i’m ready by sam smith and demi lovato (real talk is sc*oter paying for this?? this song is meh)

send me a number from 1-100 and i’ll tell you what song is at that position in my spotify wrapped

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Oh believe me, I am AWARE of that… I wasn’t in the fandom at the time (obvs) but I’ve read about it and it makes my blood boil. I wish for Barbie as the Sleeping Beauty every day. I would have loved to see what they did with it! I don’t even know if it would have been good but since it’s Barbie, it probably would have been lmao.

The fact that Disney was apparently threatened by a little direct-to-dvd movie that most ppl wouldn’t even see?? Literally why. Also, from what I understand it wasn’t even about the story itself, it was about the music… which like, isn’t even theirs????????? They lifted the music from Tchaikovsky’s ballet! Same as Barbie wanted to! But now they like… owned the music… that isn’t even theirs? What? I don’t know, the whole situation just turns my head bc I don’t get how Disney won that case when like, they shouldn’t have. But I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know the law so what do I know.

Anyway when ppl always complain about Barbie not making fairytales anymore it’s like… THIS IS WHY. Learn your history! Also this is why I have a grudge against Three Musketeers and why I feel like it really just came out of nowhere, bc after Sleeping Beauty was shelved, that’s what came out, and it’s a mess. Also that was the last adaptation! It’s been original stories ever since… coincidence? I don’t think so! I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that Mattel launched EAH a few years later, even tho that’s technically a spin-off of MH, but like… getting around any ~copyright~ claims by having the kids of the og fairytales?? HELLO!!!!! And then of course, Disney launched D*scendants which is supposedly unrelated BUT given all of this, I really don’t think so. Like. That would be impossible. Not that brands/companies don’t rip each other off all the time but literally. Eyes emoji at the whole situation. And then Disney taking the Disney Princess dolls from Mattel and going to Hasbro… like… it’s a WHOLE situation. And ppl can say that’s a reach but IS IT THO… IS IT REALLY? I don’t think so!

Also there was a (European exclusive? I think? it was international, not in the US) Sleeping Beauty Barbie line that came out around the time the movie should have been out and like, it’s CLEARLY related to the movie but without any movie branding on it bc they never got to make that movie, it looks JUST like a movie line but without the movie and that hurts my heart tbh. I want to see the movie that would have gone with it! I DESERVE TO SEE IT! But no. No we don’t get that. We just get to look at the dolls and wonder What Might Have Been.

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oh gosh, this is very sweet, but i’m gonna have to nip in the bud. your blog should first and foremost be for you, not for anyone else.

i am also an extremely picky person when it comes to which blogs i follow. i try to reblog and share a whole host of content from a bunch of amazing, talented people in the dragon prince fandom and tags. i’m definitely not perfect, but i do try my best. however, when it comes to what sort of content i wanna see every day i’m a lot more subdued. i only follow like 150 people on tumblr period and i’m in a bunch of different fandoms, so you can imagine how spread out that is.

but if you want tips based on how i run my blog and what could attract others to yours, i can offer that. plz take these with a grain of salt, they are very personal and subjective, but here they are

  • tag a lot. this makes it easy for people to find stuff on your blog and for yourself! one of the reasons i tag meticulously is so that i can go back and find things easily. it also means people can blacklist things they don’t want to see or things they’re not interested (i find this more true for multifandom than solo fandom focused blogs) 
  • every single time i reblog something someone has drawn, made, or written, i try to leave at least one compliment or positive reaction in my tags. i know for myself i always go through the reblogs/tags people have left on my posts to see reactions or feedback or things like that. whether a post has a few notes or a lot, it can never hurt! you never know who could be looking at your kind words
  • reblog > like
  • figure out what triggers you’re going to tag for (if any). my standard ones are tw flashing gif (better for people who actually are affected by epilepsy for their own online organizational community purposes), tw blood, and tw body horror. others i’ve added upon request or on main have been tw pregnancy, tw police brutality, etc. 
  • figure out what sort of content you wanna make and when. experiment, try different things! figure out what’s fun for you. and don’t feel pressured to make it. if all you do in fandom is reblog stuff that is still wonderful and worthwhile. and if you do make content, you do not have to make a certain amount of posts a day or update every week or anything like that. fandom is supposed to be fun! pace yourself, and enjoy yourself!
  • brotp tags make me extremely happy. i love celebrating platonic relationships in particular, like claudia&rayla, soren&ezran, callum&ethari, and the potential they have. i also never see people who have foil tags and it’s really too bad, bc a relationship centred on foiling is always so interesting to me? it’s half the appeal of rayla&claudia’s potential relationship and the viren&callum parallels. more foil tags, please
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I guess that’s true lol but yeah, they really should have given it at least one line to explain it. It just feels so weird! He literally raised her for 16 years but he can’t be there to watch her… why? And like, Calissa was never going to be there! She always had the Changing of the Tides! So he should have made it an extra priority to come. (Not that he shouldn’t have if Calissa was going to be there, but if she had been, Merliah would have had someone there, at least.) I can speculate that he had to work or something he couldn’t walk away from but we also don’t even know if he has a job lmao… It’s gonna bother me forever, I guess. It’s fine.

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It was touch and go there for awhile! There was a lot of “ugh they’re so cute!” and “why am I so invested?” and “I hate you for getting me involved in this but not really” and also stating that if her bf ever went all out like this she would slap him 😂 Her and I were living our best lives yesterday and it was great! We saved the rewatch for today so we just finished episode 4 😭

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there’s a few things to unpack here

1) not all bi or pan women (or femme aligned people) even feel attraction to men. each just mean attraction to more than one gender, and there’s loads of genders out there

2) up until the 1970s, a hard distinction between bi and lesbian as sexualities didn’t exist. women with an attraction to women were all cloistered under a similar umbrella term until the late 1880s, earliest. a lot of ace, aro, bi, and pan people also fell under the term of lesbian by extension during those periods bc they were living their lives in a non cis-heterosexual manner. it’s because a lot of those experiences have a lot in common. bi, pan, and lesbian, ace, and aro spec women can all know what it’s like to like women. but to act like only lesbians know what it’s like to live being “unavailable” to men with zero attraction to them… is incorrect (hi ace and aro people and bi/pan women in committed relationships with other women).  

it is also not surprising that an emphasis on lesbian identity as separate from these other experiences / identities arose during the 1970s as well during the lesbian sex wars up through the 1990s that also led to a rise of lesbian sanctioned transphobia (hi terfs). 

3) janai and amaya are only lesbians if you follow the twitter account of tdp’s head writer who’s name is only in the credits of the show and if you happened to see that tweet and if you choose to accept a word of god twitter statement (not even in an interview) as canon fact. i’ve seen word of god statements be the most disingenuous shit on occasion, so as a general rule i don’t really take them into account. someone else can, of course - but you can’t force anyone else to.

4) the tumblr obsession with exact labelled identities to project on characters or to have confirmed contributes to “you have one (1) identity and cannot change it” which is a very toxic mindset to have. people’s identities change all the time as we grow to understand ourselves better.

like every popularly HC’d fanon bi could also be HC’d as pan and could not have a queer identity read onto them by fans often for the express purpose of shipping them with a same sex only / as their Best Possible endgame bc bi characters in m/f relationships aren’t “as good,” obviously (sarcasm), and yet… 

someone could headcanon amaya as thinking she’s bi and later realizing she’s a lesbian or vice versa. someone could headcanon gren as being a trans woman later in life who still uses he/him pronouns. fandom is an inherently transformative space. 

5) lesbians are the most represented queer group after gay men. biphobia and bi erasure is one of the most prevalent experiences in fandom and in real life based on visibility politics. 

6) speaking of visibility: there are four ‘mainstream’ ace characters in fiction right now. raphael from shadowhunters tv show, todd chavez from bojack horseman, a girl from sex education, and jughead jones from the archie comics who’s also aromantic. jughead’s asexuality was erased in the riverdale tv show in the mainstream content people consume. and even then, i’m not shitting all over the writers, people who like riverdale, people who ship jughead with characters, or the canon ships with him in the show. 

if someone watches TDP, all they’re gonna see that is janai and amaya like women and are with each other. i cannot understate how few people actually read fanfiction. 90% of tdp’s audience are not going to see the what, 20 fics of people like gren/amaya or gren/amaya/janai. unless a person doesn’t ship what you ship specifically because it’s gay, it’s not homophobic - get over yourself.

7) making shipping or a ship an identity piece related to your sexuality is the fastest way to fuck yourself over. don’t do it. 

8) shipping is still never a reason to harass people. ever. i don’t care what you think a ship invalidates or perpetuates. block and move on. that’s what the block button is there for. 

more on varying levels of canonicity here and how sexual orientations are ascribed to characters that reinforce gold star gay hierarchy here

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omg you demand a lot xD

[ 65 Questions You Aren’t Used To ]

7. What shirt are you wearing?
lack tank top, actually. very silky and it has a front pocket :v

13. Your worst enemy?
myself, mosty? My lack of motivation a big part of it

17. You can press a button that will make any one person explode. Who would you blow up?
*checks how many people belong to the leading party in Poland*… can i click the button 40 thousand times? 

18. Who would you really like to just punch in the face?
Definitely Donald Trump. what a pleasure that would be. also must remember to wash the hand later, not to get my clothes dirty with doritos  

19. If anyone could be your slave for a day, who would it be and what would they have to do?
ohhh damn, probably one of instagram models who are also good bakers/cooks,,,,,, and obviously they’d cook for me and have a lot of sex xD

34. What was your last dream about?
answered already ;)

38. What is the color of your socks?
#521846 -ish

50. What is the most unusual conversation you’ve ever had?
an’t think of a single one…. Probably some stuff in the bar i work at… there’s so many random people there, a lot of conversations were weird af

55. Can you do any accents other than your own?
I can pass pretty well for an elderly russian woman :v

59. Do you sing in the shower? Or do anything unusual in the shower? Explain.
omg i definitely sing in the shower a lot. but i do that no matter where i am honestly… also why can’t i sing good if i do it THAT often? XD

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devon (head writer) on twitter confirmed they were lesbians but like, look. (and this is something devon herself has said!! to be kind to each other!!) representation is not a competition. a win for one of us is a win for all of us. especially when the realm of what people see on tv as casual viewers (the way at least 70% of tdp’s audience who are actual kids) is very different than what happens in the realm of fandom.

not to mention anything that demands that “word of god” statements are canon ruffle me that wrong way. absolute canon is not how fandom has ever worked. like as long as no one is viewing them as straight - aka denying their canonical, on screen demonstrated attraction to women - like… does it really matter if other queer people read bi and pan experiences onto them too??

like i’m ace (and pan); i have to read my experiences onto characters because i literally don’t have any other options!! and god knows fandom is the king of insisting “character A showed attraction to someone of the same sex Once” (esp when erasing a guy’s attraction to a woman of colour) must be gay and any other possible queer identity is homophobia. as though those sorts of viewpoints don’t contribute to bi/pan-erasure and internalized biphobia

like i see amaya as a lesbian, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to spend my time harassing or shaming people (queer or otherwise bc, shockingly, straight people also don’t deserve harassment! no one does) who see amaya (or janai) as bi or pan. 

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