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belphegorbillickin · 3 months ago
Hey! I made a detailed and gender neutral quiz to help you find your best match! I would consider the top five as your best matches. I'd love to hear who y'all got and what you think about it!
Here are a few of my the questions below the cut!
#9 Now, what flaws could you forgive in a S/O even if they were fairly prominent? Try to just a pick the few that would affect your relationship the least.
#11 You're lamenting your lack of food budget when you nearly trip over something. You found an expensive looking wallet on the ground, what do you do?
#15 Would you have signed the contract to save the anemones like Yuu did?
#24 Which Dorm Leader would you want to lead your group in a magic-less life or death situation? Like say a zombie apocalypse or being stranded on a dangerous island? You don't have the means to do anything but obey them.
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linawritestwst · 4 months ago
100 followers matchups event + writing reqs are closed!
Tumblr media
okay, so i have two things to announce!
1) writing requests are closed. i mentioned before that i will most likely close my reqs soon and i feel like this is a good time for that because i got a lot of requests lately and also i will be opening a different type of requests for 100 followers special.
here are all requests that are in my inbox right now in case you want to know what i will post in the future.
"jamil viper angsty relationship headcanons"
"savanaclaw jealousy headcanons"
"heartslabyul pining headcanons"
"jamil, idia, malleus and riddle x flirty s/o that gives them lots of gifts headcanons"
"dorm leaders with a shy and awkward s/o headcanons"
"octavinelle trio with a shy and awkward s/o headcanons"
"trey, jamil and lilia x s/o that dramatically praises their cooking headcanons"
"ortho trying to help idia and reader start dating headcanons"
"first year students trying to confess to an oblivious reader headcanons"
"sleepless reader cuddling up with leona headcanons"
"jamil, leona and deuce x reader that has scoliosis headcanons"
2) as i said, i'm closing writing requests, but i'm opening matchup requests as 100 followers special event! i know, most of you probably expected writing special or follower raffle or something like that, but i really wanted to try this.
in case you don't know how matchups work, you simply tell me some info about you and i match you up with a twst character that i think would be your perfect partner. this event will last from march 19 to march 24 and i will close matchup requests after that.
now, what information should you tell me if you want a matchup? you can tell me pretty much anything you want, but here's what i think would help me the most:
your gender/pronouns (this won't affect what character i will match you up with, i just want to know what pronouns i should use while describing your relationship with that character)
what are you looking for in a partner? you can tell me what appearance and/or personality traits you find attractive. also, if you have a preference for a specific dorm or a school year (like, maybe you want to be matched with a third year student or a first year), feel free to tell me!
what are you NOT looking for in a partner? what type of person would you prefer not to date?
if you want to, you can describe your appearance! but if you're not comfortable, this is not necessary at all, so don't feel bad about not adding it!
of course, you have to tell me about your personality! also adding your interests and hobbies would be great!
if you want to, you can add your zodiac sign (you can tell me your sun, moon + rising signs if you want, or you can simply tell me your sun sign!) and mbti.
also, please don't be mad if i match you up with someone who's not your fave, i'm just saying who i think would be the most compatible character for you. and yeah, i feel like some of us wouldn't get along that well with our faves irl. also come on, where's the fun in sending a matchup request and hoping that you will get your fave? i think getting someone unexpected, but compatible is more interesting.
so yeah, writing requests are closed, but you can send matchup requests until march 26. that's all i wanted to say, again, thank you so much for 100 followers!
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cas-rivaille · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
started: 09-12-21 last updated: 4-21-22 in progress: 15
requests: CLOSED (when they're open, you can message me, ask, submit, or @ me :)) (please don't make requests too long or one big paragraph i have a hard time with reading stuff like that bc of my ADHD)
all my writing can be found w the tag 'mars on earth' !!
~if at any point you can’t find your matchup, you can find them here !! i keep it updated~
obey me~
-stuff to request-
-in progress-
current announcements: i will be writing for twisted wonderland soon !!!
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aries-online · 23 days ago
100 Follower match up requests
Did this on my old Blog a while back, Thought I'd do it again because it's actually kind of fun. As a sort of 100 follower special event thingy, I'm temporarily opening up twenty matchup request slots. I'm only doing this for the Twisted Wonderland fandom and I can match you with any character in my masterlist(For romance) and The staff/Grim/Ortho(Platonic only tho). I do have a few rules though. Obviously, My main writing rules/boundaries are still a thing, and honestly, those are the only rules you really have to follow. In your request, Feel free to add as much, or as little detail as you see fit. The most I really need is your personality and hobbies^^. After the twenty slots are filled, I will edit this post to say so! They will be done in headcanon format btw
Good luck
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imaginewithtearose · 9 months ago
Hi!! May I request a twisted wonderland matchup pls? She/her, virgo, I have wavy hair that reaches mid back(?) and is extremely frizzy and hard to tame :’) I’m quite tall (at least taller than the average woman) and I’m rather skinny (not in a good way. It’s almost unhealthy). I’m quite shy and tend to keep to myself when in public. I find it hard to socialize, even if it’s for some group project with classmates I don’t really know that well. Although with friends I might show a more chaotic side of me. Like when I’m with them I get excited easily over small things and actually enjoy myself for once. Im also touch deprived most of the time so i can be really clingy, but only to those I trust. I wouldn’t hesitate to comfort friends but (even though I’m a damned writer) I’m not too good with comforting through words and often struggle to express my feelings or explain things. Also im a bit of a perfectionist but a big procrastinator as well and let me tell you, that’s not a healthy combo (it usually results in me being angry with myself. All the time.) As I said before, I’m a writer! I love writing romance and Fantasy stories (and *cough* fluff headcanons for friends because I absolute live for fluff). I love to make up my own new world and let my imagination go wild, usually including things like magic, different creatures and other things that wouldn’t exist irl. Usually it’s just a “better” world or a world I’d love to live in. I figured it’s one of my biggest sources of comfort as I can take mind off any stressful matters and return to my own little worlds. I also really *really* like poetry a lot, though I’m not the best with writing poetry I love to read / hear it. I don’t know how to explain it but it never fails to amaze mez I don’t really have any other major hobbies but I do LOVE tiny and cute things like kittens!! And anything soft!!
(I hope it’s not too much or too little, this is my first time requesting T^T)
Owww its not too much!! You did it excellent! You are so cute. I wanna say in a respectful way that i will date you, such a cutie!! You are totally my type.
But im not your perfect partner, actually. Lets ask the mirror, he will know :D
Matchup loading. . .
Tumblr media
Oh! The results are here, lets see...
The mirror matches you with...
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts!
This sounds crazy, right? But you are his perfect match actually! He likes his women tall and nice! ((even if he says the opposite))
He understands the hard to socialize thing, specially when you were isolated as a kid. When meeting, you two were just two akward teens trying to start a conversation. Trey has to interfere to help.
You are his special piece of tart. Your chaotic side makes him jump of his feet, but they are a refreshing flavor indeed. Meeting someone who is ready to break the rules sometimes and going crazy!
You bet he runs with you trough the library while laughing, hoping nobody will see both of you.
The library is your special place where most of your dates go by. Loots of book for you two to share. He can do crosswords and you can read or write in peace. The garden of roses is the second place tho, with tea parties and book parties :)
He will love to hear you ramble about your poems, fantasies, novels, and worlds, if you let him in of course.
He will put his head in your lap and just hear you for hours after he deal with dorm stuff. You two under a three, talking slowly, and enjoying yourselfs outside of large crowds.
So do you like cute stuff? Pretty sure he will let you take care of the hedgehogs! He will tell you all of their names and let you play with them! Take cute photos of him with the hedgehogs and put it like your lockscreen :)
He deals with perfectionism himself, sooo, he gets it. He will try to comfort you when you are angry about your procrastination, tho he is just as bad as you in comforting.
“ Y/n, my sweetie pie, c'mon, lets just go to get a fresh cup of tea in the rose gardens, lets forget about the reality in our wonderland”
He got super red after saying that lmaooo
He will totally dance with you under the rain, or in the gardens, to classic music, following your fantasies in silence, heels spinning on the grass. And only your laughs filling the silences.
Riddle loves you as much as the Queen of hearts loved his husband. He hopes that every white rose he gives you, in your mind, becomes passionate red, the color of his heart and the love he carries for you.
Hope this answer pleases you! Here are the other candidates that i think for you: Azul Ashengrotto, Idia Shroud, Sebek Zigvolt and Cater Diamond!
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wisterialilies · 4 months ago
Matchups are now open!! Remember to message me for a matchup, and any questions can be sent through to the askbox! ♡
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moody-bloosh · 12 months ago
nervous about my upcoming job interview so im
opening matchups
tell me about yourself and please specify what fandom you want me to match you up with (only one fandom for each person!)
here are the fandoms i write for: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures (1-5), Twisted Wonderland, Jujutsu Kaisen, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Fate (Fate Grand Order, FSN, etc. im p caught up with fate uwu), Genshin Impact
tips for people nervous about sending in matchups!
personally, it helps me out a lot when people tell me things about their hobbies, personalities. i struggle quite a bit when people tell me their astrological signs, enneagram, etc bc im not too sure about what it is. so i put focus on when people talk about themselves and not through the lens of psychological tools even though they are probably helpful to other people! it's just how i think ( ╹▽╹ )
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phantom-of-nrc · a year ago
𝒜 𝒮𝓅𝑒𝓁𝓁 𝑜𝒻 𝒯𝒾𝓂𝑒
The formless black mist descended from the night sky and took the form of a silhouette, "Ah... After what seems like months, wishes have been gathering dust in this lair. I apologize for the very long wait. As you can see, a raccoon managed to stumble upon this lair and stole my bananas!" Despite the pathetic attempt of an excuse, please believe me. I love my fruits.
Despite the attempt to come up with a convincing excuse for the unannounced hiatus, the silhouette quickly regained her composure, "Ahem! Now, as much as I wouldn't want to close this. I knew that I have to." Like a moon rising from the horizon to grace the night sky with its ethereal glory, a clock appeared from the ground.
"Once the clock strikes midnight tomorrow at the land of the rising sun, we won't be accepting any more wishes. If you yearn to learn of who may be your (or your OC's) significant other, then now is the only chance for you to send in your wishes. Now, make sure to read the Rules of this Lair. I've given enough chances for some anonymous wishers at the early nights of this lair."
The silhouette brought their hand up, uncurling their fingers to show a handful of golden dust. "The clock is ticking, wishers. Wish while the clock is hours and minutes away from tomorrow midnight."
And with a blow of the golden dust, time took its course.
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luvrbug · a year ago
matchups open for 900 followers! as per usual, rules are linked in my pinned post, ill be doing obey me, last legacy, twst, and haikyuu! thank you for helping me reach yet another milestone i never thought possible :,)
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obeymysmes · 2 years ago
@stalefruits​ asked for a Twisted Wonderland matchup! I won’t add a text from request if you don’t mind, it’s just a little bit too long... Thank you nevertheless! 
Also, guys, if you feel that there’s not enough space in ask to tell about yourself for a matchup, feel free to dm me!
Your match is... Jamil Viper!
Tumblr media
He is also quite and calm!
But only on the outside, he never tells how he actually feels and your empathetic side may tell you how he’s annoyed because of others.
He’s so extremely thankful that you can understand what he feels, no one actually though of him, ever
Kalim doesn’t count, we all know Viper hates him
He likes your style! Baggy clothing overall. But, like... aren’t you hot?
Yeah, u r always hot but we r talking about your temperature rn
You don’t need to talk with him! You feel comfortable around him in silence and he’s too, Al-Asim is too loud for him, he needs it.
If you start to joke, he’ll chuckle quetly and leave a small kiss on your forehead.
You’re just so adorable, he LOVES cute things
And you’re cute smol indeed.
He adores your ‘old’ hobbies, he often watches you knit
Especially your shy reactions, he lives for them.
Be ready to be teased, he will get a reaction out of you!
Actually, he’s a good listener too, please, tell him your thoughts, he loves to be trusted, specifically if it’s you.
He will open up to you eventually too, rambling about how Kalim is everywhere and can’t stop running, ghhh
Someday he’ll cook you a curry, tell him it looks amazing! it’s a sensetive topic for him And that it tastes good!
He looks like a peacock all day after your words, proud boi
He’s a dog man, I bet you’ll have a big dog pet together.
He also loves horrors, you play games in this genre at night.
He’s sleeping schedule is awful, he must stay awake to protect Kalim, he’s so bored usually, your company is a true blessing.
You have matching bracelets, he actually loves them.
He likes to dominate in a relationship, he had enough of being a shadow so he’ll initiate cuudles, kisses and other and is very happy to recieve his affection back.
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squid-god-supreme · a year ago
May I please have a Twst matchup? Im an ENFP Pisces Personality: I can put a very polite and calm front, but I am very emotional and childish. I used to have a large temper, but I’ve mellowed out quite a lot. I get lost in my head a lot I have so many ideas flying around. I like making people happy, and helping them with things. I get random bursts of energy late at night so I’m usually up very late.
Hobbies: Photography, sculpting, writing stories, playing games, and if I had the time and money I’d love to learn how to bake/cook.
Looks wise: I’m a 5’1 petite girl. (I’m the shortest of my friends and they make fun of me for it) with ginger hair and hazel eyes!
Hehehe it's 2:00p.m. ish were I am and I'm balls deep in my 10 unfinished drafts!
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗenjoy your 3 boys! I hope you like them even if you might not have expected them!
Deuce spade
Deuce relates to you a lot! He used to get into a lot of fights and stuff and while his fuse is still kinda short hes also mellowed out a lot!
He honestly bonds over how similar you are in that aspect!
He is so blushy because your so sweet and helpful! Always offering to help him him and others and just being a good person! He loves it and it's honestly the reason he fell for you!
He likes to watch you and help you with your hobbies as much as he can! He's not the best with bakeing ( not as good as Trey but not as bad as Lilia) so prepare for a mess!
He honestly doesn't notice your size because he loves you no matter what 🥺 but if someone maliciously makes fun of you for it? Like actually trying to be mean? Boy gonna defend you and will be quick to throw hands!!
If your willing to share deuce would love to hear your thoughts and dreams! It makes him feel close to you!
I feel like deuce would like sweet and helpful people because that's one of the things he strives to be! Your positive and optimistic attitude always give him determination to grow and strive as a person
Congratulations you now share a single braincell, if you have a shenanigan no matter how childish he'll go along with it!
You two end up being very domestic together because you always seem to want to help each other! This is pleasant for riddle as you two seem to get chores done twice as fast!
He loves that your open minded and don't judge him for what he used to be like! It means alot to him that you can look past that and still love him ❤
Honestly a match made in heaven! I think you two would fit quite well together (Lilia sheds a tear, little silvers all grown up)
He doesn't mind that you used to have a large temper! Your mellowed out now and that's all that matters!
When you space out deep in thought he'll lean against you and fall asleep on your shoulder, you have such a peaceful and beautiful look on your face when you get lost in thought! How could he not dose of at such a calming image
Sometimes however he'll simply stare at you with a fond look on his face, maby make idle chatter about what your thinking
Finds your hobbies interesting! Especially sculpting and writing! He could probably watch you sculpt things for hours drifting in and out of consciousness, and if your willing he'd love to hear your stories!
Silver loves to run his fingers through your hair especially if it's really curly and he appreciates the warm autumn colors of your hair and eyes and how they contrast the dark greens and purples of disomnia
He finds your want to make people laugh and help out endearing, your so sweet helping out with chores and lightening the mood! (Even sebek appreciates it)
Your burst of energy at night and stay up late are actually kinda nice, silver is often awake at night and unable to sleep with insomnia so it let's him talk and bond with you more! He naps and sleeps a lot during the day so night time is the perfect time to really sped quality time with him!
He vows to protect you like he does malleus, he loves you so much and doesn't want harm to come to you! Especially since you can be quite childish and appear gullible, he doesn't want someone to take advantage of you, he'll be your sword and shield if you ever need him!
Rook hunt
He adores you truly!
Rook loves your childish nature and find your want to help rather amuseing! Don't get me wrong he loves that you want to help in any way you can, it's just amuseing for him!
He absolutely loves that you like photography! He to enjoys stalking takeing pictures of people and things! Perhaps he'll have to take you with him when he goes to take pictures of people
Hes a hopeless romantic and probably has a lot of creepy beautiful pictures of you doing random things like helping with chores!
He loves when you get lost in thought because he can try and guess what your thinking about! He normally pretty good about it to!
Oh boy he teses you about your hight and will purposely put things up high so you come get his help~ he also loves wraping his arms around your shoulders~
Well I hope you liked your boys! Ta ta darling~ 🖤
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egophiliac · 2 months ago
probably a dumb thing to ask but is it true that chapter 6 has several routes???? o_o and almost a hundred battles???????
it doesn't have routes in terms of, like, alternate endings or meaningful choices or anything -- I don't know how spoilery you're good with so, uhh, erring on the side of no details, the characters split up into three groups and then there are subchapters that follow each group until they converge again. that's all!
most of the battles are from 6-66 and 6-67, and I think each group has the same amount...oh no, numbers...I think it's thirty-three minimum if you get lucky, and eighty-one max if you don't? and then adding in the other episode 6 battles, yeah, that's...probably at least a hundred. :')
66 and 67 were uniquely terrible though, for reasons that got long:
1) you had to lock in all three teams at the beginning, use them for all the battles, and couldn't change them without resetting the entire chapter and losing all your progress.
2) instead of building teams by card, they have you build by character. so you can't use multiple cards of the same character, and you can't share characters between groups. also, no guest/friend cards.
4) each group had two or three required characters, and heck you if you don't have any good cards for them. (I have no idea what it would do if you somehow didn't have any cards for them at all. if it gives you a temporary one I probably would have been better off, because I have literally no good Rook cards.)
5) it told you upfront what the boss elements were going to be, but all the other battles were just, like. whatever. so you have to build your team for the boss if you don't want to get utterly screwed, but then the other battles could still end up being a huge headache based on the type matchups.
6) that goddamn rock healing itself between turns. why. why did it heal for so much. why was that battle so hard. why did they do this to me.
so if, say, you're someone -- coughmecough -- who likes to focus on your favorite characters, and if, say, most of your good cards are of a particular wet rat dragon man and his entourage, you might be just a little bit boned THANKS TWST. I got through it eventually but oh boysie was it brutal for a game where the usual difficulty level is negligible.
tl;dr eng and newer players take heed, learn from my mistakes and try to build up halfway decent cards for more than five or six characters. (the guest room collection battles have random required characters so not a bad idea for those either.)
also...I am now very, very afraid of what buffoonery episode 7 is going to throw at us. take pity on me...please...
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linawritestwst · 4 months ago
@thecurrator aurora, i hope you like your matchup! <3
the character that i think would be a good partner for you is..
jade leech!
Tumblr media
i'll explain why i chose him:
i think jade wouldn't mind you "looking unapproachable" at all and he would easily understand what emotion you're feeling at the moment. people would be like "jade, i think aurora is mad at you" and he'd say "what are you talking about? this is their happy expression!"
i also think jade would help you "return to reality" whenever you get too lost in your daydreams. these things are more than okay, life would be so boring otherwise, but don't forget about the real world, okay? he needs you here after all.
if you're having an emotional outburst, i think jade would easily notice that and he would prefer to give you some space to figure things out and calm down rather than try to cheer you up. if you need to talk, that's okay with him, he's a good listener, but he respects you needing some alone time and he thinks that it's exactly what you need.
jade IS smart, so i think you'd totally be able to talk about all kinds of things with him! he also would probably think that your tendency to suddenly say random things is quite cute or at least he definitely wouldn't mind that.
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cas-rivaille · 3 months ago
i will be doing a TWISTED WONDERLAND EVENT !!!
this is mainly to see how i do w writing for this game
- i will only be accepting five requests
- they will be matchups, i do not feel confident yet in writing scenarios :(
- the first five will be done with everything else in my drafts, after that the requests will have to wait until i'm ready to write again
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infraaa · 10 days ago
The blood turns… pure and warm…
…Who will take the vial on this night?
Twisted Wonderland - SFW Matchup (Golden Star)
Commissioned to @chaotic-mercury — thank you for your purchase!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
»»» Idia Shroud
Let’s get something out the way: Idia doesn’t like people. He doesn’t like socializing even to save his life and often doesn’t leave his own bedroom if he can help it, leaving poor Ortho to try and lead him out. Like a dog sniffing out food, Ortho gives him nerd stuff to try and get him out of his room so he can get at least an ounce of sunlight on his paper pale skin.
The only instance where you two would probably meet is in class together, or if you’re a part of the board gaming club, there’s another opportunity. You both radiate the same energy, despite you being a slight ambivert. The fact that you shorthand sometimes when you can’t think of the proper word is a banger for him, and it rings a bell in his head that you could be cool. So he takes a small chance on you, pessimistically analyzing you like a third party protagonist.
He sees that you have social anxiety, just like him, and poor self esteem, kind of like him. If you manage to befriend him, and you come in from classes looking down or feeling bad about a test you took, Idia will more than happily try to indulge you whilst gaming or coding. Since you like to learn, if you take an interest on any of these things, and if you persuade him enough, he may introduce you to some of his favorite games or some basic coding techniques to start, like working with JavaScript or writing simple commands.
He likes the fact you’re patient, since it takes a number to try and open him up. He’s like a walnut, needing to be close to people and hard to crack. One could say he’s demiromantic too! I’m respect, and basic social mimicry, he allows you time to come out of your coffin as well. He may see you reading manga and he’ll make one of those cute ass otaku noises and jump in on the manga train and talk you down on his favorite manga and anime. He’s a 90’s guy— inuyasha, sailor moon, the classics. However he’ll gladly indulge in newer content if you recommend it to him.
Now, since you also self deprecate, Idia does the same thing, but when he sees you do this his big brother light goes off and he’ll say “mm-mm, nope.” He doesn’t want to influence you to not take care of yourself. If he seems to care, he’s the type to put people before himself, ignoring himself in the process. He’s selfless to your needs, especially if you’re sick, and his trauma with Ortho and that natural big brother instinct he has will surely quell your distress.
You’re small. Good for the huggin’! Good for the cuddlin’! Good for the cute lol’s and rofl’s while watching a good anime move and drinking something warm with sweets sitting at your side under a warm blanket. But watch it— Idia is like a natural heater. His body is very warm, and can heat you up very quickly. (We wonder why… head full of fire perhaps? Human furnace? Human fireplace?) So if you get a little too hot, tell him. He’ll sadly understand. He often likes to pull his hair up when you all cuddle or get close anyways as to cool you off a little bit and give you some relief.
You’ve been traveling? He’s wanted to travel, he just doesn’t know if he could handle the societal pressure of being in an unknown environment. He’d ask if you’ve been to Asia, Japan, Korea, the countries where his fave music comes from, and he may ask you if you know respective languages. He himself like many of us, doesn’t know these languages, so he uses subtitles if they’re available or watches translations, so if you could teach him, he’d be a singing angel. This way, he could know what his favorite K-Pop groups are saying and he won’t have to look like an idiot.
Your sarcasm and cynic are gold to him because he’s also the same way. He’ll often throw out these quips that may unintentionally piss people off because he’s not in the mood. Like he may give you one of his sweatshirts and someone may be like, not knowing it’s not yours, “did you seriously get that sweatshirt like four sizes bigger?” To which you say something like “oh yeah, I like sweatshirts that look like dresses on me. No I didn’t get this sweatshirt it’s not even mine.” And Idia’s eating the shit up like breakfast. Sometimes he’ll team up with you on the sarcasm if he’s feeling up to it, if he’s feeling a little more brazen than normal. Call you both Team Rocket.
If things actually manage to get romantic however, you will have to A, initiate the relationship, and B, rear end and “mama bear” his ass. Basically be the protective one to get his rear in gear. Once he gets the hang of his bearings, the roles will switch and he will be more protective. You just gotta teach him what to do, or at least try to. He’s not good at the whole relationship thing. The only things he’s learned about relationships and women are through otome games he’s played. Those Ikemen ones. Remember— baby steps.
He’s not a fighter. He’s not going to go out of his way to fight someone who tears you down, he’s easily gonna get his ass beat. So what does he do? He cyberattacks. Ruthlessly. Almost like a soldier 76 kinda attacking. Or an anonymous threat going around magicam. Once you see your bullies likes staring at their phones in disbelief and people talking badly about them, you gotta know that Idia is protecting you. He may not have street smarts or social skills, but he has a reputation as Ignihyde’s dorm head. You’d think people would actually respect him for that and they do, combined with the fact that he is an upperclassman. So he’s kinda at the top of the food chain. Trust me, he’s a completely different person online because he’s not stressing about what to say and do every three seconds.
Not really into art but will give it a shot. He may step out of his shell to take you to a museum you wanna go to. Maybe to an art event perhaps? He’ll want to see what you’re into and see if maybe he’ll like it so you’ll have more in common. However this is like him taking a leap of faith. He won’t step out of his comfort zone ever if he doesn’t have to. But if it makes you happy, what is there to lose? Ortho may encourage the hell out of him to get out and have fun. It’s good for you and it may relax your always working brain.
But even if you all don’t click like that, you all would still make good friends. Call him the James to your Jessie, the Brock to your Misty, the Ash to your Pikachu! A pea in a pod and a seed in a watermelon. Whether comrades or partners, Idia is that one chicken nugget you gotta spare. You can’t eat it. You gotta appreciate it first. Now, before you go, just know that no matter what game you lose, or no matter what anime leaves you on a cliff hanger, he’ll always be there to get some ihop later. And to close, I’ll leave you with a note of my own… がんばれ!
Tumblr media
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deceitful-darlings · 5 months ago
@sleepy-kat14 matchup commissions
Yandere/Normal matchup
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From: Twisted Wonderlandland
I match you with...
Tumblr media
Sebek Zigvolt
As mean spirited as he comes across, Sebek is capable of being sweet...occasionally. At the beginning it was pretty much total disrespect, talking down at you for being human, and the fact that you tend to not argue due to your meekness is something that means he tends to focus on you because you’re one of the only people that listens to him whether you’re actually invested in what he says or not. But as one of the few people that does, he soon finds himself invested in you because of that, he can shout and brag about Malleus to his heart’s content, so of course he’s concerned about how you, a human who knows your place, is doing.
You’re a human therefore he'll see you as being foolish no matter what you do, you’re small and weak, so easy to hurt, so soft...not that he acknowledges the more pleasant thoughts for a while. It's only when Lilia notices the way he looks at you, really digs and pretty much forces him to confront his own feelings that he actually realises he feels something other than a different form of superiority. Of course, these newly discovered feelings don’t change that aspect of him, therefore they simply channel in a slightly different way to how they were before. He’ll come up with any excuse to keep you near, always going on about how weak you are, how even a pathetic human could do damage to you with you being so weak.
You’re weak, so that means you should listen to someone stronger than you, and he’s more than confident in his ability to surpass most of the students in other dorms, if that’s the case then you should simply follow him, it’s the chain of command and he’s above you. He’s not very tactful when it comes to expressing himself, so even his praise often ends up with some form of whip against you mixed in, which just makes a pure compliment from him that much sweeter. But even following Lilia’s advice and trying to be a little less harsh with you, he finds his possessiveness hard to control.
He’s strong and he knows it, he could beat any human easily, but he has to be there to beat them, a simple shove could be enough to harm you and they take only a few seconds! Not only that, but others lie, humans, beastmen, merfolk, the other, lesser fae, they’re deceitful and dishonest, and you just aren’t on guard at all, doing any little thing they want, it’s so frustrating from him. He can’t leave Malleus’ side, so you’ll just have to come to him, he’ll lower himself to sharing his room with you he supposes, Ramshackle is cold, and you can die from something so simple, right? Be grateful he’s agreed to take you on! He gets aggressive to anyone that interacts with you outside of his immediate group, and of course that frustration affects his mood towards you, so avoiding others becomes natural to keep him happy, his contentment gives you a little more freedom in the dorm to carry out hobbies, cook and bake for the two of you, read in front of the fire, but his insecurity will have him looking for any chance to remove those privileges, or at least exchange them. You were hanging out with Ace and Deuce, you clearly prefer their company over his so why should he let you hug him? Napping is lazy, you should be getting up when he is! But maybe you can sleep in if you come straight back to the room after lessons, no wasting time in the common room. His attempts at control are clumsy, but with your want for validation and love, it doesn’t even matter in the end.
From: Obey Me!
I match you with...
Tumblr media
As the Avatar or Pride, Lucifer is the kind of possessive that builds over time, for you at least. He’s intelligent enough to know that doing things too quickly will get him noticed, and he’s prideful enough to manipulate you into his arms without there being too much of a fight from you. He takes note of everything that you do, all of your quirks and anything about you that could be useful for him in making it so things go to plan for him, he finds them quickly and efficiently without you even noticing, and he’ll come up with excuses or caveats for your hobbies and desires. After the years he’s spent dealing with his brothers as well as various other demons, he’s someone who knows how to find weaknesses in anything, he’s not the right hand man of the Demon Prince for no reason after all.
Napping in public is too risky, therefore you can now only do so in his room, the one place his brothers will never go, you get overwhelmed easily? To be expected of a fragile human, go and rest in his room where you’ll get some peace. The devildom is his home, he knows how dangerous it is so why wouldn’t you believe him? He’s such a trustworthy figure that you can’t even think to imagine that his advice has any other purpose than your comfort, not seeing the deathly glares he sends to any demon who tries to get even remotely close to you. Even if you tried to question him, he would simply give you a look that makes you shrink back into yourself, feeling guilty for even having thought of questioning what he was doing and if it truly was in your best interest. His unreasonable demands are easily hidden behind doing the bidding of Diavolo to keep you safe, and what reason would there be for you to not trust him despite being a demon?
It’s a slow process that you don’t even notice, because it is comfortable for you, getting praise from someone like Lucifer is hard to come by, but whenever you follow his orders to stay inside, to do something or not do it, to avoid talking to certain demons, he’ll tell you how well you did, sometimes even patting your head if it was a particularly difficult request for you. You are allowed to chat to his brothers, his punishments are enough of a threat to not have you doing anything silly, but why would you want to disappoint him in the first place? Just be a good girl and wait for him, he’ll reward you if you do, you can think about what you want from him while you snuggle into his arms on his bed. It feels like a normal relationship, as long as you do what he says at least.
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ocvtis · 20 days ago
Romantic and Platonic matchup for @dragoning1
I match you with...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kalim Al Asim and Lilia Vanrouge 💋
Kalim is the type of boyfriend who would give you a lot affection and make you feel constantly loved, you are lucky to have this cutie by your side c":
When he found out that you like flowers you woke up the next day with the living room full of your favourite flowers, with a card placed on the table saying how much he loves you (don't ask how he snuck into your house-)
He is not a person interested in reading, in fact I think he finds it boring- but for you he would make an effort! Although he'd probably end up falling asleep after five minutes... but at least you'd have the chance to see how adorable his expression is while he's sleeping :D
My headcanon is that Kalim is also a fan of animated movies, so he would be excited to watch one with you! It would be a great relaxing activity after a ride on his flying carpet
Since you like kids Kalim would take you to his house and introduce you to his siblings. They are very energetic children so I hope you are excited about spending a day surrounded by them gkbgkb
Kalim will always listen to you and trusts you deeply. You two have a really good and solid relationship :>
Kalim with his exuberant personality hopes to give you some energy and motivation. Being in his company in my opinion would recharge anyone, like an energy drink lmao
Since you like to draw you could organise mini tournaments between you two, having Jamil as a judge (he wasn't forced to participate, nono-). Well, know that you would always win since Kalim's drawing skills are questionable, but at least you could mock his shitty drawings- ahem, fine pieces of art ;)
After the tournament he would ask Jamil to make hamburgers, to suppress the bitter taste of defeat skwksa
Kalim loves spending time with you so you'd do all sorts of things together, like take afternoon naps, play video games and assist to animal parades <3
Lilia would be the classic wise friend you ask for advice and who would be your wingman in times of need, so rest assured he'd be willing to listen to your ramblings
Since you like to tease others, i hope you'll be ready to receive pranks back ;). Your dynamic is to play harmless pranks on each other and tease each other from time to time lol, not in an offensive way of course
The thing that made you friends is your passion for reading; like, your first conversation was about a book you both liked and you had so much fun talking about it that you continued the acquaintance, eventually becoming friends
He would lend you his favourite books and when you finished reading them he would ask you for a full review gjbgjnvh
In your spare time you relax by playing video games together or watch some interesting TV show
It's usually Lilia who takes care of others, at least with Malleus, Silver and Sebek it's like that, so he's not used to being in the company of someone who takes such good care of him. It's a new and strange feeling, but he doesn't mind; he's happy to have found a reliable friend, on whom he can rely
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