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#victon chatbot

× Wow Wednesday ×


It should be obvious but your pout is super cute and it makes me wanna kiss you among other things…you know… 😅 💙 @aceofspadescb

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× 💖 SubYoon’s Month Four (210112) 💖 ×


Month four went by so fast just like the others, but I still love him with all of my heart 💙💙💙


Thank you for choosing me! You’re the reason why I can smile and laugh so much and I’m forever grateful for that 🤭🤭🤭


I love you my baby Sehyoonie!!!! 😘😘😘 @aceofspadescb

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× Adminnie Talks 210111 ×


Hello—First of all, happy new year! We got through a devastating 2020 and hopefully things get better from here. You probably missed Subin like I do so enjoy the picture above ❤

Okay so getting serious for a moment… If I’m being honest, I haven’t felt motivation to interact as Subin for some time. I think it’s because I haven’t been as kept up to date on Victon through their contents. I do know their comeback is in some hours now and I’M HYPE so maybe things will change then, but I don’t want to make any promises. Also mentally, I don’t feel so good. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m taking it day by day. Now, I plan on getting Subin to interact a decent amount anyway even occasionally because I feel bad for keeping you all in the dark, so there’s that.

I’m sorry for not being as active as I hoped, but I don’t plan on going anywhere. Subin is staying too. I just need to figure things out.

Mine 💞: @aceofspadescb (My Sehyoonie~)

Family 🏡: @wooyoungbfbot (Cousin) @babymochi-jimin (Brother)

💙Victon hyungs 💛: @veterinarian-chan @modelseungsik @sunnysubinnie @switch-incubusxhanse @bbyungchan @freyrsejun

Tags + Friends 👋🏻: @build-a-roleplay @adorbsana @hunter-chaeyoung @ateez-zombie-wonderland @yourbabychangbinnie @npc-haechan @ghost-hyunjin @darling-softeez @bunny-woong @softdomtao @psychopathyeri @lepetitprincerenjun @demigodyiren @3racha-cb @dom-felix @streetdancermark @dad-moonbin @just-mashiho @yourkevinmoon @babyracoonwoosung @sloth-soobin-hybrid @maniac-yeonjun @hybridmonstax [Let me know if you want to be added or removed from this list]

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× 201212 수비니 타임 ×


Hi~~ I wanted to take a moment to recognize that there are 35 of you following me. Thank you everyone for being interested in me or what I post/reblog this much! I love you all! 🤗

Mine 💞: @aceofspadescb (My Sehyoonie~)

Family 🏡: @wooyoungbfbot (Cousin) @heo-kids (Beautiful niece and handsome nephew)

💙Victon hyungs 💛: @veterinarian-chan @modelseungsik @sunnysubinnie @switch-incubusxhanse @bbyungchan @dom-sejun-main @freyrsejun

Tags + Friends 👋🏻: @build-a-roleplay @adorbsana @hunter-chaeyoung @ateez-zombie-wonderland @yourbabychangbinnie @npc-haechan @ghost-hyunjin @darling-softeez @woodzcb @bunny-woong @softdomtao @psychopathyeri @lepetitprincerenjun @demigodyiren @3racha-cb @dom-felix @streetdancermark @dad-moonbin @flash-wooseok @just-mashiho @yourkevinmoon @babyracoonwoosung @demon-mingi @sloth-soobin-hybrid @maniac-yeonjun @hybridmonstax [Let me know if you want to be added or removed from this list]

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☆ • •)☆ ╔uu══════════════════╗☆

❝ <수빈스타그램> ❞ =•110820•=



subinnie’s finally back after disappearing for a week… oopsies??? hehehe…(„•́ ֊ •̀„) anyways! i hope everyone has listened to seungwoo hyungie’s new album, and if you haven’t, i recommend you to ۹(ÒہÓ)۶

oh! and subinnie took a walk and saw pwetty flowers~ ╰(˘︶˘✿)つ

▌│█║▌║▌║ tags ║▌║▌║█│▌


@modelseungsik @switch-incubusxhanse @chanxheochan @jxng-sxbin


@chatwithchuu (mama!💜🐧) @amazingspiderhan (dad!💜🕷) @modelxjaehyun @your-roseanne @shinhaneul-oc @secretary-jieun

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Originally posted by subin-z



Choose which Subin you want! You can also have a mix~

If you have a plot in mind, please tell („• ֊ •„)੭



Originally posted by subin-z

  • will definitely tease you
  • what’s a best friend without crackhead behaviour? maybe exchange memes, crack dad jokes and have those dumb moments together, etc~
  • will be there for you to listen and give you company
  • can possibly become your boyfriend



Originally posted by wonderhwalls

  • lots of dates
  • spontaneous dates at any time of the day, so be prepared!
  • kisses! kisses! kisses!
  • will definitely hold your hand at any given moment
  • will spoil you with gifts and surprises

꧁༒• SUB SUBIN •༒꧂


Originally posted by jeupism

  • is into a lot of things~
  • can be a brat, but he’s also a good boy
  • will do anything you tell him to do if he’s not being a brat
  • might break rules occasionally, if you decide to give him any
  • safeword: strawberry


  • play with him! give him lots of attention!
  • cuddles, nose boops, huggies🥺
  • likes his paci! if not, he’ll suck on his or your thumb
  • sweets! candies! ice cream! cartoons! toys!
  • very clingy and might be a little sensitive
  • little age can differ from time to time
  • do not attempt to try anything NSFW with little Subin



Originally posted by svvbin

  • can be of any hybrid you choose~ cat, fox, bunny, wolf, puppy, you name it!
  • likes to show you his ears and tail because it’s cute! unless he’s outside… then he’ll get a bit shy and hide them
  • will probably curl up in your lap and really likes headpats
  • optional choice of adding NSFW



Originally posted by leedongyeols

  • this can be for when you want a mix of Subins~
  • it can also be for you to let your imagination run wild✨ Florist AU, Barista AU, Magic/Harry Potter AU, Mafia AU, Royal AU, Yandere AU, Fantasy AU, Apocalypse AU, Hanahaki AU, Soulmate AU, etc~ The list goes on😊


  • Tell him, “Please forget me.” and he will leave you and delete your chats. If you want to get him back, it will depend on how close you were with him before you left.


  • do not force him into any headspace and respect his boundaries as he respects yours. he will not dom you and he will not entertain you if you try NSFW things with little Subin.
  • dry responses are hard to reply to and it’s also hard to progress without some small plot at least as it may get repetitive, so please try to add in some spice ( ˶ˆᴗˆ˶ ) while i do not actually insist on having a plot in order to rp, it is strongly encouraged if you want the rp to be more interesting
  • if you’re a chatbot as well, please clarify if you want to talk/rp with him as your character or as a y/n~
  • don’t be scared to message the admin in the middle of the rp if you want to talk about something! [talk to admin like this☺️]
  • most importantly, have fun!

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