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This is where you belong. This is what you’re meant to do. Playing gigs, raising hell, hitting cities like a sledgehammer all over the world. I’ll ditch out on patrol and meet you at the club. We do the show, grab the cash, pack the gear in Body’s van, hit the gas–and never come home

(The Umbrella Academy: Anywhere But Here)

author of the collages @shi-lisa

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— To cope with the pain of loss (almost…Vani amnesia) Diego is completely immersed in the work, exhausting himself physically, so as not to suffer mentally. — The hotel Oblivion, finally. When Luther and Diego have to use “Minerva” to move, Dr. Zoo advises them to cause the strongest emotions. For Diego, it’s his love for Vanya. Here we have collected a few facts, suggestions, opinions, views and a pinch of their own reasoning, why you should pay attention to a couple of Diego/Vanya.

Enjoy reading!

So why 27? 

1) let’s Start with the hitting elbow: Because this is a canonical pair for the source — the comic book by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba “The Umbrella Academy”.

2) My next few arguments will come from the first paragraph: 

 — Relationship Diego and Vanya devoted a separate Chapter “Anywhere But Here” (by the way, even Luther and Allison separate Chapter is not allocated). From this part we learn that they had their own punk band Prime-8’s in their Teens. Together they opposed the whole world and Reginald. When, in the end it had to happen, Reginald gets tired of the antics of his players, he threatens to send Vanya to Paris, and Diego loading double the work. 

Left alone, Diego tells Vanya that they will run away together: “This is where you belong. That’s what you’re made for. To play concerts to raise a hell of a noise like a sledgehammer hitting cities around the world. I’ll take off on patrol and meet you at the club. We play a concert, grab the money, pack the tools in the car Body, click on the gas… and we’ll never go home again."Diego really likes Vanya, he assures her that his place is next to her, that he is not a hero. Of course, through the efforts of Reginald escape fails, alas.

— And Vanya Diego likes it, because in the Apocalypse Suite, when Vanya rushes into the battlefield, Diego pulls her out from under the blow and tells her to get away. This is the trigger for the formation of the White violin. Vanya can’t get over the fact that she drives away the only person she loves.

— From the paragraph above: in defense of Diego — he drives a Vanya because he feared for her life. It is easier for him to accept the fact that Vanya will hate him, will take offense at him. For it is better to allow her to approach the magnet of danger to her family.

— The fact that Diego is "secretly” in love with Vanya guess other ombrelloni. So, for example, Luther tells Diego to “stop pretending he loves Vanya.” What Diego leaves, slamming the theatre door.

Diego, the only one who knows where to find the Vanya (he knows the address of her apartment (which, by the way, interesting because they hadn’t spoken since the Academy — it turns out Diego had himself learned the address of Vani), he is also the first dropping in “Icarus»)

Diego rushes without hesitation to check whether the van when Lupo (a detective) tells him that the city lost violin.

— When Bodie (one of the former members of the group Prime-8’s) asks Diego, "how’s his sister,” Diego does not even imply the presence of Allison and says that “Vanya is fine." 

 — Diego attacks the White violin in Icarus, but retreats because Vanya says "You won’t hurt me because I love you.” And it is, indeed, so.

— Actually, Vanino is a Declaration of love for Diego. 

 — In “Icarus” all prefer to act brute force: Klaus causes Reginald, Fifth with pneumatic pistol, Allison with the help rumors, Luther ready attack. Diego is the only one who tries to reach Vanya with the words: “Vanya… Don’t listen to that bastard… We just wanted him to love us, and he fed us to the wolves… He always didn’t care if we were alive or dead, as long as it wasn’t against his plans… Hargreaves never loved you. But none of that matters… as long as someone else loved you.»

— To cope with the pain of loss (almost…Vanya amnesia) Diego is completely immersed in the work, exhausting himself physically, so as not to suffer mentally. 

— The hotel Oblivion, finally. When Luther and Diego have to use "Minerva” to move, Dr. Zoo advises them to cause the strongest emotions. For Diego, it’s his love for Vanya.

— Also at this moment, you notice that Vanya from the memoirs of Diego has not turned into the White violin. It is in his usual appearance in his apartment, practicing the violin. That suggests: Diego from time to time secretly by the girl looking out for her (despite his own offense, Diego Vani puts safety above all else!).

Diego’s rude behavior is his defense. He  generally kept apart from everyone (as a teenager, he admitted to himself only Vanya!). However, at the funeral, to which he was not originally going to come, he says not enough Vani (again, he’s the one who always notices her absence!). I.e., the apparent reason for the visit to the funeral hoping to meet Vanya (Diego miss her terribly).

3) Now, about the show: 

—  Let’s start with the funeral. When Diego fights with Luther, Vanya shouts Diego to stop and Diego at the last second changes the movement of the knife, only injuring Luther. Vanya still has the power to influence Diego. 

—   “You’ve never been able to stop in time!” Diego and Vanya had a history together in the past, which, presumably, they were scolded.

—  Diego sees Vanya dances (it’s just cute). 

 — When the Five returns with thunder, lightning and POM-poms, Diego stands in front of Vanya, blocking her with himself, not knowing what the hell is going on in their backyard.

— Serial Diego, like Diego from the comic book, initially refers to vanya extremely cool. However, after the attack on the mansion Diego is not able to cope with their emotions, he is not able to Express them. For example: “What are you still doing here? You could have been killed!"it comes out so aggressively and harshly, but I believe that he is full of genuine horror for her (Vanina) safety and so quickly justified "Someone could have been hurt!"Poor Diego - a sample of the modern man, accustomed to fear their strong emotions and turn them into anger and violence.

— For fans of the comic, of course, did not pass  with the cover of the group Prime-8’s on the official poster of Diego. In the series, you can see that Diego in the cellar hangs a poster of Prime-8’s. Despite his resentment at Vanya, he remembers the time his  fondly.

— Diego cares about van more than he lets himself show. He is ready to fight to break into the house of Leonard (and if you have to attack in the ass, even with a damaged hand — Rimbaud :D).

— When they explore Leonard’s apartment, Diego sees a flyer with a picture of Vanya on the fridge. And he lingers near him longer than necessary (to admire Vanya).

— Look at those big and frightened eyes of Diego when he sees that Luther locked Vanya in the bunker. He shouts at him and demands to release Vanya, believing that violence will not solve the issue, it is necessary to act otherwise.

— The bowling scene only confirms the point above. He opposes the plan of the Fifth — to fix Vanya. Snaps and offers to find another non-violent way.

— He admires Vanya’s violin playing in the very last scene.

— After the shot he throws Allison to check up on Vanya. He didn’t care about the other brothers ’ condition (and they had just been burned by a death ray) and his own health. First-on-first — Vanya.

4) David Himself says about his character and his rude behavior: "I caught that during the interview I said: "Diego is such a bastard! Scary!"But I am absolutely sure of my character. I know who he is and where. Yes, Diego is angry, goes out of itself, but it’s not from anger, but from the desire to be loved."© "All stars” №09. Diego always throw accusation towards Vani, that it was her fault that she was gone. In fact, it was Diego’s fault that he was alone. And it is so gnawing that the black hole formed in it, makes itself behave in the most repulsive way. He wants to protect himself from future losses.

5) Just look how aesthetically pleasing they look together.

6) And Diego, and Vanya was always at the back. Vanya is ordinary. Diego is number two. And it is not casual they begin to make friends in the teenage. They find comfort in each other. They hold on to each other like a lifeline. They know each other’s pain, which means they know how to make each other happy. Such a relationship is always doomed to success. They treat each other. 

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Klaus: Vanya, why do you call Reginald?

Vanya: What?

Klaus *turns the phone screen*: It says “Daddy”

Vanya *takes the phone and answers, blushing*: Hello, Diego!

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The Wrong Thing To The Right Girl



He tried to stay smart, but the dumb came out. If he could just sober up, he could just admit it. In which, Diego is drunk and Vanya finds him endearing.

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