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mv-zoned·2 years agoText

Archie Andrews- Such a shame!

Archie Andrews is the most poorly written character on Riverdale.

Each character has had their highs and lows except him. In season 1, I liked Veronica, Betty and Jughead. I didn’t mind Betty and Veronica together and I shipped Bughead. In season 2 though, Veronica doesn’t have much depth to her character and it’s very hard to empathize with her. Betty’s is being pulled in all directions and I am not sure where they are going with the dark Betty thing. Jughead has gone from so brave and adorable to plain annoying. Also, none of the ships make sense any more. Poor Archie, however, never even had a shot at being revered or enjoyed as a character.

In season 1, he was so separated from the core arc/ mystery of the show. His dilemmas (music vs sport) paled compared to dilemmas and struggles of all other characters. In season 2, despite him being part of the Blackhood mystery and the Lodge shenanigans, the quality of writing is SO bad that I don’t know how to define his personality or what he stands for?! Lately, all he’s done is make out with Veronica and suck up to her family.

P. S. Cheryl is the only good thing about Riverdale RN.

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mv-zoned·2 years agoAnswer
I took Jughead’s statement to be in the past. Like he was saying he’s going to write an article saying Keller is more focused on harassing the serpents than he ever was about finding the black hood.

Probably. But his words were “You seem to care more about catching the vandal than the blackhood.” All in the present tense. Hence, the confusion.

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mv-zoned·2 years agoText

Blackhood hunt is still on?

Jughead asked Sheriff Keller why he wasn’t more focused on looking for the blackhood instead of harassing the serpents every now and then.

But, when did they establish the guy they arrested wasn’t infact blackhood?!

We, the audience, know that someone is still stalking them. IE because of the way they ended the mid- season finale. But, since we have been back there hasn’t been a single thing that would make them believe that the blackhood is still out there.

I know Archie voiced his doubts over catching the wrong guy but that’s all they were. Doubts. And they haven’t addressed it since.

Now, Jughead is saying he’s gonna write a piece on how the police isn’t looking for the blackhood. The bigger threat.

Like, where is this coming from?

P. S. What’s this season even about?!

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mv-zoned·3 years agoText

She said she kept her promise and returned to Wren for one full year but she craved Spencer’s life and resented her for it. So she decided to get back and take her place, right? Wren doesn’t think that’s a good idea and that’s what they are arguing about when she asks him to shoot her. If it was after one year had passed how did she have a healed wound when she visited Toby at his place the night before they found out who killed Charlotte?

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mv-zoned·3 years agoText

Remember when Peter Hastings made Toby withdraw his request/ whatever to shutdown Radley for good? But then they had some secret conversation and he settled instead. They never revealed how Peter convinced Toby.

Also, what and how much did Ezra know? When girls were taken to the doll house and Peter and Veronica met the boys, there was some box they were gonna go through to help them somehow. And just before they could start Ezra mentioned something like “All your secrets are in there”, with a weird look. Just as Peter looked hesitant / skeptical, Veronica said to him, “No more secrets”. What secrets were they after all?

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mv-zoned·4 years agoText

Today I hate me more than I have ever hated me! Until now I have always been a victim of circumstances. Today, I was victim of myself.
And it is SO hard to accept. The demons in my head that butcher any sense of hope. As much as I know it’s just in my head and the world probably isn’t that anti- me, I still can’t convince myself to push my boundaries and atleast attempt to live the life I know I deserve and SO desire!
Wonder why is that?!
May be because I hate me that much? That’s that.

Why though?

May be it’s my family. Regardless of how much they love me otherwise (And I know they do!) those stray comments on how I am five pounds over or 2 inches under out- weigh the love. I have never been good enough in my eyes, my entire life. When will I make peace with myself?

May be it’s my friends. I have a fair amount of those. Have had through my whole life. I have had those that put me through hell and those that said sweet things in attempts of making things better for me. Nothing ever seemed genuine though. Not once. Never. Again, the words from bullies resonate even today and the kind words from the rest always feel hollow. May be they are, may be they aren’t. I don’t have it in me to believe them when they say those. But utter a word that demeans me and it will be etched in my mind! Forever. Why??!

I feel so incapable of relationships. With my family. With my friends. With myself. May be I will never know love. Or how to accept it.
I can’t share myself or my life with anybody unless I am secure with who I am. That’s what I believe. I really do. But I don’t even know if and when I will reach that point in my life.
Any love, not just romantic, that comes my way overwhelms me with the feeling that it won’t last for the other person will see me for who I really am and then it will all be over. To me, who I am RN doesn’t deserve love. Why??! Wouldn’t it be so much easier if I just accepted it. And gave some back?
Any love, not just romantic, I have for somebody is never confessed. I am never comfortable saying it out loud. Putting it in words. It’s however always implicit in everything I do or say. They almost always miss it. And I never say it, anyway.

I am SO done feeling this crippled and sabotaging prospects of happiness. But I still continue to live the misery that my life has come to be. Who knows why??!

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mv-zoned·4 years agoText

They have been telling us that Emily comes back with the biggest secret and that she’s had the hardest 5 years of all. What if when she gets back she gets reminiscing and since she has nothing exciting to get back to unlike the other girls, she starts sending out messages/ threats/ whatever so she can once again be united with the liars?

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mv-zoned·5 years agoText

Hello there!
So now let me tell you why I feel S-6 MSF was a big let down!
BIG A Reveal:-
CeCe Drake aka Charlotte Dilaurentis aka Charles Dilaurentis- IS BIG A!! (Which she didn’t speak out loud even once.. Just saying!)

Background Analysis (w.r.t. Family):

1. Charles Dilaurentis, the oldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Dilaurentis. Born male, however identified more with the female gender.

2. I am assuming his affinity towards stereotyped feminine activities/ things/ toys/ behaviour and his urge to be a female was so unacceptable to Mr. Dilaurentis that he grabbed the first opportunity at hand to get rid of him.

3. So Charles who was not crazy/ psychotic at the age of 9 (or so) was sent to Radley and then on grew up there at the hands of strangers (nurses, doctors, etc.) And alongside seriously crazy+mean+vengeful Bethany and maybe more of the kind!

4. He was an abandoned child for most part of his life with his father having disowned him for good, mother visiting him barely ever and siblings unaware of his fucking existence!

Note on PN 2, 3 and 4:-
Since he had nobody guiding him through life he picked up on behaviour around him and learnt from encounters with those at Radley (majority being crazy) and those visiting being Aunt Carol (who we know absolutely nothing about) and Mrs. D (who may have been operating from a place of love, did end up teaching him deceit!) Given the circumstances, it is understandable that a perfectly heathly and stable child would grow into:-
A. Someone who would goto extreme lengths seeking affection and acceptance of family.
B. A crazy bitch with own definition of right and wrong and function accordingly!

5. Charles transitioned into a girl while at Radley.
Underlying assumptions:-
A. Mrs. D being on board at Radley made it possible for her to visit doctors and take hormones without any objections from the staff there. ( She may have paid-off people at Radley too along the way. )
B. She is filthy rich (independent of Mr. D’s wealth) to have facilitated and financed the transition while:
I. Keeping it a secret from Mr.D. She must have used her own resources and wealth or he would have questioned where all his money was going?! ( Or did he just dismiss it as her being high-maintenace :-P ?! JK )
II. Paying off doctors to agree on transitioning a person admitted at a sanitarium! Whether she went through a surgery and transitioned completely is still not clear.
At this point I am not clear on how the whole faking death thing worked:-
Scenario 1:
Since Charles transitioned into Charlotte his post-transition records are in the name of Charlotte. Hence, I think even if the girls would have looked up records of “CeCe” at Radley, they would have found Nada! (Not that they ever went in that direction even remotely!)
In this case the records girls found subsequently that supported Charles being dead theory were just staged by A.
Scenario 2:
The records were fake, however, they were in fact part of Radley’s files on Charles. In which case Mrs. D had it processed that way as a proof for Mr.D or anyone else that Charles in fact died. Kind of like that grave. However, the grave may just be a genuine thing Mrs. D to deal with ambiguous loss or for her as wells as CeCe’s closure!
Also, in this case Charlotte must have been a fresh admission at Radley- on paper!

6. Mrs. D got her out- privileges to help her attend school/ college while at Radley and CeCe went to U-Penn. (She was however kicked out of there because of Ali and the girls and according to her roomie she resented the girls for that!)

I am honestly so confused with her education part!
She attended school and/or college with Jason.
Possibly school because she was listed as Prom Queen in the Year Book in which the girls tracked down the NAT connection. (I wonder how involved she was there! Again, no leads!)
However, she was friends with Jason even after i.e. the time when Ali had her pregnancy scare shortly before she went missing. She must have been attending/ graduated college then. Idk which college Jason attended.
Any help in this area would be highly appreciated! :-)

7. She loved her siblings and wanted to be loved back!

7A. She became best friends with Ali and Ali almost role-modeled her and sought her advice when she knew she could go to no-one else. They have been implied to be so similar that they may be mistaken for twins by others. Also, they have been shown to have similar beliefs and attitude too.
The Radley prank doesn’t make sense here for two reasons:-
I. The use of words “not my daughter but CeCe Drake” by Mrs. D is a lil weird. However, that could be attributed to the fact that Mrs. D couldn’t spill she was her child.
Also, it has been said that Mrs. D didn’t know CeCe Drake was in fact Charlotte!
Once she found out she told Ali to keep away from CeCe cuz she could see how toxic/ dangerous it was getting. She may have instructed CeCe too. But neither listened!
II. If CeCe was out on privileges, she was clearly a patient at the time. It is not possible for the staff at Radley to mistake her for Allison even if she did pretend to be her. Or may be she did and they called Mrs. D to let her know CeCe was acting unstable and pretending to be Ali. And after finding out Ali and CeCe’s plan from CeCe she confronted Ali with full information at hand. Idk!

7B. She became Jason’s girlfriend! Now this nine kinds of fucked up even if (as CeCe says) they never had sex.
I wish this piece of information had come from someone else but Jason himself said that they were going out and the day next to Ali’s disappearance CeCe broke up with him. (However she managed that?! Wasn’t she locked back in Radley with no out privileges?! Not clear on that.)
In the alternative scenario we could have taken it to be people’s assumption considering how close the two were and how much CeCe cared about Jason.
However since Jason says so, they sure must have made out. That’s sort of a given when u call the other girlfriend.
Even if we are dismissing that, flirting with ur brother to get close to him is also kind of disturbing. But then, they did show CeCe in a crazy light in the reveal. May be in her mind it was not wrong. As long as they didn’t have sex, all else was okay. Since she mentioned they didn’t do it that possibly did feel wrong to her.

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mv-zoned·5 years agoText

Hi there you all!
Here is the thing.. I have NEVER in my life posted a reaction to/ theory on PLL. But today is special.. I need an outlet and none of friends watch PLL!
I am from India and here the show doesn’t air until Friday!
However after having read recap+review of the episode that revealed the BIG-A I am already so disappointed that I have lost the will to watch the show any longer. Which is BIG deal since I am a very very loyal person/fan!
So anyway!
I am analyzing the CeCe being A scenario and will post that in parts alongwith my notes/ opinions/ questions/ assumptions. I am not a theorist. Its mostly me talking to myself and sharing it with you all! An organized rant if you will! :-P

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