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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.

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6 - If you could only cosplay one character from now on, who would it be?

Oh I don’t know, probably because I can just kind of have more freedom with her character probably Marlene

16 - answered xx

26- Ever met someone from the hp rp community in person?

I have, I’ve meet 3 people.

@littlegingrnut and @youngwolfchaos absolute trash and @scamandergenes a goddamn angel. That said I miss them all.

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So I’ve taken a liking to those animals I posted quite some time ago and wanted to expand on them, making them full time OCs with their names, backstories and roles in the team. While their history details aren’t complete yet, their names are!

From left to right: Alastor The Barbarian, Hanna The Blue Mage, and the leader, Meryl The Thief  

To those who haven’t seen the original:

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What the point of bringing Barchie every season and destroying the characters and couples development for nothing.

They don’t even continue that storyline and stick again with Varchie and Bughead.

Also that sort of storyline could be used one or twice then it would be annoying and repetitive since it add nothing to the plotlines of the characters and they make the characters act like whatever was going on just vanished.

Also writers make up your damn minds either stick with barchie or don’t bring that storyline back and stick with Bughead

If they want to make that sort of love triangle do it like pll did with Hanna/Caleb/Spencer which they had that storyline once and never brought it back every season even though I hated that storyline

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