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Through thick and thin

TW: Graphic depictions of violence; blood


Tony felt his heart leap in fear when he heard a certain spider-baby’s voice behind him. He whirled around in mid air, dropping a few feet in shock before he stabilized himself.

“Hi, Mr. Stark!” Peter chirped excitedly, skillfully swinging in a large arc and flipping onto his armor, the eyes of his mask almost comically wide. “What’s up?”

Tony struggled to see the boy who was perched on his back, twisting his neck back and forth. “What the hell are you doing here, Pete?”

“I just wanted to help,” he whined, his head hovering upside down in front of Tony’s face. 

“No, you don’t,” he grumbled, trying to grab hold of his kid, who was crawling all over his back to avoid him. “You want to go back to school and learn about why the adults in your life are trying to keep you safe.”

Peter giggled. “I know, Tony, and I am safe. I have you!”

He said it so cheerfully, so matter-of-factly, as if Tony’s heart hadn’t melted and his brain hadn’t turned to mush at his precious kid’s words. He was grateful for the helmet shielding his face, otherwise Peter might have been soaked in his tears.

“Mr. Stark? You okay?”

He jerked out of his stupor. “Yeah.” He sniffed. “Yeah, buddy, I’m great.”

“Okay.” Peter sounded suspicious, but he let it drop. “Sure.”

“So, um… what’s going on?” He looked around, trying to find the other Avengers and their opponent(s).

Peter barely saw the blast in time. 

He jumped up and aimed a web at the nearest skyscraper, pulling Tony with him, the man letting out a shout of surprise. 

The spot where they had just been was now raining down ash and bright purple sparks.

Peter blinked the black spots out of his eyes, his ears ringing slightly. Gradually he realized that Tony was shouting; they were moving fast, Tony’s metal arms wrapped tight around him.

“Peter! Are you okay, Bug?” the man yelled frantically, masked face hovering in front of Peter’s.

“Arachnid,” he corrected. He heard Tony breathe a heavy sigh of relief. They landed on the roof of a towering skyscraper. Peter was sure that Mr. Stark was running over his vitals in the suit and checking for any injuries, no matter how minor they might be. Peter rolled his eyes.

“What was that?” he asked, looking around wildly. “Is Mister Doctor Strange here?”

“I am,” said a dry voice behind them. “But that wasn’t me.”

Tony jumped protectively in front of Peter as they spun around, then relaxed, just slightly, when he recognized the tall figure standing in front of the remnants of a glowing orange portal.

“Strange,” Tony greeted.

“Stark.” Stephen nodded.

Peter waved, grinning.

“What’s with the light show?” Tony asked, setting a hand on his kid’s shoulder.

“A wizard,” the doctor said shortly. “And a powerful one, too. Neoma Ambrosia. She’s fairly new to magic, but she’s dangerous.”

“I think Neoma means ‘new moon’ in Greek,” Peter mused quietly. Tony ruffled his hair proudly, nodding. My genius kid, he thought fondly. 

“Tony! What’s going on?”

Natasha, Sam, Steve, and Bucky ran up. Peter couldn’t help but wonder how they had climbed up to the roof. He imagined Sam trying to lug two super soldiers and a heavily armed assassin up a one hundred seventy-five meter tall skyscraper; Peter was sure he could do it.

“There’s a crazy wizard trying to kill us!” the young spider said enthusiastically. “Her name’s Neoma Ambrosia, which I’m pretty sure means ‘new moon’ in Greek, which is like, a super cool name. And she shoots purple fire! We haven’t seen her in, like, fifteen minutes, though.”

Tony chuckled as the other four Avengers blinked. His kid was a whirlwind, and he loved to listen to him chatter.

“Everyone keep watch!” Steve yelled, making Peter flinch. Tony squeezed his neck gently and glared at the super soldier, who remained oblivious. “Eyes peeled like grapes!”

“Ew,” Peter muttered. 

They spent the next ten minutes straining their eyes for any sight of Neoma.

Tony was about to turn to Steve and suggest they search the ground, when the edge of the roof exploded with a familiar purple fire, right where Peter was standing.

Tony screamed his child’s name, white, icy-hot terror running through his veins. Rubble tumbled off that building, falling with the small red and blue body. 

“No,” he whispered, thrusters at full speed. “No. No. No no no no!”

He crashed to the concrete and sprinted to the rubble that covered his kid.  

“Peter, Peter, Peter,” he muttered fervently, throwing the huge boulders with his iron hands as if they were pebbles. He was sure he could lift them just as easily without his suit with the fear and adrenaline coursing through his veins. All the while he yelled, over and over again, the name of the one reason he got out of bed in the morning, the one reason he was alive: his only child, his son, his baby. 

At last, at last, he spotted delicate curls peeking out from a hole in a red mask. Tony sobbed and crumpled to his knees, clearing the last of the rocks off of the boy’s small body.

“Peter,” he gasped. He peeled off his mask as gently as he could, hands trembling. “Peter.”

Miraculously, he was somehow awake. Tony sobbed frantically and kissed his forehead. His face was bruised and bloody, with tears rolling slowly off his cheeks. Peter held out shaking arms and made grabby hands, whimpering like a wounded kitten.

Tony ever so gently maneuvered the boy into his lap, Peter slumping heavily against his chest. He cupped his cheeks and kissed both of them, stroking his forehead and smiling tremulously. “Petey. Oh Petey.”

He bit back another cry, trying to hold in for his kid, who was cradled in his arms, bleeding and broken. Peter coughed, and with tremendous effort, lifted his hand to Tony’s face.

The man grasped it instantly, squeezing his small hand tight and trying to rub some sense of warmth into his cold skin. He pressed light kisses to the back of his hand. 

“Oh, baby, oh my god,” Tony whispered breathlessly, rocking his child back and forth in his arms. “You’re okay, you’re okay, sweetheart, shh.” 

Tears flowed down both their faces. Tony rushed to comfort Peter, forcing what he hoped was a reassuring smile and wiping away the tears with the pad of his thumb. “We’re gonna fix you up, Petey, just hold on. Hold on for me, ‘kay? Doctor Strange and the rest are just making sure it’s safe, and Doctor Cho is coming right now- she’ll be here any second, okay? You just gotta hold on, Petey.”

He sniffed and snuggled Peter more tightly against his chest. “All you gotta do is focus on me. Just look at me, honey. I love you, baby, I love you so much. Stay with me, il mio bambino.”

Peter’s eyes drifted lazily up to meet his. He struggled to focus on Tony’s face, his vision blurry and his eyes glassy. “Mi-mis’ er St’rk,” he croaked. “‘Ony.” He coughed, struggling to form words with his bloody, scratched lips and his dry mouth.

“Shh, shh,” Tony soothed. “Shh, baby, I’m right here. You’re doing you great, Petey.” He tangled his fingers in Peter’s curls, smoothing his hair down comfortingly. “You’re doing so great, sweetheart, I’m so proud of you.” Tony hastily wiped away his tears, which had begun to fall down to Peter’s face. “Just hold on, please.”

He squeezed his hand tightly, looking away and blinking rapidly when he realized his façade of calmness was shattering. 

Peter whimpered.

Tony’s eyes snapped back to his kid in fear. “Petey-?” he asked worriedly, then followed his gaze.

“Oh god.”

The sounds of blasts and explosions and fighting that faded completely came back full force when he realized the wizard was just ten yards in front of them, standing tall on a hill rubble, her dark gray robes swirling around her.

Tony gasped. Time seemed to move in slow motion as he rushed to protect his kid. He wrapped his arms tightly around Peter’s head and curled around the small body, effectively shielding him from an inevitable spell or explosion. 

And then-

He kicked off their pile of rubble and began to roll down, trying desperately to cushion Peter’s head as they gained momentum. Sharp stones slice at his skin but he favored protecting his kid far, far above his own safety. 

There was an explosion, so bright that purple swam in front of Tony’s closed eyes. Shards of glass and rock rained down on them and Tony could do nothing but squeeze Peter tighter and press his lips to his forehead and hope this wouldn’t be the end. 



He was really to have an Aunt May and an Uncle Rhodey, Peter thought drowsily. He blinked slowly up at the two, trying to smile. Rhodey clapped him on the shoulder gently.

“You okay, kid?”

“Mmmm.” Peter tried to form words but his lips were dry and cracked and his throat was sore and barren. 

Aunt May grabbed a glass off the bedside table while Rhodey used the remote to raise the bed into a sitting position and helped Peter shift around. May pressed the glass to his lips and he gulped the cool water down gratefully.

“Small sips, sweetie,” May advised, pulling the glass away. The boy didn’t seem to mind. He gazed up at the ceiling for a long moment, and both Rhodey and May thought he was about to fall asleep, but then Peter frowned. He looked to his left, and then to his right. 

“‘Ony? Wh-where’s…?” he rasped. Tears began to well up in his eyes. “‘Ony?”

“Tony’s right over there, bud,” said Rhodey. He gestured to where the billionaire lay, just a few feet away in a white hospital bed almost identical to Peter’s.

“Wan’ him.” Peter tried to sit up but May pushed him back down easily. 

“Tony’s right there, honey, right there, why don’t you go back to sleep?” 

“Wan’ Dad,” he whined. He tried to sit up again but fell back. “Dad.”

“Oh- oh, that’s so sweet,” May mumbled adoringly, while Rhodey tried to hold in a fond laugh.

“Dad!” Peter became increasingly more upset. Tears brimmed in his eyes and his bottom lip trembled.

“Okay, okay, Petey, calm down, it’s okay,” May cooed, rushing to comfort him and combing his hair. “Rhodey, can you help me move the bed?”

They unlocked the wheels of the bed and began to slowly roll it over to Tony.


When Tony faded back to the land of the living, he realized something was wrong right off the bat.

At first his realization was subconscious, in the pit of his stomach. Then, slowly, it grew, and grew, into full blown panic.

Something was missing- no someone, someone he knew that he couldn’t live without, someone precious who was not just his world but his universe-



Tony’s eyes snapped open and he jolted up in what he now realized was a hospital bed. His head swam and he swayed, the floor looming dangerously closer before he was caught in a pair of strong arms.


The owner of a familiar voice heaved him back onto the bed. He blinked, trying to clear his head, and realized it was Rhodey, his Rhodey, bent over to look him in the eye and looking very concerned. “Tones? You okay?”

Tony looked around wildly, clutching Rhodey’s arm. His eyes settled on Peter, who was smiling loopily at him a few feet away. May hovered at his side, frowning worriedly at Tony.


He tried to escape Rhodey’s strong grasp, desperate to get to his kid. Rhodey tried to comfort the distraught father while May pushed Peter over to him.

“Peter- Peter.” Tony began to sob. “Petey, c’mere. C’mere, baby.” 

May pressed the mattresses together and locked the wheels of the bed carefully, then double checking them just in case. She checked the various wires, making sure Peter’s IV, heart monitor, and oxygen tube were still in place. 

Meanwhile, with Rhodey’s help, Tony clambered over to his kid and almost collapsed next to him. He sobbed, cupping Peter’s face with gentle, calloused and resting his forehead against Peter’s. 

Tony was silent, spare the sharp sobs catching in his throat. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. “‘M so sorry, Petey.” He began to crawl ungracefully under the covers and wrapped Peter ever so gently in his arms. The boy snuggled against him and hummed happily as Tony began fussing over him. 

He reminded Rhodey of a younger Tony at MIT, falling asleep in Rhodey’s bunk and holding a (Rhodey’s) teddy bear to his chest and snoring. 

“Geez, bud, you really can’t keep scaring your dad like this,” he muttered, grabbing Peter’s free hand and squeezing it. “He has a heart condition, y’know.”

Tony nodded and pressed a kiss to Peter’s cheek, gasping softly in adoration at the giggle he received. His eyes were huge and sparkling with love. It was a sharp contrast to his previous tears, and much more sweet for Rhodey and May to watch. 

“Poor kiddie,” Tony murmured, stroking Peter’s cheek with a calloused thumb. “My poor kiddie.” 

“Aww,” Rhodey and May whispered almost simultaneously. They exchanged an amused glance and laughed.

Tony glared at them. “Shhh. He’s resting!” he hissed, rather loudly. Peter blinked sleepily up at him, but Tony kissed his forehead to comfort him and he relaxed against his chest.

“Right,” May chuckled. “Right, sorry.”

Tony paused and then nodded in satisfaction. He combed his fingers through Peter’s hair soothingly and looked up to Rhodey and May. “This-this’s my baby. He’s my baby. M-my baby, my spider-baby,” Tony mumbled, kissing the boy’s forehead.

Rhodey snorted and struggled to hold in his laughter. May grinned. “Our spider-baby,” she corrected, caressing Peter’s cheek with her fingers.

To their great amusement, Tony pulled the now asleep Peter to his chest protectively, his arms tightening around him as he buried his nose in his curls and shook his head. “Mine.” 

“Yours?” she laughed, raising her eyebrows.

“H-he’s my baby, and I’m his dad. And it’s my job to-to protect him. ‘Cause I’m his dad,” he explained. “And I love him. So much. I love him.”

May giggled. “Aww, Tony, don’t worry, Peter knows it.” 

“FRIDAY, please tell me you’re recording this,” Rhodey whispered.

“Rest assured, I am,” the AI replied, sounding as fond as a disembodied voice could be.

“This is adorable,” he said, looking back to the very loopy Tony. May nodded. She patted Rhodey on the shoulder in a gesture of comfort, knowing how worried they both had been when they’d seen the medical helicopter land at the compound.

Trying to keep the two superheroes safe, as they had realized, was a challenge, especially when they couldn’t always be there. May couldn’t fly. And even though Rhodey could, they both had jobs that kept them busy.

It was hard to be there for a superhero, but it was easy to love them. They might not be there always, but goddammit, they’d do anything and everything in their power to make sure they were okay. 

A soft snore, more like a purr than anything, interrupted the pair’s thoughts.

Peter’s cheek was squashed on Tony’s chest. Tony took the sleeve of his hospital gown and wiped the drool from his chin, looking unhappy about how rough the cloth was on his baby’s skin. 

“I need a hoodie,” he muttered. Rhodey graciously offered to grab one, happy to take a coffee break, and May left to grab one of Peter’s. (Though most of Peter’s hoodies were actually ones he had stolen from various friends and family.)

When Rhodey and May returned from the expeditions of rummaging through many messy drawers and selecting as many hoodies as they could find, they grabbed a quick coffee and hurried back to the medbay.

They found both Tony and Peter fast asleep. Tony’s arms were wrapped around his kid tightly, one hand in the boy’s curls and the other wrapped around his back and holding him close. Peter’s head rested on his chest as a makeshift pillow, looking absolutely tiny in the big bed with Tony protecting him, even in sleep. 

May laughed fondly, kissing Peter’s forehead and then settling in her squishy purple chair. Rhodey flopped down in a leather armchair and they both took a big swig of their coffees. 

Rhodey pulled out a Starkpad and began scrolling, while May fished a book and her glasses out of her purse. 

They would be there for as long as it took for Tony and Peter to recover. And after that, they would still be there. They loved their superheroes, even though May and sometimes even Rhodey, forgot that they were superheroes too.



It’s really late right now, but I’ll add the taglist tomorrow morning!

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to all the bloggers who reblog,

to all the bloggers who create,

to all the bloggers who write,

to all the bloggers who share,

to all the bloggers who appreciate,

to all the bloggers who read,

to all the bloggers who encourage,


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In honor of Asexual awareness week coming up;

(Oct 21st - Oct 27th)

Smash that motherfucking reblog button if you support Asexuals and consider them a valued part of the LGBTQ+ community!

Exclusionists/Acephobes do not interact.

Edit; Acephobes/Exclusionists who have replied to this post anyway, obviously unable to read… I am not here to argue with you. This isn’t about discourse. Fuck you.

Our identities have been discourse topics for too long. Not this week. This week is about celebrating ourselves. This week I’m done with you. I’m no platforming you.

This is the week we block on sight.

#ace pride bitches

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Happy late FFWF! Do you ever use writing prompts as inspiration?

Happy FFWF! (Sorry I’m late to this!)

I haven’t really used prompts before except for Whumptober which was really fun, but for the most part I get my ideas from random bursts of inspiration hah!

Thanks so much for the ask and I hope you have a great day!


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superherotiger·20 hours agoAnswer

HC where the world is actually a happy place and Thanos didn't happen therefore misterio didn't either where Fury meets Peter and he thinks that Peter doesn't have what it takes to be an avenger. Peter obviously proves him wrong. Congrats on 1K! Byeee! 💙💜💖

I forgot these were supposed to be HC, I could’ve done them so much sooner

  • Fury knows that Peter is Spider-Man
  • because contrary to what Peter believes, he’s not good at keeping secrets
  • also Tony mentoring Spider-Man and getting his first personal intern at the same time?
  • it’s too much of a coincident
  • and Fury doesn’t believe in coincidents
  • besides he’s not a big fan of the entire “a literal child is trying to be a superhero” thing
  • because all the other adult superheros are already acting like children, a child has to be worse
  • plus, he thinks Spider-Man is not really Avenger-material
  • after all, all he does is stop bike thieves and help out old ladies
  • he hardly seems like the type of person who could stand the stress and responsibility of a mission to save the world
  • when Fury mentions this to Tony, the genius has to do his very best to stay calm
  • his immediate reaction is to defend Peter, because Peter is already better than most of the Avengers
  • yeah, his technique may be messy, but he makes up for it with his almost naive and innocent drive to just do good and help people
  • however, he suppresses that urge, knowing that if Fury would find out what Peter is truly capable of, he wouldn’t hesitate to rope him in for some dangerous missions
  • so, he does his best to feed the “Peter isn’t good enough” narrative, even though Tony gets so angry at himself - and afterwards he calls Peter over for an extra lab session that is basically just Tony telling Peter how brilliant he is (Peter is a bit confused, but not complaining)
  • Fury believes Tony, and Tony thinks it’s partly because Fury doesn’t like to be wrong and that’s why he believes it
  • and that’s how Fury continues to think Peter never got an invitation to the Avenger instead of the kid declining it
  • months pass in which Fury and Peter never cross paths
  • but then, Tony gets kidnapped
  • Peter swings to the compound as soon as fast as he can to talk to Rhodey about what to do
  • Rhodey isn’t alone - Fury is with him
  • and he’s very much not impressed with Peter offering to help
  • “You’re not helping.”
  • “What? Why? I can help!”
  • “Because you’re not good enough. You’re not Avengers material. Go back to getting cats out of trees.”
  • and Peter is straight up not having it
  • fuming with anger, he turns around and leaves
  • Fury thinks it’s to actually go back to Queens to mope or something
  • Rhodey knows that it is because he’s gonna prove Fury wrong and find Tony, and despite his worry for his friend, he knows that he has nothing to worry about anymore - Peter will find him
  • and Peter does find Tony only a day later, storming that secret lair all by himself and fighting against the kidnappers who are definitely not at the same level as bike thieves
  • but Peter fought the Vulture, he lifted a warehouse off himself, he landed a plane from the outside - these guys are no problem for him
  • so they’re HYDRA spies, what about it?
  • they took Tony and Peter isn’t having it
  • especially after he’d been told he’s not good enough
  • Tony practically beams with pride after Peter cuts him loose
  • the second they step out of the lair, Rhodey and Fury join them
  • and Peter, the little shit, can’t help but say “looks like I’m good enough after all”
  • which activates Tony’s Dad Mode
  • “excuse me, WHAT?!”
  • Fury tries his best to seem absolutely unfaced by the entire situation “You told me yourself that he isn’t good enough.”
  • “Which was obviously a lie because I knew you would recruit him for some shit.”
  • “I don’t wanna join your stupid boy band anyway,” Peter tells Fury
  • Tony is so proud
  • until he realizes that Peter is turning into a mini-Tony and he only thinks oh shit, I have to stop this
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i can’t believe we’re all young professionals and academics and we’re still logging on to every single day to clown on ourselves. who let this happen

Look man this is the only place left im allowed to say clown shit without it impacting my career, just lemme have this

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superherotiger·a day agoAnswer

Happy Fanfic Writer Friday!!! Do you have someone you share all your ideas and plans with? If so, who is it?

Happy Late FFWF!! Lol sorry!

But yes I have only one person here on tumblr that I share all my ideas with! Yes, @jwriter819 I’m talking about you 😏. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t I’m good faith post ANYTHING without her stamp of approval.

Thanks for the ask!

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superherotiger·a day agoAnswer

Happy Fanfic Writer Friday!!! Do you have someone you share all your ideas and plans with? If so, who is it?

Happy FFWF! 

I do not. I feel like I’m being obnoxious whenever I reach out to people. I know they probably don’t mind. But I can’t get that idea out of my head. And whenever I do share ideas with people, I stress over it and either end up not writing the story or it turns out terrible. Though I love helping others with their own ideas. Thanks for asking! 

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Your prompts/hcs are so good, you have such a talent for writing! I don’t you know if you’d be interested in this for a prompt or hc - Peter is buried alive by someone because of his affiliation to Tony. Tony gets a weird unknown text telling him what’s happened and that if he wants his intern back he’ll have to find him before Pete’s oxygen runs out. Would love pete being really shook up and shaky when Tony gets him out🥺

Hello, Tony Stark.

Tony pulls his eyebrows together as he stares at the text from the unknown number. “How did that person get my number?”

“I do not know, boss.”

“Who is this?”

“Again, I do not know.”

“Trace the number.”

“I did that as soon as you got the message.”

“I can feel a but coming.”

“I could not find out anything about that person.”

I hope you’re in the mood for a scavenger hunt.

“This is clearly some kind of security breach. Like the private elevator.”

“I am certain that this person is not a SHIELD agent who could hack into your elevator.”

“Well, they are clearly good enough to somehow get my private phone number, so-”

A picture appears on Tony’s screen and he immediately forgets what he was talking about, all his thoughts coming to a screeching stop as the blood in his veins turns to ice.

The picture shows Peter lying in a coffin in a freshly dug grave; eyes closed, looking like he’s dead.

Tony is 89% sure he’s about to throw up. That is if he could actually get his body to move.

A new message pops up underneath the picture.

Let’s see how long he will last with the oxygen that is left.

The urge to throw the phone against the nearest wall, to see it get smashed into tiny pieces, simply for showing him that absolutely abominable picture, is almost overwhelmingly strong. The only reason he doesn’t follow that urge is because he needs that picture to find Peter.

“Find him,” Tony orders before even thinking about it, his heart beating painfully in his chest as his insides twist in agony. “Find him right now.”

“Mr. Parker’s phone is located in his home in Queens.”

“His watch,” he says, taking another look at the picture even though he wants to burn it out of his mind, never even glancing at it again. “He still has his watch.”

Tony is aware that this is most likely a trap. If someone is good enough to get access to his private phone number and takes the time to put Peter’s phone away, they wouldn’t overlook the watch. Especially if it looks exactly like the ones Stark Industries is about to put on the market next month – something Tony decided to do so everyone would simply think it to be a normal StarkWatch and not a special one that allows Tony to track him, get a read of his vitals, and keep him safe.

The second it takes FRIDAY to get the information from Peter’s watch feel like an eternity. His mind that is providing him with all the possible worst-case-scenarios isn’t helping. As soon as he gets the location – and the reassurance that Peter is still alive, even though he’s most likely panicking if his heartrate is anything to go by – Tony calls one of his suit, already in the air and flying before the face pate can slide into place.

He doesn’t care if this is a trap. In fact, he kinda wants it to be, only to meet the person who’s behind all of this and test out his latest weapon on them.

Because nobody will put Peter in this much danger and walk away alive. Tony will make sure of it.

Once again, the few moments it takes Tony to get to Peter’s location feel like an eternity, and if it weren’t for Peter’s vitals that are pulled up on his HUD, Tony would probably lose his mind. FRIDAY points out the freshly dug grave and as soon as Tony lands with a loud bang, he shoots a beam at the dirt, just the right angle to blow away the dirt but not hit the coffin below.

To his simultaneous horror and relief, he actually sees a coffin. The coffin Peter is inside of. After shoveling enough earth away to open it, Tony immediately throws open the lid, his helmet retracting at the same time. “Peter?!”

“H-H-Hey,” comes the shaky answer. The sparsely moonlight illuminates Peter’s tear streaked and very pale face. “Th-Thanks for getting me, Mr. Stark.”

Without saying a single word, Tony picks him up and flies them out of the shallow hole. Peter’s legs aren’t wobbly – his entire body is. Tony is seriously concerned that the boy might fall to the ground if he wouldn’t support him by having a very tight grip on his shoulders. “Are you okay?”

Peter nods.

Tony knows it’s a lie.

Peter knows that Tony knows, so he gives him half of a shaky smile. “I mean, I have all the oxygen I need again, so that’s cool.”

Tony narrows his eyes. “Kid, don’t even joke-”

He gets interrupted by Peter’s sob. And like a switch has been flipped inside him, Peter leans forward (either to seek comfort or because he’s too weak, Tony can’t tell), slumping against his chest, eyes welling up again. “That was so scary,” he chokes out. “Like… really scary.”

“You’re safe now,” Tony says, pulling Peter against his chest and wrapping his arms around him, slightly rocking back and forth as all the tension and stress and horror leave Peter’s body, leaving him sobbing and clinging to Tony’s armor. He’s aware that he’ll most likely have a breakdown like this himself, but it has to wait after he made sure Peter is okay – and after he dealt with however was behind this. “I got you. You’re safe.”

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