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konmari-dogs · a day ago
I want to start co-operative care training with my cats! They really hate being restrained. I figure I can adapt a dog book or course if it breaks it down enough, do you have something you would recommend to a beginner?
I'm not super into cat world but I love clickerkittens cat training instructions and clickstart used to run kitten kindergartens. They both post resources quite a bit on cat training and cooperative husbandry.
Untrainable Cats on facebook is a cooperative cat training page.
Tromplo, an errorless cooperative based company, has multiple cat-specific classes which include cooperative care. Noting the course list only shows the schedule for the next 3 months. So for classes held less frequently e.g. 6 months or annual, you'll need to follow their fb or insta to know when it comes back.
Someone like @the-adventures-of-dave and @pangur-and-grim would prob know more on account of being responsible cat ppl
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gatoanswers · a day ago
hi gato can dragon PLEASE put some suncream on. he’s going to be hurting more than the victims when he gets home
He's bringing home an eldrich monster bound to him for the purpose to creating only more pain and suffering but his sunburn is probably the worst thing he's taking back.
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jung-koook · 2 days ago
can u explain who is gureum and why you all are sad?
gureum was jeongguks dog and hes a rescue dog. jeongguk mentioned that he adopted gureum from an animal rescue shelter and he has been with jeonguk for 20 years. jeongguks brother announced via an instagram story that gureum passed away near the end of 2021.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
jeongguk has mentioned a few times how much he misses gureum. even in their game he mentioned how much he misses his gureum.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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carnivorekitty · 2 days ago
Does callisto like when his s/o peppers his face with kisses?
Oh yes, he loves it <3
Tumblr media
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oddthesungod · 2 days ago
Can you imagine Spock's eyes doing the glowing thing that cats eyes do and Pike finding out on a mission and getting scared shitless for the first time?
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pictureamoebae · a day ago
what default skin do you use?
I use my own blend!
I also use the following skin details:
Eye-shape overlays
Lip Kit
Earlybird Eyebags
About Face Skin Details Pack
I use the above on almost every Sim in different combinations!
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nansheonearth · 2 days ago
how can a girl going to college stay safe from rape? I'm going this fall and I'm nervous
I think there are steps you can take to make yourself I guess less if a target. Like avoiding frat parties. Drinking seldom if ever. Try to stay in a female only dorm. Build a friend group of women you trust. Take up self deference, combat fitness, martial arts.
Anyone else want to add ideas?
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enden-k · a day ago
i kinda noticed smth abt childe's design,, the grey in his outfit represents a knife/weapon and the red color of his scarf + shirt + cape(?) represents blood :] cuz he's a weapon of the tsaritsa and all that,, just what i noticed 🌻
nice observation, youre right!
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astudyofastrology · 2 days ago
hey can you please tell about some aspects or placements that indicate studying abroad can be for normal or solar return chart. Thank you!!
Studying abroad can come from a few significant rulerships in the Chart:
First is the Ruler of the 9th House of Big Ideas and Higher Educated:
Ruler of 9th in 7th
Higher Educational Studies in Foreign Lands from You
Ruler of 9th in 9th
Long Distance Traveling for High Educational Studies
Ruler of 9th in 12th
Higher Educational Pursuits leads to Foreign Settlement in Far Away Places
Second, The ruler of the 5th. Why 5th, this is non-traditional according to most places? 5th is personal education attained that represents what makes you unique. The 5th house is also the Bhavat Bhavum of the 9th house, being that it's 9th from the 9th.
Ruler of the 5th in the 7th
Individual Educational interest leads to foreign lands to learn from the public
Ruler of the 5th in 9th
Individual Educational interests leads to traveling to foreign lands to study.
Ruler of 5th in 12th
Individual Educational Interest can lead to Settling Abroad to fulfill desires of learning.
***If you read my answer and like how I do Astrology, I have consultations and e-books for sale from my etsy store for your consideration. Click here to go.**
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doodling-dood · a day ago
I want to reblog your billdip stuff so bad, but I've gotten hate from people for liking it before. I feel like, they're fictional. You can just make an au where they're close in age. It doesn't have to just be canon ages. Idk. I wanted to know how you felt, if you're comfortable.
Oof, I know the feeling, Anon. I've never gotten hate for it, but I still get nervous about reblogging Billdip stuff on my personal blog. I like to reblog it during low-traffic hours, like late at night, when the site is mostly dead. Then, I reblog a bunch of other stuff to bury it. (My likes are full of stuff I need to reblog and tag en masse, so my followers are used to me spamming their dashboards at random.)
If you do get hate, block them immediately. Yes, it will still take time to process the nasty feelings. No, it's not worth interacting with the hater.
The fact is, it's easier to freak out about specific ships than to think critically about the dynamics that actually make something abusive/problematic/pedo material. You can't teach that to someone who wants to hate you.
I hope this was helpful. Thank you for supporting my work, regardless of whether or not you reblog. I hope this was helpful, Anon! Hang in there!
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dungeon-mouse · a day ago
Tumblr media
@sneverussape omg it made me SO SO HAPPY to see you remember her 😭♥️♥️♥️ tyyyyy
Tumblr media
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grey-sorcery · a day ago
Tumblr media
For the sake of my follows and the OP of the previous thread, I’m starting a new thread here. Here is the previous thread for context.
The difference is that what I discussed is magical theory and not UPG. Magical theory is verifiable via reproduction. It is the underlying framework for magic, and not solely my experience.
Secondly, I did answer those questions myself in various forms. By asking if OP had done any experimentation and by taking “an authoritative tone” as you put it, implies that I myself have. Unless I have a misunderstanding of English language conventions and sociology. As for the other assertion, I explain not a specific magical practice or even how to do something specific. What is discussed is that magic follows underlying rules. UPG is unverifiable personal gnosis. What I discuss is verifiable via reproduction, not personal at all. Not once am I discussing my practice or experience, nor is it a personal gnosis (meaning knowledge or awareness). I recommend you check out this other thread that started from this post.
Edit: If you’re truly skeptic, that means you’re better suited for accurate reproduction than most. You’re more able to avoid confirmation bias than those who came across this or any post of mine and just blindly accepted them. So I implore you to experiment yourself.
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gatoanswers · 13 hours ago
Will you announce when the dakis are going live, like "DAKI DROP 8PM EST!!!" for example (idk what timezone you're in in canada) so people can get ready for the drop, or are you just going to upload on etsy then post like *BELL RINGINGING* GET EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT!! I ask cos I'm in the uk and while i have post notifs on, sometimes i sleep through the sound and don't want to miss out just because I'm in a craptastic timezone
I know the last merch drop was a stocking amount disaster but that's not normal for me nor is it my intention in the future 😅
I aim to have enough of EVERYTHING in the store ALL THE TIME so that people can leisurely shop whenever.
I'm going to try my best to avoid having products only available for 1 day in the future- I promise that was NOT intentional. I'm hoping that no one will miss out due to their timezone ever again.
I will try and give some warning when the merch will drop, but please know that I'm doing my best to get this stocking situation fixed so no one has to worry about when anything drops!
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jung-koook · a day ago
why theres a baby chair on jungkook's car??
Tumblr media
he wasnt driving his car in his vlog~
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sketchupnfries · 14 hours ago
I love that you drew Steve with the lamp!!! 😭😭😭 I was laughing so hard when he went for that. Thank you and your art is amazing. 💖💖
Thank you! :D I'm glad you liked the Steve with the lamp sketch! As soon as it happened in the show I was like "I gotta draw that!" lol Have another sketch of the best boi Steve
Tumblr media
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oddthesungod · 18 hours ago
You think they have game shows in star trek? Cause dang do I wanna see kirk, spock, bones and sybok compete in a game show. Think family fued or something
serious answer: i'd like to think that humanity moved past the need for game shows in the star trek future
fun answer: family feud with the S'chn T'gai and Kirk families tho lmfaooo
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st-just · a day ago
i got this new Pale antagonist. basically theres this Wunderkand finder except shes got huge boobs. i mean some serious honkers. a real set of badonkers. packin some dobonhonkeros. massive dohoonkabhankoloos. big old tonhongerekoogers
Tumblr media
I'm like 70% sure this was a conscious reference to that post, tbh.
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