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#Emma Swan

E : Ginaaaaaaaa!!!

R : Don’t scream in the house.

E : Oh you are here. *Emma come in the kitchen and come in the back of her wife* You had a good day?

R : No. *shout out* Your mother came and drove me crazy during one hour, for hers littles birds! And the storekeeper are all incompetent! I hate all this town!

E : And the sheriff?

R : She is the only one to be skilful, a little, but she didn’t work today, she was not here when i need her, she prefer her bed.

E : Gina?

R : *grumble* What?

E : I love you.

R : *mumble* Me too.

E : What can I do for you? I just want to make you happy.

*silence, Regina chew her cheek and lips*

R : Just…just say here, and cuddle me.

E : I can do that. I looove doing that.

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Contractual Attraction  (10/?) 

Enchanted Forest AU 

Summary: The war had raged on for many years, the people of Misthaven would say too many, and there was only one way to end it, only one way to quiet talks of rebellion. Princess Emma of Misthaven would have to marry the enemy, Prince Killian of Montave.

Notes: Hope y’all are having a good week! Just a little more angst, but I promise good things are coming!

Ao3        FF

Chapter Ten: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The Royal Family had an early start the next morning with a tour of the village, an address to the people, and a dinner with the nearby lords and ladies. Personally, Emma would rather be on the battlefield again rather than do this. She loved seeing her people, but speaking to a crowd was not her favorite and the lords are about as exciting as toast. Not to mention she would have to spend the day with Killian and right now she wanted nothing to do with him. She was still furious with him. He never returned to the ball last night. Which she was fine with, he could go skulk and think about what he had done. Emma would have to play nice with him and put on a pretty face for everyone. To limit her exposure to him she took breakfast in her chambers that morning. After she dressed for the day in a simple white dress Leo came to fetch her, 

“Are you hiding from him?” He asked in lieu of a greeting. 

“No, not hiding. I didn’t really feel like seeing him. I’m already going to have to spend the day with him.” She rolled her eyes. 

“If it’s any consolation he looked miserable at breakfast, maybe you should talk to him.” He shrugged. 

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