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Squeezing in at the LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE, for @symbruary Day 29: “favorite official work”. I was telling my roomie I needed to do that last day’s prompt which was fave canon work and roomie asked “which work is that” and I said “The Hunger” and then I summarized The Hunger and then I spent uhhhh two and a half hours infodumping about Venom to my roomie.

(P.S.: if you wanna read them, I’ve got the full Costa run sans the Sleeper miniseries in my room, hit me up. Also can refer you to several guides on how best to back read the good 90s shit.)

I’d also like to personally thank lobac for running this event, it’s been a delight to participate in and to check out the great stuff coming out of it, and also a delight to constantly have your Venom meta/commentary on my dash. I’ve been following you since your duck blog (I don’t even read duck comics, I just love your posts about them?? i should probably read duck comics tbh) and I was absolutely over the moon when you started up a blog for one of my latent hyperfixations. Your blog is a gem in this fandom. Thank you.

Anyway this one’s gonna be not a lot, comparatively, because it’s less than an hour til midnight here and I wanna get it done TODAY while it’s still February, and also I have given all that I can give and I can’t give no more. As mentioned, my favorite official symbiote work is “The Hunger"—although "Maximum Carnage,” “The Enemy Within,” and everything that has ever flowed from Mike Costa’s pen come very close—but like, I don’t have the time/energy to write something special about “The Hunger,” so I’m just gonna go with some “symby wants to eat brains and so Venom finds a solution that doesn’t involve forcing Eddie to participate in cannibalism.”


Eddie closed his menu, to complete the show of pretending he’d ever needed to consult it in the first place, and offered it to the waiter. “We’ll have the cervelle de veau aux câpres.” He was very careful to pronounce the words right while pretending he didn’t need to be careful. The symbiote was barely conscious of Eddie’s showmanship. It was practically running up and down Eddie’s esophagus and doing loops through his intestines in eagerness.

At the word “we,” the waiter glanced at the empty spot across from Eddie at the table, as if to check whether there was a drink set out for a second guest who was currently absent.

Eddie quickly clarified, “Just one order, please.” Although the symbiote quickly told him that if it was good, it might want a second one. Eddie gently informed it that they probably couldn’t afford a second one.

“Yes, sir.” The waiter nodded and departed to give the order to the kitchen.

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Though day 29 isn’t over yet…

We have accumulated 254 fills overall! The first week was about twice as productive as the following ones, which held fairly steady. That gives us an average rate of almost nine fills per day! Not bad for a fandom presumed dead.

You tirelessly ensured that every single prompt received fills. The most popular prompt was symbisona/symbioc (it was also the first).

There have been 162 pieces of art, 65 pieces of writing and 42 pieces of meta commentary (some fills contained several types). I hope you enjoyed seeing them! I hope you enjoyed making them! I know I treasure every single one.

Thank you all so much for participating. See you next year!


  • You can join in at any time!
  • You can fill older prompts at any time!
  • You can skip prompts at any time!
  • Yes, even beyond February!
  • Why would we suddenly stop wanting content?

Here’s the prompt list again.

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Uhhhhhhhhhh so ya I didn’t get to participate much. Life and death kinda hit me like a freight train in January and I’ve been playing piece up every since. I’m still glad I got to do some of it. But anyway enough about me. Lets talk comics.

First Host: this was the first Venom comic I read in completion. Its is so much fun and introduces best baby Sleeper.

Carnage 2016: I have two hyperfisations. Venom and Lovecraft. This itches both. Also the writing in fantastic and wonderful.

Carnage USA: I’ve mentioned it before that my favorite thing about Carnage is just watching Cletus do random shit because he wants to. Whether that be running away to an abandoned town because he is tired and just wants to hangnout in his underwear in Deadpool vs Carnage or he really wants to figure out how to make more zombies in 2016. In this one he this one he literally takes over a small town for no reason. He just hangs out and wants to drink lemonade with old people. I love it.

Venom Acts of Evil: this is just a fun one shot. It reaffirms Venom after such a long string of really ass Cates issues. It was just so refreshing.

Scream Curse of Carnage: its not done yet so we still don’t know where it is going but this book great so far. It touches everything a Venom story should touch and fills in a gape we have been missing for a long time: a good ongoing symbiote story. Andi and the scream symbiotes relationship so far warms my heart and I want the best for them. Keep it up guys.

Venom the Hungry: of course I have to put the good Hungry down! Its the good Hunger! Suspenseful story, fantastic genre bending twist, David Bowie! *chef kisses*

Venom The End: so the Chamba is one of my favorite comic book artists. So already I was excited for this book. Then the book turned out to be the million year long love letter the symbiote wrote about Eddie Brock and all biological life. Wow.

Absolute Carnage Seperation Axiety: this book is a campy horror story that will chill most to the bone with its harrowing story about a little girl trying to escape her alien possessed parents… and I think its the cutest fucking shit in the world. I find this story adorable. Yes I know the girl is in danger, yes I know those people are being held against their will, yes I know people die. But damn it the Life Babies doing their best to give a little girl a family is so fucking cute it makes me want to cry! They can’t help being creepy assholes right now they are possessed by Donny Cates’s Edge Lord! But they still try to give her a family after never truly having one themselves for so long. Its cute damn it!

Marvel Presents #5: …Eddie is a confirmed monster fucker, thinks his symbiote is sexy, and loves them… ya that the main reason I like it wanna fight ago it?

Carnage Mind Bomb: this is just a crazy interesting story. Cletus is just such an insane character with a weird philosophy on life. He is fascinating. And this book is all about his twisted mind.

Amazing Spider-man, all the Venom Villain issues Michelinie did: I’m not looking them all up again! I’m not! But there is a lot I like. Venom is an extremely interesting villain and even though I prefer him as an anti hero these are fun. And I love that they retired to an island. Its adorable.

The Superior Carnage Annual: Cletus and Red love each other you can not convince me otherwise

Venom 2016: there is a lot of bad here but also so much good. Its a love letter to classic Venom. Wonderful street hero level action. I love Eddie and Symby fixing their relationship ship too. Its fantastic.

So I’m going to stop here because this list is huge. Go forth and be gooy. Happy Symbruary everybody!

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@symbruary Day 29: ‘favorite official work’

Being a comic book fan necessitates scavenging. 

If a character you like has been around for a while - and some of these fuckers have existed for 50+ years! - chances are that they’ve been written or drawn badly. Chances are there’s a bunch of stories that completely miss the point, that mangle their motivations and mess up their mythology. 

And that’s… not fine, I’m not gonna say that’s fine. That sucks. But it doesn’t have to ruin things. Bad stories happen. Bad stories end. And even when they seem to drag on for ages, you can pass the time scavenging through the archives, revisiting the stories you love, safe in the knowledge that THE story won’t end, that Batman won’t be a dick forever and Spiderman won’t have six arms forever, that eventually a writer will come along who gets it, and things will be fun again. 

tldr here’s some of my fave chars from some of my fave Venom stories hanging out. 

  • Maximum Carnage was balls-to-the-wall awesome, yes it was shut up, and seeing Venom, Cloak and Dagger, Morbius, and Black Cat form a team of NY anti-heroes was basically everything i want out of life
  • Costa’s run gave us Eddie and the symbiote becoming parents, Venom teaming up with Moon Girl, poor Looter having the worst time ever, Sleeper and Dr Steve, etc 
  • Venom: Lethal Protector gave us the Life Foundation Symbiotes, five beautiful slime babies who deserve so many cuddles and so much cake
  • the ongoing Scream arc is just a delight, it’s fantastic to see Big Sister Goo finally get the character development she deserves and to see Andi’s story continue. A+++, pls pick it up
  • Venomverse: War Stories gave us Ngozi, the Black Panther Venom and one of the best hosts a symbiote has ever found on Earth
  • the time Flash spent as Venom was mixed from a symbiote rights point of view and I didn’t like a lot of it, but it produced some cool stories, several heartwarming moments, and gave Symby a new beefy blond himbo to add to their collection. swings and roundabouts 

and there’s, man, just so much else that I didn’t have room to add. I love you to bits, Venom comics. <3 <3 <3

seeing how this is the last day of @symbruary, i wanna say a quick 


to @land-of-brains-and-chocolate for organizing the whole event, and to everyone who participated. it’s been a fucking blast and this fandom remains one of the best

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The symbiote prompt for February 29th is: favourite official work.

Recommend it or create something inspired by it!

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tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF SYMBRUARY aaaa ;_;

and the doodle i’m doing for it is sliiiightly more difficult than usual and i wanna spend all my spare time today working on it, so for today’s @symbruary​ prompt - ‘emotions’ - pls accept this grumpy goo on a spatula

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Written for @symbruary Day 27: “senses”. It took me all day just to come up with something, I think I have nearly symbed all I can symb. Although my love for goo is infinite, my words to express that love are finite. Although, of course, I feel like every month should be slime appreciation month… my muse is glad the event’s almost over.


Every species it attached to sensed the world differently. Light, vibrations, chemicals, electricity, vibrations, heat, motion, pressure, gravity, precognition, radioactivity, on and on and on. It had bonded with a member of a short-lived species that could, from the onset of puberty, predict with an accuracy of a week exactly how long they had until they died of old age, because they could unconsciously sense and calculate the way the functioning of their cells would peak and decline. It had bonded with members of two species on the same planet that were each convinced the other didn’t communicate through speech because their respective audible hearing ranges didn’t overlap at all. It had bonded with a species that told time on their home planet by the feel of their star’s solar flares.

Every time it gained a host from a new species, it learned how they sensed the universe and, if it could, figured out how to replicate that sense with its own body. It wanted to offer its hosts an ever-expanding array of tools; the more useful it was, the more it would be loved.

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The symbiote prompt for February 27th is: senses.

Could be something focusing on a symbiote’s sensory experience or even something focusing on somebody else’s sensory experience of a symbiote. If you have someone pet one, you get both.

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